The Sales Life w/ Marsh Buice

The Sales Life w/ Marsh Buice

Marsh Buice
Lifetime (car) salesperson sharing what I've learned from the chapters of rejection, failure, doubt, hope, grit, & resilience. From Lot to Life it’s all Sales.


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#143 Dear World 🌍...

#170 “Was that ok?”
After conducting over 35,000 interviews, Oprah Winfrey said that when its over, a majority of the people interviewed asked the same question...”Was that ok?” If these big named, huge notoriety, shot-callers need validation...don’t you think your salespeople (& others for that matter) need to be validated too? Today’s podcast discusses the importance of validation- before, during, & after a sale. 👉👉Preciate the love & support. Remember I’m @ & @marshbuice on Twitter. ✌️
April 20, 2018
#169 2 Superpowers you need in Sales
In this week’s “I gots to have episode” here are 2 damn right Superpowers you need to add into your sales game. These two are subtle, yet powerful. Let me know your thoughts @ ✌️
April 19, 2018
#168 The Ladder w no rungs
Finishing up activist & CNN personality Van Jones’ book he tells of a story when he was a child asking why didn’t his dad give the poor some money...that way they won’t be poor anymore. His dad retaliated saying that you could give the poor money..but if they’re poor in skill, education, & self reliance- they’ll have money today & be broke tomorrow. Every person has their own ladder to climb - a ladder of our own we climb we give others a rung & children the whole damn ladder. 👉👉Today’s episode is about responsibility- Responsibility to ourselves, others, & our future as well. 👉👉Hope you’re enjoying the podcast. Would you drop me a line @ or if you’d leave a review & subscribe/share I’d appreciate it. 💯
April 18, 2018
#167 Get “L-ity”
Actor George Clooney- was once People Magazines Sexiest Man wasn’t always that way. In high school he was stricken w Bell’s Palsy which partially paralyses one side of your face. He goes on to say that as tough as it was to have one side of your face droop in high school he learned to develop a sense of humor...he said it's things like this that happen in Life that develop your personality....Today’s episode is about developing your personality- what it means...& how to put your stamp of "ITY" on it. 👉👉I appreciate you listening, subscribing,& sharing with others. I’m @
April 17, 2018
#166 Mo Sales Tips: Didn't say..Climaxes..1 Legged Spouse
Lets keep working on your sales game today. Today we're touching on asking more...why the final moments are sooo critical..& the one legged spouse. 👉👉Thank you for supporting the show by listening, sharing, & subscribing. ✌️
April 16, 2018
#165 MENtoUr
I feel like men need to hear this..know this.
April 13, 2018
#164 Mo Sales Tips: Effort, Knives, & Edges
Continuing on working on your sales game...3 techniques to work on...#1 Average goal = Average Effort #2 Why your sales career should be like an episode on The Food Network #3 Find your edges. 👉👉thanks so much for tuning in. 🤟🤟Thoughts, feedback, or show suggestions hit me up @
April 12, 2018
#163 “I’m not the worst of what I’ve done”
Recently I came across a new series on Netflix called “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” hosted by David Letterman....& it features high profile guest- (hence the title)- now the audience had no clue who they’re about to see & the first one I watched was Jay Z and the last 10 min of the show was epic for me. Towards the end Letterman asks Jay about his infidelity & Jay said, “(my wife) she knew I’m not the worst of what I’ve done...” Today’s episode was not what was planned, but I felt the need to share...someone’s worst is not their’s not all that they’s not all that they’ve got...there’s good in there & the way to break the cycle is for you to pay it forward. 👉👉I appreciate you 👉👉
April 11, 2018
#162 The Minimalist Leader
You see The Minimalist Movement all around- from tiny houses to living out of just one back...doing more-being free with less & while that may all fine & good in living it’s not F&G as a Leader. When Dr Jill Bolte Taylor was recovering from her stroke, one of her specific needs was “Ask me a specific question & give me the space needed to search for the specific answer...” Today’s episode is a hand raiser for me- I’ve been too quick to ask a question and just as quick to answer it for others....I didn’t give them the space needed to fill in the blanks. I get as leaders we’re minimal on time- so much coming at us on a daily basis...but when it comes to teaching & involving others in their own lives...we gotta be Maxamilists (yup I created a word) —give others more time to search for their answers. 👉👉Thanks for taking time out to listen. Please share & subscribe. 🤟
April 9, 2018
#161 I assume you already know
There’s a quote that I like from Brene Brown that says, “If you go through life needing confirmation that you DON’T belong, you’ll always find it...instead assume that you do belong & act accordingly.” Today’s podcast is a simple can get what you believe..or you accomplish what you assume...Stop believing you can’t & assume you can & you will. I assume you already know...that you belong so act accordingly. 💯👉👉Preciate the love & support of the show. (I assume you know that 😜)
April 7, 2018
#160 Sales Tips: Losses, #s, & Kinfolk
Let’s hit a few sales tips today. Tip 1: you set a new goal & you’re already behind...”spread the loss” Tip 2: Success is all arithmetic. Tip 3: Your customers aren’t related. Stop taking your frustrations from previous customer out on your new customer. They ain’t kinfolk. 👉👉Thanks for listening, subscribing, & sharing w someone who can use the words. 🤟
April 5, 2018
#159 It’s not a’s a process
Sometimes we look at events in Life as a problem to be solved when instead we should look at it as a process to be learned. If you don’t know by now we don’t have all of the answers to events that occur in our lives..some things become clear much later... some things we have no idea why?? Trying to run around and solve every answer will drive you bat shit crazy if you let it...Today’s episode is a reminder to not get tangled up in the weeds of Life- don’t stress yourself out bc you don’t know why...sometimes your why is not in the problem...sometimes your why is in the how of your process. 👉👉Thanks for tuning in. Please share an episode with someone you think can use it. 🤟Pay is forward today —Play all out! 💯
April 4, 2018
#158 Patience & Persistence: 2 Key Ingredients in Sales
To make things happen, both Patience & Persistence are needed in your career. Today we’re talking about working the delicate balance of 2 key ingredients needed to bring your “A” Game in sales. 👉👉Thanks so much for listening & subscribing to the podcast. Share with someone that you think can use the word or just slap the link up on your social media 💯. Hit me up on Twitter @marshbuice or email me @ 🤟
April 3, 2018
#157 I’m not a bargain
In speaking to a wealthy investor, he told me something that really resonated w me. He said, “Marsh, everybody’s looking for a bargain, but what I’m searching for is the best value.” This statement landed w me bc I’m not a bargain...but I am the best value. See a bargain is something that bears risk, but is below cost...below market the question for the buyer is it worth the risk? But a value on the otherhand...a value is what something is worth in relation to the resources (i.e. time & money) invested. Today’s episode is a reminder that you’re not a bargain, but you are the best value. 👉👉Thanks for listening. To improve rankings so others can see the show would you rate it for me please? Also send me feedback on the show - what do you like, dislike, want more/less of? Please let me know @
April 2, 2018
#156 You lookin’ for a reason or an excuse?
We’re quick to ask the “who dunnits” how they did it? We’re quick to ask the path, hacks, secrets, & mindsets...but why are we asking the question? Are we asking the question to reeeeally know the answer, or are we asking to find our excuse? 👉👉Knuckle up👉👉Thanks for listening, sharing, & subscribing. 🤟
March 29, 2018
#155 Tip Drill #3: 3 Sales Tips
Let’s hit the mental gym today & work on Try’s 💪 -try applying these skills to your sales framework. Tip #1: What you lack in skill you must make up for in numbers (for green peas and vets) Tip #2: Clarify the No (Most No’s are K-N-O-W) Tip #3: Never deliver a negative (statement) w/out a positive (benefit). 👉👉Now get to selling! Learn from your Listening. 👉👉Thanks for tuning in, subscribing...while your at it share it w someone who can use the word...and please help increase the rankings by rating the podcast🤟 I’m @
March 28, 2018
#154 The nursery tree & the forest
As Spring approaches you’ll see people walking the aisles of garden centers everywhere looking for the perfect tree to plant in their yard & once they plant that tree they’ll help support it by tying ropes & stakes into the ground. They have to support the tree bc nursery trees cant handle what forest trees can. 🌳And telling you this has everything to do with you. 👉👉Thanks for tuning in..subscribe so you don’t miss these quick episodes & share with someone you think can use this message. 👉👉For feedback or show suggestions please email me @
March 27, 2018
#153 Responsibility over Opinion
An interviewer asked a retired Navy SEAL if he’d ever disagreed with an order or mission he’d been given. (I always wondered that too) He said sure he had...his disagreement was his opinion, but he had a responsibility to see those orders his responsibility always superseded his opinion. Today’s podcast casts a light on familiar situations in leadership where you are given a new direction..a new order that you don’t fully agree with what do you do? 👉👉Thanks for listening, sharing, & subscribing. I’m @ or @marshbuice on Twitter.
March 26, 2018
#152 Sales Tips (episode 2)
Here are 3 sales tips for you to work through & think on. Whether sales by profession or in Life, you can bend these skills into any area of your Life. Tip #1: The curse of the repeat customer Tip #2 Don’t be an ass just bc they didn’t buy from you Tip #3 The one time to NOT align with your customers. 👉👉Thanks for Listening, Subscribing, & Sharing with those who can use the word. 👉👉I’m @
March 24, 2018
#151 Failure DOES define YOU
To encourage you... to keep you going, we hear people all the time tell you to treat failure as an event..that failure doesn’t define you. Failure is an event...but it is a teacher...failure doesn’t define who you are but it does define what you do...& what you do from there does define YOU. Listen & I’ll explain why👉👉Thanks for tuning in, subscribing, & sharing w those who could use this show. ✌️
March 23, 2018
#150 The unfinished work of completion
In his book “Da Vinci” Walter Isaacson writes that maybe the reason why Leonardo Da Vinci died with many of his works unfinished was bc he was always improving on his techniques...& I’ll go with that thought, but I have conflicting feelings on this thought as well. In today’s episode, yes I agree that maybe we should look at our lives as unfinished- ever improving works of art...but maybe Da Vinci wouldn’t mark his paintings as completed ...maybe we stay at a job, entangled in a toxic relationship...or don’t start a new position or business for fear of being we hide in the safety of “still working on my painting.” 👉👉Thanks for tuning in...for feedback or suggestions please email me @
March 22, 2018
#149 3 Sales Tips
Today’s episode are 3 sales tips for those of us banging in the sales industry. Even if your not in the sales profession, you’re in the Sales Industry of Life- you’ll find some useful tips in here that you can use in every day life. Tip #1: Don’t remind your customer what the don’t want to do Tip#2 Don’t ever quit on your customer & Tip #3 Don’t accept limits as fate👉👉Let me know what you think @ or @marshbuice on Twitter. Thanks for listening, subscribing, & sharing with someone you think can use the info. 🤟
March 21, 2018
#148 Small things are all things
Michael Gervais has a good podcast I listen to callled “Finding Mastery” & he has a saying, “How you do the small things is how you do all things.” It’s one of those catchy sayings but is sooo true. Today’s episode challenges you to think about all of the small things- the sleights we ignore, but we could do quickly, productively. 👉👉Thanks for checking out the podcast. Subscribe and share with those you feel could benefit.
March 20, 2018
#147 What’s one thing?
After losing around 70 lbs 5 yrs ago (& kept it off) I have people ask me all the time how I did It. And I would tell them...too much. I tried to tell them the years of tweaking and adjustments in just 10 minutes & would overwhelm them. So now when I share my story I ask them “What’s the one thing you can do right now that won’t disrupt everything else you’re already doing now?” This habit graduating technique (See for more on Habit Graduating) works in any area of your Life where you’re trying to improve but don’t know where to start. Start with One...I use my friend’s relatable story- a Mom w 3 kids who has to work, cook, do homework, & take baths and somehow get the baby weight off. It’s not impossible it’s Onepossible. 👉👉Thanks for listening, subscribing, & sharing this podcast with someone who you think could benefit from it.
March 17, 2018
#146 3+3 = Me
Besides “I love you” 3 of the most important & underutilized words you can genuinely say are “I don’t know” & “I messed up” ..we don’t use them enough especially in positions of leadership. Today’s episode is about the value & benefit of using those 3 words more effectively in leadership both on and off the clock. 👉👉Thanks for listening & please subscribe & share with others who could use the words. We’re all in this “thang” together👉👉Remember I’m @
March 16, 2018
#145 How I get & read books
I love love love to read but I get it most people don’t...we don’t like to read bc we’re slow readers & we’re crunched for time. Taking both of those reasons and adding a 3rd- my change is strange & my money is funny, here are 10 tips I use to get and consume books...none of those should be a reason any longer to not read. Btw I didn’t read my first book until I was 25 yrs old so it’s never too late. 👉👉Thanks for listening, subscribing, & sharing. 💯
March 15, 2018
#144 The 9 Basic Human Needs
While working a deal I needed a salesperson to go get some more paperwork from his customer & after outlining what I need he just stared at me and asked if I was going to go do it? The old me-when I was a new mgr would’ve blown up thinking that the sp was being soft...but that wasn’t the reading “The Coaching Habit” by Michael Bungay Stainer he wrote of the 9 Basic Human Needs: Affection, Creation, Recreation, Freedom, Identity, Understanding, Participation, Protection, & Subsistence (my success depends on your help). ...these are the 9 we all need as humans (hopefully you’re a human). So Stainer writes when someone wants (asks) something from you - don’t jump in nor go off...they’re asking you bc they have a want behind their need(s). Too often as leaders we’re too quick to assume, advise, or blow up, but if you tap into their want, you can align with “what” (they need) and coach more effectively. 👉👉Try spotting the needs behind the want questions of others this week & share
March 14, 2018
#143 Dear World 🌍...
A letter written at the end of Harold Kushner’s book “9 Essential Things I Learned About Life” that we can all relate to. (Find the letter on Much love ❤️ & thanks for listening 👉👉For comments or show suggestions please email me @
March 13, 2018
#142 The Two Yous
I like buying old, used books bc I like to see what others have highlighted as importance in their personal journey of Life. This book I found was given as a gift in 1969 and in it I found a passage from Earl Nightingale. He said that in reality every person is two persons...the person he is today and the person he can be tomorrow. Listen to hear how Nightingale describes on how we can narrow the gap between the two persons -not only for ourselves but for others as well. Pay it forward today. 👉👉Thanks for listening-subscribe & share with others if you like the show. I’m all ears @
March 12, 2018
#141 Be that guy
On my day off I go to hang out with a buddy @ work who is a rising up & comer. I mean he’s going places & he’s quick to tell you where he’s going and what he’s done. Being with him at work was a great reminder for me...yes you may be able to put up some profit but there are many many other things that others can profit from you if you’d just be “That Guy” 👉👉Thanks so much for listening...if you like what you hear would you subscribe to the podcast & help get the word out by sharing with others who could use this episode? Please send me your feedback & show suggestions to
March 10, 2018
#140 Pt 2 Counters to the 5 regrets of the dying
Episode 139 & today are the “5 Regrets of the Dying” ...this article turned book chronicled one’s final days ...their “shoulda” moments. (I pegged all 5 regrets) We end today with the final 2 regrets and the counters to those regrets thanks to Dan & Chip Heath’s book “The Power Of Moments.” These Counters will help you build & maximize your moments & minimize your regrets. 👉👉Thank you for listening 👉👉I’m @
March 9, 2018
#139 (Pt 1) Counters to the 5 regrets of the dying
Bronnie Ware wrote an article that later went on to become a book “5 Regrets Of The Dying” that laid out the regrets of those she sat w/ in their final days. In the book “The Power Of Moments” brothers Chip & Dan Heath counter these regrets by saying here are the regrets & here’s how not to live (& die) with those regrets. 👉👉A really good, meaningful episode that I hope you get some use from. My hand’s raised on all 5 of these regrets. The Heath’s book really shared some insight on how to live with better moments and fewer regrets. 👉👉Thanks for listening, subscribing, & sharing the show & your thoughts. I’m @
March 8, 2018
#138 You’re w-w-welcome
Like 1,237,314 other parents I didn’t feel like cooking so I stopped and grabbed the kids something from McDonald’s & the guy taking my order stuttered. I was amazed- I know what it’s like to stutter bc I used to as well (bad)...& here he is having to work the drive thru! When I asked him why did they put him in the drive thru he told me, “They didn’t put me here-I asked to be put here...” Today’s episode is a challenge to take the path of most resistance instead of least. Seeing how he handled up in he drive thru was an inspiration for me to find one thing today that makes me break out in a cold sweat..that gives me the bubble guts...if it scares me then it’s the right thing to do. 👉👉Share your thoughts w me @
March 7, 2018
#137 Don’t be a ticker watcher
There are many times I’ll record the podcast & then read something later that I wish I would’ve added with a “Oh by the way” segment. After yesterday’s episode of pulling the emotion out of a decision you’re about to make & getting back on track when you do screw up, I was reading retired poker player Annie Dukes book “Thinking In Bets” & she uses a 10-10-10 rule to make better decisions by putting the regret in front of the many times would be want a do over in certain situations? I like Dukes’s idea of putting the regret in front of the decision you’re about to make. Today’s episode adds to yesterday’s thoughts in hopes of helping you clarify your choices. 👉👉Rock it out today! 👉👉Thanks for listening, subscribing, & sharing. I’m @
March 6, 2018
#136 Stop the bleeding
This lady grabbed a handful of complimentary donuts 🍩 justifying it by saying “I know I shouldn’t but didn’t eat breakfast this morning!” ...and I’m not judging I did it just the other day by eating a half bag of nachos & chili . ...why do we do things KNOWING it’s only going to make things worse? Knowing we’re going to beat ourselves up continuously afterward. Today’s episode is about Acceptance of the Exception...what to do when you feel the pull of emotions to give consent to making a poor decision..& what to do to get back on track when we do hiccup. 👉👉Thanks for listening, sharing, subscribing, & sending your thoughts & suggestions. I want the show to be relevant and useful for you. I’m @
March 5, 2018
#135 Practice makes..your practice
Anders Ericsson has the “10,000 hour rule” which was made popular by Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” & the idea is to be world class at something you’ve got to deliberately practice 10k hours. We all agree that to gain an advantage & move up in Life you must practice...but do you practice being dumped..divorced..bankrupt..being passed over or stabbed in the back...we damn sure don’t want 10,000 hours of disaster but the question is when tough, altering moments ensure how do you practice bc like it or not you are practicing something 👉👉Would love to hear your thoughts on this one @ 👉👉Thanks for listening, subscribing, & sharing with others.
March 3, 2018
#134 Your Freedumb Awaits
You know when we hear the word “dumb” we think of stupid, but dumb has many meanings including “simpler” as in dumbed down. Today’s episode is about taking the free, subtle things that exist around you..things you can do right now to simplify your life while inching forward. Your Freedumb awaits- build your own list and get after it!✌️ Show notes: Freedumb Tip #1: Podcasts: I learn more from podcasts than I do from reading. Hit the search bar in your podcast app and search for your favorite speaker/author. You'll find all of the podcasts they've been on & get the "meat" of useful information from a speech or book they're promoting. You may even find a podcast to subscribe to. Freedumb Tip #2: My 5 min rule: If it takes less than 5 minutes do it now. It'll declutter your life. Freedumb Tip #3: LIG: Let it Go dude- I get the fact that you've been hurt, burned, and stabbed, but you've got to let it go so you can bring it (your future) on. Don't waste today on tomorrow's misdeeds. Find
March 2, 2018
#133 Oh I’m needy alright
So the month a new month begins. So goes the Life of a salesperson & being you & I are selling our way through Life- I’m taking to you (& me). A couple of weeks ago a salesperson was having a rough go of the month telling me he NEEDed to make a certain amount to pull his month out...we talked about some things and he got it together and made his month...but once he got it he let up. Today’s episode is talking about working from a “Need” mindset all month long ...not just when you’re in crises mode. 👉👉Thanks for subscribing & listening 👉👉remember I’m at
March 1, 2018
#132 Do Do It 💩
We get to these crossroads in Life...these pivot points where we have to make a decision to go left, right, forward...or just turn around and go back and start over. We get to these intersections & have to make a decision & many of our decisions we Do Do It. 👉👉Thanks so much for your support in listening & sharing this podcast. Please share your thoughts & feedback at & if you’d jump over and rate the show I’d appreciate it too. Rating it will help get the word out to others. 👉👉If you’re gonna go through it in Life then might as well grow from it. ✌️
February 28, 2018
#131 Take the Hit not the Loss
Many of us- me included place a large % of our identity on what we do at work...others of us are so stuck up our kid’s butts people don’t know where the kid ends and the parent begins. But what happens when that what you have so much stock- so much invested in goes awry? Today’s episode challenges you to re-diversify your identities. (Identities I said not multiple personalities 😬) 👉👉I hope you’re getting some use out of these podcasts👉👉Please take a minute to rate &/or review the show as well as share an episode or ten to others who may could use a “thanks I needed that” shot in the ass. I’d love to hear from you @
February 27, 2018
#130 Make it "Easy"
Takeru Kobayashi is a Japanese competitor who came on the scene by winning the Nathan’s Coney Island Hot Dog 🌭 Eating Contest. He blew up the previous record- doubling the results by asking the question how can make eating hot dogs “easier.” Easy tends to have a negative connotation when it comes to making strides of accomplishments- we think to do something worthwhile it’s gotta be grueling..that’s just not the case. Sometimes great results are found in the way we ask the questions. 👉👉👉Thanks for tuning in & sharing👉👉I’m at
February 26, 2018
#129 The Equipment Manager 🏈
Pop was a crude ass equipment manager I had while playing football @ McNeese State- as a freshman he would cuss you out if you tried to get new equipment...but he got nicer to you as the years went by. My junior year I wanted a pair of gloves (for fashion) but Pop wouldn’t buy them & when I pressed him he told me “Son my only job is to equip you so that you have a fighting chance to win & whatever the hell I give you, you go out there & fight to win...” 👉👉Today’s eppy: You are the equipment manager in some people’s lives- you’re there to equip them but you can’t ultimately play the game for them... 👉👉 Quotes from the show. 💥 “You can’t want victory, success, happiness, or change for someone more than they want it for themselves.” 💥 “Some people you’ve gotta let fall...others you must painfully watch go under..& you must let them bc
February 24, 2018
#128 Everything done in dark..
When you hear “Everything done in the dark comes to light...” you generally associate it to something that’s being done illegally, immorally, or unethically...that saying relates to something bad....but it that saying is also something good. 👉👉Stay tuned @ the end for a QUICK SALES TIP for those of us bangin in the sales profession. 👉👉Please share the podcast to help get the word out & go over to iTunes & rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ it too. It’ll help spread the message that way too. Remember I’m @
February 23, 2018
#127 Caked Up
In 1957 a monastery in Thailand was relocating and a group of monks had to move a giant clay statue of Buddha. As they began to move it, they noticed a crack & decided to leave it for a day. One of the monks returned later & shined his flashlight over the statue and onto the crack & noticed something that we all possess. 👉👉Thanks for tuning in & sharing. I’m @ ✌️
February 22, 2018
#126 It’s right there
Last night I asked my daughter if she had homework..she had 2 pages left- the first one she banged out, but the second?!! she hemmed & hawed not wanting to read the short story & answer the questions on the back.’s funny how Life will teach us something from a innocent 5th grade homework assignment 👉👉👉Thanks for listening..I appreciate the support and feedback. Any thoughts or show ideas please let me know @
February 21, 2018
#124 Make Believe
Seeing a little boy in his driveway, knees bent looking up into the thick, fluffy clouds really got to me. I realized as a “grown up” I stopped looking up & imagining everything that is available to many possibilities...I created my own fences & stopped making my beliefs. Today’s episode is a reminder to me (& you) that although Life can take crazy turns, it’s never too late to make your beliefs unlimited again. 👉👉Go handle up👉👉I’ll see you on the Blacktop! I’m @
February 20, 2018
#124 Fearcasting
The 7 day forecast is calling for rain...and even though it may rain everyday, I still have to go to work, take the kids to school, go to the store, & other words Life still has to go on- I just have to adjust and keep it moving. It’s crazy how we see the storms coming in the commonalities of Life, but when we see the dark skies of something potentially more serious we freeze up..Fearcasting instead of forecasting- we accept and do nothing productivly instead of seeing what’s looming and preparing for the possibilities. There’s always options..Be your own weatherman- fears often carry a heavier impact than the storms themselves. Listen in and share your thoughts @
February 19, 2018
#123 The do over
What’s up y’all, (yes I said y’all bc I’m from the South)...just a quick recap from this past week- going through all 6 episodes in only 5 min-whew! Listen in to figure which episode you want more info on. #117 & 119 were my 2 favorites..wby? Let me know you’re thoughts @
February 18, 2018
#122 The opp to struggle
A friend of mine told me the other day that he’d bought a boat for a fraction of the price bc it had a cracked frame. He re-welded, replaced the rivets & now it’s as good as new...his young son gets out there w him too & occasionally builds things on his own. When I asked him how he’s taught his son how to do these things he said that he tells his son, “When you’re struggling, make progress first then come ask for help if you haven’t figured it out.” Right then & there I realized that I’ve been too quick to help my children, friends, & co-workers...Today’s eppy is about giving others (& others giving you) the opportunity to struggle. Let me know what you think @👉👉👉Thanks for listening & sharing.
February 17, 2018
#121 To hell w/ reruns
Now I like The Jeffersons, Good Times, & Martin- I’m not talking about those reruns..I’m talking about the reruns of negative emotions that have become unconsciously layered..entrenched within...reruns that have sabotaged your success & caused you to always pick Mr/Mrs Wrong. Why do you keep picking crazy...why are you barely getting by even though you make more...why you can’t make a come up in Life? Reruns dude...listen in👉👉Share your thoughts w me @👉👉Thanks for listening—& ‘preciate the share and rating ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
February 16, 2018
#120 You ain’t weak, you big
Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard Brain Scientist who suffered a stroke causing her to lose her memory, speech, & the ability to think about the future. In many ways it was the worst thing that could’ve happened to her..but it also one of the best things that could’ve happened for her. In her book “Stroke of Insight” Taylor discovered that a chemical is automatically released in our system when powerful emotions such as anger, jealousy, & resentment are triggered- the chemical shoots through & out of our body in less than 90 less than 90 seconds the response is over....or is it? Today’s eppy digs into that fascinating fact asking how much of these emotions have you chosen to carry for so long...and didn’t have to? If you want more of her story check her out on Oprah Super Soul Convo Podcast. 👉👉Thanks for listening & sharing👉👉More importantly thanks for being you. 👉👉Much ❤
February 15, 2018
#119 You got next 🏀
Recently I learned 3 plays from sports psychologist / mental toughness coach Graham Betchart. These plays piggyback well in what we’ve been talking about recently which is looking at mistakes differently, not letting humps become Himalayas (mountains) in your Life, & working with precision not “ish.” I’d urge you to find the holes in your daily performance and go back and listen to those episodes. So Graham starts by giving his professional athletes 3 plays: W.I.N, Play Present, & Next Play Speed. Listen in as we break each one down ...and the good news is you don’t even have to be an athlete nor out of breath to run these. 👉👉I’m at
February 14, 2018
#118 Seriously, mad for what?😡
Ever have one of those days when you just put a little extra stank on everything that you’re doing? I had one of those days the other day and when I caught myself I had to ask & laugh, “Seriously, why you mad?” Today’s eppy is about not getting mad..but staying mad. Staying mad ain’t gonna be very productive for ya. 👉👉Thanks for tuning in- if you’d take a minute to rate & leave a quick review of the show (you can do it from your phone at the bottom of the Library section in your podcasts) I’d appreciate it. Please me drop a line (or wire transfer😊) @
February 13, 2018
#117 This just ain’t about You
In speaking to a new salesperson- I never could get her to work with more customers- she knew her product & had worked in a male dominated industry before, so what was it? When I asked her she said, “I don’t have a high need like these other salespeople- they have rent to pay & I just have to make a lot...” I told her that “This isn’t just about you....” 👉👉No matter what your title is, we’re all in Sales and this eppy is for you. 👉👉Please Share your thoughts and episode w someone who you think can use it. Pay it forward🙌👉👉Remember no matter what comes your way, Life is negotiable & the greatest sale you’ll ever make is to sell you on you. You’re enough 💯👉👉I’m at
February 12, 2018
#116 Say that again?
If you’re pressed for time or just only want to hear my voice for 5 minutes this week, here’s all of ‘em bundled together-the 5 minutes of the 5 minutes. My 2 favorite this week are #110 “5x5” & #112 “What you miss becomes momentum.” What’s your favorite? Let me know & Share your favorite with someone else- let’s crank it up for next week.👉👉Remember, “Life is negotiable- it’s all about choices..& the greatest sale you’ll ever make is to sell you to you. You’re enough! 👉👉Much ❤️
February 11, 2018
#115 Not even a second
#115 Not even a second
February 10, 2018
#114 Humps not Himalayas
Humps, roadblocks...detours..they’re all a part of Life but too often we look at the humps in our lives as Himalayas— we look at a kneecap sized problem as a big ass insurmountable mountain in our lives. Today’s episode challenges you in: #1 How you look at your problems #2 How you label your circumstances #3 How you overcome them as well as the benefit of having them in the first place. 👉👉Have a kick ass day 👉👉I’m at
February 9, 2018
#113 “ish”
I was talking to a guy the other day and he was telling me how last month ended bad...this month is starting worse...and come to find out, his months have progressively gotten worse in sales. So I asked him a simple question, “What time did you get to work today...yesterday..?” Some of us start our days in the hole...we’re in debt to our day- freaking out, yelling, & weaving through traffic bc we live with an “ish” creed. You’re a pro, act like it. 👉👉Thanks for checking out the podcast. Please subscribe and share with others—I’m @
February 8, 2018
#112 What’s missed is momentum
Many times when we “miss” a result- whether it’s a “missed” sale, chance, decision, or may have “missed” the desired result, but missing still has’s got momentum. Today’s episode is about finding the good out of what you think is bad. 👉👉Thanks for listening & sharing. 👉👉 With thoughts, suggestions, or feedback I’m all ears at
February 7, 2018
#111 I don’t coach lefties
Steve Young became a Hall of Fame Super Bowl winner for the San Francisco 49ers but none of it came easy...while in college he was #8 on the depth chart and to make matters worse he was switched to defense. In his book QB: My Life Beyond The Spiral, Steve tells the story of his unyielding determination. He wanted to quit but couldn’t...Today’s eppy is not about football, it’s about Life...Life beyond your current depth chart. 👉👉Wishing you a fantabulous day🙌👉👉I’m at👉👉thanks for listening, sharing, & rating the show.
February 6, 2018
#110. 5 by 5
I’m not a gratitude journal nor To Do List kind of guy- many find this helpful, but not for me- I found I was inconsistent & non productive doing these things. Today’s eppy is a version that I’ve found helps keep me consistent in 1)My perspective 2)In my growth. I call them my 5 by 5’s. My easy to do missions every day. Listen in to see if you can’t create your own 5x5, 3x3, or 4x4. Remember keep it simple so you can keep it consistent. 👉👉What keeps you regimented or did this podcast give you some ideas? I’d love to hear them @ 👉👉if you’d rate, review, & share the show with others I’d appreciate it. ✌️
February 5, 2018
#109 But what if it will?
We’re hardwired to think negative- it’s engrained in us bc when our ancestors had to hunt for food, they had to think negative bc one bad move could mean death. Today we still think negative-one way we do it is we think, “What if it won’t work?” Today’s eppy asks, what if you were bold enough to ask, “But what if it will...” This simple mind-shift will help you get out of your mental rut. 👉👉Let me know your thoughts @
February 3, 2018
#108 Act Bold Think Weak
If you’re in sales you’ve gotta act bold right? If you don’t you’re going to miss opportunities and this biz will chew you up. In sales...& in Life, you’ve got to act bold, but start thinking weak. Thinking weak ain’t that “Whoa is me” commiseration, no thinking weak will help make you act bold...because you were already expecting’s what I mean👉👉Like the show? Please rate & share the show with others.👉👉Feedback or suggestions? Ya boy is all ears @
February 2, 2018
#107 11 Herbs & Spices
We all know Col. Harland Sanders as the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but what you may not know is the colorful path he took to get there. Today’s episode walks you quickly through the many valleys The Colonel wasn’t easy- crushing failures late in life but he kept at it...& you should too. 👉👉Hope you have a finger lickin’ good day today 🍗. 👉Please share & rate the show so others can join in The Life👉👉Love all the feedback please hit me up @
February 1, 2018
#106 You’re missing something
Eric Thomas said, “There are people who operate in life by feelings & those who operate by mentality.” Today’s eppy deals with the Twin Towers of your power: Inspiration & Aspiration. Inspiration is your feelings- it’s what gets you going...but Aspiration is your mentality- it’s what keeps you going when you get tested. You need them both to get to that next level. 💪Much Love! Go shake it up today! 👉👉Share with someone who could use some Cheer-me-ohs today & would love to hear from you @
January 31, 2018
#105 Can you drive stick?
I think we treat learning opportunities like we do a 5 speed transmission..when you’re learning how to drive stick it’s hard bc there’s so much going on- using both feet w/ 3 pedals, staying on the road, & stopping &’s so much easier to plunk down in that automatic trans and let the car shift gears for you. Today’s eppy challenges you to put yourself in the driver’s seat today and learn how to drive stick- put yourself into the awkwardness and learn something that you normally shy away from for fear of looking crazy. 👉👉👉 Thank you for listening and rating the show. 👉👉Tell me your 5 speed moments this week- I’m at 🙌
January 30, 2018
#104. 5 Sounds
There are 5 basic sounds produced by the vocal chords- vowels & consonants. Though only 5, these 5 sounds, when paired together, can literally bring life or death to you and your future. Who knows what many could’ve accomplished or what you and I are capable of accomplishing if it were not for ...or it’s because of the 5 sounds. Listen in...👉👉👉Thanks for subscribing to the show- under the “Library” button on iTunes, pull up the show and near the bottom you can rate and review the show. Thanks for taking a quick minute to do so- let’s get some positive vibes out there. 👉👉hit me up @
January 29, 2018
#103 Don’t Be Brittle
Chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin, was on lighting young chess players up on his quest to becoming a national chess champion. He was doing so well that he thought he was invincible until a "nobody" sat him down-beating him out of his crown-nearly destroying his desire to ever play chess again. It wasn't until Josh uplugged-got away from it all and went out sailing that he got 2 of his most valuable lessons from being on the water: Be present & release control. Some days we're thinking too far ahead...or too far behind and we miss the only thing that is real: This Moment...we want everything to go as planned and when it doesn't we dig in-fiercly trying to control and outcome when the only thing we can do is influence it and let go.
January 27, 2018
#102 Unauthorized Charges
So I was at the grocery store the other day and when it came time to pay, my ATM card was missing...absolute horror right? You know that heart throbbing, cold sweat, oh sh*% feeling you get that someone else is making it rain on your coins...@ least there’s fraud protection- eventually I’ll get my money back. We have fraud protection on our cards, but we don’t when it comes to our lives- we allow unauthorized charges to be made- draining us of our well being. Listen in...👉👉👉Like the show? Got suggestions or feedback? Please drop me a line @
January 26, 2018
#101.5 There are alternatives
Surprise! Just wanna drop a quick 1/2 episode toward those in the sales game- that’s all of us yes, but some of us by profession. One of my favorite books is by JT McCormick “I Got There” he experienced real hurt in life- being rejected in the sales game damn sure wasn’t one of em. 👉👉
January 25, 2018
#101 Chasing Daylight
I wanted to talk about something else today, but could not. My heart wouldn’t allow it. So here’s what’s on my heart ♥️—-I’m grateful for You, Life, & Grace..we’re all on the same ship, we’re just on different decks. I believe in you🙌.
January 25, 2018
#100 Sippin’ On Lean
I was talking to a guy who’d left an investment firm to go out on his own-when I asked him if he was glad he’d made the decision, he said he didn’t like it, but it was necessary. With no clients, no calls, and an empty parking lot, the lean moments caused him to have to dig deep, become creative, & more appreciative along the way. Today’s 100th eppy urges you to keep pushing forward when you find yourself Sippin’ Lean moments of “just barely..” (cue the Jefferson’s song) 👉👉👉thanks for rocking with me through 100 episodes- I know the next 100 will be even better with your support and help. Please share the show with others (there’s a share button on each episode) & give me some feedback of what you want more or less of
January 24, 2018
#99 No flex zone
When you applied for the job you said you’re flexible- that if they’ll just give you the job you’ll work whenever...when it comes to squats and the bench press you know flexibility prevents you from getting you’re flexible to work weekends...& flexible with those hamstrings...but are you flexible when it comes to working with others? Today’s eppy challenges you to really look at how flexible you are when working with ain’t gotta break bread or give a eulogy for them, but you do need to be flexible. Take the stank out & start flexing. 👉👉👉Please share, rate, & review the show. Let me know what you want more or less of @ 🤞
January 23, 2018
#99 No flex zone
When you applied for the job you said you’re flexible- that if they’ll just give you the job you’ll work whenever...when it comes to squats and the bench press you know flexibility prevents you from getting you’re flexible to work weekends...& flexible with those hamstrings...but are you flexible when it comes to working with others? Today’s eppy challenges you to really look at how flexible you are when working with ain’t gotta break bread or give a eulogy for them, but you do need to be flexible. Take the stank out & start flexing. 👉👉👉Please share, rate, & review the show. Let me know what you want more or less of @ 🤞
January 23, 2018
#98 Fold your clothes
The other day I was speaking to a sales person and I could tell he was aggravated- when I asked him what was up, he let me have it with both barrels. Not only was he not selling any cars, but nothing at home was working either- house was a mess, he needed to spend more time w his baby, & he had a mountain of clothes to fold. “Go Fold your clothes,” I told him. He looked at me crazy but I went on to explain that folding your clothes is the start of being more productive...simple but effective. Listen to today’s eppy to see how something so simple can compound your productivity. 👉👉Thanks for tuning in and rating the show. 👉👉Love all the emails- would love to read yours. I’m at
January 22, 2018
#97 See you @ rock bottom...
Oh we’ve all been at rock bottom haven’t we...we been at rock bottom but have you ever put yourself there on purpose, mentally? Today we’re talking about putting yourself mentally at rock bottom- self-imposed pressure situations that you place on yourself in order to become more creative and force growth and evolution. Try not on yourself but on your kids too. 👉👉Thanks for tuning in and hitting me up
January 20, 2018
#96 The Day after Perfect we are early in the new year (or I like to say, New Your ) & chances are you’re either gonna or in the process of quitting something you vowed to do this year. Hell, we all do- statistics back that notion up-@ least we’re all together on that one. We often quit, not bc we don’t have good intentions...we quit the new goal/objective/regimen bc we’re looking at it through the false eyes of perfection. Get that ass moving again by focusing on “The Day after Perfect.” I love This mentality- I got this from Jon Acuff’s book “Finish.” listen in & share your thoughts. 👉👉I know I say it every time but I really do appreciate you listening to the episodes. Your feedback keeps be going- let me know what you want more or less of. This show is for you and me (hell, I’m talking to me as much as I’m talking to you)👉👉hit me up @
January 19, 2018
#100 Ashes to Ashes
Episode #100!! Everyone remembers Steve Harvey’s blunder when, on live TV, he announced the wrong winner for the Miss Universe Pageant. Harvey was devastated- the internet blew up with memes, disses, & name calling..Harvey didn’t know what to do but a mentor gave him some wise advice...when it comes to haters, NYT Bestselling Author Charlamagne Tha God runs by his “Law of 10” (I love this one). For 5 min only, today’s eppy focuses on your haters...your critics- the ones who hate when you up & conspire to bring you Brother Steve wrote in his book...”every moment you spend addressing a critic is a valuable moment that you take away from your dream.”so we ain’t gonna take long addressing your critics. 👉👉👉 Thank you for being here through 100 episodes! To say thank you share your favorite episode on social media, send me a screenshot of your post along with a quick snippet of why you liked a specific eppy to
January 18, 2018
#99 In spite of...
“Good, wise hearts are obtained through lifetimes of diligent effort to dig deeply within & heal lifetimes of can’t teach it, email it, or even tweet about it. It has to be discovered within the depths of one’s own heart when a person is finally ready to go looking for it & not before...” (David Brooks “ The Road To Character) go looking for it...not “out there” but “in here”... yes there will be painful, confused will be challenged harshly, you must stand even when humiliated...sometimes silent when unfairly abused...& restrained when provoked... yes there will be injustices and unfairness- the ball doesn’t always bounce your way...but you see what needs to be done & you get it spite of👉👉👉thanks for listening & sharing your thoughts @marshbuice (Twitter)
January 17, 2018
#98 Put the weed in the bag!
Love this Principle right here...Principle #5 from on air personality Charlamagne Tha God’s NYT bestselling book is “Put the weed in the bag...” an analogy that all of us-in any field should adhere to. Today’s eppy is about trusting the process- when you do, the results will always follow! 👉👉Share your thoughts with me on Twitter @marshbuice or👉👉👉Thank you for taking time out to listen to the show- I really appreciate you.
January 16, 2018
#97 Unscripted but ready
As told in Adam Grant’s book “Originals” here was a 34 year old man staring at a blank piece of just a few hours Dr. Martin Luther King was to deliver a speech to a quarter of a million in attendance and millions watching on TV he was about to give the biggest speech of his life and he didn’t know what to write down. As he walked to the podium he was still making edits & revisions and what he delivered wasn’t what was actually written. The Dream wasn’t on paper, but it was delivered from his heart. Life will take you off-script...and you may feel like you’re not ready- that there’s nothing written down for you to may feel you’re not ready but you are prepared. 👉👉👉Thanks for tuning in— share your thoughts with me on Twitter @marshbuice or
January 15, 2018
#96 The Emphasis Of Pain
Dr. Michael Debakey...I knew that name... come to find out there’s a street that passes right in front of one of the hospitals here in town. (He was born here) Dr. Debakey was the father of heart procedures- world renowned. One day he found himself on the other end of the procedure he’d studied, written, & performed...only now he was experiencing what he’d devoted his whole life to. He said, “...the Pain didn’t teach me anything about the simply emphasized what I’d already learned.” Today’s eppy deals with a subject we’re all too familiar with: PAIN...we think that just bc we’ve learned something that we shouldn’t have pain...but that’s just not true...listen in and share your thoughts @ or on Twitter @marshbuice👉👉👉thanks for tuning in 💯
January 14, 2018
#95 Mask Off
We all wear masks...many of them...Parent Mask, Manager Mask, Relationship Mask, Work Mask, Workout Mask...the list goes on and on...we’ve got alllll of these masks we flip on and off and any given moment... so today’s episode asks this question...If you’ve got so many masks, why are you identifying with just one? ——Let me know your thoughts on today’s show @👉👉👉👉thanks for tuning and sharing. 🙏
January 13, 2018
#94 This too shall pass
I was raised to bind things up...bind up Fear! Anger! Resentment! Loneliness! ...I think I got it all wrong...why bind up feelings? Feelings that were placed in you for a reason...Today’s eppy deals with building up your emotional resilience...and you don’t build it up by ignoring what you’re feeling. 👉👉Make shit happen today 💯👉👉👉Thanks for sharing, rating, & commenting. 👉👉👉
January 11, 2018
#91 Negotiating w/ Life
“You get in Life not what you get in Life what you negotiate.” Today’s eppy is learning how to negotiate with the toughest customer you’ll ever have: we’re shifting you from a “I don’t deserve each this” mentality to a “Let’s negotiate, Life” mindset.👉👉👉Thanks for tuning in and sharing👉👉you can find me @
January 8, 2018
#90 Do your best
As a parent, it’s important to remember to do your best...not be the best...bc you’re never going to be “the best”... there’s always something - even if you could do it over again...something you could’ve done better. Today’s eppy is not just for’s for all of us to simply do the best with what you know and where you are. Don’t condemn yourself- don’t let others pull you down...stretch, take action, learn, & keep moving. Much ❤️!
January 6, 2018
#89 A’s, B’s, & See’s
John Ruskin wrote, “...the greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is see something & tell what it saw in a plain way.” This is one of those quotes that has a different meaning each time you read it. Today’s eppy is about seeing and sharing what you see in a plain way—that’s what this podcast is..a collection of my see’s and how it relates to me. The thought being if I see it and share it, not only do I see deeper bc I refine and share, but it’ll cause others to think, see, & share what they see too. Thus a tribe of thinkers is on the loose. 👉👉👉Thanks for tuning in, sharing, and eating the podcast👉👉👉I’m in the que @
January 5, 2018
#88 That’s your problem
Reading Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart’s biography “I can’t make this up: Life Lessons,” he writes that it’s easy to complain about how hard and stressful your life is, but if you stepped into the shoes of someone you envy- even for a day, you’d realize that they have problems too- some worse than you. In today’s eppy, you may think that you’re the only one going through...and you’re’re the only one going through YOUR ordeal- it’s yours, but it’s yours for a process not a punishment. Have a great day Lifers! 👉👉👉 Please share your comments and suggestions @👉👉👉 appreciate you subscribing, rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, & sharing with those you think can use it. ✌️
January 4, 2018
#87 Who’s believing who?
If you find you’re in a sales slump (or even a slump in life) you need to ask yourself, “Who’s believing who?” You’re quick to believe what others initially say as the gospel truth & bc you believe what they say, you shut down & never give them a chance to believe in you. Today’s episode deals with building your Believability Factor-from not only looking & sounding believable, but also not letting others initially shape your thought process. 👉👉👉share your thoughts and ideas @👉👉👉Also please rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ & share the show w someone who may can use today’s episode.
January 2, 2018
#86 That’s a guarantee 👌
Tom Bilyeu (he’s got a good podcast btw) has a saying, “When it comes to failure, success isn’t guaranteed, but the struggle is.” I just finished Nike co-founder Phil Knight’s memoir “Shoe Dog” and you talk about struggle...this guy faced annihilation sooo many times cash, operating in the red most of the time- robbing Peter to pay Paul, betrayed, chased by the FBI, & slapped with a $25 million bill from Uncle Sam....oh he struggled but it was worth it. Today’s episode is a reminder that if it’s worth pursuing- you will struggle, that’s a guarantee, but embrace it, don’t resist it.👉👉👉Please rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and share the podcast👉👉👉 hit me up @
December 31, 2017
#85 You ain’t built for this!
As told in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s book “Coming To Our Senses” (on sale for $2.99 on Kindle) you’ve got 125 Billion Miles Of DNA threads inside of your body...if you’ve got miles of sophistication & architecture on the inside..what is your DNA on the outside? You’re not built for average.
December 30, 2017
Mo is your best friend
I get you want to sell 20 cars...lose 30 lbs....or save $5000, but if you’ve never achieved these feats then the mere goal alone can cause you to quit before ever getting started. Brendon Burchard had a great nugget Tom Bilyeau’s podcast. Instead of focusing on the end goal focus instead on building’s the consistent next step that will build you momentum and yield so much more than just a notch on the board, belt loop, or bank account. 👉👉There’s a great motivational video 212 The Extra Degree 👉👉Thanks for tuning in, rating, & is where I beeeeess ✌️
December 28, 2017
There’s oil down there 👇
It’s funny how you can jot something down & look back at it much later and it carries a much larger meaning at the perfect time. I ran across a quote I wrote from John Gray’s book “ I Am Number 8”...”The next time you feel you’re walking/working to a place of mediocrity, know God never sends greatness to mediocre places for the mediocrity to remain. He doesn’t send light where light already is...He sends light to darkness & makes sure you have enough oil to sustain you.”......Today’s episode is a pick me up eppy- if you feel as though you’re the hamster and life is but a wheel, listen in and tap your reserves. —-Thanks for listening to the show & appreciate the feedback @
December 27, 2017
Stay Mungry
Charlie Munger, the 93 year old billionaire investor, partner, & Vice Chairman of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway (1 share is worth $296,400 by the way) has missed out on many chances- chances that could’ve added to his mounting fortune. We’ve all had missed chances in life, but Munger has a unique perspective on moving through his missed chances that he got reading the philosophy of Epictetus. “Every missed chance in life is an opportunity to behave well; learn something; & it’s your duty not to be submerged in self pity, but something constructive.” Instead of pouting & pointing @ missed chances, what if we stayed Mungry. 👉👉👉Please rate and review the show👉👉also let me know your thoughts @
December 26, 2017
Compound Benefits
I don’t think we give enough thought to compounding benefits. In relationships, weight loss, even in sales- yes there’s the initial investment, and when looked at with the right perspective, look at the multiple benefits from that one investment - lessons & adjustments that can be reinvested along the way resulting in massive, long-term results..(and even more benefits).—-Please take a few seconds to rate ⭐️ the show and review so others can see if it’s worth subscribing to—-always love the feedback and show suggestions ✌️
December 25, 2017
Be about it dont talk about it
Actor Kevin Costner said, “..wisdom is nothing more than the ability to take your own advice. It’s actually very easy to give people advice” Today’s episode asks “Why is it so much easier to give someone else advice than take your own?” (My son came in the room & sat while recording this so I’m glad he heard my admission) —-thank you for taking a few minutes to listen in—-what’s your take? Let me know your thoughts @ ✌️⭐️
December 22, 2017
There’s no cap on innovation
In a recent interview w Arianna Huffington- the founder of the Huff Post, she said she doesn’t believe in looking at the competition bc when you when you do you cease being innovative. Today’s episode pulls the rip chord on comparing other’s results to your potential. Use their results to show you that there’s more out much is up to you. —-thanks for listening, sharing and rating the show—-you can drop me a line @
December 20, 2017
Can’t have 1 without the other
“Once you start questioning the bad stuff that comes your way, you have to question the good...& I wouldn’t trade the good for anything.” This from a The late ESPN anchor Stuart Scott’s book “Every day I fight” chronicling his battle w cancer. —Today’e ep is appreciating both the good as well as the bad in life.
December 19, 2017
Yea but I know
Stan is one of my favorite people I see in my local grocery know the kind of person that you hit it off the first time you meet him. He’s one of those guys that when he asks “How are you doing?” he sticks around to really hear your answer. Recently I was getting some produce and Stan was arranging the apples 🍎 to my right. One if the apples 🍏 fell and Stan did something that most would not...but could. 👉👉Thank you for tuning into the show👉👉Feedback & suggestions are always welcome @
December 18, 2017
I’m closing this week with Letter 15 Of Eric Greitens’ book “Resilience.” This Letter is probably the most important in my life right now bc I’ve done a poor job reflecting...taking a moment to reflect. Not reflecting has caused me to end up bankrupt, divorced, and reaping the consequences of poor decisions. I’m where I am today through a lack of reflection. Today is a game changer for me. I will take a minute each day to ask 4 questions: Why am I here? What’s going on around me? What am I going to do about it? How will my actions affect others? 👉👉journaling these 4 questions will enable me to Act, Reflect, Plan & Act again more impactful-more resiliently.👉👉👉thanks for tuning in you can always hit me up @
December 17, 2017
The value of pain
Letter 13 of Eric Greitens' book "Resilience" is the Letter of Pain. CS Lewis called pain "God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world." Pain wakes us up..shakes us from our beds of satisfaction and complacency...he writes that there are 2 kinds of pain: The pain we seek...& the Pain that seeks us. Seeking pain is bettering yourself... but what about the pain that seeks us... that singles us out...well there's value in that too. Finding the wisdom in the hurt. Today's episode raps about Letter 13 & 14 pain and mastery of pain. 👉👉👉let me know your thoughts on the show👉👉👉Thanks for reviewing, rating, & sharing.
December 16, 2017
Letter 8: "Habits"
This week we're roller blading through the book "Resilience" by Navy Seal Eric Greitens. The last couple of episodes we looked at the 3 primary kinds of happiness: The Happiness of Pleasure, Grace, & Excellence (back up a day or 2 to listen) we're jumping over to Letter 8: Habits... & habits are formed when we go from the new and novel to rote and customary. It's almost as if we've got to create the habits of not having habits👉👉👉Let me know what you think about the podcast @ for sharing w those who could use it....taking 2 seconds to rate the show (a quick star ⭐️ or 5) ...and if you have time to share a review I appreciate it. Much love ❤️✌️
December 14, 2017
The happiness of excellence
Yesterday we took away 3 primary kinds of happiness from Navy Seal Eric Greitens' bestselling book "Resilience. 2 of the 3 primary kinds of happiness were discussed yesterday (back up a day to learn more) the happiness of pleasure & grace...and today the 3rd kind of happiness gets an episode all on its own: The Happiness of Excellence....we tend to think of excellence as "perfection," but it's not. Excellence is propelling - bringing what you got and then some. ---Thanks for listening, reviewing, & sharing the show. ---always appreciate the feedback and suggestions @ 💯
December 13, 2017
Letter 5: "Happiness"
This week we're chopping up the NYT bestseller "Resilience" by Eric Greitens. Today we're jumping over to Letter 5: "Happiness"... In Letter 5 Eric says that we need resilience not only for hard times, but we need resilience to be happy as well. Greitens goes on to write that there are 3 primary kinds of happiness and we need all 3 to flourish in life.
December 12, 2017
This is a set up
Today is a set up for the book we're diving in on- it's the remarkable NYT best-selling book Resilience by Navy Seal Eric Greitens. The book is a collection of letters between Eric and a Seal Team member Zach Walker...Walker returns home without a purpose- his life is spiraling out of control- excessively drinking mixed with PTSD, Walker finds himself in trouble with the law and killing himself and the fabric of his family. Eric steps in and through his letters helps Walker find wisdom from pain, courage from fear, & strength from suffering..all by virtue of Resilience.----incredible book-I urge you to grab it. It's my 4th or 5th time reading and I get something new every time bc the seasons of my life change.---thanks for the emails at ✌️
December 11, 2017
What's good though?
Here's your weekly reeeeecap of this week's episodes. The 5 minutes of the 5 minutes. From lying, cheating, stealing (Monday), to seeing your life "To be continued" (Tues)...forging your faith through the hurt (Wed) to having Casket Maker put on your business card (Thurs)... Friday was urging you to keep going by finding your corners...and Saturday was digging out the "Boogers of Life." (Just don't put them under your desk or flick em on your carpet) ---hit me up at 'preciate the share, rate, @ reviews. ❤️
December 10, 2017
The boogers of life
Ever have one of those situations where you look in the bathroom mirror only to discover you've got a big ole' booger hanging there---of course you discover it only after talking to a bunch of people...and NO ONE said anything. Today's episode deals with addressing the boogers of life- distractions- situations that get us and others off track. ---would love to hear your feedback @ ---thanks for rating, reviewing, and sharing the episodes. ✌️💯
December 9, 2017
Find your corners
Recently when I went jogging I hit the road and walked right into a stiff headwind...a cold front was pushing through--my eyes burned-my earbuds kept blowing out...I wanted to quit...but as I kept going I found new corners and things changed. Today's episode is about handling the headwinds of adversities and turning them into the tailwinds of allies. 👉👉👉Please rate, review,& share the show---also I'm wide open @ ✌️💯
December 8, 2017
Maybe you're a casket maker
Sometimes instead of having "Manager," "CEO," or "Director Of anything" on our business card...sometimes mine should've read Casket Maker bc I killed the hopes and dreams of those who worked for me. Today's episode deals with building instead of building those we influence.----Thanks for supporting the show by Rating, Reviewing, & Sharing 💯----Looking fwd to your emails @✊️
December 7, 2017
Go through to get through
Mrs Broussard is one of my favorite customers--we always talk-real talk and one day she opened up telling me how she'd lost her mom, dad, & 3 other close family members in only 18 months. Today's episode is a real life parable..that faith has to be tested to be forged. That you have to go through to get through. --Please rate, review, and share the show---Thanks for the emails too 👉👉👉
December 6, 2017
Running out of try's
Finally arriving on the grand stage- famous & rich, Steve Martin called his summit of success "the loneliest time of my life." Today's episode continues the comedian's journey as told in his book "Born Standing Up." A candid, honest look at what it's really like to "arrive" only to realize it ain't all that. Maximizing your potential- going for it all is what's up, but never run out of try's along the way and beyond. ----Please take a few seconds to Subscribe, Rate, Review, & Share the episodes.----much love for the emails for suggestions & thoughts @
November 30, 2017
You is unbombable
Continuing on in Steve Martin's book "Born Standing Up" now that he'd removed the jokes from his act, Martin had a rule- "Never let the audience know I was bombing...& make them believe I'm fantastic..." His confidence grew through reps and refinement. Listen in to see how he mentally and physically approached his art so you can apply it to your Sales Life. ----Please subscribe, rate, review, and share the show (Hat tip)---Do you like the format? Got suggestions? Drop a brother a line at
November 29, 2017
Why you tense though?
We continue chopping up comedian Steve Martin's book "Born Standing Up." Yesterday's episode dealt with the 75/25 % (or 80/20) principle that it takes three quarters effort/refinement to achieve 25% massive success (if done right). As Martin created his niche, he did the opposite of all comedians. He asked the question, "What if I remove the punchline and created more tension, so the audience chose when and where to laugh?" Today's episode asks the question, as it relates to the book, what if instead of giving your customers a "punchline" react, what if you created more tension- good tension that caused a stronger response and urge to do business with you. ----if you'd Rate, Review, & Share the show I'll dance at your funeral (or just be appreciative)---annnnnd drop me a line, thesis, or message in a bottle to ✌️
November 28, 2017
This week is a book dive .....(Hat tip to listener Dave who gave me the suggestion) ....Today we dive into comedian/actor Steve Martin's incredible book "Born Standing Up" The book started like this (that's how I knew it was gonna be good) "I did stand up comedy for 18 years; 10 to learn; 4 to refine; 4 to ride the wave of success." Today's episode runs with this passage that it takes 75% work/effort/refinement to net the 25% reward...and if you do it right.. them rewards will be reeeeel nice. 💯----Please rate, review, & share the show---drop ya boy a line with comments & suggestions to
November 27, 2017
When I say "Re" you say "Cap"
Well we made it! Being each episode is 5 min, here's your 5 min of 5 min- a recap of what we talked about this week plus what I'm reading now and the book I'll be talking about next week.----Thanks for the love y'all ----please rate, review, & share these episodes so I can not only make the show better but so we can get some positive vibes out there---annnnnd drop me a line @ w/ thoughts, suggestions, & your stories...and a docusign form adding me to your will. ✌️✌️
November 26, 2017
Cause oriented vs task minded
I recently read a book called the Adversity Advantage (by Paul Stolz & Erik Weihenmayer)..& in the book they said, "People show up for a task, but engage fully in a cause." Today's episode challenges the fact that we're focused on the "What" & not the "Why" as it applies to our day. We're checking a box instead of making an impact. ----Please show some love-rate, review, & share the show on social media ----also drop me a line @ ---always 'preciate it!
November 25, 2017
Persistently Listening
A customer came in wanting a specific SUV- a certain color, equipment, & and wanted to have it paid off when she retired in 3 years. Based on her wants, it was mathematically impossible...nearly a week later- literally on her way to buy a different vehicle down the street, she answered the sp's 4th phone attempt that day and he reminded her what she knew to be true. Today's episode is about persistently listening- staying with your customer and y'alls conversations. (hey I'm from Louisiana y'all is a word)
November 24, 2017
Burned beyond acceptance
As told on the Team Never Quit Podcast, U.S. Army Ranger Sergeant Michael Schlitz lost both hands and was burned over 85% of his body. While at a conference, he was talking to a lady who was burned at the age of 4...46 years later she's still angry, hurt, & resentful. After all these years, she's tried to take back the burns and can't. Today's episode talks about honor- you may see no honor in what's happened in your life- you can't take it back, but there is honor in what you do from here. ----------please rate and review the show on iTunes or other platform----share the message on your social media channels-----and drop me a line with thoughts, your stories, or show suggestions (& wire transfers 😏) to
November 23, 2017
As I walked in from work my daughter asked me, "Did you hear what happened?" I hadn't watched the news-she doesn't either, it wasn't a holiday or special occasion, so I didn't know "What happened.." come to find out the game she plays, Mindcraft, updated and everything she worked hours & days on was gone. When I asked her what she's going to do, she said "I'll just build it again." Today's episode talks about the reality we play in Life- Mindcrap..when Life backhands you it ain't over, view it differently.
November 22, 2017
Wrong otw to being right
Reading Ray Dalio's book "Principles" (a must read by the way), he encourages failure- of himself and of his people at Bridgewater. "If you don't mind being wrong on the way to being right, you'll learn a lot & you'll increase your effectiveness." Today's episode is talking about just that...purposefully going out there to fail-and as you do, you tweak, poke, tinker, and try on your way to being right-er (yes I'm making it a word).
November 21, 2017
Sticks & Stones
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!"....that's a lie. We can recover from tears, strains,& breaks ...but ill spoken words can kill us...they kill our dreams, hopes, & our aspirations. It takes 6 positive statements to overcome that one negative comment hurled at us...Looks like we got a lot of 6's to find. Let's go to work.
November 20, 2017
Reeecap! of this week's shows
Well you made it to the end of "anudder" week. Here's quick recap of this week's shows - an a la cart version of which episodes you want to pop in on. (All of 'em 😉) 👉👉Thanks for subscribing, sharing, & great feedback. Keep it coming
November 19, 2017
Focus on the points not wins
Wally Green was a former gang member turned champion ping pong player. On paper he was at a disadvantage bc Wally started competing at age 19 whereas his competitors had been playing since they were 3 years old. In order to improve and stay with the sport he had to play mind games with himself. He took a unique approach by instead of of weighing his progress just on winning, he focused on points. As you set a goal on weight loss, finances, sales performance, or even relationships keep score...not on wins/losses but on points. Here's how...
November 18, 2017
WFIO moments
You may have never heard of Blake Mycoskie, but you've probably heard of his shoe company..TOMS shoes..they're the company where you buy a pair of shoes today and they'll give a pair to a child in need tomorrow. He was asked if they ever had a WFIO..a "We're F'd It's Over" kind of moment. It's a great story of how they came through and how you can't too. 👉👉I love doing these podcasts, please go to marsh for feedback or suggestions or text 337-377-9951 with your thoughts and ideas. ✌️I appreciate ya
November 17, 2017
Someone's double dipping
Reporter Bob Garfield reported that 543 million Americans consider themselves seriously sick... which is troubling bc there's only 323 million Americans living in the U.S. Either we are all doomed or someone's seriously double dipping... Many of us are double dipping- living in a state of fear, worrying about things not within our control. Today we're talking about controlling the controllable- things you and only you have influence over.
November 16, 2017
"D"_____all of the above
My daughter MacKenzie had a multiple choice test coming up so after she'd studied, I called the questions out to her but mixed up the answers. She got them all wrong bc she'd memorized the letter...and didn't learn the answer. We mostly live our lives through memorization. We do things automatically...we've stopped learning. Maybe we need to toss the letters...
November 15, 2017
It's a comma not a period
Professionally when you say your name, you pause -a comma of sorts, and state your title. When I lost my title- a title I'd worked for decades to achieve- when I lost that distinction, I took it hard. I'd lost my footing and slid back down the mountain I once had climbed. I had to learn that where I was in life was a comma-a pause and not a wasn't over for me, it was a new beginning.
November 14, 2017
No...thank YOU
In the last couple of months I've met & sat with a diverse group of people...good people who were completely wiped out by Hurricane Harvey. This episode is a testament to their strength and validation of the impact those of us in sales can make.
November 13, 2017
The Life of Zai
The guy in the blue banged up Toyota was back again for what seemed like the 275th time. This time he agreed to buy...I think. After hours of going back and forth he bought and in the process, he told me a story...without knowing, he showed me a life he was living of ultimate sacrifice- leaving behind what he dearly loved..planting for others to harvest.
November 11, 2017
It's your movie 🎥..isn't it?
In a Super Soul Sunday Conversation, Devon Franklin tells Oprah that we must look at our lives as a movie and not just a scene- a fluid moment in our lives. Today we're asking the question, "Who's creating your movie?" is your movie isn't it?
November 10, 2017
Stop hanging with ziggers
It's human nature to have a herd mentality- we tend to do what everyone around us is doing. But if you want to be successful in selling ...if you want an unpatterned Life.. stop zigging like everyone else and start zagging.
November 9, 2017
Make January 1 today
We've got 50+ days before January 1- the day we've acknowledged we ate and spent too much and worked out and saved too little. Once again we set the damn goals and quit them as fast as we set them. Why wait for "THE DATE" why not just informally start early- getting an head start without the pressure of the New Year.
November 8, 2017
The chatter don't matter
Some of the best conversations I've ever had have started at the urinal. A salesperson recently was standing there saying "I'm trying to make it! I can't make any money!" It's those moments-when we're speaking defeat that we have to catch ourselves and realize who & what is really standing in our way. (Zip up first)
November 7, 2017
Right is wrong..wrong is right
The LSU Tigers- then coached my Nick Saban were playing the Tennessee Vols for the 2001 SEC Championship. Losing, no momentum, full of injuries, & facing a 4th and inches- Saban went for it. He said when he made the call he knew it was the wrong call. It was too late - LSU turned the ball over...but going for it sent a clear message. Strategically it was the wrong call, but psychologically it ended up being the right one. Sometimes we're too quick to punt in life- even if it seems the logical thing to do, there are times you've got to just go for it.
November 6, 2017
Your history..their score
A customer of mine I was recently telling me about his friend's recent car buying experience. She was telling him that it took forever & that she felt the rate was too high-she felt she deserved better bc she "had good credit!" He cut her off saying "No you have a good score, I have a good history." ...Don't focus so much on other's score- their blips of success and forget you're building a history.
November 4, 2017
Miracle Flakes
Jon Acuff said, "I Believe in a miracle, I just don't believe it fits in a plan." In sales we wish for a miracle. If it was a good month we hope miraculously that the good fortune will continue. If it was a bad month, we hope for a miracle that somehow things will turn. You need a plan not a miracle because in working that plan you'll have miracle flakes along the way but it still takes the effort of working and reworking your plan.
November 3, 2017
A bag of why's
James Lawrence is known as the Iron Cowboy bc he ran 50 Ironmans in 50 states in 50 days. Can you imagine running an Ironman every day for 50 days? On the 18th- exhausted he needed his bag of why...
November 2, 2017
That's how important you are..
Philosopher Dr Howard Thurman's daughters wanted to swing on a playground but he said they couldn't...later he explained those public swings were "Whites Only." He reframed inequality into importance.
November 1, 2017
Wipe Me Down
This past weekend was gorgeous- I saw a guy, potbellied, cigarette, & beer in hand, was wiping down his car for hours. What if we took care of ourselves half as good as the things we own?
October 31, 2017
Job One
When biographer Walter Isaacson sat down with Steve Jobs he asked what was his greatest creation. One would think it could've been any of his inventions, but Jobs said is greatest creation was...
October 30, 2017
Taking a Crap
Taking a crap in a public place can be awkward. We do one of two things. We either hide in the stalls waiting for someone to leave or we hurriedly walk out with our heads down in shame. True 2 in Life
October 28, 2017
Do NOT go away!
From Toast to Toast-Bill Walsh is known as one of the greatest (NFL) coaches in history but before he was the Toast of being 1 of the best ever, his coaching career was almost Toast.
October 27, 2017
The creativity of solitary
As told on the Team Never Quit Podcast, Capt Charlie Plumb told of the 2103 days he spent as a POW- nothing but darkness-no books just his thoughts. It was the solitudes that sparked his creativity.
October 26, 2017
Can't practice being taller
One of my favorite shows to watch is on Amazn Prime. One show's episode his daughter explained her team's loss on the other team being taller. You can't practice being taller but you can find leverage
October 25, 2017
No experience is wasted
When legendary coach Phil Jackson was asked what was one of his greatest failures that later became one of his greatest assets he tells of a time where injury taught him to be more relational.
October 24, 2017
I lost what I lost!
I ran into a friend & upon seeing me he slapped his stomach pointing out that he'd started putting weight back on. Today we're talking about why we're sooo quick to condemn ourselves in areas of life.
October 23, 2017
I wish then-wouldn't trade now
Today's show is delayed bc my daughter had friends sleep over & I cooked for them. I tell you this bc after a 15 yr failed marriage there were days I didn't think I'd see my kids nor tomorrow again.
October 22, 2017
You ain't even know...
The poet, philosopher, musician Waka Flocka powerfully said "Comparison is the thief to potential..." --riding on that quote today we're talking about how comparison robs us of an unwritten future..
October 21, 2017
Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty
After 37 yrs a man I worked with was suddenly forced to retire. "So much for loyalty," I said..He went on to say that he was loyal - not to them, to himself. Today we're talking about putting you 1rst
October 20, 2017
Not creative? Sike!
When asked, most of us think that we're not creative. Because when we hear the word "creativity" we think of painting, carving pumpkins, & drawing..even if you can't do any of that, you are creative.
October 19, 2017
Selling using the 4 10's
If you find that you're having a tough month, chances are you could be missing convincing customers in 1 or more of the 4 10's.
October 18, 2017
Obligations over Options
A friend of mine said he was going to take a sick day tomorrow, but when I followed up the next day he said he was at work. Just because we have the option, sometimes we must fulfill our obligations.
October 17, 2017
Be Unbelievable Today
Be Unbelievable in sales today..I'm not talking about the you're so skillful & talented kind of Unbelievable- I'm talking about not believing the initial stalls your customers come in with.
October 16, 2017
Quality moments...better days
We always say "back in the days," right? But it's actually "back in the moment," because we don't remember days, we remember moments, & it's those moments that determine the quality of our days.
October 13, 2017
Their reel ain't real
It may take me days to write a short blog or hrs to shoot a 1 min video but you only see what I want you to only see the edited version. When comparing to others we're looking at their reel.
October 12, 2017
Hit the reserves
We tend to hold back- "pinch off," & reserve a little bit..we do it in relationships, career, & Life. Bleed your reserves- the parts of life you're holding back & see what happens.
October 11, 2017
We're all replaceable
This past weekend 2 high profile NFL players went down with season ending injuries. The season will go on with or without. The symbolism of the injuries bring up 3 key points we must remember in Life
October 10, 2017
Dead end or is it a detour?
Taking my daughter to cheer yesterday I came upon a "Road Closed" sign. Why is a road closed sign just a minor inconvenience when driving but we make it a major catastrophe when it comes to our life?
October 9, 2017
Use your NFL moments wisely
Ah it's that time! Cool weather = football. For 5 months we get to watch a lot of football and while the game lasts 3 hours the playing time doesn't. Here's how you can lay up, lift, & learn today.
October 8, 2017
Funerals & Life
I don't like to go to funerals- most of us don't. We don't like funerals bc it reminds us of our own mortality. Funerals are one of the only events that Life shows us our future--it shows us an end.
October 7, 2017
Read more...Less
We all know that we should be reading more yet we don't - we read slow, we're crunched for time & don't have any spare change to buy that best seller. Today's episode will help you read fast & cheap.
October 6, 2017
Beast Mode Your Sales Game
Recently I saw a interview with defense of player for the Denver Broncos Von Miller where he talked about how his game is in a constant state of evolution. "I've gotten older but the game stays young"
October 5, 2017
Sales Pros r Horizon Thinkers
Don't wait for your sales manager or the manufacturer to get you ready. Sales pros prepare not just what's in front of them but more so what's on the horizon.
October 4, 2017
Your past to a sales future
Where you come from is your bridge to where you're going to.
October 3, 2017
What's your sales mindset?
What's your sales mindset today? Buried or Planted?
August 31, 2017

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