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BACON BITS with Master Happiness

BACON BITS with Master Happiness

By Master Happiness
Happiness is a muscle that must be exercised! You have to keep working at it in order to become and stay Happy. With practice,it gets easier and easier every day. Remember, you are up against Anger, Fear, and Sadness. Falling into and getting trapped in these emotions is easy. Your Happiness is outnumbered 3 to 1!

The Path to Happiness isn't easy, but the Destination is well worth the Journey! It is a road paved with optimism, gratitude, humility, and a few more distinctions that I'd like to share with you.
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What SCARES You? BACON is here to help!
From spiders and clowns to those mysterious sounds. From things in the dark to black cats and sharks. From heights and the dentist, our fears are relentless. Join us as we discuss “What SCARES YOU!” and how BACON can help. B – Breathing relaxes us and gives us time to think. A – Anxiety teaches us what NOT to do again. C – Comedy lightens the situation. O – Outsmart yourself, is it really that scary? N – Note your courage, it’ll outnumber the fear. Things that go "THUMP" in the middle of the night, the odd shadows, or those sudden chills. Our minds play tricks on us. We see things, we hear things, and sometimes we even feel things that aren't necessarily there. Everyone likes a little mystery, suspense, and a scare here and there. Or maybe we don't. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #MartyJalove #WhatsYourBACON #Fear #Courage
October 26, 2021
Boost Creativity with BACON!
Can Creativity be taught? Whether building, writing, designing, sculpting, painting, playing music, or almost any activity, creativity plays an important role. I believe that we are all creative in our own way. And we should all be encouraged to explore creativity and pushed into practicing it. “BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! Creativity can reduce stress, improve mental health, boost your immune system, bring you happiness, and so much more. Join us as we discuss the benefits of boosting creativity and how to do it! B - Build it and see if what you were dreaming of can become a reality. A - Act it out, explain it, sing it! Never let a good idea die silently. C - Change it up! If you are feeling in a slump, add a twist to your normal habits and feel those creative juices start to stir. O - Others have Ideas too! Look at what’s out there that does and doesn’t connect. How many inventions work because someone discovered the wheel? N - Never stop revising, revisiting, and reengineering! There is always a way to make a better mousetrap. Producing something that has never existed in that particular form before builds self-esteem, puts a smile on your face, and can offer an overall rush. This is the essence and necessity of creativity. Let’s Boost Creativity with BACON, together. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
October 19, 2021
Toxic Positivity • BACON versus PESTO!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! We cannot be Happy, Positive, and Perky all the time. Pretending to be can cause more harm than good. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions. Feeling the bad ones are inevitable. Join us as we discuss the yuckiness of PESTO and how BACON can keep us on the paths to Master Happiness. The Problem P - Perspective over Validation, “it could be worse” instead of, “that sounds awful.” E - Experiencing Guilt for the way you feel. S - Shaming others for expressing their feelings. T - Telling yourself and others to “Just walk it off!” O - Oppose or masking your true feelings. The Solution B - Balance the good with the bad. A - Acknowledge and validate your feelings and those of others. C - Confide in someone. O - Offer empathy. N - Normalize ALL your feelings. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove #ToxicPositivity #Pesto
October 12, 2021
How to work with someone you don't like (with BACON)
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! With almost 8 billion people in the world, we’re not going to get along with all of them. But it’s still worth a try! B - BOUNDARIES AND BODY LANGUAGE – Don’t put up with a negative attitude or unfair treatment. Communicate and establish boundaries. Keep it professional. Watch your body language so as not to antagonize the situation. A - AVOID THEM WHEN POSSIBLE– Capitalize on opportunities to be away from them. Breaks, lunch, projects with other employees. Remind yourself that the time that you interact with them is limited. C - CONTROL THE CONNECTION – Remember, you cannot control their actions or emotions. You can only control your actions or emotions. Don’t allow them to ruin your day and definitely don’t take that feeling home with you. O - OFFER A SMILE – Try to be civil. You don’t have to be best friends; you don’t even have to be friend-friends. Leave it at acquaintances for now. But leave the door open, a friendship may blossom once a connection is made. N - NOW GET ON WITH YOUR WORK – Remember the reason that you are there. It’s not to make lifelong friends (that’s a bonus). If your attempt to be friends fails, make it clear that you are there to do a job and do it. You probably already have friends at home. It's called work for a reason, if it was all fun and games, it would be called, "going to play!" Stick with it, if you tried everything and still don't get along you can sleep well knowing that you ut in the effort. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
October 6, 2021
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! "A day without laughter is a day wasted" - Charlie Chaplin B - BOOST YOUR HEALTH!– “Laugher is the Best Medicine” is more than just a saying. When you laugh, your body releases the feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins improve your mood and also help dull pain. Studies have shown that laughter can reduce stress, boost the immune system, increase blood flow, and so much more. That’s nothing to laugh at. A - ARISTOTLE’S SUPERIORITY THEORY!– Originally, it was believed that humor was the feeling we felt when we looked down upon others or ourselves (Superiority Theory). In the 18th Century two new theories on humor were introduced. The Relief Theory points out the humor is also found in the resolution of tension. And the Incongruity Theory shows us how we laugh at things that break patterns. These guys are really serious about their humor. C - CREATE CHARACTERS!– One of the easiest ways to make anything a little bit funnier is to change your voice, switch your stance, or do your best impersonation of anyone you’re not. Test it out yourself; just try reading this text like a Pirate, ya scurvy dog! O - OBSERVATIONAL COMEDY!– Did you ever notice that when you talk about something we can all relate to and give it a surprising twist…people laugh? “Comedy has to be based on truth. You take the truth, and you put a little curlicue at the end.” Sid Caesar N - NOT GETTING THE JOKE!– Knowing your audience puts the punch in your line, the giggle in your gag, and the jolly in your joke. Telling a joke that no one gets not only tenses the comedian but makes the whole audience feel uncomfortable. That can lead to stress and reverses everything that we learned in letter “B!" Practice your puns, study your stand-up, ready your riddles, and never miss a chance to smile, laugh, giggle or grin! #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
September 28, 2021
The BACON of Humility!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! One of the most rewarding paths to Master Happiness is called Humility. Don’t think less OF yourself, think less ABOUT yourself! I have spewed gossip fueled by jealousy but never found any real happiness from pointing out the misfortune of others. Instead, it always made me feel like others were talking about me. On the flipside, I have found incredible peace, joy, and happiness in cheering others on, allowing them to be the hero of the day, and trying not to compare and judge. Help others find this path and enjoy watching them find joy in humility. B - BE A GREAT LISTENER A - ASK FOR HELP! C - CHECK YOURSELF! O - OTHERS ARE ALLOWED TO SUCCEED! N - NOSY AIN’T NICE! Don’t think less OF yourself, think less ABOUT yourself! #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
September 21, 2021
The BACON of Gratitude!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! Are you finding it hard to be grateful?  B - BE PRESENT and enjoy the day! A - ACT without expectation! C - COURAGE to do what it takes to be grateful! O - OPTIMISM will point you in the right direction! N - NOTE the reasons that you're grateful! Being thankful for what life gives you will give you a life you'll e thankful for! #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
September 14, 2021
Labor Day BACON, a little history lesson
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! Today is a little history lesson on why we celebrate Labor Day and our continued pursuit of HAPPINESS! B - BBQ, Parades, a 3-Day Weekend, and... A - Agriculture versus Manufacturing C - Child Labor, Long Hours, Unsafe Working Conditions... O - Organized Unions held Rallies and Protests... N - National Holiday, 1894... This Labor Day, as you're flipping burgers, take a moment to reflect on all that happened and all that they went through, so that you could have Monday off. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
September 7, 2021
The grilling of NATE!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! A very special episode. Tiffany and I get to interview my "soon to be" Son-In-Law! And what it all comes down to is...IF YOU WANNA MARRY MY DAUGHTER YOU BETTER BRING THE BACON! To Nate, You are quite possibly the luckiest man in the world. You are marrying a great friend, an incredible nurturer, a caring teacher, and an unwavering partner. Treasure this gift that you have been blessed with and allow her to her to grow and help you evolve. B - BE yourself and be vulnerable. A - ACCEPT her for who she is. C - CHEER her on and cheer her up! O - OFFER and ask for hugs. N - NEVER stop sharing. L - Listen to her, O - Open up to her, V - Value her, and E - Empathize with her! Love her and be deserving of her love. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
August 31, 2021
Impostor Syndrome gets better with BACON!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! IMPOSTOR SYNDROME? It can get better with BACON. Stop beating yourself up; you're not supposed to be perfect and you're certainly not alone. B - I've got a BIG BRAIN? I should know that. A - I need to get an A+++? It's got to be perfect every time. C - I am the CONQUEROR? I must do everything! O - I need to be ON MY OWN? I don't need to ask for help. N - For me, it takes NO EFFORT? Everything should be easy. Real happiness can be found in being part of a team. You are not alone and it's okay for others to be better, different, and helpful. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
August 24, 2021
Beat the BULLY with BACON!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! First off, if you are being bullied, harassed, or hurt and can’t find help, go to Bullying can happen on the playground, at the office, or in the home. Join Tiffany and me as we discuss some of the ways to use B.A.C.O.N. to prevent and stop bullying. B - BE SURE you’re being bullied - Are they actually bullying you or have you misunderstood? A - ANTICIPATE - Avoid or accept and advertise. Try to avoid the situation if you can. If you can't, don't be embarrassed, tell others. Find allies and advice. C - CONFRONT the Bully with confidence. Don't let it continue. Communication is key. Find the WHY and fight emotion with logic. O - OFFER HUMOR - "Yes, and" Take the wind out of their sails. Agree and enhance. Accept and exaggerate. Move with the punches an take away their power. N - NEGOTIATE WITH NICENESS! Never get emotional, that's when the Bully wins! Take your time to think and respond. Never let them see you sweat. Bullying can happen on the playground, at the office, or in the home. It's usually a cry for attention or based on fear or insecurity. The best advice is "WALK AWAY" if you can. Sometimes when a bully doesn't receive the attention or reaction that they want , the bullying seems to fade away. Remember, if you are being bullied, harassed, or hurt and can’t find help, go to #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
August 17, 2021
Sticking to your values with BACON!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! No matter what you believe in, no matter what you desire, sometimes you've got to take the...dark with the light, the salt with the pepper, the monkey with the wrench, and the ugly with the beautiful. B - BALANCE doesn't always mean BALANCED! Learn to accept the good with the bad. A - ACCOUNTABILITY must outweigh irresponsibility, whether we like it or not. C - CREATIVITY can't exist without a little destruction. O - OPTIMISM can be as difficult as pessimism is easy. N - being NICE and not-so-nice are necessary now and then. Understanding that the pendulum swings high in both directions will help you cope with and understand the negativity in others and in yourself. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
August 10, 2021
The 5 Hindrances of BACON!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! There are 5 hindrances that get in the way of our dreams, our goals, and our desires. Understanding them and being aware of them are the first steps in controlling them. It is said that Buddha's last meal was pork. But you don't have to wait that long to enjoy this B.A.C.O.N. B - BURNOUT - Lack of Motivation, Depression. A - ANXIETY - Feeling Restless. C - CONCERNS and doubts that cause indecisiveness. O - OVERCOME with Desire! N - NEGATIVITY - Ill-will to others and yourself. We all experience them...understanding them and being aware of them are the first steps in controlling them. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
August 3, 2021
BACON can be cathartic!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! Sometimes life can just be TOO MUCH! It's exhausting and you feel like you are drowning. That is when you've got to turn up the heat and search for that SIZZLE! Whatever is getting you down... GET IT OUT! B - Big and Bold! Break the Pattern! A - Act it out! Creation and Destruction! C - Communicate! Tell your Story! O - Observe something emotional! Watch a sad movie. N - NOISER THE BETTER! Sing and Scream! Whatever is getting you down...GET IT OUT! #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
July 27, 2021
BACON those distractions!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! STAYING FOCUSED CAN BE ROUGH! 1,000's of distractions are fighting for our attention. Yo can find the solution in the sizzle! B - Bargain with yourself! Promise yourself 5 minutes of playtime for every 25 minutes of work. A - Accept that you're going to fall back! Occasionally you are going to slip up. Try a little harder next time. C - Create a list! A short, realistic list may be all the motivation that you need. O - One thing at a time! Don't multitask. Concentrate on the biggest task first then tackle the others. N - Note your wins! Reward yourself for your success more than you beat yourself up for the distractions. Now STOP just sitting there and listening and get back to work! #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
July 20, 2021
Apologize with BACON!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! IT MAY BE THE TOUGHEST THING THAT YOU'VE GOT TO DO TODAY, BUT IF YOU OWE SOMEONE AN APOLOGY, HERE'S HOW TO DO IT WITH BACON. B - Begin with, "I'm sorry." A - Accept guilt. C - Can't make excuses. O - Offer to make it right. N - Now say, "Thank You!" When THEY are ready, work on getting the relationship back on track! #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
July 13, 2021
BACON could be the reason to move on!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! BUSINESS OR PERSONAL, SOMETIMES IT'S TIME TO END A RELATIONSHIP AND MOVE ON. B - Balance is off! Work/Life, Strengths/Weaknesses, Effort/Reward A - Advancement & Growth has stopped! Stagnant Future and No Hope for change! C - Communication has ended! No one is Listening and no one seems to care. O - Other Opportunities Appear! You start to realize that there is more to life than where you are! N - Needs are no longer met! Feels like you are giving more than you get! It can be SCARY to leave, but don’t let FEAR be the reason you stay. Let Courage help you navigate your paths of Happiness! #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
July 6, 2021
Your Friends need BACON!
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS NEED BACON! B - Boast about them! A - Ask them for assistance! C - Connect with them! O - Offer them your time! N - Notice the unnoticeable! Go out of your way to show someone that you care about them and that you appreciate them. #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
June 29, 2021
What's holding you back?
“BACON BITS” is all about helping you find your paths of Happiness! What is holding you back from real happiness? B - Bored? Maybe it's time to try something new. A - Afraid? What's the worst that could happen? C - Constantly Procrastinating? It's time to schedule time for yourself! O - Out of your Comfort Zone? You'll never know until you try! N - No Focus? Set aside all f those distractions! Let me help you and your team beat boredom, face the fears, get to the goal, destroy the distractions, and GET IT DONE! #SalesCoach #PublicSpeaking #Keynote #Career #Relationships #MasterHappiness #Jalove #Bacon #WRLR #BaconBits #WhatsYourBacon #MartyJalove
June 15, 2021