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Mastering360: XR Storytelling and Production

Mastering360: XR Storytelling and Production

By Chris Bedyk
The Mastering360 podcast is designed for filmmakers and content creators who want to explore this new and exciting communication tool. Immersive media is different than the all the others. We must learn a new visual language, workflows, and procedures to better tell engaging, impactful, and compelling stories that connect in a deep meaningful way. Although this medium is still in its infancy, properly executed experiential stories will have the profound ability to reshape our future on all levels. We focus on 360 but explore the others. The world is ready for immersive creators. Are you ready?
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#0 - Stories about VR/360˚ Filmmaking with Chris Bedyk & Les Birch
This podcast is for Filmmakers, Content Creators and all types of Storytellers! Co-host Chris Bedyk is immersive filmmaker and educator who has worked in the Vancouver TV/Film industry for the past 20 years as a cinematographer and camera operator. Since 2013, he has been designing custom VR/360˚ cameras and creating 100's of immersive experiences for big brands, Hollywood studios and professional sports teams like Disney, Netflix, Vancouver Canucks, and Mercedes Benz. Chris is joined by Co-Host Les Birch who is also a VR/360˚ content creator but more importantly is an impressive storyteller. Together they share immersive production knowledge and stories to enable other artists and technicians to better create content that connects, engages and impacts the world around us.
November 1, 2019
Welcome- What is the Mastering360 podcast about?
Look under the hood of the Mastering360 podcast. Episode 1 is released November 1, 2019. 
October 1, 2019