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The Blue Collar Gold Podcast

The Blue Collar Gold Podcast

By Mark Stoner
Mark Stoner runs a multi million dollar service business that has made the Inc. Magazine 5000 list for 2019, 2020, and 2021. He has written the Amazon best selling book Blue Collar Gold "How to Build a Service Business From the Dirt Up and has appeared on CNBC's Blue Collar Millionaires TV Show. This podcast will talk about the secrets to running and building any type of business focusing on service based businesses.
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#168 - Guest Garnett Decosimo - Buying and Selling Companies
Our guest talks about how to set your company up to sell, buy or to transition out.  All businesses eventually will have to go through this because one way or another, the owner will be why not prepare for the inevitable as soon as possible?  Garnett is a managing director at the Decosimo firm and is a true pro with fantastic information!
September 24, 2022
#167 - The #1 Thing You Must Do in Business
Reading is the key to you extended success when it comes to all things business.  From Leadership to Finance, it's an absolute must.  I will discuss how I consume as many books as I can and read several amazing facts about reading.    Here's my list of 10 foundational books I recommend How to win friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie Failing forward - John Maxwell Whale done - Ken Blanchard Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Good to Great - Jim Collins Rich Dad Poor Dad You’re Broke Because you want to be - Larry Winget Outliers - Malcom Gladwell Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - T. Harv Eckler 10 New Books I recommend  Can’t hurt me - David goggins Extreme Ownership - Jacko Wilnik Loserthink - Scott Adams The Road Less Stupid - Keith Cunningham Not Nice - Aziz Gazipura Never Split the Difference - Chris Voss The Happiness Advantage - Scott Actor The Subtle Art of not giving a F. - Mark Manson Traction - Gino Hickman The War of Art - Steven Pressfield Blue Collar Gold - Your's Truly
September 11, 2022
#166 - Guest Mike Fasy - $1 Million Dollar Month
This week I had Mike Fasy from Den Defenders (formerly Mike's Mobil) on the SureFIre Live! show.  He talks about a huge milestone in business "the million dollar month" and how he did it.  This was such a great interview, I just repurposed it for the podcast.  Hope you like it!
September 08, 2022
#165 - Work with the Willing
It's great to be back after a mid summer break!  I tell some stories from the road plus I discuss a leadership philosophy of "Working with the Willing" 
August 28, 2022
#164 - The Accelerator Program
Tonight I discuss our new program for business owners.  If you would like to join us, here's the link for the application.
July 02, 2022
#163 - Guest Tim Reed - The 7 Sales Steps That Must Happen
Tim Reed is the founder of the revolutionary hearth software WhyFire, FireTime Magazine and also hosts The Fire Time podcast.  Tim is an expert in hearth retail sales and has some fantastic tips for you and your team to sell more.   I have become a big fan of Tim's and love the way he brings his ideas to life in an incredibly easy and relatable way.
June 27, 2022
#162 - Fathers - The Answer to So Much That is Wrong
Happy Fathers Day! In this episode I make the case for fathers and particularly fathers in the home.  I read several harrowing stats that make us realize that if we can do anything as a society that would do the most good, it would be to celebrate and get fathers back in the homes. 
June 20, 2022
#161 - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a "F"
This week I review the best selling book by Mark Manson "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck! Part 1. This book helped me forcus on what to care about and what to put to the side.  Also, understanding the absolute role and need of failure in your success journey.   WARNING...lots of F words used when reading the reviews and highlights of the book.  Also, I talk about the new moving What is a Woman by Matt Walsh in my Dumb is Real section. 
June 05, 2022
#160 - Guest - Britt Tucker - Rocket Girl
Britt Tucker has an absolutely incredible story and I am excited to share it with you this week.  Her story goes from starting her moving to Nashville to be a singer, to starting a cookie and gift basket business all the way to be head of Astronaut Sales for Blue Origin and a coach on Zero G - Weightless Experience.  There are several great takeaways from this interview.  I hope you enjoy it.  
May 27, 2022
#159 - The Valuable Time of Maturity
Being mature with your time and energy is the theme of this podcast.  As we get older and wiser, we tend to get more deliberate with the things that matter and reduce the things that don't. I hope you enjoy this message. 1. Please help me with a donation to The Leukemia  Lymphoma Society!  I'm up for Man of the Year and its over next week, so please dig deep to help me and this amazing cause. 2.  The CSIA Business Symposium is June 9-10 at my shop in Smyrna Tn. we have 11 speakers going over absolute gold to help run your business!
May 13, 2022
#158 - 420 Stoner Stories part 2
Happy Stoner day!  I continue the new tradition of crazy ass stories from employees to situations.  There are some cuss words.  Enjoy
April 22, 2022
#157 - Extreme Ownership - Part 4
We have crossed 50,000 listens! Thank you so much.  This week we continue our Extreme Ownership book study.
April 16, 2022
#156 - Extreme Ownership - Part 3
This week I continue the review of the leadership book Extreme Ownership.  I'm also raising money for the Leukemia Lymphoma foundation and if you would like to help me my link is
April 09, 2022
#155 - Guest Bob Ferrari - The Hardest Year
This week I'm at the national convention for the chimney industry and I ran into a dear friend of mine, Bob Ferrari.  Bob is a fantastic story teller and I always learn from him when we talk.  This past year has been extremely tragic for him and his family and he shares some great wisdom when we sat down and spoke.  
April 02, 2022
#154 - Extreme Ownership - Part 2
This week I continue my dive into the Extreme Ownership book and how it applies to our business. Thank you for all of those that wished me well on my neck surgery! Plus, a new dumb is real rant.  
March 25, 2022
#153 - Extreme Ownership - Part 1
I'm starting a new series on a book that has been around for many years and a lot of people believe it is one of the best leadership books and principles ever written.  I am doing a deep dive on this book with our team and I am really enjoying putting the principles back into place.  I attempted this a few years ago but a few things didn't take and I, taking extreme ownership, need to take responsibility.   I hope you enjoy my take on the lessons. Also, thank you to everyone supporting our Ukrainian fund raising effort at
March 18, 2022
#152 - "I Want To Be In Your Seat"
This week I tell the story of an exit interview that was pure gold.  I also talk about the uncertainty of the entrepreneur journey.  It's easy to look back and think you knew all along that it would work out.  I know I didn't.   Plus help us support the efforts in Ukraine while you enjoy some chocolate!
March 11, 2022
#151 - Guest Jasper Drengler - Chimneys and Race Cars
This weeks guest is a long time entrepreneur, chimney guy and race car driver.  Jasper Drengler is very transparent about his journey though business and life.  This interview is very enlightening and inspiring to those who think they shouldn't make mistakes or talk about them!  
March 04, 2022
#150 - The End of Loyalty in the Workplace
One of my good friends and a recent event with my wife's employer of 32 1/2 years sparked this podcast topic.  What happened to loyalty from the employer and even many employees?
February 18, 2022
#149 - 5 of my business friends on a sailboat - part 1
Every two years a group of friends of mine get together a race a sailboat in the Caribbean.  This year Covid changed the race so we just decided to go on a sail with out an agenda and without a race.  When I listen to them all talk about their individual business's and stories, I just wish other people could hear some of the great ideas they have.  Tonight, we had dinner and drinks and sat around a table and talked business.  We really enjoyed it and I hope you will too. My guests are John Meredith, Marshall Ryan, Jim Brewer, Kirby Ragland, and Ron Moore
February 04, 2022
#148 - Covid Lazy
Covid is making everything that was already hard...much harder.  Today I talk about covid creative, covid paralyzed or covid lazy!  I have experienced all of these states and I bet you have too.
January 28, 2022
#147 - 1% Better - The Power of Atomic Habits
Coming to you from Cabo San Lucas Mexico!  I'm reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear - WOW  This book is awesome.  I play clips from chapter one and respond to his insight.  
January 22, 2022
#146 - 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires - Part 2
This week I continue my coverage of the Brian Tracy audio book and discuss the fear of failure and the required trait of being decisive.   Plus Dumb is Real Florida Edition  
January 14, 2022
#145 - Secrets of Self Made Millionaires - Part 1
Happy New Year!   Season 4 has begun.  I'm excited to get working on some new projects and to improve others that are in motion.  What are your plans?  Do you make goals?  I play some excerpts from a great book called the 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy.  Written in 2008 it still has great information and truths about financial success.   Plus, I start the year with a Dumb is Real situation!
January 07, 2022
#144 - Leading like a Lion
I play a few audio clips from some audios that I like about the importance of men and blue collar work.  One of the clips talks about how lions are leaders and why.   This week one of our team mates passed this week and he is greatly missed.  Billy Burney RIP.
December 17, 2021
#143 - Morning Meetings - SureFire Live
This is a recording of my SureFire Live Facebook live topic.  I think how you start your mornings is the most important part of your day.  We call it "launching the show" others call it "lighting the fuse"   how do you get your business day started?  
December 10, 2021
#142 - Blue Collar is Gold
This weeks episode is a bit of a ramble through my recent car wreck, to pissed off people about Covid, to a neat Mike Rowe letter to over all appreciation of the blue collar gold that many of us in this field are feeling right now. 
December 03, 2021
#141 - Guest - Allison Reynolds - Tax strategies for the end of the year
I had Allison Reynolds on my SureFire Live broadcast to talk about her best tax strategies for the end of the year. 
November 19, 2021
#140 - Guest Home Inspector Britt Greenup
This week, my life long friend and home inspector joins me on the show.  Britt Greenup operates a home inspection service in central Indiana and he brings his expertise to this show this week.
November 12, 2021
#139 - Mike Rowe's Response to Todays Labor Shortage
This weeks episode goes back to the whole reason that I wrote the book Blue Collar Gold and the reason that I started this podcast. Mike Rowe responds to a facebook fans post about the issues in today's labor issues.  
November 05, 2021
#138 - Handling Business Headaches and Stress
For many if us, this is the busiest and scariest (Halloween theme) our businesses and jobs have been in a long time or maybe ever.  When we are this busy, every system, policy and procedure is well as our leadership!.  This is a replay of my SureFire Live broadcast.  I hope you like it.  
October 30, 2021
#137 - Signs Your Work Overload is Too Much
We all get into work overload at times.  It's totally normal and expected in some ways in life, but what happens when it becomes too much for too long?  In this episode I discuss the signs and some odeas to address it and reduce it. 
October 22, 2021
#136 - The Face of Fear
This week I witnessed several people face fear and overcome it.  True fear, like scared that you will die fear.  This is my second week scuba diving and, if you haven't scuba dove, jumping into the ocean from a boat to breathe underwater is very very unnatural.  When I saw people overcoming this fear, it also translates into business.  The problem with business fear, is you aren't always sure that when you jump off the boat, someone will save you.  
October 15, 2021
#135 - Live a Great Story
This week I'm coming to you from Belize and it has been an epic SCUBA diving trip!  We are seeing tons of amazing wildlife and its my favorite diving trip ever.  On the boat ride to dive The Blue Hole in Belize, I saw a sticker that inspired this podcast!
October 08, 2021
#134 - Guest Chad Murray - Fierce Conversations
This week I have my friend, business owner and business coach Chad Murray on the show.  We talk about a book that he read called Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott and how he has implemented those principles in his business.   
October 01, 2021
#133 - Lead Like a Father
I went on the road this week to visit a company and an amazing leadership lesson came to light.
September 25, 2021
#132 - The Power of Acting Now
This week, I had to start canceling businesses because of their policies and it was hard because I have been a big supporter in the past.  Also, I had a great call with a client of mine that led to a great breakthrough on retaining employees. 
September 17, 2021
#131 - Covid and Hiring Thoughts
So Covid finally caught up to me and I'm getting through it as I recorded this episode.  The President sent out a mandate on businesses over 100 employees and I respond to that.  I also talk about hiring and what is working and what is not working in this climate!  
September 10, 2021
#130 - Guest Tim Reed talks Retail Sales and New Software
Tim Reed is one of the very best in the hearth industry.  He knows retail sales better than anyone I know.  He talks about how hard it actually is for the customer and the company to actually make a stove or appliance sale.  He has developed an amazing software that will change our industry in a huge way.  This podcast was pulled from my SureFire Live episode because it had such good information in it.
September 03, 2021
#129 - Guest Jeff Jenkins - Working with Troubled Youth
This week my good friend and listener of the Podcast visited me in Nashville.  He wanted to talk about his role as a youth counselor for boys and his take on the race issue as a black man in the United States today.   
August 27, 2021
#128 - The Dreaded Budgeting and Cost Controls Talk We Must Have
In the last several weeks I have ran into situations where knowing your numbers was a critical part of the discussions.  In this episode I talk about a real weakness of mine but also something that is mission critical for growth.  Budgeting and cost controls are not a topic that most entrepreneurs love to talk about...some weirdos do  :)   Most didn't start their business to get tied up in the day to day of knowing the numbers but all successful ones absolutely must know them.  I will discuss some practical ways to look at budgeting and cost controls to make sure you are running your best possible business.  
August 13, 2021
#127 - Start with Self Leadership
The best leaders lead themselves and their lives first.  It's hard to follow someone that doesn't practice self discipline first. From timeliness to good decision making to doing admirable must start with you.   I talk about two organizations that I am in that help me see what other entrepreneurs are working on and struggling with as well as attending the first ever Music City Grand Prix Indy Car Race.
August 07, 2021
#126 - Guest Chuck Roydhouse - Making Lots of Money at any size operation
With the labor crunch hitting everyone, I asked Chuck to be my guest and talk about how he has done so well on so few employees.  Chuck talks about his extensive training in fire department that taught him to be organized first!   Chuck also has a consulting business called The Roydhouse Effect where he travels to businesses to help them build and implement systems in their businesses.
July 30, 2021
5 Reasons You Haven't Made It Yet and What to do About It
Today I discuss an article that I read about success from the team at Fearless Motivation.  The 5 things are big obstacles in peoples lives and they need to address them and move around them!   Also, I will be speaking at the CSIA Homecoming Event that will be held Aug 18-20 in the Indianapolis area.  I will also be bringing most of my technicians as it will be a great learning experience!
July 23, 2021
#124 - The Moving Target of Success
What is success?  Do you have a definition?  You should.  Guess what?  Good news...No matter what your definition is, you are right. The main thing is to define it so you know when you are achieving it.  Chances are you are already successful by someone else's definition.  
July 16, 2021
#123 - Part 2 - The Compound Effect
This week I finish up my review and commentary on the book by Darren Hardy called The Compound Effect.  We talk about money management, the E vs E Ratio, 'The Big Moandd lots of other great stuff.  " Also, thanking everyone for a great birthday!
July 10, 2021
#122 - The Compound Effect - Part 1
Happy Independence Day weekend! This week I talk about the first few chapters of the Compound Effect Book by Darrin Hardy. This book makes many “Top Business Books” lists and I wanted to reread it. I will discuss the compound effect of gratefulness, tracking, luck and habits.
July 02, 2021
#121 - 10 Reasons You Won't Be Rich
We just passed 35,000 listens!!!! In a recent article that I read in Inc. Magazine, they talk about mindsets and habits that people get into that will keep them from ever being rich       ( monetarily) Let me know what you think!
June 25, 2021
#120 - Part 2 - How to Protect From BURNOUT
This is the second part of my fantastic interview with Drew McClure from the company Mitchell McClure.  They help keep high performing teams functioning at their best without dropping into the dreaded BURNOUT zone.
June 18, 2021
#119 - How to Protect from BURNOUT!
It happens to all of us....the dreaded burnout.  As owners, we can suffer from it quick and easy.  Some people can learn to cope some can't, but what really affects me is when it's happening to my team and I struggle to help them.  This week I speak with high performance expert Drew McClure.  He knows how to help teams perform at high levels but also properly recover...which is the key.   I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I have.
June 11, 2021
#118 - Part 2 - Construction Law
This week I finish the 2nd part of my interview with construction lawyers Kristen Shields and Liz Tipping.  This whole interview was really  great reminder for me of things I need to make sure are in place.  If you own a business and haven't consulted a lawyer, here's your warning!  
June 04, 2021
#117 - Part 1 - Contractors Law - Guests Liz Tipping and Kristen Sheilds
This is an absolutely eye opening interview that I did on SureFire Live this week.  This information could save you lots of money and potentially save you from future lawsuits!  Listen up, take notes and most importantly TAKE ACTION if there is something said that pertains to you or your business.
May 28, 2021
#116 - Guest - Ryan Englin Talks Hiring Methods
Hiring seems to be the number one topic when I hear businesses talk about their struggle so when I met Ryan Englin I said "YOU HAVE TO COME ON THE SHOW AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT YOUR PROCESS"  Ryan Englin is the founder of The Core Matters ( which is a company that specializes in recruiting and retaining employees for companies around the US.  He discusses his thought process and system on our show today.   Enjoy!
May 21, 2021
#115 - Finite Vs Infinite Business Mindsets
This was a great week!  We raised over $20k for Sweep Away Cancer doing our Ice Water Challenge! The Blue Collar Gold Podcast crosses 32,000 plays and I replay a fantastic speech by Simon Sinek.  He talks about what it takes to be a great organization.   I hope you have a great week!
May 14, 2021
#114 - How to Have Hard Conversations
The problem doesn't get better unless it's addressed.  So, how do we do it?  Can there be some ideas and rules around these conversations to try to ensure a good result for both sides?  These hard conversations can range from something simple like an annoying habit that an employee has all the way up to very serious issues.  In this episode I discuss ideas of how to do it as effectively as possible.  
May 07, 2021
#113 - Guest Bart Merrell - Monetize Your Mindset
My guest this week wrote the book "Monetize Your Mindset"  We discuss his thoughts about how to take your idea into a side hustle and then into a full time profession.  
April 30, 2021
#112 - The 420 Stoner Edition of Dumb is Real
In this episode I go through some of the dumbest stuff to happen in my 36 years of running a service business.  I hope you enjoy the stories of what not to do.  
April 23, 2021
#111 - Guest Chad Murray - The Importance of Coaching
I had another great conversation with Chad Murray this week.  Chad founded Masters Services that operates in Texas and Oklahoma.  He also is a business coach and delivers some great ideas for business owners.
April 16, 2021
#110 - The 4 Quadrants of Time Managment
Steven Covey developed a brilliant time management quadrant in 1989 (I accidently said 2009 in the podcast) that is still very relevant in business today.  I discuss the activities and results of working and spending time in each quadrant.  
April 09, 2021
#109 - Destination Addiction
There's a term for always wanting to be somewhere else, never feeling successful until you get to the next level, until the next house, or car.   It's very common to put of happiness until later when things will be better.  The truth is that if you can't be happy now, you probably won't be happier if and when these other things do come.  I discuss this in depth on this episode.
April 02, 2021
#108 - The Fallacy of Sunk Costs
Have you ever put money into something or someone that just wasn't paying off but you thought "I've put so much money or time in this that I don't want to stop because then I will have wasted all that I have invested"  That's the fallacy of sunk costs.  I discuss this at length of how to recognize it and get out of it!
March 27, 2021
#107 - Who Not How - Part 2
In this episode I finish my take on the book "Who Not How"   This is a great book and I highly recommend listening to it or reading it as soon as possible. I discuss the two types of problems that face us in business Technical and Adaptive. What it means to have a "cost" mentality. "If you have enough money to solve a problem, then you don't have a problem" is my favorite quote from the book! Please join us or support the Sweep Away Cancer Rally!   Here's the link:
March 19, 2021
#106 - Who Not How
In this episode I talk about the upcoming Sweep Away Cancer Rally in the Smoky Mountains.  The dates will be May 28 & 29 so mark your calendar to join us.  Details and registration will be coming soon at  I am reading a new book called Who Not How by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan.  I'm just barely into the audio version and it is already full of great ideas that I discuss.
March 12, 2021
#105 - The Great Game of Business
This weeks episode is about the book The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack and Bo Burlingham.  This is an older book about making business fun to play for like a game for all of your employees.  The book talks about the importance of transparency of your numbers and processes to be able to get everyone rowing in the same direction.  
March 05, 2021
#104 - House Fire
I am completing my Blue Collar Gold online course that will be available soon. This week I discuss a house fire that I went on.  The devastating affects that it had to have had on the family and even us that were investigating it.   Also, a dumb is real about collecting money from a contractor.
February 26, 2021
#103 - Shelby & Bezos
This weeks episode I talk about the challenges of the winter storm that has gripped Tennessee.  I also discuss a book I recently read called the 12 week year and tow very different American Icons, Carroll Shelby and Jeff Bezos I'm going to start putting the podcast on Youtube on a weekly basis so check it out if you prefer video!   It's under Mark Stoner
February 19, 2021
#102 - Guest Tiffany Largie talks Delegation
This week I give a sneek peak at a new podcast I'm doing with my friend Tiffany Largie.  We talk about the pitfalls and rewards of delegation.  Enjoy!
February 12, 2021
#101 - THE 1 BIG thing
What's the one thing that will help most people grow and scale their business?  It's simple but not easy.  If your business isn't growing and scaling, theirs one thing that you aren't doing for sure!  There is some reality that you are going to have to face as well.   Listen up and I hope you like it!
February 05, 2021
#100 - Guest Jim Thrift - Secret Service to Entrepreneur
My 100th episode!  I get to interview a fascinating guy with a background that you hear about in the movies plus he's a Gracie trained Brazilian Jujitsu black belt.  He has started 2 gyms in the Maryland area and talks about some of the challenges in the Covid world.  We talk about his journey from civil servant to entrepreneur....enjoy!  
January 29, 2021
#99 - Your Money is the Result of Your Effectiveness
I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs this week and I told them about some business truths that are sometimes hard to hear when you are just getting started.  
January 22, 2021
#98 - Guest Chuck Hall - What Not to Do When Building Your Business
Hot out of our 2 day business symposium, we had one of our favorite guests and my good friend back on the podcast.  Chuck Hall is the past president of the Chimney Safety Institute of America and is the CEO of Winston's Services in Washington DC.  Chuck is super entertaining to listen to and very insightful on the challenges of running a service business.
January 15, 2021
#97 - Treadmill, Pathfinder, Trailblazer, Peak Performer, Legacy
This episode is about the stages of business that I recently hear on the Dave Ramsey podcast.  These stages are what everyone must got through to achieve the greatness that business can be.   They all have their ups and downs and I discuss what its like in each stage. Don't forget that I still have hundreds of my book, Blue Collar Gold that I am giving away.  If you would like 1 or 50 copies, let me know!
January 08, 2021
#96 - New Year - New Leadership Thoughts
As we ring in a new year, we say good bye to the most challenging year in any of our memories.  So many challenges and changes...especially in all aspects of leadership.   In this final episode of 2020 I discuss some different thoughts on leadership.   We will be having a 2 day business symposium at my shop on January 12-13.  All the in person seats are sold out but you can still attend virtually! Here's the link:
January 01, 2021
#95 - Merry Christmas and a Little Secret
Merry Christmas everyone!  In this episode I tell a few Christmas stories and one that lead me into the chimney business.  Also, I discuss the very very simple fact of people that become wealthy. 
December 25, 2020
#94 - Guest Chad Murray
Today i welcomed Chad Murray to the podcast.  Chad runs a very large chimney operation out of Dallas Texas as well as a coaching business for leaders and entrepreneurs.   Chad has some great insight on business and how to run a larger service company. Please bear with me as I had some audio difficulties recording this zoom call.
December 18, 2020
#93 - Your Wealth is in Your Waste
Mr. Waste is a very very well paid employee in every business.  It is in everything that you do.  It's in wasted movement, wasted materials, wasted data and wasted human assets.   In this episode I break down where waste is and what could be done.
December 11, 2020
#92 - What Motivates You to Take Action?
What motivates you to take action instead of just dreaming?  I talk about the vicious cycle that many people go through with their business dreams.   The cycle includes uniformed optimism, informed pessimism, the Valley of Despair, Informed Optimism, and then Success. Also, Hotttttttttt Profits with Alan Rush talking about consistency! 
December 04, 2020
#91 - The Power in Thanks
Its the week of Thanksgiving and we all have so much to be thankful for.  By being outwardly thankful and giving should be part of your entire business model, from your employees to your customers. Plus Hotttttttt Profits with Alan Rush - He discusses "what the customer really wants"    Thank you to all of the listeners that tune in weekly!    
November 28, 2020
#90 - Success Requires Replacement
On this episode I discuss several areas of "replacement' that people and businesses need to make to be more successful and even healthy. Also, I messed up last week and only posted part of my technology talk with Alan Rush so I reposted it this week with the full interview plus I have a link to another business symposium at my facility on Jan 12-13.  This is open to all business owners of any type of business.  Below is the link if you are interested.
November 20, 2020
#89 - Non-Compete Clauses
I recently rolled out a non-compete clause in my company and I discuss what I learned in the process. PLUS - HOTTTTTTT PROFITS with Alan Rush as he discusses technology he uses in sales.  
November 13, 2020
#88 - Ranty Rant
Frustrations and lessons of the week plus Hottttttt Profits with Sales guru Alan Rush
November 06, 2020
#87 - The Success Kit - Persistence - with contractor Mike Lunn
The final episode in my Success kit series is Persistence.  I speak with a good friend of mine and contractor Mike Lunn.  We talk about how he has been persistent in his philosophy of business and the importance of staying small.  I also tell a great story about the Mexican Fisherman that fits well with this episode.
October 30, 2020
#86 - The Success Kit - Crticism
Criticism is this weeks topic and is one of the most important aspects to becoming better at anything that you strive for!  I will discuss all types of criticism and the right and wrong way to be a critic yourself .   Enjoy!
October 24, 2020
#85 - The Success Kit - Patience
This weeks episode is about the importance of patience in business.  I personally struggle with some aspects of this trait.  I will discuss articles from Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines to talk about this topic! Have a good week! 
October 16, 2020
#84 - The Success Kit - Risk!
This is one of my favorite topics in the entire success kit.  The more businesses that I work with and the more things that I become involved with, the more risk shows up everyday for me.  I discuss many different ways that you can add risk into you life without risking it all. Taking risk is absolutely necessary if you want a different result than you are currently getting in life! Enjoy
October 09, 2020
#83- The Success Kit - Failure
This week I cover one of my favorite subjects...FAILURE!  I have had small and large failures in business  and I want to talk about those on this episode.  
October 02, 2020
#82 - The Success Kit - Discipline
This weeks episode will cover the need for Discipline in business.  Have you ever wondered why some business owners always seem to come up winners?  Seems that it has more to do with business disciplines than great ideas.  
September 25, 2020
#81 - The Success Kit - Optimism - My Favorite!
On this weeks episode, I talk about the importance of optimism in business.  This is my favorite subject as it can pertain to rainbows and unicorns!  :)    and Hottttttttttttttttt Profits with sales genius Alan Rush!
September 18, 2020
#80 - The Success Kit - Focus with Adaptive Athlete Genny Tidwell
This weeks guest is weightlifter Genny Tidwell.  Genny was born without her left hand and she has become the first adaptive weightlifter in USA Weightlifting!   She will talk about her incredible focus and how she overcomes obstacles.  She has a quote at the end of the podcast that is an absolute classic! Also Alan Rush talks about how to Continue the Conversation on our Hottttttt Profits segment!
September 11, 2020
#79 - The Success Kit - Hustle
I’m starting a multi segment series about what must be in your Success Kit! Plus Alan Rush talking about how to not overwhelm your customer in the sales process!
September 04, 2020
#78 - My Biggest Prediction for the Next 12 Months
In this episode, I talk about the prediction that I have for the next year.  Get you and your business ready for what's already happening!   Hotttttt Profits with Alan Rush discussing how to present financing options to your customers.
August 28, 2020
#77- Michelle Lewis - Developing Great Company Culture
This week I had special guest Michelle Lewis talk to me about what its like working in some great cultures and also working in some not great cultures.  She is the current Assistant GM at Virgin Hotels in Nashville and I met her while she was helping to launch the new hotel here.  She has some great advice and some funny stories too. Plus Hotttttttt Topics with sales guru Alan Rush   We are approaching 20,000 listens to the Blue Collar Gold Podcast, so thank you and please review our podcast on Apple  podcasts.  
August 21, 2020
#76 - The 4 Enemies of Growth
This week Ashbusters Chimney Service was named to Inc Magazines 5000 list of fastest growing, privately held,  businesses in the US.    It is a real honor to be named to the list but I also wanted to talk about the four enemies that plague business growth.   1. Unnecessary Complexity  2. Unscalable  Process  3. Unhealthy Mindset  4. Under Developed Leaders Plus - Hottttttt Profits with Alan Rush!!!
August 14, 2020
#75 - Master Sweep Dennis Dobbs & Hottttt Profits w/ Alan Rush
This week I sit down with veteran business owner and chimney sweep Dennis Dobbs.  Dennis tells his story about he got into owning his own business all the way to growing it and eventually selling it.  Dennis was also one of the driving factors behind the Certified Master Sweep Credential. Also, we have the first in a series of 8 segments with Alan Rush called Hotttttt Profits!    Hop you enjoy!
August 07, 2020
#74 - Mission Critical
Do you have a mission that drives you?  If you do, it can guide all your decisions and goals.  I talk about what helps to drive my decisions and actions from a mission that was told to me at a young age.
July 31, 2020
#73 - Quick Action Steps You Can Take to Reach Your Goals
I talk about some easy things you can do immediately about moving the needle toward your goals and he life you want.  This life is about action! Enjoy!
July 24, 2020
#72 - The Biggest Limiting Beliefs That Held Me Back
The main thing that holds us all back are our beliefs!  In this episode, I discuss the big thoughts in my brain that held me back so much in business.  and a Dumb is Real rant! Enjoy
July 18, 2020
#71 - Counter Intuitive Success Tips
Have you ever leaned something that seemed so counter intuitive to success until you tried it or saw it work for someone else? Today I discuss a few things that I have found that have definitely helped in success and overall happiness.   Plus a Dumb is Real spot!
July 10, 2020
#70 - My 3 Biggest Business Lessons Ever
Its American Independence week.  I talk about the 3 biggest business lessons that have had the most impact on my thinking and daily actions. I hope you enjoy!
July 03, 2020
#69 - Why You Don't Get What You Want in Business
In this episode, I talk about the main guiding factor that drives results in your business life....personal accountability.  Everyone has some headwind in life and some people have more than others but the headwind can wither make you stronger or give you an excuse not to succeed.   I talk about my thoughts on how to tackle opportunity, fear and a new concept to me called "The 8th Day" Enjoy!
June 26, 2020
#68 - Making Tough Decisions
Another super fun week in the day and life of business ownership.  This episode covers how I approach and make tough decisions in my business.   We also talk to Mike Barrett about he gets insurance work for his business. And a Dumb is Real Rant about Lawn Care Service
June 19, 2020
#67 - Racism and the Path to Getting Better
This week I discuss my Facebook live talk about racism with my black friend Tiffany Largie.  I spoke for over 3 hours live on Facebook about an extremely hard conversation especially with the volatility of Facebook.  I think it was great, enlightening and needed.  I hope you like it and it brings more perspective to the topic.   Mike Barrett talks about how he handles vendors in this weeks Mikey Minutes. Lets get better every week!
June 12, 2020
#66 - Dealing with Threats, Distractions or Detours in Your Business or Personal Life
We are being played against each other by the media and by huge forces and its becoming very obvious.  I want to talk about just the struggles that I have encountered recently in my own businesses and what I am witnessing.   The way out of this is to stop listening to the media, have real conversations with real people and be truly good to one another...not by some BS statement on social media either.   
June 07, 2020
#65 - Misconceptions - Our Problem in Life and in Business
2020 is sucking hard to start with!  In this episode I talk about misconceptions that we all have about each other, about ourselves and about our businesses.   Mike Barrett talks about the advantage of being and doing things differently. Be good to each other out there!
May 29, 2020
#64 - The Hippest Podcaster in the World!
Corny, I know but hey, I have a shiny new hip this week!  50 plus is hitting hard these days.  Recovery has been a little rough but getting better every day.  I talk about my late hours coaching call with many hungry entrepreneurs and we have Mikey Minutes where he talks about taking risk.   I also had the chance to be on a really great podcast called Dreams Are Real with my friend Dan McPherson.
May 25, 2020
#63 - Stressville
I'M SICK OF IT!!!!!!   My stress level pegs this week with some Covid situations in my company.  I hope you can get something good out of one of the worst weeks for me.   Mike Barrett discusses his "business is a football team" analogy. Enjoy....because I didn't  :)
May 15, 2020
#62 - Guest Tiffany Largie - Founder of the Do the Damn Thing Movement
Author, Professional Speaker, Business Owner, Consultant plus BBQ and Chocolate aficionado joins me today.  Tiffany has spoken at huge events all over the world and today we talk about thinking bigger.  We are always our own biggest obstacle and she talks about he she thinks and knocks down barrier after barrier to make things happen in her life and many many others.
May 08, 2020
#61 - Guest Larry Winget - Tellin' it Like it Is
My long time mentor and friend Larry Winget joins the podcast today.  He is a 7 time New York Times best selling author and also in the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.  Larry talks about his thoughts on several topics and also on one of my favorite books of his "You're Broke Because You Want To Be"   We also have the first installment of Mikey Minutes. where roofing expert Mike Barrett give his thoughts on several topics!
May 01, 2020
#60 - The New Normal so drive on!
This is not going to go away but we are going to have to get back to living and working.  Everything will be different and it is sad in so many ways.  t's begin to embrace it and drive on!  Grit is what we must have in business and life.  I also talk about a fascinating book that I listened to and highly recommend "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins.  Definitely listen to the book because there is a lot of extra content in the Audible version.
April 24, 2020
#59 - Guest Mike Barrett - Roofing, Sales and Relationships
Guest Mike Barrett joins me this week to talk about business.  Mike is one of the strongest relationship builders that I know.  When Mike gives you a referral, you can take it to the bank so I ask him how he builds such strong relationships so quickly with his clients.  Mike will give us some of his thought processes and insights on his philosophy in business.  
April 17, 2020
#58 - Chuck Hall - Growth Oriented Leadership
Chuck Hall is the CEO of Winston's Services in the Washington DC area and has one of the largest chimney service businesses in the US.  He has gone from a single service truck sized business to one that services some of the most prestigious buildings there are including the US Capitol. Camp David and many many more.  Chuck is a great story teller and leader and he shares a few great ideas on how to run your business.  
April 10, 2020
#57 - Guest -Hope Stevenson - Very Important business information regarding Covid19
Hope Stevenson is a co-owner of multiple businesses including construction, fabrication and consulting companies. She will give us the latest on the governments programs, loans and available money for us. She also discusses tactics to save cash right now! I always enjoy talking to Hope and I think you will enjoy listening.
April 03, 2020
#56 - Guest - Taylor Hill - Marketing from the master.
In this episode I talk to long time friend, business confidant and the guy in charge of big parts of my overall marketing strategy. Taylor works with hundreds of service companies and he will share so much of his wisdom on what we need to do in the marketing game.
March 27, 2020
#55 - Guest- Darin Bibeau - Back to Bulletproof
3 firsts for the podcast!  1. It was recorded all on my phone with out using mics and computer and 2. Darin calling in to be a guest (which opens up a lot of possibilities).   3. Darin is my first two time guest! In this episode serial entrepreneur Darin Bibeau talks business and his new book.  In this book he explores how he went from Coast Guard Special operations into business owner and entrepreneur.   I think you will really enjoy this.
March 21, 2020
#54 - Warning - Do Not Netflix and Chill!
The virus is shutting down the US.  I give my thoughts on the current environment and how to come through this stronger than before! If you want to take advantage of online education for the chimney industry, CSIA and Surefire and cutting the online courses by 50%  go to if you would like more information.  
March 16, 2020
#53 - Guest Jim Brewer - Safety to Prevent Tragedy.
In this episode I speak to a long time mentor, business partner and industry icon Jim Brewer. Jim has completely transformed his life and our industry after a tragic accident took the life of an employee. If you care about your safety and you employees, this is a must listen to episode.
March 09, 2020
#52 - Conversational Narcissism
This weeks episode is about a phrase that I was unaware of and is so relevant to how we empathize with others during a conversation.  You do it, I do it but being aware of it will make us better leaders and people!
February 29, 2020
#51 - Guest Kevin Russell - The Warrior Horse Project
This weeks guest is Kevin Russell  Kevin is the founder of Warrior Horse which is a non profit started to help veterans that suffer with PTSD by pairing them with horses.  Kevin talks about how an idea became a true calling for him and how his foundation is changing lives.   Please consider donating to this amazing cause.
February 21, 2020
#50 - What Do You Really Want?
Our 50th episode with no over 10,000 total listens to the podcast!  Thank you!   We explore the reality that most peoples dreams are not far from where there are now .  We put some numbers behind the dreams to see how they can become reality.  We talk about doing your perfect day exercise to attain the life that you want.  
February 17, 2020
#49 - Do The Damn Thing
Wow, what week!  We did the grand opening of Poppy and Peep chocolate!  I was also a speaker at the Do the Damn Thing Conference in Los Angeles this week.  My friend Tiffany Largie is a powerhouse of a personality and speaker  It was an great conference with lots of lessons that I want to share in this podcast!
February 10, 2020
#48 - You're FIRED!
In this episode I discuss the difficult decision of firing employees.  Although this can be the absolutely hardest thing a business owner can do, it is mission critical to do it to promote and build a great company culture.  I will discuss some of the situations that I have been in and how I handled them.  
January 31, 2020
#47 - Guest Ray Palfe - The Importance of Job Costing
CFO Ray Palfe joins me today to discuss the importance of understanding your costs and profitability on every job that you do.  They say "if you don't know your numbers. then you really don't know your business"  Ray helps to break down how to do that in your company and how to achieve the profit that you deserve.   If you need help with job costing you can contact Ray at 941-661-7184
January 24, 2020
#46 - Guest Alan Rush - In Home Sales
Today my guest is Alan Rush. He is an industry sales trainer and he is going to talk about how to make the most out of every time you or your technician is in a home.  We discuss common mistakes that are made when we are talking about price with the customer and much more.  I really enjoyed this episode and look forward to him coming back for more great sales tips.
January 17, 2020
#45 - Morning Meetings
How do you get your business day started? I feel that my most valuable time of the day is getting the show off the ground.  We do this through a daily morning meeting where we have a chance to really communicate and build culture with consistency.  In this episode I discuss what we talk about and the importance of each topic.   Also, Join me at the CSIA Business Symposium January 27-28th!
January 10, 2020
#44- Happy New Year....LET'S GO!!!
Happy New Year everyone!   What's the plan?   Do you have one?  Unfortunately most people don't plan...don't be like most people.  I discuss some of my thoughts about planning and even some of my plans for the new year.   Also, I discuss an upcoming business symposium in Plainfield Indiana on January 27-28  Open to all business owners  For more information go to  
January 03, 2020
#43 - Momentum and Chaos
This episode talks about getting momentum in a business and then maintaining and managing momentum when it wants to overwhelm you. The chocolate business had its "soft" opening and we talk about the good and bad.  
December 27, 2019
#42 - The Season of Gratitude
With Christmas upon us, I wanted to reflect on some stories and situations that I hold close to my heart about business and interactions that we have with people.  If you are truly grateful for all you have and the people in your life and gets a lot more meaningful!   I hope you enjoy this podcast and thank you for listening!
December 14, 2019
#41 - Guest Kent Wessley - The Keys to Finding and Recruiting Top Talent
Today we welcome Chief Operations Officer and hiring guru Kent Wessley to the podcast.  Kent has an extensive background at starting and building companies and he will discuss how he thinks about the process.  Kent dives into the importance of your unique company story and how to use that to attract the very best people to work in your business.   Kent also talks about mistakes that are commonly made by companies trying to grow through employees.  If you would like to contact Kent about helping your company recruit top talent, he can be reached at or 815-701-3691 
November 29, 2019
#40 - Assumption is the Mother of All Mess Ups
Its busy season in the chimney business.  If you have a fireplace, get it checked out by a CSIA certified chimney sweep. We talk about assumptions that can be wrong....way wrong. 
November 22, 2019
#39 - 7 Great Questions
In this episode, Mark answers a great  question from a young entrepreneur.  Also we discuss John Maxwell's 7  highly intuitive questions to ask anyone that you want to learn from.  
November 15, 2019
#38 - Guest Allison Reynolds CPA CFO
Allison Reynolds is a Certified Public Accountant that also offers fractional Chief Financial Officer services to all types of small business's   In this episode we talk about common mistakes that small business owners make, what are some of the keys to prepare for a possible slow down in the economy and lots of other really great practical advice for your business.
November 08, 2019
#37 New Business Startup
We talk about starting a business with the opportunities that are all around you!  They are everywhere and if you are more risk averse, starting with something that is familiar may be the right thing for you.  
November 01, 2019
#36 - Dad
In this episode I pay tribute to my father that passed last week from Alzheimer's.  Thank you to all of you that sent messages, cards and gifts.  I really appreciate it very much.
October 26, 2019
#35 - The Necessity of the Business Pivot
In this episode, I talk about the fact that every business that I have ever started required 1 or many pivots from the original plan to stay relevant, be successful or to take advantage of a new opportunity.  Where do you need to pivot?  Also, Dumb is real in the chocolate world!  
October 11, 2019
#34 Whale Done
We talk about Blue Collar Cats and the business leadership lessons that can be gained by understanding the way in which Killer Whales are trained.  Dumb is Real looks at dumb parking garages and October is Cancer Awareness month so please support Sweep Away Cancer.
October 04, 2019
#33 The Role of the CEO
In this episode we talk about all role of the CEO.  The 6 tasks that you cannot delegate away and what you are ultimately responsible for in your business.  We also have a new Dumb is Real segment and new info on Sweep Away Cancer.   This episode is also available on YouTube
September 27, 2019
#32 What "A" Players Need
Do you want "A" Players on your team?  Of course, we all do but many people cant attract them or retain them very long.  In this episode Mark discusses several needs and characteristics of "A" players to help you get more of them on your team!  Also, a new rant section of the show "Dumb is Real" 
September 20, 2019
#31 Thinking Small
In this episode Mark talks about 9/11.  He also shares stories about business owners thinking in a way that actually hurts them and limits their ability to make their business become a vehicle to bring them happiness and prosperity . Please share this podcast and rate us on any of the platforms that you listen to this podcast on! Mark is now broadcasting the podcast on YouTube if you would rather watch instead of listen.  Search for Mark Stoner and subscribe
September 13, 2019
#30 - Leadership Part 2
Mark finishes the 2 part series on leadership.  He discusses Domineering, Secretive, Passive Leaders and the best leadership style...The Empowering Leader.  
September 06, 2019
#28 Leadership Part 1
We pay tribute to Terry Dearborn, an icon in the chimney industry and we start mini series on leadership styles.  The first style that we discuss is the Unpredictable Leadership style.  These types of leaders create hesitant employees.  They don't know how the leader will react to issues.  They can be super happy or fly off the handle depending on their mood.  They also tend to not see projects all the way through so the consistency can also be unpredictable....and as we know "consistency is everything"    
August 18, 2019
#28 John Meredith - Developing Great Leadership Skills
John Meredith is our guest this week.  He is the founder and CEO of SaverSystems and Mark's closest mentor.  John has built one of the strongest brands in the coatings industry and he has done it while remaining a humble yet strong leader.  John talks about how he looks for the soft skills in leadership and uses intuition to guide his daily actions in business.  
August 09, 2019
#27 Kimble Bosworth - It will all work out!
This weeks episode is with entrepreneur Kimble Bosworth.  She runs a fantastic promotional marketing business and has a really great outlook on how to run a business.  This episode has some really great takeaways!
August 02, 2019
#26 Darin Bibeau - The Military to Business Building
In this episode Mark interviews serial entrepreneur Darin Bibeau.  Darin served in the  a special forces and then took that training and focus into the business world.  He has started several different types of business's from fabrication, to restaurants to fitness gyms.  He has a great philosophy on running his businesses through the guidance of his core values.  If you want to know how fast moving entrepreneurs think, you won't want to miss this episode. 
July 26, 2019
#25 Jake Loeffler - Selling on Amazon
On this weeks episode, Mark talks to entrepreneur Jake Loeffler.  Jake started off working on Wall Street but found more satisfaction in Blue Collar businesses His latest business is an Amazon based business that has no employees but fierce competition.   Jake will tell the listeners how he started the Amazon business from sourcing a product to protecting it from copy cats on Amazon.
July 19, 2019
#24 - Guest - Stacy Files - Female Chimney Sweep
The guest this week is Stacy Files  She is a mother of 4 and a Certified Chimney Sweep in Charleston South Carolina.  Stacy talks about her journey to become a chimney sweep as well as what its like in the day in the life of one of only a very few female chimney sweeps in the US.   Also, come join us in Nashville August 8-9 for the Blue Collar Gold University Summit 
July 12, 2019
#23 Education is Your Competitive Advantage
Mark talks about the heath effects of over hustling.  Also, In today's competitive market place you compete for customers and talented employees.  The single best weapon to help beat your competition in both categories is your focus on education.  a better educated staff will out perform your competitors and will help you run a smoother operation.    We welcome you to attend The Blue Collar Gold Summit that will be held in Nashville on August 8-9 for more information go to  
July 05, 2019
#22 Dumb is Real - Rant
This is a bit of a rant about dumb stuff and especially dumb business policies that hinder the customer experience.  Also, real dumb laws that are on the books in certain states  Enjoy   Blue Collar University Summit is August 8-9  To fond out more information or to attend go to
June 28, 2019
#21 German Chimney Master Andreas Gaetner
Mark interviews Chimney Master Andreas Gaetner on the podcast today.  He discusses the differences in the trade and their businesses between the United States and Germany.  The education of chimney sweeps in Germany is taken much more seriously than in the United States and they discuss the strict requirements of being a chimney sweep in Germany.  
June 21, 2019
#20 Lt. Colonel Tim Stoner
We announce our first ever Blue Collar Gold Summit August 8-9 in Nashville TN   More details and links to come!  Today the podcast has its first ever guest Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stoner.  We talk about hiring vets ( and how to employe and lead them in your business   Tim also talks about leadership in military and civilian life.  We hope you enjoy  
June 14, 2019
#19 There is No There
Its a myth that there is a "THERE" that you will magically arrive at in life and then everything will be perfect.  Don't set yourself up for that let down!  Mark also annouces the first ever Blue Collar Gold Summit held in Nashville TN August 8-9!
June 08, 2019
#18 Living in the Moment
We start with a public service announcement about the alarming stats concerning Alzheimer's disease.  Mark's father is suffering from this disease and some of the lessons he has taken away from it while he watches his father go through the stages.  
June 01, 2019
#17 Not as it Appears
Have you ever made a wrong decision based on what someone told you?  This episode explores how wrong we ll can be about issues and how, as a business owner, you must get all sides of the story before acting on the information.  Mark also talks about how inaccurate eye witness testimony has been found to be in the courtroom.  
May 24, 2019
#16 The Joy of Problems
There is a joy in solving problems in business.  That's where you feel accomplishment.  That's where you become an expert.  That's were the recognition is.  Learn to embrace it and delegate through it. 
May 17, 2019
#15 Hiring
One of the biggest challenges in running a business in this booming economy is hiring people...even getting them to answer an ad or show up for an interview.  This episode shows you some tactics that will help you to fill your roster and grow your business!
May 11, 2019
#14 Nails in Fences
Do you know people that damage others with their words and actions?  Do you have employees that cause problems but they are great at saying "I'm Sorry" ?  This episode talks about the way to handle telling people the hard truth sometimes while truly caring about them.
May 03, 2019
#13 Transformational Leadership
What is transformational leadership?  It's how you lead people through transforming them into positive ambassadors for you and your brand.  Its how you bring joy and happiness to their lives through the seven core beliefs of a culture of gratitude .  People Matter, Truth Wins, Transparency Frees, Authenticity Attracts, Quality Speaks, Generosity Returns and Courage Sustains. 
April 26, 2019
#12 Money Money Money
In this episode Mark talks about pay, compensation and score keeping for employees.  He references the Profit First and Rich Dad Poor Dad books for some source material.  Mark is also giving away free copies of Blue Collar Gold so listen up!!!
April 12, 2019
#11 The Buffalo and the Cow
Leadership is the main driving force in all business and in this episode Mark talks about the leadership lessons that we can learn from Buffalos and Cows.  He also talks about hard lessons and mistakes that he has made as a leader.  He asks you to figure out what you are wrong about in your life!  
April 05, 2019
#10 Spouses and Business
In this episode Mark talks about ideas and tactics to use if you have a spouse that affects you and business.  Some spouses are there for support or sometimes the wet blanket on your entrepreneurial dreams.  Sometimes they are your business partner and can either be your biggest strength or worst nightmare!  This episode was a special request for Mark to talk about his ideas on how to navigate these waters.  
March 29, 2019
#9 Gravity Sucks
In this podcast Mark talks about the weightlessness of "Convention World" and how easy it is to get caught up in motivational speakers and events.   Then coming back to the "gravity" of the real world and problems we face every day.  Some people love convention world and do very little when they get home.  Mark talks about how to push through, stay motivated and make it happen daily for your business!
March 22, 2019
#8 Marketing 101 - What Most Businesses Miss!
In this episode Mark discusses his style and thoughts on marketing.  He will talk about the simple marketing mistake that most companies miss! Also covered are his book recommendations on marketing and simple ideas about getting your company found by potential customers.
March 15, 2019
#7 Rainbows and Unicorns
In this episode Mark talks about the studies and science behind being happy and how it affects your business.  The book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor is one of Marks favorite books and he talks about how it is  applied to business.  
March 08, 2019
#6 Habits of Success
In this episode Mark talks about some of the defining habits that he has seen or developed that can lead you to success!
March 01, 2019
#5 Going Negative!
It was a rough day for Mark and he talks about firing employees and about the pressures of business.   There is a benefit of going negative to get a positive outcome!
February 22, 2019
#4 Get Started - The Time is NOW
In this episode Mark discusses if you should start a business and what is driving your decision.  Do you have excuses? Do you have a calling?
February 15, 2019
#3 Spongebob Stonerpants
This episode is about accountability and an embarrassing nick name that Mark got by being to "spongy' as a leader.   
February 08, 2019
Episode 2 - Setting Your GPS
In this episode Mark talks about setting your direction in life through a couple of stories about a troubled employee named "Cheeto" and another one about his daughter and her lemonade stand  
January 31, 2019
#1 - Welcome to the Blue Collar Gold Podcast!
This is the introductory episode where Mark tells his story of getting into business.  He also talks about early struggles and the fall off a roof from 30ft that changed everything!
January 31, 2019