Men's Fitness After 50

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By Mark Nutting
Mark A Nutting, a two-time national award winning personal trainer with over 37 years experience, will discuss topics that can help you sustain your health and fitness levels, regain what you may have lost, or gain what you never before had, as you enter and continue the second half of our lives. In these bite-sized sessions, Mark will cover everything from exercising through arthritis through maintaining brain fitness. Being 60 years old, himself, he offers the "been there, done that" prospective along with his evidence-based presentations.
What About the Newest Revolutionary Diet?
I was going to talk about the prevalence of low back pain as we get older, but got sidetracked by a social media discussion on a new diet. So, here's my thoughts on this and other diets.
May 30, 2018
How Long Are You Going to Live?
In this first podcast for Men's Fitness After 50, we start by contemplating what it means to be over 50 years old and how long and how well we can expect to live.
May 23, 2018
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