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The Anam Cara Podcast

The Anam Cara Podcast

By Mary Telliano
Episode 1
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The Anam Cara Podcast Episode 1

The Anam Cara Podcast

The Heart & Grief Connection
It has been over two years since I have shared on The Anam Cara Podcast! I am so thrilled to be back and sharing again. I wanted to take the time to sit with what can be possible when we open our hearts during times of grief. I also share about my new program which is going to be launching on the Lion Gate Portal 8-8-2022. It is called "Into The Ashes - a mystery school that guides you to your gifts through grief." There is a heart connection exercise at the end. I love you, I see you, I honor your journey. Namaste
July 14, 2022
The Fear Of Death
The fear of death is what keeps us from living full and richer lives. What if I told you that it didn't have to be that way, and that you can free up this burden by looking at death as a natural part of your life. I witness this fear consume many people, and it is often at the end of their life. I believe that the sooner we can face these conversations and lean Into them in a more balanced way, the soon we really begin to life our lives in the way it has always been intended. Links The Death Positive Movement IG: Anam_Cara_Doula Facebook: Mary Brierre Website: WWW.ConnectAnamCara.Com
February 02, 2020
The Anam Cara speaks with Stephen Jenkinson
On this week's episode I had the chance to speak with Stephen Jenkinson. Stephen is a leading voice in the death and dying world. He is currently traveling the country in his band Orphan Wisdom in their show called Nights of Grief & Mystery.  Stephen has been a guiding voice for me, as I continue to learn more about death and the dying process. He holds a light that captivated me a long time ago.  ORHAN WISDOM WEBSITE TOUR DATES NOVEMBER 10 - 21 Langley, BC Nelson, BC Spokane, WA Missoula, MT Salt Lake City Denver, CO Santa FE, NM Los Angeles, CA Grief Healing Ceremony  November 10 3-8pm
November 07, 2019
A mother's cosmic journey through grief!
On this episode of The Anam Cara Podcast I speak with Jennifer Curry Prasad, author, entrepreneur, and mother of a child on earth and one in heaven. Jennifer opens up about her relationship with her son, Nico and how they have continued their relationship from beyond the vale. Jennifer is the author of The Dreamcatcher: A Grieving Mother's Journey Towards Joy,  available on Amazon.
October 29, 2019
The Anam Cara Podcast Episode 2 - Death & Psychedelics
Joel Brierre joins me on this week's podcast to discuss the bridge between death & dying and psychedelics. Joel is a yogi, vedantic teacher, plant/earth medicine worker, psychedelic integration coach and a public speaker. Joel and I do a lot of work together in the psychedelic and plant medicine world and we are finding that the world of the dying is shifting to understand their dying process with the help of psychedelics. Listen as we discuss these two very powerful topics.
October 22, 2019
Conversations with a Birth & End Of Life Doula!
With the end of life doula's approach to death gaining so much popularity, I got the opportunity to speak with Nicole Heidbreder, Nicole is both a birth doula, and end of life doula. Additionally, Nicole teaches workshops as well as being a clinical educator at Jons Hopkins School of Nursing. On a personal note, this is actually the woman who trained me to become an end of life doula. We discuss what an end of life doula is, a few stories about death, as well as some of the similarities she has witness as both a birth, and end of life doula. 
October 22, 2019
The Anam Cara Podcast Episode 1
The Anam Cara was considered by the Celts to be a "soul friend" to the dying. The Anam Cara would do whatever it took to magnify the very issue that caused suffering and helped the person face it directly, thus leaving no unfinished business.  Death Doula and Intuitive End Of Life Coach, Mary Brierre opens up episode 1 of The Anam Cara Podcast by sharing her personal story on how she began her journey down the Death Doula road and gives some tips on how to handle Grief. 
October 11, 2019