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All That Jazz

All That Jazz

By Matjaz
All That jazz is about healing, understanding how hard it is to be a human (and do it anyway), the context or the way we take things in which we live in (which can sometimes be false), learning on different levels and having fun doing it. The podcast features a diverse set of positive viewpoints.
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Ep. 86 - Blindness, Growing up different and Blind jokes (with Gail Hamilton)

All That Jazz

Ep. 107 The Monroe Institute, Improving Intuition and Reaching the 1% (with Allyn Evens)
Here in this video I talk to Allyn Evans about the Monroe Institute; 'Discovery program; her initial goal of becoming more intuitive; usefulness of intuition; her initial concerns about taking her first course at the Monroe Institute to becoming an Executive director; What the 'Gateway experience' is; her religious background; learning practical tools in the courses that help in our daily lives; her being born and raised in Mississippi; the mission of reaching 1% of the population to have a direct experience; how Covid affected how the Monroe Institute operates; the Expand app; virtual/online programs; media engagements and documentaries that help to spread the word; how the online courses compare to in-person courses and why she recommends them; Robert Monroe and his background in radio; Binaural Beats; Robert Monroe's spontaneous Out of Body experiences; the importance of spiritual progress; she mentions David R. Hawkins and his map of consciousness; the importance of awareness; she recommends the book Suddenly Psychic by Maureen Caudill  - the author's journey started after she took a course at the Monroe Institute & how she discovered David R. Hawkins' work.  Monroe Institute's website: Monroe's Institute App for smart phones - 'Expand: Beyond Meditation' 
August 30, 2022
Ep. 106 Sailing around the world, abusive marriage and How To Heal . Com (with Dani Mansfield)
Here in this video I talk to Danielle Mansfield about how she grew up on a sailing around the world on a sailing boat; being home-schooled; growing up 'night watches'; participating in a race across the Atlantic Ocean; eating lots of fish; a time where she had to pretend to be a boy; surviving storms; Ocean's 'seat belt'; dealing with sharks; her first experience of having a home; being sensitive of other people's emotional states; getting trained in body-work and holistic techniques; rich and famous clientele; having lots of clients; burning out; leaving that prestigious job; Washington Red Skins; abusive marriage; learning how to heal through a prayerful meditative state; being grateful; importance of forgiveness in healing; transmutation of love; being guided to buy a website; bringing accessibility to healing to everyone & step by step guide way to how to heal. Dani's website & the free 'How To Heal' course: Dani's YouTube channel: YouTube version of this: Rumble version:
June 02, 2022
Ep. 105 Predetermination, Difficult Experiences and Direction of Mankind (with Guy Steven Needler)
Here in this video I talk to Guy Steven Needler about how wisdom takes time; following gut feelings; what happens if we don't do everything we're supposed to; predetermination vs free will; our interactions with others can always help us; butterfly effect of social interactions; distractions from being in the moment; difficult experiences as a learning tool; election fraud; how he views spiritual people that are also political; how he views fair-weather political leaders; His views on government's response to Covid; Covid cooked numbers of fatalities; Black plague mortality vs Covid in a world of fast transportation; Ukraine war; his view of the current lack of direction of mankind; everybody is doing the best can they (even though it might not look like that); his recommendation of meditation as a best spiritual practice.   Guy's website: Guy's book 'Psycho Spiritual Healing': Video versions of this podcast: Rumble: Youtube:
May 14, 2022
Ep. 104 Decolonialization, Boomers and Why Modern Movies Suck (with Danielle)
Here in this video I talk to Danielle about the dirty war that is politics; lawsuit culture; 'the patriarchy'; feminisation of culture; social control; the great Reset - 'you will eat bugs and you'll be happy'; why Biden won't take a mental test; how critical race theory dominates higher education; how decolonialization is making tribalism trendy again; how cancel culture and mass struggle sessions are bringing the public discourse further down; how far-left indoctrination is happening younger and younger; how modern movies are cynical because of younger screenplay writers that are ideologically motivated; the greatness of 'It's a Wonderful Life'; why the new Star Wars movies are silly and poor quality - no depth of characters; degradation of culture in just the last 5 years; why 'Wonder Woman 1984' is trash; why some people in the mainstream media are turning against Biden; the absurdity of Kyrie Irving able to attend the game but not play the basketball game because of nonsensical Covid rules; Covid compliance and authoritarianism mirroring a scary time in history; the new Supreme Court pick being chosen on the basis of gender and race; how she rates Trump's presidency and why; comedians like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon living in a (far-left) bubble; why people dislike Kamala Harris; how hatred (aka marxism) corrupts people's character; the genius of Thomas Sowell; unicorn ideology of modern politics; the problems with some of the politics of Jordan Peterson; her view on boomers & the 'fortification' of the last election. YouTube: Rumble:
March 23, 2022
103 - Becoming Hindu, Market Crashes and Global Cooling (with Frank van Waardenburg)
Here in this video I speak to Frank van Waardenburg about his upbringing & moving countries; how everything happens to us to bring us closer to God; leaving Indonesia, emigrating to Netherland and then to United States; becoming Hindu; everything is sacred in Hinduism; role of cows in Hinduism; identity crisis; Ramana Maharshi; Robert Adams; discovering the work of David R. Hawkins; "change happens within"; falls of consciousness; 25 years of insurance and finance experience; racquetball tournament; predicting the market crash in 2000; predicting the housing collapse in 2007-08; how the book 'Lord of the Dawn: Quetzalcoatl' changed his view of Mexico; "With the advent of light, darkness has no place to hide"; moving into a different time; "consciousness is the source of all healing"; 'spontaneous remission'; the role of astrology in his work; his view on crypto; 18 year cycles & stocks; more than one inventor getting the same idea in different parts of the world &  global cooling - get a wood stove.    His lecture before the housing collapse: YouTube version: Rumble version:
February 16, 2022
Ep. 102 Truma, Tantrums and Inner Child Healing (with Jenine Lori)
Here in this video I talk to Jenine Lori about Chiron and its significance in one's astrological chart; original wounds in childhood, trauma responses; "trauma is just intense energy"; we're always telling a story about where we are in life without knowing it; every child will grow up with some pain - it's about learning how to respond; if the trauma didn't happen we wouldn't be who we are now; we inherit our family's stories; with absolute trauma something in us 'checks out'; 'if you really wanna see your wounds, move to a foreign country where you don't know anyone'; the tendency with our wounds is to see them 'out there'; you ask what does the child in me need right now?; throwing tantrums that are because of the inner child's trauma; moving out of California; 2nd graders in the inner-city schools already showing aggression; own inner healing; how she works in the sessions she offers; the more wounding there is there more the inner child feels like putting on a mask (social mask) in front of others; North/South Node; the goal is to have a healthier child.    Jenine's websites:   Jenine's book 'Surprise, I have 3 eyes!: A children's book about awakening inner vision' YouTube version of this podcast: Rumble version:
February 08, 2022
Ep. 101 From 7th Day Adventism to Judaism, Online Blogging and the Porn Industry (with Luke Ford)
Here in this video I talk to Luke Ford and his early experiences of being a young person in Australia interested in writing; never doubting his writing ability; moving out of the 7th Day Adventist community and opening up to the secular world; how groups tend to have painful rituals to bond together quicker; going from a 7th Day Adventist and then to a public school; the 'fruits' of breaking the Sabbath; avoiding confrontations while in the home; giving up the religion he grew up in; wanting to be a journalist; chronic fatigue syndrome that he thinks was brought about by being a vegetarian; being an online blogger (that made money) from 1997 - 2007; writing on the porn industry - making some enemies along the way; how he sees that most people are damaged by porn; writing on the porn industry 'killed' his own attraction towards porn; 12 step groups and how emotional sobriety became a primary goal; high protein meal don't make you sleepy; why he thinks the vegetarian diet is damaging to one's health; listening to Dennis Prager; becoming interested in Judaism and eventually converting to Judaism in 1993;  Though the 12 steps accepting his own role in the interactions with other people; if he gets humiliated now he thinks "what part of reality am I missing/not accepting?"; Alexander Technique - how it helps him with relaxation & thinking - when you're more at ease, your thinking is clearer; 5 books he wrote; why he think Prager's views are being influenced by the position he's in & why he disagrees with Prager on Covid & vaccines.   Luke's website:  Alexander Technique website    His YouTube channels:   His book 'The Producers: Profiles in Frustration' YouTube version:
February 01, 2022
Ep. 100 Law School, A Screenplay and Winning Over People with the Help of Pronoia (with Laura Bogen)
Here in this video I talk to Laura Bogen about the analytical side vs creative side of the brain; the unhealthy ways people can put others first - even parents; circumstances at birth potentially influencing one's entire life; going to law school on her parents' wish; numbing herself with weed in law school; importance not to dwell on past mistakes; writing a screenplay at a boring job; learning Reiki; people seeking safety in an objective scientific standard that doesn't leave much room for anomalies; how the patterns we have in our lives are running and often we don't even see them; the impact the work of Dolores Cannon had on her; her TikTok presence; being emotionally present with yourself; waiting for the writing muse to come; Demonstration 1 52:45; how we sometimes make assumptions about other people on the basis of projection, not reality; Pronoia - the opposite of paranoia - where the Universe if conspiring in your favor; 'Love grows like a fungus'; when you're 'manifesting' something, you're manifesting an emotion'; people winning the lottery and the dynamics of that; good and evil & how we can view the ego.   Laura's book Evolved Expressions: Stepping Into Spiritual Intimacy  Her website: YouTube version: Rumble version:
January 24, 2022
Ep. 99 Matrix Energetics, Focused mind healing and 'I Like Myself' (with George B. Thomas)
Here in this video I talk to George B. Thomas, him being familiar with Kryon and Edger Cayce;  his familiarity with different healing techniques; Joe Dispenza's 'Becoming Supernatural';  2 Peter 3:18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord; still getting annoyed; importance of kindness; "In the information age, ignorance is a choice"; studying the Map of Consciousness; Brian Tracy's affirmation advice "I like myself"; EFT; everything is 'now'; 35:10 demonstration 1; the main fear - being afraid we're going to cease to exist; Neville Goddard; Matrix Energetics; importance of love, intent, emotion and imagination; 54:30 demonstration 2; wanting to be right; focused mind healing; Luise Hay's 'You can Heal Your Life'; Fast EFT demonstration; You are loved. His book Out of the blue: Miracles for Beginners George's website: His YouTube channel: YouTube version of the podcast:
January 21, 2022
Ep. 98 Palm Leaf Readings, Free Will and Cooperation (with Stephan Oesterreicher)
Here in this video I talk to Stephan Oesterreicher about his early beginning and spiritual background; seeking out spiritual practices and teachers; Himalayan monks; choosing work based on what he loves - spirituality; discovering palm leaf reading; his own experience with a reading; his view on free will vs predetermination; what recommendations the leaves might have for people; the process of the reading itself and what can people expect during and after the reading; who the Rishi's are and their role in palm leaves; 54:08 what a palm leaf looks like; Vedic astrology's connection to palm leaf readings & the cooperation he feels with other businesses that do similar palm leaf readings.   Stephan's website: YouTube version of the podcast:
December 28, 2021
Ep. 97 Psychic gifts, hunches/intuition and mediumship (with Tara)
Here in this video I talk to Tara about her religious/spiritual upbringing; open-mildness of her mom view on spirituality; pride even more psychics; rooting for the underdog; deadlines and societal pressure; psychic talent running in the family; our words can be a blessing or a curse; suffering is not for nothing; how to tell hunches are intuition; the more confusing a message, the more likely it's not intuition; how she got into mediumship; the difficulty with 'love readings'; a good reading is: you don't have to come back and become a regular costumer; 58:20 general reading demonstration; why she doesn't do 'famous dead people' work.   Tara's website: Tara's Instagram: @tarathemedium YouTube version of this podcast: 
December 20, 2021
Ep. 96 Exiting rejections, no mistakes, just experience (with Maya Dove)
Here in this video I talk to Maya Dove about her early life in Croatia; why she decided to move to Canada; how she met her husband; "When things are not working out, it's for a reason"; the illusion that there is a better place for us, somewhere; listening to others vs her own inner guidance; meeting her teacher; her losing a lot of weight; how gaining weight is not always a bad thing; being healthy coming from a state of mind; befriending your body; when you accept things, you can change it faster; how there is no 'mistakes'; starting her relationship  by telling the worst things to each other; how people change; permanence is an illusion; how ejection can be exciting; when you're aligned with what you want, there's no procrastination; 1:02:00 demonstration of her work; as long as you participate in things that aren't fulfilling, you may be blocking something better; "Things are always working out for me"; importance of accepting where and who you are in life; when people give her advice: how happy are those giving it?; allowing success into our lives.   Maya's website: YouTube link to the podcast:
December 15, 2021
Ep. 95 Covid vaccines, mainstream media/gov't manipulation & reasons for optimism (with Janeta Jane)
Here in this video I talk with Janeta Jane about fraud and corruption in politics; the need of looking for a 'saviour' in politics; internet censorship; her views on Trump and how the mainstream media put him down; Obama's wars; up to a million of Covid vaccine adverse events; far-left bias in Universities; appeasing far-leftism in academia; Jordan Peterson's positive influence & him standing up for unpopular truths; the detrimental effects of isolation and how lockdowns deteriorate people's connection & meaning in life; doctors being controlled by national institutions that threaten them with punishments if they go against the government vaccine narrative; big spikes of Covid cases in countries that are more than 70% vaccinated; Australian lockdown example; basic human rights being taken; Soviet Union/Germany in the 1930's brainwashing comparison; her experience having Covid; vaccinated people becoming even more programmed; her optimistic perspective; spiritual warfare; political brainwashing by the mainstream far-left narratives; the unpopularity of Fauci, WhiteHouse YouTube page; lack of compassion in policies that are masking kids, locking people down; the importance of being in silence, going out in nature & meditation; value of speaking up & standing up for truth; and how it can convince others. Her Facebook page: In the podcast mentioned: Mattias Desmet Stick your vaccine up you a** song YouTube version of this podcast:
December 11, 2021
Ep. 94 Fear of rejection, learning from others & pragmatic hypnosis (with Sylvia Colbourne Martin)
Here in this video I talk to Sylvia Colbourne Martin about her spiritual journey; believing that there is something bigger in Life than what appears to be; being spiritual early on in life; past life memories; fears of rejection can lead to procrastination; how she listens during sessions; sensing other people's emotions; her experience with Anthony Robbins; approval seeking from others; people's seeking of simple answers; believing other people stories; demonstration of how does her session; acting out similar things that our parents have done to us; the great fortune of life & small things - to have functional hands for example; The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho; learning from other people - Sylvia learning from people she works with; hypnosis demonstration 1:08:30 & people being affected by what happens when they're in the womb later in life. Sylvia's Facebook: Her website: YouTube version:
December 04, 2021
Ep. 93 Spiritual awakening, Intuitive drawing and Holistic Architecture (with Kaja Kochańska)
Here in this video I talk to Kaja Kochańska on studying architecture; her interest in drawing and having a wide array of interests; her experience with Vedic drawing & not judging the drawing; interior design; early experiences in the architecture business; modern buildings that are soulless; her spiritual awakening, going to India and how it changed her business; Yoga; Integration of her spiritual practice/Yoga and her architecture business; 36:00 drawing demonstration begins; how interpretation of drawing is very personal & allowing it to happen.   Kaja's website: link tree:   My drawing 'The Vortex':  Kaja's drawing 'Milkyway' YouTube version of the podcast:
November 28, 2021
Ep. 92 Life coaching, Learning in a state of confusion and the 'evil eye' (with Phoebus)
Here in this video I talk to Phoebus about life coaching and how it helped him; him going to University in US, failing and learning from that experience; 'this too shall pass' change being possible; expectations we have of others; importance of boundaries; problem of trying to change other people; God's job, my job, your job; learning from our insecurities; facing out fear instead of letting it grow; how we avoid negative emotions; 'the more we avoid things, the more they grow'; Erik Erikson's idea of learning happening in a state of confusion; we can hide from others, but can't hide from ourselves; our brain always looking for patters in life; when we go emotional, reason turns off; emotions coming in waves of intensity; the illusion of our fears (or other emotions) destroying us if we feel them; the Greek belief in the evil eye - there's a truth and a belief system.   Phoebus' links  Website: Instagram:  Podcast "Inside Treasures" available on:   iTunes - Spotify -  Google Podcasts - Stitcher - YouTube version of the podcast:
November 13, 2021
Ep. 91 - Accepting anger, daddy/parent issues & sensuality (with Marte Relling Uri)
Here in this video I talk to Marte Relling Uri about self-love; 'we tend to treat others the way we treat ourselves'; listening to others; 'the awkward silence contest'; not making anger wrong; being with one's feelings; letting go mom/dad issues we become more tolerant parent; she does not believe in negative emotions; supressed emotions finding a way to come up at inappropriate moments if we don't work with them; how it usually us that let people step over our boundaries; issues of evil vs our soul; 'daddy issues'; anger connected to passion - 'anger connected to passion'; surge of energy connected to passion & ease of work; ego being terrified of being different; people keep experiencing (same) things until they can change them; transmuting sexual energy; porn activating the animal inside & the important of paying attention to the inner exploration.    Marte's Instagram:  Her website: YouTube version of this podcast:
November 09, 2021
Ep. 90 Pattern recognition, romantic vibrational matches and speaking our truth (with Krisztina Kun)
Here in this video I talk to Krisztina Kun about connecting with the energy of others; pattern recognition of issues in their life; why people are finding happiness in food and other additions; on people who have issues with pornography; sexuality being about self-expression; guilt being self-punishment; having compassion for oneself and being aware of the patters that we are running in our lives; loving our experiences; our love life being a reflection of what is happening on the inside; finding people that are a vibrational match to where we are in self-love; her style of healing demonstration; 43min healing demonstration; how we are always guided by the higher Self, but that we have a choice on accepting it; how the people we encounter are often our teachers; how when arguing for something, speaking your own truth is more powerful than convincing; "if we don't use our power, other people will use our power"; her view on vaccines; what forgiveness means for her: self-forgivness being critical to the whole process - we cannot give what we do not have.   Her Facebook profile: YouTube version:
October 23, 2021
Ep. 89 Acting, life coaching and overcoming adversity (with Adam Broomfield-Strawn)
Here in this video I talk to Adam Broomfield-Strawn about showbiz last names; how he got into coaching arts; dealing with mental health issues; re-framing adversity; 'This too shall pass'; how he benefits from coaching others; Becoming Christian; Nicky Gubel's story (disproving Christianity which led him to become Christian); Prayer; the trouble with 'I forgive but I won't forget'; people spend most of their time thinking about themselves; usefulness of coaching; rather than 'I can't..' say 'I am learning how to..';  changing our thoughts about the past; free will vs predetermination; talent stacking; personal change vs demanding country/global change; 57:00 his pitch for veganism: 'Because animal abuse is wrong'; measuring the life/frequency of plants; philosophy on taking acting roles; taking acting as a priority and doing whatever it takes; acting classes vs on the job experience; his experience with stand-up & the support between comedians for each other.   Adam's links: His website:  YouTube channel: Instagram -  @absolutioncoaching  Facebook -
October 18, 2021
Ep. 88 Meditation, Choosing Love and Humanity's Evolution (with Sarah Strong)
Here in this video I talk to Sarah Strong, an intuitive life coach; her early life experiences in Australia as an awakened soul; her decision early on how she wanted a more loving God than what she saw in the Christian religion her family practiced; being an empath; using her gifts for the betterment of humanity; moving to United States; synchronicities; energy of Sedona; her spiritual experience at an Osho retreat in England; her connection to Yogananda;  "They call (meditation) a practice because you never get it"; listening to somebody's words, we can pick up their energy; "How long have you tried?"; Galactic Federation of Light & what it is; My particular mission and communication being one of them; Orion star system; Unicorns & Athena experience in meditation; choosing love over fear; "You cannot go somewhere if you haven't known it's opposite"; Humanity's evolution in the process of a New Earth being created.   Sarah's Social Media links  IG: FB: Sarah Strong LinkedIn  Sarah's books  'Book of Mantras' 'Live Wild Live Free' YouTube link:
September 27, 2021
Ep. 87 Family Constellations, the Abortion Effect and a Demonstration of her work (with Liza Miron)
Here I talk to Liza Miron on her accounting background; her interest in life coaching; how she found out about family constellations; the impact of sessions on other people; the effect of abortions and miscarriages on families; van Gough's brother that passed away that may have influenced him; how we receive all the trauma and happiness from our ancestors; how distance is sometimes fine, but letting go of resentment; honouring those who came before; living in an incredible information age vs people in the 1990's and before that; wanting others to be different; importance of self-acceptance and self-love; and a demonstration of her family constellations work starting at 33minutes; how this work changes others as well.   Liza's website: YouTube version:
September 05, 2021
Ep. 86 - Blindness, Growing up different and Blind jokes (with Gail Hamilton)
Here in this video I talk to Gail Hamilton about being blind; how she experiences movies; how she imagines politicians to look like; blind jokes; Helen Keller; spiritual choice before birth on disabilities - her belief; practising psychotherapy; Louis Braille and his reading system for the blind and how most of them follow a pattern except the W (because W isn't in the French language); Unified English Braille and what she thinks of it; 'turn voiceover on' trick on the iPhone; growing up knowing you're different; her worsening eye-sight in kindergarten; how she imagines some actors to look like; the Dead Sea; basketball; equality; different gifts that we all have; all being about love, gratitude and knowing that everything is possible; running into a wall; having a personal assistant; 9/11; healing; being part of the Unity Church; how she can judge character based on a person's voice and my attempt to stop recording at the end, blindfolded.   Gail's website:  Her book: 'Soaring into Greatness: A Blind Woman's Vision to Live her Dreams and Fly'
August 29, 2021
Ep. 85 - Mindfulness, Deciding on Doing Something and Racism (with Talmadge Spicer)
Here in this video I talk to Talmadge Spicer about being mindful; being unaware of patterns that were started in childhood; the importance of 'why' in doing things; mental health connected to business health; how most of us are consumers, which is a huge opportunity for givers; huge list of mentors; the great voice & accent of Zig Ziglar; "If I'm not doing it, I don't know it"; when you decide we are killing off other options; breaking down goals and then breaking that down; buffet of success advice; enjoying what you are doing being a key to success; "the more we want for ourselves, the more we have to create for the world"; on The Matrix; thinking about who would write our story if we died tomorrow; we briefly touch upon vaccines & racism; how he helps his clients living by design rather than default.   His book 'Have The Guts To Follow Your Guts: Why Playing It Safe Is The Biggest Risk Of All' YouTube version of this podcast:
August 26, 2021
Ep. 84 - Past life healing, chosen suffering and the CDC (with Julia Wagner)
Here in this video I talk to Julia Wagner about her pillow collection; Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and how it works; different perspectives from past lives; some medical professionals seeing many reactions from the Covid vaccine; the parable of a god that comes down and makes an appearance; 'child should be seen not heard - belief system'; source of some trauma coming from past lives; verifying is past lives are true; her experience working with the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and some of the flaws she saw with the system; self-preservation being the first priority of any government entity; Saying in Buddhism - We're constantly being reborn in the company of our masters (from which we learn spiritual lessons); soul contracts that seem 'cruel' but where we learn lessons and are better for it; how most of the suffering in a lifetime - she says - is chosen; Demonstration of a short taster past life regression at  48 minutes to 52 min and then continuing at 1h1min to 1h 18min ; messages from the afterlife & her prediction if humanity is close to a collapse or a breakthrough.   Her Facebook group: Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Julia  Julia's website:  Her YouTube: YouTube version of this podcast:
August 21, 2021
Ep. 83 - Architecture, Making Statements and Beauty (with Jamie Smiley)
Here in this video I talk to Jamie Smiley an architect, about his early beginning in Montreal, Canada; getting into architecture school; his journey towards succeeding in architecture; his building design experience in South side of London; critical theory in architecture; how beauty gets impacted by economics of a building (costs); the importance of maintenance.   And then we segway into SHARE SCREEN presentation mode at about 40minutes, where we critique and appreciate architecture by Robert Venturri, Wolf D. Prix, the horrible triangle building in Ljubljana, Vlado Milunić, Herzog & de meuron, Daniel Libeskind, Terry Farell, Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra, Peter Eisenmann, Vienna Secession building in Ljubljana,  Zaha Hadid, Jože Plečnik, & a Der Scutt designed building.  We discuss how and why things are made and wonder about some of the building on our list in this entertaining exchange.    Jaime's website & work:
August 18, 2021
Ep. 82 - The Subjectivity of Law, Luck-downs and Spiritual Evolution (with Larrisa Thera)
Here in this video I talk to Larrisa Thera, how she is a lawyer, yet her side hustle is spirituality;  why she thinks the consciousness of making is rising, despite the "energies of separation"; how space and commonly used items are often imprinted with an energy of people that use them; her experience with energetic entities; her thoughts on demonic possession - that sometimes it's aspects of us that give us trouble; making up a representation vs logical physical reality; discussion if lawsuit can make change in school curriculum (that includes racist anti-white rhetoric by critical race theory);  law being very subjective and dependant on the lawyer, judge; public health vs 1st amendment violations during the lock-downs in US; importance of creating vs waiting for others to do it;  masks & vaccines; the timing of death; economic struggles because of lock-downs; going into the field of child advocacy; her awakening; kundalini; her view on karma; Light language demonstration 1:03:30; her experience with changes in her chakras; view of cutting people off; her inner light healing; the weirdness of 'cultural appropriation' & alternate theories about the reality of outer space.  Her websites:
August 08, 2021
Ep. 81 - Overcoming Cancer, Spiritual Awakening and Light Language (with Shawna M. Romkey)
Here in this video I talk to Shawna M. Romkey about her awakening in 2012;  growing up gay in a small town in the 1970's; going to the military; cancer; traumatic experience while serving; being under investigation in the military for being gay; effects of cancer treatment; growing up Catholic, but later going into Baptist ministry; her 'karmic person'; twin flames and her twin flame; light language; the problem with the covid vaccines; this life being about growth; the merits and demerits of other healing modalities 'tearing up soul contracts' and how that can't really be done; a lot of people coming together in a relationships because of their wounds; society placing a value of being in a relationship (even though sometimes that doesn't serve us); following the head vs heart; heart has a memory; lower expression of the ego - the inner child - who is trying to 'protect' us; how tough relationships are here to teach us; Atlantic technology; catalytical political figures; 1:21:30 light language demonstration & meditation and prayer being essential tools. Shawna's links:   Instagram: abetterlife_coaching  YouTube channel:  Website:  This episode in other places  Rumble: YouTube:
July 28, 2021
Ep. 80 Our Teeth, It's connection with the Body & Its Self-Healing potential (with Hans Balans)
Here in this video I talk to Hans Balans, 'the holistic tooth guy', how some people re-grow teeth in adulthood; how he started to research tooth healing; how often clients brings up issues that you're either working on yourself or have overcome; changing the DNA of the body vs 'Why you wanna change it?'; connection of tooth with various organs in the body; using kinesiology to determine the best tooth filling; root canal correlation with heart problems; dry mouth causing major problems for teeth in the long-run; problems with 'normal toothpaste; "for every product that you need to market it - it's something people don't want"; importance of flossing - he uses water-flossing; Dr. Price's pioneering teeth research from the 1930's; chemical/artificial sugar being one of the worst things for teeth - it stops the fluid circulating in the mouth; using kinesiology to ask the body what kind of food it wants; all healing being self-healing; posture affects teeth; his book 'Teeth Questions: What about our teeth?'; our beliefs that out teeth is separate from our body; problems with breathing through the mouth; diaphragm breathing being the most natural; natural toothpaste & relaxing in nature being helpful to your teeth.   Hans Balans on Facebook:  His Website:   His book: 'Teeth Questions: What about our teeth?' YouTube version: 
July 21, 2021
Ep. 79 - Drug Addition, Mayhem and Spiritual Transformation (with Michel O'Hare)
Here in this video I talk to Michel Frances O'Hare about growing up in a dysfunctional family; church camp stories; being singled out as a 'problem child'; running away from home; short-lived foster care experience; getting pregnant at 18; abusive relationship; escaping it with her then-baby son; joining the army; meth; giving up his son; progressive drug addiction;  there are rules and regulations in the drug world; master manipulators; her just wanting to be loved; some of the crazy things that happened to her in that drug world because she wasn't following the code of conduct; the reputation preceding someone nicknamed 'Spaz'; troubles with quitting drugs; her plan to get her son back; jail; God's protection; Deliverance - 'The Big Surrender'; building a new life for herself; her re-starting the reading habit.. in jail; her jail experience; reconciling with her mom; what Dr. David R. Hawkins work has given her; the  troubles with her first child; meeting her husband Chris and their commitment to each other & spiritual work; her experience with BodyTalk that eventually led her to becoming a practitioner.  She's her offering a free BodyTalk session to viewers!  Her BodyTalk Practitioner profile: Her email:
July 17, 2021
Ep. 78 - Rapid Transformations, The Subconscious Mind and Its Emotions (with Juan Carlos Gouveia)
Here in this video I talk to Juan Carlos Gouveia about his biochemical background; now working with the mind as a rapid transformational therapist and clinical hypnotherapist; the Lemon Test; mind being only in the now; forgiveness being paramount; an example of how trauma from childhood can affect us; a human tendency to generalize ideas and people; his services being beyond hypnosis; the language of the subconscious being emotional; some of his clients going to a past life as the source of the 'first occurrence'; common thought distortions we have about ourselves & others; importance of resolving things not just consciously but subconsciously as well; "if there is a will, there is way - otherwise you're making excuses"; 54:50 exam procrastination inquiry; 'chunking' our time; our needs in  day - certainty, uncertainty, significance, connection - need of a balance in life & the subconscious mind blocking wishes of the conscious mind.  His website:
July 14, 2021
Ep. 77 - Kundalini Yoga, Ankh Healing and the Vaccines | with Janneke Hellebrekers
Here in this video I talk with Janneke Hellebrekers about how she found Kundalini Yoga; its teacher becoming compromised; not putting people on a pedestal; Kundalini energy in relation to chakras; the vaccines' potential effect on person's physical body and even spirituality; the benefits she feels after doing a lot of detoxing; body storing left-over emotions; 24:10 she shows her two dogs; dog choosing you; the positive effect her healings have on people; 28:00 short demonstration of Ankh healing; sometimes people are angry, but it's just their own anger projected outwards; family being the most triggering; when you heal you also indirectly help the world by healing others; we understand why we were meant to meet somebody only (much) later; people being programmed by their TV; immune system being our biggest asset; vaccines and blood-cloths; politicization of vaccines similar to global warming; they need to acknowledge that we're crazy, because otherwise they (the mainstream news) need to acknowledge that they are; usefulness of massages, tai-chi, Kundalini-Yoga, EFT & Family Constellations; 1:09:15 dogs sleeping scene. Janneke's Facebook: Her page: Janneke's Kundalini Yoga group here: Instagram: Youtube: Her website: She is also active on the Awakening support website: And their Facebook: YouTube version of this podcast:
July 06, 2021
Ep. 76 - Dr. David R. Hawkins, Life Coaching and Unconditional Acceptance (w/ Lena Popretinskaya)
Here in this episode I talk to Lena Popretinskaya, about how she first discovered the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins (also known as 'Doc');  'Leadership Gift Program' where she heard of him first; the knowingness to trust Doc; meeting fellow Doc students online; from self-help towards a shift to inner spiritual work; her Orthodox background; Arvo Pärt; her view on calibrating; getting answers through praying to the Holy Spirit; healing of relationships; her first experience of coaching leaving an impression; discovering her inner paradigm; experiencing being unconditionally accepting of people during coaching; getting certified; coaching being more about helping people finding their own answers; teaching her clients Letting Go in some coaching sessions; being attached to results vs enjoying the process; usefulness of holding in mind your end goal ('what you hold in mind tends to manifest; - 505); importance of keeping integrity between intentions - actions; feeling when a coach values you for who you are; unconditional positive regard (Carl Rogers); level of consciousness of the practitioner being a key factor in any patient-client outcome; value of humour; clearing self-doubt through coaching - seeing yourself as potential rather than irredeemable; emulating success & making peace with the inner parent. Lena's Facebook LinkedIn Lena's FB group Her Youtube channel: YouTube version of this episode:
June 30, 2021
Ep.75 - The Illusion of choice, human neurosis and Nisargadatta Maharaj (with Deepa Khanna Sobti)
Here in this video I talk to Deepa Khanna Sobti about going to being a fund manager to an artist; seeking answers by asking deep probing questions from a young age; a chance encounter in a coffee shop that led to an art show of her work; profits from paintings going to charity; a moment of crisis when her grandfather died when she was 17 that led her to question everything; getting answers by writing; "you only see outside what's already inside"; the knowing that our problems are not unique to us; the connectiveness of everything vs ownership & attachment; recognition in 'I Am That' by Nisargadatta Maharaj of some of what she was experiencing; creating of 'specialness' of our lives & thoughts that creates the suffering; "everything that I see is already me so I can't tell me what to do"; how taking a position (aka opinion) has an energetic component that then sees it opposite; "You're not the chooser, it chooses you"; Life being a Divine illusion; no causation existing (from the spiritual perspective); human ability to produce neurosis, but also to go back to Source; if we slow down enough, the heavy conditioning comes off; things being solved in the Now; Surrender & using a pallet knife to paint. Check out her art & poetry: YouTube version: Rumble version:
June 25, 2021
Ep. 74 - Cancel culture, Offensive typo(s) and the Two Dollar Bill (with John Bennardo)
Here in this video I talk to John Bennardo about his book 'Just a Typo' ; cancel culture; people getting offended quickly; Kevin Heart losing the gig of hosting the Oscars because of a 8+ years old Tweet; John's opinion of Trump; lack of critical thinking skills in society; his respect for JFK; students in Colleges/Universities getting increasingly more offended by comedians; his video work when he's not writing; potential movie from the book; writing a movie screenplay; PC culture as shown through PC movies; Two Dollars Bill Documentary he did & his Wheel of Fortune Appearance.    John's YouTube channel:  His 'The Two Dollar Bill Documentary':  His book: 'Just a Typo: The Cancellation of Celebrity Mo Riverlake'
June 15, 2021
Ep. 73 Unconditional love, Inner Child Healing and Societies' Mind Control (with Jeanna Mariee Aure)
Here in this video I talk to Jeanna Mariee Aure about how as kid some things are conditioned out of us; being an empath; importance of being in nature & the benefit therein; underground tunnels; Purna Yoga & Yin styled Yoga; flow of Chi and Yoga; boundaries vs unconditional love;  the blame game; doing something because of a 'have-to' vs feeling excited; importance of feeling safe to express emotions in sessions; dark things coming up for healing; (political) indoctrination and mind-control in a lot of modern schools in the Western World; critical theory - a derivative of Marxism - and its danger; feeling the truth of a statement 'truth bumps'; burning sage; 53min - inner child demonstration; working on timelines in sessions; is the world in decline?; Election fraud; her experience of Trump's energy; is Trump going to be re-instated back?; mind-controlled populace & her view on the masks and vaccines. Youtube channel:   Jeanna's FB:
June 09, 2021
Ep. 72 - Self-thought Astrology, North Node and 'Looking at the Muck' (with Amanda Darch)
Here in this video I talk with Amanda Darch about her first encounter with astrology and its impact on her; having a vision of her dad & what he would feel if she committed suicide; experience with Reiki & training in it;  south node and north node in Astrology; Saturn Return; Birthday - Relocation Astrology; Natal Charts; Masculine and Feminine signs; what a stellium is; 'Let's look at the muck'; quantum healing of people; Guides that she connects with in her journey & accessing past lives.   Amanda's links: YouTube version:
June 07, 2021
Ep 71 - Writing muse, Deinstitutionalization & the Decline of Western Civ. (with Karen M. Bryson)
Here in this video I talk to Karen M. Bryson on writing screenplays; her being a writer and getting serious about writing; feel good movies in the 80's compared to cynical movies nowadays; going into academia and loving it; Ph.D in Human Science; drop in critical thinking in students in the last 16 years; using different sources/newspapers; discussion on critical race theory; theatre influencing (or not) politics; costs of attending theatre and concerts; best bands she saw perform in the 80's; being in a car accident; the writing muse that comes and goes; Deinstitutionalization of mentally ill in the 80's; knowing if a person is mentally ill or not; the difficulties of being a police officer; the 'defund the police' movement last summer; shorter attention spans a decrease in reading; decline of the Western Civilization & best periods of America.   Author Website: Podcast: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube version:
June 05, 2021
Ep. 70 Energy healing, Kundalini and Past Life Acceess (with Liz Peterson)
Here in this video I talk to Liz Peterson a fellow podcaster about her show 'Raise the Vibe'; how difficulties 'push' people into spiritual work; spiritual work changing people's personality;  good vs evil; predestined events; growing up in the age of social media; kundalini yoga on YouTube vs teachers in person; the kundalini energy; dark night of the soul; importance of doing the 'work' rather than just going to healing sessions; dietary chances and spiritual awakening; Barbara Brenn's work compared to Reiki; seeing spirit at an early age; Donald Trump's intuition; short chakra meditation (at 52min); 'power animals'; past life access demonstration; what lights you up? Adv. Intuitive Healer- Radio show- YouTube- Facebook- Instagram- Podcast- Itunes- YouTube link to this podcast:
June 02, 2021
Ep. 69 - Tachyon workshops, Immediate changes and New possibilities (with Laïssa Jollivet)
Here in this video I talk to Laïssa Jollivet about Tachyon; how Tachyon's workshops changed her life; why she decided to promote it and work with the company, people in her life noticing the change in her life; her previous work as a social worker and hip-hop dance teacher; connection to the string theory; Tachyon traveling faster than the speed of light; bypassing personal development through Tachyon; for who these workshops are; her move to Scotland; how Tachyon changed her relationship with money; her use of Tachyon with her reaction to her young children; opening up new possibilities; possibility of improving your health with Tachyon; so far only 200 - 300 people did these workshops; the sense of destiny: "We are all here for a reason" YouTube version: Rumble version:
May 20, 2021
Ep. 68 - Stress, Depression as an inside job and Visualization (with Erin Mac)
In this episode I talk to coach and mentor Erin Mac about stress, anxiety & overwhelm; on her having an anxiety disorder in the past; challenges happening for our benefit; things that we decide about ourselves like 'I'm not worthy, I'm not good enough'; limits of affirmations; taking drugs won't heal you, it may just be the first step; we comment on Nicole Arbor's view that depression is mostly an inside job; the new 'heart disease' being too much sitting; being present with the thoughts; solutions don't come in overthinking, they come with less thinking; Joe Dispenza; using visualization to see yourself having a different experience; 'What you think is what you create'; famous and rich people being miserable; risk being involved in anything we do; different between writing and typing out your thoughts; different beliefs triggering arguments; telling our story in a constructive way - when appropriate; a good visualization having a positive elevated emotional experience; our story not being as important as what we decided about ourselves; you having value because you exist; strive for - meaning, purpose and joy.   Her website: YouTube version:
May 15, 2021
Ep. 67 - The taboo of dying, approval seeking & the benefits of therapy (with Angel Gaddis)
Here in this video I talk to Angel Gaddis about Dallas Mavericks; geriatric end-of life care; "Angel I'm ready to go no"; creating memories of people before they pass away; her business 'The Passing Bridge to the Afterlife'; heaven and hell; her work experience; childhood in trauma that persists in adulthood; her experience growing up with a single mother; proving herself - looking for approval from others; writing a book of her story; realization that she doesn't have to prove anything to others; her going to therapy; meeting your children where they are; increase of single parenthood; importance of healing trauma.   To contact Angel for her business or upcoming book 'The Innocence of a Guilty Victim':
May 06, 2021
Ep. 66 - Consciously aware eating, intermittent fasting and emotional healing (with Jason Mangan)
Here in this video I talk with Jason Mangan about consciously aware of health; processed food and animal products; becoming a vegetarian; difference between plants and animals; strong belief systems around food that create habits; his journey towards being raw vegan; humans as battery - food as charge; benefits of intermittent fasting; repression and suppression of emotions; need to feel through our emotions so we're not projecting on others; forgiving yourself and others; following intuitive guidance; his partnership with the company Purium (superfoods) & why he choose them.    His Purium link:  Jason's YouTube channel: YouTube link:
May 02, 2021
Ep. 65 - Overcoming depression, writing and God as the TV (with Scott Healy)
Here in this video I talk to Scott Healy about the book he wrote, unintentionally; the process of writing; the people he has helped; 'be kind to others but be kinder to yourself'; counselling by listening; suicide attempts; spirituality being how much we forgive ourselves; setting boundaries being one of the keys to self-esteem; people trusting in the TV as a god - 'God-TV'; Covid double-think example on Anzac day;  psychic woman guidance in his taxi; his seeking of answers his whole life; his predictions of the future; bizarre incest ruling case in Australia; being willing to be wrong; God-TV saying 'Orange man bad'; Evergreen ship; Media brainwashing of the population; 1:15:00 election fraud; Trump being chosen by God; YouTube censoring; 'The fall of the cabal' documentary. Scott's book: Perceptions & Perspectives: Your kindness is your strength. Your strength is your kindness
April 28, 2021
Ep. 64 - Muscle testing, Political narratives and Fresh conspiracies (with Dan van der Wolf)
Here in this video I talk to my friend Dan van der Wolf about muscle testing; why muscle testing works for some and not for others; 'if all of your political biases were wrong, would you be willing to know that?'; Chris Wallace; Jordan Peterson; Trump era; Republicans being more liberal than liberals; the problem with the Supreme Court; religion influenced by politics stops being that religion; Black Lives Matter's Marxist origins; NBA players going along the BLM narrative last year;  Star Wars' failures partly based on fear of doing the wrong thing - not being politically correct; 'political celibacy'; Covid media's induced fear; new conspiracies that Doc didn't calibrate; speeding up of change; procrastination a way of not doing God's Will. Dan's books: 'Was Jesus a Liberal or a Conservative?: A Spiritual Approach to Modern Politics' 'Willingness to Love' YouTube version of the podcast:
April 12, 2021
Ep. 63 Loving oneself, Inner child work and Earning money (with Angela Mia White)
Here in this video I talk with Angela Mia White who is a Master Teacher of the New Earth; her spiritual transformation in 2012; Maya calendar; Santos Bonacci; healing herself through juicing; being led to write a book; blue jay feather falling out of the sky; importance of healing trauma; pattern in life being set in childhood; using Ho'oponopono; guiding people to love themselves; healing divine feminine and masculine (issues with our parents); her teaching people in small groups; her book 'The Power in Your Truth in the Golden Age'; healing session like 'spiritual surgery' that she does; working with John of God, in the etheric body; shift from old earth to new earth; one's healing helping healing the world; loving yourself vs approval seeking; 'people's feeling about money is their feeling about themselves';  abortions induces trauma on women; valuing yourself will bring in more money; story of how she met her twin flame.   Her book: 'From Sick to Bliss to Conversations with God' YouTube version:
April 09, 2021
ep. 62 - Spiritual transformation, Ph.D in Psychology and moving to Sedona (with Erienne Weine)
Here in this video I talk to Erienne Weine about why she studies Psychology (all the way to a Ph.D.); cognitive science & how our mind works; how memory can change - especially an emotionally charged memory; her moving to Sedona; spiritual change in her life as a result of prayer and spiritual work; synchronicities; the Milgram Experiment; study of how the holocaust could have happened; 'I was just following orders'; The Trolley Problem; Freud's concept of the ego; Psychoanalysis and free association; Zimbardo's Prison experiment & how easy it is, under certain conditions, to bring out 'evil' from people; Unabomber's history - being a subject of a Harvard torture study; correlation with resentments and fat retention in the body; 'Forgive or stay fat'; importance of boundaries; the problem of 'knowledge politics' in academia & what cognitive dissonance is.   Erienne's YouTube channel: YouTube version:
April 07, 2021
ep. 61 - Using sound to heal, Bio-Field Tuning and Clearing stuck energy
Here in this video I talk to Julie Ramsdell about Bio-Field Tuning; reasons people procrastination; importance of meditation; illusion of separation; how to tell true Guidance; 'you shouldn't should yourself'; starting out with Reiki; guidance from a medical intuitive; 'if people aren't asking you for help, they don't want it'; how Bio-Field Tuning works; how to deal with emotionally charged conversations; speaking your truth; taking chances in what appeals to us; significant signs in astrology; the rising sign and midheaven; Kyron and North Node; 48:06 - start of Bio-Field Tuning demonstration; pulling the energy in the central core; Bio-Field Tuning can help with stress, depression and stuck energy & how she uses crystals. YouTube version:
April 05, 2021
ep.60 - 12 Steps, joining the military and freeing our contained energy (with Josh Knaack)
Here in this video I talk to Josh Knaacka Doc student, about the 12 step movement; Discovering Doc; how becoming mature is realizing how little we know; Eye colours changing; Benefits of anti-psychotic medications; Benefits of walking 10k steps a day; His work as probation officer; Letting Go by David Hawkins being the pathway of Courage; joining the military after discovering Doc; accepting the truth that you are already dead being helpful as a soldier; mistranslations of Freud of 'pleasure' for 'sexual'; Modern psychology confirming a lot of Doc's work; downside of 400's being certain arrogance - thinking that you know something; problem with abolishing prisons; the rise of Jordan Peterson; the nastiness of U.S. Presidential elections since the 1st Presidential debate; we waste of much energy on 'containment' - that starts to be released when we are truthful in step 4. and 5. for instance; the difficulty of helping a know-it-all; "I'm wrong, I don't know and I need help"; Doc's recommendation of being a 'scientist from another planet' & the importance of babies/kids being taken care of for the future of society. YouTube version:
March 29, 2021
e59 Self-care, Aura Transformation and Healing Broken Hearts (with Sarah Jennings)
Here in this video I talk to Sarah Jennings about her background; growing up in Switzerland; going to Uni in UK; studying a lot, partying hard; seeing entities; becoming an activist anarchist; the unwritten rules in such movements; 'tend to your own garden'; the physical consequence of not taking care of herself; honouring her healing gifts; entity attacks; seeing past lives; her self-healing process; her aura transformation work; 'ascend in not out - be here fully; studying kiniseology with Creative Kinesiology School; old healing modalities not being effective on new auras; her teaching people confidence on camera and creating a successful business; helping people heal heartbreak through 'Heart Retrieval' & 'wealth frequency' that some people have. Her FB:  Visibility Gateway:  Her YouTube channel:  AuraTransformation: YouTube version:
March 17, 2021
e58 - Consent, boundaries and healing through self-pleasuring (with Azura Jayde)
Here in this video I talk to Azura Jayde about sexual energy; the interconnectedness of any illness; paying attention to our own reoccurring problems; her previous career; the crisis point of a break-up; understanding triggers; the work on herself that attracted a new partner; consent and setting boundaries; government censorship; consent coming from boundaries; choosing our own boundaries; downside of sex-ed; consent not being a binding contract; the men who are raped prejudice/stereotype 'Why are you complaining?'; use of self-pleasure in her healing modality; 'Injaculation'/retrograde ejaculation; using her method for subconscious healing; power of visualisation; 'It all comes down to self-worth' & abandonment; losing weight with her method; the role of chakras in this. Her links:   Http://  Http://  Http:// YouTube version of the podcast:
March 15, 2021
e57 Drug Addictions, Saved by Grace and Dr. David Hawkins' work (with Eric Berger)
Here in this video I talk to Eric Berger about how he found Dr. Hawkins work; drug addiction; moving to Florida; rehabs; the Grace that saved him in his darkest hour(s); reading Power vs Force in rehab; between Florida and New York; Importance of both Love and Integrity & Truth;  US Marine Corps; mis-using the light; pre-relapse signs; meeting Dr. Hawkins for the first time; letting go of positionalities; 'exceptions' to Love; Letting Go technique; the mind's convicting rationalizations of upsets 'out there'; good vs bad; his experience of asking God to reveal Himself to him while in jail; non-resistance of energy fields; letting go of expecting other people to be different than they are; the energy field of wanting to being right; his view on muscle testing. YouTube version:
March 07, 2021
e56 Soul Walk-ins, Multi-verse realities and the Cause of mood swings (with Guy Steven Needler)
Here in this video we talk about soul 'walk-ins'; his early spiritual practice; the 'visitation'; becoming a Reiki master; early spiritual experiences; what happens in multiple personality disorder; multi-verse realities and its ramifications; different levels of the soul and how spiritual Enlightenment impacts it; bilocation, astral travel and remote viewing; where the world is now, energetically; different types of skills and education; healing modalities that he works with; Barbara Brennan; physical dysfunction being the result of energetic disharmony; bipolar and mood swing causes; symptoms of astral entities; doing 'work' while sleeping; Kundalini; things we don't see that are in different dimensions; importance of meditation and concentration; his psychic ability; what he teaches in workshops; psychic shields and his correspondence course for 1 pound.   His website - His book 'History of God' -
March 05, 2021
e55 Deprogramming from cult-like groups, Addictions and Deplorables (with Dan van der Wolf)
Here in this video with my good friend Dan van der Wolf on his early experiments with hypnosis; his occult stage; seeing an UFO; vortexes in Sedona;  being in a spiritual group which was cult-like and how it was beneficial to him (until it wasn't anymore); a book called 'The Guru Papers' that eventually helped him leave the group; de-programming from the group; discovering the work of David R. Hawkins; benefit of religion; addictions and temptations; simplicity and loyalty; dating pool and 'deplorables'; fear of a real relationship; the politicization of various Christian religions; his decision to limit exposure to politics; people brainwashed with political propaganda;  having different purposes in life according to Hinduism (priest and warrior classes); the lure of the luciferic energies in current politics; identify crisis of the Western World; importance of spiritual work to influence the world in a positive way. Dan's books Willingness to Love: Was Jesus a Liberal or a Conservative?: A Spiritual Approach to Modern Politics YouTube version:
March 03, 2021
e54 - Near-death experience, Energy Healing and Intuitive Ethics (with Atherton Drenth)
Here I talk to Atherton Drenth about her collection of books, her near-death experience (NDE), her former health issues, discovery of energy work, getting better with the help of Larry Steele, Voyage To Betterment Documentary she was featured in, her mother's belief in Theosophy, her being given a choice to come back (or not) in her NDE,  her use of different healing modalities, Therapeutic Touch, choice based vs directive health care, how to know if the practitioner is good for you, science vs alternative healthcare, scientific evidence of the human aura, lack of professional or PR reputation of alternative practitioners (as of yet), healing like pealing an onion, referring clients to others practitioners, suggestions to her clients, identifying the kind of intuition we have, picking up other people's feelings, the importance of intuitive ethics, advice giving when not asked, some being invested in their illnesses, ADD/ADHD, body-directed sessions & what to do if you're dreaming a lot and waking up tired.    Atherton's website: YouTube link: Her book: 'Following Body Wisdom. How Energy Medicine Can Help Heal'
February 27, 2021
e53 - Hostel Experiences, Designing Characters and Ancient Stories (with Alexandru Morariu)
Here I have my friend Alex, the story of how we first met, our first argument/debate, experience of living in a hostel, Game Art and Animation course, discovering his passion, writing dialogue, character's backstory, the creative process of writing, visually creating characters, his spiritual journey, personal journey from Romania - Italy - Scotland, DMT, astral travel, Alan Watt's definition of God, his experience with religion, doing Letting Go meditation, aliens, drawing inspiration from ancient stories, overcoming perfectionism in writing. Alex's new book: Alex's art: : More art: YouTube version of this podcast:
February 20, 2021
e52 - Emotional induced dis-ease, Following Guidance and The Soul (with Julia Stubbe)
Her I talk to Julia Stubbe about her early early life, abuse, talk-therapy, spiritual experience of leaving her body,  not pushing your truth on others, dealing with confrontations, shamanic work, inner child-work, forgiveness, repressed and supressed emotions, breath work, inner programs that we take on as kids, benefits of using salt, Reiki class, 'the psychic that makes others cry', listen to guidance, DNA changes through spiritual work, chemtrails, nano technology, spiritual warfare, light and dark, why she's not taking vaccines, timelines, different aspects of the soul, spiritual details vs generalities, goal of true spirituality being spiritual progress. Julia's links: Radio Show – A Call to Heal Julia Stubbe – The Galactic Channel (You Tube) YouTube version of the podcast:
February 18, 2021
e51 Politics, Indoctrination and The Power That Changes the World (with Kevin Pringle)
Here I talk with Kevin Pringle about Doc's political writings turning some students away, George W. Bush, strong positionalities, discretion, giving falsehood equal time to truth, toxic mainstream media, 'casting pearls before swine', lost generation due to sophistry, psychopathic professors at some Universities, Covid deaths, media's induced hysteria, Nancy Pelosi's audacity, conflicting science, the sickness of politics, fascistic/anarchy of the far-left, Indoctrination at schools, appealing to the heart via twisting of the truth (luciferic), lack of charismatic leaders on the right, Trump's rhetoric, 2020 election, America at the point of no return, the imperfection of democracy, the ME generation, Communism 'We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us', Gina Carano controversy, indoctrination of entire generations, how we change the world through Power not force, Doc's office series, importance of honesty willingness devotion and humility,  'Be passionate for God not belief system', ACIM workbook, profound work of David Hawkins, the utmost importance of 'Do the work'.
February 17, 2021
e50 - Scientism, political theatre and social credit system (with Maryam Henein)
Here I talk to with Maryam Henein about her documentary 'Vanishing of the Bees', poisons that are robbing people of IQ points, the lack of quality in US public school's food, scienticism vs functional medicine,  Bill Gates being an expert of climate change now, Rona lockdowns mistake, the great reset, false positives, manipulation of numbers, her being censored, circus impeachment trial, pre-planned political theatre, people living in two realities, 'Hacking Democracy' documentary, people lying under oath, government corruption,  using John Sullivan footage, BLM using people, 'de-programming', footage of election fraud, social media censoring said footage, a man & woman not built the same way, social pressure of masks, social credit system, vaccines, the higher risk of dying on the ventilator, resolving vs blaming, Trump's 'They're after you, I'm just in the way' truth.   Maryam's links Gab: GabTV: YouTube: Patreon:   Telegram channel: YouTube version of the podcast: 
February 15, 2021
e49 - Knowing Donald Trump at the Military Academy & America's predicament (with Peter Ticktin)
Here I talk to Peter Ticktin who went to New York Military Academy with Donald Trump, what kind of school it was, felon Michael Cohen, playing soccer with Donald in school, Donald breaking when Peter was wrongly accused,  Donald saving a guy from being hazed, Mary Trump's lie, Donald's grades, the severe discipline at the Military Academy, Muller investigation, Donald's fearlessness, election fraud, possible foreign election interference,  his opinion of Bill Barr, his comments on one of Donald's last Tweets,  his opinion on storming of the United States Capitol, freedom of thought disappearing from America, his thoughts on China, dishonest press, his predictions of the future, Donald putting everything on the line (himself, money, family), possible cause for optimism and the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire. YouTube version: Peter's book -  'What Makes Trump Tick: My Years with Donald Trump from New York Military Academy to the Present'
February 12, 2021
e48 Re-branding Marxism, Jim Jones's Cult and the Longshoreman Philosopher Eric Hoffer (with Daniel Flynn)
Here I talk to Daniel J. Flynn on why the Left hates America, bridges and streets named after unsavory figures, Georgie Washington statues taken down, cancel culture, cancelling J.K. Rowling, people who are never exposed to the opposite point of view, social justice ads at Superbowl, Thomas Sowell’s praise of his book, Herbert Marcuse & re-branded Marxism, Cultural Marxism, his experience speaking on campuses & getting shouted down, book burnings on campus, Michel Foucault’s postmodernism, Sokal affair, ‘who can’t you make a joke about?’, Derrida’s incoherence, ‘when it’s about power it’s not about principle’, his Catholic faith, politics becoming a religion, Eric Hoffer, ‘I see human being rot before they ripen’, the weakness of big books, the reason academic writing boring, Milton Friedman’s working background, Marx’s lack of any working experience, Obama, Trump 2016 and 2020, Media’s bias, Russian’s involvement in US politics, Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, Jones’ influence on San Francisco politics, Jane Fonda, Jim Jones Kool-Aid mass suicide ‘reasons’, reasons for optimism. Flynn’s American Spectator Articles: Intellectual Morons: YouTube version:
February 11, 2021
e47 U.S. Election Results, Mainstream fallacies and Donald Trump (with Danielle)
Here I talk with Danielle about our past US election predictions, the election results and the funny business, Amazon ban of mail-in voting for its own union elections, the point of no return, 'The Last President' by Ingersoll Lockwood and its parallels to what happened, election security or lack thereof, election precedent, comparing Hillary Clinton with Biden/Harris, what the Paris Climate Accord actually is and does, what equity is in practise, lack of objectivity of climate science, Incontinent Truth (2006)'s predictions, the climate alarmists, the fallout of California's energy policies, the Keystone pipeline, Biden's lack of optimism, fallout from Rona lockdowns, Biden's admin request for reporters to send in their questions in advance, the losing value of dollars, suicide rates in lockdowns, mask mandates, the MSM Trump's 'incitement of violence' fallacy, betrayal, the difference in MSN's reaction to protesters/rioters/autonomous zones vs January 6th protest, the solution of focusing on our families, 'Catch and release', refugees, Trump's advisors, the MSN's talk of 're-educating' Trump voters, adding States, self-reliance, Danielle's political prediction for this year & Deus ex machina. YouTube version:
February 08, 2021
e46 Synchronicities, Ramana Maharshi and David R. Hawkins (with Ben Bigelow)
Here I talk to Ben Bigelow about his upbringing, 'Ring Around the Rosie', going to Gustavus Adolphus College, his early spiritual experiences, synchronicities, staying open about what God is, love of Christ, re-thinking approval seeking, Ramana Maharshi, David R. Hawkins, getting a letter reply from Dr. Hawknis, 2002 lecture series, A Course in Miracles, making ACIM inspired music, transforming shame, 12 step groups, working at the Enchantment Resort, staying grounded, taking care of the physical, 12 step testimonials, mastering the world, taking care of the basics & a letting go demonstration. Ben's YouTube channel: YouTube version:
February 03, 2021
e45 - Stoicism, the Socratic Method and the 'Evil Eye' (with Alkistis Agio)
Here I talk with with Alkistis Agio about stoicism, harmony, the practicality of stoicism, Marcus Aurelius, Zeno of Citium, things you can change vs things you cannot, clarity of thoughts, "Is it true?", The obstacle is the way, Socrates, sophistry, virtue, grow up, Greek philosophy's view on God, learning how to lead oneself as a prerequisite of leading others, her opinion on metaphysics,  how she uses the Socratic method in her life coaching, the best way of learning something is to teach it, importance of valuing your time, remembering your mortality - time is limited, 'The Evil Eye', seeing the good and the potential in people, Dale Carnegie, Socrates' wife, Socrates' humility, & the wonders of technology/science.    Alkistis' website: Her book: 'From Fear To Freedom' YouTube version:
January 28, 2021
e44 - Progressive addictions, spiritual experiences and painting (with Nicolas Rodriguez Stockar)
Here to I talk to my friend  Nicolas Rodriguez from Chile about his spiritual journey, listening to metal music, addictions, medical school, spiritual experiences in 2011, Jerusalem, how he found Dr. David Hawkins' work, usefulness of muscle testing in daily life, online poker, his progressive addictions & hitting bottom, asking for a Miracle in Peru, painting & immersion in Art, reading lots of books, Plato, Laurence Sterne, 'summer book camp', reading a physical book vs digital book,  Isidora's advice, manifesting excellence, 10,000 hours, Tinder, Russian women, Pinoche's legacy in Chile, current politics in Chile, painting sizes, and his recommendations to new Doc students, Success is for You message of 'I want you to throw away all the success books away and just be kind'. His painting of David R. Hawkins Nicolas' Instagram: YouTube version:
January 24, 2021
Ep. 43 Finding God, David Hawkins and Jesus Christ (with Kevin Pringle)
Here I talk to Kevin Pringle  - how he got into spirituality, the influence of one of his friend's that just had a 'light' in him, Nostradamus Prophecy about 9/11, wanting Truth vs comfort, being 'pulled' by the future, 2002 lecture series, some personal stories of Doc, the fall of Islam, the upside of Islam, muscle testing, Level of consciousness (Loc) of influence vs personal Loc, musical calibrations, Jesus Christ's significance, being careful what you pray for, how Doc's work brought him closer to Christ, engaging the world vs not engaging & trusting God. YouTube version:
January 21, 2021
ep. 42 - Interfaith Ministry, Intermarriage and Mysticism (with Susanna Stefanachi Macomb)
In this episode I talk to Susanna Stefanachi Macomb who is an author, artist and inter-faith minister, about how the interfaith ministries started, Swami Satchidananda, Swami Muktananda, what Inter-faith is, her spiritual experiences as a child, Catholic school, Muktananda, how in faiths she doesn't take sides, how she deals with couples of different faiths who might not see eye to eye in regards to marriage and children, Jean Klein, New York, how to be more grateful for the people we love, how she met her husband, how to know it's the 'one', funeral, & baptisms and more. Her websites: YouTube version:
January 16, 2021
Ep. 41 A Course in Miracles, Love vs Fear and a Book Burning (with James Scotty Shoemaker)
Talking with James Shoemaker about how his life changed through A Course in Miracles, how all time is happening at the same time, how he found ACIM, how he became a teacher in it, 'The Disappearance of the Universe' by Gary Renard, why he thinks the voice of ACIM is Jesus, how forgiveness changes the world unseen, afterlife, what the Miracle is as defined by ACIM, atonement, reincarnation, the basic choice of love and fear, recommendations for new ACIM students & how a book burning happened.   His YouTube channel: His Facebook group:
January 14, 2021
Ep. 40 - Kundalini, Martial Arts and Grounding (with Santiago Dobles)
Here I talk with Santiago Dobles about meditation, Kundalini, Yoga, martial arts, internal and external combat arts, hara point, grounding with a 'horse stance', his teacher Dr. Glenn Morris, the importance of grounding yourself, mastering the world, saving money, the trap of siddhis (supernatural experiences), Pencak silat (martial art), his opinion on eating meat, eating based on your genetic make-up and blood type, benefits of bone broth, taking mushrooms, the connection between spiritual parasites and (bad) diet, water fasting & the importance of humility.   His kundalini instructor page: YouTube version:
January 11, 2021
Ep.39 - Muscle checking, Brain Gym and Managing Stress (with Jerry Teplitz)
Here I talk to Jerry Tepliz about muscle checking, also known as muscle testing and why he prefers the term muscle checking, what muscle checking is, How Dr. Hawkins referred to Jerry's 'Switched on Living' book,  Why Jack Canfield uses muscle checking to test book covers, what to do if somebody is 'reversed', Paul & Gail Dennison's  'Brain Gym' that he uses in his work, the importance of sipping water throughout the day, how he uses his work of muscle checking in a business context, his incredible results with sales people, the usefulness of 'accelerated learning' music which enable both hemispheres of the brain to work better, how the 'accelerated healing' CD helped Jerry. At the end Jerry will demonstrate what he does in his workshops on me!   His main website:  His internet marketing course website: The entrepreneurship online course: YouTube version:
January 06, 2021
Ep 38 - Self-Discovery guidance, ordinary teachers and assigned roles (with Sheila Mae)
Here I talk with Sheila Mae about how she got into spirituality, Louise Hay, signs that led her along the way, the freedom of religion in United States, her journey to becoming a self-discovery coach, how the mind can't tell what is truth or false, the limitation she felt of the coaching training program she was taking, the impact of her divorce, how she always sees everyone as a teacher, philosophy of her coaching/guiding of her clients, the importance of self-awareness, how each person is assigned a role on Earth, her theory in development that is based on numbers (she did a reading for my mother's and my birthday),  what people can expect from her coaching and more.    Her Facebook: Instagram: @chiqueb Her YouTube channel: YouTube version of the podcast:
December 29, 2020
Ep 37 - Improving Intuition, channelling and the importance of having fun (with Elizabeth Phoenix)
Here I talk to Elizabeth Phoenix about how she found channelling, intuition, intuitive signs, 'gut feeling', how to get better at intuiting things, practical exercises for enhancing intuition, channelling vs mediumship, how she experiences channelling, how she got into channelling, the importance of meditation, Unitarian church, her vegan lifestyle, loving-kindness meditation, why she doesn't watch the news, how to deal with stress through breathing, astral travel, overcoming things through visualization, contact with the dead and "Just have fun out there".    Her YouTube channel:  Insta: website:
December 25, 2020
Ep 36 - Theta Healing, Hypnosis and the Glass jars (with Karen Geldart)
Here I talk with Theta Healing practitioner Karen Geldart about hypnosis, timeline therapy, predetermination vs free will, prior agreements, altering prior agreements, her understanding of karma, learning lessons on earth, how she found Theta healing, the Theta brain pattern, how timeline therapy clears emotions compared to theta healing, the process of Theta healing, how our mind gives meanings to things, the ‘7th plane of existence’, how animals and even plants are sentient beings, why sports aren’t using alternative therapies,, different planes of existence, ho'oponopono, comparing hypnosis with Theta Healing, shelves with glass jars exercise from hypnosis, the twirl, and more.  Her website: Her email: YouTube version:
December 21, 2020
Ep 35 - Meditation, fallen gurus & discovering the work of David R. Hawkins (with Jeremy Garrett)
Here I talk to a friend, Jeremy Garrett, about intuition, how guides have helped him, going to the Air Force, discovering meditation, hearing a heavenly choir, becoming a disciple of Sri Chinmoy, becoming a monk, discovering Dr. Hawkins and the experience of going out to see his lecture, the kindness of Doc students at he lectures, polarizing nature (for some) of calibrations, Obama, Oprah, people whose energy has been reversed, John McCain, Donald Trump, The Great Society, the comforts of the Western World & the war in Ethiopia. YouTube version:
December 15, 2020
Ep 34 - Natural high, value of experience and the Schumann resonance (with Amy Apostolico)
Here I talk with Amy Wallace, a Spiritual coach, how she got into spirituality, communicating with the dead, our intuitive capabilities, her view on prescription drugs, meditation high vs drug high, her experience with meditation, visualizations, how all experiences in her life prepared for what she is doing now, past-live experience, the media's bias against Trump, the current Covid situation, crystals, psychic implants, Reiki, the importance of humour, how we are where we are supposed to be, 'Rejection is God's Protection', the significance of December 21st 2020, feeling spirits, Schumann resonance being high recently, people growing apart, UFO's & how not to expect to be rescued by somebody else. Amy's FB page: Amy's YouTube channel: Instagram: @amyapostolico YouTube version of the podcast:
December 11, 2020
Ep 33 - Near-death experience, Ayahuasca and Media brainwashing (with Janeta Jane)
Here I talk to Janeta Jane about kinesiology, how 9/10 a physical issue is not just physical, her childhood near-death experience, how people avoid going in to their pain and project it onto others instead, the importance of healing ourselves while we're still on earth, her Ayahuasca experiences, importance of daily meditation, how the mainstream media brainwashes us, documentary 'Social Dilemma', the problem with Vaccines, how the mainstream media brainwashes people into hating Trump, global power-grab via lock-downs, the importance of getting out in nature, taking vitamin C, D, Zinc, eating fresh fruit & loving yourself & the importance of unplugging from social media. Jeneta's FB page: YouTube version:
December 07, 2020
Ep 32 - Chakras, energy healing and life coaching (with Becky Walker)
On this podcast with Becky Walker, an energy healer/coach, we talk about her engineering background, working in banks & oil, how she took a life coaching course, how we vibrate at a frequency, Wu wei, how law of attraction has to be coupled with action, the importance of researching your healer & trust your intuition, how Divinity, angels/guide want to help us and they will if we call on them, the importance of the language (or self-talk) that we use, how to use a simple measure for boundaries: if something makes you uncomfortable, don't do it, how intuition comes from a calm place, we talk about different chakras and how they show in our lives, how to protect ourselves against psychic attacks, how promiscuity can lead to a lot of negative energy attachments, how a lot of mental illness comes from issues with the 3rd eye, the benefits of journaling, dreamcatchers, sacred geometry, Tesla's free energy, UFO's and her Near-Death Experience. If you want to join Becky's Facebook group: Her website: Her Instagram: @beckylee_soulalchemy YouTube version:
November 29, 2020
Ep 31 - A Course in Miracles, prior-agreements and UFO's (with Elizabeth Geer)
On this podcast I talk to Elizabeth Geer and we talk about her early spiritual roots & practice, how God always knows and hears your prayers, praying the rosary, how seeing UFO's is a matter of vibration, intense dreams of UFO's/being inside UFO's, her out-of-body experiences, how love is the frequency we're all searching for, how spirituality can make some people naïve, how people (before the incarnation) pre-arrange how they are going to die, how after we die we take with us our lessons but not our suffering, the spiritual significance of corona virus, how medicine is largely influenced by our belief that it works, her chosen profession as a pharmacist, how she found A Course in Miracles, how no-one can fail the A Course in Miracles only that it's hard to grasp it the first time around, how she got advice who to vote for, how ACIM helped her in a tough work situation, how to draw out the best out of anything around you, how to deal with the death of a loved one, prior agreements (before the lifetimes) and how it's important to trust the process of life.     Elizabeth's website:  Her book: Her YouTube channel: YouTube version of the podcast:
November 24, 2020
Ep 30 - Ascension, intuition and election fraud (with Danieylah Ahlahynah Veola)
I talk with Danieylah Ahlahynah Veola about Selenite, how our emotions can influence what happens in the future, separation consciousness, 'don't stumble on something behind you', how the Earth influences the whole Universe, how the Schumann resonance of the Earth is increasing, how losing friends and connections to people at this time is normal, how world events come to serve us, why she stopped watching the news, how corruption will serve in awakening, how to make decisions through intuition, how ascension is going to look like on Earth and the physical changes, the importance of shadow work, 'if you can feel it, you can heal', Trump's role on earth, how we might lose friends in the process of ascension and how getting bored once in a while is helpful.     Danieylah's website: YouTube version:
November 13, 2020
Ep 29 - Numerology, filmmaking and superstition (with Andrew Gabelic)
Here I talk with Andrew Gabelic a numerologist on how he got into numerology, how numerology really explained him, how a hobby turned into a passion and into a career, influence of 'Outwitting the Devil' on his life, his filmmaking education, how committing to something is important, how some superficial numerology is superstition, the  influence of changing your name in numerology, influence of nicknames on a person, choosing a name through numerology vs choosing a name that feels right for you, the "I don't date Scorpio's", career selection through numerology, influence of particular years on individuals, the huge significance of the time period between 2017 - 2025, limits of predictions in numerology, spirituality vs superstition, self-knowledge through numerology and the usability and usefulness of his site, Teledipity.   Andrew's website: His Twitter: YouTube version of the podcast:
November 09, 2020
Ep. 28 Feldenkrais Method, Muscle Memory and How to Run Faster (with Erin Finkelstein)
Here I talk with Erin Finkelstein about a somatic movement therapy called Feldenkrais Method, comparing Feldenkrais with (movement) Yoga, asking 'Do we teach people how to walking correctly?', how you can change the patters in the brain by changing movement, how her personality changed from very serious to more easy-going & outgoing, how this work helps people even at highest levels of sport, how reading Feldenkrais' book 'The Potent Self' actually changes your brain, how Feldenkrais Method can help people run faster, how Feldenkrais could potentially improve math skill or even a chess score, how Feldenkrais can help with injury prevention (for example if Kobe Bryant did Feldenkrais he would have less of a chance to tear his achilleas in 2013), how Feldenkrais is basically an inquiry and an ability to make choices so it may not be a quick fix, and how Feldenkrais can be practiced through Zoom. Erin's website: Erin's monthly newsletter: to join my monthly newsletter (mention 'All That Jazz' to come to a class for free 9:30 am every Thursday, Mountain Time). Class information: Erin's Facebook: Instagram @soundmovementservices Twitter @ErinFinkelstein YouTube version of the podcast:
November 01, 2020
Ep. 27 Self-love, martial arts and protecting your energy (with Sarah Ladan Alizadeh)
Here I talk with Sarah Ladan Alizadeh about being a spiritual self-love coach, about moving from Iran to Turkey, growing up doing martial arts, how not comparing with other people is a big step in self-love, her background of biology and geology, protecting yourself if you're an empath, feeling other people's energy, how children are more open to energy and how similar energy always attracts other similar energy, how people love themselves, how she references some clients to therapists, how to make your mind to silence (or more quiet), how an addictions is a sign of a lack of self-love, how loving another without self-love ends up in attachment, and how paying attention to the silence within and people around you is one of the keys to growth. YouTube version of the podcast: Sarah's Facebook:
October 28, 2020
Ep.26 - Tree Gong, meditation and awareness of trees (with Keira Lani)
She started Yoga when she was young, starting a self-meditation journey at the age of 5, ascended masters, expecting too much from meditation, how enlightenment is a the journey, how the true goal of meditation is to know the part of you that does not die, how not to judge oneself if you're still experience negative things, how she doesn't like 'fake it till you make it', how vulnerability is important, 'magic' or magical manifestation, how following guidance is an important part of manifesting, talking to trees, how there's scientific evidence that trees are communicating with other trees, how there's places on earth (because of deforestation) that trees have a hard time communicating with each other), blatant corruption in politics, the way politics is set up is creating divisiveness, Qi-Gong compared to Tai-Chi, integrative medical clinics, sceptics insistence of double-blind studies, how taking care of our own bodies is going to protect us better from Covid.   Where you can find Keira Lani:  Her YouTube channel: YouTube version of the podcast:
October 21, 2020
Ep.25 Healing, mankind's changing paradigms and the mysterious QAnon (with Phil Laing)
Here I talk with Phil Laing on his interest in healing, spirituality, getting introduced to an early version of Theta Healing, how Theta Healing is able to get results quickly, the difference being sceptical and closed-minded, how the bio-feedback quantum feedback device was developed, SCENAR device that accelerates healing, how these type of devices are now used in professional sports, how now the old paradigms are changing, the Trump election, how Phil started his own research about what's going on in the world, the urgency of a spiritual practice,  how the media is dividing people, the divisive nature of recent US politics, how the US is now a corporation, how mankind has been manipulated by banking (debt is slavery), the upcoming housecleaning in US politics which will require special elections, how Trump's done a lot in the 4 years despite constant attack, Who QAnon is, how his posts are translated to 35 languages, the connection between the media and the deep state, how Hillary's Clinton's 33,000 emails still exist, how a lot of public people of the deep state are sociopaths that lie without trouble, how the Russian dossier was made up, how the new revelations is going to speed up a spiritual awakening, how doing your own research is important, George Soros, Pizzagate, organized satanic rituals, how there's polls and actual polls that never see the light of day, bureaucracy in US government being so huge that 'the right hand doesn't know what the left is going', UFO's, ET's, Space Force, how the energies that are hitting the planet are changing, the spiritual and healing workshops he's teaching, how raising your vibration starts a critical mass of people (that we are seeing now).   His website: YouTube version of the podcast: Phil Laing explains The Kunlun Workshop:
October 12, 2020
Ep.24 - Life coaching, A Course in Miracles and The Ascended Masters (with Jasrin Singh)
Here I talk with Jasrin Singh about her religion and country of origin Sikh/Indian, the arranged marriage she had, getting depressed, getting out of the corporate environment, her opinion on arranged marriage, her pursuit of spirituality, experience with a cult, finding her purpose, discovering her liking of coaching, purpose being about serving the world through one's skills, how adversity in one's life can be used for good, reasons people procrastinate (here she did an exercise why I procrastinate for University work), her first being introduced to spirituality to Yogananda, A Course in Miracles, the work of Kim Michaels, her spiritual experience in Turkey with a Divine Presence, what she learned from Dr. David R. Hawkins' teachings, how ACIM book found her, how pretending to be happy does a lot of internal damage, asking yourself if this act towards another person is empowering or disempowering another person, two kinds of psychic attacks, psychic protection, how some people are more sensitive to energy compared to others.   Jasrin's website:   Kim Michael's Ascended Teachers:   Dr. David R. Hawkins' work: YouTube version of the podcast:
October 09, 2020
Ep.23 - Spiritual awakening, studying Ayurveda and Ramana Maharshi (with Rolf Koch)
Here I talk with Rolf Koch about going from being a Vice President of an IT company to a student Ayurveda living a simple life, from changing from being an aggressive person who drank too much through a spiritual awakening brought about through meditation, his spiritual awakening, doing Reiki, his first encounter with Ramana Maharshi's books, his desire to become a Buddhist monk, seeing through Maya (illusion), leading life with your heart, Ayurveda's view of alcohol, his view of eating meat, how Ayurveda deals with headaches, the importance of body's constitution in Ayurveda on diet & treatment, how Ayurveda looks at the root-cause of an illness, the importance of the colon, diet and sleep, The lacto-vegetarian diet, importance of going to sleep early, golden milk's help with falling asleep, the difference between people who were born with a Caesarean section, also known as C-section and the people born the normal way and the disadvantage of being born with a C-section, the similarity between Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine, the human-ess of Ramana Maharshi, and what he thinks about Jesus' command to love your neighbour as yourself. YouTube version of the video: His book (in German): To be announced
October 06, 2020
Ep.22 - Cancer diagnosis, surrender and the importance of fearlessness (with Gary Ramsey)
Here I talk with Gary Ramsey about being diagnosed with cancer,  being given 3 days to live, surrendering to that fact, having read Anita Moorjani before his cancer diagnosis, him teaching Alexander technique, his research when he got home,  contacting a cancer clinic in Germany, plant based diet that helped combat the cancer while at the clinic in Mexico, working too hard, why he thinks cancer happens, how the state of fearlessness is crucial whenever you're diagnosed with cancer (or anything else), his comments on the media's handling of coronavirus, study on muggers (people with fear are mugged the most), the importance of media programming with the covid situation, fear being false evidence appearing real, media 'programming' people and not being helpful, and the importance of you being willing to heal.  His book 'Bliss: One Hero's Journey': YouTube version of the podcast:
October 02, 2020
Ep.21: Online marketing, Judas and the problem with Tarantino's movies (with Julia Weisenberger)
Here I talk with Julia Weisenberger about affiliate marketing, online income, online marketing, religious studies, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Judas, her religious parents (Catholic & Protestant), her interest in spiritualism, Yentl (1983 movie), Fiddler on the roof (1971 movie), Jesus Christ Superstar (1973), her interest in reading, writing and drawing, Hellen Keller, a Bollywood movie called 'Black', her translations of romantic novels, proof reading comic books, her huge collections of books, her use of old stories like The Odyssey' in marketing, people having too many options, her book 'Yes I can', reading romantic novels enhancing emotional intelligence, use of myth in movies, her opinion of Christopher Waltz, the problem of Quentin Tarantino movies, her dislike of horror movies, the 'first sin', and the importance to be happy with what you have, being yourself and having no regrets, The Secret and the different versions of it.    Julia's book - "Yes I can" Paperback: ebook: YouTube version of the podcast:
September 28, 2020
ep.20: Remote viewing, aliens and government coverups (with Daniel)
Here I talk with Daniel about his belief that remove viewing is actually very simple, remote viewing into the past (and future), remove viewing 9/11 and other 'targets', how aliens exist in all kinds of forms and species, how government has been covering aliens up. We also mention religion, reincarnation, Trump, the WalkAway movement, why people tend to get more conservative as they age and more.  His website:
September 25, 2020
ep19 - Degradation of political discourse, culture & beauty-less architecture (w/Theodore Dalrymple)
In this episode I have on Theodore Dalrymple and we talk about the popularity of his work in Brazil, the loss of importance of Britain in the world undermining the social structure of Britain, degradation of the political discourse, the outskirts of Paris, the revolt of 1969 of 'the spoiled brats', the ascend of Jews and Sikh's in Britain which is the result of their (good) culture, the culture of 'You're stupid because you're clever' which limits learning, his experience on travels in Africa,  the failure of the British police and the leniency of the British courts,  the principle victims of crime being the poor, how too many people today are intellectuals, how "to be an intellectual you have to deny the obvious", the ugliness of what modern architecture produces, the disregard of beauty in modern architecture, the loss of religion in Britain, his experience with a young man in North Korea who loved the work of Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare, his comments on Eric Hoffer's quote about intellectuals being more corrupted by power than men of action, how 'diversity' is one of the conditions for a successful University professor job application, Isaiah Berlin, what he thinks Brexit is going to bring, the difficulty of Brexit negotiations, how the EU is like 'another Yugoslavia', Trump the man vs Trump the politician. YouTube version of the podcast (with video): Theodore's Life At the Bottom book: Theodore's columns at City Journal: If you want to support the podcast:
September 21, 2020
ep.18 - Finding the work of David R. Hawkins (with Josh Vos)
Here I talk with Josh about finding the work of David R. Hawkins, Wayne Dyer, I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, spiritual experiences as a consequence of doing spiritual work, going to Hawkins lectures, moving to Sedona, muscle testing, psychic attacks, Letting Go, using anti-depressants, A Course in Miracles workbook, experiencing Siddhis and more.   Josh Vos' YouTube channel: YouTube version of the interview:
September 19, 2020
ep.17 - Spiritual awakening, 5D consciousness and the 'Event' (with Nikool Mcindoe)
Here I talk with Nikool McIndoe about her her Spiritual awakening, 5D consciousness, personal development, the significance of the MeToo movement, the blackmail in Hollywood, Jerry Esptein, the importance and the role of Donald Trump and his purpose, child sex trafficking, Reiki, what psychopomp is, changing of DNA, aliens, how every movie is 'real' somewhere, the dark agenda, the 'event' - raising of the consciousness of mankind & shift in the awakening, space ships flying around, CIA's disclosure of classified documents, soul families, a 'new earth' & the vaccines.     Nikool's book: To watch the YouTube version:
September 18, 2020
ep.16 - Leaving the LDS Church, Teaching ACIM, and the death experience (w/ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne)
Here in the 16th podcast I talk with  Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne about leaving the Church of Latter-Day Saints, discovering A Course in Miracles, and his ego-death. We also talk about Joseph Smith, meditation, A Course in Miracles workbook, resentments, the importance of  forgiveness, the power of belief, how our decisions & thoughts shape our world and much more.    His website: YouTube version of the podcast:
September 16, 2020
ep.15: Aliens, incentives of government & the all-disrupting Event (with Jack Forman)
Jack Forman joins me to talk about the existence of aliens, how government organisations have their own incentives (and various theories about it), and the Event that will both disrupt and elevate the consciousness of mankind. Jack's the author of several books including 'It was written (post event Book 1)' YouTube version:
September 13, 2020
ep.14: Writing, the muse and David R. Hawkins (with Gina Mazza)
Here we talk about her writing, editing and the spiritual direction her life turned upon discovering the work of David R. Hawkins.   She's an author of several books, including 'Everything Matters, Nothing Matters: For Women Who Dare to Live with Exquisite Calm, Euphoric Creativity & Divine Clarity' and co-authored 'The Highest and the Best: A Gifted Healer's Vision of Third-Millennium Medicine and Humanity's Intuitive Evolution'   One of her Hawkins interviews:   Her website: YouTube version:
September 11, 2020
Ep.13: Marxists, Race Hustlers and Feminists (with Danielle)
Danielle in her 2nd appearance on our podcast, we talked about Kenny Smith's remark that a racist remark (towards Luka Doncic) wasn't really racist, because "There was no power in it". A white woman pretending to be black, white people being guilted just because they're white and systemic racism. We also touch upon a controversial subject: Is there such a thing as black privilege? Last but not least, we go into Tomi Lahren's comments which Danielle identified as feminist and explains why this is so.  Her twitter:
September 10, 2020
Ep.12: How to bridge Science and Spirit? (with Nisha Manek)
When she was eight years old, Nisha decided to seek the truth. She never changed her mind. A native of Kenya, Nisha’s humble background propelled her to transcend limitations: gender, ethnic, and financial. She started her rheumatology career at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. Nisha is an internally recognized leader in the field of integrative medicine. But she didn’t stop there. Nisha partnered with one of the world’s most innovative physicists: Emeritus professor, William A. Tiller of Stanford University and pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the physics lab. As part of her tenure with Professor Tiller, Nisha achieved an astonishing confirmation of Tiller physics by testing the sacred relics of the historical Buddha. One of her proudest moments was moderating HH the 14th Dalai Lama during a Mind-Life Institute conference at the Mayo clinic. With storytelling as a core skill, she has authored a one-of-a-kind book: Bridging Science and Spirit, closing the gap between two seemingly separate areas of knowledge. She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom. Her website:
September 08, 2020
Ep.11: Book writing, astrology and shamanism (with Michelle Karen)
On this episode we talk about book writing, fasting, shamanism, how she was the Astrologer for the 78th Academy Awards, and what she thinks about the Coronavirus situation - the masks and the proposed vaccines. Her website:
September 03, 2020
Ep. 10 - Stand-up comedy, self-help and the fuck it list (with John O'Brien)
Here we talk about life, stand up comedy, hecklers, how self-help has influenced his comedy and his fuck it list (bucket list), where he adds new items on during the show!    John's Facebook page: His YouTube:
September 01, 2020
Ep.9: Methaphysics, Law of attraction and past lives (with Yolanda Dukes)
Yolanda Dukes on metaphysics, law of attraction and past life regression. She expounds on what she firmly believes is that thoughts are things.  In preparation for this interview, she did a past life regression on me and I must say I liked it! Her website: YouTube version:
August 31, 2020
Ep.8: How to overcome pornography? (w/ Dimitri Douchin)
Dimitri is a pornography addiction recovery coach and here we talk about how this debilitating addiction can be defeated. He coaches men and helps them overcome this by a method he developed which involved dealing with the trauma that is causing it and also changing the behavior by 'deescalating'.  His free ebook:
August 24, 2020
Ep.7: Uniting the religions of the world under the philosophy of love with Toni Demaio
Toni DeMaio joins me on this podcast. She's an Author, Psychic, Author, co-host on Psychic Tapestry Monday-BlogTalkRadio and Reiki Master/Teacher at Unity Toni's Amazon page:
August 21, 2020
Ep. 6: Fairies, Ghosts and Theta Healing with Rhoda Abarquez Soriano
Rhoda Abarquez Soriano is a certified essential oil Health coach, Thetahealing practitioner & teacher.  Here we talk about fairies (she's actually seen some), ghosts, the effect prayer has on space, why spaces where there's frequent prayer *feel* different. We also talk about different brain states 'alpha, beta, theta and gamma brain waves'. Furthermore, we talk about how with Theta healing you can change the belief systems. Lastly, we mention essential oils and how she's successfully using them in her Theta Healing practice to relax her clients. Her website:
August 17, 2020
Ep.5: Danielle - Is she a future Senator?
We talk about the politicised nature of Colleges in U.S., her opinion on Black Lives Matter and how  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez influenced her decision to pursue a political career. Her twitter:
August 16, 2020
Ep.4: A Political Conversion - From Socialist to a Centrist
Here I talk with Cameron, whom I met in a hostel in Scotland. We had disagreements about politics and I suggested Thomas Sowell. Little did I know that he would contact me years later to tell me that he's changed his mind on a lot of political matter through Will Durant and Thomas Sowell.  Cameron is an author of It's All Over Now Baby Blue: A Novella and Three Short Stories, currently living in France. 
August 14, 2020
Ep3: Shari Clemens the Feng Shui Psychic
Shari explains how she want from depression to Spiritual awakening. She was one of the early Fueng Shui practitioners in United States.  How to discern if somebody’s genuinely psychic or not Why being single can be a very good thing
August 12, 2020
Ep2: Travelling, the effect of social media, Israel and the paranormal (w/ Michel)
Micheal is a friend of mine that moved L.A. to Israel. We're going to learn how that came about, what he learned in Israel, his thoughts about how moving to Israel and living there have changed him. Last but not least, we're going to delve into his paranormal experiences, that have shaped his views on afterlife. 
August 09, 2020
Ep1: What's the purpose of life? (With Danieylah Ahlahynah Veola)
Danieylah is a energy healer and a emphatic Intuitive, that uses a lot of different modalities, including Chrystal Reiki Angelic Healing. She is also accredited by the IAOTH (International Association of Therapists).
August 06, 2020