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Insight Out Alignment Podcast!

Insight Out Alignment Podcast!

A platform for you with open conversations, to guide and enable you Accept and love yourself. With an Open-Mind ready to tap into your INNER BEING and recognize your worth. Connecting to your spiritual self with self-love, confidence, vitality, beauty, and letting that light shine. You would be connected to people who have experienced similar issues of stress, doubt, low self-esteem, but are now thriving. They will bring to you proven practices that with commitment will spark real lasting change. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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Nutrient Dense Food or Real Food and our Well-being with Denise Stegall:)

Insight Out Alignment Podcast!

Choose the Dream You Live with Baylan Megino
Baylan Megino is a spiritual mentor for leaders finding New Direction that is centered in the heart and soul. As the founder of Global Dream Makers, she believes when you create your dream that you will be able to help others do the same, and as a result there will be peace in the world. She helps people define their compass to navigate the changes life brings by organizing all areas of their life into a simple blueprint, the Dream Maker Matrix™. With their dream life defined, all decisions become as simple as breathing. Baylan shares her personal jour and more... - Baylan is ready to speak about the Queen’s Keys, self-empowerment beyond cultural limitations,  - She also shares insights on aligned leadership,  - How to navigate change and her own experience after life challenges. - Baylan cannot emphasize enough how  stepping into your purposeful life direction is so vital. - She is an advocate for peace and her work and purpose for doing what she does is peace. To know more about Baylan and her work after listening to this episode, reach her @:, Thank You Baylan for Your work!
February 15, 2021
Soul-Led Methods and Quantum Leaps with Stephanie Zito
Stephanie is an Intuitive Soul purpose Alchemist help soul-led women align with their soul purpose and turn their passions to profits. Stephanie shares her personal journey, how she followed her intuition and the results she has in her life thanks to that. This episode unfold with great insights to align with our inner soul for a more fulfilling life. Listen and be inspired as Stephanie talks about, - Soul-Led Methods aligned with intentions to manifest what we desire. - She also talks about quantum leaps and the possibilities we all have. - Staying attentive to signs and opportunities thanks to our alignment with our inner soul. - How breathing, pulling tarot, oracle, and meditation helps her reset. Stephanie has a free gift to help you create a new belief you desire @ She can be reached at@
February 8, 2021
Our Creative Process and Healing with Marisa Handler
Marisa Handler—writer, singer-songwriter, teacher, and coach—is the author of the memoir Loyal to the Sky, which won a Nautilus Gold Award for world-changing books.  Her essays, fiction, journalism and poetry have appeared in The Sun, Orion,, Witness, Kosmos, Tikkun, 580 Split, and other publications.  Marisa earned her MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and has received numerous fellowships in Creative Writing, including a Fulbright and an Elizabeth George Foundation grant.  Her poem “The Vanishing” won the Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize and was nominated for a Pushcart.  She has taught Creative Writing at a range of places, including Mills College and Stanford University, and workshops on creativity, transformation, and meditation at Esalen, Spirit Rock, and the California Institute for Integral Studies.  She also works one-on-one as a Writing Coach and a Personal Transformation Coach.  Marisa has practiced Insight Meditation in retreats and daily life since 2002, and is also a committed practitioner of Byron Katie’s The Work, Authentic Movement, and Biodanza.  She is currently at work on a novel.  More at - Marisa shares with us the Creative Process and how that impacts us. - What healing is for her and how to process that. - The ability to follow your gut and make decisions that are in alignment with your passion and taking an un-chartered course. - She also talks about Awakening - find out as you listen ... - Marisa is currently working on a novel, "Abiding Awakening" soon to be out. - She has carved out some great time for every Tuesday evening for Writing and Meditation Journey over Zoom which is FREE Contact Marisa to be part of this amazing and empowering space. I love it. - Marisa can be reached at: AND for Tuesday evening Writing & Meditation journey over zoom:
February 5, 2021
Crypto Currency and the Future with Samantha Jane James
Samantha is that authentic being who uses her amazing gift to help people reach their goals as she guides, provides clarity. She started her career path in finances, where she retired after working for many years. After retiring, she decided to become even more impactful by following that path and using the special gift that she has always known to have. Listen to Samantha as a crypto currency expert who can help you attain financial liberty. Samantha has shared a link with us for those of you who want to know more about Crypto, it is a basic course to learn more about it. She shares, - Her work in the financial industry and her knowledge in Crypto Currency. - The investment in Crypto Currency and making choices that empowers financially. - Providing the right guide to her audience to prevent all the hassle and disappointment that people experience. - Her specialty as a medium and how she engages to assist those in her world. - Her mindset and strong core values enable her to remove herself from all that does not align with her. - The special gift as a medium that she has always known and using that gift to guide others in many ways. - The financial Collapse and third world countries. - Her work and the great team she has working with her and how she is also advancing her learning in the Crypto world to be that go to person. Samantha has left us with sites where she can be contacted or where her work can experienced and not only that where you can start learning about Crypto Currency as well. The link for Ivan on Tech in the event you want to educate themselves on crypto currencies and take a basic course to learn all about it Email:  Twitter: @samanthajane73 Patreon:  You Tube: or  Facebook:
February 1, 2021
The Big Hairy Monster That Hold You Back From Success with Sue Wilhite
Sue Wilhite specializes in getting her clients unstuck and encouraging them to fulfill their own destinies. She’s a best-selling author, Law of Attraction coach, and Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner. She spent over a decade of her early career in various IT departments doing programming and database design in the Silicon Valley, resulting in a healing crisis in the form of an ulcer. Sue decided it was time to switch gears and go into business for herself. After working for and owning businesses large and small, including running an independent bookstore, Sue found that her biggest passion is helping entrepreneurs get over their money blocks so they can have a thriving business, and leading to her nickname as the “Profit Attraction Master.” Sue is known as a brilliant and inspiring speaker, and loves to make difficult or complex subjects understandable and relatable. She shares with us, - The big hairy monster that holds us back from Success - Her transition from IT working at Silicon Valley to Doing owning business with partners. -  After a great health set-back she discovered alternative healing and became a law of attraction coach, and a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner. - Sue resets by stomping her feet and screaming. - Her next goal is to host a summit around alternative healing and self-empowerment. Sue can be contacted @: For a free 45 minute conversation to help you move forward with your goals (NO SELLING!), Thank you Sue for your time and inspiring share!  
January 25, 2021
Communication Strategies in Sales with Oliver Reade
Oliver is a sales coach, trainer and the Founder of Reade Consultancy. He started his career as a tech gig before having interest in sales. His experience as a sales person and doing call calls while taking all the insults and negative response has not stopped him from thriving in what he loves. Listen to Oliver share great insights that will help you strategize with new communication skills by setting an intention to serve. - He shares with us his personal interest in sales and how he learnt. - He also shares how he had to move to Hong Kong where he had a fresh start with a new reality and learning a new language. - Oliver provides us with some great ways on how to prepare before a call with an intention to serve. - He is also shares some of his work with his new business and the FREE PRODUCT than you can start listening to build your confidence in making sales calls. - Being a very authentic person, he also brings to light the problem of entitlement rather people taking responsibilities for their lives. - Get to know also how Oliver primes himself to stick to his schedule and see how that can help you stay consistent. You can contact Oliver at: Visit His Website and get the FREE PRODUCT @: For any questions, please don't hesitate to ask any questions or even get on a call with Oliver using his email above. THANK YOU OLIVER FOR ALL THE VALUABLE CONTENT YOU HAVE SHARED WITH US. KEEP MAKING A DIFFERENCE!
January 18, 2021
The importance of Healthy Routines and how they show in our everyday life with Harrison Penny
Harrison is the Founder of Authentic Process, a platform aimed at expanding awareness around health. He focuses on helping people those who work 9-5 jobs with little time to take care of themselves. He has created a great program not forgetting a  3-PART FREE VIDEO SERIES which I would ask you to check out. His contact and website will be at the end of this description. He shares with us, - What healthy routines are and their effectiveness in our health and well-being. - The program he has created and how this works and the benefits you will get from it. - How to actually start making those small decisions on a daily basis by priming yourself. - Meditation and Forward Reflection to keep up the momentum. - His personal challenges and how he was able to navigate through them and actually start a new exciting journey to make more impact. - Making decisions to harness your growth and not relying on what others want you to do at the same time stay open minded to take lessons that empower you and align with your core values. Check out Harrison's website and contact him for any questions @: Website:   Instagram: Harrison_penney THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND DO NOT HESITATE TO LEAVE ANY COMMENTS.
January 11, 2021
Find Your True Authentic Self and Start Taking Action with Lili Kassai
Lili is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Teacher who started out not really loving the different work that she was doing until she decided to move where she had no family or friends which was a difficult decision. Nevertheless, it turned out to be the best decision as she found her passion and became so committed to doing the things that build her up which has made a whole difference in her career. Lili shares insights on, - How changes in the world can be a catalyst to help us change learn and grow especially in our careers. - She shares her own journey and the difficulties she encountered and decisions she had to make for better outcome. - Finding your true self, or authentic self and taking actions that are worthwhile. - How planning on a daily basis, or weekly can make a whole difference in ones life when you stick to the plan. - Having the ability to say no to things that distracts you from your daily work. - Becoming more in charge by staying away from social media. - Eating healthy and meditation, journaling, running, yoga are all very important for her to stay focused and in tune with her true self. Lili has created a program that can help you become more in charge in what you choose to do with your and you can find that by going to her website below and also includes a FREE PART VIDEO SERIES. Contact:
January 4, 2021
Clean Eating for a Pain Free Life with Lydia Walker!
Lydia is passionate about health and clean eating. She made this decision following her own experience living in pain for over 10 years. She was open to learn and took steps that have led her to living without pain. In this episode she shares that with us and many more challenges that she has overcome. Lydia gets personal and shares, - Her personal journey and her pain due to what she had been eating. - What healthy food means to her and what she eats and how she make her choices. - Her growth mindset and what that really means to her as a person to change the things she wants to in her life. - How she missed death and realized how fortunate she was to be alive and never stopped pushing herself. - Surrounding herself with like minded people and doing the things that would build her up. - She also loves to read, and this has enabled her to learn and grow. - She urges people to do their own research before making decisions for themselves.  Lydia also shares with us some documentaries that are eye opening for better understanding of what we put in our mouth, 1. What the Health 2. Super Size Me 3. Forks Over Knives 3. Vegucated 4. Kiss the Ground Contact Lydia @:
December 28, 2020
The Details in What We Want Matters with Mary Tapa
This episode is one that I decided to talk about "CLARITY" which for the past years has proven to be important when we decide or start thinking about what we would love or want in any area of our life. I thought about it very early in the morning and decided to record it as an episode especially now that the New Year is right around the corner. Here, I talk about, - My journey when I started thinking about my life partner. - The power of clarity and being able to notice how it is not only important, but absolutely necessary. - Being aligned with your core values and connecting with your inner light. - The results match whatever was thought of and visualized, because results never lie. - The emotions are very important in the process as you feel as if you were living that life already. I hope you enjoy the episode, and please do not hesitate to subscribe, write a review, and leave a comment or ask any questions as I am always open and available to listen and talk more. Also you can visit my website below,
December 21, 2020
Just Do It! Do not wait for perfection to get started and the myth about women liberation with Khaoula!
Khaoula, is the Host of Women with Stories Podcast which I highly recommend that you listen to. If you are hesitant about taking certain actions for yourself this episode will wake you up. This episode on Insight Out Alignment has great insights on topics that matter to humanity. Her thoughts after having health issues on leaving her own print in the lives of others. She talks about her experience and travelling, her turning point and starting her journey towards an unchartered course. Here you will find all these and more; - Her view point on getting rich quick as opposed to taking steps that build you up. - How travelling solo opened her mind and enabled her to embrace diversity. - She also gives great insights on the myth about women liberation. - The importance of taking action rather waiting for perfection, "Just Do It" - Her routine that keeps her aligned with her core values and help her make decisions that are worthwhile. You can reach Khaoula @,
December 7, 2020
Point at Yourself and take Responsibility with Steve Fierro!
Episode 27 with Steve who have worked as a banker before to going to wall street as a derivative broker and have travelled to many countries like Tokyo, London... provides us with great insights. Steve's work background would make you think his conversation will be about finances and all that comes with it, but his open mind to learn and be more conscious of who he is  as a human and taking care of self is one to listen to and be inspired. This episode covers many aspects of life: - From an understanding of what viruses are to what causes diseases. - His personal experience with illness, his awareness and healing journey. - Reprogramming of the Subconscious Mind and what comes with that knowing who he is without his body. - The importance of taking ownership and responsibility by pointing the finger at yourself. - His open mind learning from experts and his love for reading is one that has made a difference in his life. - He Meditates and getting present in the now knowing his thoughts are just stories that he can change. - He is the host of the Awakened Mind Podcast with an aim to make great impact to empower people and help them understand they are complete in themselves. - Steve can be contacted @:   "awakened mind podcast"   YT "health awareness vitality abundance" channel
November 30, 2020
Thoughts and their Power Reflecting in our Reality!
In this 26th Episode, I talk about the Power of Thoughts and how they are directly linked to the results we have in every area of our lives.  - The thoughts we allow and their effects in our lives. - The Invisible Thoughts and the power they have is synonymous to the Wind. - How to Change disempowering thoughts to more empowering thoughts for better results. - Thoughts and our subconscious Mind.  Check out my three part video to have clarity on what you want on the website below Contact:
November 23, 2020
Talking Yourself Down Versus Talking Yourself Up, a solo cast with your Host, Mary Tapa!
In this 25th episode of Insight Out Alignment, I decided to go on a solo journey with you with a focus on Self. I talk about our relationship with ourselves and how we tend to treat ourselves on a personal level. The consideration and attention we give to self is vital in guiding us to take care of others and how others will see us. I hope you enjoy this time and pay attention to what you say about YOU! - You cannot give what you do not have. - Do your part in making self love and self care a priority so you can be able to take care of others. - Praise yourself and stop criticizing every bit of you - Avoid finding yourself among those who talk you down. - What makes you laugh do those things and also discover other things. - How good are you in accepting complements graciously. Enjoy this time with me and connect with me at for my gift of time with you to assist you get to the root cause of what is holding you back.  To Your Well-being, Mary
November 16, 2020
A shifting society and how to find one's path with Anders Bolling!
Anders Bolling is a humanist, globalist and seeker. He has traveled a lot but lived most of his life in Sweden. He has dedicated the lion’s share of his working life to journalism. He has also written a few books. As from December 1st he will no longer be employed as a journalist. However, he wants to span the borders between society, science and spirituality. He is the host of the podcast, Mind the Shift. In this episode, he shares great insights about his personal journey, the shift of the society, and more; - Finding his path as a journalist at a very young age. - The nature of reality and our connection as humans to it. - Our shifting society and the mindset to adopt during this shift. - Finding one's own path and getting connected to the things we are passionate about. - His personal challenge and how he went about it and the result. - What he does to stay focus and keep his mind and body together. Contact Anders at the following sites, and take time to listen to some great topics that he explores with his guests which are very empowering and providing great insights to enhance personal growth and mindset.
November 11, 2020
Self Love and Forgiveness with Mary Seifert
Mary is a certified life coach and owner of Self Love Expressions and Radical Bootcamps. Mary share lots of great insights which gives an opportunity to self-reflect. She shares with an open heart her journey and the work she did on herself by taking ownership and responsibility to recreate that vibrant and confident person that we all yearn for. Take time to start your week and let the message sink and empower you. She shares with us how, - Lack of self love destroys us and our relationships. - How triggers are signs of unhealed work so pay attention - Taking ownership and stop being a victim - The moment of truth with no one to blame and what she did after that - Raised three kids and a survivor of domestic violence - Building her dream through the law of attraction, forgiveness and the four stages of consciousness. - The practice of gratitude and impact in changing our energy. Contact Mary @, - Self love expressions or @selflovebootcampgroup on Facebook  - www.
November 2, 2020
Change the Way You Look at Things to Change your Results with Branka Milangela
Welcome Episode #22 with Branka Milangela the creative art Being who love nature, animals. She shares how important it is for us to understand that we are so powerful. She engages us on her journey to change and her challenges. The mindset she adopted to move her life forward and how the love she has for her family gave her the strength to beat cancer. She emphasizes that our thought and beliefs are important and directly related to our reality. When you believe you are fine nothing can harm you, that was her mindset and listening to inspirational videos when she felt cloudy such as the great Wayne Dyer and all he left for us. She stayed optimistic and open-minded in the midst of all her challenges. Meditation is also a go to for her and she has created some goods ones which you can listen to and get the benefits on her Podcast below. Thank you Branka for sharing with us. Contact Branka at milangelassoulgarden; anchor -, iTunes - Milangela's soul garden.
October 28, 2020
Weaving through Your sacred Cocoon with Akashic Mentor Jen Duchene
Episode 21 with Jen Duchene Akashic Mentor, a Soul Guide, Teacher, Author Creator of the Illuminating Journey of cards enlightens us in an immense way to work from Insight Out. Jen's journey and work will enable you see how powerful we can be if we are conscious of what we have in recognition of our divine essence. Jen shares with us, - The myths we live with thanks to our beliefs that hold us back and keeps us feeling unstable. - How speaking our truth opposed to the words and beliefs of others can enhance our life. - The meaning of foundation and change and finding peace in chaos. - Relationships and our illusion about them and why we fear change. - How she was able to recreate everything in dark times in her personal life by shifting perspective. - Her work as an Akashic Mentor and creating her illuminating journey and learning to trust herself. Contact Jen via, website  You Tube  facebook page fb group  Instagram
October 19, 2020
20th Episode, Yoga and healing, Yogic Diet, Meditation and More with Stacie Dooreck!
Stacie Dooreck is a certified yoga Instructor, since 1995 and author of Sunlight Chair Yoga books. She brings to Insight Out Alignment another spice that only helps us see how much we can make conscious changes to enhance our well-being in many aspects. Take a deep Breath and be Inspired. Stacie shares with us, - What Yoga is and its essence in our life - Changes that we can make in accordance with our situation and still get the benefits by doing the proper Exercise. - Yoga and its healing power, incorporated with meditation as they go together - Taking into consideration a healthy Yogic Diet and its Significance. - Positive Thinking, Conscious Relaxation, Yogic Relaxation and Yoga for everyone. - The principle of Non-Violence in Relation to Yoga. Take advantage of this 20th Episode with the gifts Stacie has for you when you visit her website and take one step at a time in your health and well-being,
October 14, 2020
The Urge for Global Transformation and why its Critical with Jean Jung -Part 2
This is in two segments due to some technical issues and since I do not edit I decided to publish as it is. As a human with my flaws and many things  that I do not yet know technically. Thank you for focusing on the content. So enjoy this second Segment. Jean Jung is Transformational Life Coach, Writing Coach, Writer, Editor,  Dancer, and Performance Artist. Listen to this first segment of where she talks about her practice and evolution to find Self. She shares great Insights that benefits the world at large. Listen and enjoy. - You can contact Jean at, Email for a free consultation; read my blog post on Transformation during COVID19 Lockdown at
October 14, 2020
The Urge for Global Transformation and why its Critical with Jean Jung -Part 1
Jean Jung is Transformational Life Coach, Writing Coach, Writer, Editor,  Dancer, and Performance Artist. Listen to this first segment of where she talks about her practice and evolution to find Self. She shares great Insights that benefits the world at large. Listen and enjoy. Contact Jean at; Email for a free consultation; read my blog post on Transformation during COVID19 Lockdown at
October 14, 2020
Healing Empowerment Via Music, Ritual, Ceremony with Jaime Black!
It was great having Jaime On Insight Out Alignment with a touch of her music and very powerful Messages that only keeps connecting each of us to our authentic self. Her soothing music, her journey gives us more reasons to be open minded in respect of others and what they have to offer and ourselves. Some of the things she shares include; - Discovering our Scared Purpose and Responding to Circumstances. - The Gift of Breathing and taking time alone. - Our connection with earth, giving to earth and also ripping the benefits. - Rituals on the New and Full moons and setting Intention as what to let go and what to call in. - How she disconnects with the Matrix and goes into nature. Connect with Jaime via the following and listen to more of her music and lots more she has to offer;
October 5, 2020
The Resilient Lifestyle With Wing Commander Satyendra aka Winco Chau.
Winco Chau is an Air Veteran, an International Life Coach, Executive Coach, Organization Development Coach and more... Enjoy this 17th Episode with great and inspiring Insights on Subjects that guide and bring more awareness about what we can do as humans when we connect with our very essence. Listen as Winco Chau talks about, - Balance and Alignment being the kEY to keep our Thoughts, Mind and body together. - Understanding that awareness of our inborn Power and Qualities. - Finding your purpose and and creating the Resilient Life. - The importance of Self-belief, and patience in working on our self to a life worth living. - The combination of what we think, what we eat, and sticking to basics by keeping things simple. Winco Chau can be reached at the following channels; IG - Wincochau   Facebook - Know the happiness how with winco chau You can also tune in watch and listen to this podcast on
September 27, 2020
Episode #16: Enjoy Aging as a Fun, Glamourous and exciting Journey With Elise Marie Collins!
Elise Marie Collins is an author, Aging Thought Leader and Yoga Teacher. Enjoy this episode number 16 as she brings you in that place of confidence and serenity even as you age. She shares, - Her Thoughts on Mental and Emotional Health. - How a back injury turned helped her discover something she loves. - The practice of Restorative Yoga and its effects. - Her journey and spreading the message on Aging and many more ... Contact Elise @:
September 23, 2020
Listen how the Use of Sound of Shells focused on Breath, Sound and Intention with Angela Christine Sommerfeld is therapeutic.
Angela Christiane is specialized in Breath Therapy, Addiction Therapy, Music Therapy and more. She provides us with her experience with an open Mind into other beliefs to make life worth living and purposeful. Listen and enjoy the sharing of, - Her name given with an intention and how she accepted that intention behind her name as an anointed one. - Her Discovery of a shell and what she was able to do with it. - The importance of Breath, Sound, and Intention when we understand the capacity they have and use them. - Huge Challenges she faced and how she went through them with resilience and made it. - Her Talk in the connection of old and new Wisdom and their benefits. Angela can be contacted at:  and  
September 20, 2020
From Burnout to magnifying your Brilliance with Audrey Elegbede, PhD
Audrey is a professor who have had her own share of situations in life, acknowledged the issue set her intention and took action. As a teacher and transformational life coach, she is helping others do same for a more fulfilled life. She shares great insights to get you back on your feet in the face of challenging circumstances which often show up in our lives. Audrey provides her experience on, - Parenting and the shifts she had to make in accordance with her situation. - Her personal burnout and how she seek for help and her life was transformed. - Our power to control what is happening Inside of us with strength and Intuition to move forward. - Her passion to promoting compassion and prompting others to grow and tap into their own brilliance. - How she uses reiki, meditation, yoga, and EFT as a routine for resilience or to reset. How her son has resonated with reiki and readily uses it.  You can contact Audrey at:, and
September 14, 2020
Mindful Empowerment with Dr. Mary Mansfield.
Dr. Mary Mansfield, a pharmacist, who have worked in a Community Pharmacy and in an Insurance Company is a firm Believer on Natural Health and Wellness. She believes in mindful decision making and mindful empowerment. Listen to her and take advantage of what she has to offer us.  Mary shares, - How she followed her heart to do something that is more fulfilling and related to her core values. - She is also talks about Intermittent Fasting and its benefits - How just following a system rather than doing what will change lives can be draining. - Practicing Gratitude and writing it down is important. - Staying open minded and seeking the truth is a game changer Contact Mary at:
September 7, 2020
Become Conscious of your Bio-field Energy with other Interacting Energy with Grace Asagra!
Grace is a Quantum Reflexology Analyst,  an Author (The Healing Dance), with a MA in HAS, she is also the host of a Podcast, Quantum Nurse: Out of the Rabbit Hole From Stress to Bliss with a science background as a Seasoned Registered Nurse. Charge yourself in this episode with Grace as she goes ALL in on bio-field energy and its Impact in our health and well-being and many other insights to take home with you today. Here Grace amazes with, - The importance of being conscious of our energy and how to put that to work for our good. - Her experience with premier Nutrient Supplements and their uniqueness. - She dives into Nutrition through Bio-field interference and their consequences. - Her great work with Ancient volcanic mud-packing sessions and the outstanding results. - Upgrading your DNA through biological medicine technology. - Quantum Affirmations and Behavior changes that bring about more meaning and healing in life. - How being fully present is essential and valuable for our well-being. - Her work and experience with clients diagnosed with Dimentia. - Energy Alignment and its link to emotional and financial well-being.  All of these and more ...  Contact Grace at  Also visit her Podcast, Quantum Nurse: Out of the Rabbit Hole From Stress to Bliss  and keep learning and growing
September 5, 2020
Mind body Connection through Thoughts with Diane King!
Diane is a Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, a  Reflexology and a Thermo-auricular Therapist. Don't miss this 11th Episode where she shares valuable information on her journey and her practice. Here you will find, - How important and valuable it is to be conscious of our minds and all that it does. - The powerful Thought and our ability to becoming aware of it and set intentions on what to think of. - The great works and results from hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Thermo-auricular Therapy, and Aromatherapy.  - How circumstances in our lives can be stepping stone for changes that bring clarity. - The power of love and our own very essence and power which together does wonders Contact  Diane @: and also visit the Black Egg podacat on spotify, Apple podcast, and more...
August 31, 2020
Bouncing Back with Resilience and Grit with Suzanne Taylor!
Suzanne, a Life and Business Optimizer, a Coach and Strategist. Is it, COURAGE, RESILIENCE or GRIT that you are in need of, leave everything you are doing and listen to Suzanne as she brings light into your life through her journey.  Suzanne shares; - What Positive Mindset is and why it is important. - Get insights on what Eating clean means and how to take care of you. - The importance of connecting with her core values which led her in making a difficult decision of which she does not regret. - Spending time with self (Solitude) is a great exercise with positive impacts. -  Bouncing back from losing a multi million dollar business, loss of parents. - Digital Detoxification is worth doing, go for it. Contact Suzanne @;
August 28, 2020
For a little Spark in your life, listen to LuAnn Buechler!
LuAnn B. is the owner of PMC Events and coaching, Director consultant for BNI, a Certified Facilitator of Passion Test and Passion Test for Business. Author of, "My journey as a Hugger which she self published in 2017. Great time to talk about HUGS by a HUGGER LuAnn Buechler.  Listen as she shares her journey and what her plans are in this unprecedented time. -Get Insights on Passion Test, what it is and what it can do for you. -The power of positive word choice, as you watch your "I am" statements, listen and pay attention. -Caring as the greatest competitive Advantage -Doing what you love, in service to people who love what you do - get the gist. ACTION TIME, Get in touch with LuAnn at: Visit her website @: Do not forget your free gift - 7 Principles of living with passion
August 22, 2020
Connecting with your Body by turning up the volume of listening!
Be inspired with Lisa Medley, an energetically sensitive being, a MA in Expressive Therapy, certified in Therapeutic Massage and Movement Therapy. She is a circle of Leadership Recipient from the National Wellness Institute, a Living Healthy List Expert and we can go on ... Enjoy this episode with insights like, - Dancing like no one is Watching - Healing that Relationship with Pain. - How to listen to your body with tips on your response and actions to take. - Connecting and listening to that still voice through intuition and follow through. - Discover Fluid Movement Freedom and what it can bring to your body and, soul and spirit. - Tips for self-care practices to restore and get out of stress. Contact Lisa at,  FB: @lisawmedley IG: @lisawmedley Lisa has a weekly Fluid Movement Freedom Sessions. Do not hesitate to take action and see changes that you never imagined in the most simple things.
August 11, 2020
Lasting Change is Possible!
Lauren Weinberg is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and  a  Certified Happiness Coach with a background in Psychology. Enjoy this rich episode where she goes into details on how to navigate by asking POWERFUL Questions and more. She shares how; - The wellness in your body, mind and spirit helps you creates the joy you are looking for. - The power of being curious and asking Powerful Questions which help align actions and what matters to you. - Paying attention to what is happening in your life and getting to the core of it. - Find out what matters to you and focus on it. -Incorporate key practices that will help you set an intention for your day and also reset in times of stress and other challenges. DO NOT HESITATE TO SEEK FOR THE SUPPORT YOU NEED AND TAKE ACTION! You can get in touch with Lauren at https// A special gift for you from Lauren,  Text LASTINGCHANGE TO 22828  for "3 Powerful Questions to make the most of your everyday" e-booklet, and to sign up for newsletter.
August 11, 2020
Growth in times of crisis, and challenges. Look for the GOOD!
A great time and conversation with Diana Gremillion, Founder of Successful life Strategies, Master life Coach and International Speaker. Acquire strength as you listen to Diana share her journey and growth in the process.  When life gives you lemons, make sure you make some lemonade! -Surviving 9/11 and the lesson she learned during that time. -Her career journey and wake-up call. -Listening , being attentive to the voice of truth and taking action. -Visualization and imagery and what it brings. -Energy Psychology, Strategic meditation,  and Inspired action. Diana brings lots of great things that will shift perspectives in life and take you to where you would love to be. Checkout her site, and download the free stress meditation at
August 7, 2020
Happiness and Gratitude even in the midst of the Dark!
A great time with Dr. Derise Tolliver Atta. A clinical Psychologist by training, healer by nurture, on a mission to help people re-member into their wholeness and sacred, loving self. She stands for peace, joy and liberation.  Take time to listen to this episode and be inspired. In this Episode she shares, -Who she is, her journey and life with its happenings. - She shares how happiness, wholeness are important to maintain balance. -She throws light on the importance of set-backs in life and their lessons. -How she got to do a Tedx episode in 2016 (which I recommend you to watch) with title, "Sankofa: Going back to fetch your inner voice". -Learning to notice and enjoy the simple things in life. -Even in the midst of Covid-19 we can find joy.
August 7, 2020
Recognizing and Owning your power to create what you love with our guest Rania Odaymat.
In the presence of this beautiful soul  Rania Odaymat, you will be inspired to take your power back. Rania is a creative coach and the host of the podcast "Creative Accra."Check out the links below to follow her and also listen to what she has to share with the world and be inspired to take action. Rania shares in this conversation; -Her curiosity growing up always wanting to know more -Her challenges with becoming her authentic self. - Her personal story of connecting with herself. -The various steps she took and went even more personal about her son. -Rania also shares some books that have helped her on her journey. Her Facebook page is Also, listen to Creative Accra on Spotify and Itunes.
July 29, 2020
Passionate Relationship with self and dissipating that energy with those in our world. Hubby (Beauclair Tapa) is my guest.
Beauclair Tapa shares: Enjoy this episode How our perception of what happens in life is important. His relationship with his family His mindset in difficult times How meditation and his spiritual journey has helped him grow Taking care of our body by giving it what it needs, nutrient-dense foods.
July 23, 2020
Nutrient Dense Food or Real Food and our Well-being with Denise Stegall:)
A conversation on Real Food and our well-being with Denise Stegall. Denise is the CEO and Curator at Living Healthy list and health coach at the Happy Living Coach.  Enjoy this conversation as Denise gives us great insights on living healthy: - - Eating real foods. -What a healthy list looks like. -Her 80/20 rule in nutrition and wellbeing. -She even goes personal and shows how we all have what it takes to thrive even when we feel like our world is crumbling.  -She proves you do not need external validation to take action towards what you love. You can connect with Denise at:   Facebook: FB Group: LinkedIn: Instagram: Youtube: Twitter:  
July 23, 2020
Exploring spirituality, self-discovery with Carol Oakley!
Hello Beautiful people! This is the second episode of our podcast, "Insight Out Alignment" with a special guest, Carol Oakley. Carol is a mother, a grandmother, she worked as a TV producer for 25years. Carol has started a podcast, Ujana - A teenager's journey to self-love. This episode has not been edited, pardon us for the silence in the first two minutes. It is a journey we are all in together and learning as we go. Let us enjoy the journey. xoxo
July 16, 2020
Introduction to Insight Out Alignment.
You have what it takes to make come alive that which will make you fulfilled. I am here for you throughout that journey. 
July 10, 2020