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Becoming You

Becoming You

By Marjani H Aladin
The Becoming You Podcast is the
millennial space for connecting and becoming your best self through personal development and success practices. In this space we empower and connect to our inner
light, purpose, and the endless possibilities that we unlock through healing, growth, and self-love . Through self-mastery and practical methods we will connect to our inner power, get out of our own way, and develop the most important relationship there is, the relationship with yourself. Hosted by speaker, personal development coach, and growth enthusiast- Marjani Aladin.
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EP 006: How To Make Large Goals Feel More Manageable - Creating a Process To Support Goal Achievment
There is something supremely powerful about tapping into your power and believing there are amazing things in store for your future. As we create a stronger sense of self confidence, alignment, and commitment to creating our best selves we unlock so many dreams and goals that we never even imagined we were capable of in the past. These goal, although big ,magical and amazing ;can in the same breath feel TOO BIG, TOO OVERWHELMING, and TOO MUCH to handle. When we are pushing ourselves to dream bigger there is a chance we mess around and believe in ourselves so much that we scare ourselves! On today’s episode of The Becoming You Podcast , We discuss How To break Down Your Goals into Actionable Steps That Aid and Accelerate Growth, Healing, Learning. Click here for today’s show notes. Join the Becoming Collective for free resources, planners, and more :
February 07, 2020
Ep 005 : How Do Have “It All” without doing “it all”
We have been having a lot of discussion about goals and creating new habits over the last few weeks. And as your motivation and introspection about where you want your life to go grows you may notice so does your to do list. The things you need to do, change , or want to do can feel like they pile up around you and may get overwhelming. So How Do We Find a Balance and Get Things Done When Time and Energy feels limited? Utilizing a few tools and strategies in our lives can help us create more balance in our lives. I say more balance because it is impossible and dangerous to pressure yourself to maintaining some perfect balance in all areas at once. Implementing strategies can help create space for ourselves as well as our other priorities instead of one or the other. Today’s episode tackles a few strategies for avoiding overwhelm burnout and over extending while still balancing the different areas of our lives. Read more and get the Show Notes : Join the Becoming Collective for free resources, planners, and more :
February 05, 2020
EP 004 : Excuses vs Reasons : Are you holding yourself back?
On today’s episode of the coming new podcast, we talk about what the differences between an excuse and a reason when it comes to goalsetting. Often to get caught up in the narratives and stories and tell her self about our inability to control or impact our current situations when in reality we are giving ourselves permission to not be accountable to levels. Today we break down the difference between each, and some strategies to be accountable to self, get out of your own way, and overcome your own excuses and self sabotaging behaviors. Read more and get the Show Notes : Join the Becoming Collective for free resources, planners, and more :
January 28, 2020
Ep.003The Principles of Neuroplasticity: How to Improve Habit Formation & Increase Goal Achievement
Today’s episode of The Becoming You podcasts revisits one of the most popular Instagram LIVE sessions of 2019, in which we take a look at a popular but rarely explained topic ; NEUROPLASTICITY, the process which enables and makes learning and change possible. As we continue to peel back the layers on what it takes to achieve the goals you have set out to accomplish – it becomes increasingly important to know that the power and ability to change and evolve is hard wired within us. Even in the moments it feels like it is impossible to create new habits, learn new things, and BECOME your best self – the truth is; with the aid of neuroplasticity and 8 components that enhance it – you can make daily strides towards your goals that are backed by science to not only effect your behaviors long term but actually improve and change the function of your brain at a neural level. Read more and get the Show Notes : Join the Becoming Collective for free resources, planners, and more :
January 20, 2020
EP. 002 - How To Motivate Yourself To Be Productive When You Don’t Feel Like it
On today’s episode of The Becoming You Podcast we Discuss How to motivate yourself to do things even when you don’t feel like it. It is very easy to get caught up in the excuses, procrastination, and self sabotage that goes on in our own minds on a daily basis, in today’s episode Marjani breaks down some of her favorite tips for getting out of your own way getting things done and feeling good while doing it. Read more and get the Show Notes : Join the Becoming Collective for free resources, planners, and more :
January 14, 2020
EP 001 - Why Setting A Goal is Not Enough to Be Successful
On today’s episode of The Becoming You Podcast we Discuss the 3 Things You Need to Set and Accomplish Your Goals. It’s that time of the year where goals and planning are at the forefront of everyone’s mind which means there is a lot of thought given about where people want to go and what they hope to accomplish in the future myself included. And whether you created a full flushed out vision board, written plan, or just a few ideas in your head about what you want this year and your life to look like – the truth is setting a goal, however specific and aligned, can be easily deterred and abandoned without the proper infrastructure to support the process go from goal setting to goal achievement. So what does that mean? Simply setting a goal for the year is not enough to ensure success. If you want to avoid the feeling of an abandoned or unaccomplished goal at the end of your year, you need 3 things to BOOST your goal setting and increase your chances of execution and success. In this episode of Becoming You , we will discuss these 3 important tools that will help you push past bad habits , get out of your own way , and accomplish your goals. Read more and get the Show Notes : Join the Becoming Collective access to the collection of free resources, planners, and more :
January 13, 2020