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Mondays with Marthie

Mondays with Marthie

By Marthie
Stories of Hope to inspire. Find your purpose and run with it!
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George: Rebuilding the future one school at a time

Mondays with Marthie

George: Rebuilding the future one school at a time

Mondays with Marthie

George: Rebuilding the future one school at a time
Meet Balikudembe George of the Summer Holmes Foundation project. You can check out their facebook page here . You can also contact him via email or phone +256785623407. His facebook profile name is Schoolband George. There is currently a fundraiser running for his cause if you want to contribute. #GoFundMe
September 13, 2020
Winston Siljeur Productions: Music to inspire & Bless Winston Siljeur Productions (Pty) Ltd WINSTON SILJEUR PRODUCTIONS· Reg no: 2015/351258/07 - Taking the next step Winston Siljeur Productions is a Cape Town based company offering a dynamic mix of live music entertainment, musical direction, backing band, session musicians, music production, music tuition and artist management services. The company was established in 2014, by Winston Siljeur, Pianist and Music Producer who has more then  15 years’of experience [CA1] in the music industry. Winston is a firm believer in building, maintaining and valuing relationships. With our rich experience and professionalism, we guarantee a service which invites a long lasting and ongoing relationship. Winston Siljeur Productions recognises the need for professional and versatile live music entertainment and accomplished backing bands for events and functions. Being a well-established brand in the local music industry, we have a network of musicians and artists ready to make your event special and simply amazing. We also pride ourselves on our professionalism and versatility in being able to assist both seasoned, as well as ambitious, up-and-coming musicians with producing, arranging and recording their original music and allowing their ideas to come to life. Winston Siljeur Productions has a track record of going above and beyond our clients’ expectations and we want to do the same for you. We are passionate and love what we do, and we want to ensure your experience is met with professional service and satisfaction therefore we tailor your experience according to your specific requirements. The following collective of bands, musicians and artists are currently managed by Winston Siljeur Productions: ·  Winston Siljeur (Artist) ·  The Winston Siljeur Quartet (4pc Band) ·  The Winston Siljeur Project (10 - 12 pc Band) ·  WSP Collective (Backing & Entertainment Band) ·  Duncan Masiwa (Poet, Narrator & Spoken - Word Artist). Winston Siljeur Productions also runs the following initiatives, giving exposure to up and coming musicians and artists: ·  An Intimate Evening with Winston Siljeur Project ( ·  The Exposé with Winston Siljeur ( The company aims at becoming a one stop shop for artists and musicians cultivating a musician of knowledge, standard and honour.
May 14, 2020
Save The Sheep Sutherland: When Hope Has Legs
Meet the people behind Save The sheep Sutherland. They go beyond their challenges to create opportunities for their community amidst the drought in the Northern Cape, South Africa.  Save The Sheep Products More About: Save the Sheep was born in November 2017 when the first sheep was crocheted by Sybil Visagie to make the public aware of the devastating drought in Sutherland and the Karoo. Save the Sheep works 24/7 to assist the farmers of Sutherland and the Northern Cape to survive the greatest drought in human history. They urgently need assistance to help the Farmers with roughage, maize, transport for fodder and general consumables. Save the Sheep is a non-profit company 2019/171698/08 ☎️ 0712566795 Sybil ☎️ 0721016514 De-Manndi ✉️ 🏧 BANK: Standard Bank ACC: 082956693 BRANCH: 050008 BRANCH NAME: Beaufort-West Business Check Account SWIFT CODE sbzazajj Beskrywing: ☎️0712566795  Sybil Visagie  ☎️0721016514  De-Manndi Symington   ✉️   Save the Sheep is in November 2017 gebore toe die eerste skapie deur Sybil Visagie gehekel  is om die publiek bewus te maak van die vernietigende droogte in Sutherland en die Karoo.    Save the Sheep werk 24/7 om die boere van Sutherland en die Noord Kaap by te staan om die grootste droogte in menseheugenis te oorleef.  Ons het dringend hulp nodig om die Boere te help met ruvoer, mielies, vervoer vir voer en algemene gebruiksartikels.   Save the Sheep is n nie-winsgewende maatskappy 2019/171698/08   Nonprofit company 2019/171698/08   🏧BANK:  Standard Bank ACC:  082956693 BRANCH:  050008 BRANCH NAME:  Beaufort-West Business Cheque Account SWIFT CODE sbzazajj
May 11, 2020
The Shackbuilder: A Window to the World “By building something decent for people not only restores their dignity but also gives them a chance to rebuild their lives.  As an educational psychologist I was taken aback when I saw the truly bad conditions that children in informal settlements live in. These children and youth live in extreme poverty and conditions where there is violence.  This stunts their growth and they do not reach their full potential.  They cannot study if there is no food and electricity.  In winter the weather conditions are worse because their homes are flooded and it leads to illnesses such as tuberculosis” Quinton Adams, The Shackbuilder The banking details. The Shackbuilder NPC Bank : Nedbank Cheque Account Account Number : 1178396819 Branch Code : 11510900
May 11, 2020
Ameen Levy- The Rappin Donkey
Meet Ameen Levy - he has been creating music for the World to listen to for a lifetime! Contact information for Ameen Levy:; or on his mobile +27 83 398 7718.  Ameen Levy’ s career in a nutshell. Ameen Levy started in 1970 as the lead singer of a band called THE OHMS, after which he became a founding member of the band FIRE BALL and later he became the lead guitarist of their band THE RED CIRCLE. But he wanted to become a DJ and bought himself a small hi-fi set and played in people's backyards on Saturday evenings with about 10 fans in the beginning but the numbers grew to later became hundreds of people. The nightclub owners saw his success and asked him to play in their clubs. His first contract was with the club LANTERN INN from there the DRAKENSTEIN HOTEL bought his services. A new club opened 4 ACES and he became even more popular. In 1979 the Cape held its very first DJ competition in the boasting nightclub GALAXY, which still exists today. There were quite a few DJs participating in the competition. Ameen won the competition and was invited to the larger clubs at that time 5 TWO SEVEN in Johannesburg Club Aquariums in Port Elizabeth, but he later became the permanent DJ of the popular nightclub in Beaufort West CLUB LIPSTICK. There he worked for a year. Meanwhile, the club TIFFANYS opened in Paarl and he opened the club for them in 1982. He became tired of the nightlife and started a full-time job as an auto parts trader salesman where he recently retired from. "But the music wouldn't let me go," he said. He started the RAPPIN DONKEY PROJECT in 1991 on his very first CD, had the hit song that made him well known ‘Ons Slaap Vanaand by Heidi’" Another 9 cds followed. In 2002 he was offered a three hour music program on Radio KC. The program became so popular that he ended up on the very popular Afrikaans comedy host program MAAK ‘N LAS and also appeared on Kyknet's KOLLIG program. As well as E-TV's MUSIEK MUSIEK program and he was even featured on SABC news. Ameen is now retired and writing a book about his life 'A SON OF LEVY'. He is working on finishing another music album.
May 8, 2020
The Diana Ferrus Pages Diana Ferrus (born 29 August 1953, Worcester, Western Cape) is a South African writer, poet and storyteller of mixed Khoisan and slave ancestry. Her work is published in Afrikaans and English. Ferrus leads writing workshops in Cape Town while working as an administrator at the University of the Western Cape. Ferrus is best known for her poem about Sarah Baartman, a South African woman taken to Europe under false pretenses and paraded as a curiosity. She wrote the poem in 1998 while studying at Utrecht University. The popularity of this poem is widely believed to be responsible for the return of Bartmann's remains to South Africa. The poem was published into a French law. Ferrus is a founder of the Afrikaans Skrywersvereniging (ASV), Bush Poets, and Women in Xchains. She has a publishing company called Diana Ferrus Publishers and has co-edited and published a collection of stories about fathers and daughters. Diana is currently editing three poetry collections. One in Afrikaans, a tribute to her dad and one in English. In fact she is editing another Afrikaans collection called “My naam is Februarie”, a dedication to her slave ancestry. 'The Diana Ferrus Pages' displays poetry and essays that Diana Ferrus have written.  BUY her books "I've come to take you home" & "Die Vrede Kom Later" (R150 each excl. postage) WATCH South Africa Diana Ferrus: "I've come to take you home" Tribute to Sarah Bartmann
May 5, 2020
Watershed Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation
Spokesperson: Stephne Jackson Next Sterilisation opportunity 22 May 2020. Watershed Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Fund About Watershed Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Fund NPO 085-455 WATERSHED ANIMAL RESCUE and REHABILITATION FUND is a fund that assists Rescue Centres in times of need. We do not fund the day-to-day running costs of the rescue centres, but assist in raising funds for, and creating awareness of, sterilisation  programmes, emergency medical care and/or supplying food to rescue centres in desperate need to feed their animals which they cannot afford to do with existing funds. We only get involved in projects that we feel are the most desperate and then try and raise funds by creating awareness through our animal network data base as well as the public at large. We operate purely on donations from the public. Each and every person who donates money knows exactly where their money is being utilised as we request that it is stipulated when a donation is made. We, at WARRF, recently made the news when we undertook the huge task as ‘official’ Animal Rescue to bring all the dogs back from the border, rehabilitate, house, feed, medicate, sterilise and care for them until claimed or re-homed. These dogs were part of the Illegal Dog Trafficking Syndicates who have been transporting dogs illegally across our borders into African States destined to be used for dog-fighting and the like. To date, we have successfully rescued over 50 dogs and also funded the first rescue mission. We raised an amount of R100 000 to ensure the success of this mission and will continue raising funds to help and assist these dogs until legislation is changed stopping this awful trade. If you would like to support this mission, please reference your donation, “dog trafficking”. Our banking details for Donations are as follows: W.A.R.R.F Standard Bank Account Number: 072285702 Universal Code: 05 10 01 Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
May 5, 2020
May 4, 2020
May 4, 2020