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#37 How To Tackle Everyday Toxic Exposures with Lara Adler

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By Tiny Feet
Do you worry you won’t get pregnant, stay pregnant, or have a healthy baby? Infertility rates are on the rise. Women are waiting until later in life to start a family. It is more important than ever to start understanding exactly how to take control of your fertility. Your hosts are Dr. Haylee Nye, a licensed naturopathic physician, and Kristin Cornett NTP, a certified nutritionist. We dive deep into what truly causes disease, infertility, complications in pregnancy, and what can ultimate lead to a chronically ill child.
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Do you worry you won’t get pregnant, stay pregnant, or have a healthy baby? Infertility rates are on the rise. Women are waiting until later in life to start a family. It is more important than ever to start understanding exactly how to take control of your fertility. Your hosts are Dr. Haylee Nye, a licensed naturopathic physician, and Kristin Cornett NTP, a certified nutritionist. We dive deep into what truly causes disease, infertility, complications in pregnancy, and what can ultimate lead to a chronically ill child.

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#55 How to Track Your Menstrual Cycle for Fertility with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack
In episode 55, we interview Fertility Awareness Educator, host of the Fertility Friday Podcast, and author of The Fifth Vital sign, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, about how to track your menstrual cycle for fertility. We know a lot of you out there might have some hangups and misconceptions about fertility awareness, so Lisa is going to share some her vast knowledge about charting and hopefully help you all feel a little more comfortable with getting in touch with your body in this way. In this episode, you're going to learn: Why it’s worth giving fertility awareness a try and what you can learn about your body through cycle tracking Why having a regular menstrual cycle WITH monthly ovulation is an important indicator of health and wellness How hormonal birth control actually works and why it can be problematic for cycle health and fertility Misconceptions about fertility awareness and why it’s really not the time-consuming, painful process you might think it is The logistics of tracking your cervical mucus and basal body temperature and what these parameters can tell you about your fertility How you can use Lisa’s book, The Fifth Vital Sign, and her companion charting workbook to get started with tracking with your cycle You can find show notes for the episode, along with links to Lisa's books, podcast, and social media on our website at Fertile in 5 Masterclass: Learn more How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements: Enroll for FREE
November 20, 2019
#54 A Natural Fertility Success Story with Anna Rapp
In episode 54, we interview fertility blogger and miracle mommy, Anna Rapp. After being told that she would never be able to get pregnant naturally and that not even IVF would work for her, Anna started doing her own research on what she could do to support her fertility and improve her hormone levels. Her initial goal was to convince her doctor to least let her try IVF. But, after 3 months of working on her diet, lifestyle, toxic exposures, and mind-body wellness in preparation for an IVF cycle, she ended up getting pregnant naturally with her first miracle baby. She now has two beautiful children and has started a blog called "To Make a Mommy" that helps walk other women through how to start making changes to reclaim their fertility. In this episode you’re going to learn all about: Anna’s fertility story, including many of the things she did to beat the odds and get pregnant naturally with both of her children Why it’s important to take control of your own journey and be willing look beyond conventional fertility treatments The different approaches you can take to making diet and lifestyle changes and how to figure out what will work best for you How your mental and emotional wellbeing affect your baby journey and why it’s so important to focus on more than just getting pregnant when you’re going through fertility struggles Anna’s favorite resources for diving into the natural fertility approach, including more information about her own blog and Facebook groups You can find show notes for the episode, along with links to some of Anna’s top blog posts and favorite resources here: Fertile in 5 Masterclass: Learn more How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements: Enroll for FREE
November 13, 2019
#53 Nutrition for Egg Quality & IVF Prep with Elizabeth Cherevaty, ND
In episode 53, we interview naturopathic doctor, fertility specialist, and author, Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty, about how we can use diet to optimize egg quality and increase the odds of success during IVF treatment. Dr. Liz recently published a book called IVF Meal Plan, which will be released on December 3rd, 2019. The book helps educate couples about the impact of certain nutrients on fertility and then walks them through a 28-day meal plan they can use to prepare for their upcoming treatment cycle. Throughout the episode, Dr. Liz shares with us: The current state of the research on nutrition for egg quality and fertility success Why it's so important for male partners to be participating in the IVF preparation process Which dietary pattern has been proven most effective for both male and female fertility  Why building an integrative team can really help you personalize your IVF preparation and boost your success rates How her book, IVF Meal Plan, is set up and how it's designed to be used by couples going through fertility treatment You can find show notes for the episode, along with links to Dr. Liz's website, book, and social media here: Fertile in 5 Masterclass: Learn more How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements: Enroll for FREE
November 6, 2019
#52 A Structural Approach to Fertility: Understanding Your Spine, Nervous System and Fascia with Danielle Ayres, DC
In episode 52, we interview chiropractor and women's health champion, Dr. Danielle Ayres, about how we can support fertility from a structural and neurological perspective. Dr. Danielle’s focus is on helping women improve their quality of life, reduce stress reactivity, and increase stress resilience through a unique combination of chiropractic tools. So many women struggling with fertility experience a massive increase in stress and, while stress may not cause infertility in the majority of cases, it certainly doesn’t help the situation and it can significantly reduce our ability to heal our bodies, recover our fertility, and just generally experience joy and happiness in our lives. Dr. Danielle talks about some of the reasons that we can get stuck in this constant fight or flight stress response and what we can do, both on our own and with professional help, to start to unwind it to support better health and a more fertile body. Today you'll learn: The goal of traditional chiropractic care and how Dr. Danielle’s approach is both similar and different The different types of nervous system signaling and how these affect whether our body is calm and relaxed or tense and on edge What fascia is and how it impacts the tension in our bodies, as well as our neurological state How all of this ties into fertility and how Dr. Danielle approaches care for women trying to conceive Types of movement we can incorporate into our daily lives to bring more balance to the nervous system and turn down the stress response How to seek out professional support, when necessary You can find show notes for the episode, as well as links to Dr. Danielle's website and the resources we discussed in the interview here: Fertile in 5 Masterclass: Learn more How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements: Enroll for FREE
October 30, 2019
#51 Protecting Your Future Baby's Long-Term Health with Andrea McBeth, ND
In episode 51, we interview naturopathic doctor and microbiome researcher, Dr. Andrea McBeth, about how important the gut microbiome is to your future baby's development, immune system programming, and long-term health. We continue to explore gut health in-depth on the podcast because this is such a critically important area to focus on during preconception, not only for your own health and fertility, but for your baby’s health as well. In this episode, you're going to learn: How the gut microbiome influences baby’s health throughout life, starting even before conception with mom’s gut health The many different health conditions that are linked to microbiome imbalances Specific keystone species that babies need in their guts to grow up healthy and where to find them Major factors that disrupt the microbial ecosystem in our bodies and why this has such massive implications for human health What we can do to protect our microbiome and also encourage healthy microbial growth in our babies The amazing future possibilities of Fecal Microbiota Transplant for treating a variety of microbiome-linked health conditions You can find show notes for the episode and links to the research we discuss in the episode here: Looking to get to the bottom of your own gut issues? Schedule a FREE 20-minute consult with us! Learn more: Fertile in 5 Masterclass Free mini course: How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements
October 23, 2019
#50 Restoring Gut Health with Herbs with Jocelyn Strand, ND
In episode 50, we interview naturopathic doctor, Jocelyn Strand, about strategies for both investigating and addressing gut imbalances. Although we've talked many times on the podcast about gut health, this is the first time that we've really dug into therapeutic supplementation and discussed some of the specific products we use in clinical practice to help our clients restore gut balance and improve fertility. This is a great episode for everyone to listen to, but will be especially helpful if you're dealing with digestive symptoms, hormone imbalances, PCOS, endometriosis, autoimmune conditions, unexplained infertility, allergies, skin issues, depression, or anxiety. Throughout the episode, Dr. Strand explains: What the term "dysbiosis" means and which factors contribute to gut imbalances How our gut microbiome is connected to overall health and specifically our fertility Some of the ways we can investigate gut health issues What biofilms are and why a biofilm disruptor is important for a successful gut protocol Specific formulas we use in practice to address gut imbalances and how they work You can find show notes for the episode and links to the research we discuss in the episode here: Looking to get to the bottom of your own gut issues? Schedule a FREE 20-minute consult with us! Learn more: Fertile in 5 Masterclass Free mini course: How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements
October 16, 2019
#49 Abdominal Therapy for Gut Health & Fertility with Barbara Loomis, LMT
In episode 49, we interview massage therapist and abdominal therapy practitioner, Barbara Loomis, about how abdominal massage and visceral manipulation can improve quality of life and fertility for women. This is a great episode for anyone suffering from digestive health issues, painful periods, adhesions from prior abdominal surgeries or endometriosis, emotional trauma, or infertility. Throughout the episode, Barbara teaches us: Why our abdominal organs are so intimately connected to our emotions The difference between visceral manipulation and abdominal massage and what each is used for What adhesions are, how they cause physical symptoms, and what this might feel like How uterine positioning affects our menstrual cycle health and fertility How you can start on self-massage at home or find a practitioner near you   You can find show notes for the episode as well as links to Barbara's website and the abdominal therapy resources we talk about here: Book a FREE 20-minute consult with us: Schedule Now Fertile in 5 Masterclass: Learn more How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements: Enroll for FREE
October 9, 2019
#48 Technology & Your Fertility: What You Need to Know with Brian Hoyer, NTP
In episode 48, we interview Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified Geobiologist, and electromagnetic field (EMF) expert, Brian Hoyer. In our modern world, we're exposed to technologies and frequencies that our bodies have never experienced in human history, like cell phones, wireless, magnetic fields, and even the electricity in our homes. We don't think about these exposures because we can't see or hear them in our environment and there's been very little rigorous long-term safety testing for their effects on human health up to this point. But there's now growing evidence that EMFs actually can cause harm to our bodies and can even affect fertility. Brian has dedicated his career to understanding and educating the public about EMFs and owns a company called Shielded Healing. He and his team travel the country doing home assessments for EMF exposure and making recommendations to help consumers protect themselves during the time it matters most: at night when they sleep! In this episode, Brian shares: The different types of EMFs we're exposed to and the specific technologies they come from How these frequencies can cause disruptions in our bodies, including with fertility and baby's development Simple, low-cost steps you can start taking right now to limit your exposure to EMF How you can get a more thorough assessment of your home environment and transform your bedroom into an EMF-free healing space We also talk about Kristin's personal experience working with Brian to assess her home and shield her bedroom space against multiple types of EMF.  You can find show notes for the episode, the studies we discuss in the interview, and links to Brian's website and social media here: LAST DAY TO GET $100 OFF FERTILE IN 5 MASTERCLASS! Enter code LASTCHANCE at checkout (offer expires end of day on Oct. 2nd)! Get access to module 3 of the course for FREE by enrolling in How to Choose The Best Prenatal Supplements!
October 2, 2019
#47 Dr. Lara Briden: How Histamine Influences Estrogen
In episode 47, we interview naturopathic doctor, women's health expert, and author of The Period Repair Manual, Dr. Lara Briden. She shares the very interesting connection between our sex hormones (especially estrogen) and histamine. When you see the word histamine, you probably immediately think of an allergic response. In fact, the primary way we treat allergies in conventional medicine is with anti-histamine medications. But histamine actually participates in A LOT of other functions in the body, including our digestion, mental health, sleep, libido, hormone production, and menstrual cycles. It's obviously pretty important, but having too much of it in the body can really cause problems. And if you're suffering from things like heavy/painful periods, PMS or PMDD, menstrual migraines, painful breasts, anxiety, insomnia, and allergic symptoms, then histamine definitely needs to be on your radar! Tune in to learn more from Dr. Briden about how histamine is connected to hormones and fertility, how we can sometimes end up with too much histamine in our bodies, and what to do about it. You can find show notes and resources for the episode, along with links to Dr. Briden's website, book, and social media on our website at: ONLINE DIY COURSE > FERTILE IN 5 MASTERCLASS  LEARN STEP 3 OF THE COURSE FOR FREE! > HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST PRENATAL SUPPLEMENTS Tania Dempsey's Mast Cell research paper
September 25, 2019
#46 Practical Steps to Jumpstart Your Fertility Diet with Charlotte Grand DipION
In episode 46, we interview fertility acupuncturist, nutritional therapist, and founder of The Fertility Kitchen, Charlotte Grand. She shares some amazing practical strategies we can use to start implementing better nutrition to support fertility and a healthy pregnancy. Most of us have a pretty good idea of WHAT we’re supposed to do to improve our diet, but the HOW is where we tend to get tripped up. So if you’re having trouble ditching junk food, eating healthy on a budget, or even learning how to cook with real-food ingredients, this episode is for you! We start off by talking about Charlotte’s personal fertility journey that brought her to acupuncture, nutrition, and The Fertility Kitchen. And in the rest of the episode we discuss things like: How to train our brains into healthier habits so we can finally leave sugar and processed foods behind Simple ways we can add more variety (AKA nutrients) into our diets without becoming master chefs Why things like organic, seasonal, and non-GMO matter and how you can eat this way without breaking the bank How to make healthy eating simple and approachable, even if you’re super busy or just not that into cooking We also talk a little bit at the end about acupuncture and how this amazing healing modality can support you on your fertility journey. You can find show notes for the episode and links to Charlotte's website and social media on our website at: Take the FREE quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant? 
September 18, 2019
#45 Depression and Anxiety: What's Really Going On?
In episode 45, we dive into the extremely important topic of mental health issues and help you understand how conditions like depression and anxiety can affect reproductive health. While the conventional medical model views mental health conditions as "chemical imbalances" that require drug therapy to correct, we view mental health symptoms as a clue to something deeper going on in the body. Contrary to what we've all been taught, the brain is not a separate entity from the rest of the body and there is a complex interplay between the brain, the gut, and the immune system that is not being taken into account in mainstream psychiatry. There are many underlying factors that can either directly cause or worsen mental health issues, and addressing these factors with natural therapies can lead to incredible healing for those who are suffering - often without the unwanted side effects of antidepressant/psychotropic medication. Throughout the episode, we discuss: What depression and anxiety are and the many possible symptoms associated with them The major factors underlying mental health symptoms and why antidepressant drugs don’t address them How mental health issues are related to your fertility and why it’s so important to investigate your symptoms before conceiving Steps you can take to improve your mental health and heal your body from the inside out  You can find show notes for the episode and links to all the resources we discuss on our website at IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are currently taking medication, we are NOT suggesting that you discontinue it! You should never stop taking antidepressant or psychotropic medications without first consulting with your doctor and putting together a carefully monitored plan for tapering slowly off of these drugs. Stopping cold-turkey can be extremely dangerous and damaging to your health.  Take the FREE Quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?
September 11, 2019
#44 Eight Botanical Herbs to Know For Your Fertility
Herbal medicine can be a little scary for those that are thinking of having a baby or trying to conceive. You may be asking, "are the herbs safe to take?" "What happens if I get pregnant, will they hurt the baby?" You may just feel overwhelmed with the options and not sure if you're making the right choice for your unique situation. In today's episode, we go over 8 botanical herbs that are known traditionally and clinically to be helpful in fertility: Black cohosh, Chaste Tree Berry, Dong Quai, Red Raspberry Leaf, Tribulus, Rhodiola, Shatavari, Wild Yam. These herbs are safe when taken is recommended doses from a reputable source. If you find out you're pregnant while taking these herbs, it's important to work with a licensed practitioner to know what's safe to continue. Most of the herbs we discuss should be stopped once you have a positive test. At the end of the episode, we name a few of our favorite herbal blends to use with our clients.  You can find show notes for the episode and link to resources we discuss on our website here: Get your personalized preconception action plan: Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment Take the FREE Quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?
September 4, 2019
#43 The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Diet: AIP for Fertility with Brandy Cummings MS, NC, CN
In episode 43, we interview functional nutrition expert and certified autoimmune paleo coach, Brandy Cummings. She talks about the details of the autoimmune protocol and her experience using it in practice to help women suffering from inflammatory symptoms conceive successfully and have healthy babies. Throughout the episode, we discuss the specific dietary guidelines that make up AIP and the reasoning behind them, the often ignored (and equally important) non-food aspects of autoimmune healing, and how AIP can specifically benefit fertility. Tune in to learn more about how you can use diet and lifestyle to address inflammatory symptoms and and get your fertility back on track! You can find links to Brandy's website, social media, and the resources we talk about in the episode on our website here:  Get your personalized preconception action plan: Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment Take the FREE Quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?
August 28, 2019
#42 The Silver Lining of Infertility: What This Journey Has Taught Me
In episode 42, Kristin opens up about her infertility journey, the many things she’s learned along the way, and why she’s actually thankful that she wasn’t able to conceive when she wanted to. Infertility is hard - and we’re not going to pretend otherwise. But, like any challenge in life, it’s also an opportunity. As Kristin struggled to understand why she couldn’t conceive, she discovered life-changing information about her health, developed a profound sense of control and responsibility for the wellbeing of her future children, and experienced enormous personal growth, both individually and with her partner. Tune in to hear her story, her perspective on how infertility CAN change your life for the better, and her advice for those who are having a hard time going through this process. You can find show notes for the episodes and links to all the resources we discuss on our website at:  Get your personalized preconception action plan: Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment  Take the FREE Quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant? 
August 21, 2019
#41 Functional Fertility Medicine: Getting The Answers You Deserve
In episode 41, we talk about what it looks like to take a functional approach to fertility and preconception care. We've talked before on the podcast about what to expect if you needed to seek out testing or treatment from a conventional fertility clinic, but this week, we want to tell you more about OUR approach to fertility and give you some options that you may not have considered before. Throughout the episode, we discuss: What functional medicine is and how it’s different from conventional medicine Why you don’t actually have to choose between the two when it comes to your fertility What our intake process looks like and which basic blood tests we recommend all potential clients seek out with their local providers The 4 functional labs tests we use in our practice and when we typically recommend them How we combine all the information from your intake and labs to build a completely customized healing protocol just for you! We also talk about the two things we CAN’T do for you through Tiny Feet and share some others ways we can help you aside from becoming a one-on-one client. You can find show notes for the episode, along with links to all the resources we talk about, on our website at  Get your personalized preconception action plan: Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment  Take the FREE Quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant? 
August 14, 2019
#40 Breast Implant Illness and Fertility + Dr. Haylee's Personal Story
Naturopathic Doctor and co-host of this podcast, Haylee Nye, talks about her recent healing journey with breast implant illness (BII). Millions of women with supposedly benign breast implants are suffering from mystery symptoms, including unexplained infertility or miscarriage. The vast majority of doctors will never suspect that breast implants could be the cause of their suffering. It takes women years, even decades, to find out that the cause was sitting right inside of them all along. This is what happened to Dr. Haylee and that’s why it’s important to her to tell her story to help spread the word about this important issue.  She offers a unique perspective as a naturopathic doctor who’s also dealing symptoms of BII.  In this episode, you’re going to learn:  Common symptoms related to breast implant illness Why breast implants can cause trouble conceiving and miscarriage What are the appropriate steps to take if you think you have BII And natural therapies that will help you heal while you are exploring your options BII is not curable unless you have an explant surgery – and Dr. Haylee’s is scheduled on August 20th 2019. You’ll learn all about how she came to this decision in the episode. We’ll be updating you on the progress of her recovery in upcoming episodes. You can find show notes for the episode, along with links to all the resources we talk about, on our website at Get your personalized preconception action plan: Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment Take the FREE Quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?  
August 7, 2019
#39 Low Thyroid: How To Find & Fix The Root Cause
In episode 39, we’re teaching you everything you need to know about thyroid health while trying to conceive. Screening for thyroid issues before and during pregnancy is NOT routine practice for conventional medical providers in the U.S. But we consider this one of the most important preconception tests a woman can receive and we advocate for universal screening, especially because not all cases of low thyroid function cause obvious symptoms. In this episode you’ll learn what your thyroid does and why it’s so important for fertility, pregnancy, and baby’s development, the symptoms and possible underlying causes of thyroid dysfunction, how to get the right testing and interpretation for your thyroid labs, available treatment options for low thyroid and how to choose the one that's right for you, and how to investigate and address the root cause of your thyroid issues so you can actually heal your body instead of just manage your symptoms. You can find show notes for the episode, along with links to all the resources we talk about, on our website at Get your personalized preconception action plan: Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment Take the FREE Quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?  
July 31, 2019
#38 Overcoming Perfectionism with Spenser Brassard
In episode 38, we interview certified life coach and mind-body fertility expert, Spenser Brassard. We talk about what really causes pain and suffering for women struggling to conceive and why perfectionism and negative thought patterns actually have just as much power to affect our fertility as poor health, diet, and lifestyle. And, of course, we talk about how we can start to overcome some of these issues, find true joy and happiness (even before that positive test shows up), and significantly boost fertility in the process! You can find links to Spenser’s website, online program, and social media on our website at:   Get your FREE download: Fertility Recovery Guide
July 24, 2019
#37 How To Tackle Everyday Toxic Exposures with Lara Adler
In episode 37, we interview holistic health coach and environmental toxins expert, Lara Adler, about how to reduce common exposures that can interfere with fertility. We discuss surprising facts and common misconceptions about toxins, why lower doses are often more concerning than higher doses when it comes to hormone balance and fertility, which chemicals we need to focus on avoiding, and some of the simple, affordable steps we can take to protect ourselves and our future babies. Cleaning up our environments doesn't have to be crazy stressful or expensive. Listen in to learn how to get started! You can find show notes for the episode along with links to Lara's website and social media here:   Get your FREE download: Fertility Recovery Guide
July 17, 2019
#36 Carrying to Term with Jordan Robertson, ND
In episode 36, we interview naturopathic doctor, researcher, and women's health expert, Dr. Jordan Robertson. She opens up about her personal experience with multiple miscarriages, which ultimately led her to researching and writing her book called Carrying to Term: A Practical Guide to Reducing Your Miscarriage Risk. Throughout the episode we talk about some of the reasons that it's often challenging for women to get the care they deserve when experiencing pregnancy loss or fertility challenges, why it's so important to use an in-depth health history to drive testing and treatment decisions, which tests should be considered when investigating miscarriage, and some simple strategies that you can implement starting today to reduce your risk of pregnancy loss going forward. You can find show notes for the episode, along with links to Dr. Robertson's website and book here: Download our FREE quiz:  Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?
July 10, 2019
#35 Dr. Ben Lynch: How Genes Affect Your Fertility
In episode 35, we interview naturopathic doctor, author, and genetics expert, Dr. Ben Lynch. We talk about his book, Dirty Genes, and dive into how we can work with our unique genetic predispositions to create better health and fertility, both for ourselves and our next generation.You'll learn what genes are, what they do, and how they influence health, why methylation is truly the key to preconception preparation and your baby's long-term health, which specific genetic variations impact fertility and pregnancy, and how we can address them with targeted nutrition and lifestyle strategies. You can find show notes for the episode, along with links to Dr. Lynch's website and book here: Enroll in our FREE online course: How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements
July 3, 2019
#34 Fueling Male Fertility with Lauren Manaker MS, RDN, LD, CLEC
In episode 34, we interview registered dietitian Lauren Manaker about how to support male fertility with diet and lifestyle. Her brand-new book, Fueling Male Fertility, is a fantastic resource full of simple strategies men can use to start improving both sperm quality and overall health. Throughout the episode, we talk about why a food-first approach is really the way to go, which nutritional protocol has been shown to be most effective for male fertility, and the specific types of nutrients men need to focus on with both diet and supplements. We also go into lifestyle habits that influence male fertility and share why it’s important not to hyper-focus on one area of health at the expense of others. This is definitely a must-listen for women who want to learn more about how to get their partners on board with preconception changes! You can find show notes for the episode, along with links to Lauren’s website and book at   Download your FREE quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant? 
June 26, 2019
#33 Food Sensitivities: Can An Elimination Diet Help You Conceive?
In episode 33, we talk about how food sensitivities can affect your fertility and help you determine whether it's time to start making some adjustments to your diet. We go over the most common culprits for food reactions, why foods like gluten and dairy get such a bad reputation when it comes to fertility, and the two types of elimination diets we most often recommend to our clients. We also discuss testing options and talk about the unique functional approach we use for food sensitivities in our practice. This episode will be especially helpful for you if you're experiencing frequent digestive symptoms, aches and pains, allergies, skin issues, sinus problems, hormone imbalances, or unexplained infertility. You can find show notes for the episode on our website at Schedule a FREE 20-minute consult with us Receive priority notification and early-bird pricing for our upcoming online course: Sign up!
June 19, 2019
#32 Understanding & Investigating Recurrent Pregnancy Loss with Dr. Lora Shahine, MD
In episode 32, we interview reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Lora Shahine, about recurrent pregnancy loss and the reality of conventional fertility treatments. Dr. Shahine is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of miscarriage and has even written a book on the subject, called Not Broken. The book helps couples navigate the often disheartening and frustrating process of trying to investigate the cause of multiple losses and also provides an evidence-based resource on treatment options that can help increase the chances for a successful pregnancy in the future. In the episode, you'll learn about the most common cause of miscarriage, the first steps to evaluating a couple that has experienced multiple losses, and some of the things you can start doing now to reduce your risk. We also talk through some of the myths surrounding fertility and conventional treatment options and give you advice on how to choose the right clinic and care team for you. You can learn more about Dr. Shahine and find links to her book, website, and social media here: Download your FREE quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant? Book a FREE 20 minute consult
June 12, 2019
#31 What To Expect From a Fertility Clinic: Conventional Testing & Treatment Options
In episode 31, we help you understand the basics of conventional fertility testing and treatment options. Although our practice is all about natural and integrative fertility care, we still want you to understand when it might be time to seek out help from a fertility clinic and what to expect when you get there. We go over the 3 types of evaluations you'll typically receive, how the different treatments options works (IUI, IVF, etc.), and the side effects, risks, and costs associated with each one. We also give you a realistic look at success rates for each treatment and discuss some of the things you'll want to consider when choosing a fertility clinic and treatment course. As a side note, we are NOT experts in conventional fertility care and you should definitely discuss specific questions or concerns you have about treatment with your clinic or reproductive endocrinologist. You can find show notes for the episode on our website at Get your FREE download: Fertility Recovery Guide
June 5, 2019
#30 When All-Natural Isn't Enough with Krista Barlow, MScN
In episode 30, we interview functional nutritionist, Krista Barlow, about her journey through infertility and IVF. When Krista started struggling to conceive, she was fully committed to using nutrition and natural medicine to work through it and get pregnant on her own. But after 6 long years, she finally decided to seek help from a reproductive endocrinologist to investigate further. And it turns out that, despite doing everything in her power to overcome infertility naturally, she would ultimately need IVF to start her family. In this episode, Krista shares her entire story and we also talk about when you should consider conventional testing/treatment, how to maintain your health and sanity while going through IVF, and why it's so important to always trust your intuition! You can find show notes for the episode and links to Krista's website and social media on our website at  Resources we talk about in the episode:  BLOG: Genetic SNP Testing Made Safe, Easy and Affordable With MaxGen Labs Order Your Own Genetic Testing Kit from MaxGen Labs Better Beauty Facebook Group with Krista Barlow
May 29, 2019
#29 Preventing Autism with Special Guest Dr. David Berger
In episode 29, we interview Board Certified Pediatrician and preconception care expert, Dr. David Berger. His practice, Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care, is focused on holistic medical therapies for chronic disorders in both children and adults, including autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, and autoimmune disorders. Dr. David also helps couples prepare for pregnancy with preconception counseling, testing, and treatments that are aimed at optimizing the health of the pregnancy and baby. Today, he shares with us how his approach to autism and other chronic conditions is different than conventional medical therapies and how we can actually reduce the risk of our children developing these conditions by intervening BEFORE we try to conceive. Dr. David also dives into some of the specific testing, treatments, and lifestyle modifications he recommends to couples who want to do their best to prepare their bodies for pregnancy. You can find links to Dr. David's website and blog on our website at Get your own preconception care and fertility action plan for just $97: Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment
May 22, 2019
#28 Beyond Conventional Medicine with Special Guest Razi Berry
In epsiode 28, we interview Razi Berry about her personal health and fertility journey. After having her debilitating symptoms continually dismissed by conventional doctors and being told in her 20's that she'd never have children, Razi sought help from a naturopathic doctor. Not only was she able to heal from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, but she was also able to naturally conceive 2 healthy children! Her miraculous health turnaround led her to become an outspoken advocate for naturopathic and mind-body medicine and she's dedicated her career to getting the word out. Tune in to hear Razi's incredible health and fertility story and to learn about what sets naturopathic medicine apart and how it can help you uncover true and lasting health. You can find links to Razi's website, her podcast, and her social media on our website at . Take the FREE quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant? 
May 15, 2019
#27 Egg Quality 101 with Special Guest Dr. Jaclyn Chasse
In episode 27, we interview naturopathic physician and fertility expert, Dr. Jaclyn Chasse. Her practice, Perfect Fertility, is dedicated to fertility, sexual health and family wellness. Today, Dr. Chasse talks to us about egg quality, including how to properly assess for ovarian reserve, the 4 primary factors that negatively impact egg quality, how to test for each of these factors, and specific steps you can take to improve egg quality and boost fertility. You can find links to Dr. Chasse’s website and her upcoming May 11th fertility class for practitioners on our website at Download your free guide: Fertility Recovery Guide
May 8, 2019
#26 Cervical Mucus & Cycle Tracking with Special Guest Lisa Hendrickson-Jack
In episode 26, we interview Fertility Awareness Educator and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack. Lisa is the host of the popular Fertility Friday podcast and the author of The Fifth Vital Sign. She helps women understand how to track their menstrual cycles for birth control, conception, and monitoring overall health and we're excited to have her with us to talk about how to identify your fertile signs. You'll learn what the Fertility Awareness Method is and how to use it, why cervical mucus is so amazing and why you can't get pregnant without it, and how tracking your cycle can help you identify when something is going wrong with your health or fertility. You can find links to Lisa's podcast, book, and social media on our website at Take the free quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?  Enter the Instagram *GIVEAWAY* to win a copy of The Fifth Vital Sign: 
May 1, 2019
#25 Do You Have Low Progesterone? Special Guest Amy Beckley, PhD
In episode 25, we interview infertility warrior, miscarriage survivor, and scientist, Amy Beckley.  Amy is the founder and CEO of Proov, the first at-home rapid response urine progesterone test. Motivated by her personal infertility experience and her desire to empower other women to better understand their fertility, Amy used her PhD in Pharmacology to create Proov. Tune in to hear Amy's story and to learn all about progesterone, including why it's so important to fertility and pregnancy, why it's not always easy to identify when progesterone is too low, some of the causes of progesterone imbalances, and how Proov can help you determine if progesterone levels are an issue for you. You can view show notes for the episode and find links to Proov here. Take the free quiz:  Are You Healthy Enough To Get Pregnant?
April 24, 2019
#24 Dr. Lara Briden: Is it PCOS? Clearing Up The Confusion
In episode 24, we interview naturopathic doctor, women's health expert, and author of Period Repair Manual, Dr. Lara Briden. We discuss polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is a highly misunderstood condition affecting about 10% of women and contributing to 20-30% of infertility cases. Dr. Briden covers why PCOS is so frequently misdiagnosed, how it SHOULD be diagnosed, and the 4 different sub-types of the condition (all of which require different healing approaches). We also talk about why conventional treatments for PCOS are so often ineffective and dive into the specific naturopathic and nutritional therapies that can help women restore their health and fertility. Whether you've been diagnosed with PCOS, you suspect you may have it, or you're questioning the diagnosis you've received, this episode is for you! You can view the show notes for the episode and find links to Dr. Briden's website and book here. Take the FREE quiz: What's Your PCOS Subtype?
April 17, 2019
#23 Dr. Jolene Brighten: Balancing Hormones After Birth Control
In episode 23, we interview naturopathic doctor, women's health expert, and bestselling author of Beyond the Pill, Dr. Jolene Brighten. She talks about the many side effects that hormonal birth control can cause in a woman's body, how this can impact long-term health and fertility, and what women can do to balance their hormones, recover their health, and conceive successfully after birth control. Dr. Brighten unpacks a lot of the myths surrounding hormonal contraception and validates the experiences of women everywhere who have had their symptoms and concerns dismissed by their healthcare professionals. Combining the latest scientific research with her vast clinical experience helping women heal from post birth control syndrome, Dr. Brighten shares invaluable information to empower you on your health and fertility journey. You can find links to Dr. Brighten's website, book, and free Post Birth Control Detox Diet Guide here. Take the FREE quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?
April 10, 2019
#22 Functional Hormone Testing and Fertility with Special Guest Dr. Carrie Jones
In episode 22, we interview Dr. Carrie Jones about how to receive a comprehensive functional assessment of your hormones beyond what you get from blood tests at your doctor's office. She gives an overview of the DUTCH (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones) test and explains how it's different from conventional hormone testing and why you should consider it when you're trying to conceive or struggling with infertility. We go over all the markers on the DUTCH and share how each of them can be used to uncover the root cause of hormone imbalance symptoms or trouble conceiving. We also discuss specific things women can do to address hormone imbalances and improve their fertility. View the episode show notes here. Take our FREE quiz: Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant? Order your DUTCH test now: Work With Us
April 3, 2019
#21 The Mind-Body Connection with Special Guest Parijat Deshpande
In episode 21, we interview mind-body wellness and high-risk pregnancy expert Parijat Deshpande.  She talks about her book, Pregnancy Brain, and gives us some insight on why we need to be mindful of our stress and stay connected with our bodies - especially during fertility challenges and pregnancy complications. Parijat also shares some inspirational advice on how to process negative emotions like grief, anger, shame, and resentment in a healthier way. You can find links to Parijat's work, including her website, podcast, and book here. FREE Fertility Recovery Guide
March 27, 2019
#20 The Male Perspective: Special Interviews with Dan Cornett & Matthew Aman
In episode 20, the husbands tell all! We interviewed our own partners about their experiences with preconception care and fertility optimization. Dan and Matt each have unique perspectives when it comes to their health and their role in the pregnancy preparation process and we wanted to capture a little bit of the male point of view. If you're having trouble getting your man on board with diet or lifestyle changes to support their health and fertility, this is the episode to share with them.  We’re excited to let you behind the scenes and introduce you to the men that keep our worlds turning! Free Quiz: "Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?"  Show notes and links to book references
March 20, 2019
#19 Male Fertility: Improving Sperm Quality with Diet and Lifestyle
In episode 19, we talk in-depth about male fertility. We discuss the different lab tests that can evaluate sperm quality and hormone balance, the specific medical conditions and lifestyle habits that can contribute to reduced fertility, and actionable recommendations to help men improve their sperm quality, fertility potential, and overall health.  This episode is brought to you by our Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment, which provides individualized recommendations and step-by-step action items for addressing fertility risk factors in BOTH partners. This is the perfect tool to help couples prepare optimally for pregnancy and increase their chances of a successful conception and a healthy baby. Learn more and get signed up here!
March 13, 2019
#18 Special Guest Ayla Barmmer MS, RD, LDN: Detoxification & Fertility
In episode 18, we interview registered dietitian and women's health expert, Ayla Barmmer MS, RD, LDN about the important role of detoxification in health and fertility. There are A LOT of misconceptions about detoxification and Ayla's going to help clear those up for you today! You'll learn what detoxification, why it's so important for overall health and the ability to conceive, and what circumstances may increase your need for detoxification support. Ayla also shares actionable recommendations for SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY supporting your detox pathways and, ultimately, improving your fertility. You can learn more about Ayla on her website at and be sure to follow along with her on Instagram @aylabarmmer! FREE webinar: 5 Proven Ways to Get Pregnant Faster & Have a Healthier Baby - Register Now!
March 6, 2019
#17 Vegan Diets for Fertility & Pregnancy: What You Need to Know
Are you currently eating a vegan diet while trying to conceive or while pregnant? Are you considering a vegan diet due to ethical, environmental, or health/fertility concerns? Then tune in! In this episode, we discuss what you absolutely MUST know if you plan to start or stay on a vegan diet during preconception and pregnancy, including the NINE essential nutrients that you may be missing out on from food and what you can do to try to close these gaps. We also talk about some of the major reasons people choose veganism and why the ethical and environmental concerns are not as black and white as you might think. We do talk a lot about KEY supplements in the episode and you can access our entire FREE course on How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements here! Other resources we recommend: Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols RDN, CDE The China Study: A Formal Analysis and Response by Denise Minger The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith A Vegan Dietitian Reviews “What the Health” by Virginia Messina MPH, RD
February 27, 2019
#16 Are You Healthy Enough to Get Pregnant?
In this episode, we talk about common health symptoms that can have a major impact on fertility and your future baby's health and what you can do to investigate and address them. We also go into why we don't always recognize when something is going wrong with our health and help you understand the specific symptoms you need to be watching for if you're wanting to get pregnant in the next year. We have a FREE quiz that goes along with this episode to help you identify which symptoms apply to you. Access the quiz here! Other resources we discuss: FREE course: How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements Work with us: Functional Lab Testing & Review Consults Online Assessment: Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment
February 20, 2019
#15 Special Guest Lily Nichols RDN: Supporting Fertility & Pregnancy with Real Food
In this episode, we interview real food dietitian and bestselling author, Lily Nichols RDN, CDE. She talks about her incredible book, Real Food for Pregnancy, and goes into which foods we should be eating during preconception and pregnancy, why conventional nutrition advice is often terribly outdated, and how we can start making simple changes to support our fertility and the long-term health of our babies. We also dive into evidence-based reasons that a vegan diet should be seriously reconsidered when trying to conceive and while pregnant. We cover some of the specific essential nutrients that are missing from this type of diet and why supplementing may not be enough to close these nutrient gaps. We're so excited to have Lily with us today and to share her work with all of you! Links to Lily's Work Books: Real Food for Gestational Diabetes and Real Food for Pregnancy Website: Instagram: @lilynicholsrdn Facebook: Lily Nichols RDN Other Resources FREE Fertility Recovery Guide
February 13, 2019
#14 How I'm Living Pain-Free with Endometriosis: Special Guest Kristy Dishmon, NTP
In this episode, we interview Kristy Dishmon, an NTP colleague of Kristin's who spent more than a decade in debilitating pain before finally being diagnosed with endometriosis. Since discovering nutrition 3 years ago, Kristy has been on an incredible journey to heal her body and reclaim her life from chronic illness. She is now living almost completely pain-free by supporting her body with nourishing foods, a healthy lifestyle, and other natural therapies. Listen in to hear her entire story, all the way from the onset of her symptoms to the specific protocol she's using today to get and stay healthy. Kristy's miraculous health turn-around sparked a passion in her to help other women get to the root cause of their symptoms and heal from chronic illness. She received her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification in 2018 and started a nutrition practice called The Rooted Life.  If you're inspired by Kristy's story and want to learn more about how she can help you, you can find her on her website at or on Instagram @endo.foodie! Other resources we discussed: FREE Checklist: 7 Ways to Reduce Pain & Boost Fertility with Endometriosis Functional Lab Testing and Review Consults
February 6, 2019
#13 Endometriosis: Why You're Suffering & How to Reclaim Your Fertility
In this episode, we dive into the complex topic of endometriosis and infertility. If you have endometriosis, you probably already know that there's no cure and that the conventional treatment options are limited. But you might not have heard about the MANY natural therapies available that can help you recover your health, reduce your pain, and increase your fertility! Dr. Haylee and Kristin share the most up-to-date research on what contributes to the development and spread of endometriosis, how the condition is diagnosed, how it can lead to infertility, and what you can do to start getting your life back and increasing your chances of a successful pregnancy. We also have a special FREE download that provides you with a quick-reference guide for the interventions we discuss in the episode. Download your checklist for 7 Ways to Reduce Pain & Increase Fertility with Endometriosis now!
January 30, 2019
#12 Miscarriage: Major Contributing Factors & How to Reduce Your Risk
In this episode, Dr. Haylee and Kristin discuss risk factors for miscarriage and how couples can increase their chances of a healthy, full-term pregnancy. You'll learn which health conditions, nutrient deficiencies, and environmental exposures can contribute to pregnancy loss, what you can do to address these risk factors, and which tests are most important to consider if you have a history of miscarriage.  We also have a special guest interview with one of Dr. Haylee's patients. She's going to share her personal experience with loss and talk about some of the things she's done to work toward having a healthy pregnancy in the future.  This episode is brought to you by our Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment, which is the tool we created to provide you and your partner with an individualized action plan to improve your fertility, prepare for a healthy pregnancy, and reduce the risk of chronic illness in your future child. You can learn more and access the assessment here: Other resources we discuss in the episode: Dr. Isabella Wentz (thyroid healing): Genetics Blog Post: Oh SNP! Three Genetic Variations That May Affect Your Fertility EWG Produce Guides: 2018 Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce FREE Prenatal Supplements Course FREE Fertility Recovery Guide
January 23, 2019
#11: Digestion Finale - How it Should Work, How Dysfunction Starts, & Top Tips to Fix Your Gut
Dr. Haylee and Kristin continue the discussion about gut issues and fertility.  While the last two episodes focused on Dr. Haylee’s and Kristin’s personal gut experiences, this episode takes a deeper dive into gut function. In this episode we cover how digestion shouldwork, the most common problems with digestion, what causes them, and how these issues ultimately impact fertility.  We also discuss adjustments you can make to your diet and lifestyle to improve digestion, in addition to how to find a qualified practitioner to help you investigate your gut function further.   This episode is brought to you by our FREE online course on "How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements." 
January 16, 2019
#10: Kristin's Journey Through SIBO, Parasites, AIP, Functional GI Testing & Healing
Kristin shares her experience with complicated gut issues and the long, winding path she's taken to find relief from her symptoms and restore her fertility. She discusses the FIVE treatments she's been through for SIBO, her eventual discovery of multiple parasite infections, her recent diagnosis with an autoimmune condition, and the current dietary protocol she's following to keep her health on track. We also do a deep dive into how gut dysfunction affects fertility, the specific functional tests we recommend to investigate digestive issues, the necessary components of a gut healing protocol, and why personalization is the key to success when treating the gut. This episode is brought to you by our FREE online course on "How to Choose the Best Prenatal Supplements".
January 9, 2019
#9: IBS, SIBO, and Dr. Haylee's Personal Experience With Gut Healing
Dr. Haylee share's her personal journey with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and her recent experience with using the elemental diet to heal her gut. In this episode, you’ll learn what IBS and SIBO actually are, how they’re diagnosed, the symptoms they typically cause, and the possible treatment options to address them. Dr. Haylee also talks about the multiple treatments she’s been through for IBS/SIBO and some of the missteps she’s had along the way. If you’re having problems with your digestion, you’ll definitely want to tune in! Gut health is a critically important part of optimizing both overall health and fertility, but it’s almost completely ignored in conventional fertility medicine. We’re going to help shed some light on why you should spend time investigating your gut during preconception and how you can get started. This episode is brought to you by our free course on "How To Choose The  Best Prenatal Supplements" 
January 2, 2019
#8: "What's In Your Personal Care Products?" With Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty, ND RAc
With Dr. Liz, we explore the 3 P's: Paragons, Phthalates & Perfumes - ingredients in personal care products that can negatively affect your fertility.  We give you great resources on how to find out if what you are using in your bathroom is actually harming you and how to find clean alternatives. Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc is a Naturopathic Doctor & Registered Acupuncturist with nearly a decade of clinical experience. She founded Two Rivers Health in Ontario, Canada and focuses her practice on preconception, pregnancy, postpartum & pediatric care.  She has a background in toxicology and passion for understanding how personal care products can affect one's fertility and the health of baby.  You can find her at or This episode is brought to you by our free online course on "How To Choose The Best Prenatal Vitamins"
December 26, 2018
#7: Building Your Preconception Supplement Routine With These 6 Essentials
Are you wondering exactly what nutrients are the most important to take when preparing for pregnancy? You will be surprised, it's not what you think! Dr. Haylee and Kristin break down the 6 essential supplements that research shows will improve your chance of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy! We give you exactly why you need these nutrients, the form and amount you need to look for when choosing a supplement, and what you absolutely need to avoid. This episode is sponsored by our FREE course "How To Choose The Best Prenatal Supplements" 
December 19, 2018
#6: Surprising Facts About Sleep and How it Affects Fertility
In this episode we teach you why sleep is so important to your health and how it can help you enhance your fertility through things like balancing your hormones, boosting your metabolism, and taming inflammation in your body. If you're interested in learning more how you can quickly boost your fertility with 5 simple steps, download our FREE Fertility Recovery Guide
December 12, 2018
#5: How Balancing Blood Sugar Can Improve Your Chance of Conceiving
Learn blood sugar works in the body, influences hormone balance, egg quality, and your baby's health, and how to find your individual "sweet spot" for carbohydrates.
December 5, 2018
#4: Gene Mutations & Fertility: MTHFR, PEMT, VDR | Carrier Screening
Dr. Haylee and Kristin discuss how certain single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in our DNA can affect how well we can utilize specific nutrients, such as choline, folate and vitamin D, in our body. The top three SNPs discussed are MTHFR, PEMT, and VDR due to their significant impact on fertility and long term health of baby.
November 28, 2018
#3: Meet Dr. Haylee
Dr. Haylee she tells us about her background, her health obstacles including her scare with losing her ability to conceive at a young age, and her journey to finding naturopathic medicine. During medical school, she found a passion for preconception care and fertility. After her residency, she launched the online fertility platform, Tiny Feet, with her husband and Kristin.
November 21, 2018
#2: Meet Kristin
In today's episode, Kristin introduces herself and tells her story of how she struggled with her health and found healing with nutrition. From financial analyst to a certified nutritionist, Kristin now helps other couples find their best health to realize their dream of having a healthy baby.
November 21, 2018
#1: Preconception Care, Fertility, & Your Future Baby's Health
In this inaugural episode, Dr. Haylee & Kristin explain what preconception care is, why it's important, and how it can affect the long-term health your future baby. They introduce the Tiny Feet Fertility Assessment, an online fertility planning platform for couples wanting to conceive and have a healthy baby.
November 14, 2018
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