The Mars Invasion

Episode 02 - Esther Calloway

An episode of The Mars Invasion

By Mars Coleman
The Mars Invasion (TMI) hosted by Marcellus Coleman, is a podcast whose focused attention is to build community through conversations.
Episode 02 - Esther Calloway
I got a chance to have an amazing conversation with my friend ESTHER CALLOWAY! // She is the force behind Esther Calloway Management which houses amazing talents as well as amazing resources and tools for creatives. She takes time to share with me who she is, what it takes to be a manager and some practical advice on how to further your career. LINKS: MY LINKS:
May 10, 2018
Episode 01 - Phil Beaudreau
Mars interviews Phil Beaudreau // You all have no idea how much this conversation inspired me and made me reevaluate my priorities. "The sustaining answer is almost never an immediate solution." Songs featured in this podcast: Spotless Mind Raid Fly Another Castle I'm Right This Time Leaving L.A. (Photograph) Soon BUY HIS MUSIC ASAP Ether Homecoming
April 20, 2018
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