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Mark Selzer - Pod Potatoes Podcast- Free Speech

Mark Selzer - Pod Potatoes Podcast- Free Speech

By Mark Selzer
No limits on free speech. Comedy, performance art, analysis, Libertarianism, conspiracy theories, Disinformation, truth, filth, jokes and opinions that clear the room...offensive...informative...educational................antidisestablishmentarianism...that's a real word...
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The News! With Mark Selzer

Mark Selzer - Pod Potatoes Podcast- Free Speech

"Killing History" Histories Greatest Secret with Lawrence Samuels
Were Communists and Nazis were the same thing? Two feathers from the same bird? Both came from Marx and Stalin. Mr. Samuels provides proof of this in his fascinating book "killing History" were he delves into the historical record finding rare manuscripts from Mussolini and Hitler to reveal histories greatest secret.
July 21, 2022
The News! With Mark Selzer
Mark Selzer analysis of some of today's news stories. Donate paypal
July 14, 2022
Doing comedy and sexual perversion and politics and jokes and sexual perversion and stripping and sexual perversion
July 13, 2022
The Abortion Debate! With Mark Selzer and Mira Wilder!
Mark Selzer and comedian Mira Wilder talk about the abortion debate and propaganda about it from both sides!
June 29, 2022
Mark Selzer VS. Brendan Praniewicz Comedians Talk Lockdowns and Disparity
Brendan from San Diego and Mark talk about doing comedy as nobody's and Covid and the deterioration of California and then Brendan sings some songs
June 24, 2022
Mark Selzer VS Christie Shinn author of Demon Bitch
Graphic novel artist Christie Shinn writer and artist of Demon Bitch checked in with Mark Selzer and together they wrestle many Demons
October 12, 2021
Mark Selzer VS. Comedian Chris Fumagalli
Two Long time LA comics talk about comedy in LA and the Comedy Store and trying to break out!
September 19, 2021
Mark Selzer vs Comedian French Accent from America's Got Talent!
Kevin Bennett AKA French Accent talks about being a veteran of AGT and comedy don't miss it!
February 07, 2021
Mark Selzer vs Bitcoin Billionaire!
Bitcoin Guru Doug Scribner talks about the wonder and mystery of Bitcoin and its applications implications and how it can fix your shit dude make your life livable and profitable filled with Unicorns and reality.
January 16, 2021
Mark Selzer vs the Chair of LA Libertarian Party Angela McArdle
Mark Selzer comedian and artist interviews Angela McArdle chair of the Los Angeles County Libertarian Party. The talk about Covid and your Civil and Constitutional rights and the struggle for freedom
December 15, 2020
Mark Selzer vs Gail Kasper -Model Actor Host Comedian Writer
Mark Selzer talks about life and love and comedy and acting and entertainment and everything under the sun with Philadelphia native and model Gail Kasper
December 08, 2020
Greatest Punk Songs of All Time with Mark Selzer and Chris Fumagali.
Mark Selzer talks to Chris about the best songs of all time from his collection of 40,000 punk rock records. If you cant hear them just look them up on youtube they are amazing! Use this as a guide to great punk and the history of punk music!
December 01, 2020
Mark Selzer VS Punk Singer Ily Cortez of Gashed, CXA and Mutilate
Punk metal grindcore hardcore Singer Ily Cortez is interviewed by comedian philosopher artist Mark Selzer
November 28, 2020
Mark Selzer vs Comedian Johanna Petree & Divebar Comedy
Johanna longtime producer and Host of Divebar Comedy talks with mark about comedy and why some succeed and why some fail in life!
November 27, 2020
Mark Selzer vs Comedian Nica mom and school principal
Mark Selzer and Nica talk about life and love and comedy and chaos and sex and sex robots and how you can tell if tour aex robot really loves you.
November 22, 2020
Mark Selzer Vs Comedian Ant from Late Night with Leno, Letterman, Netflix
Comedian Ant sits down with Mark to talk about recovery and business and how he made it in comedy and getting paid
November 21, 2020
Mark Selzer Vs The Omnisa Comedian from Argentina Who Flies Planes
The Omnisa is a female comic from Argentina who travels the world and pilots flying machines. We talk about life and love and comedy and crooked elections..
November 17, 2020
Mark Selzer Vs Elvin Maglinte the Blind Philippino Comic from Stockton!
Every one has a story and this is the story of a comic from Stockton with challenges to overcome.
November 17, 2020
November 16, 2020
November 16, 2020
Jessica Lee vs Mark Selzer
Actress Comedian Host Gameshow Contestant and Personality Jessica Lee joins Mark Selzer for fun and games in this kick Ass episode of Pod Potatoes!
November 10, 2020