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Meatballs & Dreams

Meatballs & Dreams

By wesaygravy
Matt of @wesaygravy and Mike of Bandera's Deli talk about food, dreams, and maybe even some stuff inbetween.
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Meatballs & Dreams EPISODE 05 - "Elmer"

Meatballs & Dreams

Meatballs & Dreams EPISODE 05 - "Elmer"

Meatballs & Dreams

Episode 08 - The Boston Nightlife Scene
In episode 8, DJ Costa of Big Night joins us to talk about the Boston nightlife scene.  -He reveals June 12th as the night he will be headlining at 'The Grand' in Boston's Seaport, as well as the opening dates of Memoir at the Encore Casino.  -What do celebrities like Tiesto and Pauly D ask for when they're in Boston?  Where does DJ Costa take them to eat?  What's the craziest story he has?  Also - Mike reveals how many meatballs Bandera's sold over memorial day weekend and it's insane. All that and much more in episodee 8!
June 3, 2021
Meatballs & Dreams Episode 07 - 'Nachos Italiano'
In Episode 7, Matt of @wesaygravy and Mike of @banderas_mkt have special guest Philip Frattaroli join. Philip is the owner of Lucia's in Boston's North End & Winchester, MA, Ducali Pizzeria of the North End, and the Cunard Tavern of East Boston. Topics discussed: -The tough pandemic decisions that Philip had to make as a North End business owner -His thoughts on the Little Italy Cup and the Frattaroli family's record in the tournament so far -The 'Nachos Italiano' dish that has propelled Ducali Pizzeria into the final 64 -Bandera's Market is 3 days away from opening day and Mike talks about the shop's preparation for the the big weekend -Craft beer in the North End and much more!
May 25, 2021
Meatballs & Dreams EPISODE 06 - 'Bruins & Bucatini'
Matt of @wesaygravy and Mike of @banderas_mkt recorded episode 6 after Mike's spray tan and during the Bruins game 2. -Downtown Hyannis restaurants -Bruins game 1 performance -Mike's first Bob's of Medford MA experience -North end breakfast spots -Little Italy Cup best of 3 series previews (Strega vs Lucia), (Tresca vs Carmelina's) -and much more!
May 18, 2021
Meatballs & Dreams EPISODE 05 - "Elmer"
Matt of @wesaygravy and Mike of @Banderas_mkt get into some serious topics this episode: -GnocchiGate 2021 -A Fake IG post being called out -Mike's up to date North End patio rankings -Mike's hidden gem sushi spot in the South Shore -Matt's response to his rigatoni dish ratings
May 11, 2021
Meatballs & Dreams - Special Edition (Mother's Day)
The one and only Dolly Bandera of @banderas_mkt joins us on this special edition of M's and D's!  -Straight MEATBALL talk. The X's and O's of making a meatball. -How many meatballs does Bandera's Market make a day? -Will Bandera's be releasing a new sub this summer? -Dolly's favorite Florida restaurants And more!
May 9, 2021
Meatballs & Dreams EPISODE 04 - "The 2 Day Hangover"
In this episode, Matt of @wesaygravy and Mike of @banderas_mkt talk about: -New food spots they tried this week (Roy's Cold Cuts of East Boston, Pisa Pizza of Malden) -Break down some matchups in round 2 of the North End bracket in the Little Italy Cup -A new restaurant opening that people camped out overnight for -Food blog etiquette -The craziest sub order Mike has seen at Bandera's Market And much more!
May 4, 2021
Meatballs & Dreams EPISODE 03 - "wesay....what?!"
Episode 3 details: -Matt talks about his tv show 'Masterchef' stint -Is Bandera's Market revealing a lobster roll this summer? -Break down North End bracket weekly results in the the Little Italy Cup -How many meatballs can you eat in 5 minutes? -Vegas/Florida Restaurants -Mike waits until the end to break some news to Matt
April 27, 2021
Meatballs & Dreams EPISODE 02 - The DEEP South
In this episode, Matt of @wesaygravy and Mike of @banderas_mkt talk about North End espresso martinis, south shore bar pizza, where food bloggers go from here, and some old Boston spots like News and Splash. 
April 19, 2021
Meatballs & Dreams EPISODE 01 - "What's Going On Out There??"
Matt of @wesaygravy and Mike of Bandera's Deli in Dennis Port talk about the Boston italian sub shop ranks, the patio scene of Boston's North End, and discuss the italian restaurant scene.
April 12, 2021