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Married, with Cocktails

Married, with Cocktails

By Kenzie and Hannah
Married with cocktails! A podcast by brides for brides - where two newlyweds (and neighbors) break down the wedding planning process, dish on married life, and discuss other important things ... such as cheese boards, seasonal sips we’re obsessed with, and ill-informed celebrity gossip. It’s going to be FUN.
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Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Married, with Cocktails

The Life Update Nobody Asked For
Where did they go? Where were they? And more importantly, why did the return? The podcast world’s most influential babes are back at it again answering absolutely NONE of these questions while giving you ALL the tooth-fairy related anecdotes. This season’s premiere of MWC features an easy-going “life update” chit chat, and overcommits to a robust year full of questionably timed content from your currently overwhelmed but absolutely well-meaning & enthusiastic besties. CHEERZ
March 10, 2022
Choosing Your Wedding Vendors
Buckle up for this chatty, wild ride of solid advice and side convos; beanie babies and spicy hot takes; peaks and valleys. In episode 12 of MWC, Hannah and Kenzie serve up some farm fresh advice on choosing the vendors who will make or break your wedding day. Tune in for the following nuggets of mental gold: how to vibe check your wedding pros, traumatic McDonalds experiences, beanie babies we have known, which wedding vendors we think should quit the industry forever, and much more!!
April 01, 2021
Talking Pints
In episode 11 of #MWC, Kenz and Han enjoy a Saturday bevragino with their new impulse purchase - “Talking Pints” glasses from Uncommon Goods. This prompt-based sipping activity leads the wives on a variety of topics, such as: childhood crushes (Melvin Doo), worst teacher experiences 😖, Hey Arnold cosplay, and much much more! Tune in with a Thirsty Thursday bev asap🥂!
February 18, 2021
New Year, Same Gals
Congratulations, you made it to season 2. You defeated 2020 and can now listen to the chit chat. We are the final boss. This episode eases into the season with casual topics such as: notes for 2021 weddings from photographer han, Kardashian-style peak & pits, the scariest episode of the Rugrats, dumb things we’ve doordashed, and much more! Get ready for a hopefully less traumatic wild ride of another year with the GALS.
January 14, 2021
Interview with Gwen Carter of Blush 518 in Saratoga Springs
In this episode of #MWC, Kenz and Han sat down (via Zoom) with Gwen from Blush 518 - one of Saratoga’s most popular bridal beauty spots & the mastermind behind all of Kenzie‘s bridal glam. Tune in for a discussion of all things hair & makeup: how & when to book, bridal trials, our fave 2021 trends, and some listener questions!
November 05, 2020
The Girls Room
Welcome to ... The Girls Room! In this episode of #MWC Kenz and Han sat down in Matt’s pod dungeon for a casual chit chat on a busy Tuesday night. Topics include: sleep paralysis, sassy late-night celebrity DMs, Rob Kardashian, The Flying Dutchman’s questionable hygiene and MUCH MUCH MORE! Rate review subscribe and tell your gal pals.
October 22, 2020
Interview With REAL BRIDE Erica Bielkiewicz : Pivoting Your Wedding Plans After COVID-19
Kenz & Han interview their very first GUEST and REAL BRIDE: Erica (yes, that Erica). Tune in to this episode to hear all about her wedding experience, how she pivoted her wedding plans to a pandemic-compliant affair, and her best advice for brides who are doing the same. Coffee mentioned in this episode:
October 01, 2020
Toxic Wedding Trends 😷
In this episode of Married, with Cocktails, the girls are spicy and in a MOOD. Analyzing the industry’s most toxic trends and notions around weddings with the goal of saving you the trouble of getting sucked in, this is a no-nonsense episode with very few side-bars and only two song covers (sorry, Sarah McLaughlin). Tune in for this piping hot ear-tea. It will NOT disappoint.
September 03, 2020
Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride
Welcome, brides! Let’s hop right into it because this is serious business. Explore the nuances of bridesmaideship in episode 5 of MWC, an episode with: more song parodies than ever before, spicy hot takes you never knew you needed, and home made peach bellinis that made our hearts go 🥺🥰. Tune in today to learn how to pick the perfect number for your bridal party, hash out bridesmaid responsibilities, and how to handle ~ d r A m A ~ if it ensues. Enjoi.
August 13, 2020
The One Where They Move In Together
Sul Sul! The MWC girls are back at it again - in this episode they cozy up in Hannah’s steamy attic drinking fancy cocktails from 15 Church. Subject of the day? MOVING IN TOGETHER! When is the perfect time to move in with your significant other? How do you deal with all their weird quirks and conceal your own? They have the answers. Segments: simlish, chit chat, listener questions, tipsy life advice, and a BOYS CAMEO! Tune in to be taken on a wild ride that listens more like the Comedy Central Roast of the Male Species. Xoxo, MWC
July 30, 2020
You're Engaged...Now What?
Congratulations on your big sparkly ring, now what the heck do you do now?! Listen in as Hannah and Kenzie give you the straight facts about the ideal first steps after your brand new engagement. In this episode of #MWC, the C stands for coffee because the girls are taking no prisoners and running on Dunkin’ (#NoChitChatZone) - but that doesn’t stop them from discussing the latest trend in married-gal-bar-hopping. Now smash that play button and prepare to wife cackle.
July 16, 2020
How to Hitch a Guy in 10 Days
In this episode of Married, with Cocktails, Kenzie and Hannah talk about all things “Proposal”, and answer some listener questions. Topics include: types of engagement rings, how to know when you’re ready to take that next step (&how to subtly hint that you’re ready for that next step), #greyhoundgate2020, and more! The competition for husband points heats up, the boys make a (sassy) cameo, and the girls share their very own Proposal stories (spoiler alert: they cry). Cocktails of the week are courtesy of Max London’s - one of Kenzie & Hannah’s favorite haunts in Saratoga. (Ethical ring company mentioned at 20:04 is @kenanddanadesign on IG)
July 09, 2020
Nice To Meet Ya!
Introducing: Married, with Cocktails! A podcast that answers the age-old question, "what if you could remember every drunk interaction you ever had with the supportive ladies you meet in the bar bathroom at 1am"? In this episode, Hannah and Kenzie - two best friends - pop in for a quick intro to all the topics to be covered in this very chatty podcast. Do you like to chit chat? Are you a twenty-something planning your wedding or moving in with your s.o.? Do you like poorly informed celebrity gossip and unnecessarily bold hot takes? Does the idea of listening to some nice gals get a little tipsy and discuss all of these topics give you butterflies? If you answered yes to any single one of these questions, god bless. Turn on, tune in & drop out. We'll see you on the other side.
July 03, 2020
July 2, 2020
July 02, 2020