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Marketing For The Sales Guy

Marketing For The Sales Guy

By Jeremy Orritt
Marketing ideas for B2B marketing professionals and for sales people that want to reach and engage with prospects in a different way.
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Working from home

Marketing For The Sales Guy

Working from home

Marketing For The Sales Guy

Inward Investment Marketing
A good discussion with Tim Saw Director of Strategic Communications and Partnerships at InvestKL. InvestKL is an Investment Promotion Agency focused on attracting multinational and fast growing companies to establish their regional hubs in Greater Kuala Lumpur. Tim and his team have been successful in attracting multinational companies to locate in Greater KL, but we look at some of the challenges in the industry at attracting investment and relocation and how different that is to marketing normal products and services. We also discuss his approach to content marketing and how live events, traditionally a strong channel for marketing inward investment, has been impacted and how InvestKl have gone about developing and maintaining relationships. To find out more about InvestKL visit their website at: To connect with Tim do reach out to him on LinkedIn:
March 16, 2021
Self Identity & Marketing
I really enjoyed this discussion with Chris Greenough Chief Marketing Officer at Everise - a customer experience transformation company. We talked about a number of ideas around self identity and what that means for marketing, including some of the following: - Self identity & marketing - predictions for the next decade. - Deep fakes and new face? - Synthetic influencers and bots. - Dark marketing and moves towards anti-technology. Link to podcast: If you want to connect with Chris: Link to Chris's article relating to this podcast:
November 30, 2020
Selling With Authentic Persuasion
An interview with Jason Cutter CEO and Founder of Cutter Consulting Group and author of "Selling With Authentic Persuasion". Today on the program we talk about sales and cover the following topics: - Sales stereotypes: how true are they? -  Three key ideas from Jason's recent book - self awareness, "your why" and leadership - Understanding your prospects - Challenges in sales today - Persuasion or manipulation - Jason's take on this. - How sales has changed? - Moving conversations forward For any questions about what we have discussed, enquiries about sales training or to find out more about Jason's book you can reach him on LinkedIn:  Or, probably the best way to connect is via the website: - where you can access Jason's book, podcast, and lots of great content.
November 4, 2020
Fake Sales & Marketing Alignment
A solo episode this time where I review two articles on Sales & Marketing alignment and give my own views. I cover some of the following topics: - A checklist of ideas that aim to help  sales and marketing alignment - Practical ideas for sales and marketing teams to use - A discussion on social selling and the role that plays. - Some uncomfortable truths about sales & marketing alignment Here are links to the two articles I discussed in the program: Hubspot article by Carolina Samsing: Salesforce article taken from Jill Rowly talk at Dreamforce conference:
September 30, 2020
Myths About Programmatic Advertising
An interview with Cristina Viscasillas from the media agency Carat based in Singapore. Today on the program we talk about all things programmatic advertising and cover the following topics: - What parts of the marketing funnel are best suited to programmatic? - Targeting - How targeted can you be? How targeted should you be? - What size and kind of companies could best utilize programmatic? - What about brand safety? - What does the future hold for programmatic in the next few years? Cristina suggested a few sources to find out more about programmatic advertising, including the following: Or you can reach out to Cristina on LinkedIn if you have any questions.
August 11, 2020
Branding with Purpose
An interview with Piyachart Isarphakdee (Arm), CEO at Brandi - a brand consulting firm based in Bangkok, Thailand. We cover a fair few topics in this episode so I have listed out so of the main items we discuss: Brand centralisation - Not just about profit, but shared values, the three P's: Profit, People & Planet Brand 4.0 - The four stages: 1. Industrialisation (Products/Services), 2. Information (Greater customer personalisation), 3. Social (Shared community values), 4. Transformation (The consumer is in charge) How to cope with Covid-19 - Focus on operations for sure, but think about changing mindset to value based and seek new opportunities The Brandi approach - Above the ocean strategy How can a brand develop purpose - Pick one of the 17 global Social Development Goals, the one that makes most sense for your brand. Brands with negative perception - Improve your process in some way that creates something positive or separate product and brand and do some good with your brand and produce a net positive impact. For more information about Brandi you can reach them at:
July 5, 2020
Marketing Mix Modeling
A discussion this week with Ty Yaffe from Luxu Technologies on a variety of sales & marketing ideas including: - Video messaging - Multi touch marketing attribution - Marketing mix modeling - How to experiment with your marketing - Facebook shops and shopify: making it easier yor your customers To reach out and connect with Ty you can connect with him at LinkedIn: or Email: 
June 4, 2020
Virtual Events
An interesting discussion on the nature of  webinars and virtual events with Rohan Chandhok, Marketing Director at Oracle Asia Pacific. Rohan talks about rethinking how we view virtual events, how to prepare content, how to differentiate events, how to really engage audiences and ways to promote events. Rohan has a great deal of practical experience in these areas and some really insightful ideas. If you want to reach out to Rohan you can reach him via LinkedIn: or at Twitter @rohanchandhok
May 19, 2020
Trailer - Virtual Events
This week I have Rohan Chandhok, Marketing Director at Oracle, on the show who has some interesting things to say about virtual events and webinars.
May 19, 2020
Working from home
An interview with Andrew Lupton an expert in e-learning, currently employed in a full time contract as a Learning Technology Consultant embedded in a major Hong Kong aviation client Andrew shares his experience and advice on working from home during the coronavirus crisis. We talk about Andrew's experience of using Microsoft Teams. Setting up a structure to work from home, organizing work,meetings and maintaining some work like habits like dress and routines. The importance of being social, sharing and using remote working as an opportunity to get know colleagues better. Also an opportunity to learn something new and motivate each other to learn a new skill each week. Even choosing virtual backgrounds on platform like Zoom can be a source of inspiration and fun to discuss why you chose certain backgrounds. You can connect with Andrew at the following: Twitter: @Edinlearn and LinkedIn Andrew also has some suggestions for further reading on the subject: UK Govt. Cybersecurity: Home working: preparing your organisation and staff Comprehensive home work tips with some great links. Action For happiness wellness site There are also some interesting articles on on this subject at:
April 21, 2020
How effective are webinars in Asia for B2B marketers and some best practice suggestions. How important are webinars for marketers, especially in Asia? - 73% marketers say it is the best way to generate leads - 44% plan to increase investment in webinars - Effective for business leaders, 50% say they use webinars to consume business content - 40% say its most effective way to consume content - Not many figures for Asia, though 60% of marketers use webinars in Singapore (And I am receiving more enquiries about webinars) - ON24 (The webinar platform) report almost 1,800 webinars took place in Asia Pacific using their platform in 2019 What are webinar best practices? - According to Gotowebinars (Another webinar platform) Mon-Wed are best days to promote (Tue best day) and 8-10am best times - Email is still the best channel (73% of registrations), the longer the better to promote but most results happen week before webinar - Generally Wed or Thu best days to have webinar, at either 10am or 11am (Does vary though according to market) - 60 min webinars attract more registrations than 30min webinars and marketing webinars average 30-40% live attendance How can we improve the effectiveness of webinars? - ON24 recommend make the event feel more live, use extensive Q&Q and surveys, treat as engagement not just lead gen. - Use audio, not just video, 60% of webinars are audio, evidence suggests audio works better for execs to consume and retain content - Use shorter webinars, more focused content to create great personalisation - and repurpose for ABM campaigns - Consider "always on" webinars that are activated when prospect view your site, capture the moment they are most interested.
March 12, 2020
Price and Motivation
Be upfront with pricing discussions and what is the right mind of motivation to use for sales teams.
February 2, 2020
Event follow up
Post event lead follow up and marketing
December 15, 2019
ABM & Account Selection
Deciding on most suitable accounts, purchasing intent data, consideration for smaller companies
December 8, 2019
Email Optimization
Subject line tips, timing of emails and email automation
December 1, 2019
ABM and Content Marketing
ABM case study and tips for your content marketing
November 24, 2019