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EdTech People

EdTech People

By Matthew Setchell
I (Matt Setchell) have been working in EduTech (education technology) for over 16 years. In this Podcast I am chatting with people who work in the Ed-Tech field - from educators themselves, to those who supply and develop tools and software and the tech staff and business owners supporting schools. This podcast is an hours chat to explore the people behind the tech and is aimed at anyone, regardless of your technical expertise (as long as you know how to listen to a podcast...)
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EdTech People: Jordan Smithson
Meet Jordan, a 24 year old who is making a huge impact in edutech for his Primary School. Developing Systems and Solutions that make a huge difference to those who use the systems day to day. Find out more about Jordan here
April 04, 2022
EdTech People: Dr Paul Heery (Trust CEO, Lead Inspector)
Dr Paul Heery once gave me a job, and allowed me to start what became Lourdes IT. Now, he is a Trust CEO, Lead Inspector and has recently been voted onto the RSC Advisory Board. In this episode we explore his views on how edtech can support pupil outcomes, the importance of trusting your IT team and about how taking a chance, and employing the right people has impacted his use of Edtech in his career. Find Paul on Twitter: @DrHeery
March 30, 2022
EdTech People: Andrew Walls (Assistant Headteacher)
Andrew Walls, Assistant Headteacher at the Sidney Stringer Multi Academy and studying for an MA in Cyber Security joins us to talk about the importance of support, teachers and leadership connecting and communicating to move schools forward, to protect, and secure over a wide range of threats.
March 15, 2022
EdTech People: Beth Mokrini (Arbor Education)
In our second outing, and now that we are professionals(!) we catch up with Beth from Arbor - and enjoy a discussion around how the MIS landscape is changing in Education, what the driver for that is, the impact, and the future. We also find out how Beth is now a film star, thanks to her doorbell and how much she dislikes a certain Microsoft app. 
March 14, 2022
EdTech People: Sam McNeill (Microsoft)
In our first ever episode we meet Sam McNeill, from New Zealand who works for Microsoft. We talk all things EdTech, including the influence of the earthquakes on home learning, which Edtech tools Sam wishes were never in the classroom, and his favourite Microsoft EdTech tool and so much more in-between.
March 09, 2022