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Master Your Mindset

Master Your Mindset

By Jer Fink
The Master Your Mindset podcast was created to help people learn about different ways they can grow as a person. By talking to people about life situations they have been through and how their mindset played a role. Our focus is to help others going through similar situations gain some perspective, insights and tools they can use to help get their mind into a positive place and work towards creating their ideal life.
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Cory Chadwick: Are you living your 10?

Master Your Mindset

Sergie Vasily'ev: Finding a new beginning
Sergie has an incredible story to tell about how he transformed his life. I found his story inspiring as went through some harder times and was able to use new tools and ways to cope with stress and anxiety. He found cannabis and other plant medicines that have had a massive effect on his life. Sergei is a man who lives his life from his heart and you feel that as soon you talk to him. I hope you will enjoy the conversation. To connect with Sergi, contact him by email at
June 01, 2021
Cory Chadwick: Are you living your 10?
In the episode, I talk to Cory Chadwick. Cory is a super proud dad, husband, unwavering optimist, and founder of The Mental Gym. Cory's mission to help people live their best lives or as he calls it living your 10. We talk about The power of talking about what you're going through, The power of being vulnerable, what The Mental Gym is and how it can help you become the best version of yourself.  If you are interested in learning more about The Mental Gym or connecting with Cory, visit his webiste.
May 18, 2021
Meet Jeremy Montoya: Developing your personal brand, mentoring students to follow their path, the importance of taking action and tracking your habits
In this episode I talk to Jeremy Montoya. Jeremy is a self-help speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur. Jeremy's public speaking appearances range from crowds of 15,000 students to small classroom lectures at high schools and camps. His interests range from, mediation, manifestation, Reality Transurfing, content creation and the list goes on.   Jeremy and  I met through Instagram and really aligned, not by just having the same name, but also with a lot of our interests and the message we are sharing. We talk a lot about personal branding and the importance of  utilizing your journey to create content. He gives some great tips on how to do this the most optimized way. He goes into how he uses his own story and positive influence to help students to make changes in their own life.  We go into the importance of taking action and learning to track your habits to max out your results. We talked about how to overcome your mental blocks and how awareness can help you shift really quickly back to a positive track. He shared with us some of his daily habits and rituals and talked about how important the first 15 min and the last 15min of the day are to him.   Overall it was such an amazing insightful conversation and unfortunately we ran out of time. Jeremy is also big into Reality Transurfing  and I look forward to do another episode with him where we can dig into this further. If you want to connect with Jeremy you can visit his website at or on Instagram at Check our Master Your Mindset at
June 10, 2019
Meet Robb G: Being a DJ, hitting rock bottom, finding yourself and coming back even stronger
In this episode,  I talk to Robb G. Robb is a Toronto legendary Dj, he is a father, he is passionate about being positive and healthy and most  importantly a master of the morning routine.  I met Robb at a weekend event a while back and we instantly connected. I wanted to bring him on as a guest because I have been following his story on social media and knew that he would have a lot of great insights to share.  I was correct. We got into a lot.  We talked about him hitting rock bottom about 7 years ago, to the point where he was almost suicidal. He was living the life of DJ, drinking and partying all the time, going from city to city. For him this was the norm and it got to the point were he recognized that he needed a break to realign himself.  We discussed how self development has been a big part of life and how it helped him find himself again. We talked about how he now is back to being a DJ, 5 years sober and has new love for what he does. We went into what a morning routing looks like and how it can have a huge impact on your daily life. We discussed one of his biggest goals, of being a spiritual teacher (or guide) for those you want to listen and how he simply wants to be a light for those who need it.  This was one of my favourite episodes so far as I could really relate to a lot of what he was saying.  If you are interested in connecting with Robb, you can check him out at:
April 14, 2019
Meet Bernard Chan: Controlling the ego and becoming your true self
In this episode, I talked with Bernard Chan. Bernard is parter at Vitev, an alkaline water company,  he is a happily married man,  he recently changed his diet and is now a vegan, he leads my Mastermind group and was my first guide in my own self development journey.  Bernard has been in the self development space for quite some time now and has a great ability to listen and guide you in the right direction. Over the years he started to gain a lot of power and influence, as he was becoming well know for helping people make a shift in their lives.  He goes into detail about how his journey started, how gaining influence and power started to scare him, how he needed to take a step back and take year long break. He talks about eventually coming in contact with Herman Sui (a 6th generation Shaolin Temple Descendent who is sharing his ancient wisdom and practices to help better every facet of your life.) He talks about how Herman has changed his life by giving him some new perspective on what it means to be your true self.  To contact Bernard you can email him at To learn more about Herman, check out
February 20, 2019
Meet Brian Shurman: The journey of finding ones path
In this episode I talk to Brian Shurman. Brian is a corporate social responsibility leader for Flight Center Travel Group, an avid volunteer running several relief programs through the city of Toronto, he is very passionate about health and wellness, loves to cook and he about to get married. We take a little journey through memory lane and explore the reasons for Brian leaving his comfortable job and home, and taking off to Japan and then heading to Dubai. We look why he left and why he eventually came back. We discuss his new passion for social responsibility and making a different in his community and beyond. Most importantly we look at how he manifested his new life and how he was the one made it all happen.
November 19, 2018
Meet Julian Thomas: Changing your mindset and using visualization to reach your fitness goals
In this episode, I talk to Julian Thomas, Julian is a Toronto based Fitness Lifestyle & Self Care expert with a passion for personal growth, spending time in nature, and cooking new recipes. He has a soulful approach to fitness, helping you shift your mindset to reach your goals. In 2017 he was voted one of Toronto's best personal trainers. We go into detail on how removing limiting beliefs are important to reaching your goals. How visualizing yourself and who you want to be can help you get great results. How your subconscious plays a role in your habits and how these habits can be sabotaging you and your success. To learn more about Julian , you can check him out here:
October 23, 2018
Meet Jason Mercieca: Emotions are contagious, practising the The Win Hoff Method and facing adversities to level up.
In this episode I talked to Jason Mercieca, a real estate agent and investor, he helps clients live their dreams through real-estate. He is a Wim Hof practitioner and is on his way to building his dream life. The episode begins learning about what Jason is up to and his career, but then we take shift and we go deep into the mindset. We talk about his experience with the Wim Hof method and how his learnings are now part of his daily routine. We discuss how he battled through adversity to step up and take the first step to his own self development. We go into mediation, changing your habits and the importance of being connected to one inner self. If you have questions or want to get in touch with Jason, email him at
October 01, 2018
Meet Natalia Kantor: The path of pleasure as a route to success
Meet Natalia Kantor, partner at Big 3 video agency, founder of the Quantum Leap Mastermind, creator of the Powerful Women's Club, Feminine Power Catalyst, on a quest to help women take the path of pleasure as the route to success. On this episode we discussed her journey, What is was like to burnout and realize that there was a better way of living life. We talk about her goal to just feel good and how that impacts all of her decisions. We discussed how she shifted her mindset from hustling and making money to taking the path of pleasure towards success. Nat also goes into detail about her Powerful Women's Club and how she teaches women to use both feminine and masculine power in the workplace. To learn more about Natalia and her Powerful Women's Club, go to her website:
September 21, 2018
Meet David Fairweather: Listening to your body and having a winning mindset
In this episode I talk with David Fairweather, coach, speaker and trainer. We discuss his new book Winning Mindset: Psychological Strategies That Drive You To Succeed, how his health and being unfulfilled played a big role in changing his career and direction in life. How he was listening to his mind and ignoring his body. How he now lives a life of flow vs a life of force. He has a very intriguing way of looking at life and how you can take control over your mindset. To learn more about David check out his website: You can grab his book here:
September 21, 2018
Meet Richard Zinck: let your inner child out to play
In this episode I talk with Richard Zinck. Richard is a past Entrepreneur of the Year and a sales and marketing expert. We talk about everything that has led him to reconnecting with his inner child and taking a whole new approach towards life. He goes into his abusive child hood and taking down the monster. He discusses his days of been bullied and the lessons he learnt. He tells me about running a successful food truck business that was driven by anger and manipulating people. He opens up about realizing that he didn't like the person he was and how he was treating others. He then goes into details about what steps he took to let go of the past and his angry self so he could create a new version of himself, where he could let his inner child out and live a life of love and a happiness. To learn more about Richard check out his website - You can watch a presentation he did on his inner child here -
August 31, 2018
Meet Richard Chan: Leaving a comfortable career and going after an uncomfortable new dream.
In this episode I talk to Richard Chan. Richared is a former high school teacher, he recently left his position to pursue a career in real estate. He is also a surfer and outdoor enthusiast. We talked about what it was like for him to leave a comfortable job teaching, what his family and friends thought about his decision and how he used mindset to keep pushing him forward toward his new dreams. Richard is also part of my mastermind group. We went into detail about the power of a mastermind and how it helped him take the jump into something new and uncomfortable.
August 21, 2018
Meet Jan Keck: meaningful conversations and connections
In this episode I talk to Jan Keck. Jan is a entrepreneur, partner at Big Video Agency and a connection catalyst. He is empowering people who feel disconnected with the tools to start meaningful conversations and just came back from leading 7 workshops and activities at the World Domination Summit. We talk about what the World Domination Summit is and how Jan was impacted by the leading the workshops and giving people tools to connect. We discuss his new initiative and movement, #askdeepquestoins. We chat about fatherhood and how your mindset changes once you know you are going to be a dad. We also get into some great tools for creating action and the power of having a vision. To learn more about Jan and the work he does, check out
July 22, 2018
Meet Kate Hodgson: Starting your own business
In this episode I talk to Kate Hodgson. She is storyteller and entrepreneur. She runs 9to5 Narrative. Helping businesses tell their story and connect with your audiences. She is currently in a cross roads, deciding wether to continue with 9 to 5 or find a full time job. We talk about the challenges that come with trying to start your own business and the thoughts that came up. We discuss how to deal with theses thoughts and how important it is to have a vision. We go into changing your mindset and what it takes to change your habits.
July 06, 2018
Meet Sean Brown: Balance, transitions in life and the entrepreneur mindset
In this episode I talk to Sean Brown. He is a photographer, videographer, screen wittier and facilitator. He is going through a transitional period in his life as he recently lost his father and grandfather, he is a new dad, he is trying to build his entrepreneurial career as a photographer and motivational speaker. We talk about the challenges of trying to balance everything and the tools you can use to keep yourself in the right mindset. Link to Dr Joe Dispenza website
June 22, 2018
Meet Marie-Judith Jean-Louis: Finding yourself
In this episode I talk to Mj, a very good friend. She is an artist, a nature lover, illustrator and has been through a big transition in her life. After being in a 18 year relationship she is now on her own and has an amazing story to tell.
June 15, 2018