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Ep. 107, Part 2: Influencer Interview Series with Pedro and Suzette Adao

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Ep. 118: Influencer Interview Series with Ty and Cody Roberson
We all know how FRUSTRATING it can be to have a BIG vision and yet lack the steps to walk it out… You’re not alone. Meet Ty and Cody Roberson who when they first met us, they were struggling with insufficient systems and broken messaging. In short, they needed clarity. They invested in our coaching because they knew there was more for them to do with their business. (Mind you, they both work full-time jobs, but that doesn’t stop them from moving forward with building their empire while their jobs fund their ventures). So, back to Ty and Cody. Their focus was initially coaching blended families on how thrive. We helped them implement their systems for lead gen, on and offline strategies, building their value ladder and clarifying their messaging. Fast forward. Once they got clarity on their coaching, they realized that the bigger picture was to reach the masses with their message for thriving families. Their next step was to build a TV Network around their message as the focal point of their family empire! It’s pretty amazing too! We are now walking them through the many phases of their launches and growth plan. We decided to interview them so they can share their experience of how working with us has equipped them to build something so much larger than themselves. We can’t WAIT for you to be inspired by their story. If you have ever felt a bit stuck in your Family Empire plan, and you wish you had the steps to break through all of the distractions and really focus on your sweet spot as a family, take a listen to their story on episode #118 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, and then go grab your tickets to Marriedpreneur LIVE! so you can experience the SAME breakthrough! Here’s to living profitably in sync, O.L. and Sway P.S. You’re only ONE strategy away. The vision you see on the inside IS possible and doable! Be encouraged and get in position to WIN together in 2020!
October 22, 2019
Ep. 117: Dogmatic Dreaming
It went against our family rules. We were having our ‘rest day’ and the hubby’s phone KEPT blowing up! At first he didn’t tell me. But after a while, he needed support to stay accountable to our ‘dream’ path. The thing about the dream is we have to INTENTIONAL about protecting it...even from ourselves.. So, come to find out, one of his newest commercial real estate clients had an emergency and needed his help. We talked it over and decided to give them a call but NOT to get caught up in the ‘rat race’. He wanted to let them know that he heard them and he would be following up soon (after our time of rest). He later confessed that it was one of the hardest things he has done in a while, but he KNEW he couldn’t start pushing the ‘cone’ back. So he made a decision, and it is paying off big time. You see, too many marriedpreneurs feel hopeless when it comes to telling their time where to go and how it will be allocated. But ‘time’ is OUR gift, and it’s up to us to steward it well. HOWEVER (comma) this is hardly EVER easy. So, in episode #117 we’re talking about simple steps we use in our marriage and business to help us live out the dream we’ve always imagined...we’re in a stage of it and so are you! Take a listen to the 3 practical steps we share that you can apply TODAY! It’s a reaallly good episode too! Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OL and Sway P.S. If you have an issue seeing REAL progress in your family empire and you’re seeking systems to shut out the noise and focus in on the ‘gold’ you have to offer, we’d be honored to mentor you to the other side of that holding pattern. We’ll show you how to catapult before you leave the room! It’s all going down at Marriedpreneur LIVE! Mastermind!
October 17, 2019
Ep. 116: What Investing $70k in 1.5 hrs Has Given Us
The other day I was standing in the kitchen preparing breakfast and my mind drifted off to counting the different amounts we have investing in coaching and mentoring for business (and life over the last year and half). I had to almost sit down when I realized it was upwards of $70K 😳 I was speechless... Mainly because when we got serious about this business journey (like REALLY serious) we sacrificed BIG TIME in order to learn the skills that would literally change our lives. We didn’t set out to invest such a substantial amount in such a  short time, BUT we ALSO knew there was no turning back when we set forth. In episode 116115 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we’re taking you behind the scenes and sharing what life looks like on the other side of such a major investment into ourselves. Just so you know, this investment was mainly with one program (Russell Brunson’s Two Comma Coaching and our mindset and sales coach Myron Golden). There’s a lot that we have to say, so go ahead and take a listen. Hoping that our story informs and empowers you as you move forward. Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OL and Sway
October 15, 2019
Ep. 115: No Wasted Experiences
Hey fam, It’s O.L. here today. I remember at one time in our business we were working and planning diligently on doing a brand new webinar. This may seem simple and like it was no big deal, but the truth is, we were hoping for the success of this webinar as this was to be a major financial stream. At any rate, we did all of the necessary preparations and positioning to see success with the webinar. We invested heavily. We studied (all of the coaching  material we had at the time) and we implemented as prescribed. I'll never forget that evening as we silenced the whole house and locked ourselves in the office.  We double and triple checked all of the slides and even bought an ethernet adapter to plug directly to the modem in order to maintain steady internet. After much calculated preparation, consistent reminder emails to the many people who signed to be on the  webinar, we got hit with something Sway nor I expected. We started the webinar and after 15min in... there was no one on.  It was as if we were talking to a virtual brick wall. We pushed through it, but we were completely deflated.  This was one of the rare times we both became discouraged and got to  a low point ready to quit. After a week or two of trying to figure life out, we sluggishly got back into the driver’s seat.  It felt as if we were starting completely over with nothing.  It felt as though we were starting from zero (and in this case from a deficit).  It was as if we never read a book or invested in a coaching program for marketers and high level entrepreneurs (as we had). Great coaching matters, and it will absolutely catapult your business, BUT we needed something intangible.  We needed that unique kind of wisdom that can only come from experience.  Yep, I'm simply saying we needed to fail in obscurity in order to reflect on all of our previous experiences then incorporate them.  Plus, we just needed to get mentally tougher. We were forced to add up and tap into all of our past experiences and realize that we weren’t starting from zero because ALL wisdom is portable. O.L. & Sway
October 10, 2019
Ep. 114: The Stress Is Really Stretch
Isn't it funny how our perspective can literally change the chemistry in our body? Not too long ago, I had a heart to heart with my hubby. It was all planned out. I knew exactly what I was going to tell him. I would let him know how I was starting to feel as if I was being taken for granted in our business. I was doing a large portion of the producing (and still am..but it was different then).  I was going to tell him EXACTLY how it made me feel. We would then, in my head’s convo, sit down and put a plan together of what he could do differently moving forward. Ha! Little did I know, the conversation would go NOTHING like that! In fact, we didn't even GET that far. Once he explained to me that the huge project he was working on would bring us over into a seven-figure deal, my perspective totally changed.  I was like, Hey, do what chu gotta do and I will hold it down with outsourcing. This is only a season anyway. I'll live." Do you see how clarity can change your perspective?  That's the same way when we feel like we need to stress over all of the moving pieces.  We believe that 'stretching' can often be misconstrued as's all about perspective. In episode #114 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we're covering the subtle way that your perspective may be off. This is gonna be good! Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OL & Sway P.s.The #1 event for married entrepreneurs is here and registration is open! Get the deets now to reserve your seats. Use code ‘earlybird’ for 50% off
October 8, 2019
Ep. 113: Why Q4 Meeting With Your Spouse Is The most Crucial
It started off really rough... We would sit on our hardwood floor in our living room  (that had barely any furniture, mind you) to strategically plan out our goals together. We didn’t have a roadmap for married entrepreneurs, so we created it ourselves. We’d sit there for hours planning out the 4 quarters and all of the launches we would do and help each other with. (There was no Marriedpreneur Life at that time...just two entrepreneurs trying to make sense out of all of our dreams, ideas and goals). We didn’t have a whiteboard, but we taped together 4 sheets of white, printer paper landscaped. Then, we had multi-colored post it notes to easily identify which actioned belonged to who. It was a sight! An overwhelming sight! Thankfully we’ve come a long way since that time. Today, we understand MORE than ever how critical our Q4 meeting is to the success of our NEXT year! That’s right. Take a listen to episode #113 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast and get in proper position to crush Q4 TOGETHER (regardless of who the entrepreneur is). Let the momentum start your 2020 off with the wind behind you! We also share an easy Q4 template to follow. It’s always better to have a model versus trying to go at in on your own..right? You’re welcome! Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OL and Sway P.s. Did you know you can still take advantage of 50% off the #1 event for married entrepreneurs? It’s gonna be LIFE CHANGING for those in the room. Get your seats today!  Join us live at:
October 3, 2019
Ep. 112: 3 Hacks To Guarding Your Marriage From Your Business
On the outside, things appeared cool, calm and collected. But on the INSIDE, we knew we had to make a decision about what to do next. You see, last week we launched our live event, in the MIDDLE of preparing for a huge  event at church, at the SAME time closing some major commercial real estate deals, and SIMULTANEOUSLY  launching our new Marriedpreneur Masterclass FB Live Series… Sheesh… You see, we made a choice starting this journey that we would give it our all and not back down in fear. We ALSO, made a vow to protect our marriage at the same time. We’ve done both. What we DIDN’T tell you is that even with the aforementioned activities in order to keep our promise, we closed a coaching program, we cancelled some elements from the Sunday service, we intentionally left out ‘important’ items in our new series. BUT the MAIN thing is, we managed to still have date night even though other areas were left ‘undone’. We weren’t undone...that’s what really counts. It’s NOT always easy to blend the different worlds together and be PROFITABLE while doing it. However, it IS DOABLE and exciting when you have the right growth systems in place. The first one being your vision of where you two are going. Sounds simple, but it makes a HUGE difference once you have that clarity. It actually dictates how you make future decisions. We touched on this in our very first Marriedpreneur Masterclass on Friday… we went into detail on the 3 phases of building a family empire. Do you know which phase you’re in and what comes next? If not. Check it out here Blessings! OL + Sway P.S. While you’re at it, check out episode 112 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast where we share about molding our path based on where we desire to be vs. allowing it to mold us. Take a listen here.
October 1, 2019
Ep. 111: Marriedpreneur LIVE! and how to FAITH-walk
We pulled up to the airport CONFIDENT that everything would go smoothly until I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Hopped in an Uber and went 15 min to go get it, but THEN it got crazier… I couldn’t believe the ONE time I asked my husband to make our plane reservations he bought our tickets with the right date BUT the wrong MONTH!😳 All of this actually was sign of a deeper issue. We were busy experimenting with each of us doing what the other person normally does when we ALREADY had a great system down… This same principle impacts how married entrepreneurs build together. Very unique systems and strategies are required to do it TOGETHER! The right systems will grow our business. The right systems will protect your time. The right systems will position you two to have a bigger impact. The right systems will increase your revenue. The right systems will do this and SO much more! This is why we created a customized event where Married Entrepreneurs could learn and implement systems that will change the trajectory and speed of getting results! Stay tuned! The doors are opening for Marriedpreneur LIVE! And we’re sharing how you can use the SAME systems to transform your family empire! Take a listen and hop on the waitlist at
September 26, 2019
Ep. 110: There’s No Such Thing As Work/Life BALANCE!
The most popular response we received the other week about what should be covered in our upcoming live event for married entrepreneurs was about work/life balance. To be totally transparent, we were FIXATED on getting it 'right', until we realized the finish line constantly moved as we grew. Too many have worked towards this ethereal definition of 'Balance'  as married entrepreneurs, and for those of us who love what we do and don't WANT to turn it off, we  can find ourselves in an everyday 'pickle'. To clarify, what WE mean is, it's important to discern the season you're in because 'balance’ in one season will look totally different in another. But if we focus on ONLY meeting a standardized requirement, we can miss out on simply enjoying the journey. On this episode of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we're busting the myth about balance and sharing our process of running multiple six-figure businesses, overseeing a blossoming ministry, and making 'US' a priority when everything else is vying for that SAME 'seat' in our heart. It doesn't HAVE to be a beat down...we promise. This insight may just set you free from all of the preconceived ideas of what 'balance' looks like. And you better believe we will be going in deep detail on this method at our upcoming live event; are you on the waitlist?👀 Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OL and Sway P.s. Are you on our waiting list for the deets of our Live Event? If not, don’t MISS these crazy goods that we’re throwing in JUST for our crew (that’s you!) So hop on over and join the movement.
September 24, 2019
Ep. 109: Influencer Interview Series with Deon and Bridgette Reed
Deon FIRED his wife Bridgette from the family business when they first started on their marriedpreneur journey.  (Bridgette likes to say she ‘resigned’ though). LOL. Sometimes we go into the marriedpreneur journey a bit disillusioned thinking that because we may be on different pages, we've allowed a seed of doubt to enter in. On episode #109 of the Marriepreneur Life podcast, we’re sharing an amazing story of rebuilding and launching multiple businesses together. Their story is FULL of HOPE ya’ll! The Reeds are also sharing a POWERFUL, practical way to stay engaged in marriage in BETWEEN those date nights...👀It’s a great habit that will help you to intentionally focus on your marriage each day. Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OL and Sway P.s. Are you on our waiting list for the deets of our Live Event? If not, don’t MISS these crazy goods that we’re throwing in JUST for our crew (that’s you!) So hop on over and join the movement.
September 19, 2019
Ep. 108: Is it REALLY skill or COURAGE that you need?
How many times do we look for a solution and become frustrated when we don't find it? Arrrgh. Could it be that SOME of those times we are called to go and BUILD the solution we've been seeking? This is often how it works out for us in the Buckley home. Being a trailblazer and legacy-builder requires some unique skills, though. Of course, more than anything, this requires COURAGE! Courage to try it and be ok with it NOT being perfect out the gate. Courage to create something that you've never seen but likely will be a solution for TONS of others. That's what we're doing with our brand new LIVE event for Married Entrepreneurs! It’s been YEARS in the works (meaning, we’ve been talking about it…). Now is the perfect time to FINALLY move on it. So many couples are READY to grow and scale like never before. And we’re ready to help! In episode 108 we're taking you behind the scenes of building from SCRATCH and the mental exercises it requires to stay the course. We're also sharing how we use our differences as husband and wife to work FOR us rather than AGAINST us (like they used to!) 👀 Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OLand Sway P.s. Are you on our waiting list for the deets of our Live Event? If not, don’t MISS these crazy goods that we’re throwing in JUST for our crew (that’s you!) So hop on over and join the movement.
September 17, 2019
Ep. 107, Part 2: Influencer Interview Series with Pedro and Suzette Adao
Part 2 of the Adaos interview goes even deeper into how they created their second 7 figure business by going against a lot of what they KNEW to do in marketing. It has started as a movement and continues to empower entrepreneurs from all over! Take a listen and be inspired as they share more of their journey! Visit them at or
September 12, 2019
Ep. 107, Part 1: Influencer Interview Series with Pedro and Suzette Adao
Sometimes we think when we have to make a thousand changes in business that we are doing something wrong. That’s not  true. In fact, it’s often a sign that you are doing something RIGHT! It takes TIME and courage to keep going even when it FEELS like failure. Pedora and his wife Suzette know this story ALL too well. In episode #107 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, they’re sharing how they lost one million plus dollars (after making it in their first business) and how they refocused and worked together to rebuild their legacy. They now are building the 100X Aacademy and impacting the countless lives of other entrepreneurs Visit them at or
September 12, 2019
Ep. 106: Annual Planning TOGETHER Builds Amazing!!
Sometimes, you gotta be good with WHAT works best for your family.​ It can be frustrating to try to fit into a mold that you were only made to break. This goes across the board...especially building legacy TOGETHER. And sometimes it takes a few tries (or more than a few) to get it right. But don't allow the multiple attempts tell you that you're on the wrong fact, you're likely closer than you've ever been before. Keep going. For example, we NOW do our annual planning for the next year in the Summer of the previous year, and it's PERFECT for us right now. It didn't start that way. We started doing them in the last quarter because we thought that's what you're 'supposed' to do... Little did we know, this same thought-process of doing it like 'them' permeated in other parts of our lives and actually stifled our creativity. So, today, we're sharing how we do OUR annual training together and how we've dodged headache-bullets by having it. We also share why we do our annual planning in the Summer and the amazing benefits it brings for the rest of the year. It’s pretty transformative how it plays out! Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OL and Sway Question: Do you ever find yourselves doing something a certain way because that’s how ‘they do it? We’d love to hear!
September 10, 2019
Ep. 105: Anniversary Roundup: 10 Lessons in 10 Years
We knew each other 10 years before we got married. (But that’s another story for another time) When we first married, we slept on four twin-sized air mattresses. We piled them on top of each other and put them together so technically, we had ourselves a California King… Ayyye! But the mattresses would deflate while we slept, and we’d often awake in a sea of material on the carpet. The burgandy cheap sheets we used barely held it all together, but they did a great job of bleeding on our white walls...that part. The last 10 years as marriedpreneurs has been NOTHING short of a journey. We’ve spent serious time thinking about what we can share and how to share it. We decided the most value to you guys would be transparent lessons that have encouraged us when we didn’t see a way out, faith that kept us when God told us to move out of our home in a week (all while opening a new multiple six-figure contract to manage), believing in our purpose even through unexpected job loss and a love/hate fertility battle...this journey is just beginning, but today we celebrate 10 years of unity in marriage. Hear our top 10 lessons in the last 10 years of marriage on Episode 105 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast. We’re also shared how vision has been glue for us, even when only one of us had it. Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OLand Sway P.S. Question, how long have you guys been married? Hit ‘reply’ and let us know! We’re always curious to learn more about our marriedpreneur fam who’s on this journey with us!
September 5, 2019
Ep. 104, Part 2: Influencer Interview Series with Jamie and Nathan Cross
If you haven’t listened to Part 1, first we strongly suggest you stop and go do that first. Part 2 of this interview is a continuation of the golden nuggets Nathan and Jaime DROPPED on us!
September 3, 2019
Ep. 104, Part 1: Influencer Interview Series with Jamie and Nathan Cross
If you’ve been following us for a bit, you know we are all about sharing strategies, skills and STORIES that can be the answer to the thing you’ve been praying for! Speak of praying… We’re gonna share an amazing story about our new friends. (We have the same business coach and were able to connect during a business training in Denver last month). Jaime and her husband Nathan  knew it was time for a shift in their lives when they found themselves struggling all while knowing they were called to so much more! She was desperate and prayed to God for an answer to have more fulfillment, impact and income. God answered her! He gave her a BILLION DOLLAR business blueprint in a DREAM. The business started with soap ya’ll… SOAP! Since then,they’ve worked hard to lay the foundation, and  their company is on its way to an 8 figure business and quickly scaling into the vision she saw in her dream. In Episode #104 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, you’re going to get the GOLD out of our convo with Jaime and her husband Nathan. You DON’T want to sleep on’s sooo good (we’ve already listened to it like 3 times…as if we weren’t the ones doing the interview. LOL) In fact, the beauty of their story is how they incorporate their roles and give each other space to ‘fly’ as Nathan put it. They also share how they work in the business together, the importance of hiring help around the house and being properly aligned in marriage and business through Biblical’s 🔥🔥🔥 Here’s to living powerfully in sync, O.L & Sway P.s. Are you two seeking a clear strategy and blueprint for building TOGETHER? Tired of spinning your wheels and investing in ‘opportunities’ to scale but only lead you back to Point 1? If so, grab our free PDF download, The Marriedpreneur Map. It’s the framework we’ve created over the last 6 years of working together and building multiple revenue streams together. Strategy is KEY. Grab yours while it’s still available!
September 3, 2019
Ep. 103: The 3 Questions To Ask Each Other BEFORE Hiring
Something that we don’t talk about much is our rocky ‘hiring’ started off ROOOUGH ya’ll.. We started hiring help before we could even afford a full-time employee… It started with just a few hours a week. We’ve hired (and released) several people along the way. But each time, it got better and better and better. So, ‘No’ this is NOT our first time around the ‘Hiring Rodeo’ (is that even a thing?) LOL. We’ve learned some COSTLY lessons when it comes to hiring, and one of them is around the convo we MUST have BEFORE we even LOOKING at hiring. That’s the juice we want to share with you today! Also, in this episode, we share one HUGE mistake we made while growing our team (and how we’re fixing it...) Plus, hear three of our favorite questions to ask each other in order to have the BEST pre-hire convo. We are rooting for you as you implement higher more efficient systems and scale should you desire. Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OL + Sway P.s. Are you two seeking a clear strategy and blueprint for building together? Tired of spinning your wheels and investing in ‘opportunities’ to scale but that only lead you back to Point 1? If so, grab our free PDF download, The Marriedpreneur Map. It’s the framework we’ve created over the last 6 years of working together and building multiple revenue streams together. Strategy is KEY. Grab yours while it’s still available! www.MarriedpreneurMap/freegift
August 29, 2019
Ep. 102, Part 2: Influencer Interview Series with Millionaire Mentors Jack and Marshawn Daniels
If you haven’t listened to Part 1, first we strongly suggest you stop and go do that. Part 2 of this interview is a continuation of the golden nuggets Jack and Marshawn DROPPED on us! In part two we dive in deeper on how they implement their  Wealth Roles, what ministry looks like to them, and a crazy run down of a strategic LIGHTNING round! You’re bound to have a BALL and take away some PRACTICAL advice to apply as you two continue to build your legacy! Here’s to living profitably in peace. O.L. and Sway Question: Are you two seeking a clear strategy and blueprint for building together? Tired of spinning your wheels and investing in ‘opportunities’ to scale but that only lead you back to Point 1? If so, grab our free PDF download, The Marriedpreneur Map. It’s the framework we’ve created over the last 6 years of working together and building multiple revenue streams together. Strategy is KEY. Grab yours while it’s still available! www.MarriedpreneurMap/freegift
August 27, 2019
Ep. 102, Part 1: Influencer Interview Series with Millionaire Mentors Jack and Marshawn Daniels
O.L.: I don’t know if we officially announced this, so here it is. Sway: Today we’re launching our Influencer Interview series for a pretty MAJOR media deal we’re about to release. What does this mean for you? O.L.: First, we will be bringing you even more insight from proven married entrepreneurs that will NO DOUBT help you two move the needle! Sway: Maaaan, so TODAY we kick it off with our very good friends and Millionaire Mentors Jack and Marshawn Daniels! We’re talking all things marriage, marketplace and ministry! Their first million didn’t come UNTIL they started working TOGETHER!! O.L.: Learn what they have to say about implementing roles and blending it all successfully! Also, in this episode The Daniels are sharing what one of the BIGGEST requirements for them to work together is. It’s such a LOADED interview that we had to break it down into TWO parts but you can listen to  both parts TODAY! Here’s to living powerfully in sync, P.s. Are you two seeking a clear strategy and blueprint for building together? Tired of spinning your wheels and investing in ‘opportunities’ to scale but that only lead you back to Point 1? If so, grab our free PDF download, The Marriedpreneur Map. It’s the framework we’ve created over the last 6 years of working together and building multiple revenue streams together. Strategy is KEY. Grab yours while it’s still available! www.MarriedpreneurMap/freegift
August 27, 2019
Ep. 101: Playing at a Higher Level is INTENTIONAL!
So, can we be transparent for a moment? Sway: There was a time that I consistently doubted if we were going in the right direction by working together. OL: Doubting our direction wasn’t a big thing for me, but I DID struggle with doubting the LEVEL that we were called to PLAY on. Sway: Yeah, I totally get that part too. But something seriously changed along the way with my mindset. There were mini confirmationations that reassured our steps. Spending the last few days in Denver with  Russell Brunson teaching us EVERYTHING from scratch was yet another milestone for me. OL: Yeah, it was a huge milestone in the Mile High City. If you are doubting your call to play at a HIGHER level, and let me say, you may not CALL it that, but if you’ve ever questioned yourself, take a listen to episode 101 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast. Sway: We’re sharing one of the EASIEST signs that confirm you two are on the right path and will transform your mindset. Many overlook this sign when it’s staring at them in the face..don’t let that be you guys. Instead get the fuel you need to play HIGHER. The world is waiting on YOU! Also in this episode, we share the first time that we made this mindset shift (and how it changed everything for us). Plus, hear why we continue to look at things this way even though it made us feel a bit vulnerable more than a few times. Listen on iTUNES (Apple) Listen on Anchor Listen on our website Here’s to living powerfully in purpose and in profit, OL and Sway
August 22, 2019
Ep.100!!: Top Marriedpreneur Lessons From Podcasting TOGETHER
Reaching the first 100 of ANYTHING is a milestone. Right? Whether it’s your first 100 clients, speeches, dollars, YEARS... 100 is to be celebrated. We believe the more you celebrate the milestones, the more you enjoy the journey, and that’s what we’re all about here at Marriedpreneur Life. So today, as we celebrate  episode 100 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we want to share some of our biggest behind-the-scenes lessons this podcast has taught us. These SAME lessons translate into everyday life- whether you are thinking of starting a podcast or in some way want to amplify your message, then we’ve got something for ya! Check it out, and let us know which one is  your biggest takeaway!! O.L & Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
August 20, 2019
Ep. 99: The Layers Of Legacy As Married Entrepreneurs
The first house we purchased a year into our marriage was a new build. Another family actually started building it, and about 75% of the way through, decided not to finish it. However, they already put tons of upgrades that we would have wanted, and we didn't have to get through the tedious process of having to manage the contractors everyday to be sure they were on schedule because it was nearly complete when we purchased it.  We were both new to owning a home and owning a new one at that.  There were SO many perks that came with a new build that we really weren't aware of until we crossed that road. For example, the major aspects of the house came with a standard 10-year warranty. So, when a tornado came through, we were covered. If the HVAC unit went out, we were covered. If there were ANY kind of major issues, we were covered.  The thing is, we were a bit clueless about how awesome that was until we needed it! The same concept applies as marriedpreneurs + legacy builders.  We can go through life working together and never realize that we have a superior edge as married entrepreneurs to build ‘layers of legacy'. In episode 99 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we're talking about: Why marriedpreneurs have a unique advantage to building a legacy (and simplifying the first step you need to take today.) How to protect your future legacy, especially when you need to know what opportunities you should take.  How to create a ‘compound interest-effect’ with building your legacy. This episode by far is one of the MOST essential in understanding the power of being a marriedpreneur. We hope it encourages you guys to keep going and keep building! What are your thoughts on legacy building as it pertains to marriage and entrepreneurship? Share with us in IG stories or just hit reply to this email. We want to hear! We're rooting for you! Here's to living powerfully in sync and in profit, OL and Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
August 15, 2019
Ep. 98: How To know When It’s Time To Scale
Guys, this past season has been a bit hectic. We initially thought it was because things were happening all at once, but there was more to it.  Our full plates weren't something that was going away any time soon.  It was imperative that we paid attention to the deeper shift happening.  We prayed.  We discussed. We observed.  Now, It's time we scale our team so we can be in a position to have a life that is truly enjoyable and not STRESSFUL! Fulfilling not frustrating Satisfying not straining. In episode 97 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we're sharing: The sure-fire way to know it's time to scale (note: if you feel like it’s time, its probably PAST time!) Three ways we're finding great talent and coming up with some pretty amazing interviews (this simple strategy is a deal breaker!) How we've divyed out roles during this whole process (from doing the interview, to referrals, to creating the job descriptions, etc. this thing requires partnership on every level!) We're hoping this episode is helpful as you guys create boundaries and align with your BIG vision.  Listen, we REFUSED to be stressed doing what God called us to do...that's backward.  So, let's make a pact to enjoy the journey together... cool? Cool. OL and Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
August 13, 2019
Ep. 97: How we got through a rough transition
If you listened to our last episode (96) we did a run down of the three main categories of marriedpreneurs. However, what we DID NOT share were those in-between-rough spots when we were transitioning from spousalpreneurs to couplepreneurs. (In short, this happens in a marriage when it starts off with only one entrepreneur and turns into TWO full-time entrepreneurs working together!) It was a rough season for us to be transparent. In the end,however, it worked to our advantage (but at the time, we second guessed everything). Our main goal is to encourage you as you and your spouse may be transitioning as well. So, in episode  97 of The Marriedpreneur Life podcast, here's what we're spilling the beans on: How we made the decision TOGETHER to not return to a 9-5 after being fired from one The one strategy we used to create multiple revenue streams (not because of sheer desire but because of sheer necessity!) How we handled our struggle with roles, responsibilities and lost identity during this sensitive transition… and the communication hack that got us through! We're getting pretty raw in this episode. We know that transparency transforms, and that's what we're after.  We'd love to hear where you guys are in your journey and how we can continue to offer support.  Connect with us over on IG at Marriedpreenur Life  Until then, keep walking powerfully in sync and in purpose, OL & Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
August 8, 2019
Ep. 96: 3 Types of Marriedpreneurs
Regardless if you’re the only entrepreneur in your marriage, and you feel alone at times, or if you two are down in the trenches together, the business will undoubtedly impact the marriage! We’ve lived through the three categories of Marriedpreneurship, and each season brings its unique challenges and benefits. So, in episode 96 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re sharing our story of living through these phases and what to look out for. We’re covering: How to know which kind of Marriedpreneur you two are in now  The unique benefits of each category of Marriedpreneurship (you may be surprised by some of these- most take them for granted). The biggest challenges we’ve faced in each category, and a simple remedy to overcome it. You will likely see yourselves in one main category and possibly more than one as you transition and grow. Our hope is that this episode will further equip and prepare you for your next season. We know how lonely this path can feel, and the truth of the matter is: YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Be encouraged! We’re rooting for you! OL and Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
August 6, 2019
Ep. 95: Our New Media Partner And Your Visibility Plan
My mom was on the plane (in the air) when it caught on lie.  She was the only one who saw it initially. Thankfully, it was on the inside of the plane so it could be quickly contained.  I was in disbelief when  she recanted the story to me like it was something out of 007 or something... Well, the point is that SHE was the one to identify, and once she alerted the crew they were able to address it immediately with an extinguisher  You see, what if the extinguisher was not visible? What if they couldn't find it?  What if... Point is this: VISIBILITY IS CRITICAL! It doesn't really matter how much value you have to offer if no one knows where you are...right? In episode 95 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we're sharing How we recently landed a pretty major media opportunity for FREE and how we will be using it the FULLEST to impact nearly 1.2 million families across the States! The difference between a visibility plan and an actual marketing plan Why you NEED a visibility plan in your business and an easy way to get started We can't wait to hear how you enjoy this episode and PUT it to use ASAP! in the mean time, we're rooting for you! OL +Sway P.S.
August 1, 2019
Ep. 94: Trust Issues- A Wife’s Perspective
As crazy as it may sound, when I married my husband, I did NOT fully trust him.  But trust is a 'funny' thing... I didn't have doubts of him being unfaithful, but I DID have other doubts and lacked trust in some other critical areas. For example, at the time we had two totally different money mindsets and how to create and grow wealth. Me being an entrepreneur my whole life, I saw things a bit differently, more frugal if you will at times.  Yes, he'd been in the banking industry for a few years at the time, but I knew the kinds of money decisions he made up until that point, and to be quite frank, I had serious concerns.  It wasn't just financial concerns (although, those were there) it was more about my emotional security and us having a clear way to resolve an issue when we vehemently disagreed.  There was NO way we could have successfully ran ANY kind of business together with at the time with THOSE kind of trust issues.  Thank God, things have changed (and are still changing for the better!) We had to woooooork on this stuff for years though... But, I'm gonna take you behind the scenes today on how we've gotten so much growth in marriage and business as a result of a deeper trust with one another! If you guys are working through this right now, there are some staple steps you want to have in place that will ultimately impact the quality of your marriage and your business...facts! In episode 94 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, I'm sharing: A sure sign you may have a trust issue with your spouse and may not even know it and how to fix it in ONEs strategic convo The different kinds of trust issues to be aware of and how to shield your marriage from broken trust The main way deeper trust impacts how we do business now, even with differences (which is totally normal!) I hope this episode not only shines some light on trust issues from a wife's perspective but also equip husbands with tools too! Let me know over IG stories if it hits home for you! Blessings,  Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
July 30, 2019
Ep. 93: Buying Followers vs. Buying Ads
I know we don't like to talk about it much because, well, bruised toes will be the outcome  BUT if we're totally transparent, we MUST confront the 'buying-followers elephant. 👀 I recall scrolling through IG one day and saw a 'friend' all-of-a-sudden skyrocket to tens of thousands of followers But just the week before, the account was barely opened. We get it.  Growing can be grueling.  It seems the faster way is the right way...and sometimes it is. Some would argue that if you buy ads, you might as well buy followers. Well, we have A LOT to say about that in episode 93 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast. You'll learn: Why you won't see us buying followers, but you'll absolutely see our ads sooner or later.  The lifelong GOLDEN lesson learned ONLY by working for your followers What we told our clients when they decided to not 'technically' buy followers but hire someone to grow their account.  It's gonna be interesting to hear your experience and thoughts of buying followers (maybe you have and you can speak from that perspective...) Either way, we knew this was something that should absolutely be confronted when we started having more convos about it with our clients- not to mention we are hit up in our inbox. We believe in you two and are rooting for you! O.L & Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
July 25, 2019
Ep. 92: Scarcity Thinking Is More Subtle Thank You Think
I'm sure by now we've all heard of the scarcity vs. abundance thinking.  and, to be quite frank, it's a legit thing.  The thing about scarcity thinking is you don't realize you have it (on some level) until you are confronted with others who don't. Scarcity (or limiting beliefs) will do just that..LIMIT your growth.  It's like putting a cap on your own potential.  Crazy, right? The great thing is, limiting beliefs can in fact become UNlimited beliefs.  FACTS.  (ask us how we know).  On episode #92 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we're not holding back and sharing these tried and true strategies to breakthrough whereEVER you guys are on your journey. We're talking about: The SURE sign you may have a limiting belief (and you likely don't even know it).  The different ways to confront your spouse's limiting beliefs based on his/her personality (it makes a huge difference!) The NUMBER one way to confront and CHANGE your limiting beliefs to UNlimited beliefs (it's a process, but it's soooo worth it) There's some LIFE changing content in this episode because these strategies have LITERALLY transformed our marriage, business, communication,  clientele, bank balances, our inner circle and  ...get the point? It's changed EVERYTHING for us- so we're sharing this with YOU! Can't wait to hear how your life and family is impacted by these simple yet profoundly powerful strategies. Here's to living powerfully in sync, O.L & Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
July 23, 2019
Ep. 91: It’s Likely You Don’t Even Have A Business If...
My mom taught me how to read a map back in elementary school. Sway here- I promise you, she ALWAYS had a map of whatever area we were driving to.  Long before Mapquest (ya'll remember that?👀) or Waze , I was her personal compass while she drove.  It was like some kind of rite of passage for me to know how to read it as she followed my direction. I remember pulling them out a few at a time from the hot glove compartment (it always seemed to be summer time when I was doing the most 'map reading' LOL) Well, she would always tell me first to find where we were located and then find where we were going...without those two, we would be lost... That's exactly how it is in business. We've found that so many couples operate at a 'winging it' level that it becomes the norm.  So, there are just a few things that we would say are necessary to have a LEGIT business, and the TOP one is having a STRATEGY, a path for where you are going.  In episode 91 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we're sharing GOLD (again!) about: How to know if your strategy is real or if you're pasting pieces together How to create clarity for your BIG goal together (and to still crush it even when it doesn't go as planned) What role your husband and wife personalities play in completing the overall strategy  Yeah, we're really 'going there' in this episode...may step on a few toes but our heart is to see you two win - not just in the end but DURING the journey. Here's to living powerfully in sync OL and Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
July 18, 2019
Ep. 90: When Unsubscribes Are Actually A GOOD Thing!
I remember during our first few launches how our unsubscribe numbers starting climbing... We were so nervous and thought we had to do something to get them to come back and be a part of our amazing tribe. But we had it all wrong. We were so focused on pleasing others that we failed to be ourselves.  It's like we were scared to even ask or offer anything to them... How crazy is that? You have something to offer that will help change life as they know it but you are fearful to offer it because you don't want them to leave....what kind of twisted thinking?.... Thank God for freedom from fear! Today, when we do launches or make an offer, we actually look FORWARD to getting unsubscribes. Here's why... Those who unsubscribe aren't buyers anyway..and if they DO buy,  they would make poor customers (and who wants meloncholy whiners trying to shake the amazing vibe in your tribe? 👀) So, episode 90 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast we're coming after one of the biggest elephants in the entrepreneur's mental space. Here's what we're sharing: The REAL reason people unsubscribe and why you should help them How we're forcing subscribers off our list this week and we are GEEKED about it! One way to determine if the issue is your messaging or your market O.L & Sway   P.S. If you haven't downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all of the steps to building a strong Marriedpreneur legacy TOGETHER, grab your free download HERE. P.P.S Not an iTunes user? Take a listen to the podcast over at
July 16, 2019
Ep. 89: Marketing Gets A Bad Rep!
Go take a listen to how we’re using adding REAL value (not fake value) as a part of our marketing strategy. Marketing doesn’t have to be slimy or disingenuous. In episode #89 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re sharing simple ways you can add REAL value and dream clients to your tribe today! 
July 11, 2019
Ep. 88: Is Imperfect Action Better Than Perfect Inaction?
We're in the middle of launching our Marriedpreneur Growth Kit, and neither OL or I could have anticipated the fulfilling (and at times intense) journey when creating it. Wow! It's been so much fun to watch couples reply and email us! That's what we hoped and planned and built it for, but it's still the best feeling in the world to watch.  Ok, One MORE last thing, over on today’s podcast Episode #88, we’re sharing how and why imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.  
July 9, 2019
Ep. 87: What Couples Get Wrong About Business Differences
Working with your spouse in business? We need to answer a question that we are often asked about working with your spouse when you have business differences. 👀 Here's the thing: We used to try to change each other under the pretense of being on the 'same page'. But same page doesn't always have to mean same perspective. More than anything, you want to use your business differences as an advantage and know what things to push for and what things to let be. That's the same in any other area in marriage too but for some reason many couples treat differences in business like it's the end of the road. It isn't. Yeah, there are rough patches, but that's to be worked THROUGH rather than ran away FROM. All of this ties into the bigger picture of building a lasting legacy together through your business. We're tackling this topic on handling business differences on episode 87 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast. 
July 9, 2019
Ep. 86: Confronting The Theory That Marriedpreneurship is Toxic
Today, it's a little bit of a rant we would say...    Probably the biggest hangup couples have with regards to starting and scaling a business together right now, is the belief that marriage and business don’t mix and will always end up in regret.   It's pretty easy to come to that conclusion when: We live in a rush-and-hustle culture that presents their own definition of success vs. each couple defining success for themselves. #powermove You two are so different and have varying views of how to move forward in business. (which really isn’t a bad thing…) It’s challenging to get a simple date night in without talking about business. It’s easy to turn into roommates. You're constantly running doing mostly non-revenue activities because they need to be done, and you’re not taking time daily to tweak your systems.  The logical conclusion is...working together is drab, so you might as well go at it on your own.  But before you nod your head yes, you'll want to check out our podcast episode #86 today. Our emotional rants are unusually logical. Go check it out! O.L. + Sway P.S. We have a SUPER awesome email coming your way later this week. It's called "What Couples Get Wrong About Balancing Business Differences." In anticipation of the beta launch of ‘The Marriedpreneur Growth Kit’ next week, we know people may be wondering if this is the exact same issue as dealing with communication problems in marriage/business. The answer is yes and no. Watch your inbox on Thursday!
July 2, 2019
Ep. 85: Watch Us Do A Pressure Launch In Real Time Pt.1
I recall a few years back when we had the largest emotional set back to date. We were super excited about the program we were about to launch. However, what we didn't have was a launch strategy.  We invested more than ever before, and we thought our marketing was going to be effective, but the issue was we were just putting pieces together- it wasn't a real launch system. Over the years, we invested in more coaching, and things became a lot clearer as far as the NECESSITY if having a launch strategy.  It's NOT what we originally thought.  What tripped us up was when we saw different influencers launching and it seemed to be successful. However, we were only seeing a fraction of the work- not what was really going on behind the scenes.  Recently, in our 2ccx coaching program, we were given the ins and outs of a pressure launch campaign (a way to pre-sell and release a new product). We. are. geeked to implement it to what we have already been doing. So, we want to take you behind the scenes of how we're doing our launch.  If you're interested in seeing the steps we use for this launch of our New Marriedpreneur Growth Kit (formally the Quick-Start Kit) then take a listen to episode #85 of the Marriedpreneur Podcast.  We're sharing how:  The first thing we always do before we launch ANYTHING Why it's important to have a proven template when launching (it's more than what you think) How much time you should give yourself to do a thorough launch - this part trips up many marriedpreneurs- but not anymore! This is a good one ya'll.  You may want to take notes and start implementing quickly to save time and make more on your next launch.   Here's to living powerfully in sync, OL and Sway
June 27, 2019
Ep. 84: When To Stop Doing What’s Working
This past Sunday was monumental. We were installed as Pastors. Never saw it coming. Never sought it out. More about that in a future email… Now, we’re realigning our lives and calling to both the marketplace and ministry (and marriage of course).  But we feel like there are other couples who are walking this unique call out as well.  With that being said, we're changing some things.  Whenever you're called to do something differently, people won't get it and think you're crazy. The cost of leadership is going first AND going against the grain. This past month we had to make yet another decision that - to some - sounds backward, but we know it's the cost of walking in a greater calling.  If you two are doing well and feeling like you're in your flow, that's great! However, if you've been seeking the next step to understand how to make progress towards the next goal, then we've got good news for you.  Here's what we're diving into:  How your chemistry in marriage can dictate your next business move The one question to ask yourselves before making any growth changes  Why we've decided to turn down a $40k opportunity... Hope this encourages you two to keep building. Greater is coming.  Here's to living powerfully in sync, OL and Sway Buckley
June 25, 2019
Ep.83: Weeding out draining clients- it’s not them, it’s you
Burnout is an interesting thing.  Sometimes we get burned out because of the TYPE of clients we choose to work with. Not all clients/ prospects are created equal.  So, if you're feeling drained or unfulfilled with your lack of progress,  it's not them's you.  As entrepreneurs and leaders, it's our job to train people how to treat us.   In episode #83 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we're sharing with you the steps that we implement to focus on our DREAM clients (which are way better than your IDEAL client). You're gonna hear about: How our his/hers approach is totally different but still helps us get to our goal as a team  The real reason why you may be attracting the wrong clients (and don't even realize it) This episode is full of practical insight that will boost your confidence and clarify your value. Check it out, and if it's helpful, be sure to let us know in a review or in our IG stories. Just tag us at @MarriedpreneurLife Here's to living powerfully in sync, O.L.  & Sway P.S. We’re about to drop something pretty amazing for you two if you’ve been seeking strategy for your next steps to scaling and syncing, get on the VIP wait list to be the first to hear about when it drops. 
June 20, 2019
Ep. 82: Sixty Five Years Of Marriage And Counting...
So this past week ,we spent time with friends and family in Dallas. With it being Father’s Day weekend, we especially couldn’t pass up the opportunity to slide through our grandparent's house. Those moments  are rare. This month they will celebrate 65 YEARS of marriage- that’s like a lifetime..right? So, of course, in true Buckley form, we asked them for a quick interview so we could share with you some of the nuggets they often share with us behind closed doors. We promised them it would be short and simple, and we would only ask ONE main question.  You’re gonna want to hear about it and how they’re still rockin’ with each other through businesses and losing children and so much more… It’s pretty powerful.  Check out episode #82 of the MarriedpreneurLife Podcast and let us know your biggest takeaway over in your IG stories. Just tag us at MarriedpreneurLife Here’s to living powerfully in sync, OL and Sway P.S. You really WILL be encouraged by their amazing insight! Whatever you two are facing, you’ll realize that it’s all par for the course and even greater days await..keep goin’ fam
June 18, 2019
Ep. 81: When he stops pulling his weight- a wife’s POV
We're gonna take you behind the scenes of some VERY transparent convos we've had over the years… and we STILL have these convos…  Ever since the hubby got fired about six years ago, we’ve had the saaaame conversation about him pulling his weight, BUT it’s not the same section of the thread.  We move along. Different seasons require different parts of this convo to resurrect.  Although he’s no longer dealing with his new identity as an entrepreneur, he does sometimes get so laser focused in one area of the business that he may drop another (important area) and I pick that part up.  It’s ok the first few times, but the moment I feel that he thinks it’s supposed to be that way, I have to speak up.  In episode #81 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we are GOING there...well, actually  I’M going there  since I’m doing this one solo mode….and you’ll see why. I have a feeling that I’m not the only wife who has ever felt taken for granted, so that’s why I’m sharing how we deal with those seasons and have seen tremendous change over the years. In this episode, I’m giving you a fly-on-the wall-ear-hustling-kind-of insight of: Why getting stopped by the police revealed to me how severely my husband was dealing with his identity as an entrepreneur (not to mention this came from an inappropriate question asked by the officer… I was livid.)  The unexpected blessing of me feeling taken for granted… it’s not what you think.  How our super recent confrontational convo about me still feeling the same way went down, and why I’m proud of my husband more than ever. Man, this one is a real-one...just like the others but different though.  I’d really like to hear your feedback too… Let us know your thoughts over in the comments on your listening platform- that would be dope.  Thanks in advance.  Peace,  Sway P.s. If you know of another marriedpreneur couple who can benefit from this goodness, I really don’t mind if you share it… :) 
June 13, 2019
Ep. 80: Separation Time...
By the time you read this, it’s likely that we would have just landed our flight to Dallas. This trip is coming off the heels of some of our most intense seasons in business yet.  We just finished our beta Love and Launch 10 Week Intensive- and it was just that… Intense. A few weeks ago I (Sway) made a choice to step away from the business...not permanently though...just for a few days (which felt very permanent at the time).  I flew down to Florida to stay in a beautiful villa with mostly strangers who became sister/friends. We had private chefs, yoga, nutrition classes, beauty regiments, and some serious spiritual breakthrough.  I was so serious about stepping away for the time I was gone that when clients and prospects pre-scheduled convos with us- I canceled them all.  I chose ME this time.  Both the hubby and I have different experiences, of course, but in episode 80 we want to take you behind the scenes of how we prepped for this time of separation (and how we’ll prep for future ones too). There were some clear frameworks and understandings we needed to have in place in order to make it work.  We believe every marriedpreneur couple should engage in this kind of separation on a regular basis.  You may be surprised at the incredible results. Check out the episode, and let us know if you’ve ever separated ‘on purpose.’ Ciao, Sway (+ O.L.)
June 11, 2019
Ep. 79: When She Makes More Than Him
This season was a challenge for us. We had to deal with each other in a delicate way to be sure we would pass the test. There’s two view points, and each one plays a role. On today’s episode 79, we’re taking you behind the smiles and sharing how we dealt with this season and how we’re actually stronger because of it. Maybe you two are there now, or maybe you’ve yet to experience it- either way, we hope you find some gems in what we’ve shared. Take a listen and let us know what you think! Best, OL and Sway 
June 6, 2019
Ep. 78: When Your Expectations Oppose Your Desire...
Not too long ago we were a part of a training session that totally changed how we pursued our goals. Myron Golden laid down some serious knowledge in how we can use our expectations to skyrocket our productivity.  He shared tons of strategies, but we just started implementing one.   We saw results pretty quickly, and so we started teaching it to our coaching clients. Yesterday, we had a check-in/training with them and EVERY SINGLE ONE of our clients is experiencing RECORD breaking results with this one strategy! So, we KNEW it was time for us to dive into with you.  We want to see you two WINNING too! Whether you've reached multiple 7 figures, or if you're just starting out, this principle will 10x your mindset and production.  Here’s the jest of it: Desire and Expectation are NOT the same! You get what you expect. But you don’t always get what you desire. The goal is to align your desire with your expectation.  It takes skill and practice.  We’ve created a podcast episode to share practical ways we’ve implemented this principle with you. It’s episode #78 and it’s called When Your Expectations Oppose Your Desire.  We’re rootin’ for you,  O.L. and Sway 
June 4, 2019
Ep. 77: Marriedpreneur Night Routines - Turning It Off...
There’s a popular lie that’s been floating around for generations. We’ve all heard the statement ‘it’s not how you start but how you finish.’ That’s only half true.   Unfortunately, too many married entrepreneurs often struggle not just with starting their days off productively but also finishing them strong too. The idea that finishing strong means doing one more task will somehow bring added satisfaction is seriously flawed.  Sway and I have learned the importance of finishing strong even if there are more things we want to complete. That’s tough, and the temptation to drive ourselves into the ground with work is always present!  In episode 77 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re uncovering the truth about how to have an uber, productive day and finish strong- even when there’s more stuff to do. Here’s a few highlights from episode 77…  What if I can't shut my brain off? Is it important that the two of us share a wind down together? We always love to connect and hear back from you two! Share and shoutout! Live Powerfully In Sync, OL & Sway
May 30, 2019
Ep. 76: Marriedpreneur Money Making After-Noon Routines
Do you ever feel tethered to your laptop? Sway and I both felt life our computers were joined to our Finally, we implemented a routine that made a huge change in our marriage and business. It doesn’t take a lot to make a major difference in your business. (It can even show up in your business bank account.) Before we implemented our afternoon routines in this new way, our days were kinda dragging around 3pm.    Are you familiar with the 3 o’clock wall?   Do you have that feeling like you just want to just shut it all down but you can’t? This happens to a lot of entrepreneurs. Sway and I had to remind to each other how important it was for us to create an outlet in the afternoon that wouldn’t make us feel like we were slacking off. “It’s all about being refreshed in the middle of the day.” In episode 76 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re spelling out how we shifted our productivity to make the workday that much more enjoyable. Here are a few highlights from episode 76  What’s the main difference between a morning and afternoon routine? What are the must-have components of a  money-making afternoon routine and how to create/tweak one for yourself? We love to hear your takeaways and feedback! Don’t forget to tag us on IG at @MarriedpreneurLife. Here’s to living powerfully in sync! OL & Sway
May 28, 2019
Ep. 75: Marriedpreneur Morning Routines (the last 30 days)
I never bought into morning routines much. Sway always had morning routines… well, she’s a morning person.  I guess you can tell by the flow of sentence that I AM We’ve all heard and read memes on IG about how important it is to own the morning. But is this true, and does it have any merit? We’ve seen major changes to our business and marriage over the last 30 days as we’ve merged and honed our morning routine down to a ‘science.’ But that meant that I had to get waaay out of my entrepreneurial comfort zone. So, how did I make a practice of doing something that I didn’t think was connected to our business or our overall well-being? If our businesses were going to thrive, then we have to thrive.  Moreover, if our marriage was going to thrive, then how we spent our time was going to have to count. That’s where our conversation had to match our commitment ( that went for both of us). “It’s all about the commitment.”  In episode 75 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, We’re sharing the power we’ve gained just in the last 30 days with our Morning Success Routine.  We’re sure that this is directly connected to us being on pace for our first 7-figure year! Here’s a few highlights from episode 75…  What is a Marriedpreneur morning routine? How is it connected to your ability to grow and scale your businesses? Does scaling our business require both of us to share the same morning routine? Check out this episode and share one element of your morning routine as married entrepreneurs… Let’s get it!!
May 23, 2019
Ep. 74: How Your Differences Can Explode Your Businesses
There’s a thin line between passion and frustration! It’s the same, thin line between business and entrepreneurship. When Sway & I started working together in ‘business’, we were stepping on each other’s toes and there was definite points of frustration.  It’s funny how just a slight difference  in views can make working with your spouse frustrating. No doubt, it’s because you’re both passionate! I know we saw things differently...and still do to some degree. Sway has been an entrepreneur the entire 20 years I’ve known her. (The one time she worked for a company, she later convinced them to bring her on as a consultant..she can’t help I always worked a 9-to-5 until 6 years ago and came into entrepreneurship as a ‘business person.’ This was the point of tension for us at  times. It came down to our different viewpoints. All viewpoints are pre-wired and shaped by our experiences.  Your views on the ‘business’ will either make you profitable and peaceful or stuck in business with no growth. In episode 74 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re getting right down to how we made our different perspectives work so we could scale our business and enjoy the journey together.  Here’s a few highlights from episode 74…  Why you two are different and what that means for your business How to embrace the business person vs entrepreneurship differences Where your secret to scaling your business lies This episode will show you how Sway and I leverage our differences, and how you two can build some even more amazing together! 
May 21, 2019
Ep. 73: Real Growth Requires Growing Pains
Sway: This year, we’re on track to hit 7 figures. Crazy.  Right? But this level of rapid growth is bringing real growth pains (which we welcome)! O.L: One of my old business associates called me and told me he had a TON of new business for me. Another guy we worked with in the past blew it with his clients which resulted in me getting all of the overflow. Sway: This means that my time is in higher demand and MUST BE restructured. Our business systems and time discipline are definitely being tested. O.L.: Marriedpreneur Life is flourishing,  it feels like we’re being stretched on all fronts. 2019 has shown itself to be unpredictable already, and it’s only May. This means we’re feeling the stretch in not just business but also our marriage more than ever before.  So, how do we sustain the growth and make the best decisions for our marriage and our businesses? That’s where our recent conversation came in. Sway reminded me about the importance of time tracking and prioritizing rest (even if it’s in the middle of the day).  In episode 73 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re detailing how we’re managing this season of growth with strategic forms of discipline. Here’s a few highlights from episode 73…  What we’re doing to maintain less stress even at high rates of growth on and offline The MOST critical areas to watch over as your business may not be what you think.  What growing pains are telling you about your business (they tell you more about yourself than you may think…) We’re excited to start documenting our journey with you guys again! We hope this episode will not just motivate but inspire you to continue to forward!
May 16, 2019
Ep. 72: BTS Marriedpreneur Map Step #8
Do you ever find yourself tethered to your laptop trying to grind it out? It’s funny (kinda) earlier this month I told Sway that I wasn’t sure I was breathing.  She said, hmm sounds like you’re taking shallow breaths.   I said yep, that’s it! Have you ever done that?  It’s like you ‘forgot to breathe.’ Lately, Sway and I have been on a roll when it comes to stepping away from our work in the middle of the day.  This has proven so rewarding, and I feel like it’s helped us to be more productive. Actually, a huge part of why we’ve been able to step out and take extended lunches is because of scaling and ascending.  We’re less involved with the day-to-day which has helped us to work more on the business instead mostly working in the business. Whew, talk about a game-changer! Today was all about lunch with my wife and mom-in-love as we sat in the sun on the patio enjoying fresh lemonade, burgers and great conversation.  I’m not even going to try and explain how awesome those grass-fed burgers were….WOW! Normally, this would’ve been much tougher to do without systems and structure.  In fact, if you two plan on scaling your business - the time to implement a system that will support that growth is yesterday. In episode 72 of The Marriedpreneurlife Podcast, we’re sharing how we went from being tethered to our laptops to mid-day lunches all while converting more of our dream clients. BOOM!  Here’s a few highlights from episode 72…  Isn’t my website and business email technically a system? What if I have a system but my business has plateaued and stopped growing? If you don’t do this one thing, you’ll never scale. If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please share inside your IG stories and tag @MarriedpreneurLife for a shoutout! We love hearing your takeaways after each episode (plus, it helps me plan for future content custom to YOU).
May 14, 2019
Ep. 71: BTS of The Marriedpreneur Map: Step 7 Continuity
It’s a common mistake for many married entrepreneurs especially when they’ve been working so hard on perfecting their ‘core offer.’ After years of missing the opportunity to serve our tribe more powerfully-we finally began learning and implementing our system for serving our clients on an ongoing basis through continuity programs.  If you two are looking for ongoing ways to serve your clients while producing a residual income stream (and you don’t have a solid continuity program in place) take a listen to episode 71 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast- it’s covering step #7 of our Marriedpreneur Map.  So, how do we continue to serve our existing clients with ongoing value beyond the core offer? That’s where listening intently and carefully to our community came in. Our community reminded us of where their challenges lie and how much they valued getting continuous gold from our experiences. “It’s about the continuous gold you two are constantly learning along your journey.” In episode 71 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re detailing our key lessons into developing a continuity program with ease as we walk our clients through the same process we’re using.  Here are a few highlights from episode 71…  Does everyone need a continuity program?  The biggest common mistake when implementing continuity (it’s not what you think…) Distinct roles for husbands and wives when implementing a new revenue stream (and why you need to be aware of these NOW!) If you two are in the ‘market’ for implementing a new revenue stream, come through and get some insight on how we walk our clients through this exact steps so they can achieve more income AND more time freedom! If you love this episode, share it inside your IG stories and tag us @MarriedpreneurLife  Here’s to living powerfully in sync and in profit. OL & Sway
May 9, 2019
Ep. 70: BTS of The Marriedpreneur Map: Step 6 His & Her Sales
We literally were ready to throw in the towel. Both of us.  It was right after doing our first big business launch and based on the poor results, we thought we miss understood what we were supposed to be doing (even though at one time it seemed so clear). The big issue was we were looking for people to convert into leads but we were doing it all wrong! There’s one thing we’ve learned about converting leads to clients who invest, that’s in the power of delivering real-time value. Do you find that getting your market to actually engage and buy from you is a struggle? Did a business coach/guru make you think that launching an online-only campaign was going to bring customers into your funnel? We’ve heard the same sentiments as well, but that’s only half the story. (Married entrepreneurs need a two-pronged approach to higher conversions and scaling.) So, how do we attract more leads that actually convert, even though we’re just two people? That’s where having a system and a strategy for getting directly in front of your market makes the difference.  I’ll borrow a quote from one of my coaches from years ago (Jonathan Sprinkles):  “Points are powerful but connection is key.” If you’re going to convert more leads into clients - getting in front and connecting with your market has to be the bloodline of your efforts. In episode 70 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re answering some of our top questions about getting higher conversions. This is step 6 in on our Marriedpreneur Map! Here are a few questions we’ve answered in episode 70…  Why FB may not always be the best platform to start scaling.  Why you're likely not charging enough and how that impacts your conversion rates.   Husband and Wife Roles: Can anyone sale? And should we both play a role in the sales department? We had such a great time sharing these gems with you guys. We are being more intentional about sharing content that will not solely help your business but content that will help you two operate your business together. If you love this episode, please share inside your stories and tag @MarriedpreneurLife for a shoutout! We appreciate hearing your takeaways so be sure to screenshot and tag us with the your ‘aha’s for this episode!
May 7, 2019
Ep. 69: BTS of The Marriedpreneur Map: Step 5 Lead Gen System
 A few years back we created a track for Dallas’s Startup Week (at the time it was sponsored by CHASE bank). As leaders of the track, we had to wear several hats, including marketing for our track.  We set up radio, television and magazine interviews to cover the event. We used the same visibility and traffic skills that we learned years earlier in our own business.  We had to work as a husband and wife team and divvy up our core team to get the job done.  As a result, we got TONS of organic (free) traffic from media visibility. We also ran FB ads to be more targeted with our audience. The response was overwhelming. In episode 69 of The Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re diving into Step #5 of the Marriedpreneur Map which is your CLGS. We’re sharing often overlooked strategies we use with our clients when they get to this step. Here’s a few: How to know which traffic will work best for your business. What to expect in traction and response time within the first 30 days of incorporating new traffic streams Steps to getting massive visibility for free and use it to build your CLGS. #gamechanger If you’ve been searching for new strategies to generate the right leads on and offline and want to cut your ad cost by diversifying your traffic sources, definitely check out this episode!
May 2, 2019
Ep. 68: Cultivate
It wasn’t too long ago when I received an inbox ‘pimp marketing’ message from a fellow sister in business.  This inbox message boiled my blood to the point where I literally wanted to help sis out. She basically was like, “My business and I can help you. My rates are blah blah blah.” I really wanted to ignore and not reply, but instead, I took precious time to speak back.  I said something along the lines of, “Hey! Hope your day is great. By the way, would you like to know about me and my business so you can know how to best serve me- if you can even serve me at all?” Thankfully, she was receptive and immediately replied with an apology and explained how she actually needed help with her lead gen. Wasn’t surprising at all.  But how many of us focus so deeply on selling that we overlook creating relationships that make it hard for our tribe to NOT buy from us? It may not be to the extent of this example, but you may be struggling too. In episode #68 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re sharing: An easy way to know if you’re ‘pimp marketing’ without even knowing it (you may be shocked by this one) How to create a cultivation system that nurtures your tribe and ascends them up your value ladder where they are asking you for more How your husband and wife roles play a part in cultivating your business This episode covers step 4 in the Marriedpreneur Marketing Map, and as always,  it’s full of golden nuggets.
April 30, 2019
Ep.67: BTS of the Marriedpreneur Map Step3: Value Ladder
  The toughest part about entrepreneurship has been removing ourselves the day-to-day so we could keep focused on the bigger vision. For years, we got so bogged down with ‘maintenance’ that we weren’t profitable and we plateaued with our clients. We had to learned how to implement systems and bring on team members to help execute. ( While this helped,something was still missing). So, what was the plan keep the processes running while continuing to deliver transformation to our clients? That’s where we had life our heads up from working in the business to start working on the business.  During this period one of our coaches emphasized the importance for us to have business model that would ascend our clients to greater value. It’s all about the business model of delivering higher of levels of value. In episode 67 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re detailing our transition into thinking about our business as visionaries and value leaders – which means we’re talking all about the most important aspect of growing a more profitable business that we’ve created, to date. Here’s a few highlights from episode 67… What we’re doing differently as Marriedpreneurs in our business What’s included in the The Marriedpreneur Map (i.e. The Ultimate Marketing Blueprint) that makes this possible How we’re planning to scale and hit 7-figures (thanks to business model that gets away from the day-to-day tactics in the business) If you enjoyed this episode, please share inside your stories and tag @MarriedpreneurLife for a shoutout! We enjoy hearing your takeaways after each episode (plus, it helps us plan for future content, custom to YOU). Download our Marriedpreneur Map at Get the step-by-step guide to launching, growing and scaling with your spouse. It took us years to create and implement so it will down on countless potholes for you two! 
April 25, 2019
Ep. 66: Behind The Scenes Of The Marriedpreneur Map: Step #2 - Your Money Message
It was important for us to do it-but it didn’t come easy. It was frustrating trying to communicate but NOT BE HEARD. It was hard to serve at a high level, generate leads and make money without it. Developing our message to call out our Tribe to time.  It took more time than it should’ve because we didn’t know our who or how to speak their language. One of the toughest things for us to do in business was [GET CLEAR ABOUT MARKET]. Early in the process we were targeting married couples.  Not realizing how broad of a market Married couples were. As time went on with great coaching we learned how to ASK and LISTEN to our market.   We learned who we DIDN’T want to work with as well as who we DID want to work with. Most importantly, we learned who in our market has learned to cope with the pain… and we learned who truly wanted to get rid of the pain! 3 WAYS TO CLARIFY YOUR MESSAGE The first (and often overlooked) step in monetizing your message.  The single clarifying question you must answer that solidifies your money message (it’s not what you think…  Why social 'likes' (alone) don't create buyers, but here's what does (and most overlook this simple perspective)   If you two are needing to redefine your money message, then get into this episode asap to start getting more clarity and connecting the dots. P.s. The NEW  #2 (delete the 5 pillar process/ 5 day challenge option) Download our Marriedpreneur Map at Get the step-by-step guide to launching, growing and scaling with your spouse. It took us years to create and implement so it will down on countless potholes for you two!
April 23, 2019
Ep.65: Behind The Scenes of The Marriedpreneur Map Step #1
 Everyone knows not to put the cart before the horse but we do it anyway. *shrugs* This is exactly what NOT to do if you hope to ascend your clients up your value ladder.  The whole purpose for creating the Marriepdreneur Map is so other marriedpreneurs would have a fast track to clarity and results WITHOUT skipping one of the most important aspects of building together! There are 3 key areas in episode 65 that we cover so you two can serve your market effectively and profitably: How to know if your market is a viable money market?   When Riches In Niches are no longer legit. How most start-ups leave money on the table. Don’t make this mistake  If you heard value in this episode, please share inside your stories and tag @MarriedpreneurLife for a shoutout! We love hearing your takeaways after each episode! Download your free Marriedpreneur Map (and get the list of our suggested business-building resources at 
April 23, 2019
Ep. 64: The Marreidpreneur Map: An Essential Guide For Married Entrepreneurs
Honestly, we struggled for a while.   This is what most entrepreneurs don’t talk about.  We often see them online declaring their seamless message but we have NO idea how much work went into that level of clarity... Nobody talks about that part. Here's a little insight from our experience nailing down our messaging: For us, It was tooooough getting to know exactly what our market wanted first. We knew WHO  we wanted to serve (married entrepreneurs has always been the constant) but HOW to serve them most efficiently was the tricky part. We spent a few years defining and redefining our messaging for our dream client. During this process, we struggled to put all the pieces together. Until something happened... On episode #64 of the Marriepreneur Life podcast we’re getting pretty transparent about our journey. (At times we wanted to throw in the towel but we’re SO glad we didn’t). When we started this business journey we began one-on-one clients and then a beta group that was heavily focused on the business side. But then we saw such a great need for teaching systems to be more efficient, so we revamped and started from the relationship side of market the following year. But THEN couples were asking for the business strategies more than relationship systems. Arrrghhh.. So, we rebuilt and refocused to where we are today which is blending both the business systems for scaling and efficiency systems (that protect date nights!). Mind you, this happened over a few years! It's been a wild path but we are SO grateful that we didn't give up!! On this journey, we’ve realized 3 vital areas needed for married entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business while preserving their harmony … (a happy profitable marriage actually). So, in this episode, we’re covering: The exact systems that are necessary for working together powerfully. (they are S i m p l e) How NOT to give up when hitting a ‘brick wall’ (there’s some gold in that lesson).  How to create profit when you're still clarifying your messaging’s so doable! We sorta took the long way around the block to learning these realities.   But today, we've taken all of our experiences and created the BEST of both worlds for you two to accelerate your growth together! We’ve created a unique blueprint which is the perfect blend of marriage and marketplace! (It’s about to drop tomorrow and you guys will be the first to know about it!! Can’t. Wait to share!!) Until then, Keep living powerfully in sync and in purpose O.L. and Sway If you two are needing seeking strong systems to implement for working together and scaling and you would like our help, apply to work with us >>
April 16, 2019
Ep.63: The WRONG business model had me on BEDREST!
When I first built my staffing firm I thought it was amazing because (well, it paid my way through college for starters) But as my seasons in life changed, my business model remained the same.  The BIG issue with that is that my business appetite changed- I wasn't as willing to do the things I used to do when I first started the business.  My capacity changed. My appetite for business changed. The thing that used to be a blessing started feeling like a burden. But the burden part happened after we got married.  My sweet husband had to walk me through that dark season. It became so bad that I was on bedrest. I was burned out.  I wasn't scaling the business, I was just sustaining it. It was painful.  I was ready to throw in the towel. I didn't have a plan B and I didn't care too much either. But after answering some deep emotional questions, I realized this: It wasn't the business that I detested, it was the business model. If you're seeking to scale and needing insight on next steps, take a listen to this episode.  In episode 63 we're sharing how: ➡️ To know if  it's time to  change your business model in order to scale ➡️ One simple question that exposes if you're working too hard (This one is an eye-opener) ➡️ We smoothly transitioned models by doing the opposite of what most coaches recommend (it has worked beautifully for us!) We’ve shared some pretty intimate details of a breakthrough conversation that I will never forget. Hope this helps you on your journey! If so, be sure to share your takeaways in your IG stories and @ us at Marriedpreneur Life and we’ll be sure to shout you out!  If you guys have been producing ‘struggle’ posts and your engagement is down, it’s likely a symptom of a deeper issue. It’s a sign that although you may KNOW what your market needs, you may not be sharing what they WANT (which is what they invest in). If this is you and you want us to help you scale your income and impact, apply to work with us. Get a strategy call here>>  
April 11, 2019
Ep. 62: We’re Just Here For The Comments👀: Why Your Would-be Tribe Is Clueless About You
I’m just here for the comments. We can all agree that the internet has no. chill. It’s difficult to go 24 hours without seeing a funny or controversial meme. Between babies, pets, and crying athletes there’s no shortage of comic relief. The only thing funnier online than the posts themselves are the comments. The first time I read a comment that said ‘I’m only here for the comments’, I knew there was something deeper to give attention to.  As we started going through our own posts on social media we began looking at those same traits that sparked high engagements.  Because let’s admit it, it feels really good when people talk back to us on our various platforms…(so long as it’s Sway and I used to observe ( dare I say study) what kinds of posts would get high engagement and how others got people talking back to them. If engagement is important in the physical real-world communication then it’s likewise important in the virtual world too! If you’re struggling with getting your message to resonate with your tribe and sometimes you feel as if you’re talking to crickets, be sure to take a listen to episode #62. It will change your approach and your In episode #62 of the Marriedprenuer Life podcast We’re covering: ➡️ How your engagement impacts your rate of sale (that’s such a thing) ➡️ Visuals matter (the saying, ‘man looks at the outward appearance’ applies here too) We’re sharing our strategy to stand out without needing a massive following in order to monetize. ➡️ How to post about your business, without posting about your business (yes, it’s a thing and it’s gonna rock your world) These points are essential to your business growth as you two navigate the maze of entrepreneurship. After years of posting ‘struggle’ content that barely got any engagement, we knew something had to change ...that’s when we took a deep dive to get the skills (which we’re still experimenting with) but we want to take you guys on for the journey… you ready? If you guys have been producing ‘struggle’ posts and your engagement is down, it’s likely a symptom of a deeper issue. It’s a sign that although you may KNOW what your market needs, you may not be sharing what they WANT (which is what they invest in). If this is you and you want us to help you scale your income and impact, apply to work with us. Get a strategy call here>> 
April 9, 2019
Ep.61: How We Landed Our First Client Together
  After being fired from the bank, we were thrusted into full-time entrepreneurship and it wasn’t a walk in the park.  There were some common perils to either not getting in touch with or losing touch with our dream client, but at THAT time, we were just trying to replace the lost income.  Looking back though, there were  4 main questions we asked ourselves in order to land that first. This is rarely a one time process of defining.  The reality is that markets can shift and they often do.  To be clear, it's often the way the market seeks their desires that can shift your messaging. Here’s what we’re covering in ep. 61 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast: ➡️ Where to start if you’re in the process of defining or redefining your dream client (it’s not as obvious as you think- most do it backward) ➡️ How to handle your lowest hanging fruit if it isn’t a part of your BIG dream- ie teaching entrepreneurship to 8th graders wasn’t a part of our long term goal, but it served a purpose in launching us ➡️ How to craft messaging for your market that actually resonates even if you’re switching markets Although we had a ball teaching entrepreneurship together, today, we were happier serving our dream clients as we continued redefining who they are!  In the new episode #61 of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast we're sharing the same  4 questions we use for defining and redefining your dream client on your way to your next contract. As you two build continue to revisit these questions. If you're needing help with your strategy implementation and would like our Marriedpreneur Life team to equip you with a blueprint and accountability, apply to work with us. In honor of our marriepdreneur anniversary, we're also gifting 3 marriedpreneur couples a free strategy call over the next 3 days. Apply here:
April 4, 2019
Ep. 60: Quarterly Debriefs Saved Our Marriage
It got to the point where we were just TIRED of being disappointed. WE’d set clear goals at the beginning of the year and We’d look up and by the time the year ended we were nowhere where we knew we COULD be. We had to take control over our potential.  We kept falling and failing. So we did something pretty drastic. We went ALL in on investing in personal development in sharpening the skills that would be the difference-maker between our sustainability and pop-up success. We needed a system. A real one that would bring real results. We started working with PD greats like Michael Hyatt, Alex Charfen, James Friel to name a few and then put our own twist on it for married entrepreneurs. Slowly but surely, things started changing for us.  One of the BIGGEST contributors to our growth is our Quarterly check-ins. If you’ve never done these or just need a fresh take on best practices, episode 60 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast was recorded with you in mind! We’re sharing: ➡️ How a quarterly marriedpreneur check-in can increase your earnings ➡️ The biggest false belief that keeps couples stuck and not implementing ➡️ A simple question to ask during your check-in that will protect your time, increase your date nights and give you more space to do what you love This episode is right on time because every time we do our quarterly sessions it just gets sweeter and sweeter! Can’t wait for you guys to take a listen to this one and see how you implement at least ONE of the steps we share.  ➡️If you guys are needing an overall strategy to increase profits while having an epic marriage, apply to work with us at:
April 2, 2019
Ep. 59: 3 Secrets To Instantly Adding Value To Your Tribe
We all are pretty aware that one of the most simple ways to engage and ascend your tribe is by leading in with ‘value’.  What if the goal was to over-deliver in value..every time? What if delivering value was a lot simpler than we’ve made it out to be? Is that even possible? Is that doing too much? Can you afford to constantly give value for free? Some fear giving away so much free because they think there will be nothing left to sell. We think differently. There are many ways to give real value that often go unnoticed.  When you’re not aware, there are missed opportunities (and we don’t want that for you two!) So, in episode #59 we’re sharing 3 quick tips to instantly add more value by doing these 3 value secrets, You’ll learn: ➡️ Why being authentically you with your market serves them way better than you probably even know...  ➡️ How to level the playing field. A simple (free) way to constantly stand out as the go-to even if there are others more ‘talented’. ➡️ How to create an unbreakable bond and engage the imagination of your market for years to come  Need help adding more value in your marketing plan? Apply to work with us here:
March 28, 2019
Ep. 58: Staying Driven While Empty
We notice the signs. Our triggers for becoming short, impatient, and stale started kickin’ in. We know it’s past time for a quick reprieve but that’s nearly impossible when you’re in the middle of a launch.  Life has nearly caught us off guard, but we STILL need to produce and create even when we’re spent.  If we constantly shut down whenever we feel stretched then how do we really grow? In episode #58  of the Marriedpreneur Life Podcast we’re sharing golden nuggets of how we get some of the best content created when we’re ‘spent’: We’re sharing: ➡️ How draining seasons can be used to your advantage and increase engagement  ➡️ Easy it is to be inspired by other industries methods and repurpose them for yours. ➡️How becoming attached to a specific process will bring unnecessary emotional strain Listen, if you’ve ever felt uninspired, uncreative or just blah about your work but you KNOW you have to continue to create valuable content and amazing opportunities for your tribe but you don’t think it’s possible to produce, take a listen to this episode.  Not only are we sharing some real life + business breakthroughs, but we’re sharing practical steps to work through this season- because it is just a season! Here’s to living powerfully in sync ➡️
March 26, 2019
Ep. 57 God Became An After-thought...And We Didn't Even Know It...
As we sat in the audience listening to the financial wins and strategies of the speakers we were told to do whatever it takes for however long to reach our money goal. We bought into it. It sounded noble. It sounded right. Until our plan clashed with our gut. We started to realize subtle changes in how we made decisions.  We no longer talked about what God would want, but it started to become about what we wanted and our goals. Our definition of success changed.  Our hearts changed...and we didn’t even know it.  We hit a wall when we were challenged to take one day of rest a week from our Hebrew studies teacher (ironic how in the midst of this we were still trying to learn more about the ancient truths of the Bible..but our hearts were far from it) That ONE challenge challenged everything we started to stand for. It brought so much light to the hidden idols of our hearts that we didn’t even realize we drifted as far as we did. In this episode, we’re sharing: How we’re balancing pursuing our 2 Comma Award and still trusting God along the journey One not-so-obvious sign that screams  God is an afterthought in your business (and how to instantly fix it) Our daily prayer/habit that helps re-align us with true success As always, this particular episode is gold (IMHO). The main reasons we do what we do is locked up in this episode. ➡️  If you two are seeking to learn marriage +business strategies with other like-minded marriedpreneurs, come join our private FB group where we do trainings, answer questions, and make epic business relationships. ⬅️
March 21, 2019
Ep. 56 The Truth About Serving vs. Selling
Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we can often feel stuck between SELLING OR SERVING. This mostly comes from our personal beliefs, what we’ve been indoctrinated with, our money mindset, our overall mission, faulty teaching (or not) just to name a few.  Although we share an overall similar view on selling vs. serving, we have slightly different views about them and we’re sharing unscripted and transparently in this hold on!   If you two have been struggling with increasing the sales and the best way to do it without feeling like you’re being left with the short end of the stick...take a listen! Here’s what you’re gonna learn in this episode about selling through serving: 1) How it distinguishes with your market and how to create genuine excitement that is contagious and transferable. 2) How it monetizes your brand by becoming a resource rather than just a ‘store’ 3) How to build trust and create raving fans through this sales technique (even when it feels like there’s a dip, you’re still winning!) We’ve been incorporating more and more of these strategies recently and it has TRANSFORMED our closing rates, our impact, and our confidence! It’s a game changer! If you want to learn how to infuse more effective sales in your marketing strategy we invite you to apply to work with us, over at 
March 19, 2019
Ep. 55: Stop Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket!!
 Yesterday for many entrepreneurs the world stood still, not literally but just their world. Those who have put ALL of their eggs into the ONE basket of social media for lead gen, business transactions and onboarding really felt the pain.   For some of us others, we barely noticed the issue until it was nearly over but business kept going! Today in episode 55 we’re talking about having a sustainable marketing plan that stands the test of time. You’ll hear about: Our different multiple 6-figure business models, a few in which have NO social media all. A quick way to get massive exposure offline for free One of the easiest ways to stay relevant, make money and grow your list (when used properly- but it’s still effective even when it’s raggedy). This, you DON’T want to miss if you guys are in scale mode or all-online mode (which is a no-no) for smart marriedpreneurs. Can’t wait to have you join the convo! What tweaks will you be making next? (i.e. a report stated that FB expects for there to be more ‘blackouts’ in the future sooooo…. Be sure to tag us over at marriedpreneurlife in your stories when you’re listening in...we love connecting with our extended fam!
March 14, 2019
Ep. 54: You’re Sitting On Gold: Listen THEN Respond
We ran from it for a good year. We had absolutely no desire to work together as husband and wife in the same business...we preferred to help simply support each other’s own endeavors... It all started when our clients from both of our businesses (real estate and consulting) asked us to work together to help their entire family. Guys, we ALMOST missed out on living this part of the dream… all because we didn’t see what others saw- in fact, we were too focused on what we were doing individually to even take it seriously.  So, you may be in the same season, but in Episode #54 we want to share insights that have helped us to listen and respond: ➡️ Avoid the common mistake of leading in with answers, instead, ask questions and listen. ➡️ A simple strategy to hearing what the market is asking for and asking YOU for ➡️ A quick way to know when you should even respond to the market, not every call is to be answered by you It goes without saying that this episode is gold, especially if you’ve been sleeping on new ways of doing, delivering and performing in business together. If you haven’t listened Episode #53 The ASK Factor, go take a listen and this will be even more valuable.    Connect with us in our FB group. 
March 12, 2019
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