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By Martinz Critical Review
Greetings Listeners! This podcast is a hard-hitting analysis and commentary on British Columbia's mis-management of its resource sector. There are numerous prescient topics to cover with the underlying theme revolving around modernizing our approach towards energy and particularly fisheries management. This new podcast will focus on young professionals that are questioning the 1950s status quo management tactics and and endless government sponsored propaganda. I will focus on looking for modern solutions towards energy and resource management.
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The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #12 - Ensuring angler access while minimizing angler impact on British Columbia's rivers - with Brian Niska


The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #12 - Ensuring angler access while minimizing angler impact on British Columbia's rivers - with Brian Niska


The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #18- An in-depth investigation of Earth's climate past and present from a marine geology and oceanographic perspective - with Dr. Colin Summerhayes
In today’s program we continue our investigation into Earth’s ever changing climate from a marine geology and oceanographic perspective examining various factors both past and present that have contributed to major climate shifts.  Today we welcome Dr. Colin Summerhayes to the program.  Dr. Summerhayes is an Emeritus Associate of the Scott Polar Research Institute of Cambridge University. He has carried out research on aspects of past climate change in both academia and industry: at the New Zealand Oceanographic Institute; Imperial College London; the University of Cape Town; the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; the UK's Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Deacon Laboratory (IOSDL); the UK's Southampton (now National) Oceanography Centre; the Exxon Production Research Company; and the BP Research Company. He has managed research programmes on climate change for the UK's Natural Environment Research Council, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) of the International Council for Science. He is a former director of both the IOSDL and SCAR, and of the IOC's Global Ocean Observing System Project.  Dr. Summerhayes is also the author of various books on this subject matter and numerous scientific papers.   To learn more about Dr. Summerhayes or to purchase his books please visit: Dr. Summerhayes info Books
September 25, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #17 - Replacing a lack of imagination with a long term desire to protect and care - with Sonia Furstenau, Leader of the Green Party of BC
In today's episode we go directly to the provincial capital to hear from the newly elected Green Party Leader of British Columbia, Sonia Furstenau, to learn about the Green Party's official position on several important topics.  In this episode we discuss the Site C project, LNG exports, renewable energy, salmon and steelhead and more.  Mrs. Furstenau strongly believes that a wholesale change must be made in provincial politics immediately to promote the well being of our environment and all its inhabitants.  It is imperative to move from election time scale politics to long term planning and thinking.  British Columbia possesses all the resources and talent required to become a world leader in renewable energy given the opportunity.  We must stop the corporate handouts and subsidies and invest into our citizens and their ability to thrive.  In fact our decisions should be strongly based on what we are creating and leaving for future generations.  Bring on Pachamama! To learn more about Sonia Furstenau or the Green Party of BC please visit: Sonia Furstenau Green Party of BC
September 23, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #16 - An examination of the cataclysmic natural history of North America and the recovery to present day - with Randall Carlson
In today's episode we welcome Randall Carlson to the show to examine an interesting range of topics.  First we dig deep into the past examining historical climatic shifts, then onto the cataclysmic end to the last ice age, and finally a discussion of the ecological recovery and re-population of the North American continent following this cataclysm.  Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer by trade and for over 25 years he has followed and explored his passions as a teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. He is the host of the Kosmographia podcast which seeks to investigate and document the catastrophic history of the Earth and to reveal the evidence of advanced knowledge and technology of long lost civilizations.  His studies, research and exploration into the interface between ancient mysteries and modern science has spanned over 4 decades. He has been an active Freemason for over 30 years and was Master of one of the oldest and largest Masonic lodges in the state of Georgia.  Randall’s aspiration is to affect a revival of lost knowledge leading towards the goal of creating a new world based upon universal principles of harmony, freedom, and spiritual evolution. To learn more about Randall Carlson and his work please visit:
September 19, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #15 - Exploring successful Colombia fisheries conservation initiatives - with Alberto Mejia of Fish Colombia
In today’s episode we continue with our new sub-series covering global fisheries conservation initiatives, this time focusing on Colombia.   I am pleased to introduce Senior Alberto Mejia to the program.  Alberto has turned his life long passion for angling into a vocation by having created Fish Colombia Expeditions to provide anglers unique opportunities in 5 different Colombian fisheries. Colombia is a unique location globally having just exited a nearly 50 year civil war. This situation has left vast tracts of the country unexplored and largely unexploited. Alberto has been successful in partnering with various Indian groups to negotiate exclusive sport fishing access to pristine locations.  In return for this access to the fishing grounds the Indians agree not to utilize target sport species for food, and they also benefit from weekly angler fees, rotating fair trade employment opportunities including guiding, and regular medical attention.  We also look at the wildly successful artisanal fishing only zone known as ZEPA off the North-West coast of Colombia near Bahai Solano.  This area covers some 200 miles of coastline and extends a minimum of 7 miles offshore.  Within this zone no fishing with nets is allowed and large pelagic species have returned in numbers seen no where else on Earth.  This is a true testament to the power of our ecosystems and fish populations to flourish with the use of selective fishing and limited harvest levels. To learn more about Fish Colombia's operations and their conservation initiatives please visit: Fish Colombia ZEPA
September 17, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #14 - The Peace Energy Cooperative empowering alternative energy solutions in Northern BC - with Don Pettit
PLEASE NOTE: The Audio is not perfect for the first 20 mins due to a poor internet connection.  That issue is resolved from 21 mins onwards.  Thanks for your understanding. In today's episode we examine several alternative energy solutions which have been successfully deployed in the Peace Valley region of Northern British Columbia.   This episode uncovers and presents exactly the type of information this podcast was created to discover!  We highlight the very successful and profitable 102 MW Bear Mountain Wind Park, and how wind power could easily replace the need for the completion of the Site C Dam at an order of magnitude less costly.  Furthermore,  we present the fact that the BC government canceled the approval of up to 2000 MW of wind power which would have come with the construction of a wind turbine blade factory employing many skilled workers.  Solar power generation is presently a viable technology to power every home in British Columbia and will greatly reduced the need for grid power.   Alternative energy is an exponentially growing industrial and economic sector, and globally in terms of job creation has presently surpassed the oil and gas sector.  The time is now for British Columbia to get out of its 1950s mentality and embrace the future! To learn more about Don Pettit and the Peace Energy Cooperative, or to purchase his book "Power Shift" please visit:  Peace Energy
September 17, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #13 - A discussion covering fisheries conservation initiatives on the outer atolls of the Seychelles - with Keith Rose-Innes
In today's episode we embark upon our global fisheries conservation initiatives sub-series and welcome Mr. Keith Rose-Innes to the show.  Keith is an avid fly fisherman, photographer, film maker and passionate conservationist.  Fly Fishing is truly in Keith’s blood having spent some 35 years with fly rod in hand with 23 of those years guiding in over 25 different countries.  Keith has been a leading figure as a fly fishing pioneer on the outer atolls of the Seychelles, where he now conducts fly fishing guiding operations at 6 different locations.  Keith is passionate about preserving the precious balance which makes these destinations so special. He places particular emphasis on responsible practices that will ensure these amazing and fragile ecosystems are protected for future generations to come, and how fly fishing plays an integral role in this endeavour.  We discuss the recently enacted Seychelles Marine Spatial Plan which will serve to protect and enhance this oceanic nation's ecosystem wealth for future generations to come.   To learn more about Keith Rose-Innes or his fly fishing guiding or tourism operations please visit: Alphonse Fishing Company Website Alphonse Fishing Company IG Keith Rose-Innes Flyfishing Journal Keith Rose-Innes IG
September 3, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #12 - Ensuring angler access while minimizing angler impact on British Columbia's rivers - with Brian Niska
In this episode we return our attention to the Skeena River watershed to discuss a variety of topics.  Joining us today is Brian Niska, head guide at the Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness Lodge, in Terrace BC.  Brian is a lifelong angler with 27 years of fly fishing experience, with 18 of those years spent as a professional fly fishing guide.  We explore a number of topics related to ensuring that anglers have consistent and dependable access to BC's rivers and the many possible ways in which to accomplish this.  We discuss the nearly extirpated Thompson River Steelhead fishery serving as a warning of the consequences of fisheries mis-management, and why a "hookless" fishery may be the key to this system's recovery.  The art and seductive nature of Spey casting and fishing rounds out today's discussion. To learn more about Brian Niska and his guiding and tourism operation please visit: Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness Lodge
August 27, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #11 - Salmonid conservation challenges in British Columbia; is Ottawa even paying attention? - with Jesse Zeman, MA
In today’s episode we continue our investigation into the mis-management of BC’s salmonid resource, today shifting our focus towards the southern half of the province.  Joining us today is Jesse Zeman Director of Fish and Wildlife Restoration at the BC Wildlife Federation.  Mr. Zeman recently completed his Master of Arts degree at the University of British Columbia with his thesis focused on local government sustainability planning in BC. Jesse is also a pilot with Air Canada, and has flown commercially for over 14 years. As a lifelong hunter and angler Mr. Zeman is a passionate outdoorsmen and is a vocal advocate for sustainable management of our fish and wildlife resources. To learn more about the BC Wildlife Federation and how to become a member please visit: BCWF
August 21, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #10 - Our global fisheries and the giant Ponzi scheme of the industrial fishing complex; - with Dr Daniel Pauly Fisheries Biologist
Our guest for today’s episode is the highly esteemed fisheries biologist Dr. Daniel Pauly whom is arguably the world’s most prolific and widely cited living fisheries scientist.  He has published over 1000 scientific articles, and has had a hand in producing over 30 books and reports.  His vast body of research is used throughout the planet, and he has supervised students in four languages across five continents.  Dr Pauly is presently based out of the University of British Columbia as the Principal Investigator of the Sea Around Us project, devoted to studying, documenting and promoting policies to mitigate the impact of fisheries on the world’s marine ecosystems.  In this episode we cover the “shifting baseline syndrome”, why humanity is "fishing down the marine food web", the giant Ponzi scheme of the industrial fishing complex, and Dr Pauly offers potential solutions to drag ourselves out of this situation. To learn more about Dr. Pauly's work at the Sea Around Us organization and how you can contribute to their cause please visit their website: Sea Around Us To purchase Dr. Pauly's latest book please visit: Vanishing Fish: Shifting Baselines and the Future of Global Fisheries
August 20, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #9 - Skeena Steelhead and Apartheid in modern day Canada; racially based fisheries allocations - with Bob Hooton
In this episode we continue our investigative series into the state of the Salmonid resource in British Columbia, with our focus on the majestic Steelhead in the Skeena watershed. Our guest today is Bob Hooton whose career in British Columbia’s fisheries management spanned 37 years, with the final 9 years of service spent at the head of the Fish and Wildlife Section for all of BC.  Bob is an outspoken advocate of wild Steelhead conservation and has written several books on the subject.  Today we also explore the inequitable racially based allocations of our fisheries, and make a case for the baseless origins of these ongoing decisions. Make no mistake listeners, this is an Apartheid policy which harms all Canadians, and ultimately the fish. The time is now to manage the fishery for the sole benefit of the fish, not special interest groups. To learn more about Bob’s work please visit his website, and to purchase his books please visit: "Skeena Steelhead - Unknown Past - Uncertain Future" "Days of Rivers Past"
August 14, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #8 - observing a precipitous decline; a comparison of historic to present Skeena River salmon population levels - with Michael Price, MSc
In today’s episode we continue our investigation of BC’s salmon populations, this time focused on the Skeena River watershed. Our guest for this episode is the Science Director at SkeenaWild, Mr. Michael Price, MSc. Mr. Price is a PhD candidate with the Earth to Ocean Research Group and member of the Reynolds Lab at Simon Fraser University.  Mr. Price earned his MSc studying juvenile salmon ecology & interactions with sea lice at the University of Victoria.  In this interview we examine historic baseline sockeye and chum salmon population numbers and investigate the reasons for their precipitous decline. We examine what steps need to be taken immediately to ensure the survival of these salmon, and that future generations of humans can witness the majesty and splendour of healthy wild salmon. For more information regarding SkeenaWild, and what you can do to contribute to this organization, please visit: SkeenaWild
August 11, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #7 - Energy security within the macroscopic human organism and its relationship to the continuum of Max Human Potential to Max Human Regret - w James Tomelin, Savant
In today's episode listeners will be treated to an interesting philosophical discussion.  We explore concepts regarding the greater human organism and how it interacts with our energy infrastructure, large corporations, and how the continuum covering Maximum Human Potential to Maximum Human Regret should be applied to all decision making.  A  review of AC and DC electricity is also presented in conjunction with their use to optimize electrical consumption across the grid.  We also explore electrical distribution, storage, and phasing, and load sourcing and shifting and caching options.  Enjoy!
August 7, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #6 - British Columbia’s economic and environmental shame: LNG Export - with Eoin Finn, PhD, MBA, Extreme Energy Researcher
In today’s episode we continue our investigative series into British Columbia’s energy policies, environmental sustainability, emission levels, Site C Dam, and LNG exports. Our guest today is Dr. Eoin Finn who holds a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, an MBA in International Business, and retired as a Partner at the major Accounting/Consulting firm KPMG. This episode provides digs deep into alternative energy technologies, the Site C dam, proposed LNG exports in British Columbia, and the inter-related relationships between these controversial subjects.  Potential solutions are presented to create meaningful economic opportunities and avoid environmental and fiscal bankruptcy. For more information on My Sea to Sky, or to get involved, please visit: My Sea to Sky
August 6, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review -Ep #5 - Is developing an LNG industry in British Columbia congruent with our environmental and social goals? - with David Hughes
Today we continue our investigative series into British Columbia’s energy policies, sustainability, emissions, and LNG exports.  Our guest today is David Hughes, a geoscientist who has studied the energy resources of Canada for nearly four decades.  In this episode we examine why the proposed LNG export business is neither economically viable, nor environmentally sound.  We explore what steps BC, Canada, and the world need to take immediately to avoid a catastrophic end to our civilization.   For more information on David's published research please visit: BC's Carbon Conundrum  Canada's Energy Outlook 
August 5, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep #4 - The upcoming Grand Solar Minimum and what is really driving Earth's changing climate - with Dr Valentina Zharkova
Attention listeners - interested or concerned about climate change?  This is a monumental episode that you must hear!  Today's episode features Dr Valentina Zharkova who has a PhD in Astrophysics and through her research has quantified and modelled the Sun's energetic output.  This research has generated a highly accurate predictive summary curve which describes solar activity.  When this curve is combined with the Sun-Earth Ephemeris data, a clear picture of global cooling emerges.  Between the years 2030-2050 will be the maximum cooling point of the Moderen Grand Solar Minimum and we could experience up to a 70% decrease in solar activity.  The ramifications of this scenario are dramatic and the World needs to start planning immediately or face deleterious repercussions.  Time to reject the nonsense and dogma of the IPCC and accept CO2 for what it is, plant food! For more information please visit Dr. Zharkova's website at
August 5, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep#3 - British Columbia's Salmon are facing imminent extinction due to exploitive open-pen farming - with Dr Alexandra Morton champion of wild salmon
In this alarming episode Dr. Alexandra Morton provides us with a clear warning of the imminent extinction of our beloved pacific salmon if immediate action is not taken to remove open-pen fish farms from our coastal water ways.  Dr. Morton has dedicated her life to the research and understanding of our complex and interconnected coastal ecosystems.  She has clearly documented the serious deleterious effects of the fish farms, in particular the devastating effects that sea lice have on out-migrating juvenile salmon.  I encourage everyone to support her research and voice in protecting this precious resource.  Please take a moment to visit her sites and make a donation: Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society Raincoast Research Society And whatever you do - do not purchase farmed salmon ever!  They are toxic to consume, and toxic for our salmon and waterways,  Stay Connected - Subscribe Today
July 23, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep#2 - Site C Dam; An inappropriate and avoidable mega-project with Ken Boon President of the Peace Valley Landowners Association
In this episode we begin the examination of the Site C Dam project and its myriad of negative impacts, both environmental and economic.  We cover some of the specific impacts and discuss sustainable alternatives and postulate on potential solutions.  The ramifications of this project and the manner in which it has been forced into existence should alarm any sound minded individual on the planet.  The time for change is now, we can no longer accept outdated practices and policies which benefit the few at the expense of many.  Thank you for listenting and ENJOY! Stay Connected!
July 20, 2020
The MARTINZ Critical Review - Ep#1 - Emerging Energy Technology Review with James Tomelin
This episode delves into emerging battery technologies known as Lithium Titanate and their application in a variety of transportation applications.  We also discuss the Ettridge electrical motor and its implication as both a motor and generator.  Additional discussions focus around micro grid power generation, and James' thoughts on self mastery and healing the planet.  Thank you for listenting and ENJOY!
July 19, 2020
Ep 0 - Martinz Critical Review Inaugural Episode
Greetings Listeners!  This podcast is a long time in coming.  I have decided to pursue a hard-hitting analysis and commentary on British Columbia's mis-management of its resource sector.  There are numerous prescient topics to cover with the underlying theme revolving around modernizing our approach towards energy and particularly fisheries management.  This new podcast will focus on young professionals that are questioning the 1950s status quo management tactics and and endless government sponsored propaganda. I will focus on looking for modern solutions towards energy and resource management. Always be the first to know - Subscribe Today!
July 8, 2020