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By Mary Jo Bull
Created by a spiritual and personal growth seeker, for spiritual and personal growth seekers. Sharing lessons and insights based on the pursuit, study and personalized integration of wisdom sources, ancient and modern. How to transform life experience, through thought, feeling and will. Alchemy for today's Human.
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How to Meditate and Why You Should
Meditation is the best method to know ourselves. If you want to change elements of your life, meditation will help you by revealing beliefs, thoughts, concepts, early childhood programming that no longer supports the life you want to live. It helps you to hone your focus so you feel more confident and in control. You can reSPOND to the world around you, rather than reACT (choosing the same behaviors unconsciously over and over again). “Know Thy Self.” This is how!
April 01, 2022
Bringing Spirit to Life
The first season of this podcast is dedicated to the faculty of emotion and feeling. Being human means experiencing life in a material, corporeal world. The realm of Spirit is where emotions and feelings “reside.” Life can be dreary and hard without faith and hope, which comes from our Spiritual Nature. But the feelings that accompany those conditions can show us the way “out” when we understand and honor their message and their value in the life of a Human Being.
August 01, 2021
Feeling is our first experience
Feeling is the first faculty that we experience in the material world. As a newborn infant, we experience feeling first, whether it’s a feeling of hunger or a feeling of physical discomfort, like when we need a diaper change, or the feeling of love. We do not connect to the faculty of thought and thinking for several years, and will is further down the path. Feeling is first and that’s why were talking about feelings in this first season of the KnowBull podcast.
July 26, 2021
Learn to Honor the Faculty of Feeling
When we give ourselves the space and permission to more fully acknowledge, recognize and understand the faculty of feeling, we then expand our ability to discern the different tones of feeling and the messages the feelings bring us. Feelings always bring a message and once the message is received, the uncomfortable feelings fade and the thought or belief that no longer serves, dissipates. This is how we heal ourselves.
July 21, 2021
Feeling as an Indicator
If we can come to a higher awareness of and about the faculty of feeling and the purpose of feeling, and choose to honor and embrace it and work with it, we can change our experience and create a life that we love.
July 19, 2021
My Origin Story…With A Twist
This episode starts at the end. I chose not to “bury the lead” but to start there, because the purpose of this podcast is to help listeners on their journey to awaken to the truth of who they are. I start at the end, sharing the point of my work. If listeners then want to choose to hear the details of how I got where I am today, they can listen to the full story. But they don’t have to because it’s not about me. It’s about transformation and evolution, growth, joy and freedom. Thanks for listening.
July 16, 2021