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The Matthew McEvoy Podcast

The Matthew McEvoy Podcast

By Matthew McEvoy
A Podcast on just about everything! I host a variety of guests and hold free-flowing discussions on their expertise, hoping to learn from them and understand their motives, influences and thoughts!
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The Matthew McEvoy Podcast Ep. 005 - Mr Josh Coombs and the Rise and Grind

The Matthew McEvoy Podcast

The Matthew McEvoy Podcast Ep. 005 - Mr Josh Coombs and the Rise and Grind

The Matthew McEvoy Podcast

The Matthew McEvoy Podcast Ep. 006 - Mr Jake Styles on Smashing Your Goals!
Hello Everyone and Welcome Back! I hope everyone is doing well in the land of COVID!  It's been a while since I've recorded anything but I'm back with a blast and Mr Jake Styles.  Jake and I have only just become good mates recently, all through taking risks and chasing our dreams on social media!  Jake is an amazing motivator and such a nice guy, and we can all learn a lot from him. I hope you enjoy this episode, stay tunes for more! I've linked his social below!
October 16, 2020
The Matthew McEvoy Podcast Ep. 005 - Mr Josh Coombs and the Rise and Grind
Welcome back to the Podcast!  Episode 5 coming to you today hot off the press!  I'm chatting today with one of best mates and all around stand out guy Josh Coombs, and we're discussing all things productivity.  During our time together at university, Josh and I have been fixated with the idea of getting stuck in and cracking on with our work, simplifying daily processes to give us more leisure time, and finding a routine which makes us as productive and active as possible. I hope you all like this episode: I'm hoping that Josh and I will have regular episodes coming in the future to keep you all entertained with our ventures and cursed antics during our last year of uni! Please Like, Share and Subscribe!  
July 14, 2020
The Matthew McEvoy Podcast Ep. 004 with Mr Taran Padam: BLACK. LIVES. MATTER.
BLACK. LIVES. MATTER. In this time it would not only be essential, but of the upmost priority that Black voices are heard!  I want to use whatever platform I have, with whatever privilege I possess to do my best by those who deserve and have every right to get their voices known. I speak today with a very close friend of mine, Mr Taran Padam, a British Sikh with both Kenyan and Indian heritage to talk about his own experiences of racial stereotyping and abuse.  Now it is more important than ever that we listen to these voices and learn about what can be done to work with Black and other ethnic communities, for what they want and need from us at this time. This was an emotional episode to record and it was fueled by so much anger, upset and torment for all that can be seen circulating in the media.  I hope you can all take the time to learn from this and do our best to educate ourselves! I urge you now to please support BLM in whatever way that we can, either through donation, protests, or watching podcasts and interviews like this! Lets do our best, we can beat this, but only by working together, with the oppressed, not against them.  doing what needs to be done for the betterment of humanity! 
June 5, 2020
The Matthew McEvoy Podcast Ep. 003 - Mr Luke Sandell and Fighting for Balance in Fitness
Hello, and Welcome to The Matthew McEvoy Podcast! Episode 3 is here, and this was a blast to record!  Today I host an old training partner of mine, as well as a very good friend and mentor, Mr Luke Sandell.  Luke practices movement sports like gymnastics and parkour, as well as training in several disciplines of Martial Arts, so when it comes to all things exercise, he is a very very wise man! We discuss things like body image, attitudes to sport and exercise participation, injuries, as well our our own experiences in training, fitness, and our favorite - combat sports! Thank you for listening, stay tuned for more!!
May 3, 2020
The Matthew McEvoy Podcast Ep. 002 - Mr Peter Beard and the COVID Economic Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 002 of The Matthew McEvoy Podcast! Today I had the pleasure of hosting Mr Peter Beard, a great friend of mine and budding economist.  In this episode we're discussing the financial and economic strains that a pandemic can put a country through, looking especially at the current world of work and contingency plans. I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  Stick about because I have big plans for content coming soon!
April 29, 2020
The Matthew McEvoy Podcast Ep. 001 - Mr Max Ellson and Environmental Concerns
Hello and Welcome to my Podcast! This is my very first episode in a completely new project of mine,  so thank you very much for supporting me and coming to listen! I want to use this platform as an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective on both new and existing ideas, speaking to a broad range of guests and anything and everything, hoping to learn something new and broadening our minds in the process. In this episode I'm talking with Mr Max Ellson, an Ecologist and business owner about the increasing environmental concerns and pressing issues surrounding climate change.  We cover points on the role of the Government, some personal philosophies and environmental ethics, as well as how important education is between bridging the gap between consequence and action.  All really interesting stuff, so please check it out. This episode was recorded on 10/03/2020 as part of a project for a university assessment.  All views expressed are those of the individual. 
April 26, 2020