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By Matthew Hammersmith
Upstate Ultra is a race directing series in the state of South Carolina that offers races of all types throughout the foothills down to the waters of Atlantic!
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Nhan Nguyen and the Hellbender 100
Welcome to Episode 18 of (R)unscripted!  On this episode, Alex sits down with Nhan Nguyen to discuss the Hellbender 100 that took place May 6-7th.  The Hellbender 100 is run around Mount Mitchell and includes a summit of Mount Mitchell and has 21,500 ft+ of evelation gain for the entirity of the race.  We discussed the insane weather that took place throughout the race. From 35+ mph winds, to pouring rain, and hail, this race through everything at the runners but Nhan was able to overcome these obstacles and finish the race in just over 34 hours.  We also discussed how the race went down and how he managed all of the different weather and temperatures that were experienced out on the trail. Nhan shared some of his lessons learned and experiences from the trail.   So sit back and enjoy! 
May 18, 2022
Jerry Ammerman: What Not to do in a Marathon and How That Has Made him a Better Runner
Welcome to (R)unscripted Episdoe 17!  In this episode, Alex sat down with the one and only Jerry Ammerman to talk all things running and marathoning. Jerry has completed the 2021 Chicago and New York Marathons and just recently the 2022 126th running of the Boston Marathon. While Jerry dind't meet his goals at these races, he's learned a lot about himself and his running that will serve him well in the long run. We also dove into Jerry's story on how he became a runner and how he got to where he is today. I'm happy to call Jerry a close friend and training partner so I had no doubt that this episode would be a long one.  Jerry also finished 2nd overal at the Reedy River 5k this past weekend, only 6 days after running Boston! He has also almost reached his 4th month sober milestone and he is continuing to better himself every day  So grab your headphones, start your watch, and enjoy this conversation. 
April 29, 2022
Bridgette Honor and Diversity in Trail Running
Welcome to (R)unscripted episode 16!  In this episode Matt sits down with Bridgette Honor to discuss her recent success in ultra running completing two 50ks in the past 4 months. She has sights on completing 41 miles on her 41st birthday at the Longest Day Event, 50 miles at the Yeti 50 Miler, and eventually a 100 mile trail run someday! In upcoming events she is scheduled to also start competing in triathlons.  Bridgette is a community leader as a mentor for Black Girls Run in Columbia South Carolina. Matt also discusses with Bridgette the role we all play in removing barriers for entry to minority groups in the sport of trail running and ultra running. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible with every runner no matter age, pace, or race. Thank you Bridgette for being a role model for future runners! 
April 19, 2022
Robbie Bradley: Celebrating 1 Year Sober and Telling his Story
Welcome to (R)unscripted episode 15!  This episode takes more of a serious tone (with some jokes thrown in) as Alex sits down with Robbie Bradley and talks about what drove him to go sober and never go back to drinking alcohol.  We dive into how alcohol was affecting Robbie's life and how one defining moment made him change his life for the better. Robbie was on a slippery slope to no good, but made the concious decision to quit alcohol and now he will never go back. Robbie's story is inspirational and I hope it has an impact on each of you listening in some way just as it did on me.  I want to thank Robbie for being open to sharing his story and being vulnerable. Robbie is a staple in the Upstate Ultra community and if you ever get the chance to sit around a fire at a race with him, ask him about the purple gorilla.  I encourage anyone who is struggling with an addiction, whether it's alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc, to reach out to anyone in your community, especially the ultra running community. The ultra running community is here to support everyone and if you need help, PLEASE reach out. We are here to help! There is such thing as a healthy relationship with alcohol and we can have fun with it, but please drink responsibly!   If you liked this episode, please feel free to give us a rating and review! 
March 18, 2022
Geoff and Heather Hart: Coaching and Adventure Racing
Welcome to (R)unscripted episode 14!  In this episode, Matt sits down with returning guests Geoff and Heather Hart to discuss their coaching and their newly launched adventure racing website!  Geoff and Heather own and operate Hart Strength and Endurance Coaching and both share a passion for ultra running and adventure racing.  If you liked this episode, please feel free to leave a review and rating! 
March 11, 2022
Phil Cuppernell: Ultraman Florida
Welcome to (R)unscripted Episode 13! In this Episode, Alex sits down and talks with Phil Cuppernell who just recently completed Ultraman Florida. Phil is currently in the Marine Core and we discuss how the Marine Core helped bring him to ultra endurance events. Phil is always seeking out new challenges and looking for ways to push himself to new limits.  Ultraman is a 3 day triathalon event which consists of a 10k swim and a 91 mile bike on day 1, a 170 mile bike on day 2, and a double marathon (52.4 miles) run on day 3.  We dive into what brought Phil into ultra endurance events and what made him want to register for the Ultraman event. We also talk about his training, nutrition, and all things that went into this event.  If you'd like to contact Phil to learn more about Ultraman or anything we talked about, he is on IG @phil_the_cup or on FB.  You can also watch a recap of his Ultraman event on his youtube channel. If you liked this episode, please feed free to drop a rating and a review. 
March 03, 2022
Charlotte Corriher AKA Marathon Costume Chic
Welcome to Episode 12 of (R)unscripted!  In this episode, Matt sits down with Charlotte Corriher AKA the Marathon Costume Chic.  Charlotte is well known for her unique costumes at every race she runs. She has even dressed as a younger aged (college) Matt, and also a bottle of fireball. (because what is ultra running without fireball?) If you liked this episode, please feel free to leave a rating and a review. 
February 25, 2022
Without Limits Coach Tom Clifford and Matt Hammersmith
Welcome to SCUM of the Earth Episode 11!  In this episode Matt talks all things running with Without Limits Coach/Founder Tom Clifford.
July 17, 2021
Dane Simmons and Run In
Welcome to SCUM of the Earth Episode 10!   In this episode we sit down with Dane Simmons to talk about how his running shop, Run In, came to be and their recent news of expanding to Simpsonville, SC.    Dane Simmons grew up playing soccer at a young age but found running as a way to get in shape for soccer. Dane ran in high school and college. He was a conference champion in the 800m at the University of North Florida, After college he started to dabble in the endurance side of things and has  completed a full IM, hand full of 50ks, 50 milers, and 100 milers. Including Western States 100. He is now the manager/ operator at the local Greenville running store, Run In.   Notable performance   IM Augusta 70.3 - 4:35 IM FL - 10:25 Umstead 100 - 19:13 GDR - 15:53  We also talk about the Upstate Running Club and how Run In is supporting the club! Run In Social Media FB - @runingreenville IG -  @runingreenville @runinsimpsonville
July 13, 2021
Shannon Howell and Crew at the Western States 100!
In this episode, we sit down with our good friend, Shannon Howell, and her husband Ken to discuss the Western States 100.  Shannon took 13th female and 26th overall in a stacked field of runners. This year's western states saw only a 66% finishers rate and there were 15 females in the top 30 including 3 in the top 10. The women crushed it this year.  We discuss how the race went for Shannon along with how the crew and pacers faired out on the course throughout the day. Ken, Shannon's 2 boys, and myself (Alex) were all with Shannon at Western States. We share our experiences while following Shannon throughout the day.  We surprised Shannon with a celebration party and recorded this episode live at FH2 cigars in Simpsonville, SC. There are a few loud moments so please be aware of that.  We did have live question an answer from our live audience at the end so be sure to stay tuned for that at the end of the podcast.  We did run a little long but we could have probably talked about this for 5 more hours.  So sit back and enjoy! 
July 04, 2021
Runner's Safety and Self Defense With Sherri Carr and Mikie Pylilo
Welcome to S.C.U.M of the Earth Episode 8!   In this episode, we sit down with Sherri Carr and Mikie Pylilo to discuss runner's safety and self defense while out on the road or trail. Sherri’s Bio:  Sherri Marie is an estate planning and business law attorney admitted in multiple jurisdictions; she resides in Seneca, South Carolina.  Sherri Marie runs in the morning with the Anderson, South Carolina, based running group SMR T-F and on Sundays.  She completed several marathons and ultra marathons since law school and enjoys the 50k distance the most.  You’ll see her at Upstate Ultra race events volunteering frequently. My reasoning behind this podcast idea (which to me is more important than stuff about my bio): *I met Mikie at the Upstate Ultra Country Mile event while we were both running miles together during a bit of it.  I was running the 50k race, and Mikie was logging even more miles than me going for the 100 miler I think.  During our time running together Mikie told me that she has a law enforcement background, teaches self defense courses at a college where she lives, and so I thought she would be the perfect person to be involved in this podcast with Upstate Ultras.  I believe knowledge is power (I’m a nerd) and that people, especially women runners, should empower themselves to stay safe and be able to do what they love; for instance, running.  As an introvert I used to love running alone, but now I only run in the daylight in populated areas alone.  It’s taken a long time to find a running group I click with that is closer to me; I used to drive to Greenville (over an hour away each way) to run in the mornings with friends in the dark.  And I know a lot of women who run alone, even in the dark.  There have been a lot of instances of women runners - even in daylight - getting abducted or attacked, etc., so hopefully this will help them with some resources, knowledge to empower them. Mikie’s Bio Mikie has been in law enforcement for 24 years.  She retired from the Alaska State Troopers and moved to Myrtle Beach in 2016.  Mikie is currently assigned to FBI Task Force working Human Trafficking and Violent Crimes against Children.  Mikie also teaches Rape Agression Defense (RAD) Women’s self defense  at Coastal Carolina University. Not many people can say they have run the beach of the Arctic Ocean, Mikie can, she graduated from Barrow High School and that’s where the cross country team ran except in the fog.  They didn’t run in the fog because Polar Bears came into the Village with the fog. I am thankful for the opportunity to talk about women’s safety while running.  Recently, there have been articles in Running world about women being attacked while running and most recently about women being sexually harassed during trail runs.   I personally have not been sexually harassed at races but I have been followed while on a long run in Tennessee.  I try to give women the confidence that they can take control of their environment when being confronted.
May 28, 2021
Sunshine Endurance Run with Annie & Kevin Randolph, and Brooke McClanahan
Welcome to S.C.U.M of the Earth Episode 7!    In This episode we will discuss everything surrounding the Sunshine Endurance Run that took place on May 8th in Locus Grove, Ga. This event was put on by Brooke McClanahan to raise money to support her friend Annie Randolph who was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2020.   The event was a huge success and the running community really came out strong to support Kevin and Annie through this difficult time.   Donation Link:   Join us as we sit down with these three and talk about everything that led up to this race and the race itself.  Annie’s Bio  38 year old wifey to Kevin and mom of Reid 15 and Addie 13.  I’m a sales consultant at CarMax, currently out of working fighting cancer and partner in Rev Run.  I’ve been running since high school although I kept it around 3-4 miles until about 14 years ago.  I ran a few half’s and one full before I discovered ultra marathons.  I’ve run 50+ ultras.  Some of my proudest moments were winning first female at H9 50 miler, finishing Pinhoti 100 after it kicked my butt twice before, and getting my red shirt at Strolling Jim with Brookes help.  I ran my very first 100 miler at Matthews Knock on Wood 24 hour race!  Kevin and Brooke crewed and paced me.  It’s been a hard year but also beautiful.  Kevin has been the most amazing support I could ask for and the love of friends has never been more apparent.  I am still running, slowly, as much as I can through treatment.    Kevin’s Bio  45 yr old husband to Annie and father of 3 boys ages 22, 18, and 14 from my previous marriage and step dad to Annie’s two children. I am a buyer for Camax (this job pays the bills) and also co-owner of Revolution Running (this job is our fun hobby). One of our more popular races in the ultra community is the 24 hr track race The Stinger.  I have been married to Annie for 4 years. I started running about 15ish years ago to get in shape post college and that initial running 2-3 times a week for 2-3 miles at a time somehow turned into running ultras (which Brooke is somewhat responsible for). I am pretty dang proud of my 3:05 marathon and have been working on trying to break 3, my 24 hr pr of 121 miles, and one and only 6 day performance of 453 miles. I will be running the 24 hr at the Dome in June and will be shooting for 140 miles. Since Covid last year and Annie’s cancer diagnosis this year I haven’t raced as much but I have still been putting in a lot of training miles.     Brooke’s Bio   CPA and mom of 2 girls (Taylor is almost 15 and Emma is closing in on 12).  I’ve known Annie since 2013 (met her at a local 50k). Been running since I was 9 years old.  Ran in middle school, high school, and college competitively.  First ultra in October 2010.  I’ve done roughly 70 ultras.  Injured pretty badly in 2018 and haven’t really raced since then.  Best marathon 3:32 (qualified for Boston and ran it in 2015).  Completed two 100s - one trail (Pinhoti) and one timed event (Merrills Mile 24 hour).  Merrills 100 was in 21:10.  Probably my proudest moments in ultras were 3rd female at Lookout Mountain 50 Miler in 2014 (9:28) and Strolling Jim 41.2 miles in 2017 (5:59:02 which got me the hard earned Blue Shirt).  Crewed Annie at her first 100 (Matt’s race) in 2014.  Paced a little but was recovering from a concussion I got during my first 100 attempt at Thunder Rock.  I still run about 40 miles per week regularly, and I work a lot.
May 21, 2021
Why you should volunteer at your next race with Jay Baker
Jay is a father to two daughter (15 & 11) and started running Ultras in 2015 and then took up cycling in 2017. He has ran everything up to 100 miles and has cycled up to 250 miles with a 500 mile ride in the plans later this summer. He's even been crazy enough to ride 200 miles on a trainer indoors. He also completed the Everest challenge on a bike (29032 ft of gain) on his 3rd attempt. He has ran 4 100 milers all under 24 hours. He has been lifting weights since 1989 and boxed from 16-19 yrs old. Jay follows his own personal training plan of no training plan and just does what feels good. He's held many job titles over the years include an underwear modeling gig (but we won't scar you all with that). His biggest pet peeve is hearing people chew food and people who complain or judge. Jay's favorite quote is "Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth" - Mike Tyson Jay is a one of a kind character and we could talk all day with him about his stories.
April 30, 2021
Kenneth Hite and Lindsay Walter - Running Their first 100 Miler but in Different Ways at the Country Mile
Welcome to Episode 5 of S.C.U.M of the Earth!   In this Episode Matt and Alex sit down with Kenneth Hite and Lindsay Walter. Both of these guys completed 100 miles at The Country Mile on April 9/10 but they did it in different ways.  Kenneth did the 100 while partaking in the Last Outlaw race and Lindsay finished 100 while running the 48 HR race. In this episode we will dive head first into their experiences as these were their first 100 mile!   Kenneth's Bio:  Kenneth grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. Played high school football as a starting fullback and inside linebacker . We were terrible ! Used running as an outlet - began with 5ks on high school. Became an RN at age 20 then got my bachelors of science in 2010. Met my girlfriend (now my wife)  then and relocated to Raleigh-Durham, NC  were I ran my first marathon at Virginia Beach . Have done around road 30 marathons and 20ish ultras since. Always considered myself a road runner but recently have picked up the trail game. Moved back to Philly, PA in 2012 to complete my masters degree as a nurse practitioner. Ran 8 Philly marathons while there. Took 9 years to qualify for Boston (qualified philly marathon 2019 with a 2:54 marathon time) only to be canceled due to covid ! Met and trained (for a solid 8 years) with a world class marathoner Gene Dykes (who holds multiple world records for his age group in multiple distances) while in Philly . Gene is by far the smartest person I know. He also talked me into running my first ultramarathon (Cayuga trails 50 miler) .     I always viewed running as one of the few areas in life where you tend to reap out the effort that you sew; hard, consistent training = good results . No politics involved!   Lindsay's Bio  I'm a Wisconsin (Go Pack Go) native, went to college and played basketball at the University of Minnesota Duluth. My senior year of college I ran my first marathon to cross it off my bucket list, but fell in love with the distance and sport. I’ve ran 46 marathons. Running helped me to learn, accept and embrace my Alopecia. I love the challenge and setting goals for myself. I am a new ultra runner, but love the distances and community to much. I am looking forward to improving and learning more.
April 16, 2021
Country Mile and the Coach/Athlete Relationship with Heather and Geoff Hart
Welcome to Episode 4 of S.C.U.M of the Earth!  In this episode we sit down with Geoff and Heather Hart and talk about the country mile 48 hr race and the dynamic of the coach/athlete relationship.    Heather & Geoff Hart are the co-founders of Hart Strength and Endurance Coaching, an in person and virtual coaching service specializing in helping people balance training with family, work, and "real life".  Heather & Geoff truly believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary feats, and can pursue incredible athletic endeavors while still having fun.    Heather is an ACSM certified exercise physiologist, mom of two teenage boys, full time blogger (that's still a thing) and ultramarathon enthusiast. Geoff is a former strength and conditioning instructor, holds RRCA &; UESCA running, ultramarathon, & triathlon coaching credentials, dad of two needy cats, and loves all sorts of adventures from white water kayaking to riding his fat-bike "Dave".   Together, Heather & Geoff have completed hundreds of races, from 5K's to 100 milers, obstacle course races to 12 hour adventure races, beer miles to naked 5K's (true story) and everything in between.   How to contact Heather and Geoff:
April 09, 2021
BFC and Injury Prevention/Recovery with Shannon Howell
Welcome to Episode 3 of S.C.U.M of the Earth!   In this Episode Matt and Alex chat with Shannon Howell about the Barkley Fall Classic (in honor of the Barkley Marathons taking place recently) and injury prevention and recovery.    Shannon and Alex are both rehabbing from injuries so we thought that this would be a good time to discuss things that we have done to stay injury free or how we recover from injuries when they come around.    A short background on Shannon:  Shannon started running for fun to stay fit in 2007 after having her second child. She has always been athletic but never considered running as something other than useful for staying in shape. She started getting serious about running and training about 10 years ago, eventually training for her first 50K in March of 2014. She would go on to run her first 50 miler later that year. Since then, she has competed in distances from 5K to 100 miles.    *Disclaimer: Nobody on this podcast is a doctor by any means so the information presented is based upon our experiences. If you have your own injury, we recommend you consult a doctor or whoever you trust to guide you on the right path to recovery.
March 30, 2021
Course & Race Types w/ Nathan Dewey
Welcome to S.C.U.M. of the Earth Episode 2!   In this episode we talk with fellow SCUM Runner, Nathan Dewey. We dive into his background and how he got started as a runner along with his experiences along the way. We also dive into different course descriptions and race types. We discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was a great conversation so give our ramblings a listen and we will catch you on the next one!
March 18, 2021
Introductions and Conquer the Rock Discussions
Welcome to the SCUM of the Earth Podcast! This podcast is aimed at discovering the SCUMBAGS of the SCUM club, Upstate Ultras, Upstate Running Club, and more!  In this first episode Matt and Alex dive into their running backgrounds and how the SCUM Club, Upstate Ultras, and Upstate Running Club came to be and Matt's vision for these groups. We also dive into discussions about Conquer the Rock 50k and 25K, set to take place on March 6 and 7, 2021.  Warning, there is some language in this video so if there are kids around, you might want to remove them from the room. 
March 04, 2021