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By Mary Henderson
Welcome to Authoritti5.0 Podcast exclusively for Coaches, Consultants & Business Owners who are on a mission to be the AUTHORITY in their niche or industry. Listen to the stories of international authorities who have taken the road less travelled, are heart centred, tenacious superhumans who share their journey and inspirational stories. Subscribe to Authoritti5.0 Magazine for free and get access to expert's and noise-free content that is actionable and implementable from the best content contributors around the world.
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Episode #21 - Want To Know How To Stand Out As The "Go To" Sales Person?


Episode #38 - Your Leadership Voice
In this episode of Authoritti5.0, the focus is on your leadership voice, and there is no other person on this planet who can talk about this topic with such conviction and passion better than Rohan Dredge, who is a master of his craft.  For the past two decades, Rohan has developed leaders, cultures, and tribes that work at deep levels of connection and strong levels of execution. He specializes in sustainable and high-performing cultures that specifically help technical experts become people leaders. He is an author and co-founder of his very successful podcast “For Leaders” and a sought-after speaker. And today I have the honor of interviewing him. If you have a genuine concern for where leadership is heading, this interview will give you some hope and a great perspective.  If you would like to contact Rohan, his Linkedin details are below. Linkedin: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to subscribe to Authoritti5.0 Magazine for free and get a copy sent to your inbox each month.  Subscribe here:
September 2, 2021
Episode #37 - Organic Reach On Linkedin
Lea Turner went from 400 followers to 80,000 connections and followers combined in just 18 months with over 750 inbound clients. Let me just repeat that that's 750 inbound clients without using growth hacks or engagement pods without spending a penny on ads without doing cold outreach.  She trains individuals and companies how to use LinkedIn. And thank God. Can I just say that we've got a normal person that actually can teach the normal way of actually growing your business on LinkedIn through organic reach? No smoke and mirrors or scarcity tactics. This is the real deal.  She teaches people how to use LinkedIn to increase their brand visibility, create strong, engaged professional networks, gain regular inbound leads, start posting relatable content that starts conversations, and also not make people, work over 24 hours a day, to see some type of engagement. She knows what she's doing. I can assure you and overall, can I just say, Leah, you are just outright awesome. If you would like to connect with Lea, you can contact her on Linkedin Linkedin: ........................................................................................................... Subscribe to the Authoritti5.0 Magazine For Free. The ONLY magazine dedicated to Coaches, Consultants and Business Owners.
August 8, 2021
Episode #36 - Mom's Who Make Money
My guest today is Natalie Goldberg an award-winning attorney, best-selling author, a nationwide speaker about women and money and a fearless cheerleader for her client's success. Her clients include celebrities, influencers, athletes, business owners, and real estate owners. And she teaches them how to retain more of their wealth and pay fewer taxes ethically and legally off-course while also protecting their assets, from disgruntled would-be litigants.  She's not only a survivor of a nearly fatal accident, but she's a frequent guest on CNN, Fox News, CBS. Good morning, America, CNBC, BBC, and elsewhere. And she's also featured in CNN world parents, New York, post star magazine, and cosmopolitan. She also has her own podcast called the gold standard. And the best part about her is she's a huge advocate for moms who make money. In this interview, we talk about her story, her passion to help moms make money, why millennial's are not thinking about building wealth and so much more.  Connect with Natalie on Linkedin.  ************************************************ Also, don't forget you can subscribe to Authoritti5.0 Magazine for FREE and read the interview with Natalie. Authoritti5.0 is the only magazine designed for coaches and consultants and packed with useful information. The July issue is packed with 70 pages of awesomeness. You can subscribe here.
July 14, 2021
Episode #35 - Being Your Unique Self
Let me ask you this question? Does your uniqueness have currency? Do you believe you can package all that inventory and turn it into a business that can serve hundreds or thousands of people around the world? Think about that for a moment? This is probably one of my favourite topics to discuss because this is what I do for a living. Quite Literally. I turn people's knowledge, wisdom and skills into a system that solves a complex problem and convert that delicious human inventory into a coaching/consulting business and a 'go-to' brand. In this month's podcast, I CANNOT wait to showcase this exceptional, heart-centred super-smart human - Gina Riley. She turns Senior Execs into Hollywood Blockbusters…well not literally, but she turns her clients' unique gifts, strengths, passions and experiences into stories that land her clients the TOP JOBS. Every Senior Executive needs Gina on speed dial. She has a waitlist of clients wanting to work with her because she seriously is a master of her craft.  Don't Forget To Subscribe to Authoritti5.0 Magazine and Read Gina's article here. It's FREE. If you want to connect with Gina, here are her details: Website: Linkedin:
June 3, 2021
Episode #34 - What It Takes To Get 1 Million Followers On Linkedin
Sarah Johnston is a former corporate recruiter and got tired of seeing GOOD people get passed over for opportunities because they didn't properly position themselves or interview to the best of their ability. She launched her business in 2016 to partner with high achievers to help them reach their career goals and full potential. There was one problem. She had no advertising budget, no clients and she was the world's best-kept secret. Can you relate? Fast forward to today and she has over 1 million followers on Linkedin and is highly respected in her industry and on Linkedin. In this interview, we talk about her journey and what it really takes to not only serve her audience but also maintain them.  If you would like to contact Sarah, her contact details are below: Linkedin: Website: Don't Forget To Subscribe to Authoritti5.0 Magazine and Read Sarah's article here. It's FREE.
May 6, 2021
Episode #33 - How To Become Unbelievably Successful
This episode of Authoritti5.0 is about how to become unbelievably successful, and who better to be my guest of honor none other than John Knotts! You will find out why in just a minute. John is a coach and consultant with over 30 years of experience in military, nonprofit, and commercial leadership, coaching, and consulting. He has an extensive background in strategy-change process, leadership management, human capital training and education, innovation design, and communication. John is a 21-year Air Force veteran, a former consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, and was a strategic business advisor with the Fortune 100 company USAA®. John owns his own coaching and consulting business called Crosscutter Enterprises, and he and his wife own a 100-acre horse farm with about 40 horses. And if that's not enough, he also is a doctoral student in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. John is about to launch his book called Becoming Unbelievably Successful.  This interview is more like a masterclass. John goes deep and wide and shares a lot of wisdom. I encourage you to listen to this 50 minute interview. It is well worth your while.  You can contact John below: LI: W:
April 8, 2021
Episode #32 - Being Authentic Is An Inside Out Job
In this episode of Authoritti5.0, we're celebrating International Women's Day. I knew immediately that I wanted Shay Rowbottom on the front cover because I wanted to show other women that to be the best version of yourself, you have to walk through the chaos and the complex to see the inner beauty. And I think that Shay is a perfect model for all women, no matter what their age, race, or profession.  We need to stop looking at perfectly manicured Instagram sensations and start realizing that to get to your core, you have to start on the inside. And in this episode, I don't want to talk about LinkedIn at all. I want to talk about Shay and her journey. So in this interview, we are going to reverse-engineer Shay Rowbottom. Shay takes us on her personal growth journey and the critical role it has played to her fame on Linkedin as one of the most recognized Personal Brands. Shay Rowbottom is a LinkedIn influencer and digital marketing entrepreneur specializing in creating social media video content to attract attention and eyeballs to content. Shay's video marketing agency specializes in helping businesses or business owners attract their target audience and close more deals through the use of organic video content specifically on the LinkedIn platform. You can connect with here below: Website: Linkedin:
March 4, 2021
Episode #31 - To Social Or Not To Social
Cher Jones is the queen of Linkedin Lives and if you haven't met her, I highly recommend you follow her work on Linkedin because she takes her Live show to a whole new level.  Cher is a social media trainer and a personal branding coach who has the love of technology wired into not just her personality but her DNA. She has over 18 years of PR marketing and broadcasting experience and has been actively using social media since 1999. She is one of Canada’s top online personal branding experts. As a corporate trainer, she helps companies remain relevant and competitive with social media training that means business. She’s regularly invited to speak at conferences, academic institutions, and industry events. In this podcast interview, we talk about her story, her background in Television and how she has utilised her skills to build her brand on Linkedin and be known as the queen of Linkedin Lives.  Don't forget that you can read her story in Authoritti5.0 Magazine. She is on the front cover of Issue #38 and the magazine is FREE! You can register to get a free copy of the magazine delivered to your inbox each month here. You can contact Cher here: LInkedin:
February 4, 2021
Episode #30 - Level Up Your Business In 2021
Mike Michalowicz understands business. Period. By his 35th birthday, he founded and sold two multimillion-dollar companies. He was confident that he had the formula for success. He became a small business angel investor and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies.  Now he has devoted his life to the research and delivery of innovative, impactful entrepreneurial strategies to people like me and many other business owners out there. He is the creator of Profit First, which is used by hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe to drive profit. He is also the creator of Clockwork, a powerful method to make any business run on automatic and his latest – arguably the most impactful discovery, is Fix This Next. In Fix This Next, Mike details the strategy businesses can use to determine what to do in what order to ensure healthy, fast, permanent growth and avoid debilitating distractions.  Today, Mile leads two new multimillion-dollar ventures. He's a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and business make-over specialist on MSNBC, he is a popular main stage keynote speaker on innovative entrepreneurial topics, and an accomplished author.  This interview covers a lot of ground on the trials and tribulations a business faces in 2021. Mike shares pragmatic and implementable ideas and strategies. You can contact Mike here: Website: Linkedin:
January 27, 2021
Episode #30 - The Anatomy of Success
Steve Wohlenhaus has recently embarked on an ambitious effort to personally help people improve their quality of life. His book, Anatomy of Success, is dedicated to teaching people how to define success on their terms and live the abundant life we all desire. Steve's podcast The Anatomy of Success airs each week. He discusses self improvement predicated on finding more satisfaction in life by focusing on things that are proven to make life better. The Anatomy of Success podcast is dedicated to helping people find more fulfillment through what Steve calls "The Four Tenets of Equanimity". He is a serial entrepreneur who has made his fortune by keeping people in local communities informed during critical weather situations by broadcasting live on local radio stations. Today, his broadcasts reach over 1000 stations America wide.  He is super tenacious, smart, driven and has the BIG hearrt.  In this interview, he breaks down the anatomy of success based on his life experience and shares a lot of takeaways as well. If you want to reach out to Steve, his details are below. LI: W:
November 23, 2020
Episode #29: Leading With The Heart With Claude Silver
Claude Silver is the Chief Heart Officer at Vayner Media. She is Gary Vaynerchuck's right hand. Claude takes care of the people and Gary takes care of the business.  Leadership has become a buzzword but in Claude's eyes, it's simple. She believes in giving people space, listening and giving them what they need. She has built a culture at Vayner Media that embraces every person's genius zone, they talk about their passions and gifts and openly discuss feelings. This is not your average Corporate America human culture.   In this podcast interview, she talks about how Gary is a big advocate for people taking responsibility and accountability for their actions and she also shares how she has learned the meaning of patience from Gary. This is one of the best interviews I have done. If you want to connect with Claude, her details are below: Website:
November 3, 2020
Episode #28: Think Like a Thought Leader: How To Use Your Stories To Communicate and Connect Better
Amy Blaschka has made a career offering “stories as a service.” From her degree in film to her three decades spent branding products, places, and people, to founding her writing practice, Amy has always understood the power of weaving an engaging tale. She is a social media ghostwriter who helps leaders craft their stories to communicate and connect better. As a longtime leadership contributor for Forbes, Amy covers personal transformation and its impact on career growth.  In this interview, we discuss  Get clear on what you want. Clarity is essential to creating a path to your goals. Sell your destiny, not your history. If something is no longer relevant, it’s muddying your message and will confuse—or lose—your intended audience. Instead, let clarity be your friend and be ruthless about paring down your profile to support what you want to do, not what you’ve done. Identify your common thread. Even if you’ve had seemingly unrelated jobs in vastly different industries, you can always find a common thread that weaves together your personal and professional experiences into a compelling narrative. Serve, don’t sell. Focus on providing value with your content rather than making a sales pitch. Embrace consistency and discipline. The savviest thought leaders stick to two fundamental branding concepts in telling their career stories: consistency and discipline.   Maintain your “voice,” look, and feel in all your communications and stick with those few areas where you have expertise. If you would like to contact Amy, her details are below: W: LI:
October 10, 2020
Episode #27 - Speak and Be Heard: Accelerate Your Shot to Cut Through The Noise
Monique Russell is a communications expert you want on your team. She is passionate about teaching women leaders and teams how to turn likes into loves in their business and life. she has 20 years’ experience in Communications. She is an outstanding human. In this interview, she unpacks  six key questions that are relevant in business today: 1. How can I get people to listen to me when I communicate? 2. I don’t know what to say, where do I start? 3. How do I compete with men/others when the playing field isn’t leveled? 4. My confidence has been shattered. I am afraid to put myself out there. How do I re-build confidence? 5. How do I cut through the noise? 6. How do I stay relevant? If you would like to connect with Monique, here details are below: W: LI:
October 10, 2020
Episode #26 - How to Build an Unshakable Core - The foundations of Resilience
Janine Shepherd, AM, was a former Australian champion skier headed to the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Instead, she was the victim of a horrific accident on a training bike ride, suffering multiple, life-threatening injuries. After almost six months in hospital and struggling to rehabilitate with permanent disabilities, Janine didn’t just learn to walk, she chose to fly! Starting flight training in a plaster body cast, she ultimately attained her commercial pilot rating, and even taught aerobatics. Told is was unlikely she would ever have children; she is the proud mother of three. Today, Janine Shepherd is an internationally-renowned speaker and author of six best-selling books. Her inspiring TED talk, “A Broken Body Isn’t a Broken Person.” has garnered over 1.6 million views. She’s been featured on Australian “60 Minutes”, “This is Your Life”, and recognised with her country’s highest honour, The Order of Australia. She was named an ‘Architect of Change’ by Maria Shriver and was once named as one of the ‘Ten Outstanding Young People of the World.” Janine is an ambassador for Red Bull, Wings for Life and also Spinal Cure Australia. She lives in Wyoming, USA and travels the world, sharing her message of resilience and transformation. If you would like to contact Janine, her details are below: W: LI:
October 10, 2020
Episode #25 - Online Branding Strategies For Corporate Warriors
Cher Jones is in one was UNSTOPPABLE. If you don't know her, you should. Cher is a social media expert and in this episode talks about how to be seen, excel at work and earn your seat at the table through the power of your presence. Cher Jones is a Corporate Social Media Trainer & Personal Branding Coach with the love of technology hardwired into her personality.  As the founder of Socially Active Training, she leverages over 20 years of PR, marketing and broadcasting experience to help professionals develop a credible and strategic online presence while teaching them how to use social media at work for business. Her passion, knowledge and expertise have many referring to her as one of North America's leading experts in online personal branding. She has worked internationally with a wide variety of organizations including Rogers, Hong Kong Police, PokerStars, BlackBerry, Industrial Alliance, The City of Toronto, MPI, The UK Trade and Investment, The Ontario Ministry of Education and CBC to name a few. You can contact Cher below: W: LI: E:
October 10, 2020
Episode #24 - How Linkedin Ads Can Help You 10X Your Reach
AJ Wilcox is the worlds leading Linkedin Ads expert and I mean that quite literally.  He owns an AD Agency - that only specialises in LinkedIn Ads and works with some big brands worldwide. In this interview AJ and I discuss if Linkedin is heading to a pay to play platform like Facebook. We talk about organic reach on Linkedin and is it here to stay and how to approach Linkedin advertising. AJ shares a lot of golden nuggets such as how to approach Linkedin advertising. He is a master at his craft and if you listen carefully he even shares his step by step approach from the type of creative we should test right through to the type of lead magnets that work really well on Linkedin ads. If you want to grow your business in 2020 - this episode will set you in the right direction. You can contact AJ below: E: LI: W:
October 21, 2019
Episode #23 - How To Stand Out On The Greatest Networking Platform On The Planet - Linkedin
Please allow me to do the honours. Meet Shay Rowbottom.  The most talked about person on Linkedin and rightly so.  Her video content is off the charts. Her career began on Facebook where she specialised in content creation and page management.  She took notice of patterns, metrics and could see that between 2010-2013 that anyone who started a Facebook page and released content consistently grew a following, VERY EASILY.  Fast forward to today and she has applied everything she  learned from Facebook on to Linkedin and guess what happens?  She becomes the most talked about content creator on Linkedin.  Shay is the CEO of Rowbottom Marketing and helps founders and executives become LinkedIn video creators so they can be seen as industry experts and generate high quality leads.  In this interview, she literally walks us through the do's and don'ts of content creation on Linkedin.  If you are serious about building your Personal Brand and business, Shay breaks down a lot of the moving parts that are key to content success on Linkedin. If you want to get in touch with Shay. Her contact details are below: Linkedin: Website:  Twitter: shay_rowbottom
September 3, 2019
Episode #22 - True Leaders Start On The Inside Of The Inside Of SELF
Dov Baron is revolutionary thinker and communicator that has led to be cited as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers. He's been an independent leadership advisor to the United Nations (UN) and was named in 2018 as one of the Top 30 Global Leadership Gurus. Dov is the bestselling author of several books. His last five book releases have all been best-sellers. He also writes for and has been featured in industry magazines including CNN, CBS Small Business Pulse, SHRM, Yahoo Finance, Boston Globe, Business in Vancouver, USA today, CEO, Entrepreneur and many more. Dov’s international Leadership & Loyalty podcast is ranked the top podcast for Fortune 500 Executives Globally. In this podcast we do go full monty on everything to do with leadership and its connection to Personal Branding. If you would like to connect with Dov, his details are below: Linkedin: Website: Email: Twitter: TheDovBaron
September 2, 2019
Episode #21 - Want To Know How To Stand Out As The "Go To" Sales Person?
Dale Dupree is a sales guru. Period. I mean that with my hand on heart.   Dales is the founder of the Sales Rebellion.  His mission is clear. He wants to change the game in the sales world, after being known for most of his career as The Copier Warrior.  He teaches thousands of people how to choose a career in sales and has a tried and tested methodology that he teaches worldwide on how to be stand outs and the "go to" person as a sales professional in their industry. He is passionate about creating the sales profession from mediocre to legendary. He says "It is time for a Sales Rebellion to rise." Dale's philosophy is based on radically educating  prospects on a first touch. He believes and embraces  Responses, good or bad, but never indifferent as data which is feedback. He also believes that an allocated Territory should be treated as 'your' Community because this attitude enable Sales Wanderers. He believes a Pipeline is very much alive and believes people are more than just a signature for a deal and fellowship over negotiations is key to long term success. He is smart, savvy and in this interview (54 mins) we talk about sales through a different set of eyes.   Anyone who sells in their business or is a sales professional will benefit from this interview and be able to implement actionable steps. You can contact Dale below: Linkedin: Website: Email:
September 1, 2019
Episode #20 - Humanising The Human Design
Dr. Melis Senova knows everything there is to know about humanisation because she has researched this topic for years and has a PhD on the topic.  I can honestly say, this is one of the best interviews I have ever had.   Melis is a heart centred leader.  She disrupts the way corporations think about leadership to internal structures and she has A LOT to say about this topic. She wrote a book about it called This Human and its well worth a read, especially if you work in the corporate landscape in a leadership role. Melis is an Executive Coach, Author, Founder of the Huddle Academy, Researcher  and someone who walks her talk. In this podcast, she takes us literally on a journey on the topic of humanisation, especially in leadership roles, how she brings human design into corporate infrastructures and her thinking behind her mission...which ultimately is to humanise the human. If you would like to contact Melis, her details are below: E: LI: W:
June 6, 2019
Episode #19 - Advancing Your Corporate Career In The GIG Economy
Andy Storch is an experienced Talent Development Consultant & Coach and understands the corporate landscape inside out.  In this podcast interview he shares, based on his insights and experience, how the corporate landscape is shifting and how to advance your career in the GIG Economy.     Since 2011 Andy has  developed and delivered creative experiential learning solutions for companies across many industries (including software, cloud computing, IT, professional services, insurance, and manufacturing) and around the world. Clients have included, Oracle, Google, Box, Eaton, Toyota, Autodesk, AAA, State Farm, EY, KPMG, HP, Sony, Bechtel, Cisco, and others.  He is an experienced facilitator and certified performance coach and  takes a consultative approach to client engagements. Andy connects companies with  learning solutions that help turn strategy into action and gets their people to do the best work of their lives. He predominantly works with People and Talent Development Leaders to help them achieve their goals and make them look like rockstars. If you would like to connect with Andy, his details are below. LI: E:
June 5, 2019
Episode #18 - Algorithms Know The Difference Between Great Content & Bad Content.
Dennis Yu is a world renowned Facebook marketing expert, social media algorithm expert and CEO of Blitzmetric - a digital agency that manages multi billion dollar accounts. He consults to Facebook and many Fortune 500 companies and travels the world speaking and teaching for 75% of the year. In this podcast interview, Dennis breaks down how the social media algorithms work and what we need to know and do.  He unpacks so much knowledge and wisdom and demystifies how the different social platforms work and what it means to be a Personal Brand on social today. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, CEO or working tirelessly creating content to build your social media currency, this podcast is seriously a masterclass.  It is worth every second. If you would like to engage Dennis, his contact details are below: LI: W: FB:
May 1, 2019
Episode #17 - Branding is NOT a nice to have, ITS A MUST HAVE.
David Brier is a RE-BRAND EXPERT. He will blow you away.  How could he not? A native New Yorker with a deep voice who is uber cool, loves coffee and writes the BEST quotes.  However, that is not what he is known for.  He is seriously a branding guru who has generated billions of dollars in ROI for companies he has consulted for that is attributed to his rebranding strategies, execution, creative genius and his methodology. David is a branding veteran who for over three decades has provided branding strategies, brand identities and package design for startups, retail, technology, and tourism brands. His work's been featured in ADWEEK, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, New York Times magazine, INC., Communication Arts and numerous other publications. David has helped build the brands of the New York City Ballet, Revlon, Estée Lauder, Botanical Bakery, Coco Polo, Legacy Chocolates, The New York Times magazine, Sunbelt Software, and many regional and local companies as well as several cities. He is also the author of the bestseller Brand Intervention: 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have into the Brand You Need which has been called "the branding bible." If you would like to contact David, his details are below: LI: W: Amazon:
April 30, 2019
Episode #16 - Selling From The Heart Is A Must In The Digital Economy
Larry Levine is a serial sales professional and understands what it means to sell from the heart. So much so, he wrote a book about it called SELLING FROM THE HEART (link below) where he outlines the who, why, what and how of selling from the heart. In our interview, we discuss why Sales People MUST transition from  transactional selling to emotional selling and how this impacts a Personal Brand, especially in the digital economy. Larry is a No B.S. Sales Coach & Trainer and teaches sales teams: ► An engaging social presence that promotes brand awareness ► Integrating social into every phase of the sales and client management process ► Authentic client relationships ► Building a relationship funnel ► Developing a personal value framework ► Uncovering what clients value He is a servant leader who brings heart,  spirit, extreme focus, authenticity and dedication; supported by his understanding of what a day in the life of a sales professional is like. You can contact Larry below: LI: Amazon:
April 29, 2019
Episode #15 - Why Every Personal Brand Needs A Google Content & SEO Strategy
Monte Huebsch is a Google SEO & Adwords Specialist and can answer almost anything related to Google Search.  Monte is known as the Google Guru. His company is one of only 12 Google Authorised Premier SME Partners and manage 100's of Google AdWords accounts that build successful online line marketing campaigns that yields profitable results for small to medium businesses. His company specialise in: >Google AdWords >Google Analytics >Google Adsense Partner >YouTube publisher In this podcast interview, I ask Monte "why is a SEO and Content strategy important for anyone who is serious about positioning themselves as an authority and how does Social Media play a big part in this mix?" This interview is a must listen for anyone who is building their Personal Brand across all channels.  Monte is very open and giving and I must say, I personally got a lot out of this interview.  I know you will too. You can contact Monte as per details below: LI: W:
April 28, 2019
Episode #14 - How You Communicate Your Message To Your Audience Really Matters
Lila Smith is the creator of #SayThingsBetter, she is a Messaging & Communication Consultant to Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Startups and if that is not enough she is a  Speaker, Mentor  & a Linkedin Influencer. She trains people to #SayThingsBetter (and listen better, too) using her 5-step theater-based method of Intentional Communication.  In this incredible interview, Lila takes us on a journey to truly understand why words matter and why  the power of language is 'context'.  This interview is  a mini master class because she provides tips that you can implement and that can actually make a difference to the copy on your sales page, website, social media posts, corporate collateral, keynote speaking engagement and your book. Lila is based in Dallas, Texas.  If you would like to get in touch with Lila, her contact details are below. E: LI:
March 31, 2019
Episode #13 - How The Top Sales People Command Big Dollar's
John Smibert is a living legend and a global expert in sales.  That is a fact.   In this podcast, John shares how the modern sales professional can no longer sell products and services.  They must understand the power of a Personal Brand and how their uniqueness and ability to solve complex problems commands top dollar and advances their career. John work's with companies who recognise the old way they sell is no longer effective and they are seeking to transform to new, more productive sales models. He  helps his clients to stop selling products and services and start leading their customer to positive change by taking them on a journey. John is one of the most sought after and switched on B2B sales specialist who has 35 years experience in sales and leadership roles in technology based organisations and currently runs his consulting business that he started in 2005.  You can contact John below: E: W: LI: M: +61 404857893
March 26, 2019
Episode #12 - The Sales Funnel That Doesn't Generate Leads & Why You Need To Learn It
Ray Leone is in the same league as Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn.  Beginning in the field of computer science, Ray Leone was employed by The Atomic Energy Commission at Princeton University and later as program manager for Virginia Commonwealth University, RCA, and UNISYS. Ray left that field to enter sales, becoming the top producer for two international corporations. Ray combined his scientific background with practical field experience to develop his trademark selling program, the Sales Funnel®. Ray’s system is taught in 50 countries through licensees as well as by Ray himself. He is the author of Success Secrets of the Sales Funnel and Whole Brain Selling and is a highly sought after speaker. In this interview, Ray talks about the importance of having high EQ and being able to solve complex problems in order to gain trust from prospects.  He shares A LOT of wisdom and advice (hence why the interview is almost 1 hour) that are actionable steps for any person who is a sales professional, business owner, coach, consultant or a CEO. If you would like to connect with Ray, his details are as follows: E: W: LI:
January 3, 2019
Episode #11 - How To Leverage Social & Traditional Media To Build Your Personal Brand
Ming Johanson is a social media and digital marketing expert and owns a very successful  digital agency (for over 7 years). There are two sides to Ming's business the first is training in social media and digital strategy, the Second is delivering social media and digital marketing solutions.  What makes her unique is her ability to deconstruct complex technologies and couple them with an in-depth understanding of social media tools to be able to create and integrate knowledge into a palatable change management training within all levels of business to transform organisations for future focus reflective of their marketing and their culture. In this podcast we discuss how to leverage traditional media and social media to stand out from the noise and she provides some sound advice on how to get noticed.   If you would like to contact Ming, her details are below: E: LI: W: (click on 15 min call and book a chat on the phone).
January 1, 2019
Episode #10 - The Scary Transition From Corporate Employee To Entrepreneur
Anthony English is a serial I.T. professional who has had a very successful career in the corporate landscape. He has worked for major companies such as IBM and transitioned into a consultant to help highly talented corporate professionals identify where they should focus their expertise and how to market themselves in the GIG  economy.   Typically, he works with service professionals who are usually out of the corporate world, and have a strong personal drive never to go back. They are usually very gifted, but uncomfortable marketing and packaging up their expertise. In this podcast, he shares what to expect when this transition happens, how to break free from a limited mindset and how the landscape has changed in the last 10 years.  A must listen for every Senior Executive. If you you would like to contact Anthony, his details are below: E: LI: W:
January 1, 2019
Episode #9 - How To Prepare Yourself For The HR Interview
Matt Burns nearly 20-year corporate journey has taken him around the world, supporting companies with operations in North America, Europe, Asia & South America. In his previous leadership role, Matt led an HR team that was recognized in 2017 for the: Most Innovative Use of HR Technology & in 2018 as the Canadian HR Team of the Year - Retail / Hospitality. Most recently Matt announced the launch of a social enterprise whose goal is to raise $1M for grassroots charities that support mental health advocacy & women entrepreneurs. He is Host of the HR Tech Talks review series, a Forbes HR Council member & serves in an Advisory capacity with a number of organizations that are the in the broader HR ecosystem. Get ready for a high-energy discussion blending technology, data, culture & purpose. You can contact Matt Burns: E: LI: W:
January 1, 2019
Episode #8 - Three Key Metrics To Building A Successful Business & Brand
JP Maroney is an American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with more than 26-years experience starting, building, buying, and selling companies in publishing, media, advertising, software, ecommerce, textiles, training, real estate, and consulting. In this episode he dives deep into what it takes to build a successful business & brand based on 3 key metrics, in this order: Market, Message & Monetisation. JP, is a digital entrepreneur who has extensive experience across all media and runs a very successful digital agency helping startup companies through to multi million dollar corporations. If you would like to connect wit JP, his details are below: Web: LinkedIn - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter use @JPMaroney
December 17, 2018
Episode #7 - The Foundation Of Your Personal Brand Must Be Your Expertise
Keenan is a SALES GURU. I mean that literally. He is an Author, CEO of A Sales Guy Consulting, Influencer, Keynote Speaker and an UBER cool guy who is disrupting the corporate landscape in sales because the industrial economy strategies for sales - do not work in the 21st century. Keenan brings a whole new life line into sales that incorporates Personal Branding (in a big way), complex problem solving and a lot more. His new book Gap Selling and previous book Not Taught - are a must have for EVERY SALES PERSON around the world. Warning - this interview is hot!!!! and every now and then there are some F words....if you can get past that, you will get a lot out of this interview. You can connect with Keenan below: Website: LI: T: @asalesguy I: asalesguy F: asalesguy Purchase books here: Not Taught - Gap Selling -
November 14, 2018
Episode #6 - Connecting Your Purpose With Your Personal Brand
Rob Howze is a High Performance Coach and on a mission. In this podcast he talks about purpose & mindset and how these two ingredients are key to building a successful Personal Brand. If you would like to connect with Rob, his details are below: W: LI: F: T: @Fitworldceo I: @Fitworldceo
November 14, 2018
Episode #5 - How To Use Story Telling To Build Your Authority
Stephen De Sede is an influencer, entrepreneur, trainer and speaker spending the past two decades living, working and studying across the world (Australia | UK | EU | USA) in human performance, people management, and international strategic business development. Over the last decade, Stephen has travelled the world studying the evolving and developing digital and social eras, training with global leaders and Influencers in online marketing, human behavioural and psychology.  Stephen has worked with and addressed all levels of global corporate mentoring, leading and managing global professionals in programs across multiple continents, spanning across diverse cultural, political and economic spectrums. In this interview Stephen shares a very philosophical view of what it takes to master story telling and explains why being authentic and vulnerable is the key to becoming an authority in todays digital landscape. He shares actionable steps that can be implemented and you can be guaranteed to have a shift in your paradigm at the end of this interview. If you want to connect with Stephen De Sede his details are below: W: T: @stephendesede I: stephendesede F: stephendesededistinction LI: stephendesede
November 6, 2018
Episode #4 - Your Personal Brand Is A Business, Man!
Ronnell Richards is a Business, Man… a student of business and loves to be involved with lots of different businesses. He spend's his days overseeing a sales and marketing agency he owns that focuses on providing out sourced direct B2B sales and marketing primarily in the Telecom and Technology space. He also spends considerable time in the development of Ronnell Richards LLC. This is his company that helps businesses develop executable sales and marketing plans. His company can do everything from development to implementation and execution. His passion is to help take businesses to the next level and create practical and pragmatic sales models that generate results. In this interview, Ronnell talks about the hustle of building a business and brand and provides valuable actionable steps that can be implemented immediately. He is fast becoming an influencer on LinkedIn and talks about how he positions himself and his content to attract a B2B audience. If you would like to reach out to Ronnell, his details are below: W: TW:@ImABizMan IN: FB: ronnellrich/ LI:
November 6, 2018
Episode #3 - Why The First 10 Seconds Matters When It Comes To Your Personal Brand
Nick F. Nelson is an award-winning brand strategist, creative executive, and CEO of BRANDPRENUER, the nation’s premier headshot, personal and professional brand development firm. BRANDPRENUER specializes in helping people, products, and organizations GET NOTICED through branded headshot photography, social media, branded video content, publicity, influencer relations. and events. Nick is an innovative force in brand marketing and throughout his nearly two decade-long career has produced targeted marketing and communications strategies for leading consumer products, and entertainment brands, most notable include Disney, General Mills, HBO, NBC, STARZ, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Walmart. In this interview find out why your brand image through photography is key to positioning yourself as an authority. Nick shares a lot of tips and tricks that you can use and implement immediately after this interview. If you would like to get in touch with Nick Nelson, his details are below: W: TW: brandprenuer IN: brandprenuer FB: brandprenuer LI:
November 6, 2018
Episode #2 - Why Social Selling & Personal Branding Is A Must In Corporate
Alexander has over 15 years sales experience, lead social selling programmes for an International Law firm and Global Commercial Real Estate firm. He now leads the Social Selling & Account Based Intelligence practice for Digital Leadership Associates and is at the forefront of understanding the latest technology platforms and how they can be used in a social context, including AI & Machine Learning. He has been featured in LinkedIn case studies talking on the subject of social selling and the real world benefits organisations can achieve leveraging the technology and processes in the 21st Century. In 2016 he was featured as a World top 30th salesperson by LinkedIn. In this podcast learn why Tier 1&2 corporates need to shift their mindset in order to stay relevant and stay in the game as we enter into the digital transformation economy. Learn why LinkedIn should be business as usual for all sales professionals and why building a corporate Personal Brand is a huge opportunity for every senior executive and a brilliant communication strategy for tier 1 & 2 organisations. This podcast is a must listen... Connect with Alexander Low: LI: T: alexander_low I:digital_alexanderlow F: alexanderlow
November 6, 2018
Episode #1 - Why LinkedIn Is A Must For Entrepreneurs Building Their Personal Branding Profile
Cory Warfield is a serial entrepreneur who found a solution to a complex problem - employee scheduling in the hospitality industry. His company has created a smart App that manages shift work in the cloud and is used by many large corporations around the world. Cory is also building his Personal Brand at a rapid pace on LinkedIn. He shares is highs and lows and the importance of brand building. If you like this interview, you can connect with Cory at: Website: LinkedIn:
November 5, 2018