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The Marketing Automation Discussion

The Marketing Automation Discussion

By Alex Glenn
The podcast for those who want to better customer experiences using today's working strategies, tools and tactics provided by those who have implemented them with success - interviews with SaaS and agencies founders as well as the best tactical marketing automation specialists around the globe.
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Onboarding Automations - The Strategies that work, and those that don't. w/ Wes Bush

The Marketing Automation Discussion

[Part 2] How to Increase Conversion Rates using Chatbots with Paul McKeever
Today we are looking at part-two of our episode on using chatbots to increase conversion with Paul McKeever.  In this session we go more into demonstration mode as Paul applies his chatbot strategy framework to an example case study business as well as covering: language and tone of chatbots performance measurement for chatbots chatbot tech stack integration   Who should listen to this episode? Marketing team leaders and founders who are looking for ways to increase conversions, from almost any industry including SaaS, professional services, local businesses and B2B.   Don't forget you can learn more about Paul and Continually here:
January 28, 2021
How to Increase Conversion Rates using Chatbots with Paul McKeever
Ever wondered if your business benefit from a chatbot? Join us as we talk with Paul McKeever, CEO of chatbot solution Continually, for part one of a two-part episode digging into how to improve conversions using chatbots and how to run a chatbot strategy. The detail in this podcast is incredible. Paul outlines some very practical direction on: -How to make chatbots work -The framework for planning and implementing chatbots -How to manage a chatbot strategy Also, don't forget you can connect with Paul on Linkedin @Paul McKeever.
December 22, 2020
Applying Business Process Engineering to Marketing Automation with Sam Ovett
This month for the Marketing Automation Discussion we are talking with Sam Ovett on how to apply business process engineering to the sales and marketing world. Business process engineering is the practice of analyzing businesses and applying new methods to make them run leaner, better and more efficiently. Sam is Director and part of a father and son team at Mobile Pocket Office, an agency dedicated to helping people leverage technology for their business and marketing processes. Sam talks us through: 4 steps for automating your sales & marketing processes How to keep your automations organized How to choose tools for your tech stack What he looks for in MarTech applications Common pitfalls for automators How to promote adoption for new processes And of course, a bunch more. If you would like to access materials mentioned in this episode, you can find them provided by Mobile Pocket Office here:
July 30, 2020
Building Your First ABM Tech Stack with Shahin Hoda
While ABM is developing adoption in the market, it is not always so clear how to plan and implement this approach into your tech stack. With our guest Shahin Hoda, we’ll be talking through how you can build out the ABM 101 tech stack for your organization. Shahin is the Founder of xGrowth, a B2B growth agency helping organizations close more mid-market and large enterprise deals. Shahin talks us through 4 steps for the ideal ABM tech stack for both new startups and large companies. We’ll be covering how to tackle: Which tools to use Automating outreach Lead Enrichment IP Insights Advertising Personalisation And more Don’t forget to check out our community for marketing automators here.
June 24, 2020
Starting and Engaging the Online Community through Video with Matt Barnett
Communities can be a strong channel to generate positive word of mouth for your company and also reduce client service requirements from community support. However most communities never get off the ground. Today we look at starting and engaging a community that works through MarTech with Matt Barnett. Matt is the founder of Bonjoro, a video messaging platform helping brands engage with their prospects and users. Matt shares his insights from developing communities with Bonjoro, including: Why most communities don’t work The 3 steps for running a community How to increase engagement And, how to start scaling the community Don’t forget to check out our community for marketing automators here.
May 13, 2020
Automating Content Creation Through Podcasting with Michael Greenberg
Developing compelling, unique content often requires a large amount of resources from you and your team. Today we discuss how to fully leverage podcasting and automation to create unique content for all channels including SEO, social and video to reduce the time and resources required to create high performing content. Our guest today is Michael Greenberg. Michael is the founder of Gentlemen of Technology, a B2B venture creation and growth consulting firm, and the CEO of the podcasting agency Call For Content. Michael and I discuss: The 2 and 3 main components of the podcast content automation The exact steps for marketing managers doing implementation Who should be the face of your podcasting The best industries for leveraging podcasting Common problems people face when implementing content automation The future of content automation We hope you enjoy this episode and get your hands into some of Michael's techniques to increase your team's content creation.
April 2, 2020
The When Why and How of Proposal Creation and Automation, with Founder of
To get a client to sign the contract first requires a statement of work. I.e. a proposal of work. And the process by which your agency produces, sends and tracks these proposal can potentially kill the deal. You can shoot yourself in the foot with your proposal process by: 1. Making you look unprofessional or inadequate, 2. Under qualifying and poor needs assessment leading up to your proposal, 3. Allowing too much time for your prospect to shop your proposal, 4. Having poor SOPs and under tracked grey areas in your sales pipeline filled with unknowns…   My guest today has tested and experienced almost every rational proposal composition and presentation method you can think of. That guest is Adam Hempenstall - Adam is the founder and CEO at – a proposal management software that helps you close more sales, faster. Adam and I discuss: The best structure for an agencies sales process The do’s and dont’s of automating your proposals How long and detailed your proposal should be The process for creating, sending and tracking proposals What “live” proposals are And how to best incorporate chat and other conversion tech onto the proposal pages I hope you enjoy this incredible episode around an aspect of your business that could make or lose your business thousands in revenue.
December 26, 2019
How to build an agile marketing stack with Dan McGaw
Dan is a CEO, Founder, Author, Martech and Marketing Analytics Leader! Dan is the CEO and Founder of Effin Amazing I have been a huge fan of Dan’s for some time now, but we finally got a chance to meet while Dan was giving the presentation that we are about to showcase on this episode. I will let Dan introduce himself in a moment, but today he is going to lay out the groundwork for all of you listening interested in build the marketing technology stack of your dreams: Integrated, Powerful, Seamless. We discuss analytics, data enrichment, sales automation, tagging, lead scoring… and much more. Dan and I discuss; The 21st-century stack and the components within it (hint, it’s much larger than you think). Dan’s interpretation of automated lead scoring and his favorite intent scoring sequence. What is “Radar” for mobile and how is it used for personalized marketing… The Real Thread stack case study. What does taxonomy means to your stack? And much more... Remember, there is a complete video with the slides and audio if you care to check that out on
August 30, 2019
How Unbounce Built and Scaled their Partner Program w/ Ty Lingley
Today we go deeper into partnerships - if you haven’t listened to the first few segments on partnerships with Jay from, Bryn from and Sunir from the Cloud software association, check those out after you hear this episode…  View the presentation: My guest today is Tyrone Lingley, the Director of Partnerships at Ty is also a board member of the Cloud Software Association where he connects and educates partnership professionals in the B2B SaaS space. Ty is going to answer the Hard questions founders and teams should ask themselves before you go-to-market with a Partner Program, and how answered these questions while outlining one of the most well-executed partner program rollouts I’ve ever witnessed. The risks of a partner program - like Channel conflict, Last click attribution with affiliates, Compliance Issues, Nexus taxation, Product alignment. The stack - do you need a PRM (partner relations management software) on top of your CRM, and what that build looks like if you go that route. Standard operating procedures for sales discussions with a partners’ referral The 7 steps to a go-to-market journey for Unbounces partner program. 
July 30, 2019
Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) with Jay McBain
Today we continue with our series of episodes on partner programs and how marketing automation is handling the scale of channel programs for thousands of software companies globally.  Read the full article and notes >>>  Forrester predicts the through-channel software market to grow to $1.18 billion by 2023. This market includes 10s of thousands of digital agencies realizing $2B in service revenue by that year.  So I invited Mr. Jay McBain from to join me in unpacking the topic of “Through-Channel Marketing Automation.” If you haven’t run across Jay, I’d wonder how - he is one of the most visible thought leaders in the global technology channel.  Named to the Top 40 Under Forty by the Business Review, he is often sought out for industry guidance and future trends.  He has spent his 24-year career in various executive channel sales, marketing, and strategy roles within IBM, Lenovo, Autotask, and ChannelEyes. Jay is the principal analyst for global channels at Forrester - one of the most influential global research and advisory firms in the world. In this discussion, Jay and I review:  The third stage of growth for software companies. One vs two-tier channel partner programs.  The partner relations and marketing automation management software stack.  How to determine your IPP (ideal partner persona). The 6 phases to partner program development, Then we wrap up by giving some actionable advice to those about to launch or scale their partnership programs.  Links Jmcbain - Twitter Jaymcbain - LinkedIn
June 26, 2019
Onboarding Automations - The Strategies that work, and those that don't. w/ Wes Bush
Whether you are a SaaS company needing to register new users effectively, or anyone with a registration page on your website, effective communication with those who are just being introduced to your product/brand for the first time is key. How much automation is too much?  Onboarding differences for freemium vs paid plans? Whether or not to require email verification?  Why use trigger-based emails vs time-based emails?  How to use third party data enrichment tools effectively in the onboarding process? Full show notes:…orks-what-doesnt/ (with promo code to free year of Zendesk!)  My guest today is Wes Bush. Wes is best-known for challenging the traditional way of growing a SaaS business. He has been featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post, and has lectured at Canada’s top Polytechnic college. He is currently the founder and president of Product-Led Institute. Products Mentioned Product-Led Growth Book Chat (free one-year) - Zendesk  Email -, Userlist (~$50/mo per user to start) Videos - Govideo by Vidyard (free),  Product onboarding -, appcues (free to start) Product analytics - Amplitude, Heap, Mixpanel
June 12, 2019
President of Cloud Software Assoc. Shares - How teams can ensure stable and comprehensive stack oversight in today’s ecosystem
Hello everyone and welcome back to the podcast where we unpack the components, dilemmas and strategies of tech stack capabilities with founders and leaders across all industries who have created a process or tool to better your business by way of automation.  Today I am joined by the Former Head of Platform at Freshbooks, CEO of and current President of the Cloud Software Association Mr. Sunir Shah. What Sunir and I discuss will help show you how to control your cloud software stack between clients, stakeholders and agencies you work with.   We discuss:  How to setup appropriate agency controls and processes around your stack.  The five most important value propositions of an agency. And, what consultants can do now to start owning their clients’ stacks for mutual benefit.  For a video with Sunir on  materials billing for SaaS, check out:
May 22, 2019
The New World Of Partner Programs - Stack, Strategy and Execution w/ Founder of
Today we are going to discuss the new world of partnership strategy - specifically in the vertical of Partner Relations Management and PRM software like that of today’s guest - Founder of (formerly, Mr. Bryn Jones. If you are looking to start/scale or simply determine if a partner program is right for you, check out: Bryn and the team at Partnerstack help companies open scalable and cost-effective acquisition channels through partnerships. Companies like Intuit, Asana, Evernote, and Freshworks use PartnerStack to manage their channel relationships which average between 20-40% of their overall revenue.  Link to the article and show notes >>  My former guest and founder of, Lee Gladish, is a user of and told me yesterday his channel-partner-referral revenue will reach around $500K this year alone.  And of course, with this level of revenue, there is the stack to consider - how will this new channel become an integral part of existing operations, and who do you need to run it?  Needless to say, I had to get the answers from the horses mouth and that meant getting Bryn on to help me illustrate what a partner program strategy is, how it’s woven into your standard operating procedures, and what it means for those who execute effectively. 
May 8, 2019
5 Questions To Answer Before Choosing A CRM - Mastermind Discussion
We've all been in CRM hell. Whether it's: Trying to determine if you even need a dedicated CRM, Navigating the numerous options to choose the right CRM for you, Dealing with integrations, Or are having to rip out your current CRM after making the wrong choice.  You hated it and wish you had help avoiding it.  Here at Automated, it's our job to connect the teams with the experts to help get the right information across.  Two of these experts are joining me today to answer the 5 Questions our B2B colleagues voted on from a list of 9 provided in a recent poll.    What Questions should I be asking myself before picking a CRM? What is the difference between CRM and Marketing Automation? Should I have them both in one app? And, should I have separate CRM and Marketing Automation? What is the simplest way to add attribution data into lightweight CRMs? Not every B2B org can integrate chat (Drift/Intercom…) effectively. So at what point is it good to integrate chat on the frontend? When is a dedicated CRM (Hubspot, Copper, Salesforce) necessary?  Here's the article and the notes:
April 1, 2019
What It Takes To Scale a SaaS ‘Platform’ - Lesson's Learned From Co-Founder of
Full episode notes and links >> Lee and started a few years ago with $0 in funding and an ok product. After initial groundwork and a few hires, they raised a seed round of $400K and went to work on product and sales process. Today they are highly-profitable with 60 team members, fully distributed and a kick-ass sales system. If you are: A B2B organization in a growth phase, Dealing with sales and marketing alignment issues,  Curious when and how to implement partnership strategies, Or are unsure if an Account-Based Sales strategy is right for your business… Then have a listen to this episode. The theme today is scaling a B2B sales and marketing system. In this hour-long episode, Lee and I discuss:  Reply’s scaling stages, and key inflection points at each.  Account-Based Selling - what it is, how do you determine if it’s right for your business, and what do you need in terms of technology or personnel to enable an ABS model... We then spend 20min detailing Partnership Program strategy (highly-recommend listening to that segment if nothing else.) And Lee gives us his view on the martech ecosystem and outlook on the future. 
March 25, 2019
[Part 2] Recruiting Strategy - The Automation by Steven Lu & Alex Glenn
View details of this automation here >>> It’s time for the second part of our two-episode segment on tech-enabled recruitment. In this episode, we get tactical and even showcase a specific automated process for discovering, enriching, and serving an automated multi-touch cold outreach campaign to candidates and ensuring the entire process is synced with your ATS (or CRM), LinkedIn and cold email system.  Who should listen to this?  Founders, team leads in B2B  Any recruiters And again, why are we talking to Steven for this part?  Steven Lu is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to LinkedIn API and cold outreach,,  Interseller has native integration to the top two ATS (applicant tracking systems) around,  Interseller also has the ability to find personal emails (not just business emails) - which is necessary if you are attempting to use cold email in your outreach to those not currently employed.
February 22, 2019
[Part 1] Tech-Enabled Recruiting - w/ Ryan Leary and Alan Walker...
Today, we aim to give hiring teams and recruiters some valuable content in the form of a two-part episode:  Part one (this episode) features Ryan Leary, the CMO of Recruiting Daily, and Mr. Alan Walker, founder/CEO of Udder - which helps companies enable talent technologies in hiring processes. Between Alan and Ryan, we have the brains and experience we need to T up this episode on what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s changing in the world of recruitment.  Following this - continue listening to the second episode where I talk to Steven Lu - founder of Interseller - the platform helping sales and recruitment teams get in touch with anyone via email. Interseller specializes in recruitment outreach and Steven’s knowledge of data and cold outreach - particularly to personal emails - is unmatched in my opinion.  To read notes on this episode, and see the automation, head to this article >>> 
February 22, 2019
[SHORT VERSION] The Holy S#!T CRM Deep-Dive Mastermind!
**This is the SHORT version - not including pricing + future of CRM. If you are interested in the entire recording - go ahead and listen to the previous episode... Read more here: Today is a special type of episode called a Mastermind discussion where I invite more than one participant to have an open discussion to clear up a major pain point we see in the world of marketing and sales automation.  The focus of this mastermind is CRM. And my guests are:  Scott Gellatly from Scale My Empire in Melbourne, Australia Alex Bass, founder of CyberBytes in New York,  And my colleague, Founder of Yellow O and our Head of Stack Services here at Automated, originally from London but streaming to us now from Phuket Thailand, Mr. Mark Colgan. I’ve invited these 3 experts to help me shed light on the topic of choosing and building-out your scalable CRM system.  This is the aspect of any sales stack that can either be the most expensive mistake you will have to replace, or the most valuable tool helping your sales and marketing team understand where every prospect is at and triggering the necessary automations to better customer experience.  This is a subject I take very seriously, so one guest will not cover all of our bases.  We go in deep - this discussion was over 120 min in total before edits. You will hear about: What to look out for when considering ‘Free’ versions of a CRM... CRM strategy - when and how to consider CRM in your stack... The necessary considerations around CRM-triggered automations How to setup your CRM for success Pricing for the two main CRMs we will highlight,  And the business models of each of these CRMs so you know which will be best for your business long-term… 
February 7, 2019
The Holy S#!T CRM Deep-Dive Mastermind! [FULL VERSION]
**THIS IS THE FILL VERSION w/ pricing + business models + future... If you are only interested in the what and how of CRM choice, listen to the shorter version [PART 1] published next... Read more here: Today is a special type of episode called a Mastermind discussion where I invite more than one participant to have an open discussion to clear up a major pain point we see in the world of marketing and sales automation.  The focus of this mastermind is CRM. And my guests are:  Scott Gellatly from Scale My Empire in Melbourne, Australia Alex Bass, founder of CyberBytes in New York,  And my colleague, Founder of Yellow O and our Head of Stack Services here at Automated, originally from London but streaming to us now from Phuket Thailand, Mr. Mark Colgan. I’ve invited these 3 experts to help me shed light on the topic of choosing and building-out your scalable CRM system.  This is the aspect of any sales stack that can either be the most expensive mistake you will have to replace, or the most valuable tool helping your sales and marketing team understand where every prospect is at and triggering the necessary automations to better customer experience.  This is a subject I take very seriously, so one guest will not cover all of our bases.  We go in deep - this discussion was over 120 min in total before edits. You will hear about: What to look out for when considering ‘Free’ versions of a CRM... CRM strategy - when and how to consider CRM in your stack... The necessary considerations around CRM-triggered automations How to setup your CRM for success Pricing for the two main CRMs we will highlight,  And the business models of each of these CRMs so you know which will be best for your business long-term… 
February 7, 2019
Establishing a Data-Driven Organization with the CEO of Simon
Simon Data in New York City - which is now at around 75 people and growing rapidly - but because of his extensive background in data:  Jason received his BS from Cornell in Computer Science. Then went on to gain his PhD from the University of Texas in Machine learning, data mining and statistics. After his academic career, Jason founded two data companies, one of which was acquired by Etsy in 2009.  At that point, Jason ran data at for 3 years before leaving to start Simon Data - which has just raised it’s series B of $20M. He's the ideal person to help explain what it means to create a "Data-Driven Organization"
January 18, 2019
Options and Methodologies for Building Scalable Marketing Automation Systems
 In this episode, I’m joined by my colleague and fellow marketing-automation enthusiast Mark Colgan to provide an in-depth look at the pros/cons of available options and our methodologies for creating scalable automation systems.  We each work with founders and teams at very stages in their marketing and sales automation builds, and have each noticed the same issues around available options for assistance.  But, we have a solution! For more, email us:
January 1, 2019
The Truth About Engagement Pods
Engagement pods are established amongst colleagues in an effort to further the reach of each others' content/brand by ensuring comments, likes, upvotes and shares of said content. You all will have mixed sentiments over this topic - either understanding there is a reason for everything popular, or anti-any shortcut (regardless how harmless to society). In any case, the term 'engagement pod' causes people to voice strong opinions one way or the other. For this exact reason, I have invited my friend Guillaume, Co-Founder and CEO of Lemlist and Lempod, to discuss and try to uncover what you all should know about Engagement Pods.
December 24, 2018
White Labeling API Integrator Platforms, w/ The CEO of Integry
In this episode, we continue our deep-dive into the world of API Integrations for your product and between your product and the thousands of other apps out there. The founder/CEO of Integry joins us to discuss this world and how he created Integry after running into the issues we get into on the show. Learn how this world works, and what options you now have for your app and between yours and others. For a full list of API integration platform options, including Integry, head to:
December 13, 2018
The Web Is Yours - Putting API's In Everyone's Hands w/ Phantom Buster
The CEO of Phantom Buster, Guillaume Boiret, joins me to discuss how they're changing the way we interact with websites to get our jobs done. This is one of my favorite discussions :) Learn more about API Integrators:
November 30, 2018
A Lesson In Democratization Of The Entire Internet... With Jan from Apify
Jan is a software engineer and computer scientist by trade. He has worked on dozens of projects in all kinds of environments. Oh, and he has his PhD in Artificial Intelligence... On this episode, Jan and I discuss why we are all owners of the web. And therefore, should all have the tools to master it.
November 26, 2018
How You 5X Your Sales With Phone Sales Automation w/ Chris Beall
Conversations matter. And this was one of the most enlightening conversations I've had around sales in a long while... We all have our [mis]conceptions about dialing for dollars, but few have those conceptions in line with the larger picture - what sales tools and tactics bring in the enormous revenues for some of the largest companies in the world like: To give you an idea of how serious Chris and his company are about sales automation, check out US patent #8649500B1 - "...automated operation of a system performing attempts to establish communication connections between a user and a target." Chris Beall, CEO of Connect and Sell tells me specifically: 1. How to get multi-channel to work. 2. Must have vs nice to have's in sales. 3. The human element of sales. 4. What to do with ‘dead’ leads. 5. And as always, we share a sales automation. Please tell me if you have a sales process that includes a cold call, and if so, what you have done to improve it lately.
November 15, 2018
How To Remain 'HUMAN' With Marketing Automation, Ryan Kulp of
Ryan is the founder of Fomo and a partner at Fork Equity, which buys and grows bootstrapped SaaS apps. I brought Ryan on today not only because I was so impressed with my experience with the fomo product, but also because of Ryan’s mature understanding of customer behavior and what automation is really about. On this episode, Ryan and I; 1. Showcase an automation using Clearbit, Google events, and FOMO 2. Talk about why you should be completely transparent about how you got customer data in your automated messaging. 3. Discuss another great automation FOMO uses to boost brand equity and bring back canceled accounts while also providing social good. This was an incredible discussion. I assure you the 40min will be well worth the time. Enjoy
November 8, 2018
Part 2 - Nathan Hague - What's New, What's Broken, & Who Should Foxtrot Oscar?
He gives value every time, so I gladly record it :) Yet another awesome installment with our Friend Nathan Hague: New Instagram Direct-Messaging Platform: Remaining GDPR-Compliant Quickly By Removing People From All Databases At Once: LinkedIn Ad Platform Updates:
November 6, 2018
"Democratizing Productivity" in your App / SaaS and "Productized Best Practices"
Calling all product developers, managers, and owners... We're looking for your insights 🧠 Below is a mastermind discussion between Zachary Schenkler, Matt Lo and I on: ☝️ "Democratizing Productivity", ✌️"Productized Best Practices" 👌and "Coaching Networks" in your app/saas/platform. Essentially, (a) what it means to capture and re-distribute the best uses of your product by other users back into the product for all users, (b) good and bad examples, (c) our consensus, and (d) where AI / ML fit into this. It's worth the listen/share. As always, a link to the entire discussion is in the comments 👇 The ASK: Consider what it would have been like if you were able to install a piece of software and simply choose to run it like another company's actual customized build. And what that would mean for you as a user. Then let us know if you have any good examples of this in practice, or if you have any follow-up questions for the panel. Alex - Founder, Automated Zack - Founder, CTO Holonis Consultant Matt - Founder of Chip Bot
November 2, 2018
Democratization of Marketing w/ Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem @ HubSpot
I am so thankful to have had the VP of Platform at Hubspot, Mr. Scott Brinker on the show! This is a perfect episode for those marketing technologists who are inside an organization... We spoke mostly about the progress and democratization of MarTech in the last decade, but also touched on: ✔️ What it means to be a "citizen technologist". ✔️ What's coming in MarTech. ✔️ How HubSpot will stay relevant in the coming years. For more on this subject, check out Scott's blog and article:
October 29, 2018
Max Altschuler On Outreach Today - What Works And What Does Not...
This is the Marketing Automation Discussion where I look out for valuable sales and marketing technology and processes to help scale your business. Today I am excited to have Max Altschuler on the show to discuss; - Omnichannel and other key trends to watch. - A lead qualification process. - When you should hire that first inside salesperson. - And of course, what really works in sales outreach All links and the text or video version found:
October 24, 2018
Ben Raffi, CEO of Growlabs Tells Us How To Make Cold Email Work
Ben is the CEO at An all-in-one Lead Generation & Sales Automation platform. What people love about Growlabs is that they combine lead generation with automation in one UI - set filters, grab as many verified contacts as you need for your campaign, add them to the campaign you’ve created, and start sending. Ben is on today because he has scaled multiple companies using cold outreach as a part of his marketing stack, and can help shed some light on the ‘state of the union’ so to speak, of cold outreach. We discuss: > Why Gmail? > Metrics to monitor. > Tips to ensure cold email longevity > How to set up a cold email automation that works. If you enjoy this, please leave us a review! If you have any quesitons, please email
October 17, 2018
Our Recommended B2B Marketing & Sales Stack For Gmail Users!
Who is this for? This is my recommended marketing/sales stack for almost any B2B organization using G-Suite. ✅ Link to the full article👇 Here are the players involved in this stack: Copper CRM Copper is the Google-recommended CRM to manage your prospects, leads, partners, and more-right from Gmail. It is said to be the only CRM designed to fit right in your Gmail inbox. Jon Aniano and his team have taken this one over the top. Persist IQ A Sales Engagement Tool that to launch personalized campaigns with multiple touchpoints to get more engagements started with your cold leads. I am looking forward to what's next for Pouyan Salehi... G-Suite Formerly Google Apps for Work - combines all of the familiar productivity and collaboration tools by Google and combines them in an all-in-one suite for universal access across teams. Acquire For this stack, is my ideal chat platform. Laduram Vishnoi has built something very special here I am thrilled to be a user of.
October 15, 2018
Nathan Hague - What's New, What's Broken, & Who Should Foxtrot Oscar?
This is a new and different segment where I am going to phone a friend in Australia who I know has the answers to almost all things marketing. He's been on before, and it was a blast, so I'm excited about this new segment we're calling: "Nathan Hague answers What's New, What's Broken, and Who Should Foxtrot Oscar?" Follow Nathan (but do not send him automated messages...) -
October 13, 2018
Lessonly’s ‘Golden Llama’ Triggered Automation
I was invited down to Indianapolis to record this special episode from inside the amazing offices of (which happens to be a former high school). My guest is Kyle Lacy, VP of Marketing and all-around badass marketing executive. What started as a generic talk quickly turned into a fantastic discussion about maintaining your company culture in your marketing and sales automations. As Kyle and I were going through sound testing, I hit record because even that content was valuable. Enjoy...
October 10, 2018
A Product Hunt Strategy Mastermind With The Members
Have a listen to what we recorded today... Kaloyan Yankulov, Baptiste Debever, Matt Lo, Gaetano Caruana, and I dug into product hunt strategy on a new 'mastermind' podcast format (and these strategies are useful for ANY product launch - not just product hunt features). >> LINK TO THE FULL EPISODE IN THE COMMENTS < ✔️ Using tools to build a list of ideal 'hunters' to reach out to. ✔️ How to get more life from your hunt. ✔️ Why you do not want just anyone upvoting. ✔️ Dealing with negative feedback. ✔️ Prepping content and your team. And much more... Let me know what you think! If you have any mastermind discussion needs :)
October 5, 2018
How To Automate Custom Signature-Creation to Boost Sales
This is a fantastic new podcast episode! Please Please Please leave us a review on iTunes! "How To Automate Custom Signature-Creation to Boost Sales" 🤯 Brad Beutler (Director of Marketing at Sigstr) and I discuss the process and tools to turn email signatures into powerful brand engagements. Here are the use cases: ✔️ Customer marketing ✔️ Driving to events in real time from EVERY email account ✔️ Discount code at a specific stage in the (cold) email sequence What are the tools necessary to execute? Email marketing platform (or Gmail with campaign add-on), Sigstr, and your CRM with lead status's set. Example: hot prospects will see a banner that says “Sigstr love’s {{your_company_name}}”, OR: new downloaders, who also have a certain customer score, will see a banner saying "Please leave us a review in the App Store!"
October 4, 2018
Improving Sales Enablement with Alli McKee
Link to the full article: In this episode of the podcast, Alli and I cover: ✔️ Seller-centric communication vs buyer-centric communication. ✔️ Where we as sales leaders or business owners at in today’s world of marketing and sales enablement. ✔️ And steps to take to improve your sales presentations...
September 28, 2018
Jon Vaughn - Automated Lead Generation for B2B
Jon Vaughn is a genius level software engineer turned entrepreneur. He is now the founder and CEO of the software development firm Tier5. Tier5 specializes in building high-end SaaS applications for clients and Tier5 currently has 6 SaaS software’s in the market all aimed at helping other entrepreneurs scale and automate their business. Today, we’re going to discuss an automated lead prospecting system leveraging SMS. What you will need to execute this automation is: Robo Contact - TextInBulk - Magic Zap - Get the entire software package used in this automation for $1/day:
September 25, 2018
Automated Lead Segmentation w/ Axel Lavergne
We are going to show you how to be very strategic with your top-of-funnel prospect segmentation, and of course, automate it. This will allow you to not only increase conversion rates, but manage post-lead-capture nurturing efforts to increase ROI from all traffic campaigns. Axel Lavergne is the Head of Growth at Sendinblue, a French all-in-one marketing platform with email marketing, SMS marketing, and a marketing automation platform that can connect to pretty much any other service.
September 21, 2018
Email Followups Sales Automation For Gmail Users
So, let’s set the premise for when this automation would be useful: 1. Let’s say you or your sales team are sending out a lot of customer emails manually in gmail. 2. Or, maybe you are slightly more proficient and using a gmail-based-CRM like Mailshake to send those blasts. 3. Or, you are doing cold outreach using a third party like or Mailshake to push emails through your gmail or g-suite business email account. My guest today is going to show us a way to ensure no prospect falls through the cracks. Stephen is the co-founder and CEO of - a suite of tools used to by sales teams to reduce the time reps spend in their inbox so they can focus on building relationships with prospects.
September 17, 2018
Nathan Hague on Automated Quora, Reddit and GDPR Compliance!
Today, I have a special guest with me to discuss the following: GDPR compliance Quora ads strategy, what do and how Reddit - where and when to use it in your business routine It’s a lot to discuss, so let’s dive right in… My guest today is Nathan Hague. Nathan is a full stack marketer who specializes in systems, automation and making things easy where there is confusion and chaos beforehand. What tools are necessary to set this up: Tools, budget, hours/week and people: Not using our software: Use Cookiebot Using our software: Use Reddit Strategy:
September 14, 2018
The Feedback Loop Automation with Baptiste, CEO of
Today is all about automating your feedback loops to increase customer satisfaction, improve the speed/efficiency of bug fixes, and reduce churn. Full episode: My guest today is Baptiste, the founder of Baptiste, why don’t you tell us what Feedier is exactly? Yes of course. And thank you for setting this up Alex. I think everyone will find a lot of value in what we’re about to show them. Feedier is a feedback application focusing on gamification of the user experience in order to gain more actionable feedback results. It’s great to have you and I am really enjoying my initial experience with Feedier. It’s a gorgeous product.
September 10, 2018
Setting Up For Cold Email Longevity and High Open Rates!
In this episode, Karan and I talk about how to set up for cold email success - Adding the correct records - Testing for deliverability - Copywriting of the body copy and subject line - Getting off of blacklists...
August 27, 2018
What are the keys to Sales and Marketing alignment?
Here is a brand new and exciting episode with none other than Dan Smith 🤯 of Dan and I focus in on connecting sales and marketing flows with tools and processes to increase revenue with less human bandwidth. We talk about tools, strategies, processes and the keys to sales/marketing alignment. 🔑🔑 Issues you may have experienced: ✖️ Poor handoffs between sales and marketing. ✖️ Marketing copy not match sales collateral. ✖️ Not having proper lead attribution from marketing in the CRM. ✖️ Not having an automated the lead distribution process. ✖️ Missing pre-demo nurturing emails and post-demo sequences... Dan provides a great anecdote and I go through his chatbot in the full episode so definitely check that out. If you have any stories about sales and marketing issues in a team you've been on in your career, we'd love to hear about! #automation #marketing #sales #alignment
August 23, 2018
Intercom In Your Website Funnels - w/ CEO of
Today we’re going to discuss Intercom - the chat tool which is much more than a chat tool - and the automations which can be used for lead qualification and capture. Watch the video from this episode: We will discuss how Intercom can work in your marketing and sales automation when your goal is to treat the eager and qualified traffic on your site with urgency as opposed to pushing them to a simple demo request form which we see too often today. We harp on one-to-one experiences on this podcast. Intercom is uniquely flexible so we can use it for creating awesome lead capture funnels which also incorporate it’s inherent value of the excellent chat UI / UX. What's the best marketing automation tool for B2B lead generation? What is a good marketing automation tool to achieve my goals?
August 21, 2018
CRM Automation Strategy Discussion with CEO of
In this episode, Krish Ramineni (CEO of and I did some serious work recording our answers to the following questions: Why should teams invest in CRM automation? What sort of sales automation functionality can a CRM system offer? Why do most CRM implementations fail? Is personalized marketing the way to go? Check out the full video here:
August 16, 2018
Sales Automations with Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps
This episode is all about Sales Automation - we will cover some recent news, recommended software, intelligence tools, and as always, we will leave you with actionable tactics to take with you to use with your team. Who is Steve Benson? If you are an outside or field sales rep, or manage a sales team, you should know. Steve is the founder and CEO at We discuss: What is sales automation software? If you are in B2B sales, what are the top 3 sales intelligence tools you just cannot live without, and why? What is an effective sales automation strategy and the tools (and integrations) necessary to pull it off?
August 14, 2018
Facebook Ads For B2B SaaS Companies
This is a snippet from the full episode on How useful are Facebook ads for B2B marketing. Here's the text and video answer: Will it work for your saas company? Tips for saas companies targeting owners/heads of departments of company sizes < 100. What type of creatives to use and why.
August 12, 2018
What is the most effective B2B Quora marketing strategy?
In this episode, we’re going to tackle two Quora questions with none-other than Adi Pineapple, founder and senior growth hacker of: Adi and I met in one of our shared private growth marketing groups and I have always had so much respect for what she’s accomplished. Today, Adi and I are going to tackle two questions, which for this episode, will have the same answer: As a B2B marketer, what are your most successful social media platforms? What is the most effective Quora marketing strategy?
August 9, 2018
A Quick Intro To Quora Marketing - General Strategy
The name of the game for marketing on Quora is showing THOUGHT LEADERSHIP. This will result in: More credibility to whatever you promote anywhere. Recognition of your brand (it shows up next to your name if you edit your tagline correctly). Targeted and educated traffic to your landing pages. Here are the steps in this thought leadership strategy...
August 7, 2018
Chatbots - The Hype, and Use Cases For B2B Lead Generation
Use cases: Customer service Lead generation Recruiting Serving content Main differences in use cases: Fully-chat-bot powered 24/7 Vs. A conversation starter… Vs. After-hours only with an option to schedule something with a human the next day or continue with the bot experience. A few big tools to checkout: - for creating and deploying custom bots into other applications (like Intercom) Manychat / Chatfuel - for Facebook Messenger chatbots. - for converting web traffic. - for creating bot-based landing pages, or embedding bots into content.
July 31, 2018
A 6-Step Lead Nurturing Strategy With The Tools To Execute It
What are some good lead nurturing strategies and proven tools? Great question… View the text version here: In this answer, my colleagues Karan Sharma (from and Nolan Clemmons (Founder of ( joined me to create a much-more robust answer than I could have come up with on my own… Enjoy! Here are the tried and tested 6 steps we recommend to execute a complete lead nurturing campaign for any audience.
July 26, 2018
What Are The Top Trends In Lead Generation For 2018?
We were requested to answer this question on Quora: To ensure we stay true to our expertise and provide actionable value in this discussion, we will focus on these key trends: Increased Regulations Force Higher Quality A Shift From Bulk Data Providers To In-House Or Outsourced Data-Curation Providers Sales Navigator Will Become More Necessary While LinkedIn Becomes Less Useful
July 25, 2018
How should an early stage B2B SaaS startup balance inbound marketing with outbound sales?…h-outbound-sales/ So, here is how I look at the dilemma of balancing sales efforts with inbound marketing in a B2B saas startup: First, I recommend always hedging sales efforts with marketing efforts, regardless of how well sales is working in its current state. Second, I have yet to see a SaaS startup where thought leadership and personal branding of the creators wasn’t (or wouldn’t be) enormously-beneficial to gaining PMF and their early growth. Finally, Treat any new marketing strategy as a proof of concept and wait until this marketing strategy is proven before you hire the team to scale it.
July 23, 2018
My actual daily routine for B2B lead generation!
Just me in this episode. Enjoy! I’ve been marketing B2B - including my personal services, platforms, marketplaces, saas products… for 11+ years now. It took me a long time to find lead generation strategy/routine which was compounding (creating more leads every month). When I found this routine, I try to practice it daily. The best part is, everything is at zero cost. I will preface with my belief that every B2B company needs at least one person in the company, preferably higher-up, to become thought leaders under the pain points your company solves. This requires at least one of you to be the ‘link-builder’ for your company. One of the responsibilities (if not the main responsibility) of this individual will be to publish valuable content and answers to these pain points as often and in as many formats as possible.
July 19, 2018
Can cold emailing for selling B2B SaaS be successful at all if it's not followed up by phone call?
The short answer is YES. But, not for all industries/products/price-points. Here are the criteria where you can/would succeed selling a saas product without a phone call: 1. Your audience is tech savvy and have purchased similar products (possibly your competitors) without talking to someone. 2. When the product has a lower price-points (less than $500/mo). 3. You have a free trial if not a free version of the tool. 4. Onboarding into your product is very robust - leveraging (at minimum) video tutorials, great documentation, and emails. 5. You’ve spent time creating a personal brand for yourself and shown thought leadership in your space. 6. Using a well-timed multi-touch approach to your cold outreach with very good copy.
July 17, 2018
This is part 2 and 3 of the presentation I gave last month at the CMO Data Summit. For the full presentation, check out: Here's the synopsis: Data protection trends Opportunities for higher engagement.. What marketers need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Applicable on EU citizens personal data. Applies to you and your third party processors. The fines can be $20M or 4% of worldwide annual rev. Customers have rights: access, edit, erase and/or transfer. Redefine the scope and purpose of processing all data. What’s great about the GDPR? Increased consumers confidence. Less noise - fewer bad practices. Abiding to GDPR means you are forced to become a valuable and precise marketer.
July 15, 2018
Is LinkedIn useful for sales outreach? What should I know?
**Is LinkedIn useful for prospecting and personal branding?** Short answer = Yes. **How do I put LinkedIn to good Use?** 1. Thought leadership 2. Recruitment 3. Events 4. Biz/Dev 5. Channel Partnerships 6. But, no matter what you use it for, do not do it like this... (see examples below) 1. Try to sell/schedule a demo/ask them to register…. 2. Do not pretend your BFF’s… 3. Don’t lie… 4. Don’t embellish on your company or personal achievements… **How to do it correctly?** 1. Make it valuable and relevant! 2. Try not to send a message immediately 3. Start with something less invasive 4. Don't immediately send message after the connection request has been accepted but wait for a few days. 5. It’s ok to add a line about something you want them to check out, but do not make that the purpose of the message.
July 11, 2018
Cold Outreach Presentation - Part 1: being 'omnipresent' and 'human-like'
This is part 1 of 3 from a presentation I did last month. I'm joined by Karan from Presented by: Alex Glenn at the CMO Data Summit 2018 About me: I’ve spent my career helping companies build and optimize automated systems. My main focus is technology startups so the use cases I will explain in this presentation have been proven in multiple industries and target audiences. In this discussion, I will go over: 1:1 messaging - being ‘omnipresent’ and human-like. 4. What this means for marketers and data scientists is: a) We have to set up our systems to be better stewards of data and comply with regulations, b) We have to leverage the technology at our disposal to create more human-like interactions, c) We have to be passively-present for our targets. What marketers need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Applicable on EU citizens personal data. Applies to you and your third-party processors. The fines can be $20M or 2% of worldwide GR
July 10, 2018
"Why are my cold email campaigns not working?" - my answer
This was a Quora question i answered late last night so i thought I would record a quick synopsis - "Why is my cold email campaign not working?" (Pisted by a B2B saas startup).
July 9, 2018
How to continue cold emailing under GDPR?
This was a question asked on Quora recently and we have a great answer recorded for you today: 1. Firstly, there is only one GDPR (it is new entirely). 2. Secondly, B2C ‘email prospecting’ under GDPR is strictly prohibited, so we’re only going to discuss the rules around B2B prospecting under GDPR. Now, how do you prospect for B2B leads in the EU post-GDPR without breaking the new law and being fined? 1. Gathering data - Purpose and accuracy of the data - Ad hoc vs pulling from a pre-built database 2. Acting on that data (outreach) 1. Follow opt-out vs opt-in regulation. - In opt-in regulation, start via a channel other than email. - Linkedin message/inmail/follow, Quora follow/comment Finally, I’d like to conclude on how to see GDPR as an opportunity. 1. Most bad practices will die-out and the ones who are doing it right will continue 2. Be relevant, add value and initiate dialogue (not sales)
June 23, 2018
We answer a question on Quora about GDPR & cold emailing
This was a loaded question, so we will have a number of episodes related to the topic of GDPR and cold messaging to make sure we do it justice. But I think we did a good job of summarizing the important things in 10min. If you would like more info, here is a link to the article with the main points to remember with regards to how GDPR has changed cold messaging:
June 23, 2018
Review of the "Cold Email Platform Analysis PDF"
In this recording, Karan (founder of Hubsell) and I dive into the what and how of cold emailing – what to know, and how to determine the best platform to execute. Here is the report to follow along: After reviewing 32 platforms built to perform bulk cold emails, my team and I came up with a shortlist of 5 we know provide a data + outreach solution for executing cold email campaigns (as opposed to only providing the ability to email). Towards the middle, you will find a detailed chart showing how all 5 cold emailing platforms compare based on specifics like data quality, copy customizability and GDPR compliance. I would recommend this paper to anyone sending cold emails first and foremost. Regardless of how much they are doing or how long they have been doing it.
June 20, 2018