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Marketing Your Podcast

Marketing Your Podcast

By Hector Santiesteban
The 'Marketing Your Podcast' show is for creators, hosts, producers, networks, and executives who want to market and monetize their show. We'll cover different ways you can market and monetize your show and share the stories of how other successful podcasts grew their podcast. Hit the subscribe button and leave a rating/review about your favorite episode!
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Guest on More Podcasts with Alex Sanfilippo of Podmatch

Marketing Your Podcast

Guest on More Podcasts with Alex Sanfilippo of Podmatch

Marketing Your Podcast

Knowing Your Niche and Building Real Community with Espree Devora of the We Are LA Tech Podcast
Join Espree's 30-Day Cohort Follow Espree on Twitter Follow Hector on Twitter
March 17, 2022
Mistakes You're Probably Making on Social Media with Espree Devora
Learn what NOT to do on social media and how Espree uses audiograms to grow her show! Sign up for Espree's Podcast Cohort! Follow Espree on Twitter Follow Hector on Twitter
March 12, 2022
3 Ways to Improve Your Podcast Promotion IMMEDIATELY ... without spending any more money!
Are you maximizing your podcast's promotion potential? Learn 3 things that you can start doing right now to grow your show. Follow Hector on Twitter
March 05, 2022
Should You Have a Co-Host? With Rich Cardona and Heather Parady of NFT 4 Newbies
Thinking about hosting a podcast with someone else? Rich and Heather come on to share their best tips for successfully finding a co-host and also what NOT to do if you’re looking for one. We also talked about: You don’t find a good co-host, a good co-host finds you There’s a spritual side to success as a creator - it often requires us to create space to do more of what’s working If you’re looking for a co-host, find one that is complimentary “If you’re looking for a co-host because you think you need a co-host, that’s probably not the best reasons” - Rich Cardona “You can’t fake what you’re into” - Heather Parady on finding your niche Listen to NFT 4 Newbiez Follow Rich on Twitter Follow Heather on Twitter Follow Hector on Twitter
February 25, 2022
The Best Podcast Growth Strategy You're Probably Not Using
Want to know my newest, favorite promotion strategy? Listen in as I cover how you can get more listeners WITHOUT posting a ton of social media content or spending a ton on paid promotions! Follow Hector on Twitter
February 18, 2022
22.9 Million Downloads in a Single Year with Jack Rhysider
Find out how Jack Rhysider grew the Darknet Diaries to almost 23 million downloads in 2021. Follow Jack on Twitter Learn More from Jack Follow Hector on Twitter
February 11, 2022
Podcast Growth Happy Hour with Arielle Nissenblatt, Evo Terra, Jeremy Ryan Slate, and James Bishop (Twitter Spaces Recording)
Find out what’s working in the podcasting space and what creators need to be focusing on heading into 2022. Follow Hector on Twitter Follow Arielle on Twitter Follow Evo on Twitter Follow Jeremy on Twitter Follow James on Twitter Fill out a short survey to collaborate with other hosts!
February 06, 2022
Growing a narrative podcast with feed drops - interview with Kevin from ‘The Jury Room Podcast’
Hector and Kevin discuss how to market a narrative show and some creative ways you can leverage other shows to grow your audience! ‘The Jury Room Podcast’ Follow Kevin on Twitter Follow Hector on Twitter Click here to get my favorite podcast marketing resources.
January 29, 2022
Using Google Ads to Grow Your Podcast with Greg from Indie Drop-In
Find out how Greg from Indie Drop-In connects independent podcasts with new listeners. We get into the culture of indie podcasting and also how he uses pay-per-click ads to grow his show. Follow Greg on Twitter Listen to Greg’s Shows Follow Hector on Twitter
January 21, 2022
3 Common Mistakes New Podcasters Are Making... And How You Can Avoid Them
Have you hit a podcast plateau? Are your downloads not where you want them to be? Here are 3 common mistakes that new podcasters make that prevent their show from growing. Connect with Hector on Twitter
January 14, 2022
Free Ways to Grow Your Podcast on Twitter and LinkedIn with Jonaed Iqbal
Learn how Jonaed grew the NoDegree Podcast and brand through LinkedIn and Twitter. Connect with Jonaed on LinkedIn Follow Jonaed on Twitter Connect with Hector on LinkedIn Follow Hector on Twitter
January 07, 2022
Our Best Podcast Advice for 2022
Listen to this year's recap with highlights from episodes with Hala Taha, Evo Terra, Arielle Nissenblatt, and Chris Do! Don't forget to connect with Hector on Twitter!
December 31, 2021
Sustaining Your Podcast and Lessons from 100+ Episodes with Nate Palmer
Find out how Nate has kept released over 140 episodes over the last several years -- and the things he learned along the way. Follow Nate on Instagram Follow Hector on Twitter
December 27, 2021
Foundations of a Great Podcast: What I Learned After Producing 6 Podcasts in 2021
I've spent the last 6 months producing 6 different podcasts. Here's what I learned! Come find me on Twitter if you need any help!
December 22, 2021
2 Easy Ways to Get Podcast Reviews and More Paid Subscribers
Want to get more podcast reviews? Here's a short toolbox episode with some easy ways to get more reviews and paid subscribers. For more help marketing your podcast, visit
October 27, 2021
Using Newsletters to Grow Your Podcast with Arielle Nissenblatt of EarBuds Podcast Collective
Learn how you can use podcast newsletters to increase your downloads! Follow Arielle on Twitter Follow Hector on Twitter Connect with Hector on LinkedIn
October 07, 2021
Podcasting in a Van with Pat Flynn and Recording Podcasts at Live Events
This episode features a segment from Pat Flynn's interview on the DigitalMarketer Podcast. For more help marketing your podcast, visit
September 17, 2021
5 Ways to Use Podcast Platforms like Apple and Spotify to Grow Your Show
Here's 5 ways that you can leverage podcast platforms to grow your show. Let me know which ones are working for oyu! Submit your show to Apple Create a podcast playlist on Spotify Contact Podbean Advertise your podcast on Overcast Advertise on iHeartMedia
September 06, 2021
Branding Your Podcast: Beyond the Basics with Yvonne Ivanescu
Branding your podcast is about more than just your cover art and logos. On this episode of the MYP Show, Hector chats with Yvonne Ivanescu, the host of 'The Branding Lab Podcast' about what's really necessary to create a brand that really resonates with your audience. Click here to learn more about Yvonne. Click here for help marketing your podcast.
August 20, 2021
How to Double Your Downloads without (Necessarily) Needing to Do Twice the Amount of Work
Here's 3 Simple Ways to Almost 2X Your Podcast's Downloads! Get more help marketing your podcast at
August 14, 2021
Monetizing Your Podcast with Erin MacPherson of the Scalable Media Network
Learn the keys to monetizing your content with Erin MacPherson. ⭐ Learn how Nickelodeon started the influencer craze with new moms... ⭐ The mistake Elmer's Glue made when creating branded content ⭐ And the one thing you need to to before you can start getting sponsors for your show! And if you are interested in having joining the The Scalable Company's Podcast Network to get sponsors for your show -- you can reach out to
August 07, 2021
Repurposing Your Podcast | 6 Steps to Getting the Most out of Your Show
Are you getting the most out of your podcast? Here's 5 Ways to #Repurpose Your #Podcast to get more downloads for your show... or sales for your business!
July 30, 2021
Improving Your Podcast’s Sound Quality | Why Your Audio Equipment Matters with Ryan White of Rode Microphones
Sound quality is so important for the success of your show. Learn why every podcaster should consider upgrading their equipment and learn the best type of equipment for your stage of the game. Learn more about Rode Microphones at For more help marketing your podcast, visit
July 23, 2021
Podcast SEO - The Truth About Discoverability
"Podcast SEO is not a viable option." That's what Mark Steadman and James Cridland wrote in Podnews. Here's a few more takeaways and what you can still do to get your episode discovered.
July 16, 2021
15 Years of Podcasting with Evo Terra
Evo Terra is a podcast industry superstar. He launched the 40th podcast EVER, and I love hum because he is outspoken, forward-thinking, and unafraid to give you an unpopular opinion about how to have a successful show. He was kind enough to come on the ‘Marketing Your Podcast’ show and talk about: His 20 year history in podcasting and his experience hosting a syndicated internet radio show. How he launched his first podcast back in 2004 and grew a podcast network to around 700 shows And how he was able to use his podcast to launch his business Simpler Media. We also discuss how new podcast tech is making it easier to create podcasts -- and also how one of our favorite tools, Descript, has forever changed the way podcasts are edited. Plus we get into some ways that newer shows can still succeed in today’s podcast industry. It’s a great conversation that will be valuable to podcasters of all experiences. You can hear Evo daily on his show Podcast Pontifications and also follow him on Twitter. For more help marketing your podcast, visit
July 09, 2021
How to Know What Your Listeners Want to Hear
One of the best ways to grow your podcast's downloads is by paying attention to what your audience is telling you. This episode of the 'Marketing Your Podcast' show covers 3 different ways that you can learn what your customers want -- and a bonus method that will give you even more info on how to best serve them. Don't forget to FOLLOW and LEAVE A RATING! For help marketing your podcast, visit
July 01, 2021
Successfully Rebranding Your Podcast with Jackie Brubaker
Jackie Brubaker started a podcast to promote her book only to realize that what she was creating wasn’t resonating with her audience. But after making a few pivots, Jackie created a dramatic shift in her show and also her results. Within six months she was able to have her show listened to over 50,000 times. Hear what she did differently the second time around! You can connect with Jackie on her website and on Instagram
June 24, 2021
Getting More Out of Your Podcasts with Transcripts
Want to get more out of your podcast WITHOUT having to record more episodes? Then you're going to want to get your episodes transcribed. I used to think transcribing your podcast was a waste of money-- especially because it was so costly to get it done with any amount of accuracy. But there's a ton of inexpensive (and accurate) tools that seem to be popping up all over the place. I've recently started using and also just Descript because it incorporates audio editing as well. It's made repurposing content and writing show notes WAY EASIER. But I think I'm going to be transcribing every show from now on.
June 18, 2021
Creating Your Dream with Tonia Tyler
On this episode, Hector is interviewed by Tonia Tyler on the Confident Strides podcast. They talk about how personal growth and your willingness to explore your options can help turn your dreams into a reality. Hector shares how knowing your why can help you find your niche and your sweet spot.
June 10, 2021
Should You Join a Podcast Network? (Toolbox Episode)
Podcasters typically have the question, "Should I join a podcast network?" If they answered yes, then their next question is usually "How do I join one?" or maybe even "How does a podcast network work?"  This episode tries to answer some of those questions.  On this toolbox edition of the 'Marketing Your Podcast Show' we cover: 🤷‍ Why you might want to join a #podcast network.. and why you might NOT ✅ What you can expect when researching different #podcastnetworks 🏁 And a few steps you can take to get your show onto a network. Please hit the FOLLOW or SUBSCRIBE button to get updated on more shows to help grow your podcast! Go to for more help marketing your podcast.
June 06, 2021
How to Start a Podcast Network with Dr. Joe Sallustio of the EdUp Experience
On this interview of the Marketing Your Podcast show, Hector and Joe discuss the steps necessary to start a podcast network. Joe talks about why he decided to start a podcast network (after already having a successful podcast)... He shares how he was able to grow his network to almost twenty different podcasts by creating “spinoffs” and also creating network shows… Joe also shares some tips on how to market and grow your show and why joining a podcast network might be the best route for your show. You can connect with Joe on LinkedIn and subscribe to the EdUp Experience wherever you listen to your podcasts! For more help marketing your podcast, go to
June 03, 2021
How to Avoid Podfade (pt.2) and Grow a Sustainable Show
Learn how to avoid podfade and create a successful, sustainable podcast. Listen to this episode to hear three ways you can avoid podcast burnout. This episode covers: Why setting up systems and routines can help you publish your podcast on time every week… How getting help and support for your podcast can improve your show’s quality and reduce overwhelm… What checking your podcast’s stats can do to your mental health and motivation for your podcast… For more help marketing your podcast, go to
May 28, 2021
Should You Join a Podcast Network with Sean McCoy of OGGN
On this episode of ‘Marketing Your Podcast’ we cover: ✅ What a podcast network is... ✅ Why hosts might want to join a network... ✅ And also the “negative” side of joining a podcast network. You can find more about Sean’s network at For more help marketing your podcast, visit
May 24, 2021
Avoiding Podfade Pt. 1
Podfade can be a podcast hosts biggest nightmare... Here's what Podfade is and my experience with a failed show! + Get more help marketing your podcast at + Connect with me on LinkedIn -
May 19, 2021
The Fastest Growing Podcast Market in the World: India, with Priyanka Komala
Can you guess the fastest growing podcast market in the world right now? There's over a BILLION English-speaking, tech-savvy individuals that most of the podcast industry is ignoring. At least I know I was... Because everyone always focuses on the "big six" that includes the U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand... But they forget about the biggest country of them all.... Priyanka Komala joins the MYP Show to talk about why India is a market that podcasters can’t afford to ignore anymore. She talks about why the Indian population are ideal podcast listeners… … And also how you might be able start appealing to them as listeners. She also shares why she decided to use her podcast, ‘Curry Up Leadership,’ to bring awareness to the Asian community. You can learn more about her at and connect with her on LinkedIn.
May 05, 2021
Monetize Your Podcast on Apple, Spotify, and Patreon
Apple and Spotify both announced that they'll be offering premium subscriptions for podcasters. This episode breaks down the pros and cons of both premium platforms and also my suggestion for the best place for a podcast to monetize their show. Follow me on Linkedin: Hector Santiesteban For more help marketing your podcast, visit
April 30, 2021
Marketing Your Podcast on Instagram with Alex Wilkie
This interview is with Instagram expert Alex Wilkie. It's from the archives of my previous that failed. However, the interviews were still full of great gems. We talk about ways that you can grow your brand, your business, and your podcast. You can join Alex's Facebook Group: Inside Instagram
April 27, 2021
Monetize Your Podcast with Merchandise
Selling merchandise is another great way to make money for your podcast. You can print your show’s logo, tagline, or even inside jokes that the audience would appreciate. The good news is you don’t have to buy a bunch of shirts and products and ship everything yourself. There are businesses that will print and sell your products ONLY when you sell one. This means that all you have to do is sit back and collect the profits. There are a variety of drop shipping companies that offer different products and options. Do your research to find the one that makes sense for your business. For more help marketing your podcast, visit
April 23, 2021
Podcast Advertising Playbook with Heather Osgood
Heather Osgood comes on the show to talk about Podcast Advertising: who it is for, what it is, and how to get started! She also shares how big your show needs to be in order to start attracting sponsors and how smaller shows can still monetize their audience with podcast. Plus she gets into how you can set up your show to utilize sponsorships down the road! You can listen to her podcast The Podcast Advertising Playbook: Connect with her on LinkedIn:
April 19, 2021
Monetizing with Fan Clubs and Masterminds
Today’s toolkit edition will help you monetize your podcast with fan clubs and masterminds. In today’s world, access reigns supreme. The growing popularity of OnlyFans has shown why creating an exclusive, private community can be a great value add for your audience. Plus it can be a huge revenue generator for yourself.  But don’t think that this is only for someone posting naughty pictures. 200,000+ creators on Patreon have already created private, paid communities that support their show. Fan clubs can offer things like exclusive content, discounts on merchandise, and even the ability to connect LIVE with the host. For more help marketing your podcast, visit
April 15, 2021
Production and Growth with Justin Schenck
Justin is an 'INC. Magazine Top Podcaster' who helps people produce and monetize their podcast so they can 10x their income and audience. On this episode we talk about: How your production value impacts your results How you can infuse your personality into your show How to delegate and work with a podcast editor and producer And how to balance everything that's required for podcasting! You can listen to Justin's podcast 'The Growth Now Movement' and follow Justin on Instagram @JustinTSchenck
April 14, 2021
Monetizing Your Podcast pt. 2
On today's episode we talk more about monetizing your podcast. Just having more listeners or subscribers doesn’t actually equate to anything. Those are vanity metrics that don’t really give you a real idea of the sustainability of the show. Podcasts can often break even or even make a profit from utilizing their platform correctly. My best advice is to make the show your marketing for some other product. Your show is not the product, it’s the marketing for something else.  This doesn’t mean you have to do QVC, this means that you need to find ways to direct your audience respectfully to things that can monetize your show. This can be a quick ad for some show merchandise at the beginning. Or you can get them onto a text or email list and send them marketing follow ups after that. The idea is to utilize the attention that you have with your audience after they’ve spent a larger amount of time with you.
April 09, 2021
Captivate Your Audience with Mark Asquith
On today’s episode we talked Mark Asquith, the founder of Captivate.FM and Rebel Base Media, about how you can create raving fans that support and sustain your show. We also talked about whether or not the podcast industry is in a Renaissance… And how you can stand out from some of the big players in the industry. Learn more about Mark at
April 05, 2021
Monetizing Your Podcast pt. 1
Not every podcast host wants to monetize their show -  especially right away.  But monetizing your show can be a great way to make sure your show keeps going. It'll also allow the host to focus on creating great content and not on the editing and promotion of it. If you want your show to (eventually) start making money here are some important reminders... For more help marketing your podcast, visit
April 01, 2021
The Power of Podcasting with Rob Greenlee
On this episode we chat with one of the legends of podcasting, Rob Greenlee. He's one of the first-ever podcasters and created his first show back in 2004. Rob is the VP of Content and Partnerships at Libsyn (LSYN) and current Founding Board of Governor Member and Former Chairperson of and is a well-known evangelist of the podcasting industry and was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame in 2017. Formerly served as VP, Podcaster Relations at Voxnext’s Spreaker and Head of Partnerships and Head of Content. We talk about why podcasts are so powerful... What makes a good show... And how podcasters can create a successful and sustainable show. You can find Rob on Twitter at @robgreenlee and on LinkedIn! You can also listen to his show, 'New Media Show' at
March 29, 2021
Growing Your Podcast from Scratch: The Direct Connect Method
Learn how you can grow your show from scratch with zero followers! On this episode of the 'Marketing Your Podcast show, Hector explains how you can use Instagram and LinkedIn to grow your podcast - even if you have zero followers. This method also works great for established shows who want to create a greater sense of community with their listeners! Follow/Favorite the Show to Get Our Newest Episodes! Connect with me on LinkedIn - Hector Santiesteban! For help marketing your podcast, go to
March 25, 2021
Create an Award-Winning Brand with Chris Do
Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO and Chief Strategist of Blind and the founder of The Futur—an online education platform with the mission of teaching 1 billion people how to make a living doing what they love. We talk about overcoming imposter syndrome, what it takes to build an incredible brand, and the future of podcasting! To learn more about Chris, go to
March 22, 2021
Growing Your Platform and Community
Today's episode is about creating a platform and growing your community. Your podcast shouldn’t be the end of the road for your listener. Your podcast should open them up to a world of connections and possibilities. Your show is the place where you can create and sustain a connection with your audience. But you also want to provide a way for them to interact and engage with you and other listeners outside of your show. The connections you create with your listeners are crucial to sustaining your show. But the connections you create between your listeners will help you grow it. For more ways to grow your podcast, visit
March 18, 2021
Your Celebrity Podcast Persona with Paul Tokgozoglu
Learn the importance of creating your celebrity persona in order to grow your podcast. Paul Tokgozoglu, the COO of Podcast Powertrain, shares the components of creating a celebrity persona and how it can help grow and market your podcasts. You can learn more about Podcast Powertrain at
March 15, 2021
Podcast Marketing Checklist - Part 2
There's a lot that goes into launching a #podcast... and even more that goes into sustaining it.. Here are next things you need to do grow a successful podcast: Listener Outreach - Unless your show is already surging and experiencing the growth you’d like, you’re going to have to kickstart it. The best way to do that is to roll up your sleeve and (virtually) connect with potential listeners. You can find new listeners on the social media platforms we mentioned. Look for similar shows, influencers, or pages that create content and cater to your audience. Then reach and interact with those people. Like and comment on their posts, show up on their notifications and get them to check out your profile. If you’ve done all the right things, they'll find their way to your show. Listener Database - Cultivating a base of subscribers on your podcast is great, but those can be taken away at any moment. It can happen from an error or someone just deciding they don’t like your show. You don’t want to be at the mercy of those platforms to be able to reach your listeners. So it’s important to start generating your own database of listeners for your show. Then you can communicate with them about new shows or important updates. The most common way to be able to communicate with them is through email but text is very effective. wPUaoMUfi3w4Gq6RULC3
March 11, 2021
Being a Great Podcast Guest with Jeremy Ryan Slate
This episode features an interview with podcast and branding expert Jeremy Slate. We discuss the advantages that podcasts create for businesses who are looking for a deeper way to connect with their audience. You can find out more about Jeremy at
March 08, 2021
Podcast Marketing Checklist - Part 1
There's a lot that goes into launching a podcast... and even more that goes into sustaining it.. So to keep it simple -- here's 10 things you need to focus on if you want to have a successful, sustainable show 👇 Here are the ones we cover today: Podcast Platforms Make sure your podcast is listed on as many platforms as possible. Get on Apple and Spotify - those are obvious. But also make sure you're on all the smaller platforms like Anchor, Podbean, and Stitcher. These platforms continue to grow as more people get introduced to podcasts. Podcast Thumbnail/Logo - Potential listeners judge your show based on two things: your title and your cover. Make sure those two things convey what your show is about. Use that real estate wisely and make sure people understand what your show is about. Podcast Description - Your podcast's description is vital for people to find and understand what your show is about. It also helps your podcast show up in the correct searches. Make sure your description is simple, easy to read, and tells listeners what to expect. You can also share what they can expect to gain, learn, or experience from the show. Include important keywords in your description that people will also be searching for. This will help you rank and show up in those search results as well. Podcast Banner - An often overlooked component of your marketing is your banner. You’ll want to make sure that your logo and thumbnail can be repurposed to fill a banner. You'll use this banner in places such as you social media channels and also your website. Having this banner ready helps to bring your podcast’s brand to life by extending it more than a just a thumbnail. Make sure to use the same colors, fonts, and themes so that the branding is consistent across all of your assets. Podcast Website - Having your own website is vital to sustaining your show. It gives your more control and flexibility to do different things to help grow your show. A website can give you more insight and analytics into your listeners. It also gives you the opportunity to offer different monetization channels. You can use your hosting platform’s website, but I also recommend having some domain of your own. Having both will help your search rankings. YouTube - It's important for your podcast to also be on YouTube. Many people listen to podcasts on YouTube and  it's another great place to grow your audience.  You can create original just for YouTube. Or you can repurpose your podcast's content.  Another benefit is YouTube is likely to show up in search results . Instagram - The other platform you can build an audience on is Instagram. This is the easiest place to cultivate a community. You can create a page for your show and interact directly with your listeners. This means you can message your listeners directly from your podcast’s page. You can't do that on platforms like Facebook or YouTube. Instagram also gives you exposure outside of your current followers. There's even the (although small) possibility of going viral. LinkedIn/Tik Tok - Depending on your show, you can also also grow your audience through LinkedIn or Tik Tok. If your show's listeners are older professionals, you might consider LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, your content can reach new people without having to spend any money on ads. They also have a highly targeted ad platform that can be incredibly useful for certain shows. Tik Tok offers similar abilities to reach new audiences - albeit to a different
March 04, 2021
Grow through Guesting with Rachel Clancy
The number one, hands-down, best way to market your own podcast is by being a guest on other podcasts. They already listen to podcasts, so it’s much easier for them to find and subscribe to your show. Plus, being a podcast guest allows you to promote your show while creating authentic connections with potential listeners. Every guest appearance exposes your show to potential listeners while building your credibility and authority. Because most people listen to the whole podcast, you'll have a better chance to connect with the audience. It's also likely that you'll have an opportunity to share your podcast with the listeners. This is a perfect time to ask them to listen and subscribe. You can find more about Rachel and what she does at
March 01, 2021
Getting Booked on Podcasts
The most affordable way to grow your podcast is by being a guest on other shows. There's nothing else that even comes close. That sounds simple, but here's some ways you can get booked on even more podcasts!
February 25, 2021
Guest on More Podcasts with Alex Sanfilippo of Podmatch
Being a guest on other podcasts is the best way to increase your downloads. Guesting on other people’s shows is a great way to cross-promote your shows to each other’s audiences. This means that you’ll be able to get some of their listeners that are interested in your show and vice versa. The key is finding shows that are also in your niche. Because people only release 1-2 shows per week, there’s a lot of room for collaboration instead of competition. Today's guest is Alex Sanfilippo, the founder of Podmatch. Podmatch helps to "MATCH IDEAL PODCAST GUESTS AND HOSTS TOGETHER TO PRODUCE HIGH QUALITY INTERVIEWS."  We talk about why you should make guesting a part of your podcast marketing strategy and also how you can maximize your efforts. Here's some tips from the show: Make a list of all the big and small shows in your niche. The larger shows will have a bigger audience but they may not be as willing to collaborate with you. But don't be afraid to guest on small shows. They have the added benefit of usually having extra loyal listeners. This makes it easier to convert them as a listener to your show. show. You can join for free at
February 22, 2021
Podcast Marketing Basics - Community & Platform
On this episode you'll learn why growing a community and building your platform is vital to the success of your podcast. Too many podcasts see themselves as an audio-only show that comes out on Apple and Spotify. But the biggest shows don’t limit themselves to audio. They also find a way to reach and engage their listeners on other popular platforms. You can leverage these platforms to build your audience while creating raving fans. Podcasts are great because you can upload them one time and distribute it to a variety of different sites like iTunes and Spotify. But podcasts can be one-directional making it challenging to connect with your listeners. That’s why platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and (even newer platforms like) Tik Tok are important for the growth and monetization of a show. Depending on your audience, you may want to focus on different platforms. If your audience trends older and more professional, LinkedIn may be a great place for you to grow your show. But if your listeners are younger, then maybe Instagram or Tik Tok will be a better place to focus your time Get more resources at
February 18, 2021
10,000 Podcast Downloads a Day with Hala Taha
Hala Taha is the host of the 'Young and Profiting' podcast and recently featured on the cover of 'Podcast Magazine.' She shares her journey from getting a few thousand downloads per month to having her podcast downloaded 10,000 times EVERY DAY! She talks about why the majority of those downloads aren't coming  from Apple, and shares a perspective that might shock a lot of podcast hosts. She also shares how shows of any size can grow their audience by rolling up their sleeves and engaging with their community, and why growing your podcast doesn't have to cost a lot of money or require any complex sales funnels. You can listen to her show at And follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram!
February 15, 2021
Podcast Marketing Basics - Branding
This initial episode of the 'Marketing Your Podcast' Show covers one of the basics of growing a podcast: your branding. This episode is a special "toolkit" edition that will give you the tools and tactics to grow your podcast. Whether you hit Apple's top charts right out the gate or struggled to get an audience early, you'll find practical ways you can improve your show's marketing and branding. We mention ways that you can improve your show's cover art as well as the other assets you'll have to create in order to successfully promote and sustain your podcast. If you need help marketing your podcast, visit for more resources
February 15, 2021
Intro - What is the 'MYP' Show?
Welcome to the 'Marketing Your Podcast' Show! This show is for anyone who wants to grow their podcast, impact the world, and live a lifestyle they dream of. You'll learn how to grow an audience and create a community of raving fans! Hit the SUBSCRIBE button and leave a review/comment/rating with what you want us to cover next!
February 06, 2021