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By Maryse Nelson
Master Thinkers and Movers are kings and queens, presidents and great dignitaries, BUT...They are also everyday, wonderful, folks like you and me. Here, we highlight the best among us, from all walks of life! They work tirelessly, sacrifice greatly, love unconditionally. They are the angels who help move our world forward. We see them and we want to give them their flowers TODAY!
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Sophia Faldonie, Community Leader: "RESET" Ep. 7
This amazing Master Thinker and Mover, Sophia Faldonie, is a superwoman, a powerhouse, a sweet soul, wonderful friend and unapologetic survivor! Here, she blesses us with her wisdom on 'shifting and adjusting".  Let's climb higher! Plus Haut, Plus Loin!
October 01, 2021
Marielle Pierrot, MSW, Community Leader: "Focused Actions" Ep. 6
Master your thoughts and watch as you begin to move your world! Compare yourself to no one, compete only with yourself. Your dreams, realized, will be a manifestation of your thoughts converted into solid, focused actions. In this episode, Community Leader, Marielle Pierrot, shares her insights and challenges. Let's Climb Higher!
October 01, 2021
Christela Estiverne "God is Good" Ep. 5
As we think and move, we realize there's a Great Force necessary to push us or pull us into the heart of where we need to be. Christela Estiverne is living proof of that fact.
September 30, 2021
Enemies of our Thoughts! Ep. 4
Maya Nelson introduces us to Distractions, Distractors and Manipulators as major enemies of our thoughts.
September 30, 2021
Mr. O. Peters: "Kindness is everything!" Ep. 3
Master Thinkers & Movers must be friends of kindness. Today, we welcome the amazing wisdom of Mr O. Peters! Let's climb higher!
September 30, 2021
Bible says: THINK on great things! Ep. 2
Focus your thoughts on gratitude, love and other great things, per the Bible. Over time, you will master the process!!!
September 29, 2021
Master Your Thinking! Ep. 1
The Introduction. Can't be a Master Thinker without 'thinking'. Praise and honor to the Most High as we take our first step together. Let's go, let's climb higher!
September 28, 2021