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Married To Hip Hop (Not The Drama) with Tracey Lee

Married To Hip Hop (Not The Drama) with Tracey Lee

By LLeft Entertainment
Married To Hip Hop Not The Drama, with Tracey Lee is a Podcast and Facebook LIVE show focused around good music and entertaining conversation featuring recording artist and entertainment lawyer Tracey Lee, DJ Blinks, and their wives, Lori and Kat. The show combines occasional special guests, lifestyle topics, social issues, celebrity news, humor, and music from the worlds of sports and entertainment. Our music selection along with our unique viewpoint from a mature hip hop perspective is what sets us apart. #TLeeNoDrama #MarriedToHipHopPodcast ***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE***
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Episode 203: Hip Hop Infusion
We’re talking about the infusion of hip hop across the diaspora on this episode! Writer, educator, Gabriel Asheru Benn joined us to chat about what hip-hop sounds like globally. Also, we’ve got the Intern Media report, Calsar’s Biz-arz, and DJ Blinks on the 1s and 2s!
January 2, 2019
Episode 202: Schoolhouse Rocks!
Special guest, Timothy Jones joined us for a very interesting conversation about using hip-hop in the classroom to challenge traditional educational systems to help reach the youth and keep them engaged. Also, we’ve got the Intern Media report, Calsar’s Biz-arz, and DJ Blinks on the 1s and 2s! #HipHopEd
November 12, 2018
Episode 204: Suburban Takeover
SPECIAL VOTERS EDITION! Special guest, Von Vargas joins the hosts to share his perspective on why the suburban culture has been taking over hip-hop, and what the impact means. Calsar's Biz-arz, The Intern Media Report, DJ Blinks spinning, a little drama, and a whole lot of laughs! #RockTheVote
November 4, 2018
Episode 201: Strapped
A discussion on Hip-Hop's relationship with gun violence -- a history lesson with special guest, Toronto University's Professor Jooyoung Lee. We introduce a new segment, Calsar's Biz-arz and The Intern Media Report is back!
September 2, 2018
Episode 110: This Generation
In our season 1 finale, we talked with special guest Pierre "Cardan" Jones, Grammy award winning songwriter about “this generation” of hip hop that has caused many to revisit the ‘90s era of hip hop -- which not only set a different precedent, but also played by a different set of rules. We hit on perspectives from both sides of the fence, so check it out!
August 15, 2018
Episode 109: Rhythm & Hues
Special guest 2x Grammy-Nominated independent R&B phenomenon, Eric Roberson gives a colorful (and eye-opening) conversation on Black music from a hip hop perspective (of course), in celebration of Black Music Month.
August 3, 2018
Episode 108: Gimme A Beet!
Fitness guru and clean vegan, Kimatni Rawlins from Fit Fathers joins the cast along with DC Radio OG, P Stew from Hip Hop Fathers to discuss hip hop’s influence on the vegan movement, and the overall benefits and challenges of bringing a healthier lifestyle to the hip hop culture. More pop culture news with Intern Media's Karl Nelson, and guest DJ, Paul Howard holding it down.
July 9, 2018
Episode 107: Out Of Pocket
Sexual violation and the "Me Too" movement was the hot topic of the day; including Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Washington Redskins, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and more! Serious conversation and a friendly debate from "he said, she said" points of view and lots of laughter. Featuring Intern Media's, Karl Nelson and (of course) hip hop from the crates.
July 5, 2018
Episode 106: Hip Hop Therapy
Dr. Dia dishes out the 411 on the reasons behind the increase in mental illness in Black youth, and using hip hop therapy to regain mental health. The cast gives their thoughts on Kanye West. Hot topics, DJ Blinks serving up the hits, and more!
June 22, 2018
Episode 105: Grime And The City
Part of the nostalgic Bad Boy Entertainment Hitmen production team, producer extraordinaire Deric 'D-Dot' Angelettie joined the cast to discuss his definition of "true emcees", ghost writing, "backpack" rappers, and more. Battle rapper Mo Betta stopped in the studio to discuss the art of battle rapping and the business of the battle culture. Hot topics, DJ Blinks' special Prince mix, and more!
May 19, 2018
Episode 104: Hip Hop & Wall Street
Day Trader, Joel Harrison droppin' knowledge on trading fundamentals, quick tips, and building wealth in a hip hop inspired stock market; Independent Artist A.R.T. drops his new single "Sick" (It's pure fire!); Hot topics, DJ Blinks, and more!
April 22, 2018
Episode 103: Expand Your Horizons
We're going abroad! Travel expert and author Jasira Monique talk with us about tips & tricks to hop around the globe on a budget. We chat with the talented R&B singer/songwriter Jermaine Hardsoul. Entertainment news with Karl Nelson, and more. Pack your bags and join us for episode 3!
April 11, 2018
Episode 102: Hip Hop & Hollywood
Actor/Producer Dorian Missick joins Tracey and the co-host for a discussion on how hip hop has influenced and taken over Hollywood. A heated debate over ghost writers for emcees. Hot Topics: Oscars, Netflix hit Seven Seconds, Donald Glover and Atlanta, and more!
March 18, 2018
Episode 101: Welcome To Wakanda
Black Panther was the hot topic of the day, along with LeBron James ("shut up and dribble"), various other topics, and hip hop from the crates.
March 6, 2018