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Hockey from Across the Pond

Hockey from Across the Pond

By Mark Rackham & Caitlin Berry
A UK hockey podcast hosted by Mark Rackham (@markukleaf) and Caitlin Berry (@caitlinsports).

Each Sunday we produce a show primarily focusing on the American Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League but also featuring other junior hockey, guests and chat about hockey from across the world.
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The AHL is actually good EP80 S2

Hockey from Across the Pond

Tristan Keck-ing ass and the state of Ontario EP87 S2
Caitlin and Mark discuss the current state of Ontario and what that means for hockey next season. Also a possible AHL relocation! Time Stamps OHL News  03:40 State of Ontario  10:25 AHL news  17:45 AHL relocation  40:30 UK Hockey News  50:20 NHL  1:06:57 Title the podcast  1:21:53 The Final Buzzer  1:26:05 AHL relocation article:
April 18, 2021
Jar Jar Binks Bad, Liam Kirk Good EP86 S2
Caitlin and Mark end up diving down a Star Wars rabbit hole in this episode. Lots of AHL news and results to report, plenty of rants about UK hockey and just how are the NHL predictions faring? Time Stamps • AHL  3:30 • OHL  29:00 • UK Hockey  34:15 • NHL Predictions  1:06:20 • Title the Podcast  1:17:30 • The Final Buzzer  1:21:20
April 11, 2021
Screaming at the Streaming and Disco Turkeys EP85 S2
Caitlin and Mark are joined on the show by Evan Mosey to chat all things DEL, playing for Pete Russell, the upcoming World Championships and the perils of covid. Time Stamps • AHL  3:45 • OHL  26:30 • Evan Mosey Interview  36:30 • UK Hockey inc Elite League Series  1:27:00 • NHL  1:40:08 • Memorial Cup Memories  1:52:00 • Title the Podcast  2:00:15 •The Final Buzzer  2:04:14
April 4, 2021
An Emerging Sport EP 84 S2
Caitlin and Mark discuss the latest goings-on in the AHL, OHL and UK hockey. Also a special interview with Anthony Russell from Banners on the Wall. Time Stamps • AHL  2:15  • OHL  22:05 • Anthony Russell Interview  27:55 • UK Hockey  1:52:00 • NHL  2:30:00 • Memorial Cup Memories  2:39:20 • Title the Podcast  2:48:07 • The Final Buzzer  2:49:00 Max Willman article:
March 28, 2021
He's the Liam Kirk of the NHL EP83 S2
Caitlin and Mark chat all things AHL, OHL, UK hockey and the contest winner is chosen! Time Stamps • AHL  5:40 • OHL  37:50 • UK Hockey 56:40 • NHL Predictions  1:19:30 • Memorial Cup Memories  1:29:00 • Five-on-3 Jersey Contest  1:40:00 • Title the Podcast  1:48:40 • The Final Buzzer  1:50:00 Go Fund Me link for UK ball hockey rink:
March 21, 2021
Signing Skulduggery and Nice Pick Ups EP82 S2
Caitlin and Mark discuss the ELite League Series draft in-depth, give the rundown on the latest in the AHL, discuss the NHL new broadcast deal and there's a jersey contest! • AHL  2:00 • OHL  18:40 • UK Hockey news inc Spring Cup/Elite League/Liam Kirk  24:50 • NHL Predictions and broadcast deal  1:23:30 • Memorial Cup Memories  1:42:00 • Jokerit Watch  1:48:25 • Listener Questions  1:49:20 • Listener @FiveOn3 contest  2:06:05 • Title the Podcast  2:12:00 • The Final Buzzer  2:16:20 The Young Coventry Blaze Liam Kirk commits immediate future to the UK Competition Tweet
March 15, 2021
Liam Kirk is a Cheat Code and The Basement Child
Caitlin and Mark recap the latest goings-on in the AHL plus take a look at the Elite Series series and a British draft! Timestamps • AHL News  2:08 • OHL News  22:55 • UK Hockey including Elite Series chat/GB Draft 27:55 • #BownsyWatch  49:10 • NHL Predictions  1:04:55 • Memorial Cup Memories 2015  1:11:40 • Jokerit Watch  1:21:10 • Listener Contest  1:24:10 • Title the Podcast  1:26:20 • The Final Buzzer  1:28:00 Drew MacIntyre Article
March 7, 2021
The AHL is actually good EP80 S2
Will the OHL Return? Why isn't Ben Bowns playing? Why is Mark upset at people disrespecting the AHL? All that plus chat about UK hockey, a NetFlix series filmed in the UK and more! Time Stamps  • AHL News  1:20 • OHL News  18:40 • UK Hockey News/#LiamKirkWatch  26:10 • Bownsy Watch  43:50 • NHL Predictions 46:08 • Memorial Cup Memories  1:00:20 • Jokerit Watch  1:07:40 • Title the Podcast  1:12:58 • The Final Buzzer 1:13:55
February 28, 2021
The Future of Liam Kirk EP79 S2
Scott Wheeler joins the show to chat about his NHL Prospect Pool Rankings, the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, Liam Kirk and much, much more. Time Stamps: • AHL News  1:35 • OHL News  14:20 • Scott Wheeler Interview  19:00 • UK Hockey News + #LiamKirkWatch  1:33:00 • Bownsy Watch  1:53:50 • NHL Predictions  1:55:50 • Memorial Cup Memories  2:02:30 • Jokerit Watch  2:09:00 • Listener Contest result  2:12:45 • Title the Podcast  2:18:35 • The Final Buzzer  2:20:40 Liam Kirk Interview:
February 21, 2021
The Singular Superstar and Syracuse Speaks EP78 S2
Alex Ackerman joins the show to chat about her hockey journey, all things Syracuse Crunch and American Hockey League. You can find Alex and her work at the following places. Syracuse Speaks on Apple: Google: The SinBin: Time Stamps • AHL  2:39 • OHL/Junior  26:00 • Alex Ackerman Interview  33:00 • UK Hockey + #LiamKirkWatch  1:43:00 • #BownsyWatch  1:49:50 • NHL Predictions  1:55:00 • Memorial Cup Memories 2012  2:06:00 • Jokerit Watch  2:12:20 • Listener Contest  2:14:30 • Title the Podcast  2:20:30 • The Final Buzzer  2:22:35 Spring Cup Article: Don't forget we are also running a contest which is free to enter! We have teamed up with Swipe Studios to give away free copies of Retro Hockey Coach 2021 App Store:   Google Play:  
February 14, 2021
Trevor Zegras and the Spring Cup EP77 S2
There's no Elite League but the NIHL are returning with the Spring Cup! With the AHL back in action, it's time to focus on North America's development league.  Time Stamps • AHL News  1:55 • OHL News  24:40 • UK Hockey News  37:15 • #BownsyWatch  49:20 • European Hockey News  55:20 • NWHL News  1:07:40 • NHL Predictions  1:13:00 • Memorial Cup Memories 2011  1:18:50 • #LiamKirkWatch  1:24:10 • Jokerit Watch  1:26:20 • Title the Podcast  1:28:40 • The Final Buzzer  1:29:23 Andrew Lord article:
February 7, 2021
The Canadian Geese Yacks EP76 S2
Chris Gadsby joins the show to chat about the Nottingham Panthers, commentating and media roles for the Nottingham Lions and the BBC, hosting a podcast and the upcoming World Championships. Time Stamps • AHL News  2:25 • OHL/Junior News  22:10 • UK Hockey News  28:15 • Chris Gadsby Interview  45:10 • #BownsyWatch  1:43:30 • European Hockey News  1:46:10 • NWHL  1:49:10 • NHL  1:52:20 • Memorial Cup Memories  2:06:30 • Jokerit Watch  2:14:10 • Title the Podcast  2:17:40 • The Final Buzzer 2:18:50 An uncertain future for British hockey:
January 31, 2021
The Ben Bowns Interview - Return of the King EP75 S2
Ben Bowns joins the show to chat about his move and time in Graz, the injury, rehab, the comeback, prospects of a WC bubble, his future and much more. • AHL News  2:00 • OHL News  23:25 •  ECHL News  32:30 • #BownsyWatch  34:30 • Ben Bowns Interview  36:30 • European Hockey News  1:41:00 • NWHL begins to play  1:48:10 • NHL 1:51:40 • Memorial Cup Memories  2:01:00 • #LiamKirkWatch  2:07:30 • Jokerit Watch  2:17:00 • Title the Podcast  2:18:40 • The Final Buzzer  2:23:00 IIHF World Championship Medal Design Competition: ECHL article:
January 24, 2021
Bownsy's Back and 'Barrelgate' Resolved EP74 S2
Julie Robenhymer joins the show to chat about all things World Juniors, top NHL prospects and how she coped with the lockdown. Time Stamps • AHL News  2:00 • OHL News  26:30 • Julie Robenhymer Interview  33:50 • European Hockey News  1:48:00 • NHL chat  1:52:30 • UK Hockey/Return of Ben Bowns  2:04:50 • Memorial Cup Memories  2:11:25 • #LiamKirkWatch  2:18:30 • Jokerit Watch  2:25:42 • Title the Podcast  2:27:38 • The Final Buzzer  2:28:58 ECHL article:
January 17, 2021
Shane Wright snubbed and 'Barrelgate' EP73 S2
Tony Ferrari joins the show to chat about the World Juniors, Shane Wright, Yaroslav Askarov, Barrelgate and much, much more. Time Stamps • AHL News  1:20 • Junior Hockey News  8:55 • World Juniors Championships  14:18 • Tony Ferrari Interview  21:00 • European Hockey News  1:15:10 • NHL advertising and predictions!  1:18:15 • UK Hockey News  1:29:20 • Memorial Cup Memories  1:31:15 • #LiamKirkWatch  1:37:20 • Jokerit Watch  1:39:45 • Title the Podcast  1:41:40 • The Final Buzzer  1:43:00 Where to view NHL in the UK: GB defenseman signs for historic NCAA college: AHL announces realignment for 2020/21:
January 10, 2021
Brad Lambert is awesome and Germany deserves respect EP72 S2
The World Junior Championships is the hot topic of discussion, including a round-up of what's gone, a chat about the disrespect shown to lesser nations and predictions for the knockout rounds. Also a catch-up on the NHL, AHL and OHL, plus Jokerit Watch! • AHL News  2:25 • OHL News  13:30 • World Junior Championships  18:00 • European Hockey News  44:00 • Return of the NHL  45:25 • GB overseas + UK hockey rant  55:00 • Memorial Cup Memories  1:04:20 •#LiamKirkWatch  1:11:20 • Jokerit Watch  1:13:13 • Quiz  1:16:40 • Title the Podcast  1:25:45 • The Final Buzzer 1:26:48 Scott Conway article: Podcast on YouTube: Podcast on Instagram:
January 3, 2021
This is a Thing. I have stumbled across a Thing! EP71 S2
This Christmas/New Year Episode is a reflective one. We chat about the guests on the show in 2020 (picking our top three interviews), the date when Caitlin joined Mark on the podcast,  favourite debates and moments on the podcast and the hockey world in general. Top Five's return for Christmas! A huge thank you to all our guests and everyone that tuned in this year. See you in 2021! Time Stamps: Guests  1:30 Debates  32:00 Top Fives  45:35 Favourite Quiz?  1:01:00 Favourite Hockey Moments/ Talking Points  1:04:00 Future of the podcast  1:32:40 Title the Podcast  1:37:00
December 27, 2020
Kirky Returns Home and the Outstanding Ella Howard EP70 S2
Young and exciting British goaltender Ella Howard joins the show to chat about her career to date and the move to Canada. Time Stamps: • AHL News 3:10 • OHL News 10:00 • Ella Howard Interview 18:30 • UK Hockey News 46:00 • 2005 Memorial Cup Memories 57:30 • #LiamKirkWatch 1:05:40 • Jokerit Watch 1:11:25 • Quiz 1:13:55 • Title the Podcast 1:24:00 • The Final Buzzer 1:26:00 Liam Kirk Article: Johnathan Williams Twitter account:  
December 20, 2020
Scandal, illogical voting and Polar Bear jail EP 69 S2
Emily Harlan joins the show to chat about her career, the AHL out west and the San Diego Gulls. Timestamps: • AHL News inc sexual assault case  2:00 • OHL News 21:30 • ECHL News  29:40 • Emily Harlan Interview 31:50 • European Hockey News 1:17:30 • Ice Hockey UK + GB News 1:19:00 • Memorial Cup Memories 1:30:00 • #LiamKirkWatch 1:36:30 • Jokerit Watch 1:41:50 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 1:44:00 • Quiz 1:52:00 • Title the Podcast 1:59:20 • The Final Buzzer 2:02:16 AHL Sexual Assault Lawsuit: Belleville Agreement: DEL Schedule:
December 13, 2020
Elite League Bubble, WJC Scandal and Hanhals Shame EP 68 S2
Seamore Sports join the show to chat all things NCAA hockey, Caitlin and Mark discuss Elite League plans to play in a bubble and the sport of barrel jumping is broached. TimeStamps • AHL News 2:15 •  OHL News 13:00 • Seamore Sports Interview 27:00 • European Hockey News 1:21:40 • Elite League News 1:23:00 • NIHL/EIHA News 1:44:20 • 2003 Memorial Cup Memories 1:54:20 • #LiamKirkWatch 2:00:30 • Jokerit Watch 2:05:00 • 2018/19 Remarkable AHL Rookies  2:7:35 • Quiz 2:15:25 • Title the Podcast 2:24:50 • The Final Buzzer 2:27:50 Seamore Sports website links: (Mitchell Miller/UND article) Twitter Links:
December 6, 2020
Elite League January Return, Rabbit Show Jumping and Channel Cats EP 67 S2
Belleville Senators radio play-by-play announcer David Foot joins the show to chat all things AHL, Ottawa prospects and his jersey collection! • AHL News 2:00 • OHL/Junior News 11:00  • David Foot Interview 17:10  • European Hockey News 1:00:35 • Belarus match-fixing 1:02:40 • Coyne Schofield hiring 1:05:05 • Jokke Nevalainen hired by Carolina 1:07:30 • EIHL News 1:08:35 • NIHL Streaming Series 1:19:40 • Memorial Cup Memories 2002  1:22:20 • #LiamKirkWatch 1:28:00 • Jokerit Watch 1:34:00 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 2017/18  1:36:40 •  Quiz 1:47:00 • The Final Buzzer 1:56:30 • Title the Podcast 2:10:12 Match Fixing Article: Liam Kirk Article:
November 29, 2020
Alex Graham continues to score and Reverse Retro Rankings EP66 S2
Caitlin and Mark commentate live on a UK hockey game, rank the new NHL jersey's and discuss chess boxing. • AHL News 2:20 • ECHL North Division Suspended 6:15 • OHL News 08:50 • Brett Peterson hire 21:05 • European Hockey News 25:30 • IIHF announcements 30:20 • GB Women's Olympic Qualification 32:00 • SIH confirm 2020/21 cancellation 33:25 • UK hockey receives financial help 35:00 • NIHL Streaming Series 39:15 • 2001 Memorial Cup Memories 42:35 • #LiamKirkWatch 48:37 • Jokerit Watch 51:30 • NHL Reverse Retro Jersey Rankings 54:30 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 2016/17   1:40:40 • Quiz 1:48:10 • Title the Podcast 1:56:00 • The Final Buzzer 1:57:30 Binghamton Devils article:
November 22, 2020
Alex Graham is back and women kicking ass in sports EP65 S2
Caitlin and Mark chat through the Sheffield Steeldogs and Swindon Wild Cats game taking place during this episode, with Alex Graham back in the line-up for Sheffield. Timestamps:  • AHL News 1:50 • OHL/Junior News 15:35 • European Hockey News  21:35 • Steph Klein makes history 24:30 • IIHF News 27:30 • NIHL Streaming Series 32:00 • Memorial Cup Memories 35:55 • #LiamKirkWatch 43:30 • Jokerit Watch 46:10 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 47:30 • Quiz 54:45 • Title the Podcast 1:02:50 • The Final Buzzer  1:06:00 Henderson Silver Knights jerseys Colorado Eagles jerseys Gillian Kemmerer article on Steph Klein 
November 15, 2020
NIHL Pilot Series and Jokerit Tattoos EP 64 S2
Craig Simpson joins the show to chat about why the NIHL can return, his love of Jokerit and working for the EIHL. • AHL News 01:30 • Junior News 08:45 • European Hockey News 12:10 • Craig Simpson Interview 14:35 • NIHL Pilot Streaming Series 1:14:45 • NHL Free Agency + Cap Friendly Deep-dive 1:19:00 • #LiamKirkWatch 1:28:00 • Jokerit Watch 1:32:35 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 2014/15  1:35:00 • Quiz 1:46:40 • Title the Podcast 2:06:00 • Any Other Business 2:08:00 NIHL Link:
November 8, 2020
To check or not to body check and Arizona shame EP 63 S2
Despite the UK approaching lockdown, Caitlin and Mark round up the return to play plan in England and the remainder of Europe Timestamps • AHL News 2:30 • OHL News 11:30 • OHL Body Checking Banned 19:00 • Arizona shame 27:40 • European Hockey News 41:30 • NIHL Return to Play 43:40 • NHL Free Agency 48:10 • #LiamKirkWatch 52:30 • Lucas Brine 55:30 • Jokerit Watch 58:30 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 2013-14  1:00:10 • Quiz 1:09:12 • Title the Podcast 1:21:20 • Any Other Business 1:22:30 AHL Return to Play article
November 1, 2020
Hanhals, Greg Meireles and Downtown Connor Brown S2 EP 62
Mark has taken Swedish as his second language while Caitlin eulogises about Greg Meireles Timestamps: • AHL News 1:05 • OHL/Junior News 11:25 • Norfolk Admirals opt-out 23:00 • European Hockey News 24:35 • UK Hockey governing body 27:45 • NHL Free Agency 37:15 • #LiamKirkWatch 42:00 • Jokerit Watch 50:00 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 2012/13 54:00 • Quiz  1:03:30 • Title the Podcast 1:25:00 • Any Other Business 1:26:50
October 25, 2020
The Return of Liam Kirk #LiamKirkWatch S2 EP61
#LiamKirkWatch makes a return after Mark announces Liam's move to Swedish hockey on Saturday. Timestamps • AHL News • OHL/Junior News • ECHL Return to Play • Newfoundland Growlers Jerseys • European Hockey Returns to Play • Elite League Funding •  UK Hockey Rinks Under Threat • GB U18's Return to Training • Goodbye and Good Luck Fie Adolfsen • NHL Free Agency • #LiamKirkWatch • 1989 OHL Diamonds in the Draft • 2011/12 Remarkable AHL Rookies • Quiz • Title the Podcast • Any Other Business LINKS: Liam Kirk Article Newfoundland Growlers Return to Play Newfoundland Growlers Jersey CHL Cancelled Hull Ice Arena Petition Murrayfield Ice Rink Petition
October 18, 2020
Draft Champions, OHL Shinny and are Oranges better than Lemons? S2 EP 60
We discuss our successful draft predictions, free agency and much more. Time Stamps: • AHL News 1:40 • OHL/Junior News 7:35 • #BownsyWatch 15:00 • Alex Graham 17:30 • SPHL News 19:30 • Reviewing 2020 NHL Draft 22:40 • NHL Free Agency  58:00 • 1990 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 1:09:40 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 2010/11  1:20:00 • Donovan Sebrango Quiz  1:29:00 • Title the Podcast 1:38:00 • Any Other Business  1:35:25
October 11, 2020
NHL Draft Predictions and Caitlin is victorious S1 EP 59
Director of European Scouting at EP Rinkside Christoffer Hedlund joins the show to chat NHL prospects. • AHL News + ECHL TV deal 2:40 • OHL/Junior News 16:00 • Splenger Cup cancelled 22:50  • #BownsyWatch 25:10 • Alex Graham News 28:25 • New UK Hockey Magazine 31:45  •  USHL Schedule Released 35:25 • NHL Prediction Challenge Final Result 36:50 • NHL Draft on UK 39:48 • Christoffer Hedlund Interview 41:25 • Caitlin and Mark predict the 2020 NHL Entry Draft 1:18:40 • 1991 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 2:12:30 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 2:21:00 •  Jamie Drysdale Quiz 2:28:30 • Title the Podcast 2:37:00 • Any Other Business 2:39:50
October 4, 2020
Bettman can shove it and Rossi better than Lafrenière? S1 EP 58
Two junior hockey experts join the show as Brock Otten @BrockOtten (OHL) and Larry Fisher @LarryFisher_KDC (WHL) discuss the upcoming NHL Draft and the prospects from their respective leagues. Time Stamps: • AHL News 1:50 • OHL/Junior News 11:40 • #BownsyWatch 16:30 • Ben O'Connor News 19:45 • Cardiff Devils new head coach 22:30 • Mark's UK hockey rant 27:20 • Scottish Radio Interview 44:30 • Brock Otten Interview (OHL) 46:35 • NHL Awards/European History made 1:33:50 • The L.A Kings make a mockery of CBA 1:36:30 • NHL Predictions 1:43:30 • Larry Fisher Interview (WHL) 1:46:15 • 1992 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 2:23:30 • 2008/09 Remarkable AHL Rookies 2:30:30 • Quiz 2:41:00  • Title the Podcast 2:48:00 • Any Other Business 2:50:45 Cardiff Devils Head Coach Article: Scottish Radio Interview:
September 27, 2020
Junior Hockey Conspiracy and Hungry, Hungry Hippos EP57 S1
Stanley Cup Final and Dallas Stars chat wit Matt Day. Lots of news across junior hockey, the AHL, NHL and IIHF.
September 20, 2020
The Austin Ice Bats, Marmite Twiglets and Pineapple on Pizza EP56 S1
NHL Conference Finals, Entry Draft and Free Agency are the main topics of discussion along with random ice hockey teams that no longer exist. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins hire new Head Coach from within
September 13, 2020
Three Game 7's and Jokerit forfeit in protest EP55 S1
Caitlin and Mark discuss the NHL playoffs, Jokerit's stance not to play in Belarus and there have been some coaching changes involving AHL alumni.
September 6, 2020
Kapegone, BLM and the Toast Ale Test EP 54 S1
Caitlin tries Toast Ale, make butchers more European hockey names and the Kasperi Kapanen trade is discussed along with what the 15th pick might be. • AHL News - 2:00 • OHL/Junior News - 11:30 • British Hockey/World News - 17:20 • NHL Strike - 29:40 • NHL Predictions - 37:50 • Kasperi Kapanen Trade - 44:45 • Arizona forfeit draft picks - 53:40 • UFA Goalies - 57:00 • 1996 OHL Diamonds in the Draft - 1:04:20 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 2005/06 - 1:12:55 • Marco Rossi Quiz - 1:26:30 • Any Other Business - 1:33:30
August 30, 2020
Remarkable rookies, two new head coaches and World Championships in doubt EP53 S1
There was lots of AHL and OHL news this week and Caitlin continues to go great guns in the NHL predictions Time Stamps • AHL News 1:50 • OHL News 14:50 • 2021 World Championships in doubt 21:00 • NHL Predictions 24:00 • 1997 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 34:00 • Remarkable AHL Rookies 2004-05  43:10 • Quiz 52:30 • Title the podcast 58:30 • Any Other Business  1:01:15 Ontario Reign hire John Wroblewski : Rochester Americans announce new Head Coach: 2021 World Championship news: +
August 23, 2020
Ben Bowns to Austria, NYR conspiracy theories and when does bread become toast? EP52 S1
Caitlin and Mark discuss the NHL playoffs and lottery draft, the return of the QMJHL and end up musing on the topic of when does bread actually become toast. Timestamps: • AHL news 1:40 • OHL/Junior news 8:30 • Bracknell Bees find a new home 13:25 • Beantown Summer Classic 15:35 • Ben Bowns to Austria 20:00 • NHL Predictions 22:05 • NHL Lottery Draft 34:15 •  1998 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 45:00 • Quiz 57:30 • Title the Podcast 1:16:35 • Any Other Business  1:19:25 Bracknell Bees: Beantown classic: Colby Cave Memorial Award: Ben Bowns to Austria article:
August 16, 2020
Paul Hendrick Interview, OJHL Expansion and Edmonton to win draft lottery? EP51 S1
Paul Hendrick joins the show to chat about his career with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Caitlin and Mark discuss the state of the NHL playoffs, make more predictions and who might potentially win the draft lottery. Time Stamps: AHL News -  2:00 OHL News - 13:00 Paul Hendrick Interview - 18:00 NHL Prediction Results and Projections - 1:13:00 NHL Draft Lottery - 1:27:00 Seattle Kraken new hires - 1:31:00 OJHL Expansion - 1:36:00 OHL Diamonds in the Draft - 1:38:00 Quiz - 1:47:00 Title the Podcast - 1:55:00 Any Other Business - 1:57:00
August 9, 2020
Matt Dumba takes a knee and your Stanley Cup Predictions EP50 S1
The AHL set a preliminary date to return to action, we discuss Matt Dumba speaking out and your Stanley Cup Predictions Time Stamps: •  AHL News 2:10 • OHL News 11:30 • Matt Dumba 15:00 • NHL Predictions update 28:50 • OHL Diamonds in the Draft 39:20 • Your Stanley Cup champion predictions 50:00 • Quiz's as Caitlin decides to surprise Mark! 55:40 • Top Five Vacation spots 1:10:00 •  Title the Podcast 1:19:10 • Any Other Business 1:22:00 Revised starting date for AHL’s 2020-21 season: Podcast TeeSpring Account: Podcast Pucks: Kasimir Kaskisuo Bubble video: Crosscheck/Liam Kirk merchandise:
August 3, 2020
NHL Playoff Predictions, Sean Day is back and Kraken released EP 49 S1
Caitlin and Mark give their NHL predictions, chat about the Seattle Kraken and talk about their favourite cartoons. Time Stamps: • AHL News 01:30 • OHL News 10:00 • Talking Point - Seattle Kraken 17:10 • Sean Day 26:10 • NHL Predictions 30:30 • 2001 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 45:15 • Quiz 53:50 • Top Fives 59:25 • Title the Podcast 1:04:45 •Any Other Business 1:07:00 Mark's 1962 World Championship article:
July 26, 2020
Development DOES matter and the EIHL 'Return to play plan' EP48 S1
Hockey might be returning this year............................. Time Stamps: • AHL News 1:30  • OHL News 6:20 • EIHL Return to Play 12:55 • CBA Ruling 18:25 • Bracknell Bees lose home 26:35 • NHL Return to Play 30:30 • Talking point - well not exactly 37:30 • 2002 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 39:00 • Title the Podcast 49:00 • Any Other Business 51:35 Tacoma Sabercats article:
July 19, 2020
#LiamKirkWatch EP 47 S1
Liam Kirk joins the podcast to discuss being drafted in the NHL, playing with Great Britain and his career journey to date. Time Stamps: • AHL News - 1:30 • OHL News - 6:00 • Liam Kirk Interview - 10:45 • Liam Kirk Chat - 1:40:45 • OHL Diamonds in the Draft - 2:08:05 • Title the Podcast - 2:17:45 • Any other Business - 2:20:00 Spencer Abbott article:
July 12, 2020
Stuart Percy makes Mark sad and Ben O'Connor leaves Sheffield EP46 S1
Caitlin rants about young players in the GB, Ben O'Connor departs Sheffield Steelers Time Stamps • AHL News - 2:35 • OHL News - 09:50 • GB players on the move - 12:00 • Oskar Lindblom - 17:00 • CHL Import Draft - 19:35 • Match Fixing - 38:40 • GB Hockey Future - 44:00 • Talking Point - 57:25 • 2004 OHL Diamonds in the Draft - 1:05:30 • Quiz- 1:14:45 • Title the Podcast - 1:20:20 • Any Other Business - 1:22:50 Jame Reeve Swiss Interview: Alex Graham article: Match Fixing in Belarus:
July 5, 2020
Draft Lottery Sucks, FireAntz and we agree on everything EP45 S1
Raiders IHC forward Ewan Hill joins the show to talk about his move to Motor City Hockey in Detroit, USA Time Stamps • AHL News - 2:35 • OHL News - 09:50 • Ewan Hill Interview - 14:00 • European Hockey start-up dates - 52:10 • NHL Draft Lottery - 54:00 • CHL Import Draft - 1:01:35 • Bob McKenzie's Draft Rankings - 1:05:50 • Toronto Six Jersey Release - 1:13:55 • Talking Point - 1:19:15 • IIHF 2021 Tournament assignments - 1:25:30 • 2005 OHL Diamonds in the Draft - 1:41:15 • Quiz - 1:51:20 • Title the podcast - 2:03:00 • Any other business - 2:05:00 AHL Awards Article: Liam Kirk Article: Bob McKenzie Final Player Rankings: Toronto Six Jersey Release: IIHF Tournament assignments 2021:
June 28, 2020
3 Rants, Swamp Rabbits and Swedish goaltending EP 44 S1
Gothenberg and Great Britain goaltender Nicole Jackson joins the show. There are three rants and surprisingly a lot of hockey news! • AHL News - 1:47 • OHL News - 14:05 • Quinton Byfield rant - 17:25 • Steve Simmons rant - 23:50 • Nicole Jackson Interview - 26:00 • Eric Guest and Daniel Carcillo - 1:08:10 • Andrew Lord leaves Cardiff Devils - 1:17:35 • Talking Point -1:21:25 • Lee Valley Ice Centre - 1:31:10 • 2006 OHL Diamonds in the Draft - 1:35:40 • Quiz - 1:47:30 • Title the Podcast - 1:59:15 • Any other business - 2:03:00 Palm Springs news: Kitchener Rangers statement: Lee Valley Ice Centre: + Andrew Lord article:
June 21, 2020
Alex Graham to the CHL and shootouts suck EP 43 S1
Solihull Vixens forward and Great Britain Captain Saffron Allen joins the show as our guest as we chat about women's hockey in the UK and her career to date amongst other things. Timestamps: AHL News 1:35 OHL News 5:55 Saffron Allen Interview 12:00 Talking Point 58:35 CHL Import Draft 1:06:00 2007 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 1:22:00 Quiz 1:32:30 Title the podcast 1:43:03 Any other business 1:44:45 You can find Saffron Allen's Sports Therapy business at and follow on Twitter at British forward to be selected in 2020 CHL Import Draft: Kelly Cup Champion and former Toronto Marlie departs for Sweden:
June 14, 2020
Fake Stats, Gawanke and the tale of Kevin Brown EP42 S1
Jacob Stoller joins the show to chat all things Manitoba Moose and Winnipeg Jets prospects. You can find Jacob on Twitter @JLStoller and his work at Time Stamps: AHL News 1:30 OHL News 3:55 Fake Stats/Elite Prospects 9:40 Jacob Stoller Interview 15:45 The tale of Kevin Brown 1:13:00 Talking Point 1:20:45 2008 Diamonds in the Draft 1:28:10 Liam Kirk update 1:39:00 Title the Podcast 1:43:20 Any Other Business 1:45:50
June 7, 2020
Brett Perlini Interview, Sean Day and the Silver Knights PART 2 EP41 S1
Brett Perlini and Dean Woolley join the show for the last Team GB themed episode of the month. This episode is split into two parts due to some technical difficulties. Time Stamps: Brett Perlini Interview 00:24 Talking Point 1:20:50 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 2009 1:27:00 Quiz 1:41:25 Podcast Title 1:53:00 Any other Business 2:00:20 Matt Frattin Article: Perlini Hockey Camp: Sh+pe is on Instagram at @sh_pefit and the link for the website is The 9th Green at 9 Podcast:
June 1, 2020
Brett Perlini Interview, Sean Day and the Silver Knights PART 1 EP41 S1
Brett Perlini and Dean Woolley join the show for the last Team GB themed episode of the month. This episode is split into two parts due to some technical difficulties. Time Stamps: Dean Woolley Interview 3:00 AHL News 1:13:00 OHL News 1:22:45 Sean Day 1:25:05 Bracknell Bees 1:30:10 Henderson Silver Knights Article: Bracknell Bees Petition:
June 1, 2020
Ben Davies Interview, Liam Kirk deserves more respect and better than miracle? EP40 S1
Aaron Murphy (@MurphOnIce) and Ben Davies (@bendavies05) are the guests as we continue to chat all things Team GB, looking back at the 2019 World Championships and the journey to this stage. You can find Aaron's "Off the Ice" show at  Time Stamps: Aaron Murphy Interview - 2:10 AHL and OHL news - 40:00 Akim Aliu - 45:30 NWHL news - 53:50 2021 IIHF World Championship Groups announce - 58:05 One Incredible Night + Liam Kirk Rant - 1:02:00 (Dare to Dream article) Ben Davies Interview - 1:11:00 Talking Point -  2:32:00 OHL Diamonds in the Draft - 2:38:00 Weekly Quiz - 2:45:40 Title the Podcast - 2:51:50 Any other business - 2:54:30
May 24, 2020
Ben Bowns, eSports and GB to face USA + Canada? EP39 S1
Ben Bowns and Andy French are the guests as we continue to look back at Team GB's rise through the ranks culminating in the 2019 World Championships. Ben talks us through his career, time with GB and coaching juniors. Andy gives us the lowdown on GB's progress, what his job entails and exciting possibilities for the future. Timestamps Ben Bowns Interview 2:10 AHL News 1:32:20 OHL and WHL news 1:38:55 Andy French Interview 1:47:40 Talking Point 2:48:30  Top 5's 2:59:55 OHL Diamonds in the Draft 3:19:30 Weekly Quiz 3:29:00 Podcast title 3:44:30 Any Other Business 3:46:00 Ben Bowns clothing company You can find Ben's podcast "33 & Me" on Apple Podcasts here: American Hockey League cancels 2019-20 season + AHL TV Update:
May 17, 2020
Evan Mosey Interview, what are stovies? and the Liam Kirk Quiz EP38 S1
Evan Mosey joins the show to chat about his career and all things Team GB. Our second guest is Rachel Anderson who covers the Grand Rapids Griffins and a whole lot more. Website:,  Twitter: @accesshockeymi and @jenaephotos  Instagram: @jenaephotos  Youtube: Access Hockey MI Other usual topics include Top 5's, Talking Point, AHL news, OHL news and Caitlin's OHL Diamonds in the Draft. Hockey from Across the Pond is hosted by Caitlin Berry @CaitlinSports and Mark Rackham @markukleaf Kristof Papp article can be found at Timestamps: Brendan Leipsic 2:20 IIHF controversy! GB lose in OT?! 8:30 Evan Mosey Interview 11:30 AHL News 1:12:40 OHL News 1:22:15 World Championship on eSports 1:28:35 Rachel Anderson Interview 1:33:45 Talking Point 2:32:00 Kristof Papp and the NHL Entry Draft 2:38:10 Top 5's  2:43:15 Caitlin's Diamonds in the Draft 2011  3:07:00 Quiz  3:17:25 Title the Podcast 3:25:18 Upcoming Guests 3:26:00
May 10, 2020
Ty Nelson Interview, LeBlanc twins sign for Rangers and the Jacksonville Icemen EP37 S1
We have an exclusive interview with the first-round pick of the 2020 OHL Priority Selection by North Bay, Ty Nelson. (@KidNelly89) AHL, OHL and World Championship news. Shoutout to a couple of UK hockey business's supporting the NHS. Talking Point - new feature! Top 5's. Caitlin's OHL Diamonds in the Draft 2013 Quiz Cross Check Clothing: @crosscheckuk Five On 3: @fiveon3 You can find the podcast on Twitter at @hockeyacrospond , along with Caitlin @caitlinsports and Mark @markukleaf
May 3, 2020
Ben Bowns heading to Austria and the great Twiglet debate EP36 S1
Chris Ellis is our guest as we chat Elite League, Team GB and possibility of a World Championship hosted in the UK. Topics:  AHL signings and news OHL signings and WHL news Ben Bowns heading to Austria? OHL Diamonds in Draft (2013) NWHL Expansion Twiglet debate Top 5's Weekly Quiz! A podcast hosted by Caitlin Berry (@caitlinsports) and Mark Rackham (@markukleaf) Sam Carrick article: Tony Androckitis - AHL article:
April 26, 2020
Joseph Garreffa, Nik Naks and is Stockton a place? EP35 S1
J.D.  Burke is our guest as we chat about NHL draft prospects, Vancouver prospects and how he's providing hockey coverage in these strange times. You can find J.D on Twitter: @JDylanBurke , and find his work at and AHL and OHL signings make the news, top five favourite crisps and hockey coaches are discussed along with regular features including Caitlin's Diamonds in the Draft and the quiz! @caitlinsports @MarkUKLeaf
April 19, 2020
French Goalies, Japanese Forwards and the Ice Blacks Ep34 S1
Caitlin and Mark are joined by Patrick Williams (@pwilliamsNHL) to chat all things AHL. Patrick Williams Latest Article: Liam Kirk Article: Yushiroh Hirano Article: Ice Blacks Haka Video: @Caitlinsports and @MarkUKLeaf 
April 12, 2020
Shane Wright, Adam Fantilli and a chip butty is the sum of its parts S1 EP33
Brock Otten and Marcus Boutillier join the show as we chat all things OHL including the recent 2020 Priority Selection Draft. Other topics include Top Five's, Diamonds in the Draft, Quiz of the week and random food hot-takes. Brock: @BrockOtten Marcus: @bouthockey @Network_OHL @caitlinsports and MarkUKLeaf host
April 5, 2020
2020 OHL Draft Special: Why are there so many Gavin's?
@caitlinsports and @markukleaf discuss the first three rounds of this year's OHL draft as it happens! Mark doesn't like the fish, gets excited about Owen Beck, Adam Fantilli Watch and Caitlin lays down the law about twins being SEPARATE PEOPLE DAMMIT.  Also baking and travel chat!
April 4, 2020
Is Shane Wright the greatest ever, Slapshot and Angry Bee's S1 EP32
Caitlin and Mark are joined on the show by Philadephia Photojournalist Kate Frese and Tri-City Americans PR and Communication Director Mary Gates. Topics include OHL NEWS, OHL Draft Primer, OHL Awards, AHL Awards, Diamonds in the Draft and Top Five's! Kate Frese is @KateFresePhoto on Twitter and Kate_Frese on Instagram:  Online photo lessons: Mary Gates is @MaryMaeg on Twitter: @TCAmericans is where you'll find Mary delivering excellent content. The Bathurst Papermakers
March 29, 2020
Clappers, Cereal and Marty McSorley S1 EP31
British hockey is the focus with two interviews on this week's show. Freelance journalist Adam McKendry (@admckendry) covers the Belfast Giants and many other sporting events around the world. You can can find his work at @BelTel_Sport Icetime TV Commentator Gareth Huish (@gazza272) does play by play for the Cardiff Devils and in the CHL. Also hosts the podcast @btbfranny and is by represented by @regantalent Topics include: Top Five Favourite Hockey Names Top Five Breakfast Cereals New Segment: Caitlin's Diamonds in the Draft Weekly Quiz Hosted by @caitlinsports and @MarkUKLeaf Toronto Marlies Edition: Where are they now?   Part 1 - Jerry D'Amigo Part 2 - Drew MacIntyre
March 22, 2020
Goal Songs and Gummy Bears S1 Ep30
With no hockey the past week to talk about, Caitlin and Mark chat goal songs and which players they would like to invite to dinner given the chance, amongst other things. The interview on this weeks show features Stephen Meserve, who covers the Texas Stars at 100-degree hockey @100degreehockey You can find us at @caitlinsports , @markukleaf and @hockeyacrospond
March 15, 2020
Kirky bags fifty points, Julie Robenhymer and Todd Skirving join the show, and there is always hope. S1 Ep29
Hosted by Mark Rackham @markukleaf and Caitlin Berry @caitlinsports A first for the podcast as we have two interviews as well as the normal features and a look at Australian ice hockey!  Julie Robenhymer @julierobenhymer Newfoundland Growlers forward Todd Skirving @ToddSkirving   Timestamps: 01:20 Interview with Julie Robenhymer 1:01:30 Caitlin's OHL storylines of the week 1:13:00 Mark's AHL news including trades and player of the week. 1:18:10 Interview with Todd Skirving 1:54:20 Caitlin's Prospect of the Week 1:58:50 Mark's Prospect of the Week 2:00:49 Liam Kirk Watch 2:05:50 Quiz time 2:18:15 AHL Standings Round-up 2:22:50 Listener Questions 2:32:40 Podcast title 2:38:10 NHL Winter Classic location, Bob McKenzie and general randomness Liam Kirk Article:
March 9, 2020
Crazy 4 Brazeau, 50 for Robertson and #LiamKirkWatch returns - S1 Ep28
Our guest this week is Corey Swartz who covers the Hershey Bears for HBH Nation Caitlin and Mark talk prospects of the week, a young GB forward scoring in the Elite League, weird loan deals, Josh Ho-Sang and #LiamKirkWatch is back! @caitlinsports and @markukleaf Timestamps: 01:00 Corey Swarztz Interview 1:04:00 Caitlin's OHL/CHL Storylines of the week 1:10:00 Alex Graham scores in the Elite League 1:13:40 AHL Headlines, crazy trades and Josh Ho-Sang news! 1:26:50 Caitlin's OHL Prospect of the Week 1:29:00 Nick Robertson has fifty goals and Justin Brazeau scores a hat-trick! 1:32:30 Mark's AHL Prospect of the Week + AHL Player of the Week 1:37:45 Liam Kirk Watch 1:43:15 Quiz time! 1:54:50 AHL divisional round-up 1:59:45 Listener Questions 2:06:00 Randomness ensues
March 1, 2020
S1 Ep27 - Zamboni drivers, rookie goal scorers and the Kitchener Rangers
Kitchener Rangers colour commentator Chris Pope (@_ChrisPope) is the guest on today's show as Caitlin get's to talk all things, Kitchener! @caitlinsports nails this week's quiz and other topics include Rookie goal scorers, the son of a New Jersey Devil legend playing in the UK and prospects of the week. @markukleaf is sad and excited at the same time about Zamboni drivers...... Jeremy Brodeur article:
February 23, 2020
S1 Ep26 - Predictions, predictions and more predictions!
Hockey from Across the Pond S1 Ep26 Predictions, predictions and more predictions!  There was much OHL and AHL news for @caitlinsports and @MarkUKLeaf to discuss this week. An excellent interview with Ben Birnell who covers the Utica Comets @OD_Birnell @UticaOD_Sports Prospects of the week, looking back at the GB Olympic qualifying tournament in Nottingham and listener questions are answered. Scott Howson announced as new AHL President and CEO Olympic Qualifiers Showcase Players of GB’s Future
February 16, 2020
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 25 (Liam Kirk is back)
Special episode! Recorded live from the Media Room in Nottingham. @caitlinsports and @markukleaf chat prospects of the week, Vegas Golden Knights buying an AHL franchise, crazy European goalies, Team GB, Brandon Manning racism incident, Liam Kirk, Caitlin's quiz and listener questions are answered. GB Article links: Day One Review: 2022 Olympic Qualification Preliminary Round 3, Group J: Day Two Review 2022 Olympic Qualification Preliminary Round 3, Group J: Scott Conway Interview: Travis Ehrhardt Interview: Ollie Betteridge and Ross Venus interviews:
February 9, 2020
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 24
An interview with The Atheltic's Prospect Writer Corey Pronman (@coreypronman) kicks off the show. Mark (@markukleaf) and Caitlin (@caitlinsports) talk all things  AHL, OHL, prospects, Romanian hockey and Toblerone chocolate. Timestamps: 01:00 Corey Pronman Interview: 42:00 AHL All-Star event recap and news 46:18 Zamboni Driver story 49:10 Caitlin's OHL storylines and her prospect of the week 55:50 Liam Kirk update 57:00 CCM/AHL Player of the Week 58:30 Mark's prospect of the week 1:01:40 AHL Divisional round-up + scoring note 1:05:15 Start of GB chat 1:07:30 Toblerone triangles... 1:09:00 More GB chat and general Olympic randomness 1:18:40 Olympic hockey questions and Romania are good?! 1:443:50 Listener questions
February 3, 2020
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 23
Mark Rackham (MarkUkLeaf) and Caitlin Berry (CaitlinSports). Caitlin made it back from Canada! Interview with Scott Arnold, Team GB chat, Zach Sullivan comes out as Elite League host first pride weekend and we have all the normal features Timestamps 00:30 Caitlin's travel issues 02:30 Scott Arnold Interview 48:00 Caitlin's Canadian adventure including covering CHL prospect game 58:50 Corey Pronman general nice dude and shoutout 1:01:25 AHL Prospect of the Week and AHL Player of the Week 1:06:10 OHL storylines + OHL Prospect of the week 1:18:30 Elite League Pride Weekend and Zach Sullivan 1:25:40 Team GB Roster chat 1:33:30 AHL round-up + player milestones 1:42:30 Listener Questions
January 27, 2020
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 22
Mark Rackham (@markukleaf) chats mostly AHL with this week's guest Patrick Williams (@pwilliamsNHL) Sadly Caitlin Berry wasn't able to make the recording for this one having having endured a difficult journey back from Canada. You can find Patrick's work at where he writes AHL notebooks and at Elite Prospects Rinkside Articles written by Mark that are reference in this article can be found below:  Belleville and GB/Scott Conway Timestamps: 2:30    Trade Talk 8:00    Josh Ho-Sang 16:35   David Backes 23:50   Podcast Talk - Around the A 33:13   Taking stock of the AHL standings 1:12:40 Prospect Chat + Mark's prospect of the week 1:22:35 Toronto Marlies v Texas forfeit game 1:35:00 Listener Questions 2:00:00 Marlies problems
January 20, 2020
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 21
Mark Rackham (markukleaf) and Caitlin Berry (@Caitlinsports) chat everything AHL, OHL and much, much more! Thank you for your support for our first episode together (ep20) and hope you enjoy this one even more. 4:25 We have a trade! 8:20 Shesterkin called up! 9:50 AHL Player of the Week 11:20 Caitlin's Junior storylines of the week, including Team Canda, Barrett Hayton injury and trade deadline 24:00 Caitlin's prospect of the week 26:05 Listener questions 53:55 Mark's prospect of the week 58:15 UK NHL TV deal  - BT Sport showing interest + AHL round-up  1:08:00 We want you guys to get involved + Caitlin finishes with a thank you in just her second show
January 12, 2020
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 20
Mark Rackham (@markukleaf)  Caitlin Berry (@caitlinsports) joins me as co-host for the first time! Ricky Milliner (@Milliner06) is the guest and chats everything Hartford Wolf Pack and New York Rangers prospects. Topics include, Hartford Wolf Pack, Igor Shesterkin, Joey Keane, Darren Raddysh, Sean Day and a possible Bracco trade! Features are Caitlin's storylines, prospect of the week, Mark's prospect of the week and all listener questions are answered.
January 5, 2020
Hockey from Across the Pond Episode 19 - 2019 wrap-up
Alan Parker(@powerplayparker ) and James Reeve (@JamesRJReeve) join me for the final podcast of 2019. I wrap up the AHL for the week passed whilst other topic of conversation include favourite hockey moments of the year and decade, surprise NHL teams and players, and some Leafs chat with the injury crisis taking hold. My favourite hockey memories and moments of the last decade: Many thanks for listening in 2019. Best wishes to you and your loved ones for 2020.
December 29, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 18
Happy Christmas! The AHL as it stands heading into the festive break.
December 24, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 17
A round-up of the last few weeks in the AHL. Who's top and who's hot? Answering listener questions. Greg Moore article: Roy Sommer article: Mark Rackham @markukleaf @hockeyAcrosPond
December 16, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 16
Caitlin Berry joins me on the show as we discuss former OHL players impressing in their AHL rookie year, round up the AHL and talk about what's happening in the OHL.
November 24, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 15
Keith Wozniak joins me on the show to chat everything Rochester Americans. You can find Keith's coverage at and on Twitter @LetsGoAmerks Listener questions are answered and there is some general AHL chat included.
November 17, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 14
Jacob Stoller (@jlstoller) joins me as the guest on today's episode. Jacob writes for Inside the AHL covering the Manitoba Moose. Manitoba Moose, Toronto Marlies and general AHL chat is the order of the day.
November 4, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 13
An AHL round-up with the first two weeks in the bag. A look at the Toronto Marlies. Listener Questions. Mark Rackham @markukleaf Charlotte Checkers article:
October 20, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 12
Patrick Williams is my guest as the show becomes AHL centric. Patrick has covered the AHL since 2001, writing for various outlets and in my opinion is the #1 authority on the development league. Today's show covers a lot of aspects of the AHL including the schedule, the landscape of the league and the work of Dave Andrews. You can find Patrick's work at the for whom he writes an AHL notebook and link to his other work including the (Around the A) podcast mentioned on the show below. Twitter: @pwilliamsNHL Elite Prospects Rinkside: Around the A podcast:
October 13, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Epsiode 11
Toronto Marlies broadcaster Todd Crocker joins the show for the longest recording so far! We chat about his favourite calls, call-up to the NHL, the 2018 Calder Cup Championship, his relationship with players, Sheldon Keefe, improvements in the AHL,   the upcoming season and much, much more! St. John's article I mentioned in the podcast can be found here: Todd can be found on Twitter at @hockeycrock Todd's documentary can be located at this link: Mark Rackham Podcast Twitter: @HockeyAcrosPond Twitter: @markukleaf YouTube: Blog: Patron:
October 1, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 10
The focus is on the ECHL as I'm joined by Indy Fuel beat write Evan Miller  You can find Evan at @evanfmiller and @SinBinFuel Evan's work can be found here: *Apologies for the sound cutting out twice - the joys of recording from across the pond* Mark Rackham can be found on Twitter at @markukleaf Blog: YouTube:
September 29, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 9
I am joined by Sean Tierny as we delve into the world of Hockey Analytics. You can find Sean on Twitter at @chartinghockey and the links he mentions on this episode can be found below. Mark Rackham @markukleaf Blog: YouTube:
September 21, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 8
I'm joined on the show by GB media man Chris Ellis. Chris is best known for his work as Media and Communications Officer for Ice Hockey UK and as a rinkside reporter for Freesports covering the Elite League but is also a freelance journalist for the BBC. We relieve Great Britain Men's amazing tournament at the world championship, the journey to reach the pinnacle of world hockey and Chris' own adventure just getting to Slovakia! The Elite League, Nottingham Panthers and women's hockey are also topics of conversation. Dare to Dream video referred to by Chris Ellis:  Video recap of the miraculous victory against France to stave off relegation: You can find Chris on Twitter: @ChrisEllyEllis My name is Mark Rackham and you can find me at @markukleaf My hockey content can be found at links below:
September 14, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 7
My guest is Sean Shapiro, who covers the Dallas Stars and the NHL for The Athletic, having previously been a beat writer in the AHL before making the step up. Sean delves into everything Dallas Stars,  Texas Stars, AHL and tell's great stories about some recently retired players. My sincere thanks to Sean for giving up his valuable time to be a guest on my fledgling podcast. If you listen on i-Tunes I would really appreciate a rating and subscribing to my podcast really helps. Thank you for tuning in and choosing my podcast as your entertainment. @seanshapiro Link to Sean's book: My Twitter: @MarkUkLeaf Blog: Patreon: YouTube:
September 7, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 6
I'm joined by Cardiff Devils Media and Communications Manager, Fie Adolfsen. Fie has a truly remarkable story leading into how she ended up in Cardiff and we chat about her work with the Devils, the up and downs of social media,   the joy that is Ben Blood, the Elite League's move towards better social media practices, women in sport and much more. @MarkUkLeaf Mike McKenna hangs up his blocker for good - calls time after fourteen seasons - *Sound quality isn't the best at times (it does improve after six minutes) and does dip out for around five seconds or so. Apologies for this and it's on me, not Fie*
August 31, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 5
James Reeve is the guest as the conversation revolves around a variety of topics including the Milton Keynes Lightning, hockey in the UK, Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators and Arizona Coyotes. Links to James' work Twitter @JamesRJReeve
August 25, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Toronto Marlies Summer Update
In this one-off special episode I take a look at the composition of the Toronto Marlies roster with September drawing near. Also round-up the movers, additions and tentatively look at possible combinations for the upcoming season.
August 23, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 4
Today's guest is Grant Sales (@grantsales). As Grant is a Blues fan the conversation begins with looking back at St. Louis Blues season and what it means for an overseas fan to see their team win the Stanley Cup including a Dutch fan making the trip for the finals! Junior hockey tournaments, the trials of being a UK hockey fan and wishful thinking about which NHL teams we would like to see play in the UK. @markukleaf 
August 18, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 3
Today's guest is Caitlin Berry (@caitlinsports ) who is a must-follow for junior hockey, prospects updates and all things Team GB. Junior hockey, 2020 NHL draft prospects, Liam Kirk including some Peterborough Petes talk and Team GB were discussed at length! You can find links to Caitlin's work here:  Many thanks for listening and you can find me (Mark Rackham) on Twitter at @markukleaf, my writing at  and if you'd like to support my extended hockey coverage please consider heading to  Please feel free to get in touch regarding any comments, feedback, future guests or topics you'd like on the show. NHL prospects mentioned were  Alexis Lafreniere, Quinton Byfield, Lucas Raymond and Goalie Tristan Lennox.
August 11, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 2
I chat with Alan Parker about what it's like to be a hockey fan in the UK and thoughts about the Toronto Maple Leafs. I touch on some NHL news and the AHL, where there have been some hires and retirements.
August 6, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Episode 1
Hockey talk from the UK encompassing NHL, AHL etc
August 6, 2019
Hockey from Across the Pond - Pilot Episode
Pilot episode of my brand new hockey podcast.
August 6, 2019
August 5, 2019
August 5, 2019