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Green Mars, Part Five: "Homeless" and Guerrilla Climatology

An episode of Marooned! on Mars with Matt and Hilary

By Matt Hauske & Hilary Strang
A read-along podcast exploring the world(s) of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy. Two humanities scholars--and friends!--read and discuss Kim Stanley Robinson's amazing Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars, one part at a time. Occasional guests! Utopian sci-fi fun and thinking! And fun!
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Green Mars, Part 10: "Phase Change," Long Walks, and Designated Arbitrators
In this belated episode, Matt and Hilary discuss Part 10 of GREEN MARS, “Phase Change,” where the revolution happens! We talk about how the revolution comes about, Nadia’s role as “designated arbitrator,” and just how cool and amazing this chapter is in general. We talk about how important it is to find and use the right words to frame what’s happening, to make the revolutionary argument an effective one rhetorically, and using language to conjure something out of nothing. We will be on hiatus for the next week or so, as Hilary gets over the cold Matt gave her during the recording of this episode, Matt and Hilary teach their classes, and Matt submits himself to the whims of the academic job market. Our next episode will likely be a discussion of KSR’s fantastic new novel, RED MOON, followed by a wrap-up episode for GREEN MARS, before plunging into the thrilling finale of the trilogy, BLUE MOON. Stay tuned, and thanks for listening! Rate and review us on iTunes Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us at Send us voicemails of 1 minute or less on the Anchor app
October 28, 2018
Our Dinner With Stan
Matt and Hilary met Kim Stanley Robinson last week and had dinner with him! We lived to tell the tale, and this is the episode where we tell it. We'll be back later in the week with our episode about the final part of Green Mars, "Phase Change." Rate and review us on iTunes Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us at Send us a voicemail using the app.
October 15, 2018
Green Mars, Part 9: "The Spur of the Moment" and Cats on the Table
Sorry this is late! We’ve been teaching and Matt has time-management issues! Matt and Hilary start by talking about what they're teaching, which are both, in their ways, cyborg manifestoes. Then, into the chapter, where Maya wrestles with histories both personal and political as she furiously plans (and patiently waits) for the future of Mars. Michel does some opti-Maya-zation (thank you, you're welcome), Sax is mysterious, and Coyote knows all. One thing that's really cool about this chapter is Maya's realization of the power of laughter in imagining the future and hooking into youthful energy, as well as the twin needs of organizing personal & political erotics while forestalling any premature...uh, rash acts. Plus, we follow Maya as she dives into “Frank’s whole deal of being weird,” as Matt so eloquently puts it. Frequently, there are cats on the table. Email: Rate&review on iTunes Leave voicemails on Anchor app! Twitter: @podcastonmars
October 4, 2018
Green Mars, Part 8: "Social Engineering," Sax Russell, and Unilateralism
In this episode, Sax Russell goes rogue! The former Stephen Lindholm makes some unilateral decisions about the future of Mars, i.e., blowing up the soletta and shooting Deimos out of orbit. Why does he do this? Matt and Hilary discuss! Theory 1. Sax is a changed man after all jacked up on sea star (not starfish!!!) DNA. Theory 2. John Cusack:boombox::Sax:soletta. We talk about the weirdly ironic voice in the chapter – we're with Sax, yet not. And we talk about the ever-evolving relationship between Ann and Sax. One of them is changing – why won't the other?? Rate and review us on iTunes! Email:! Twitter: @podcastonmars Send us voicemails using Anchor app! Music: Spirit of Space
September 25, 2018
Green Mars, Part 7.2: "What Is to Be Done?" William Fort: the Ancient Dolphin
In the second part of our discussion of Part 7 of Green Mars, "What is To Be Done?," Matt and Hilary talk about pot luck dinners, constitutional conventions, and William Fort, the ancient dolphin! First we recap why we like this chapter so much (because it's about writing a constitution) and why we're drawn to the idea of writing a constitution (because we need a new one). Matt botches the "freedom is an endless meeting" joke yet again, and Hilary explains why writing a constitution is the most deeply science fictional thing you could do. We read through the 7 work points for a Martian government...but with a twist! References: Richard Grusin, "Culture, Technology, and the Creation of America's National Parks. Chicago politicians/ candidates Matt mentioned: Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, Ugo Okere, Byron Sigcho, and Amara Enyia. Rate and review us on iTunes! Email:! Twitter: @podcastonmars Send us voicemails using Anchor app! Music: Spirit of Space
September 18, 2018
Green Mars, Part 7: "What Is to Be Done?" Part 1, the Gift Economy, and Family Issues
In this episode, Matt and Hilary cover the first half of Part 7, "What Is to Be Done?" This part is about the pivotal Dorsa Brevia conference, where hundreds of representatives of the various groups of the Martian demimonde gather to create a constitution. Matt & Hilary discuss the gift economy, the old/new Ann/ Sax debate, the role of Nadia, Art, and Nirgal in the Dorsa Brevia conference, and ponder the age old question: Why do the Swiss refuse to wear jumpsuits? There's just too much to talk about in this part, so we're going to be releasing two episodes. (I won't claim that this episode couldn't use some editing...) This discussion ends just before William Fort arrives. Rate and review us on iTunes! Email us at! Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Send us voicemails using the Anchor app! Music by The Spirit of Space.
September 10, 2018
Green Mars--Listener Mailbag!
In this episode of Marooned! on Mars with Matt and Hilary, Matt and Hilary respond to your voicemails! We received three voicemails from listeners that provided the opportunity to do a whole mess of TALKING. This one got away from us a little bit, but responding to your voicemails was really fun and provided a nice opportunity to sort of regroup before we discover "What is to be done?" at the Dorsa Brevia conference and tackle Part 7 of Green Mars, which we'll do in two parts, the first of which will be released soon. Here, for your listening pleasure, we talk a bit about other KSR novels, the possibilities of social change, folktales, and Martian mass culture. YOU can leave us a voicemail on the app! (Thanks to Chris, Bill, and Phil for being the first brave souls to do so.) YOU can email us at! YOU can rate and review us on iTunes (and the Anchor app)! YOU can follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars! Music by The Spirit of Space.
September 3, 2018
Green Mars, Part 6: "Tariqat" (Part 2) Political Economy and Culture of the Demimonde
Matt and Hilary continue their discussion of "Tariqat," Part 6 of KSR's Green Mars. We focus on the emergent political economy of Mars' demimonde, as practiced by Coyote as he circulates between the various underground factions. M & H try to figure out the nitrogen-based gift economy and about the place of gifts within social relations. References include Gayle Rubin, "The Traffic in Women;" David Graeber, "Debt;" and a comment about Chinese railroad workers that was misattributed to KSR but which actually comes from McKenzie Wark's article on Occupy, "This Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit." In the background, please enjoy the sounds of the Chicago Air & Water (mostly air) Show dress rehearsals and our old friends the cicadas. Also, near the end, the ice cream truck. Enjoy us on the app, where you can leave us voicemails! Rate and review: iTunes @podcastonmars Email: maroonedonmarspodcast@gmail Music: The Spirit of Space Next week: Nadia and the new Martian constitution!
August 27, 2018
Green Mars, Part 6: "Tariqat," Culture, and the next John Boone
Matt & Hilary discuss Part 6 of Green Mars, "Tariqat." Focalized through Nirgal, we also get a healthy dose of the the way Spencer and Art come to know the underground of Mars, as they, along with Coyote and Sax, drive around in a boulder car after the daring jailbreak in Part 5. Our discussion of "Tariqat" is divided into two parts, as there's just too much going on. Here, we focus on Nirgal, Art, and Coyote, especially Nirgal's experience of Sabishii and its (highly enviable) university system, the continued emergence of uniquely Martian cultures, and a bit about Sax's rehabilitation. Next time we'll talk the gift economy and the beginning of Nadia's search for a political resolution to the conflicts among the demimonde. Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us at Rate/review us on iTunes Music by The Spirit of Space If you download the app you can leave us voicemails!
August 19, 2018
Green Mars, Part Five: "Homeless" and Guerrilla Climatology
Matt and Hilary discuss Part Five of Kim Stanley Robinson's Green Mars, "Homeless," from the perspective of Michel. This one's action packed, as Michel and Maya break into the Martian prison at Kasei Vallis to rescue Sax from his torturer-interrogators! Coyote has a few tricks up his sleeve. Memory and childhood take a central place in this chapter, as the first hundred are getting older and continuing to forget things--and that seems to be analogous to the reader's experience with these very long novels! We've switched podcast hosts to, so hopefully there is no interruption in service. There's now an option to support our (still free!) podcast. We'll soon be available on lots more platforms besides just iTunes and Google Play, as well. Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us at Rate and review us on iTunes and wherever you review podcasts on the Google Play thingie. Original title music by The Spirit of Space
August 14, 2018
Green Mars, Part Four: "The Scientist as Hero," Sleeping with the Enemy, and the Magic of Lenses
Matt and Hilary discuss Part Four of Kim Stanley Robinson's "Green Mars," "The Scientist as Hero," told from the perspective of Sax Russell. The first chapter from the perspective of Sax, and it's unique in that it contains a lot of overlap with other chapters, so we see the full conversation between Ann and Sax from Part 3 that Ann couldn't remember, and we get an oblique reference to Art Randolph. We also get our greatest exposure to Phyllis, who was last seen on Clarke, speeding toward Jupiter on Clarke faster than any human had ever gone, after the cable was broken. M & H discuss the meaning of "The Scientist as Hero," which, upon extra-podcast inspection, is a reference to Martin Arrowsmith, the title character of Sinclair Lewis’s novel *Arrowsmith* (Hilary was right…again). An article in *American Quarterly* from 1963 by Charles E. Rosenberg, “Martin Arrowsmith: The Scientist as Hero,” describes him as research a scientist cast as a heroic protagonist.
August 8, 2018
Green Mars, Part Three: "Long Runout," Action, and Thinking Like a Stone
Matt and Hilary discuss Part Three of Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, "Long Runout," an Ann Clayborne chapter. We find Ann in mourning, stunned after the losses of Simon, Frank, and Mars itself, driving around the surface, conducting research and trying to think like a stone. Matt and Hilary make jokes about the problem of the other minds, and they read and discuss some recent Mars news, including a front page essay in the New York Times (which they critique heartily) and an interview with KSR in good ol' news aggregator Huffington Post. Then it's a deep dive into Ann and Coyote's attempts to activate her back into (political) life. Go to meetings! Get involved! Be happy to see other people! We're all we've got! This one is really good, folks! And long! Now available on Google Play. Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us at Rate and review us on iTunes and Google Play! Original title music by The Spirit of Space
August 3, 2018
Green Mars, Part Two: "The Ambassador," Alternate Sensoriums, and Acquiring Mars
Matt and Hilary discuss Part Two of Green Mars, The Ambassador. Suddenly we're back to Earth and introduced to Art Randolph and William Fort, who set out to "acquire" Mars. The space elevator gets reconnected in the prologue, and eccentric jillionaire scientist guru Praxis-head William Fort and Steve Jobs/ Willy Wonka wannabe invites Art Randolph to one of his infamous, mysterious seminars and tasks him with "acquiring" Mars. Art gets nauseous on the trip to the Red Planet, and meets a real live Martian! Matt really likes Art Randolph and misses being in seminars. Hilary likes the idea of getting up really early and going for a hike through the fog by the ocean. Great convo'! Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us at Rate and review us on iTunes! Original title music by The Spirit of Space.
July 28, 2018
Green Mars, Part One: "Areoformation," Viriditas, and The Great Unexplainable
Matt and Hilary start the second volume of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy, *Green Mars*! Told from the perspective of Nirgal, a true Martian, we're re-introduced to the world of Mars, the first hundred, and a sense of wonder. We get to see Dr. Robot, the Good Witch, and the Bad Witch as teachers to a new generation of humans born on Mars, with a whole different relationship to and idea of family, planetariness, love, sex, embodiment, and everything else. We're also introduced to Hiroko's concept of viriditas and Sax's idea of The Great Unexplainable, which Nirgal imagines as "the green and the white." Matt and Hilary talk about the defamiliarizing qualities of this chapter, including the thick descriptions of the town of Zygote, hidden under the southern ice cap. We get a lot more about Coyote (including his real name) and his efforts to create a new Martian economy--all seen through the eyes of a child. Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us at maroonedonmarspodcast@gma
July 19, 2018
Red Mars Wrap-Up and the Curse of the Baggy Monster!
Matt and Hilary say goodbye to *Red Mars.* We talk about the New York Times' review of the book (Matt was too lazy and busy to find other, more relevant reviews). Hilary tells us how to read science fiction. We take a deepish dive into Arkady and Hiroko, two charismatic and enigmatic characters that the reader has to construct based on other characters' perceptions and interactions. We talk about SF's status as a literary genre and Matt hits Hilary with a doozy of a question about the status of *Red Mars* as a realist novel, which Hilary handles with her characteristic aplomb and brilliance, and gives a primer on realism vs. utopia the likes of which will not be surpassed in any other KSR-based podcast, I can tell you! Matt reads a line from Walter Benjamin to try to appear smart. We set goals for the podcast going forward, foremost of which is GUESTS, especially SCIENTISTS. If you're a SCIENTIST who wants to be a GUEST, please get in touch!
July 18, 2018
Red Mars, Part Eight: Shikata Ga Nai
The last part of *Red Mars!* Hilary and Matt discuss Part Eight, "Shikata Ga Nai." Told through Ann's perspective, another major character dies, a small group of refugees drives around Mars in a couple of boulder cars, and they arrive at their new home! Hilary teaches Matt about why the Mars Trilogy is not a feminist text. Matt does a brief Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Matt says "yeah" a lot. Hilary says "like" a lot. We're people, give us a break. Spoiler alerts about both *Red Mars* and late eighteenth century Gothic novels and Victorian literature. And, spoiler alert, I don't have a PhD in Thomas Paine Studies. Follow us on Twitter: @maroonedonmarspodcast Email us at Rate and review us on iTunes! Original title music by The Spirit of Space.
June 30, 2018
Red Mars, Part Seven: Senzeni Na
Matt & Hilary discuss Part Seven, "Senzeni Na." See the revolution through the eyes of Nadia! Materialism and ideology! Space elevators, asteroids! Death! Destruction! Machinations! Let's blow up the moon! (I tried some actual editing on this episode--hope it's not annoying! It was very annoying for me to do. I'm having trouble with the levels. I hate audio editing. Ugh. Sucks. A lot of skill involved. Respect audio producers!) Follow us on Twitter: @maroonedonmarspodcast Email us at Rate and review us on iTunes! Original title music by The Spirit of Space. "Senzeni Na" performed by Cape Town Youth Choir: (Thank you, please don't sue us.)
June 27, 2018
Red Mars, Part Five: Guns Under the Table (Part 1??)
We're back! Matt & Hilary talk about the Frank Chalmers section, "Guns Under the Table." Rules, sex, revolution?!?!?! In 2057, will Frank Chalmers successfully negotiate a renewal of the treaty that allows transnational corporations to exploit Mars's resources, while still also limiting immigration from an overcrowded and polluted Earth so that the society being created on Mars won't simply reproduce the mistakes human civilization made in the past? Can revolution be avoided??? FIND OUT!!! Follow us on twitter @podcastonmars Email us at Rate and review us on iTunes!
June 9, 2018
Red Mars, Part Five: Falling into History (Part 2)
In Part 2 of our episode about Part Five, "Falling Into History," Matt and Hilary discuss politics, eco-economics, gifts, and debt! Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us at Rate and review us on iTunes! Don't buy these books on Amazon! Be a guest on our show! Tell your friends!
May 27, 2018
Red Mars, Part Five: Falling into History (Part 1)
Matt & Hilary discuss Part Five of KSR's Red Mars, Falling Into History. It's the John Boone chapter! This is the first part of a two-part episode, because so much happens in this chapter. Here we discuss Boone, embodiment, drugs, genre, cowboys, Arabs, detectives, and landscape. Next week we'll get more into political economy. Spoiler note: Each episode thoroughly discusses the chapter it's about, but doesn't spoil the later chapters. Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us your comments, questions, and suggestions at Rate and review us on iTunes! Thank you for listening!
May 20, 2018
Red Mars, Part Four: Homesick
Matt & Hilary talk about Part Four of Red Mars, "Homesick," which focuses on the lone psychiatrist among the First Hundred, Michel--The Only Frenchman on Mars. Look for a surprise ending (to the chapter, not the episode)! Follow us on Twitter @podcastonmars Email us at maroonedonmarspodcast [at] gmail [dot] com Rate and review us on iTunes!
May 12, 2018
Red Mars, Part Three: The Crucible
We discuss KSR's Red Mars, Part Three, "The Crucible." It's a Nadia section! Lots of things get built, things start to heat up (literally AND figuratively), and I still don't know how to edit audio, nor do I have the time. But that's okay because we're here to talk about the Mars Trilogy, and that is something that we certainly do in this episode, the description of which you are reading right now. You're welcome, and thank you. We have a Twitter! Follow us @podcastonmars We have a Gmail! Email us at maroonedonmarspodcast at gmail dot com We are on iTunes! Rate and review us at Tell your friends about how great and interesting and fun to listen to we are!
May 5, 2018
Red Mars, Part Two: The Voyage Out
Episode 3 of our discussion of KSR's Mars Trilogy. In "The Voyage Out," we're introduced to the First Hundred as they embark on their year-long voyage to Mars. We say "like" a lot and there is no editing...yet! Oh, and we have a Twitter: @podastonmars. And we have an email:
April 28, 2018
Red Mars, Part One: Festival Night
Matt and Hilary dive into the first Part of Kim Stanley Robinson's *Red Mars*, "Festival Night." Meet Frank Chalmers, John Boone, Maya Toitovna, and the citizens of the new Martian town of Nicosia! Sex, intrigue, a political assassination! Wow! Later episodes will be more produced (I'm taking a class...).
April 21, 2018
Introducing "Marooned! on Mars with Matt and Hilary"
Introducing you to the world(s) of Kim Stanley Robinson, Matt, and Hilary, and what this podcast is all about.
April 14, 2018
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