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Brain Pulse Podcast

Brain Pulse Podcast

By Matt Davis
Welcome to the brain pulse podcast! We're thrilled you're here. Get ready to learn how to optimize for success and avoid costly mistakes early on in your journeys. We will cover how to get started on your ideas and pursue your creative endeavors.
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Brain Pulse Podcast #1 | Triumph in Your Business and Get Started On Your Idea
You never know what you don't know. This episode features my best friend and entrepreneur, Vini Domingues, where he sheds some light on how to start a business with minimal mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable when starting a business but we aim to work out the kinds for you in the beginning so you can avoid the most costly ones and focus on what matters most - your idea and business. In this episode, we guide you through how to get started, the best steps to take when starting your idea, what to look out for, and the process Vini took to get his idea from his brain out into the world.
December 2, 2020