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The Marquez Says Show

The Marquez Says Show

By Marquez Mosher
Looking for some entertaining and engaging conversations about the world we live in? You've found it! So sit back, relax, and have a bit of fun at our expense as we explore some of the most unexpected perspectives you'll ever hear about the topics of the day!
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Society Standards - Who’s fault is it?
Society Standards - Who’s fault is it? So much is being said about Joe Rogan, Spotify, Whoopi Goldberg, Covid information, and the issues we need to actually think about instead of just reacting or, even worse, blindly following. Join us as Austin and I discuss responsibility, critical thinking, and who we think is to blame. What do you think? Will you agree with one of us? Both of us? Listen in and find out! Society Standards - (Recorded 2.4.22)
February 08, 2022
Side Hustles, Discipline, Sacrifice, What’s Holding You Back, and How To Move Forward!
Side Hustles, Discipline, Sacrifice, What’s Holding You Back, and How to Move Forward! We had a plan for this episode, but it quickly took on a life of its own...and that’s good for us and you! Austin and I discuss how to overcome challenges and barriers when starting your own business. Much of it has to do with discipline and sacrifice, and that’s what makes success so much more rewarding! Check out our perspectives and see if you agree. Either way, you’ll come away pumped and ready to go! October 2021 Part 1 - (Recorded 10.03.21)
October 14, 2021
Afghanistan, Mask Mandates, Government Overreach - OnlyFans and Brittney Spears?
Season 2 is here and we are off and running! Austin and I are talking about EVERYTHING. We’re discussing our troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. We’re talking about mask mandates. We’re talking about government overreach. We even throw in a little OnlyFans and Britney Spears! It's a free for all because that’s what we do. We talk about it all! Check out our perspectives and see if you agree. Either way, you’ll have a good time!
August 24, 2021
Technology… Will It Free Us Or Enslave Us? This Serial Killer Might Have The Answer!
Ted Kaczynski...heard of him? Maybe you know him by his nickname, the “Unabomber”. Ring a bell, now? Well, he terrorized a lot of people and even killed a few. Not a good look, but you know what? He wrote a manifesto. Of course he did, he’s an evil genius. In it, he laid out a bleak outlook of the world due to the rise of technology. Is he a prophet or just insane? Listen in as Austin and I discuss his philosophy and try to decide for ourselves. Let’s hear your opinion. What do you think? (Recorded 02.03.21)
February 15, 2021
What Are We Owed? Anything? Everything? Let’s Talk About Entitlement!
At first glance, it seems obvious, right? Somethings we are just entitled to. Well, what are those things? Why do we feel entitled to them? How has that list of items evolved and multiplied to the point where some parts of society feel they are entitled to almost everything? Is this our fault or just a natural, or unnatural, progression? Check out Austin and I’s conversation about why some people feel entitled, whether or not it’s truly valid, and where it is leading us. Will you agree or disagree? Let’s find out! (Recorded 01.27.21)
February 08, 2021
It’s Over! Now What? It’s Time To Transition...But How?
It’s Over! Now What? It’s Time To Transition...But How? Life is about change! Constant change, really. Whether it’s relationships, careers, pop culture, societal norms, we are always transitioning from one thing to another. Sometimes, that transition is obvious. Sometimes, it’s not. It may be a clean break or it might be a convoluted mess. Either way, how we handle that transition is key to our happiness and well being. Listen in to the eclectic conversation Austin and I have about all sorts of transitions including breakups, elections, and almost everything else in between! (Recorded 01.20.21)
February 01, 2021
Privilege...What Is It? Does It Really Exist Or Is It Just An Exaggerated Excuse?
There is a lot of talk about “privilege” these days. What are people really trying to say? Do we throw that word around to cover up some deep seated resentment or is it truly a concept we need to better understand? It’s obvious it doesn’t have just one definition and, therefore, it means different things to different people. It makes all the difference to try and understand the motivation behind each. Check out the conversation Austin and I have exploring the differences and nuances of what privilege can mean. Let’s see how they match up with your concept of privilege! (Recorded 01.15.21)
January 25, 2021
A.J.M. (aka Austin Jordan) Just Released His Latest Album!!! Get A Sneak Peek Now!!!
A.J.M. (aka Austin Jordan) Just Released His Latest Album!!! Get A Sneak Peek Now!!! Yes, you heard that correctly. Ours truly, co-host Austin Jordan, also known as A.J.M., just dropped a new album that you must listen to because it’s so...damn...good! Check out this episode as Austin and I discuss each and every track. You get the behind the scenes tour before anyone else! (Recorded 9.27.20)
January 04, 2021
Why Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, and Other Special Days are Overrated!
I know, I know, I outrageous, right? Well, those days are just days. Nothing more. What they represent is only given by what we decide to do with them. Resolutions, goals, and other promises to ourselves don’t need to wait for a special day. We need them everyday! Listen in as Austin and I dissect the intricacies of why these reflection points are notable, but not necessary, for what we need in order to be successful in life. (Recorded 12.6.20)
December 14, 2020
So...You Hate The “Other Side”. Do You Hate It More Than You Love “Your Side”?
Boy, oh boy, oh boy! This one gets heated. Austin and I get after it over how much division is taking place in politics as well as how much we can trust “polls”. Are we just now at a tipping point or did we cross that line a while ago? Does it even matter? Whatever side of that line you fall on, you don’t want to miss all the perspective and viewpoints we touch on in this episode! (Recorded 11.19.20)
December 07, 2020
Support System...Personal Responsibility...Enabling...Codependency. Are These All Overrated?
Support System...Personal Responsibility...Enabling...Codependency. Are These All Overrated? There is always talk about how important a support system is...but is it really? What part does it play in the overall success for someone? What about accountability? What about those who say one thing and do another? Oh, yes...don’t forget about the cows!! Come join us to navigate this episode as Austin and I dive in to sort out what makes sense and what doesn’t. (Recorded 11.12.20)
November 30, 2020
Your Reality, My Reality, Our Reality...Just Imagined? All Connected? What’s Really Going Here?
We started with a topic of Winners and Losers, Make-ups and Break-Ups, but that didn’t last long...reality set in. They say perception is reality and that we create our own reality. Is this true? How do all these ideas about reality relate to one another? Why does it even matter? Listen in as Austin and I get slightly philosophical and try to figure it all out! (Recorded 11.05.20)
November 16, 2020
“Think More : Care More : LIVE More” - What It Means and Why You Should Apply It To Your Life!
The “Think.Care.LIVE.More” philosophy is all about awareness, kindness, and action! It’s a way to frame your life with a perspective that will improve your current situation and lay the groundwork for a better future. Listen in as Austin and I touch on the key elements and decide for yourself if this is for you. I know you won’t regret it! (Recorded 10.21.20)
November 09, 2020
Vote...Vote...Vote! Why It’s Always Important To Vote and Other Fascinating Election Topics!
Special election episode! We discuss why it is always important to vote, some of the challenges we face as a society, and a hot conversation about the state of today’s politics. It’s a great mash-up of ideas and perspectives and one hell of a point made by Austin. You don’t want to miss this! (Recorded 10.30.20)
October 31, 2020
Success is’s just not easy! Here are some useful tips to help you along the way.
If having success or being successful was easy, we’d all be happy and fulfilled...we’re not. It’s just the reality of the situation….however, we can be! In this episode, Austin and I discuss some practical and helpful tips to help you achieve the success and fulfillment you desire. Check it out! (Recorded 10.16.20)
October 26, 2020
That’s Supposed To Be A Motivational Quote? I Don’t Think So...
Look, I know they mean well and for a good chunk of people it does the job, but c’mon...really? Are we lowering our expectations that much? At what point does it start to hinder growth and exploration? There has to be some context and higher standards to aspire to! Hear what Austin and I have to say and see if you agree. Enjoy! (Recorded 10.1.20)
October 19, 2020
Inspiration, Creation, and All Things "Schara"!
Special Guest Episode! We have singer / songwriter Schara joining us. You may have heard her Top 100 song, Real Love, or saw her video on MTV and now you’ll discover what inspires her songs and how she handles life in these crazy times. You’d be surprised how much Schara and Austin have in common! (Recorded 9.13.20)
October 12, 2020
Do I Have To Like...Or Even Respect...You? What’s The Difference and How Voting Matters!
These days, as always, there is a battle raging about respect and admiration. Is it a right that some deserve automatically? Is it earned? Voting is the great equalizer for both of these issues. See how it’s all connected as Austin and I discuss the many angles of these arguments! (Recorded 10.1.20)
October 05, 2020
Be A Man! What does that even mean? The Many Aspects Of Masculinity
I think we all have an idea of what is perceived as “masculine”. Is it accurate? Does it change? How is it good and bad for society? What about “toxic masculinity”? We get into this as well as current events and trends that are shaping our ideas of masculinity. Definitely a hot topic! (Recorded 9.10.20)
September 28, 2020
Are Conspiracy Theories The New Religion?
They provide an explanation and comfort for those willing to believe. Their assertions are hardly grounded in fact, if any at all, and are practically unprovable...and that’s ok for their followers. They do serve a purpose, though. However, history has shown them to be productive and destructive all at the same time. Which one, exactly, is being described? So worth a listen! (Recorded 9.3.20)
September 21, 2020
Climate Change, Space and Ocean Exploration...Are They Connected? Should They Be?
We’ve all heard about climate change. The imminent impacts and long term destruction, but what about space and ocean exploration? Could that help? Why isn’t there more? Could the answers we’ve been looking for be found with these explorations? Opinions and perspectives are challenged and discussed so listen in and decide for yourself!  (Recorded 8.27.20)
September 14, 2020
How Best To Help Others Achieve Their Success and The Mistakes We Make Along The Way...
Guest Episode!! We have Michael “Putty” Putnam joining us to discuss how best to help others maximize their potential and reach their goals. We talk about the myth of “work / life balance” and whether “skill” or “confidence” is a better starting point to build from. There is a lot of solid information in this episode that can benefit us all. Tune won’t want to miss out! (Recorded 8.13.20)
September 07, 2020
Let’s Go To The Movies! Which Movie Franchises Have Stood The Test of Time?
You know their names...Star Wars, Star Trek, Rocky, Batman, James Bond, etc...We’re talking about franchises that are 40+ years old and still going strong. Which one has the most influence? Which one is most entertaining? Which one doesn’t belong? Check out our unique perspectives and choose for yourself! (Recorded 7.30.20)
August 31, 2020
“Go Back” Or “The Future Is Bright”? Maybe Both? It Depends On What You’re Looking For...
Why is it that some people think the best days are behind them and others believe the best is yet to come? What do you believe? We discuss this from different points of view and the results might just surprise you! (Recorded 7.27.20)
August 24, 2020
What’s In A Word? How Our Perceptions Change Meanings and Its Use In “Cancel Culture”.
“Persuasion” and “Demographics” are OK, but “Manipulation” and “Stereotypes” are not. Why? Words get twisted and misconstrued. Is it really that important to understand how and why? Will it make a difference? Does “Cancel Culture” exist and, if so, use this to its advantage? Things get heated so tune in to find out what happened! (Recorded 7.22.20)
August 17, 2020
Off The Rails! We’re Talking About A Bit of Everything.... It’s A Smorgasbord!
We’re jumping from topic to topic and covering everything from social media posts that seem to make sense...but really don’t (shocker) to the Muppets to emotional well being. You want variety? Here you go! (Recorded 7.13.20)
August 10, 2020
Relationships, Communication, and Why Isn’t Austin Dating?
We’ve all been there...relationships that are good, bad, or just plain ugly. Did we learn what went right, went went wrong? What is the key to a successful relationship and what’s stopping Austin from dating right now? Tune in and find out! (Recorded 7.8.20)
August 03, 2020
Religion, Spirituality, Occult, and...Scooby Doo?
Everyone has an opinion on whether or not there is a place for religion and spirituality in today’s society. The thing is, the occult is just as much a presence, as well. More than that...there’s a direct connection to Scooby Doo! I know you’re curious… Listen in to the conversation with our guest, Tehya Lauren, and see what it’s all about! (Recorded 7.1.20)
July 27, 2020
What The Hell Is Wrong With Our Educational System And Is It Beyond Repair?
We all know the educational system is broken. The question is why and can it be fixed? Yes... No... Maybe... Explore some of our perspectives and ideas that might just surprise you! (Recorded 6.29.20)
July 20, 2020
Self-Care and Gratitude Are Overrated and Why We Should All “Think. Care. LIVE. More.”
I know, I know. It sounds blasphemous that self-care and gratitude are overrated, but listen in to this conversation and decide for yourself. Maybe the “Think More : Care More : LIVE More” mindset will change your mind! (Recorded 6.17.20)
July 13, 2020
History, Confederacy, Misconceptions, Cycles, and Will We Ever Learn?
Does history repeat itself? YES! Will we finally learn the lesson? That still remains unknown. So many issues to talk about. Is there a “correct” perspective on this? Is there only one? (Recorded 6.11.20)
July 06, 2020
Mainstream Media - Are They Really To Blame?
The mainstream media has transformed over the years. It’s time we take a different perspective when referring to it and realize that maybe, just maybe, they’re really not to blame after all. (Recorded 6.5.20)
June 29, 2020
Racism and Why Trying To Be Perfect Can Help
Racism and perfectionism are linked in many ways. Check out this conversation about how they’re intertwined...and why trying to be perfect is a necessity! (Recorded 6.3.20)
June 03, 2020
Social Media and How The 1st Amendment Won’t Help
Why do we feel so entitled to have our say on social media? Check out this conversation of how the 1st Amendment just isn’t going to help...and why that’s exactly the way it should be! (Recorded 5/21/20)
June 01, 2020