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Marsha And Her Mic

Marsha And Her Mic

By marsha maung
Magic happens when people listen. I explore the many different ways we live our lives based on culture, tradition, experiences, influence, situations, geographic locations, and even if they don't align with my thought-process, there's something in there to learn.

And that's why I am always thinking and wondering. Join me! Hit,, or follow me on

Alone, we're a drop of water; together, we're the ocean. Let's be the sea.
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Do you feel judged all the time and feel angry when it's not justified? Listen up!
Tips on how to handle judgement from people you know and don't know. Humans are humans and there should be internal ways to sit with it and move on
September 23, 2021
Heart to Heart: Highly Sensitive People
Here's a little insight and advise to being a highly sensitive person. Viewed almost always negatively, it I'd time to rewrite the narrative.
June 29, 2021
"It is what it is". What do people mean when they say that?
The phrase "it is what it ie" sounds comforting, easy-going, and even relaxed. But here, let's dive a little deeper into another potential meaning behind the phrase "it is what it is". This was previously published on both my website and Medium.
June 02, 2020
The Age-old Challenges of Being a Woman
Women all over the world are the same but depending on your culture, situation, job, country, and personality, it can be different to you. However, some challenges remain the same. Stay at home to care for the family or go out into the world to work? Speak out or suit up? Say yes or say no? Leave or stay? These challenges remain and will continue to stay with us as we seek progress into a better world for women.
May 12, 2020
Creativity is a Freak Unicorn
Creativity is something we're born with. It's in our DNA and yet, many of us think of it as a useless skill. Something that we can't make a living out of. Here are some insights from some renowned writers and a couple of tips from me as a writer and remote worker. Hope it helps!
March 06, 2020
Stop being an Outcast. It's possible
This is for people who felt singles out, bullied, not accepted, cast aside or ignored. Break out of it because it is possible! Don't feed into the self blame and say to yourself and move towards a better support system
March 03, 2020
I quit freelancing and persuaded to join the workforce. Here's my take, rant and advice
I quit freelancing and persuaded to join the workforce. Here's my take, rant and perspective
February 25, 2020
The I'll do it attitude will get you far and high!
Doing the mundane? Questioning life and decisions? Wondering if this is all there is to work and life? Having the 'i'll do it attitude' might be the yellow brick road after all
February 16, 2020
Forgive, For Heaven's Sake
We've all been wronged before and I am sure we've harbored unkind thoughts towards those people. Here's a 2-part method to forgiving and releasing them. It will take the load off your shoulders and stop adding to your pain. Happy listening!
December 29, 2019
Marriage and Money - the family abyss crisis
I talk about one of the leading causes of couple breakups and marriage... Money. When should we talk about it? What should we do when we face a financial crisis without causing a rift in the partnership? Have a listen here on what many people have to say about money and marriage. I hope you enjoy it and have something to take away with you. Visit me at to connect!
December 05, 2019
The fight against ageism
Understanding that ageism is a social problem that not many of us address simply because older marginalized citizens of our society have always accepted it as such. Should we allow it?
August 28, 2019
Why we glorify stress and why we should stop
Why we glorify stress and why we should stop. Is stress really the best motivator? Think about it.
August 19, 2019
That uncomfortable feeling: how to get through it
When something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, what is your state of mind? What do you do about it?
August 13, 2019
What life should be like? If you say 'exciting', here are a few more things to add to it!
There's more to it than living an exciting life. Here are some things I think life should be like too. Something for you to chew on about life, balance and happiness
June 29, 2019
One cup a day principle - How to get things done efficiently
Discover a new way to get things done when you live by the one cup only work and life style. Finish what's on the table THEN add more. What do you think?
June 04, 2019
Many have felt like taking the leap. 'have faith', they say. 'follow your heart', they bellow.
Here's a story about someone who made the leap of faith. Jumped off the cliff. Quit her job and followed her dreams. And in it, I share my perspective about life as a solo-preneur. Are you in it?
May 28, 2019
The Best Decisions You've Made In Your Life
We have enough critics in the world, oftentimes the worst of whom are ourselves. Why not try something new and shameless? Let me start with the best 5 decisions I've made in my life. Follow me on Instagram @marshamaung, Twitter @marshamaung or facebook @marshamaungonline
March 19, 2019
How to change the world, one kind act at a time
With excerpts of article taken from xxx and xxx. It's possible and extremely useful when we live consciously kind everyday. It makes you feel amazing and powerful
July 17, 2018
Things We Wish Someone Told Us When We Were Younger
Have you ever wondered if there was a remote possibility of going back in time, what would you say or advice you would give to your younger self? Would you change anything? What do you think will change your adult circumstances and the career or personal path that you are embarking on right now? Credit: Visit instagram @marshamaung to connect!
July 07, 2018
Silence The Heart Healer
How a 10 day meditation retreat changed a life and healed her broken heart - Author Kirsten Pilz (
July 02, 2018
The Last of Human Freedoms
Everything can be taken from a man but one thing : the choice of one's attitude. Article by
June 23, 2018
Cancer, I surrender. Or do I?
Reading off news about an actor's sudden cancer news and life reflections
June 23, 2018
Leaping into the Unknown
Reading of an inspiring article from Louise Watson. If might prod you into leaping into, yes, the unknown. Credit : No this is not sponsored. I just really loved the article and kept a printed copy
June 20, 2018