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Outflanking Platitudes: Theorising the Pandemic

Outflanking Platitudes: Theorising the Pandemic

By Mark Carrigan
The audio diary of a social theorist during the pandemic. These are self-consciously rough thoughts, speculations which haven't quite reached the status of work in progress. If you want to learn about my considered views on things then check out details on
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How do we do theory in a pandemic?

Outflanking Platitudes: Theorising the Pandemic

What's it like to move from organising face-to-face conferences to organising online conferences?
What's it like to move from organising face-to-face events to organising online events? This is a short reflection on my experience after two Post-Pandemic University conferences.
February 27, 2021
What's gone wrong with social media in higher education?
Social media has gone from fringe to mainstream in higher education within the last decade. A culture has developed around it which shapes how it is used by academics and how that use is evaluated. However a range of problems are emerging which that culture is proving unable to address. I explore these problems and suggest how we could reorientate social media culture within universities and why this is necessary.
February 27, 2021
What are the opportunities and challenges for Digital Social Research?
This is an extract from a conversation with Jana Bacevic recorded for a qualitative research module in the Department of Sociology at Durham University. 
February 23, 2021
Why is it satisfying to work with ideas?
Work I mention: A Theory of Justice by John Rawls, The C. Wright Mills letter, the phrase used by Les Back (unfortunately the original interview seems to have been taken down) 
October 19, 2020
How do we do theory in a pandemic?
Work I mention: The Isolation Pod by Jana Bacevic and Mark Carrigan, Knowing Neoliberalism by Jana Bacevic, Gets worse before it gets better by Richard Seymour 
October 18, 2020