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By Matt Wong
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Season 5 Episode 4 of The People's Project: The 2-Tiered Society
In episode 4 of The People's Project: 1. Australia Returns to a Penal Colony - Australian Army deployed to South West Sydney to enforce lockdown 2. The 2-Tiered Society - Scomo back in extra lockdowns for the unvaccinated 3. Behavioural Bilingualism - protestors are getting more strategic Watch this episode on Youtube: --------------------------------------- DISCERNABLE The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive: --------------------------------------- Josh from The Looking Glass Emily from Voice for Victoria
July 30, 2021
SPECIAL: #SlugGate Part 2 - Why Did They Plant The Slug?
The People's Project bringing you what traditional media outlets don't want you to see.   This is Part 2 of #SlugGate: Why did they plant the slug at iCook foods, and how are Daniel Andrews and Brett Sutton implicated?   There is a developing story that Brett Sutton is not who he appears to be. Bambi may in fact be a wolf in sheep's clothing.   Watch this episode (Part 2) on Youtube: Watch Part 1 of #SlugGate on how council doctored photos suggesting the slug was deliberately planted:  -----------------------------------------  DISCERNABLE  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
July 29, 2021
Making Sense of Australia's Freedom Protests with Cr Angela Vithoulkas
City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas joins me to help make sense of the Freedom Protests across Australia. Angela is a lonely voice reading the protests as a desperate cry of ordinary workers and small business owners who have been driven to the brink and feel there is only one channel remaining for them to be heard: protest. Watch this episode on Youtube: ----------------------------- Angela Vithoulkas Angela's SME TV Channel ----------------------------- DISCERNABLE The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive: ----------------------------- 1:30 'Hunting Down' our fellow Australians 2:56 Desperate and driven to protest 4:50 Premiers and Police losing control of their states 6:53 Return Jobkeeper to calm the people 9:10 ADF deployed on our streets against citizens 11:17 tightening the screws on South West Sydney 12:46 Politicians blame the people 14:44 'NSW Police cannot stop another protest' 18:35 NSW Government backing down 20:50 City of Sydney not helping small business 23:00 Small businesses can actually vote for the Sydney Mayor 24:23 City of Sydney doesn't want small business to vote 28:10 80,000 small businesses in Sydney employing 600,000 people, 75,000 of whom live in the LGA 29:46 The Liberal Party is useless 30:00 The media bias against small business 32:26 Small business is not the same as big business 35:34 Misunderstanding small business profits 36:27 Boycotting the Sydney Morning Herald 39:06 Mayor of Sydney Angela Vithoulkas? 43:03 The new Small Business Advocate at The City of Sydney 45:55 Small Business - register to vote for the Dec election
July 27, 2021
The Law Series Episode 4: Protests, Police Horses, Compliance
Criminal Solicitor Samir Banga joins us to review the protests around Australia on the weekend.   In this episode:  1. BLM vs Freedom  2. Sydney protest  3. Punch a police horse  4. Melbourne protest  5. Police and the law  6. Compliance and fines  7. Covid contracts   -----------------------------------------  Banga Legal  Matt's Hair Surgery Reality TV -----------------------------------------   DISCERNABLE  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
July 26, 2021
Season 5 Episode 3 of The People's Project: Freedom Day
In episode 3 of The People's Project with guest David Limbrick MP: 1. Human Rights Don't Matter - mask exemptions, brutal policing, SW Sydney pariahs 2. Freedom Day - Time to End the Madness 3. Shut Up and Get Vaccinated - vaccine passports for all! 4. Humans Left Behind - discriminated against for just being human Watch this episode on Youtube: --------------------------------------- DISCERNABLE The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive: --------------------------------------- David Limbrick MP Emily from Voice for Victoria
July 23, 2021
Dr Gary Fettke - The Science of Nutrition and the Crusade for a Plant-Based Diet
Dr Gary Fettke is an orthopaedic surgeon famous for taking a stand against the meteoric rise of fructose, industrial seed oils and processed foods in our dietary guidelines. In both his own life and his own practice, he has seen lives turned around by embracing a low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF) way of eating based on what is available locally and seasonally. With his wife Belinda, they have been shining a light on the hidden influences in our nutrition industry which includes nefarious collusion and regulatory capture in western countries including Australia.  For example, did you know that the alternative meat movement in Australia is entirely owned by cereal producing, vegetarian promoting Sanitarium? Or that Sanitarium’s mission is to make Australia vegetarian? Seriously, go check out to see the proselytsing. Or that Sanitarium regularly sponsors projects and announcements by the Australian Medical Association (AMA)? In this discussion we covered the crusade against animal foods (where it started and why, who is running it now), the nutritional science behind carbohydrate metabolism, the lies levelled at saturated fats, the incestuous regulatory capture of dietetics, the impossibility of mass produced, distributed healthy foods, and the truth about animals farming and climate change/habitat destruction. Watch this episode on Youtube: ------------------------------------------- This interview was sponsored by Chief Nutrition, one of only 2 packaged food companies that I trust. Chief Nutrition products are based on grass fed, regeneratively farmed cows that deliver the animal-based nourishment that has fueled humans for hundreds of thousands of years, not the processed fare that has destroyed human health over the last fifty. Use discount code TRY10 for $10 off anything you buy at ------------------------------------------- DISCERNABLE  The Podcast:  The Crew Mailing List:  The Video Archive: ------------------------------------------- Follow Gary and Belinda Fettke
July 23, 2021
Season 5 Episode 2 of The People's Project: The Ministry of Truth
In episode 2 of The People's Project with guest Dr Thomas Cade: 1. NSW (and now VIC) in Prison Is there any other option for states besides lockdown? 2. The Ministry of Truth Governments would have you believe that there is only 1 source of truth (themselves) but the stories of Ignaz Semmelweis and The Great Barrington Declaration serve as a warning. 3. Planning for Lockdowns There were many pandemic plans around the world that were thrown away as soon as the pandemic hit (Mar 2020). Governments like the states of Australia have pursued an aggressive elimination strategy with obscured access to any supporting health advice or evidence. 4. Trust Your Government Sydney is being subjected to a 'grim reaper' style campaign with many medical inaccuracies. Is this the government we are meant to trust blindly? The French government has announced vaccine passports from August for anyone 12 years and older, will be required to access all cafes, restaurants and shopping centres. The reaction has revealed that most trust the government's messaging. Watch this episode on Youtube: --------------------------------------- DISCERNABLE The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive: --------------------------------------- Dr Thomas Cade Emily from Voice for Victoria --------------------------------------- The Great Barrington Declaration: The now discarded COVID-19 Pandemic Plan for the Victorian Health Sector: The 15th Report to Parliament on the State of Emergency:
July 16, 2021
A Conversation with Peter Hitchens on Why We Surrender Freedom
Peter Hitchens is the only voice I've found who takes a broader wider view on the surrender of freedom to governments around the world.  He sees a long history, from at least 1914, of people preferring safety over freedom and voting for an ever-larger state that assumes the roles previously occupied by now hobbled institutions such as family and faith. This interview asks 'Why did this happen?' and is best viewed as a sequel to the 20min summary video where we asked 'What happened?' which you can view at:  We had no planned topics for this 'Why' interview and I was genuinely surprised to hear Peter quickly move us onto the footing of Christianity and its role in the success of Commonwealth countries.  He educated and challenged me on concepts like 'the rule of law' which I thought I understood from my legal training. I did not understand.   Watch this interview on Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------  Follow Peter Hitchens  His books and audio books are available at:  ---------------------------------------------------  Thank you to the incredible Youtube Channel Unlocked who originally interviewed Peter Hitchens:  DISCERNABLE  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:  ---------------------------------------------------   Show notes with timestamps coming soon
July 15, 2021
Season 5 Episode 1 of The People's Project: Exposing Victoria's Curfew
In tonight's show with special guest David Davis MP (former Health Minister of Victoria):  1. The fight in VCAT to force Victoria's Labor government to release the health advice on Victoria's curfew   2. Either the Department of Premier and Cabinet is lying, or the Health Department is lying  3. How FOI requests work and how the Victorian government is denying them Watch this episode on Youtube: Panelist David Davis MP  Panelist Emily from Voice for Victoria  --------------------------   DISCERNABLE  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
July 9, 2021
The Culture Series: Fashion Influencers TWICE BLESSED
Bec and Marissa Karagiorgos are fashion influencers with large followings for both their classic style and their outspoken stance on faith in a heavily secular industry. Their fashion label TWICE BLESSED is making waves and has collaborated with global brands such as Dyson, Polo Ralph Lauren, David Jones and Lexus. As genetically identical twins, Bec and Marissa have a deep understanding of identity and where it comes from. Through their own childhood experience as identical twins and what they later discovered in the modelling and fashion industries, Bec and Marissa developed a keen interest in the formation and expression of healthy identity. In this discussion we explored: the spectacle of being a genetic clone and how that affects childhood development, the mission of their label TWICE BLESSED, being a social media influencer, the future of men’s fashion and the foundation of Christianity in their lives. Watch this interview on Youtube: ------------------------------------------------------ DISCERNABLE The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive: ------------------------------------------------------ 2:30 Finding your own identity as a genetic clone 7:59 Do identical twins need an external faith for a unique identity? 9:29 The bond of identical twins 12:25 Bec’s panic attacks when separated from Marissa 14:39 Quantum entanglement of identical twins? 18:48 The fashion label TWICE BLESSED 21:49 Advice for leaving your job and starting a business 24:08 Shaking up women’s fashion 27:07 The role of fashion in your identity 31:20 Modelling trending beyond simple looks 33:35 Toxic self-esteem in modelling and fashion 41:19 Posting for likes and clicks 44:15 Navigating the fashion industry as Christians 48:25 The TWICEBLESSED strategy 54:08 Are people’s fashion sense thwarted by budget? 56:34 What is the future of fashion? 59:05 Does fashion need to push boundaries to remain relevant? 1:01:10 Men’s Fashion is rubbish 1:04:20 The sandwich method of outfit design 1:06:13 Do people want to blend in or stand out? 1:09:30 An expansion of men’s fashion 1:11:25 Minimising differences between genders in the name of equality 1:17:25 The Magic Wand Question
July 6, 2021
The People's Project SPECIAL: Slug Gate
This is the story of Slug Gate. It's a true tale of a family catering business targeted by an unethical council and destroyed with the help of Brett Sutton, Dan Andrews and a mysteriously appearing slug.  On the back of an 86 year old woman's death, iCook foods was publicly accused of infecting a Knox Private Hospital patient with listeria.   What is less well known is that the Dandenong Council (who led the investigation) had a CEO who was shareholder and on the board of iCook's competitor Community Chef. Coincidentally, the hospital contract went straight to Community Chef after iCook was shut down on the orders of Brett Sutton.  New security camera footage shows just how implausible and politically motivated this closure could be, and warns that if they can do this to family owned iCook Foods, then no food business in Victoria is safe.   There is much we couldn't fit into this report, such as the Dandenong Council whistleblower who usually inspected iCook foods. She brought evidence that the Council pressured her to alter previous reports on iCook foods to support the council's new claim of lysteria:  ----------------------------------------------  Watch this episode on Youtube to see all of the security camera footage: Host: Emily from Voice for Victoria DISCERNABLE  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
June 30, 2021
Season 4 Episode 8 of The People's Project: The Failed State, Bad Behaviour Rewarded, Free Britney
In tonight's show we discuss:   1. The Failed State - when a state can't even keep its citizens safe.  2. The Slug Victoria is Obsessed With - high profile resignations are on their way.  3. Bad Behaviour Rewarded - examples of bad behaviour that nobody seems to care about  4. Free Britney - Britney Spears stuck in a legal 'conservatorship' that sounds more like prison   Panellist Jim Penman  Panellist Emily from Voice for Victoria  --------------------------  This episode was sponsored by Home by Astrid - importers of one of a kind interior furnishings from all over the world. --------------------------  DISCERNABLE  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
June 25, 2021
The Cancelled Artist - Bindi Cole Chocka converts to Christianity and Apologises to Andrew Bolt
Bindi Cole Chocka became 'The Cancelled Artist' after coming out as Christian in the art world. Initially a wildly successful artist on the back of her edgy work around race and Aboriginality, especially her black face work 'Not Really Aboriginal'.  Despite being lauded nationally as a left-wing hero in Australia, Bindi was 'cancelled' after her political and religious conversion. She also publicly apologised to columnist Andrew Bolt, whom she successfully sued using s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act - a high profile case. Watch this interview on Youtube: BINDI COLE CHOCKA Artist, Curator, Writer & Speaker DISCERNABLE The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive: --------------------- 1:25 Bindi’s art work that started the Andrew Bolt controversy 2:17 Bindi’s Aboriginal heritage 4:48 The political correctness of race 6:58 Andrew Bolt and his infamous articles 8:49 Taking Andrew Bolt to court 11:42 Bindi’s conversion to Christianity 17:18 Andrew Bolt GUILTY 19:35 Would Bindi do it again? 21:00 Bindi is cancelled 25:18 Critical Theory and progressive movements 34:11 Lifechanging forgiveness 35:34 Bindi finds Jesus in Jail 40:16 What is the core of Christianity? 41:25 Leaving behind victimhood 43:30 The left wing doesn't own compassion 46:35 How to reach those with on the left with grievances 49:22 Reconciling with Andrew Bolt? 59:23 Christianity has ceded the arts 1:01:54 How should conservatives approach progressives? 1:08:24 Bindi’s political transformation 1:17:06 Removing Christian ethics from government 1:22:28 Christianity’s impact on the world 1:23:29 Is Christianity like a virus? 1:24:17 The persecution of the Church
June 22, 2021
Season 4 Episode 7 of The People's Project: Too Little, Too Late, for Too Few
In tonight's show we discuss:   1. The lack of meaningful compensation for small businesses smashed by lockdowns  2. The drug injecting room(s) in Melbourne  3. The 'Sugar Coate Inquiry' and completely coincidental appointment of Dan Andrew's lawyers as Judges in the Supreme Court of Victoria  4. Victorian CHO Brett Sutton not subject to his own lockdown  5. Covid Theatre at the G7 Meeting...we're not listening anymore.   Watch this episode on Youtube: Panellist Bill Lang from Small Business Australia: The petition to save small business families: Panellist Paul Barker  --------------------------  DISCERNABLE  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
June 18, 2021
Chief Commissioner (Retired) of Victoria Police - Kelvin Glare AO APM
Kelvin Glare AO APM was the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police from 1987-1992 and has a long career history of fighting crime and corruption both within and outside police forces.  He was a fingerprint expert at the Fingerprint Bureau before quickly rising to Detective and then Sergeant before studying law and being admitted to the Victorian Supreme Court as Barrister and Solicitor.  Rising through the ranks of Senior Sergeant, Inspector and Chief Inspector, Kel then created the Victoria Police Prosecutions Division training prosecutors in legal matters to secure convictions for the most gruesome of crimes.  Then, as the first Assistant Commissioner (Internal Investigations Department), Kel rooted out corruption within Victoria Police including spending $42m chasing one corrupt officer over 2.5 years which he claims was ‘worth it’ because it ‘demonstrated that criminality wouldn’t be tolerated and will be chased to the very end’.   Kel was eventually promoted to Deputy Commissioner, Operations where he took charge of the entire force of uniformed police, traffic officers and detectives in Victoria.  Ultimately, his time as Chief Commissioner has been remembered fondly by the public for his no-nonsense and apolitical approach to policing, and his focus on community initiatives such as the Police in Schools program which seeks to prevent crime before it happens.   Kel is now Chairman of the Community Advocacy Alliance and is calling for recall elections to be introduced in Victoria to bring accountability to ‘out of control governments’.   ---------------------------------------   Watch this episode on Youtube: ---------------------------------------   The CAA Petition for recall elections: Kel’s autobiography ‘The Angry Ant’:
June 17, 2021
The Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology: Dr Robert Malone
The Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology: Dr Robert Malone. Not an interview, but a summary and commentary of Dr Malone's thoughts around the spike protein.   Also, a sober warning to those like me who are very pro-vaccine but should not ignore the evidence emerging around this particular crop of vaccines.   Watch this commentary on Youtube: Full 3 hour conversation with Dr Robert Malone, Brett Weinstein and Steve Kirsch:  ----------------------------------------  DISCERNABLE®  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
June 15, 2021
I Found The Science! Victorian COVID-19 modelling exposed.
Well, I found 'the science'! The long awaited, 'not in the public interest' health advice.   The truth is governments have relied on modelling and health advice often abdicating their responsibility to make decisions and be accountable for them.  How often have you heard them defer to an expert, to a scientific model or to a nebulous 'the science'.  In this expose I look at the types of modelling that is being offered to governments, and why governments are acting quite rationally if they choose to completely trust the models.   Overall it paints a picture of not leadership, but 'management'. And increasingly disastrous management at that.  We need a new kind of person in charge. Leaders.   Watch this expose on Youtube: Link to the Burnet Institute Modelling discussed in this video:  ----------------------------------------  DISCERNABLE®  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
June 15, 2021
Thinking Music Volume 4
Thinking Music. I've always been frustrated with the 'study music' out there. It's either too busy/distracting or it's very obviously cheesy 'spa' or 'meditation' music.  So in 2015 I created my own.  There are 4 tracks:   Volume 1: 18min of Piano - delicate movements and warm, satisfying chord progressions with repeating motifs that hold the brain's attention, with only gentle dynamic builds and a minimum of rhythm or overwhelming fortes.    Volume 2: 7min of Soft Pad - gooey and warm structures that rely on chord inversions to convey a liquified sense of movement.   Volume 3: 8min of Piano - rhythmic broken chords and colourful upper intervals to stimulate creativity in the brain through harmonic blends.   Volume 4: 9min of Soft Pad with smatterings of Piano,  - descending regal voicings and glassy pads that emanate rest and a sense of hope.   ---------------------------------------------------------   Listen to these tracks on Youtube at  Rip an MP3 of these tracks by using a site like  Connect with Discernable - our mailing list gets exclusive and unreleased content:
June 13, 2021
Season 4 Episode 6 of The People's Project: Forgotten Business, Complicit Media and a Heartless Australia
In tonight's show we discuss: 1. VICTORIA'S LOCKDOWN ISN'T OVER The lagging effects will last for years 2. THE FITNESS INDUSTRY REVOLT No scientific evidence but gyms remain closed 3. THE SMALL BUSINESS REVOLT With nothing left to lose business lashes out 4. A COMPLICIT MEDIA Fear mongering, spin, leaks and Orwellian language 5. AUSTRALIA IS HEARTLESS Baby ripped from fully vaccinated parents during C-Section Watch this episode on youtube: -------------------------- DISCERNABLE The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive: -------------------------- Discernable's tribute to 8yr old Cooper who drowned near Warrnambool: Panellist Ryan Smith MP: Panellist Carly Soderstrom:
June 11, 2021
Season 4 Episode 5 of The People's Project: Fear Bites Back, Scomo Grows a Spine, Easy Money
In tonight's show we discuss: 1. FEAR BITES BACK - politicians and experts start to back peddle on all the fear mongering 2. SCOMO GROWS A SPINE - instead of caving, Scott Morrison give VIC money with one massive condition 3. EASY MONEY - Crypto currency, Impossible House Prices and Depressed Millionaires Watch this episode on Youtube: -------------------------- DISCERNABLE The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive: -------------------------- Experts shoot down Brett Sutton’s wild claims: Instagram Crypto Scams: Which generation had it harder for home buying? Jordan Shanks on John Barilaro: Gender neutral terms in Victorian schools:
June 4, 2021
Kerry Chikarovski - misbehaving politicians, #MeToo, women in sport
Kerry Chikarovski was the first woman to lead a major political party in NSW. In this interview we explored the changes in politics, lifestyle and flexible workplaces, the #MeToo movement, ceding governance to the private sector, and the gender pay gap in sport. Kerry’s book ‘Chika’ is available at your local library if you are lucky or in person at the National Library of Australia in Canberra: Follow Kerry: Twitter @kerrychika LinkedIn /KerryChikarovski Watch this episode on Youtube: ----------------------------------- 1:24 Kerry spearheaded the first flexible workplace policy in Australia 2:57 Kerry’s predictions for future workplace changes 7:01 The type of people attracted to politics 8:28 Learning to manage the new media and social landscape 10:38 Australians are better judges of character than we think 11:42 The #MeToo movement. Is it a new problem? 15:09 Is there a systemic gender problem? 17:39 Are women disadvantaged? 19:48 Big Tech and Big Business adopting a political and governance role 22:34 Big Tech as the world’s largest editor and arbiter of truth 25:53 Are we ceding governance to the private sector? 28:50 What people misunderstand about politicians and business leaders 34:34 The popular narrative for political success 38:07 How Kerry redefined her life after politics 42:05 Women’s Rugby 47:07 The gender pay gap in sport 51:03 What would Kerry do with a magic wand?
June 1, 2021
Thinking Music Volume 3
Thinking Music. I've always been frustrated with the 'study music' out there. It's either too busy/distracting or it's very obviously cheesy 'spa' or 'meditation' music.   So in 2015 I created my own. There are 4 tracks:   Volume 1: 18min of Piano - delicate movements and warm, satisfying chord progressions with repeating motifs that hold the brain's attention, with only gentle dynamic builds and a minimum of rhythm or overwhelming fortes.    Volume 2: 7min of Soft Pad - gooey and warm structures that rely on chord inversions to convey a liquified sense of movement.   Volume 3: 8min of Piano - rhythmic broken chords and colourful upper intervals to stimulate creativity in the brain through harmonic blends.   Volume 4: 9min of Soft Pad with smatterings of Piano,  - descending regal voicings and glassy pads that emanate rest and a sense of hope.  ---------------------------------------------------------  Listen to these tracks on Youtube at Rip an MP3 of these tracks by using a site like Connect with Discernable - our mailing list gets exclusive and unreleased content:
May 31, 2021
Season 4 Episode 4 of The People's Project: Lockdown 4.0 in Victoria, the Wuhan China Virus, and The Pretending Media
In tonight's show we discuss: 1. Lockdown 4.0 in Victoria 2. The Wuhan China Virus (Gain OF Function Research and Anthony Fauci) 3. The Media Pretending to be Media (The Sinclair Scandal) Watch this episode on Youtube: -------------------------- 3 hour interview with Investigative Journalist Josh Rohin on Wuhan and Fauci: 8min segment explaining the Sinclair Fake News scandal: DISCERNABLE The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
May 28, 2021
Making a new Australian state: REXIT with Tim Quilty MP
Tim Quilty MP is the Member for Northern Victoria in the Legislative Council. He joined me for a live watch party of Acting Premier Dan Merlino’s lockdown 4.0 announcement for Melbourne. Throughout this interview Tim advocated for the creation of a new state in the Federation of Australia – ‘Murray’ which is to be comprised of regional VIC and regional NSW. The plan is being called ‘Rexit’ for ‘Regional Exit’ and arose after regional populations felt that state governments are increasingly urban-centric which causes a collapse of regional centres. --------------------------------------------- Learn about REXIT: Follow Tim Quilty MP: Watch this interview on Youtube: --------------------------------------------- 0:26 Victoria’s Lockdown 4.0 3:43 Border closures and how rural communities are affected 6:35 Learning to live with Covid-19 9:25 What is Rexit? 12:18 How to create this new state 17:08 Timeline for Rexit 18:45 Irrigation along the Murray River 25:50 ‘Flyover states’ 27:43 Raising country speed limits to 140kmh 29:25 Negative Rights vs Positive Rights 34:46 Does Tim like being a politician? 37:53 The alcohol culture in parliament  40:15 Sci-fi and Tim’s favourites 44:45 LDP putting forward new bill to limit SOE powers 47:10 Penalties for breaches of the SOE powers 50:33 Why put up a bill if it is going to lose? 51:08 How to support the new LDP Bill to limit SOE powers 53:28 What are the crossbenchers like behind the scenes? 56:07 Is Classical Liberalism dying in Australia? 58:20 Urbanised populations love regulation 1:00:35 What is the strongest argument against Rexit? 1:02:35 Suburban house prices vs regional house prices 1:04:03 What would Tim do with a magic wand?
May 27, 2021
Soul Food Sunday: Analysing Famous Quotes
As part of the Soul Food Sunday Series, we got together to analyse the quotes that have changed my life and informed Discernable. Watch this episode on Youtube:
May 24, 2021
Season 4 Episode 3 of The People's Project: Populism, Technocracy, Vaccine Passports and Academic Hoaxes
In tonight's show we discuss: 1. The Technocracy worldview and the only antidote: populism 2. Vaccine Passports for travel within Australia 3. Australians love Fortress Australia 4. Academic Hoaxes (the Sokal Squared Scandal) Watch this episode on Youtube: -------------------------- Learn all about the hoax academic papers (Sokal Squared): Connect with Josh and his own interviews: For a bit of reality TV, follow Matt's hair restoration journey: Follow William Twigg: Matt's Speed Reading Course:
May 21, 2021
Dissecting Victoria's Budget
We looked at Victoria's Budget and tried to see behind the numbers. Why was it prepared this way? What effect will it have on the community?   We went deep and into the philosophical underpinnings of safety, opportunity and the unknown when it comes to governing a population.  I had a revelation about feeling 'untethered' by what Ryan was telling me. To be honest it was a little scary and I'm still processing the idea. I suspect a lot of my generation has become accustomed to living in a 'zoo' of safety (but not freedom).   Joined by my local Member of Parliament Ryan Smith.   ----------------------------------------  The Podcast: The Crew Mailing List: The Video Archive:
May 21, 2021
Thinking Music Volume 2
Thinking Music. I've always been frustrated with the 'study music' out there. It's either too busy/distracting or it's very obviously cheesy 'spa' or 'meditation' music.   So in 2015 I created my own. There are 4 tracks:   Volume 1: 18min of Piano - delicate movements and warm, satisfying chord progressions with repeating motifs that hold the brain's attention, with only gentle dynamic builds and a minimum of rhythm or overwhelming fortes.    Volume 2: 7min of Soft Pad - gooey and warm structures that rely on chord inversions to convey a liquified sense of movement.   Volume 3: 8min of Piano - rhythmic broken chords and colourful upper intervals to stimulate creativity in the brain through harmonic blends.   Volume 4: 9min of Soft Pad with smatterings of Piano,  - descending regal voicings and glassy pads that emanate rest and a sense of hope.   ---------------------------------------------------------   Listen to these tracks on Youtube at  Rip an MP3 of these tracks by using a site like  Connect with Discernable - our mailing list gets exclusive and unreleased content:
May 19, 2021
Thinking Music - Volume 1
Thinking Music. I've always been frustrated with the 'study music' out there. It's either too busy/distracting or it's very obviously cheesy 'spa' or 'meditation' music.  So in 2015 I created my own.  There are 4 tracks:  Volume 1: 18min of Piano - delicate movements and warm, satisfying chord progressions with repeating motifs that hold the brain's attention, with only gentle dynamic builds and a minimum of rhythm or overwhelming fortes.    Volume 2: 7min of Soft Pad - gooey and warm structures that rely on chord inversions to convey a liquified sense of movement.   Volume 3: 8min of Piano - rhythmic broken chords and colourful upper intervals to stimulate creativity in the brain through harmonic blends.   Volume 4: 9min of Soft Pad with smatterings of Piano,  - descending regal voicings and glassy pads that emanate rest and a sense of hope.   ---------------------------------------------------------   Listen to these tracks on Youtube at  Rip an MP3 of these tracks by using a site like  Connect with Discernable - our mailing list gets exclusive and unreleased content:
May 17, 2021
Season 4 Episode 2 of The People's Project: Don't Import Conflict to Australia
In tonight's show we discuss: 1. The ongoing war in the Middle East and why we must not import conflict into Australia 2. The leakiness of Australia's 'travel ban' Rich? Famous? Connected? No rules for you! 3. Ellen falls from her throne. Let all the moral emperors fall! 4. China's Rights Never End - lecturing us over climate change and our own budget 5. Farming animals in Victoria - is it ethical? Giving animals human rights. Watch this episode on Youtube: -------------------------------- Bev McArthur's website and mailing list: Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:
May 14, 2021
Season 4 Episode 1 of The People's Project: King McGowan, Flexing Gladys, Nebuliser Man
Season 4 Episode 1 of The People's Project: King McGowan, Flexing Gladys, Nebuliser Man In tonight's show we discuss: 1. Victorian curfew documents (human rights assessments) hidden from the public 2. Samantha Ratnam and Fiona Patten pulling up the ladder behind them 3. WA Premier McGowan a total Baller 4. NSW Premier Berejiklian flexes her muscles 5. Nebuliser Man is vindicated - not his fault! 6. The Left Eat Their Own - Caitlin Jenner no longer 'stunning and brave' 7. The upcoming Federal Budget Watch this episode on Youtube: -------------------------------- Culture of Cover Up Puts Victorians at Risk: Our first sponsor: Gro Clinics, the experts in hair restoration Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:
May 7, 2021
Dick Smith - Dangerous Australian Airspace and a Dying Industry
Aussie icon Dick Smith joined me to discuss dangerous airspace and a dying aviation industry in Australia.   After news broke that John Anderson (former Deputy Prime Minister and Transport Minister) is running for parliament again, Dick Smith wrote an open letter ( laying out the deaths caused by a failure to fully implement the National Airspace System (NAS) announced in 2002 by John Anderson.   We also spoke about what happened to Dick Smith Foods.   Dick Smith is not only an Aussie iconic entrepreneur (Dick Smith Electronics) but also a lifelong aviator and former Chairman of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.   Read Dick's open letter to John Anderson:  -------------------------------------------------------   Watch this episode on Youtube: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:  Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content:  -------------------------------------------------------   2:25 The National Airspace System (NAS) that was never implemented  3:32 People are dying in airplanes  4:13 Massive roadblocks in the sky  8:23 Dick wrote this letter for the National Library to document aviation in Australia  9:31 The demise of Australia’s small airports  14:26 Privately owned air traffic control towers and aviation firefighting  16:15 Why write an open letter instead of a private conversation?  17:19 Dick Smith in politics  18:37 Dick’s philanthropy and charity work  19:48 Was Dick Smith Foods too early?  21:20 Matt explains the technicalities around Dick's airspace concerns
May 4, 2021
COVID NORMAL with Richard Riordan MP
Now we are entering 'Covid Normal', what do we want it to be? Do we even have a choice? Richard Riordan MP joined me to discuss as many aspects of Covid Normal as possible: Medical martial law States running out of money Businesses choosing Sydney and Adelaide over Melbourne A 2-tiered society (mandatory vaccinations) Making life easy for government (but not for you) VicRoads being flogged off Watch this episode on Youtube: ------------------------------------ 1:46 Shifting Goalposts – ‘the beach is unsafe…go to Bunnings’ 3:00 Anzac Day Hypocrisy 2021 5:05 The Colac Community Beat Covid-19 without Government 5:53 Shifting Goalposts – vaccines no longer our saviour 9:26 Medical Martial Law 12:27 States running out of money 14:58 Pulling out of Victoria – it’s not safe for business 16:18 COVID-23 (The Songbird Movie) 22:37 NSW Hotel Quarantine Sets the Standard 23:33 A 2-tiered society (mandatory vaccinations) 28:14 Disenfranchised citizens 29:34 Easy for Government (But Not For You) 32:35 Service NSW vs VicRoads 35:01 Vaccine Passports Around The World 39:25 Getting rational with Australia’s state borders 42:28 Liberals suck at elections 44:52 Calling for Smarter Government 47:06 Richard’s Magic Wand 47:42 Geelong’s Rebound Proves you Don’t Need Government to Succeed 51:53 How We Should Get to ‘Covid Normal’ ------------------------------------ Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content:
May 3, 2021
Geert Vanden Bossche Cross Examined by Bret Weinstein
Geert Vanden Bossche has been very vocal calling from the complete halt of all COVID-19 vaccinations world-wide. This is based on his [globally-recognised] experience in vaccine creation and what he sees as a grave error that humanity is making during a pandemic.   Evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein interviewed Geert on The Dark Horse Podcast, and cross examined Geert's warning to the world. They covered both of the 2 major issues Geert is alarmed about:   1. that vaccines without sterilising immunity (the ability to prevent transmission) deployed on a global scale applies too much evolutionary selection pressure on Sars-Cov2; and  2. vaccine-induced antibodies that cannot prevent mutated S-Proteins from causing infection will still bind and outcompete our natural antibodies from our innate immune system.   Watch this episode on Youtube: The full interview between Geert and Bret on The Dark Horse Podcast: The original Geert Vanden Bossche interview on Discernable: -------------------------------------- Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content:
April 26, 2021
Naked Media - evidence of manipulative, misleading and increasingly fake news
Naked Media - evidence of manipulative, misleading and increasingly fake news. Time to explore just how misleading, manipulative and fake our news media can be. Let's dive into:   1. CNN Technical Director admits to the campaign to remove Trump, the upcoming pivot to climate change fear campaigns, CNN interviewers are manipulating their guests...   2. The ABC doctors footage of the twerking dancers in front of the Royal Australian Navy Ship (the ABC have released a public apology).   3. The ABC fabricates footage of Scomo storming off a press conference.   4. Sky News lies that there were only a few hundred people attending the Nov protests in Melbourne, and that they were violent.   5. Victoria Police incite violence at a protest but selective editing reverses the narrative.   And finally, an analysis of the Australian media landscape and the antidote to media manipulation.   ----------------------------------------   Watch this episode on Youtube: Matt's Animated Promo Video Course Discount Link: Matt's Speed Reading Course Discount Link: Matt's course on Advanced Audio Production: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content:
April 17, 2021
Darren Brady Nelson: Aussie tax, Aussie federalism, Aussie house prices
Darren Brady Nelson is the chief economist at LibertyWorks, writes for Townhall, and is a policy advisor at the Heartland Institute. He is also a regular commentator in traditional and online Australian and American media. His main influences include the Austrian school of economics, common law, and Christian apologetics. In this episode we discuss: Big Tech Censorship The GST was a bad idea Woke business Austrian vs Keynesian economics Christianity and economics China's success Watch this episode on Youtube: Matt's Animated Promo Video Course Discount Link: Matt's Speed Reading Course Discount Link: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: -------------------------------- Resources we mentioned in the episode: Human Action by Mises (free): Economics in One Lesson: Millennials and the Progressive Movement: ------------------------------------- 2:12 Banned from LinkedIn! 4:08 Conservative ideology silenced 6:47 Big Tech censorship is a cartel 8:58 Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 1996 that protects Big Tech 12:50 US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks out against Big Tech 14:45 The Democrats are about to ‘pack the Supreme Court’ by adding more left wing judges 19:54 Forget left vs right, it’s authoritarian vs freedom 24:12 Australian states go to Canberra to beg for money 27:00 GST was a bad thing 28:20 A consumption tax to replace all taxes 29:57 A flat tax 36:25 The Left win the policy wars regardless of who is in charge 38:58 Big business loves tax hikes! 41:00 Wokeism always comes from businesses that have mega profits 42:13 The founder of BLM cashes in 44:40 Competitive federalism – why we need our states to compete 51:23 Increasing power in local governments 55:31 Austrian Economics 1:04:29 What is Keynesian Economics? 1:13:55 Australia loves Big Government 1:17:07 Australia’s housing market – a real boom or just fake inflation? 1:20:00 Income is going down as inflation rises 1:21:15 What should Australians do in this economic climate? 1:23:07 What is good about Keynesian Economics? 1:27:05 What’s the alternative to measuring GDP? 1:30:55 The overlap between Christianity and Economics 1:37:50 Will China’s economic success continue? 1:49:19 Darren doesn’t want a Magic Wand
April 15, 2021
Season 3 Episode 7 of The People's Project: Hotel Quarantine 3.0, Disconnected from Reality, Another Secret Deal with China
In tonight's show we discuss: 1. Hotel Quarantine 3.0 in Victoria - where the hotels are, how 'arrival caps' work and which states are doing the heavy lifting. 2. We have created Australian refugees (and we don't care). 3. Disconnected from Reality - gender neutral armies, impossible climate change prediction, Brazil mutant strains, Florida and Texas unexplainable. 4. 7 News goes off the deep end. 5. Another Secret Deal with China - public/private partnerships and how they work in China. 6. NBA sells their [left wing] soul for Ca$H 7. Genocide and organ harvesting of the Falun Gong and Uyghurs Watch this episode on Youtube: Matt's Animated Promo Video Course Discount Link: -------------------------------- Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:
April 9, 2021
Who can beat Daniel Andrews? An interview with Brad Battin MP
Brad Battin MP recently challenged Michael O’Brien for the leadership of the Victorian Liberal Party. I invited him to interview not only on why he took aim at the top job to take on Daniel Andrews, but also to investigate what type of person he is. He lives with his wife and daughters in Berwick in South East Melbourne and before becoming a parliamentarian Brad worked in the prison system and as a police officer at VicPol. Disillusioned with the management of Victoria Police Brad later left to open his own Baker’s Delight Bakery before becoming the Member for Gembrook in 2010. During his time in Parliament he has been the Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Shadow Minister for Environment, Emergency Services, Building Industry, Youth Justice, Crime Prevention, Roads (Metropolitan) and Road Safety and the TAC. -------------------------------------------- Listen to this episode on the It Is Discernable Podcast: Watch this episode on Youtube: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Matt's Speed Reading Course Discount Link: -------------------------------------------- Follow Brad: -------------------------------------------- 2:12 Why Brad left Victoria Police 5:41 Selective policing at protests 10:55 How the government dictates to VicPol 17:00 Brad’s growing political ambitions 18:15 ‘New Australians’ not ‘immigrants’ 20:00 What is Harmony Week? 22:38 Michael O’Brien and the leadership spill 28:43 Losing the leadership challenge 32:10 ‘Scotty from Marketing’ and the need for Team in politics 34:15 Gladys – the Queen of COVID-19 Management 39:59 We don’t trust politicians 44:42 Presidential style politics 50:27 Australians like a mummy/daddy government 52:20 Labor States will have to change how they govern 54:46 QLD lockdowns destroying their tourism economy 56:45 Will Dan Andrews pivot re: lockdowns? 57:25 We need to trust Australians 1:01:26 Mask culture in Melbourne 1:11:00 Growth corridors in Melbourne 1:13:58 Don’t be ‘Labor Lite’! 1:15:55 How Brad takes the pulse of the community 1:19:00 MPs should only ask “what is best for my electorate?” 1:20:00 Bring back Jeff Kennett? What about Peta Credlin? 1:26:30 Future plans for Brad 1:28:28 What is Dan Andrews like behind the scenes? 1:34:17 Brad’s Magic Wand is not so magic
April 6, 2021
Season 3 Episode 6 of The People's Project: Wuhan Lab Leak, NSW Floods, Dan Andrews M.I.A.
In tonight's show we discuss: 1. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) leaked from a lab in China (The Wuhan Institute of Virology) 2. NSW floods and reminds us of real emergencies 3. Victoria breathes fresh air while Dan Andrews is M.I.A. 4. The Leftivisation of the Right Wing 5. Aspiring to the ultimate position: victimhood. Matt's Speed Reading Course Discount Link: -------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:
March 26, 2021
Former Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne Arron Wood Returns!
Arron Wood was Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne until 2020 and served on council for 8 years. He has a long resume of environmentalism that began when, after swimming in the family billabong, he emerged with a rash all over his body due to blue-green algae blooms. Since then, he has taken a practical approach to environmental campaigning and seeks outcomes that benefit not just the environment but also the people and businesses that operate within it. He serves on boards such as South East Water in Melbourne and the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, combining his environmental and business nous to create a sustainable and profitable future. He is currently the Chief Industry Engagement and Education Delivery Officer for the Bendigo Kangan Institute. Follow Arron Wood: Arron’s book ‘Billabong Boy’: -------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:  Stay connected in case we disappear: -------------------- 0:38 Receiving the Order of Australia 2:16 The ‘Billabong Boy’ from Mildura 4:20 Realising that environmentalism is good for people and business too 5:42 Kids Teaching Kids environmental program 7:05 Working with country people 10:25 Modern day environmentalism is fashionable 11:15 Finding common ground to champion the environment 13:08 The psychology behind environmentalism 16:48 The polarization of the environment debate 19:18 Opinions are the new facts 20:10 Australia’s penetration of rooftop solar 22:12 Government incentives renewables vs coal 25:04 You don’t have to shut down business for sustainability 27:28 Australia’s new export market: green hydrogen 30:45 The transition to renewables globally 34:40 The failure of governments to manage transitions to renewable energy 37:20 The middle ground is the hardest place to be 41:07 Is Nuclear an option for Australia? 46:52 Be honest when discussing renewables! 49:08 Melbourne council’s failure in recycling waste 53:03 What is humanity’s role in nature? 56:10 Adapting to natural cycles and businesses moving due to climate 1:06:00 Urban wetlands to slow down water 1:09:25 Misanthropy: humans are not a ‘cancer on the planet’ 1:14:30 The art of compromise 1:15:40 Running for Mayor of Melbourne 1:21:03 Impact of lockdowns on Melbourne CBD 1:22:58 Arron’s struggle finding identity and purpose 1:27:08 The world is going through a collective trauma 1:30:45 Governments must adapt their pandemic response 1:33:55 Censorship culture: media shuts down debate 1:37:18 Creating a culture of fear is dangerous 1:39:16 In real pandemics governments fight fear (not create it) 1:45:40 What will businesses do if there is another lockdown? Non compliance. 1:51:00 Korean Fried Chicken and cuisines around Melbourne 1:52:21 Behind the curtain of Melbourne local politics 2:01:07 Predictions for the new Mayoral team 2:07:10 The Magic Wand Question
March 24, 2021
The People's Project S03E05 - Violence against women
In tonight's show: We discuss the March For Justice protest around Australia. Matt's Speed Reading Course Discount Link: Watch this episode on Youtube: -------------------------------- Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:
March 19, 2021
The People's Project S03E04 - Body language, Scomo the Spineless, Princess Meghan Markle
In tonight's show: 1. Josh takes us on a tour of micro expressions and body language to compare two very different public figures. 2. Damian Coory joins the panel to examine Princess Meghan Markle's claim of 'racism, racism everywhere!'. 3. Matt takes Scomo to task calling him spineless 4. We end the show talking about the yummiest food of all - ice cream! Watch this episode on Youtube: -------------------------------- Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:
March 12, 2021
Culture Series Episode 2: Daisy Spratt (Lawyer and Singer/Songwriter)
Daisy Spratt was born in Queensland, Australia, but raised in the south and mid-west of the United States. Her draw to music started at a young age with artists like Shania Twain and Kenney Chesney, and even Aussie bands like INXS. However, it wasn't until she moved back to Down Under where she learned to play guitar, started writing music and began getting vocal coaching. Her parents didn't see her perform for the first time until she was 15 years old. By 18, she was gigging in local pubs and cafes along the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. She took every opportunity to perform, and even competed in local and national competitions. In 2016, Daisy released her debut single "Love Like That" which reached the top 10 on the iTunes Country charts. She went on to release a 7-song EP, which featured her fun single "Soda Pop". In 2019, she wrote and recorded in Nashville, where she released her single "Think Again Boy". Following the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, Daisy pivoted from country music to indie pop, with her hit single "Thinkin' Bout You", which was, and still is, raising awareness about mental health. In 2021, she is back in action with a new single releasing on March 19th, which was written with Rob Amoruso and Alice Blake. ------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Stay connected in case we disappear: ------------------------- 2:00 A lawyer and a professional musician 4:04 Figuring out what you want in life 8:55 Switching between analytical and creative 11:00 A sample of Daisy’s music 14:04 Taking care of your mental health 15:05 Do creatives need pain and/or drugs to be creative? 16:55 How to come up with a song (live demo) 23:51 Raw talent vs a shiny brand 27:50 What is brand? 31:32 Being raw and authentic – showing the messy and ugly parts of life 35:00 Daisy hates showering 40:10 Attitudes of younger generations 45:55 The ethics of a COVID-19 world 50:11 Political pressure in the creative industry 52:57 Not selling out to popularity 53:40 Cultural impact of music 56:10 Social enterprise café – training and supporting young people 1:00:00 Looking back on your life at 25 1:02:26 Trapped by fame 1:06:05 The electrification of aviation and robotic vacuum cleaners 1:08:38 Podcasts 1:11:22 The future will be blurry 1:17:25 Daisy’s Magic Wand 1:20:12 Chocolate fish ‘Sprats’
March 10, 2021
Geert Vanden Bossche PhD and his warning to the world against 'Immune Escape'
Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, DVM is an internationally recognised expert in vaccine development. He has acted as global director of a number of vaccine programs around the world, including for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Teaching and working in virology his entire professional life, Geert is raising the alarm over the global vaccination rollout and lockdown methodology which he believes is causative in the immune escape fears being raised by journals such as The Lancet and Science in January/February 2021. He presents scientific evidence that ‘innate’ immunity is the actual determinant in recovery from and prevention of COVID-19. This is distinct from ‘acquired’ or ‘adaptive’ immunity where pathogenic response in T Cells and B Cells confers a memory upon the immune system. Vaccines work on the ‘adaptive’ immune system, not the ‘innate’ immune system. His research points to over-zealous infection control procedures, as well as vaccines that do not produce sterilising immunity, as the two key drivers of evolutionary pressure upon Sars-Cov-2 that may result in vaccine-resistant phenotypes of the virus. If correct, this predicts much larger waves of COVID-19 including in younger, previously resistant people. He describes our current actions to combat Sars-Cov-2 as a ‘giant experiment’ and grossly irresponsible on such a global scale. -------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Stay connected in case we disappear: Geert’s open letter warning of the global danger of immune escape: ----------------------
March 9, 2021
The People's Project S03E03 - OUR BRAVE NEW WORLD
S03E03 of The People's Project - OUR BRAVE NEW WORLD Our Brave New [medical, totalitarian, popular, technocratic] World Governments saving us from WHAT? Where lockdowns were born (China > Italy > The World) Fear will make people submit to almost anything: WA borders to stay after COVID-19 Canada fines you unless you abuse your child Elizabeth Warren pushes through her Wealth Tax Victorian State of Emergency extended to Dec 2021 Bill Gates promises we will convert to (and love) synthetic beef The elites see themselves as 'Good Shepherds' People like being sheep Where to find heroes The Magic Wand question -------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: -------------------- Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:
March 5, 2021
Rukshan Fernando - Independent Journalism, Racism and Hypocrisy.
Rukshan Fernando - Independent Journalism, Racism and Hypocrisy. Rukshan Fernando is the creative mind behind The Real Rukshan – a fast growing independent journalism page. Rukshan had the courage to attend all the major protests and rallies in Melbourne, Victoria throughout 2020/21 to document what the mainstream media failed or refused to cover. Spending a lot of time in his studio editing wedding photos for clients, he often has the news playing in the background and was shocked to witness the hypocrisy at Dan Andrews’ daily press conferences and the way our establishment media report on things. Not only does he catalogue all of these he produces parodies, satires and straight comparison videos that remind us all of how far we’ve moved as a society. ---------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Stay connected in case we disappear: Follow Rukshan: ---------------------------- 1:05 Rukshan’s eyes opened when working alongside the Mainstream Media 7:11 Why was The Real Rukshan born? 12:21 The importance of a fair story 14:12 Meme Culture and the power of humour 16:27 Rukshan’s political views 24:45 Lockdown compensation for small businesses 26:22 What should the Vic Government do? 29:00 Why and how Rukshan creates content 32:31 Are TheRealRukshan and Discernable the New Media? 33:14 From Traditional to Woke agendas 35:43 How do you fund New Media? 40:35 How the Left is creating the Far-Right 43:28 Echo chambers are dangerous 47:00 MSM has a responsibility for agenda-free reporting 50:40 Misrepresentation of immigrants in the MSM 54:10 Gaslighting and Dan Andrews’ leadership award nomination 56:54 Scomo’s refusal to lead 58:53 Politicians need to start fighting instead of keeping a pristine image 1:00:35 Authoritarian vs Democratic 1:01:10 The Australian Government defends the MSM 1:03:04 Can the Right Wing be trusted? 1:05:21 Staying in the centre of politics 1:07:44 Racism in Australia 1:14:10 BLM and George Floyd 1:16:21 The Woke are race-obsessed with the past 1:17:07 Capitalism destroys racism 1:19:34 The double standard on who can speak on race 1:23:00 Big business embraces ‘Wokeness’ 1:25:00 An opportunity in time to reset the culture 1:28:04 Good voices to follow 1:34:45 What happens after Dan Andrews? 1:35:43 Following pages with different views 1:37:00 Rukshan’s editing tools 1:39:50 Behind The Scenes: the mainstream are waking up
March 2, 2021
Dr Leland Stillman MD - Medical Freedom, Groupthink, and the pharmaceutical industry.
Dr Leland Stillman MD has a strong interest in functional medicine and human performance. This led him to specialise in Internal Medicine and he is a strong voice calling for rationality and transparency when it comes to medical freedom, groupthink and the pharmaceutical industry. ------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Stay connected in case we disappear: ------------------------------- Follow Dr Leland Stillman: The calculations for adjusted mortality rate (USA) based on CDC data: ------------------------------- 3:58 The history of medicine – mavericks vs institutions 7:57 Discussions around vaccines are too simplistic 11:00 Is medical totalitarianism ok if the risk is great enough? 12:02 Would the pharmaceutical industry lie to increase profits? 15:05 Medical group think and herd mentality 16:51 Are governments and corporations malevolent or benevolent in pushing vaccines? 20:35 Dr Stillman’s experience with vaccines 22:07 Risk management that allows for human rights and personal freedom 23:50 Legal indemnity for vaccine manufacturers 25:02 Adverse reactions to vaccines are difficult to pinpoint 27:44 Basic rational questions are not being answered 28:50 Are people dropping dead in the USA and UK? 32:28 2020 Mortality rate adjusted for population is identical to 2005 34:40 COVID-19 wiped out old people like a forest fire 39:20 The medical technocracy 41:58 The problem with mandatory medical treatments 44:45 The struggle for medical freedom 46:53 Catholic objections to aborted foetal cell lines in vaccines 48:46 How many Americans want to be vaccinated? 50:21 Is the sky really falling? 51:30 Global discontent against the elite class 53:59 The Magic Wand Question 58:30 From autopsy to delivery suite – Ignaz Semmelweis proves antiseptics are critical and becomes the ‘saviour of mothers’ 1:01:41 Rediscovering our health after COVID-19
February 26, 2021
The People's Project S03E02
Season 3, Episode 2 of The People's Project where we discuss: News is coming back to our Facebook feeds An Anti propaganda video Craig Kelly quits the Libs (Scomo the wrecker?) Desperate Victorians turn to dangerous White Knights QCs draft a fantastic Bill Australians find their common sense Parody animation of Godzilla vs King Kong Full episode on Youtube: Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: ---------------------------- The QCs wrote draft legislation as an alternative to a State of Emergency extension: Animation by Hupe! Animation:
February 26, 2021
SPECIAL: Freedom From the Madness ft. Damian Coory and Matt Wong
A discussion full of irreverence, politically incorrect topics ('do gingers have souls?'), Matt the 'chink' and Damian the 'wog' and growing up with racism, the dark arts of Public Relations, culture wars, the fall of Hong Kong... ------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Stay connected in case we disappear: Watch episodes of The Other Side Australia hosted by Damian Coory: ------------------------------- 2:50 New Media will win 4:18 The Other Side Australia 6:54 Damian’s politics 10:50 Matt’s politics 12:17 ‘Invasion Day’ protests and writing off protesters 16:38 Matt presses Damian on ‘Invasion Day’ protests 21:23 Classical Liberalism is the way forward 29:55 The Culture Wars – Scott Morrison has given up 33:18 Ghosted by left-wing friends 36:13 Killing the ABC 42:18 Newscorp vs the ABC 46:30 Misleading labels the media loves to use 47:40 Why Damian became a conservative and joined the right-wing 50:20 We love free markets – the ultimate democracy 58:00 The fall of Hong Kong was a fait accompli 1:02:55 Matt and Damian get racist 1:04:00 Matt is a pilot, amongst other things 1:06:27 Stop pointing guns at my head! 1:09:13 The logical fallacy of ‘appeals to authority’ 1:11:31 The dark arts of PR – can anything save Meghan Markle? 1:14:00 A typical PR consult 1:19:20 Public relations – twist the truth or amplify the truth? 1:25 00 Unravelling the lies 1:28:30 Fixing the weak Liberal Party 1:32:04 Damian’s childhood obsession with radio 1:34:44 The magic wand question 1:37:27 Matt’s listened to Damian when in the womb
February 24, 2021
Behind The Curtain with David Limbrick MP Ep2: Changes to the VIC Constitution
This is episode 2 of 'Behind the Curtain with David Limbrick'.   David Limbrick MP joins me to explain why and how the ALP are trying to change Victoria's constitution.  Watch Episode 1 'Alternatives to extending Victoria's State of Emergency':  Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube: Stay connected in case we disappear:
February 23, 2021
Behind The Curtain with David Limbrick MP Ep1: Alternatives to VIC's State of Emergency
David Limbrick MP joins me to explain the alternatives to Victoria's never ending State of Emergency.   Not only is David Limbrick seeking simple amendments to the government's bill, but a highly experienced team of QCs have gone ahead and drafted an alternative Bill that gives the government everything it needs to manage Covid-19 but without the sledgehammer powers is wants.  Will the government scuttle these common sense proposals? Watch this 20min episode on Youtube:
February 21, 2021
The People's Project S03E01
Season 3 Premiere! Episode 1 of The People's Project where we discuss: The Facebook News Ban NHS Propaganda in the U.K. The difference between propaganda and satire Victorian government messaging The Resistance Loses Itself Job Seeker rate increases The political compass What does it mean to be Australian? Full episode on Youtube: Join the Discernable Crew (email list) to never lose access to our content: Subscribe to Discernable on Youtube:
February 19, 2021
Empathy Series Episode 4: Dr Niall McCrae
Dr Niall McCrae is a senior lecturer in mental health at King’s College London. He is a prolific academic researcher and was one of the few academics to publicly support Brexit to leave the European Union.   He co-authored Moralitis: a Cultural Virus with Robert Oulds of The Bruges Group in the U.K., where they posit woke ideology as a virus that has infected the West.    His special interest is the dynamics in the child/teen/young adult population and he has been a vocal critic of COVID-19 lockdowns due to the mental health harms caused, as well as the long term impacts on their careers and lives.  ------------------------------------------------ Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Dr Niall McCrae: Read the book Moralitis: a Cultural Virus: ------------------------------------------------ 2:44 Why do people catch Moralitis (wokeness and lockdowns)? 6:06 Woke ideology is damaging to their very own arguments  9:40 Invasion Day Protest  11:34 Anti-lockdown protests in London  13:03 BLM protests were contrived by the global establishment  15:12 Police targeting minority groups at anti-lockdown protests  16:24 Prescribed plan by the global elite or simply emergent?  17:39 The globalists have exploited the pandemic and BLM  20:00 Why there has been such a large acceptance of BLM and lockdowns  21:39 Did lockdowns work in New Zealand?  25:12 The psychology of lockdown acceptance  28:08 The media has been purchased by government  31:06 The UK media regulator’s ban on publishing misinformation   33:47 The mental health crisis in younger generations  39:32 Why are young people so compliant?  43:55 Predictions of when the younger people will begin to push back  46:35 Using empathy to communicate  54:39 How do you communicate with people who have opposite views?  58:11 Battling the official narrative and fact-checkers  1:00:06 How should pro-lockdown supporters speak with anti-lockdown supporters?  1:03:18 The questionable ethics from the pro-lockdown camp  1:05:32 Dangers of rushed vaccines  1:12:09 The changing political views of Gen Z  1:17:36 The challenge humanity faces
February 4, 2021
Creator of COVAX-19: Professor Nikolai Petrovsky
Professor Nikolai Petrovsky is the Director of Endocrinology at Flinders Medical Centre with a conjoint position as Professor of Medicine at Flinders University. He is Vice-President and Secretary-General of the International Immunomics Society. Nikolai is the founder of Vaxine, a company funded by the US National Institutes of Health to develop novel vaccine technologies. in 2009 Vaxine won the Amp Innovation Award at the Telstra Business Awards and Australia's Coolest Company award from Australian Anthill Magazine. During his career Nikolai has developed vaccines against influenza, hepatitis b, sting allergy, malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, rabies and HIV, and has authored over 90 papers and academic chapters. ------------------------------------------ Watch this episode on Youtube: Nikolai’s company Vaxine which developed COVAX-19: ------------------------------------------ 00:11 Summary of interview 04:00 Zoom starts 05:30 Vaccines can treat almost anything 07:55 How vaccines work against non-infectious diseases 09:40 Human bio engineering and evolution 11:47 Experimental vaccine rollout worldwide 16:07 Making vaccines mandatory is highly inappropriate right now 18:21 Are the mRNA vaccines a true vaccine or simply a ‘therapy’? 19:54 Vaxine has developed a much safer vaccine called COVAX-19 23:52 The side effect profiles of mRNA and viral vector vaccines (Pfizer and AstraZeneca) 28:35 Adjuvents in vaccines like aluminium 29:44 When will COVAX-19 be available? 33:14 Other companies making ‘protein’ vaccines 34:05 Sterilising immunity (preventing infection) vs reducing symptoms 35:20 How influenza vaccines will improve 36:27 The eradication of influenza 37:46 Why does social distancing, masks etc prevent Influenza but not COVID-19? 40:23 Cross reactivity between influenza and COVID-19 42:43 Getting a vaccine is better than the getting the infection 46:18 mRNA vaccines are being used to lessen symptoms, not prevent infectivity 48:35 Legal indemnity for vaccine developers
February 2, 2021
Business Innovation Series Ep7: Pia Therese Returns!
Pia Therese returns! In September 2020 we spoke to Pia about her gym MFW Fitness which was closed due to Victorian lockdowns. 4 months later we caught up on how the fitness industry is travelling post lockdowns, as well as covering body image, gym culture, mental health and PTSD. ---------------------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow MFW Fitness: ---------------------------------------------------- 3:01 Pia goes undercover in competitor gyms 6:36 Why gyms are ‘essential businesses’ 9:30 Our bodies require stimulation 11:30 Automatic exercise 13:27 Different motivations for working out 15:17 Negative body image 18:01 Pia growing up 22:30 Current beauty standards 24:59 Instagram body image 29:08 Take a break from Social Media 31:01 Pia and Matt love reality shows 32:43 MFW Fitness during lockdown 36:49 How many gyms failed? 42:03 Pia’s brand: MFW Fitness 45:16 Building a better gym culture 49:17 Why do people go to the gym? 50:11 Matt’s new love for running 51:48 Don’t talk about health! 57:53 Conditioned to accept government restrictions 1:04:10 Dan Andrews is mirroring patterns of an abuser 1:08:30 Individual freedom is no longer represented 1:12:28 The most dangerous type of leader 1:13:49 Pia’s goes to Cuba 1:18:58 Is obesity as a measure of wealth? 1:20:00 Convenience undermine health 1:23:19 Kayla Itsines and the Bikini Body Guide 1:25:18 The psychology behind actions 1:31:04 Self-censorship to protect your business
January 29, 2021
The Law Series Episode 2
Episode 2 of The Law Series where we explore:   1. Who are the Police?  2. What do Judges do?  3. Fines don't mean you're guilty  4. How to respond to police   Co-hosted by criminal solicitor Samir Banga from Watch this episode on Youtube:
January 28, 2021
A Classical Liberal Meets a Communist...
Mike Riccard is a small business owner in Melbourne who believes Communism is both the preferred and inevitable evolution of capitalism.   In this discussion I tried to find out why and how…and what a Communist society would look like.    With so much discussion on Discernable over Marxism and other world views lately, it seems wise to seek out those who actually hold those world views to hear what they have to say and how they say it.  -----------------------------------------------  Show notes 1:33 What do you mean by ‘Communism’?  3:42 Lenin and Trotsky were misguided  5:53 Capitalism is a pre-requisite for Communism  11:05 What will a Communist society look like?  21:02 Orthodox Communism calls for violent overthrow  24:27 Isn’t this just liberalism?  28:19 People naturally want to work and contribute  35:04 How did Mike come to Communism?  41:09 Communism and free markets  43:48 The Dan Murphys example  52:55 Ushering in Communism  56:28 The USA is closes to Communism  57:10 Describing a Communist society  1:09:35 USA and natural rights
January 26, 2021
The Law Series Episode 1
Episode 1 of The Law Series where we explore: 1. COVID-19 Lockdowns reach NSW 2. COVID-19 Fines 3. How to Contact Police Prosecutors 4. Probability of Success 5. How to Respond to Police Co-hosted by criminal solicitor Samir Banga from -------------------------------- The Public Health Order 2021 about face masks that we referenced in this episode: Watch this episode on Youtube:
January 22, 2021
#FreeMelbourne with David Limbrick MP
David Limbrick MP is a member of Victoria’s Legislative Council (the upper house). A long-time member of the LDP ( he has risen to fame during Victoria’s COVID-19 lockdowns for being one of the only politicians to stand for basic human rights such as school children returning to school. David has also been providing scrutiny on the government’s State of Emergency laws through the PAEC (Parliamentary Accounts and Estimates Committee) where he has argued that the Victorian Labor government is not following the laws that require proportionality in any restrictions imposed. --------------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow David: --------------------------------------------- 02:15 Our rights have been under attack for a long time 04:17 Why David entered politics 06:43 Why libertarianism 08:45 The criticism of free markets 10:17 Big companies love regulation 12:53 Freedom is fragile 15:12 Australia takes freedom for granted 16:33 State of Emergency powers 20:58 The Public Health and Wellbeing Act (Vic) 22:53 The lockdown of public housing towers 23:31 Victorian Governments actions are not in line with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act (Vic) 24:10 Governments refuse to release scientific evidence 27:45 Covid-19 vaccine 33:04 Mandating through coercion 36:25 The disproportionate mask mandate 40:01 Should people or the Government be responsible for a person’s health? 42:24 Decentralising power to the people who are on the ground 46:02 How history will remember human rights breaches 47:25 What the political centre think 50:25 Do lockdowns work? 51:08 What is going to happen in the colder months March/April? 55:55 David’s protest experience on the steps of parliament 1:03:19 COVID-19 fines and if they’ll even make it to court 1:05:59 Governmental sledgehammer: making everything mandatory 1:08:03 Global embrace of big government 1:10:37 Political champions 1:12:23 There is no reason to extend the Victorian State of Emergency
January 13, 2021
Special episode: Matt appears on The Other Side Australia Podcast!
The tables have turned: this morning I was a GUEST! Former ABC journalist and news-reader Damian Coory had me on to discuss: The biased media The Brisbane/QLD lockdown Actual death rates (Australian Government) Government stupidity Dangerous border closures Scomo is middle management The human cost of border closures S92 of the Constitution What economists really do Poverty is the default human experience Authoritarianism is the real problem When Aussies protest Fighting culture wars Crisis management The 'elite' class are panicking The riots at the US Capitol and cancelling Trump Trump is not the problem - he is the reaction
January 9, 2021
Culture Series Episode 1: Alice Blake (Singer/Songwriter)
Alice Blake is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter who has been writing under the mentorship of Jon Hume (Evermore, New Tribe Music) and has penned successful releases on Dami Im’s debut album and ‘Song for Everyone’ which was performed by New Zealand artists Stan Walker, Vince Carter et al. Since 2015 Alice has been part of the writing team at Shout!Publishing cowriting successful releases in Australia and overseas. Her own 2020 debut album has aired nationally on the Hit Radio Network, JJJ Unearthed Radio. ------------------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Alice: ------------------------------------------------- Show notes: 3:12 Alice’s becoming an artist herself 7:00 The challenges facing women in the music industry 10:18 Alice’s inspirations - Ash London and Kimye 12:12 The importance of music and art for our culture 14:00 Kanye and Yeezys 16:07 Stigmas within fashion 19:07 How growing up in Melbourne influenced Alice with music 22:08 How culture helps shape our society 24:30 How the Kardashians are a positive cultural influence 27:46 What is it really like behind the curtain of the music industry? 29:50 Alice’s counter-culture approach 34:39 Alice’s rough past 35:48 Eating disorders and the way to health 42:35 The struggle with depression 44:45 Setting up boundaries to protect mental health 46:59 Taking action attracts hate 48:32 How faith helped her overcome the hard times 49:48 Forgiving her abuser to heal 53:02 Working during lockdowns 56:50 How to engage with music culture 1:01:17 Advice for budding creatives 1:03:15 Dealing with comparison
January 7, 2021
Samir Banga - Criminal and Family Law Expert
Samir Banga is the executive solicitor and director of Banga Legal, a law firm in Sydney that specialises in family and criminal law. Samir has practised law as Special Counsel for a number of law firms conducting hearings and representing clients around Australia. ---------------------------------------------------------- Follow Samir: ---------------------------------------------------------- Show Notes 4:02 The difference between Melbourne and Sydney Culture 7:28 Airports and flying Sydney to Melbourne 9:38 Masks, PCR testing, mortality rates, global lockdowns 12:33 COVID-19 vs Influenza 13:13 Proportionate response to COVID-19 15:00 Not everyone feels the pain of lockdowns 17:02 The Job Keeper Apocalypse 18:35 Domestic violence in Australia 26:05 Legalising Morality 30:57 The Melbourne towers that were imprisoned 32:20 Money and power above the law 37:05 Jails don’t work 38:42 Blackstone’s Ratio – Better that 10 guilty escape than 1 innocent be imprisoned 40:32 Paedophiles 43:14 Executive overreach in Victoria – directives or laws? 46:25 Exercising your rights in court 49:43 Masks and temperature checks 52:29 The fragmented states of Australia 54:40 Permanent masks in Victoria? 56:56 Exercise and general health as preventative 58:39 Schools should teach critical thinking 59:21 Power in numbers 1:02:31 Trump vs The Swamp 1:03:58 Is Pauline Hanson still racist? 1:04:22 China - the most powerful country in the world 1:07:24 Shifting spending habits local 1:11:16 From family restaurant to law firm – Samir’s story 1:18:01 ‘New Law’ 1:24:59 Content creation
January 4, 2021
Ryan Smith MP - Victorian Legislative Assembly
Ryan Smith MP was first elected Member of Parliament for Warrandyte District in 2006. Before entering Parliament, his career spanned 18 years in the financial markets working for a number of Australia’s leading institutions including the Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, BP Finance and Pacific Dunlop. Ryan represents the suburbs of Park Orchards, Warrandyte, North Warrandyte, South Warrandyte, Warranwood, Donvale, East Doncaster, Wonga Park and parts of Ringwood North. In addition to serving as Victoria’s Minister for the Environment and Minister for Youth Affairs during the Baillieu/Napthine governments, Ryan has held Shadow Ministerial roles covering Industrial Relations, Roads and Industry. He is currently the Shadow Minister for Energy, Renewables & Resources and Shadow Minister for Manufacturing & Innovation. ------------------------------ Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Ryan: ------------------------------ Show Notes: 1:10 Victorian opposition is more relevant than ever 3:16 The ignored COAG roadmap 5:23 The alternative government 7:17 Tell stories, not facts! 11:04 Why Ryan got into politics 15:48 The philosophy of ‘make your own way’ 18:56 Pragmatism vs Ideology 20:30 Dan Andrews only cares about a small section of the electorate 21:51 What is Dan Andrews like in person? 23:45 How to rattle Dan Andrews 25:28 Who is the real Dan Andrews? 27:39 A shift in mood in the electorate 30:17 Lockdown 3 coming for Melbourne 31:08 A decent and helpful politician 35:39 Woke politics doesn’t appeal to the mainstream 37:17 Diversity of everything but thought 38:05 The Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 43:20 Matt challenging the Liberals 43:45 Referendum to ensure no future government can repeat what happened in VIC 46:36 Will Victorians allow a 3rd lockdown? 47:33 Do lockdowns work? 51:08 Mental health and lagging effects of lockdown are being ignored 53:48 Royal Commission into Hotel Quarantine Deaths 55:41 The stacked bureaucracy in Victoria 1:00:51 Psychological profiling 1:05:20 Ryan is a ‘big sook’ but Dan is a bully 1:06:55 Politicians who just let us get on with our lives 1:09:00 Advice for aspiring politicians 1:13:10 A call for communities to look out for each other
December 24, 2020
Steve McArthur MP (retired) on Recall Elections
Steve Macarthur is a former Australian politician in the Victorian Legislative Assembly (1992-2002). He currently serves as a board member for the Community Advocacy Alliance and is passionate about preserving democracy in Victoria through the introduction of ‘recall elections’.  -------------------------------------------  Watch this episode on Youtube: Sign the petition for Recall Elections: -------------------------------------------  4:45 Today’s politicians lack real life experience  7:35 Lockdowns destroy rights  9:17 What would Steve do as Premier  10:35 Support of Dan Andrews  11:15 Hotel Quarantine failure  12:37 Mask Culture in Victoria  16:25 Unwavering obedience in Victoria  17:00 The resurrection of democracy  19:36 Lockdowns are not long-term solutions  20:24 NSW’s handling of Covid-19  22:47 How people vote  25:31 South Australian lockdown  27:27 Direct democracy and Recall Elections  34:34 The integrity of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)  36:35 Building the case for Recall Elections  38:42 Lockdown suicides  42:00 Lockdown’s lagging effects  43:10 How would Dan Andrews win the next election?  44:48 The Direct Democracy Model  45:25 Educating Generation Z on democracy and freedom  46:31 The cost of Dan Andrews on future generations  54:31 The right-wing need to show their care for the environment  56:11 The city/country divide  59:18 Will people still migrate to Victoria or will there be a mass exodus?  1:01:19 How to attract people to Victoria
December 22, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 12: Damian Coory
Damian Coory had an extensive career in broadcast journalism in newsrooms around Australia including the ABC, Network Ten, Triple M, and 3AW Talkback radio before specialising in public relations. For decades Damian worked from Hong Kong and became one of the most sought-after speakers and experts in public relations and crisis management. He now hosts The Other Side podcast – a regular look at the news from a centrist perspective. ------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Damian: ------------------------------------- 0:42 Damien’s background 3:20 Love for radio 8:47 FM news vs AM news 10:05 The Other Side Australia Podcast 12:06 Linear broadcasting is dying 14:42 Leaving journalism for PR 21:16 Businesses making decisions based on public opinion 29:54 The difference between Millenials and Generation Z 33:02 How has Andrews, McGowan and Palaszczuk maintained such high levels of popularity? 38:05 Dan Andrews’ persona projections 41:08 Andrews' and Palaszczuk’s manipulative PR strategy 42:06 How Liberals lost the Qld election 45:55 Which corporates are doing a good job with PR 46:50 Crises are opportunities for market share 48:00 Flight Centre 51:25 Dan Andrews and his successful PR strategy 53:11 The science behind Public Relations 55:55 How do Conservatives counter the Left’s PR strategy 57:00 Why are centrists losing the debate? 1:01:37 The Great Reset 1:06:46 Closing the wealth inequality gap 1:08:00 The Great Reset is a Trojan Horse for socialism 1:11:24 Australians want big government 1:18:02 Questioning ‘Woke-ism’
December 7, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 11: Alexandra Marshall
You may have already read or watched Alexandra Marshall in The Spectator Australia, SkyNewsAustralia, The Good Sauce, Penthouse Australia, The Other Side Australia, and Caldronpool. A prolific writer, Alexandra is also a Young Ambassador for the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (ACM) and a political tragic spending endless hours analysing the political trends of Twitter. She joined me in conversation from the family farm in northern NSW. ---------------------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Alexandra: Support Alexandra’s Work: ---------------------------------------------------- 2:14 Current Liberal politicians 3:27 The right-wing fears the left-wing press 5:30 Policies are driven by bureaucrats, not politicians 9:35 People won’t vote for weak politicians 12:31 Governments rule by fear 16:31 Scott Morrison won’t activate the Federal government’s health authority 20:08 Scott Morrison doesn’t want to take responsibility 22:17 Victorian Liberals are weak 23:45 Weaponising fear to rule the masses 26:05 Whose fault is it for the current political climate? 29:34 Minor political parties are crucial 31:51 How do we change culture? 34:30 Twitter trends 37:06 Is conservatism on the rise? 41:38 Scott Morrison’s backflips 44:05 Alexandra’s career history 46:40 Women in media 51:42 The impact of the ‘Me Too’ movement on women 54:01 What shapes Alexandra’s politics? 58:19 Is Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party more mainstream than we realise? 1:02:07 Minor Parties are tied to major party performance 1:04:58 We need strong leaders with conviction 1:11:05 What the left-wing can teach the right-wing 1:13:35 The fragility of Democracy 1:17:03 Utopian Politics
December 5, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 10: John Loeffler
John Loeffler's career in broadcasting has spanned more than 50 years and includes radio and television positions at local and network levels, most of which have been in news and talk radio. He has hosted the ‘Steel on Steel’ radio news/talk/interview program since 1990, covering the relationship between economics, politics, and religion. John grew up in post-war Germany and North Africa as well as the US. He speaks Spanish and German proficiently, and has degrees or minors in broadcast communications, linguistics, psychology, philosophy and theology, and is an instrument-rated pilot. --------------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube Listen to this episode: Follow John: --------------------------------------------- 2:33 Secularism is a religion in itself 3:31 The origin of morality 5:38 Racism in our society 9:16 Addressing Racism 13:26 Left-wing grievances 14:38 Critical race theory 16:01 Marxism and its rising popularity in the US 17:58 Equality of outcome 19:07 Why socialism fails 21:11 The failure of Venezuela 22:37 Difference between the US Revolution and other revolutions 25:35 Mandatory COVID-19 laws 28:18 US vs UK attitudes 30:45 What makes a good debate moderator? 41:24 Countries struggling to recover from the far left 43:08 How do you wake people up? 46:00 Christians are the canary in the coal mine 48:29 Persecution of Christians around the world 50:42 Difficulty of arguing against a ‘good’ tyrant 53:35 Socialists always devour their own 57:38 The road to global government 1:04:30 What are the warning signs in Australia?
November 30, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 9: Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper is the President of Liberty Works Australia, a non-profit think tank that supports free speech, the preservation of natural rights for all citizens, access to a just legal system and free markets as the bedrock for a moral and prosperous society. ---------------------------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Andrew Cooper and Liberty Works: ---------------------------------------------------------- 1:16 What is the state of liberty in Australia? 3:22 What is Liberty Works? 4:28 What is conservatism in the modern age? 5:24 The slow rise of big government in Australia 8:11 How do you communicate a Libertarian view? 9:11 Libertarianism is a philosophical issue, not a political one. 11:01 Can progressives be freedom minded? 12:56 The political left is harder to engage with 15:46 Do Australians actually value freedom? 17:12 Mark Latham’s freedom of expression 19:46 Everyday Aussies more likely to be civilly disobedient than protest 21:30 Victoria’s culture leans left 24:04 What ideas inform liberty? 26:23 The Libertarian Creed 27:16 Public Choice Theory 30:40 Liberal Democrats and their fight 34:29 Victorian lockdowns 36:47 Zoe Buhler’s Facebook arrest court case 38:12 How would a Libertarian approach current Covid-19 measures? 42:28 How Sweden has handled Covid-19 44:27 Why are governments reaching for the pandemic ‘ban hammer’? 47:56 How Anna Palaszczuk won the election 49:38 Do oppositions or governments lose elections? 50:18 The economic cost of Covid-19 51:14 The weakness of the Queensland LNP 53:24 Education should be privatised 56:04 Campbell Newman and his 180 turn on drug decriminalisation 58:27 The law is not the arbiter of morality 1:02:59 Embracing natural law over positive law 1:05:02 The Culture Wars 1:07:07 The Left are scared of CPAC conferences 1:08:28 The natural emergence of liberty 1:11:10 Future Predictions 1:11:30 The power of Bitcoin
November 26, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 8 - Professor William M. Briggs
Professor William M. Briggs is a statistician and scientist. Previously a Professor at the Cornell Medical School he specialized in Mathematical Statistics amongst other academic pursuits such as cryptology, atmospheric physics and meteorology. His latest book ‘The Price of Panic’ explores the cost of the global response to COVID-19. ---------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Check out his blog: Read the book: ---------------------------------------- 1:14 Worldwide reaction to Covid-19 4:27 Where has the flu gone? 6:08 Are lockdowns beneficial? 8:47 Cases vs Infections 11:55 Zero tolerance policy on infections or deaths 13:00 Trust the ‘all cause death rate’ instead 13:23 The statistics debunking Covid-19’s lethality 15:07 Identifying Covid-19 as the cause of death 17:32 Measuring cases instead of deaths keeps the panic going 19:54 How do we break out of the panic? 21:25 Trump vs Johnson in their response to contracting Covid-19 22:22 Should we be scared of Covid-19? 24:10 Why are we seeing such ‘amazing’ results in Australia and NZ? 27:10 Praising Dan Andrews and Jacinda Arden’s lockdown policy 28:35 Lockdowns didn’t work everywhere 29:17 People ignore real statistics 30:27 Leaders let citizens down by not being realistic 31:17 Which leader is doing it right? 33:21 Living in the Technocracy 35:13 Scientism and morality 39:05 Appeals to authority 39:46 Masks debunked 41:50 Have people forgotten we have immune systems? 43:30 Complicity with bad leadership 43:58 Civil disobedience in the US 45:56 Have scientists been swept up in the hype? 50:14 Where do we go for trustworthy information? 53:00 Why are people buying the hype and staying in a panic state? 54:45 Future predictions 55:33 Economic effects of the pandemic 58:00 Should we make policy decisions based on modelling? 1:00:58 Models are only as good as their assumptions
November 25, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 7 - Robert Oulds
Robert Oulds is the director of the Bruges Group – a think tank in the United Kingdom that has been promoting discussion on the European Union for 30 years as well as exploring political correctness and identity politics and the effect they are having on societies globally. ------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow The Bruges Group: Read the book ‘Moralitis – a cultural virus’: ------------------------------- 1:04 What is the current feel of London? 1:44 A time of mass hysteria caused by their own government 3:15 Balance of power shifted from consumer to provider 4:27 Inaccuracy of Covid-19 tests 5:15 Disillusionment of London’s citizens 7:10 South Australia cases vs London’s cases 9:18 The Great Reset 12:14 What is the ambition behind the Great Reset? 15:10 Breaking down the bonds of ‘faith, family and flag’ 16:18 Big Tech censoring voices 18:18 Narrowing the Overton Window 19:58 Fiction becomes reality 22:43 Affluenza and the war of moral currency 25:34 How authoritarian systems spread their ideas 28:44 Progressives want to weaponise ideologies 32:17 Where have the old school liberals gone? 32:39 Liberals, progressives and authoritarians 35:30 Authoritarians change their support according to popular opinion 38:19 Society naturally produces antibodies in the system – contrarians 40:00 What drives Robert to do what he does 42:08 The Delian League and centralisation of power 43:45 Naked Streets concept 45:40 The Great Reset - a morally superior tyrannical society 50:28 The fight for Brexit 53:27 Is Britain still in the EU? 57:25 Fighting for liberty anywhere is encouraging to people everywhere 58:22 Concern over extensive powers against freedom 59:10 Misleading approval ratings of leaders and government 1:01:18 The extreme policies in Victoria green lights other countries to do the same 1:03:18 Leftists have always wanted to remove people’s identity 1:04:04 Cultural Marxism and the removal of history 1:05:27 Culture wars in Victoria 1:06:50 How do you battle authoritarianism 1:11:28 Politics and Government is downstream of culture 1:14:16 The people need to push back 1:15:48 How do you win the culture wars? 1:20:15 The ‘Woke’ less likely to have progeny 1:21:53 The danger of importing extreme illiberal ideology 1:24:32 Future predictions 1:25:08 Dan Andrews re-election 1:26:13 US elections
November 23, 2020
Former Australian Treasury Official: Gene Tunny
Gene Tunny is a former official at the Australian Treasury. As an economist and director of Adept Economics, Gene is frequently sought for his views on economics and policy. In this interview Gene canvases a number of economic and tax issues ultimately settling on recommendations for a return to a cabinet-led, consensus approach to sound policy that is built on a multitude of counsel. -------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Listen to this episode: Follow Gene: Gene’s book ‘Beautiful One Day, Broke The Next’: -------------------------------------- 3:44 Ken Henry Tax Review: fundamental reform 4:44 Concept of buying reform 6:07 Resource rent tax vs royalties 8:36 Triumph and Demise: The broken promise of a Labor Generation 10:16 The difficulty of tax reform: States vs Federal 11:14 Stamp duty on properties 13:07 How do you get political reform through? 18:09 Marketing would help sell reforms 19:59 Are people interested in economics? 22:26 No limit to debt levels 23:40 Where is Aus going with its economic policy? 25:56 Inflation not spilling over into consumer prices 30:10 The difficulty to predict  inflationary consequences 31:23 Can you create money for needs that arise? Modern Monetary theory is voodoo economics. 37:26 US health system vs Aus Medicare 39:31 What are views inside Treasury 43:39 Jobkeeper and the pitfalls of designing and implementing things quickly 45:07 Vaccine needed to reopen Australia 47:58 Fear helped Anna P win the elections 50:00 The cost of a QLD lockdown vs order closures 51:50 Justifications and evidence haven’t been published for lockdowns and border closures 53:43 Anna Palaszczuk’s 1st term and economic handling 1:00:24 Palasczuk just dominating MSM re: covid and her keeping Qld safe 1:03:37 Stockholm Syndrome supporting Dan Andrews and Palasczuk 1:06:53 ‘Beautiful one day, broke the next’ Book about Qld debt 1:17:01 How would an economist run the states or Australia? 1:21:43 Predictions for the future
November 16, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 6 - Dr Dan Mitchell
Dr Dan Mitchell is the Chairman of the U.S. Center for Freedom and Prosperity. A self-proclaimed ‘swamp creature’ Dan has been working as a public economist to drain the swamp his entire life and is one of the nation’s leading experts on tax reform and regularly explains the complexities of politics in easy-to-understand terms. -------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Read Dan’s incredibly rich blog: Dan’s Center for Freedom and Prosperity: -------------------------------------- 3:09 The private sector (entrepreneurs and innovators) improve people’s lives 6:14 Generational pressures and political psychology 8:15 Freedom produces a better society 8:50 Equality vs Equity 11:20 A win for Biden but a loss for the Left 12:45 Australian Medicare system vs private healthcare 15:00 The economics behind China’s rise 19:42 The US does not have private healthcare! 24:46 Overpriced healthcare 28:05 The real purpose of health insurance has been lost 31:35 Morality and ethics of those left behind 36:44 The beautiful example of Switzerland 38:32 The anti-Trump vote 41:00 The abdication of personal responsibility 45:00 Draining the swamp 47:23 Best country in the world? 49:45 USA’s culture of freedom 55:21 The psyche of Americans 1:02:49 Predictions of this being Democrats ‘high water mark’
November 10, 2020
Special Guest: Ivan Ray - Inspector (Retired), Victoria Police
Ivan Ray is the Chief Executive Officer of the Community Advocacy Alliance and a retired Inspector from Victoria Police. He leads an organisation that fights for the restoration of community policing and is excited at the direction the new Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police is charting – a return to a more friendly and helpful police ‘service’. -------------------------- The Community Advocacy Alliance: The CAA’s petition for Recall Elections: Follow the CAA: To donate to the CAA in their efforts to restore community-based policing such as their schools programs: -------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: -------------------------- 5:15 The role of policing 7:45 VicPol members not happy with the bureaucracy 11:30 Changing of the old guard at VicPol 14:00 Skills vs Values 15:40 Community policing 19:20 Policing is a service 21:40 The New York broken window theory 28:00 Commissioner Patton relaunching schools programs 30:28 Who police really are 38:15 Police upset having to go against own values 41:00 African crime gangs weren't being arrested 49:50 The concentration of executive power 52:15 Inconsistent restrictions and true leadership 54:27 Police are looking the other way 56:33 Ivan’s career after leaving VicPol 1:09:29 The AFP have no policing experience 1:15:00 A better way to measure policing success 1:21:30 The challenge Commissioner Patton faces in changing VicPol culture 1:26:00 Ivan’s predictions for VicPol 1:27:45 Government is the problem, not VicPol 1:29:20 The Premier and CHO aren't trained in disaster management 1:31:40 the future of the Community Advocacy Alliance
November 5, 2020
Business Innovation Series Episode 6: Bill Lang
5 million Australians rely on small business. As a group, small business is the largest employer and biggest contributor to the national economy but it remains fragmented because small business owners by their nature run their own race with little time or will to organise politically. Enter Small Business Australia - an organisation founded by Bill Lang two decades ago to represent all small businesses in this country and bring attention to their role as community hubs and the heart of our economy. --------------------------------- Join Small Business Australia for FREE: Let’s Be Open campaign: Follow Bill: Watch this episode on Youtube: --------------------------------- Show notes: 2:20 Local communities are supported by small business not large corporations 6:33 Winning the war by changing the government – ideas to save business 8:37 Change ‘imposed’ is often change ‘opposed’ 11:50 ‘Australian Cadetships’ instead of JobSeeker 13:42 Private sector designed, government funded 15:58 ‘A chicken in every pot’ 21:31 Giving politicians too much power 24:53 The U.K. stimulus for lockdowns 27:25 How to get staff at half price 32:35 People mistakenly believe that government supported all small businesses 34:53 Does the Victorian government ‘hate’ small business? 38:31 Companies captured by government 43:51 Citizen Action Plans (CAP) to change Victoria 48:15 Media bias and faked interviews 49:10 New bankruptcy laws? 54:43 QLD elections, Jacinda Ardern win, Daniel Andrews in 2022 1:03:12 Where to get news and avoid ‘if it bleeds it leads’ 1:08:40 Private sector innovation for contact tracing 1:11:45 Service NSW shows us how it’s done 1:13:16 Why Australians still start small businesses 1:20:32 The coming wave of innovation 1:22:22 Succeeding during crisis 1:25:30 Hibernation and polar bears 1:30:12 Business is much more than profit 1:31:50 Moving beyond survival to focus on ‘thriving’ post-COVID 1:35:28 Recommendations for 2020/2021
October 30, 2020
Empathy Series Episode 3 - Jodie Myintoo
Jodie Myintoo is a counsellor and author specialising in relationship breakdown, separation, family law, grief, and trauma and is a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). As Melbourne emerges from a dark hibernation of many months, it is vital we have conversations around mental health and what it means not just for the vulnerable, but for the millions of Victorians who have are now exiting what has become a globally unprecedented human experiment of isolation and community division under a quasi-police state. ------------------------------------ Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Jodie: ------------------------------------ Show notes: 3:43 Empathy is a weapon 8:24 Lockdown supporters getting desperate 15:00 Creating content on social media will get you hate 16:45 Our minds are wired to find the negative 19:55 The Box Exercise 23:46 High achievers deliberately process their thoughts 26:26 Everyone gets nervous. So pat the bear. 32:20 What does strong mental health look like? 37:12 Finding purpose to keep yourself sane 38:00 How early can you stop wearing ‘masks’? 41:16 Pixar’s INSIDE OUT 45:25 Processing anger 50:08 Discovering the WHY behind bad emotions. 56:39 The difference between sympathy and empathy 59:41 How to behave after lockdowns 1:04:08 Profiling Dan Andrew’s Mental Health 1:07:13 Is having an ego good or bad? 1:13:16 Don’t dob in your neighbour – VicPol members don’t actually want you to 1:16:31 Building character to support your success 1:20:37 Choosing new leaders wisely 1:27:17 Our power is in our choice of how to react 1:29:00 The beauty of Victoria and what lies ahead
October 27, 2020
Business Innovation Series Episode 5: Joel Kleber
At the end of a long day, I don’t turn to Netflix to relax. I jump onto Youtube and there are only 2 things I watch: a psychology lecture by Jordan Peterson, or something from the Jim’s Group channel. There’s something addictive for me watching people mow lawns or build fences on that channel. New media sources like that are taking over our lives and in this episode of the Business Innovation Series we are exploring ‘content creation’. Why create content? How? Where should business start branding through content? Joel Kleber is the Chief Digital Officer for the Jim’s Group and can be followed at: Instagram - @joelkleber_ Twitter - @joelkleber_ Podcast - YouTube Channel - --------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: The Jim’s Group channel that I’m addicted to: --------------------------------------- Show notes: 5:50 Every brand should drop the façade and create genuine content 7:46 The future of brand – videography 10:02 The Service Recovery Paradox 13:07 Starting a business by creating content first 14:39 When customers welcome advertisements being ‘sold to’ 16:47 Giving value to non-customers 17:40 Long-form content 21:55 Should you plan to monetise your content? 23:40 Writing your own eulogy 27:05 Everyone is their own brand 30:15 Body weight: growing up fat vs skinny 32:27 Child content creators 33:40 The changing culture of online content 35:30 Leveraging the rise of ‘voice’ 38:38 Finding your niche 39:38 Millionaire gardeners overtaking lawyers 47:08 Money is an empty goal 49:10 Finding purpose 51:50 Personal trauma and the victim mindset 56:20 Business must adapt and no longer be victims 1:01:15 Remaking the commercial spaces of Melbourne 1:03:36 Politics is downstream of culture 1:07:17 Oversharing on social media 1:14:10 Don’t over-produce your content. Just MAKE! 1:15:10 Dealing with hate online 1:17:58 Hiding on LinkedIn and imposter syndrome 1:21:10 Underwhelming MPs 1:24:01 Dan Andrews’ Social Media
October 22, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 5 - Gideon Rozner
Gideon Rozner is the Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs, an Australian policy think tank that focuses on economic and political freedom. This was the longest and most fun interview I’ve done in all of 2020. ---------------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Listen to this episode: Follow Gideon: ---------------------------------------- Show notes: 3:15 Is Gideon a climate change denier? 7:44 Why Gideon loves politics 15:28 Shout out to Bev McArthur MP 15:57 The state of politics in Australia 18:38 The Western World has descended into a ‘frenzy of sub-rational, paranoid, needless, nihilistic destruction’ 22:07 The love of big government 25:40 Civil disobedience is everywhere 31:36 Policing through fear and intimidation 35:23 Why VicPol went bad (thanks to Topher Field) 37:18 Will experts feel guilty after the hysteria subsides? 42:09 The technocracy and our democracy 45:02 Personal success, finding purpose, peaking early 47:48 The failures of the Liberal government 49:56 Youth unemployment and industrial relations reform 55:06 The realities of politics 57:53 Lawyers love big government 59:24 The political ‘swamp’ in Australia 1:01:15 Renegotiating the relationship between the people and their government 1:04:28 Disasters of Victorian bureaucracy 1:05:59 Prime Minister Bill Shorten! 1:07:48 Culture determines politics – where is Australia at? 1:11:58 The Left lose elections but still win policy 1:13:39 The Left tell stories and the Right respond with statistics 1:18:17 ‘The Little Government Who Could’ by Topher Field 1:21:40 The right wing should welcome the disillusioned left wing. 1:25:22 The end of leftism? 1:29:36 Liberal politicians doing it right 1:34:46 What makes Gideon so confident in his opinions? 1:39:00 Words are not dangerous 1:40:47 Hope vs pessimism 1:43:54 Victoria is at a crossroads in history
October 20, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 4 - Richard Riordan
Richard Riordan is a Liberal MP representing the regional electorate of Polwarth west of Melbourne. With a multi-generational history of business in Colac, Richard turned his hand to politics in 2015 and has been a straight-shooting pollie ever since. He has some big ideas to explode growth and investment in regional Victoria but most importantly he is a breath of fresh air getting things done via ‘the bush telegraph’ while other politicians talk in circles as their bureaucracies grind slowly on. ------------------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: ------------------------------- Show notes: 1:22 Victoria has been gripped by a ‘personality cult’ 5:53 ‘The Labor party hates business’ 9:16 Polls show Victorians don’t agree with Liberals 16:00 Don’t compare Australia’s COVID-19 stats to England and the USA 17:30 Victoria’s failed contact tracing system (and don’t fear outbreaks) 23:12 We have to learn to live with COVID-19 24:14 The mood in regional Victoria 26:17 Is Dan Andrews’ political star falling? 28:53 Lockdown may be over whether Dan likes it or not 29:45 Will Victoria Police stop enforcing bad laws? 32:08 Victoria’s 20-year government 33:20 PAEC revelations over COVID fines and the ADF Support saga 35:26 ALP running from Industrial Manslaughter laws? 38:10 Dan Andrews does not give up 39:40 Predictions of Dan Andrews sticking firm for another week 44:17 Protests would completely fix the problem in Victoria 47:12 Labor is getting nervous 49:15 Making signs to rattle Labor MPs 51:36 Political parties operate like teams 55:25 Why become a politician? 59:40 Big ideas for Regional Victoria 1:07:40 Fast trains connecting Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepperton, Colac… 1:08:54 A message for small business in Victoria
October 17, 2020
Health Australia Party interviews Matt on the passed Omnibus Bill
I was interviewed to talk about the Omnibus Bill that passed Victorian Parliament. We answered questions about what the new powers mean, what didn't make it through, what some concerns might be, and what hope there is for Victoria. Watch the full interview on Youtube:
October 16, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 3: Sanjeev Sabhlok
Sanjeev Sabhlok resigned in protest from the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance. He has a long history of campaigning for freedom, the individual, happiness and rational thinking.  To know that such an intellect was working within our public service in Victoria is encouraging but also devastating that they lost that intellect.  In this interview we explore not just his thoughts on the illegality and immorality of the lockdowns around the world, but also how he came to his classically liberal philosophy and how that informs his crusade to maximise the happiness of people all over the world. ---------------------------------- Watch this episode: Follow Sanjeev: ---------------------------------- Show notes: 1:25 Why lockdowns are immoral 7:35 The ethical issue of ‘control’ 8:50 Victorian lockdowns are a human experiment 10:00 Crimes against humanity and Godwin’s Law 12:18 Humans as chattel and the return of slavery? 15:30 Dan Andrews doesn’t understand human rights 16:44 How the Public Service works 20:14 The Great Hysteria plaguing the world 25:50 The death of hysteria brings shame 27:30 Government bureaucracy mindsets 30:08 Debates within the public service 32:34 The lethality of COVID-19 37:50 Economists seek human happiness, not money 46:05 Cost Benefit Analyses are not suitable when it comes to crimes against humanity 48:40 Why Sanjeev’s left the most prestigious job in India 56:00 Why are non-Victorians fighting for Victoria? 1:03:05 Will the rise of India challenge China? 1:11:57 Alternatives to ‘Made in China’ 1:14:36 Finding happiness through internal consistency 1:20:28 Classical liberals drawn to the U.S.A. 1:23:40 Victorians must organize politically to prevent this happening again
October 13, 2020
Business Innovation Series Episode 4: Nathan Jungwirt
If you’re old enough to remember the advent of computers – they used to be a specialised device sold in specialised stores for specialised purposes. Somewhere around the 1990s they became commoditised and now the choice of store is mainly determined by price. Nathan Jungwirt has run a computer store for 6 years in a highly competitive and commoditised sector. Not only that, he has a keen interest in investing, e-commerce and entrepreneurialism. If you are interested in e-commerce, small business, or investment – Nathan is an inspiring young Australian who is surprisingly well-read. If this is the standard of young Australians, we are in good hands! --------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Nathan: --------------------- Show notes: 2:35 The cultural change to embrace computers 8:50 Personalising e-commerce and doing it better 9:55 Struggling to survive 12:25 Discovering Alibaba and the first entrepreneurial failure 15:00 Doing it right – finding the right product 20:20 How to start in e-commerce online 21:28 Buying retail at Walmart and reselling it on Amazon 23:15 Rice and Milo on Amazon 27:05 Choosing dead end jobs 29:15 The easiest start – dropshipping from aliexpress onto ebay 32:57 What do you do when you achieve your dreams? 36:52 How do you find your passion? 44:16 Entrepreneurial drive to take control of your financial future 48:17 Fearful to deploy excess cash 50:40 The problem of ‘too much money’ 51:20 No excuse – financial education is now FREE 53:26 The left wing don’t understand the private sector 59:23 Good ideas are forged in fire 1:03:34 Government gets its licence from its people 1:06:43 Victorians will stop caring about Dan Andrews
October 12, 2020
Empathy Series Episode 2 - Dr Catherine Fyans
Dr Catherine Fyans is a practising G.P. of some 40 years in Melbourne. She was one of the most popular guests in the history of my other show ‘The People’s Project’ where she was able to demonstrate common sense positions on COVID-19, masks and government lockdowns. Catherine seems to have a great deal of empathy and she agreed to an interview for our EMPATHY SERIES where we sought to explore all things COVID-19, as well as the psychological role lockdowns (and emerging from them) play in all of our lives. ------------------------------------ Watch this episode (Youtube): ------------------------------------ Follow Catherine: Catherine's book: ------------------------------------ Show Notes 2:55 Human nature is innocently gullible 5:27 The unprecedented changes to humanity could be positive 7:45 Catherine wanted to run back to Ecuador 8:34 Stockholm Syndrome 10:50 The infantilisation of a population 10:40 Why do people applaud a paternalistic government? 13:32 Reverting to our limbic brain – how do we stay rational? 15:00 Relentless messages of fear 16:50 Breaking people’s minds through prolonged fear states 19:35 The danger of apathy 20:48 The perversion of government support 22:00 Liberty vs a Nanny State 24:29 Time for us to grow up? 25:44 Beach ‘protests’ in Melbourne 26:50 Remembering what freedom is without masks 28:25 Are masks effective? 32:25 The harms of masks 35:20 The masking of children 36:04 Was COVID-19 engineered in a laboratory? 38:24 The subconscious effect of masks 42:55 Children asking to wear masks 45:15 The tribalism of mask wearing 48:15 More pandemics to come 50:37 Face shields are useless 52:35 We are not talking about good health – only sickness 58:37 Calls for health leadership instead of sickness leadership 1:00:40 What is empathy? Sympathy? Pity? Compassion? 1:04:55 Enlightenment and the scientific method in medicine 1:06:40 The Eagle and the Condor Philosophy 1:10:27 The Problem - Reaction - Solution model 1:11: 10 Empathy and Compassion is a strength 1:13:15 The dark night of the soul 1:17:25 The value of community 1:18:32 Dobbing in your neighbours 1:20:16 Predictions for the remainder of 2020
October 4, 2020
Prosecution of the Victoria Government Pending
The Covid-19 Hotel Quarantine Inquiry wrapped up this week with counsel assisting submitting that the Government's failures were responsible for 768 deaths and the entire second wave in Victoria. Ken Phillips from Self Employed Australia has triggered a prosecution request by writing to the OHS authority - WorkSafe - under section 130 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic). They are now required by law to take action or detail reasons why they failed to take action, by late December 2020. Ken asked me to conduct this interview so the true and balanced story could get out. It's a doozy. ---------------------- Watch this episode on Youtube: ---------------------- Show notes: 2:44 The risks of hotel quarantine were known from the beginning 4:27 Compulsory reporting for communicable diseases 7:03 ADF support rejected and private contractors used instead 8:01 COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Inquiry (Coate Inquiry) 10:10 Contravention of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 13:05 Victorian Government failed to provide a safe system of work 14:28 OHS Act triggered under section 130 15:20 Timelines required by the OHS Act 17:43 The letter that triggered the prosecution request 19:05 The largest OHS prosecution in the history of Australia 20:30 Worksafe investigative powers are supreme 21:40 Changing the OHS landscape 24:46 The best OHS Act in the world? 26:25 Ramifications of successful prosecution 27:56 Collective amnesia at the Coate Inquiry 30:16 Legitimacy of legal claim 31:16 Who is Self-Employed Australia? 34:40 Union official turned small business advocate 36:20 Union influence in hotel quarantine contracts 38:44 An explanation for Dan Andrew's decision making 39:40 Manslaughter laws 42:00 Government must be bound by the Rule of Law 43:50 How to support the fight against the Victorian Government
October 1, 2020
Business Innovation Series Episode 3: Angela Vithoulkas
When you think of the word 'champion', you probably think of a 'winner' -somebody who takes first place. But the true meaning of champion is more than winning a competition. It's a 13th Century concept for a person who fights on behalf of another. A champion advocates for something or someone, especially when that someone cannot do it themselves. This is the noble goal of our political system but I'm sad to say that our parliaments are not necessarily filled with the people's champions. That's why it's so incredible to have found one in Angela Vithoulkas. It's unlikely you've never heard about before because she is so noisy when it comes to small business being the engine room of our economy. Angela is a sitting councillor for the City of Sydney, and is the founder and leader of the Small Business Political Party. She's owned many small businesses, you've probably heard her on national television or radio, and she now brings all of that rich experience together into an excellent TV show called SMETV which you can see for free on Youtube. Despite all of this achievement, I think her most impressive feat is catching her first shoplifter at the age of 3. In today's conversation we'll talk about how business can and will rise from the ashes of COVID-19, but what I really hope we discover is - why is Angela our champion? Was it always there? Or was it created by circumstance? ------------------ Watch this episode on Youtube: Angela's TV show: Follow Angela: ------------------ Show Notes: 2:40 Angela was catching shoplifters at 3 years old 7:30 Greek restaurants in Sydney 11:22 The birth of Vivo Cafes 12:27 The formula for flipping businesses 15:00 The Vivo Cafe strategy 16:25 The Sydney Light Rail saga 20:00 The secrets of politics 25:25 The state of George St, Sydney 29:40 The birth of the Small Business Political Party 33:24 Why Angela became the people's champion 35:50 Lobby groups 38:15 Angela's message to business owners 41:00 SMEs have more hope than big business 42:00 Predictions for Melbourne 45:00 the invention of Pty Ltd companies 46:00 Victoria needs to live with the virus 53:10 Why did Victoria abandon its pandemic response plan? 54:34 Melbourne adopted the Wuhan response to COVID-19 58:50 Victoria's failure to respond to the Aged Care crisis 1:03:00 Vote for your local champions regardless of party 1:04:30 Finding your local champion 1:05:38 Forcing MPs to work harder 1:10:40 Voting for people who actually care 1:13:19 What makes politics worth it 1:15:55 SMETV Gives people a voice 1:20:40 A dictatorship rules the City of Sydney Council 1:24:00 Political campaigns cost millions of dollars 1:28:30 Melbourne responds to Angela's message of solidarity 1:30:25 Angela's biggest life lesson
September 29, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 2: Jim Penman
If you grew up in suburban Australia, you would be familiar with the green and gold trailers regularly appearing on our streets to mow our lawns. Jim’s Mowing has since expanded and the Jim’s Group is now the largest franchise in Australia and New Zealand with some 4,000 franchise owners turning over more than $500m a year serving 35,000 customers a day! But don’t let the blue-collar grass mowing success story fool you – Dr David Jim Penman, that’s right…Dr, is an avid student of history and how its cyclical nature is determined by biology, epigenetics and character amongst other things. Buckle up for a wild ride as we explore a huge range of topics including how civilisations are built, how to reverse their decline with epigenetics, why he is fighting the Victorian lockdown laws, and how Jim's franchises are truly a family. Show notes: 1:40 Jim’s academic history 3:10 Gibbons vs Baboons 5:00 Slow vs fast life history strategy 6:32 Genetic hard wiring and adaptations 7:35 Epigenetics 8:27 How civilisations are built 11:02 Restrictions that create productivity 12:15 Religions as cultural technologies 13:30 Where is civilisation going? 15:50 Elon Musk draws together high productivity people 16:34 Advanced peasant societies 17:20 Strictness on infants can set productivity 20:18 Using epigenetics to halt the decline 21:50 Caloric restriction in rats transferred through pheromones 23:15 CRISPR gene editing 25:00 Alternatives to Ritalin for students 26:22 Dystopian social engineering? 27:45 Victoria Australia descending into tribalism 28:38 Parallels with the decline of the Roman Empire 29:55 Giving up the Rule of Law for personal loyalties to Dan Andrews 31:00 Where Dan Andrews draws his political power from 32:20 The absurdities of lockdown laws covered by blind loyalty 34:00 Saving liberty through science? 38:12 Why Jim makes idealistic business decisions 39:50 Humanism won’t work because it’s incomplete 41:45 Progressive vs fundamental churches 43:52 10% of the population saving civilisation 46:35 The new immunisation? 48:38 Jim’s defence of Bill Gates 49:25 Jim clarifies his stance on Victorian lockdown laws 51:35 What is an unjust law? 53:10 Civil disobedience in Melbourne 54:50 The human cost of the lockdowns 56:05 The importance of mental health 1:00:50 The uniqueness of Jim’s Group franchises 1:03:30 Customers are not at the top of Jim’s hierarchy 1:06:10 Shareholder value should not be the final goal 1:09:10 What will Jim do until he dies? 1:10:45 Jim’s strengths and weaknesses 1:13:00 Jim doesn’t think about numbers – he thinks about culture 1:14:40 Jim’s message on Christianity Watch this episode on Youtube: Follow Jim: Twitter - @thejimpenman Facebook - IG - @thejimpenman Jim's Podcast - Jim also does a weekly Facebook live show #ASKJIM Wednesday nights from 7 PM AEST via his FB page.
September 26, 2020
Business Innovation Series Episode 2 - Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne Arron Wood
Arron Wood is not your typical politician. In fact, I'm not sure he's a politican at all! Granted - he does hold the office of Deputy Lord Mayor for the City of Melbourne, and he is campaigning in next month's council elections to become the Lord Mayor. But when I came across Arron on social media, it wasn't via a political ad or a sponsored post. I simply noticed someone who was posting sympathetic, thoughtful, and engaging content, and perhaps most tellingly a majority of that interaction was in replies and comments to other people.  Political messaging is often unidirectional, and getting community leaders to listen and engage in a genuine way is rare but I'm convinced it's the key to electoral success. It would be no surprise to me then should I be addressing Arron as Mr Mayor at the end of next month. And it's my pleasure to welcome him to our Series on Business Innovation which explores how business can and will rise from the ashes of COVID-19, and the unprecedented lockdowns around the world. NOTES 1:14 A non-politican politician 3:20 Why enter politics? 5:00 Who would Arron vote for in a federal or state election? 7:04 Arron's long walk to political office 9:40 Business destruction under government lockdowns 11:20 Extending 5km radius limit to 10km 13:36 A better way out of lockdown 15:50 15% of Melbourne hospitality businesses are already gone 17:00 Melbourne is a conversation town 18:25 The fabric and heart of Melbourne 19:50 Arron's condemnation of the lockdown 22:30 The internal machinations of political parties 23:25 Arron lays out an alternative plan for Melbourne 25:25 switching from handouts to cutting red tape 26:20 We should expect COVID cases to go up when lockdown ends 28:38 The shift in tone around lockdowns 30:18 Arron predicts Melbourne's recovery timeline 33:35 Resurrecting Melbourne without the government 35:50 Make your bed! 36:55 Environmentalist or businessman? 39:30 A plan to export hydrogen worldwide 41:10 What does Arron drive? 43:30 Sustainability is more than the environment 44:20 Sustainability in regional Australia 47:00 Ambitions for state parliament and the original intent of parliament --------------------------------- Watch this episode: Follow Arron:
September 22, 2020
Business Innovation Series Episode 1 - Pia Therese
Today we are going to the gym. My guest Pia Therese is a small business owner in Melbourne, Australia who risked it all and opened a fitness studio called MFW Fitness. Under what is now likely the world's longest and most severe lockdown, small businesses like MFW have been smashed. And this is despite plenty of evidence that small businesses are not only willing but are capable of opening up in a COVID-Safe way.  Take for example gyms, where we are now learning that they were never a source of COVID transmission, and in fact are better equipped than the government to conduct deep contact tracing because of their detailed and close relationship with their members. This is to say nothing of the fact that COVID-19 is a disease of immunity, like all coronaviruses are, and yet we have seen no messaging from authorities on living a healthy life that encourages a robust immune system.  But It's not just our bodies we are told to hide inside from this virus, daily messaging from our Premier downplays the incredible and growing mental health harms that result from lockdown rules that increasingly appear arbitrary and not based in science. I'm hoping this conversation with Pia will give us an insight into what's really happening with small businesses in Melbourne, and open up a broader conversation on what we all struggle with but don't admit to anyone - mental health, social media, and the evolving definition of community. Show Notes: 2:32 Pia loves control 3:41 Pia's fitness journey 6:14 Managing addiction 08:08 Losing weight and exercise is uncomfortable 9:02 Pia's video on mental health 10:50 Why we need to exercise 13:30 Vulnerability and not comparing 15:20 Women's only gyms 16:35 The journey of MFW Fitness 19:05 Starting a business at the beginning of COVID-19. 23:00 Commercial landlords in Melbourne during COVID-19 26:38 Small businesses left behind 27:50 Dividing society into 'essential' and 'non-essential' 31:40 Refusing to give up on her business 34:00 Pia's mental health realisations 38:22 How we can unite the Victorian community 42:30 Protests at the Queen Victoria Markets 45:48 Puppies 48:50 Stop exaggerating fears 52:00 Melbournians love Melbourne 53:50 Being a leader - staying positive 55:40 Pia's voice and managing social media 1:04:50 Pia's message of empathy 1:06:50 Behind the scenes - extra discussion 1:11:15 New TV Show - Pia interviews Matt 1:13:30 Who Pia follows for news updates 1:15:45 Getting Pia's advice on content creation 1:19:30 Pia gets angry about the media covering for the government 1:21:30 Crazy diets - carnivore 1:23:00 Finding what works for your body Follow Pia Therese​ on Instagram: Need a mask? Support Pia:
September 18, 2020
Political Psychology Series Episode 1 - Topher Field
Topher Field demands attention. Not for his own popularity - quite the opposite! In fact, he would rather the spotlight pass him by so he can quietly raise his young family in the suburbs of Melbourne. But when the world that you are raising those children into appears darker and more authoritarian than the world we grew up in, silence becomes complicity. For years Topher has warned us that the freedoms we enjoy may have been free to us, but they didn't come cheap. They were in fact purchased, just not by us. The choices we make today decide whether we keep them or dispose of them. And that's why you just can't look away from Topher. The beautiful thing about this man is that when you dig into him, on the inside is not a doomsday message, but a utopian one. Somehow he remains an optimist and prosecutes the case for hope in forums like his new podcast Living Value. It was my honour to interview the man, the myth, the legend - to find some clarity around the strange times we are living in. Show notes: 2:37 Haircuts 3:39 The Little Government That Could 5:52 Why do we support authoritarian governments? 10:10 Failure of parenting and learning to provide 11:22 The Welfare Trap 13:05 The Malthusian Trap 14:50 Innovation pre-dated the industrial revolution 16:00 Capitalism is the default mode of mankind 18:23 The default state of humanity is poverty 21:45 The failure of Venezuela 25:30 Crony capitalism 30:10 Travelling with 680 condoms 35:04 The morality of civil disobedience 37:48 Natural law 38:40 The new religions 42:00 Do pro-lifers really care? 47:50 Jesus the solution to condemnation 50:15 Topher's revelation of fallibility 53:00 Wrong does not equal evil 54:00 Seeing behind the conservative curtain 57:00 Premier Dan Andrews has no empathy 58:50 Victoria Police is completely demoralised 1:01:00 Civil disobedience 1:03:50 Disobeying immoral orders in the military 1:06:00 Military deployed on Australian soil 1:07:40 Militarisation of police 1:08:30 The Dunning Kruger Effect 1:10:10 Victoria Police Reputation 1:12:40 ALP spill in Victoria 1:14:30 Optimism and faith in each other 1:18:00 Making a choice to show empathy
September 14, 2020
Empathy Series Episode 1 - Damien Silm the apple farmer
Damien Silm is an apple farmer in regional NSW who stands to inherit a fortune. I'm not referring to assets, to land or even to the legacy of his great-grandfather who planted those apple trees so many decades ago. It is clear to me that Damien, as one of the most empathetic people I know, will inherit the future as our world increasingly values empathy in all spheres of life.  Not only does empathy make you a more agreeable person it means that you are more easily able to understand other people's perspectives. And that can be pressed for a commercial advantage when designing products and services that the market actually wants. It was refreshing to interview Damien for our series on empathy, as he joined me live from the rolling plains of NSW. Show Notes: 02:37 Cedar Creek Orchards 05:20 Farmers show more empathy 06:57 What apple farmers actually do 09:38 The difference between sympathy and empathy 13:09 Empathising with Victoria during lockdown 14:45 The commercial advantage of empathy 17:35 What is 'reconstituted juice'? 19:47 Why you MUST live on tank water! 21:02 Why Damien grows apples instead of being a pilot 24:15 You must enjoy your career 26:15 Did you feel 'trapped' in a generational business? 28:28 Other states don't understand Victoria's mess 29:12 Is Victoria a leper state? 31:03 Melbourne protests - justified? 32:35 Damien displays his empathy 34:00 Defending Dan Andrews 35:04 What would a farmer say to millions of people? Watch this podcast on Youtube:
September 10, 2020
#7 Businesses are Born During Recessions
Recessions, depressions and downturns are probably the most fertile ground to plant a new business. This is why, and this is how to get started! It's all based around research by the Harvard Business Review, Joseph Schumpeter, Peter Drucker and Bain&Company. In this podcast we explore:   The demise of Australian companies. Global C-Suite retirements. Employees re-evaluating their careers. Great companies that were born during recessions. The Bain study that proves recessions breed successful companies. How companies outsmarted the GFC. Opportunities come in only 2 ways: Discovery and Creation. Drucker's 7 Sources of Opportunity (Discovery) Schumpeter's Creation of Opportunity The Blue Ocean Strategy Early action, not different action brings profit. The Race Track Analogy for crisis management. The ABC prescription for businesses in crisis. For the CFO: Muscle vs Fat. Talent is cheap right now.
August 7, 2020
#6 Find Your Strength - UNCERTAINTY or RISK
Are you better at managing uncertainty or risk? They are not the same thing, and we all gravitate toward one side of the spectrum. All leadership/management jobs are primarily about managing uncertainty or risk, and yet often we fail in careers and in business not because we are ineffective, but because they are mismatched to our strengths. In this episode we discuss: the difference uncertainty and risk as defined by the famous business thinker Frank Knight; Case studies of Aldi vs Kaufland and Tesla vs General Motors/Porsche; when to make projections (risk) and when to make predictions (uncertainty); how uncertainties can be quantified with big data and transformed into manageable risks; the trend toward uncertainty; a matrix comparing risk and uncertainty contexts for business management; and choosing careers and business opportunities that suit your risk/uncertainty strengths. Full research, and the comparison table, is at:
July 3, 2020
#5 How Great Leaders Communicate During Crisis
Competent crisis leadership isn't just about taking wise action, it's about persuading people to carry out those actions. The CEO of Toyota used a 3-Step Crisis Model for communicating and it is far more effective than what world leaders are doing right now. Use this to rally your people and get them through a crisis! Download the 3-Step Crisis Model PDF at
April 16, 2020
#4 - Discretionary Effort can Predict the Future
Discretionary effort can predict the future when it comes to staff turnover. Use it as a leading indicator! Read about it here:
March 14, 2020
#3 - Less is More! Cut your word count in half and watch engagement soar.
Getting people's attention with mere words is our aim in every single email but the more we write, the more we dilute any potential impact. This is a short podcast on why you should cut anything you write in half and a tool that will help you do it.
March 14, 2020
#2 - Five Profound Questions that Define Business Strategy
What is strategy? Does your organisation even have a strategy? These 5 profound questions will identify (or create) a business strategy, and comes thanks to the Harvard Business Review. You can read the original article at
March 13, 2020
#1 - Urgent vs Important - choose wisely to ramp your productivity.
Is it really important? Or just URGENT masquerading as 'important'? We conflate them all the time. It's tempting to chase urgency but that's a counterfeit of the significance we truly crave: growth activities that are important but never urgent. Meet the Eisenhower Boxes and the Macro Priority Matrix. They help us to properly prioritise our time and teach us how to: avoid trading boredom for urgency; cut out interruptions through delegation; grow profitable habits by focusing on what is not urgent. Full downloadable (and free) templates, charts and graphs are at
March 12, 2020