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CORE Issues

CORE Issues

By Mason Goodknight
CORE Issues podcast is a ministry of CORE Ministries. CORE stands for Community OutReach Evangelism. On this podcast we'll discuss issues that touch everyone and how the gospel of Jesus Christ touches those issues.
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CORE Issues: Episode #5 - Todd Friel's Vaccine Special
 A Short Review and a Focus on his Murdered Baby vs. Organ Donor Analogy
October 11, 2020
CORE Issues: Episode #4 - Vaccines: Another Look from Another Angle
Can we say it is sin to take vaccines created using murdered babies like the Covid-19 vaccine definitely is? I say yes. 
October 6, 2020
CORE Issues: Episode #3 - Voting Advice
On this episode we'll look at the upcoming 2020 Presidential election specifically and voting in general. I'll give my advice that I hope at least some maybe heed this election cycle and that others might at least do so next time around.
September 28, 2020
CORE Issues: Episode #2 - When the Wicked Perish.
In this episode we'll look at the death of RBG in particular and the wider issue of the death of wicked people. How should we feel and act. Above it all how does God in His word direct us to think and respond.  We cover lots of area here. God bless!
September 22, 2020
CORE Issues: Episode #1 - Viruses and Vaccines
For my first episode I'm going to address the very heated and serious issue of Viruses and Vaccines.  But first I'll give an overview of CORE Ministries as a whole and a short gospel presentation and the issue of fearing death. Then we'll get into the far reaching impact virus research and especially Covid-19 virus research is having on the world and specifically the Church as a whole and Christians individually. Yes, serious impacts of this vaccine could effect us all in just months!  What we will cover today is the fact that the Covid-19 vaccine and others are made using the cell lines of murdered preborn image bearers. We will see just some of the depth of the depravity of man in this and other areas of Big Pharma.  
September 20, 2020