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Upstate Ultra's: S.C.U.M of the Earth: The Shittiest Podcast You Will Ever Hear

Upstate Ultra's: S.C.U.M of the Earth: The Shittiest Podcast You Will Ever Hear

By Matthew Hammersmith
Upstate Ultra is a race directing series in the state of South Carolina that offers races of all types throughout the foothills down to the waters of Atlantic!
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Country Mile and the Coach/Athlete Relationship with Heather and Geoff Hart
Welcome to Episode 4 of S.C.U.M of the Earth!  In this episode we sit down with Geoff and Heather Hart and talk about the country mile 48 hr race and the dynamic of the coach/athlete relationship.    Heather & Geoff Hart are the co-founders of Hart Strength and Endurance Coaching, an in person and virtual coaching service specializing in helping people balance training with family, work, and "real life".  Heather & Geoff truly believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary feats, and can pursue incredible athletic endeavors while still having fun.    Heather is an ACSM certified exercise physiologist, mom of two teenage boys, full time blogger (that's still a thing) and ultramarathon enthusiast. Geoff is a former strength and conditioning instructor, holds RRCA &; UESCA running, ultramarathon, & triathlon coaching credentials, dad of two needy cats, and loves all sorts of adventures from white water kayaking to riding his fat-bike "Dave".   Together, Heather & Geoff have completed hundreds of races, from 5K's to 100 milers, obstacle course races to 12 hour adventure races, beer miles to naked 5K's (true story) and everything in between.   How to contact Heather and Geoff:
April 9, 2021
BFC and Injury Prevention/Recovery with Shannon Howell
Welcome to Episode 3 of S.C.U.M of the Earth!   In this Episode Matt and Alex chat with Shannon Howell about the Barkley Fall Classic (in honor of the Barkley Marathons taking place recently) and injury prevention and recovery.    Shannon and Alex are both rehabbing from injuries so we thought that this would be a good time to discuss things that we have done to stay injury free or how we recover from injuries when they come around.    A short background on Shannon:  Shannon started running for fun to stay fit in 2007 after having her second child. She has always been athletic but never considered running as something other than useful for staying in shape. She started getting serious about running and training about 10 years ago, eventually training for her first 50K in March of 2014. She would go on to run her first 50 miler later that year. Since then, she has competed in distances from 5K to 100 miles.    *Disclaimer: Nobody on this podcast is a doctor by any means so the information presented is based upon our experiences. If you have your own injury, we recommend you consult a doctor or whoever you trust to guide you on the right path to recovery.
March 30, 2021
Course & Race Types w/ Nathan Dewey
Welcome to S.C.U.M. of the Earth Episode 2!   In this episode we talk with fellow SCUM Runner, Nathan Dewey. We dive into his background and how he got started as a runner along with his experiences along the way. We also dive into different course descriptions and race types. We discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was a great conversation so give our ramblings a listen and we will catch you on the next one!
March 18, 2021
Introductions and Conquer the Rock Discussions
Welcome to the SCUM of the Earth Podcast! This podcast is aimed at discovering the SCUMBAGS of the SCUM club, Upstate Ultras, Upstate Running Club, and more!  In this first episode Matt and Alex dive into their running backgrounds and how the SCUM Club, Upstate Ultras, and Upstate Running Club came to be and Matt's vision for these groups. We also dive into discussions about Conquer the Rock 50k and 25K, set to take place on March 6 and 7, 2021.  Warning, there is some language in this video so if there are kids around, you might want to remove them from the room. 
March 4, 2021