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Know Yourself with Matheo Galatis

Know Yourself with Matheo Galatis

By Matheo Galatis
Know Yourself aims to teach you about the hidden variables that influence your behaviour decisions and actions.
We did not learn the foundations of how we operate as human beings and as a result are often living mindlessly trying to make life work.
We are here to teach you the mysteries of how life works so that you can have the power of your life in your hands and live according to your own inner guidance system.
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Know Yourself Ep 12: Family Systems and healing generational trauma
If you've ever wondered how it happens that we take on beliefs, patterns, behaviours and trauma from our parents and grandparents, this episode will give you a sound understanding this theme.  Children tend to carry the patterns of their parents. Unless it is healed in the parent, it will be passed on to your child.  Children can inherit belief systems, stored trauma and even illness from their parents going as far as 7 generations back. This means that your or your children might carry 'stuff' that came from generations ago.  Unless you learn how to remove these patterns and traumas, you will recycle the same problems and be the victim of unconscious disturbances in your life.  Disturbances can happen in relationships, in finances, with work, illness, psychological issues and more.  In addition to that, you or your children can entangle with people in the family system and follow in their footsteps out of a deep loyalty to the family. People will have the experience of not living their lives, disconnected from their values or reality itself. They may seek far and wide for psychological or medical solutions but the cause might be on a very different level. Unless you heal the cause you will keep recycling the same problems and challenges.  Enjoy the episode.  If you want to dive deeper into how family systems work and along with a short process on how to start the healing process, I share all of that information inside the Family systems module in the Know Yourself Teachings.  Get the full Know Yourself Teachings here:
September 07, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 11: The 7 Levels of Health and Healing
The 7 levels of health and healing aims to introduce you to the understanding that illness, disease, relationship challenges, financial challenges and psychological problems can be caused on different levels and unless you deal with it on the level that it occurs you will never have healing but be left managing symptom after symptom.  As a teenager I new that treating symptoms does not lead to healing but only offers relief. True healing happens when you identify and resolve the cause. The symptom is merely an indication that something is wrong or out of balance.  In 2007 I started to dive into the healing arts and understanding how human behaviour links to healing. I came across many disciplines of health and healing some of which I studied and others I briefly looked into. I was interested in how symptoms occur, what they mean and how to identify the cause of symptoms.  Later on I studied how various illnesses occur on an emotional, psychological and even genetic level. When treating a symptom and not resolving the cause you tend to have another symptom show up again or an illness coming back more fierce than before.  I use this same model when I consult to organisations, businesses, when resolving conflict or helping people to heal relationships challenges. Find the cause and you gain the ability to solve the problem. Deal only with symptoms and they will show up in many different forms keeping you busy recycling the same or similar problems.  For the full Know Yourself Teachings go to: 
August 31, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 10: Your External Guidance System
What happens when you do not pay attention to your own inner guidance system and you move in the wrong direction with your life?  Something needs to bring you back on track so that you can move in the correct direction. This is what I call your external guidance system which consists of people, places and circumstances that bring support and challenge to your life so that you can adjust and come back to your truth.  People, circumstances and events will temporarily take the place of your inner guidance system and they will begin to guide your life to support you to live your true life. Major changes in life circumstances, being laid off from your job, relationship breakups, health challenges, accidents and various other events can all very likely be caused by you not listening to your inner guidance system. In this episode I share the mechanics of the feedback mechanism through a client case study.  For the full Know Yourself Teachings go here: 
August 24, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 9: Thoughts
What are thoughts? How are they created? How do we use them? How do thoughts effect your life?   If you want to begin to have power over your life, you will need some understanding of how thoughts work.  Your mind is affected by thoughts in your environment, other peoples thoughts and your own past thoughts (beliefs). If the thought you entertain are not true and based your life decisions on those thoughts, it is likely that you will live an untrue life and end up being unfulfilled.  I will introduce  the 9 different places where thoughts come from so you can understand that many thoughts are not your own.  You will learn how you receive thoughts from past generations.  How to gain power over your thoughts   Connect with me through my website For the full Know Yourself Teachings go here: 
August 19, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 8: Thoughts as feedback mechanisms
In this episode we explore thoughts as feedback mechanisms. I share a powerful client case study who was just fired from his job and how we used his inner guidance system to calm and get back in track with his life.  Remember that it is important to acknowledge and include all thoughts and all emotions that arise. This simply means that you do not judge them as good or bad, you do not suppress any thoughts or any emotions, you simply allow them to be.  Just like when the wind blows, no amount of judgement will make it change, you simply let it be as it is a principle of nature.  Let's look at how thoughts give us feedback to support us to guide our life. In another episode I will share how thoughts from the past affect you and how beliefs are formed.  For the full Know Yourself Teachings go here:
August 11, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 7: Emotions as feedback mechanisms
In the previous episode I introduced the concept of feedback mechanisms that are there to help you come back in connection with your inner guidance system so that you can guide your life by what is true for you.  Today we explore the purpose of emotions in the context of feedback mechanisms.  There is another purpose for having emotions but for this episode I want to keep the focus on using your emotions as a guide. You are going to love this as it is something that most teachings on emotions completely miss!   Enjoy it!  To access the full Know Yourself Lessons go to: For personal coaching or to transform your own patterns that keep you from guiding your own life go to:
August 04, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 6: Your feedback mechanisms
As human beings we have an inner guidance system that guides us. It provides an instant when something is right for you or when something is not right for you. If you are connected to your guidance system you will always know how to make the right decision for your life. The problem is that most people have lost connection to their instant response and they need something to tell them when they are moving away from their true life goals and purpose.  The way your guidance system communicates to you is through your physical body, your emotions and your thoughts as a primary mechanism, other people and outside circumstances as a secondary mechanism.  In this episode I reveal how these mechanisms work.  You will not want to do any positive thinking again after this! :)  For the full Know Yourself Teachings go here: 
July 27, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 5: How to Connect your Inner Guidance System
In the pursuit of intellectual and technological advancement we have become more dependent on factors outside of us that provide guidance and direction and we have become distant to our own intuitive and creative compass.  For this reason, I am introducing the various tools that will support you to connect to your own inner guidance system so that you can reignite your intuitive force and begin to have clarity of YES vs NO.  Making decisions for your life become easy when you are connected.  In this episode I share how it happened that we disconnected and a tool to reconnect to your true innate intelligence.  The first step is to connect with your body and emotions and start to pay attention to what they say.  In the next episodes I will clarify the role of thoughts and emotions relative to your inner guidance system and how to begin to use them.  Enjoy this one!  Matheo  For the full Know Yourself Teachings go here:
July 20, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 4: Your Inner Guidance System
We, as human beings, have been gifted with a natural guidance system in the form of our physical body, our emotions and our thoughts (inner guidance system) and other people, challenging circumstances and events (external guidance system), to support us to distinguish what is right for us and whether or not we are moving in the right direction with our life. Just as a compass is able to tell you whether you are facing the right direction or not, these components give you feedback and guide you toward what is true for your life. When you are not connected to your inner guidance system then it is very likely that you will wander off in the wrong direction and make untrue choices for your life, which can lead to a lack of fulfilment and living a life that isn’t yours. Enjoy the episode.  For the full Know Yourself teachings go to 
July 13, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 3: Armed Robbery
In our society today, we do not have a common practice of connecting to our emotions and learning to move through traumatic events. Most people have great difficulty with emotions and tend to get stuck in repetitive emotional cycles that they cannot get out of.  In addition to that, we have given so much attention to our mental faculties which has brought us great progress, yet has caused us to disconnect from our emotional body. As a consequence, we do not embody ourselves fully.  I also realised that doing personal development work intellectually does not bring transformation. We need to embody the work.  Little did I know that having a gun to my head at 16 years old would shape my future desire to teach people how to process traumatic events and understand how to use their emotions by embodying them instead of avoiding them.  For the full set of Know Yourself Teachings go to 
July 06, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 2: What we don't know
There are many things about how life works that we don't know. When I explored deeper into the realms of the mind, the subconscious mind, belief systems, evolutionary psychology, family systems therapy, neuroscience, quantum physics and cosmology I very quickly learned that there are hidden determinants to human behaviour that are active, that influence our choices, decisions and actions but we are unaware of these mechanisms and how they operate.  This episode provides a teaser of what is to come in future episodes where we will cover the depth of all these mechanisms that influence the power you have over your life.  I also share how I came about learning what I did and why.  For the full Know Yourself Lessons go to . 
July 06, 2021
Know Yourself Ep 1: Welcome to Know Yourself
Welcome to the first episode of this podcast. Which is all about knowing yourself We were never given a manual of how life works or how we work as human beings.  As a result, at least in my life, maybe yours too, I didn’t understand why certain things happen. Why did I make the wrong relationship choices? How did I create financial challenges for myself? What caused me to have unwanted emotions? Why do I have negative thinking even though I don’t want to have those thoughts? How did certain health ailments occur? Why did I feel like I didn’t fit in with certain friends or social circles? Why did people die early in my family? For the full Know Yourself Lessons go to 
July 06, 2021