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Upon Awakening: A Beginners Guide

Upon Awakening: A Beginners Guide

By UniWeb Productions
Sherrie and Matt share their experience with waking up to what is really going on in this reality. As beginners of the waking conscious movement Sherrie and Matt will share their experiences and steps they took to wake up and manifest a New and Wonderful reality.
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OnWords- Pizza is it actually God?

Upon Awakening: A Beginners Guide

Tao Te Ching Day 8: Letting Go we are up to day 39 and counting on the website come on over and check it out.
May 06, 2021
Tao Te Ching Day 7: The Cycle
May 02, 2021
Upon Awakening: Flow State
Enjoy this episode where Sherrie and I get after the practices of healing and dealing with trauma in flow state and through the teachings of the Tao and a course in miracles and so many other great teachings. Enjoy and check out all my writing on
April 21, 2021
Tao Te Ching Day 6: The Mystery
Enjoy the mystery? Check out the rest of the days on
April 19, 2021
Tao Te Ching Day 5: Just Stop is full of incredible content for everyday life.  Come on over and check out all the incredible content.  For more articles like this one click the Blog link on the dropdown menu on my website. And feel free to explore and leave me feedback or just say hi.  I appreciate everyone that has taken an interest in this content.   thanks.
April 15, 2021
Tao Te Ching Day 4: Service
Come on over to and check out the full series.  Have a blessed day and thanks for listening.
April 13, 2021
Tao Te Ching Day 3: The Way
Find this along with all the other days so far of my study of the Tao Te Ching on
April 12, 2021
Tao Te Ching Day 2: The Masters
Check out for the article.
April 08, 2021
Tao Te Ching Day 1: Infinite Imigination
This is an article from my website.  I am currently on day 10 of a 365-day study of the Tao Te Ching.  Which, if you do not know what that is, great, you will be super confused and overjoyed with what you find.  If you do know what it is I hope you find it a welcome refresher to a beautiful text.  For me this is about the journey through, so please take your time and listen.  If you would like to keep up with the series go to Bye
April 07, 2021
10 minute Transformative guided meditation
This is a 10 minute guided meditation I have recorded that came from God most likely to transform anyone that practices it. Please practice in a safe place alone or with friends.
April 01, 2021
We Cured Covid
Sherrie and I have been on a crazy wild journey the past two weeks, and with Covid, in our bones, we decided to record a podcast about all of it.  It's magical.  Enjoy the laughter.
January 13, 2021
Matt Whiteside 5min Stand up comedy
I only got the audio from my performance at The Punchline in Atlanta hope you enjoy. Give us a like and a rating where ever you listen. And drop us a message sometime.
October 20, 2020
Clearing The Channel
Sherrie and I get real about dealing with reality, the control we try and enforce on life, and the mess it makes.  We hope you enjoy this episode, I think it gets really good towards the end. Lol.  Enjoy.
September 28, 2020
Is It OK, To Not Be OK?
Sherrie and I discuss the proclivity we share for trying to pretend like everything is fine when in reality we are a puddle of goo inside.  We give thanks to those listening and hope that you all feel welcome here and a little less alone.  I know we do.  Enjoy.
September 07, 2020
Change: Do we all have to do it?
Sherrie and I have a new Mic, so the quality isn't crappy anymore.  In this episode, we talk about the inevitability of change and suffering in life and how we go about dealing with life's most difficult situations.  Also, we talk about farts for a bit.  Enjoy.
August 24, 2020
Kindness: Is it possible?
We discuss being kind in the world today and our process and journey to living more kind and loving lives. Thank you to those that take the time to listen, we truly appreciate you.
August 19, 2020
Atheism, God, and racism
Atheism is dumb? God is a pile of shit. Racism, what are we supposed to be learning?
August 17, 2020
Happy 2 Year Anniversary
Sherrie and I Celebrate 2 years sober and together on a very special episode of Upon Awakening. Join us in the sheets.
July 13, 2020
My Mom joins the Show
Well, she's the greatest teacher I've ever had, my Mom joins Upon Awakening and teaches Sherrie and I that she's amazing. She has wisdom for days and if you need some mom in your life listen to this. Enjoy.
January 11, 2020
All in.
I made a huge investment this past week. Sherrie and I are all in. Enjoy the show.
January 04, 2020
Fear: The Beacon For A Better Life
Sherrie and I discuss me being a hypocrite, and living in fear. How we overcome this by practicing simple principals. Enjoy and let us know what you think. It gets a bit weird towards the end so listen to all of it so you can feel weird too.
December 29, 2019
You are the Savior of the World
Sherrie and I discuss our true power. Topics discussed Family, Depression, Fear, Being No none, and Christ conciousness.
December 25, 2019
December 25, 2019
December 25, 2019
I don't know what the Hell I am doing!
Well there is a lostness here, Sherrie and I try and understand. Thanks for listening. Check out my writing on this @
December 19, 2019
Allowing the Lead to be Gold
Sherrie and I have had some important spiritual awakenings this week. I have had my mind blown by what Being truly means. We solve all the world's problems in this one, so you might want to listen to it all. Haha. Have a wonderful day, you beautiful creators.
December 13, 2019
Getting Through Tough Times
Sherrie and I get real about life and how we have gotten through some of our toughest times. We hope that you are enjoying these podcast and if your going through a tough time give it a listen we hope it helps.
December 06, 2019
A New Beginning!
Sherrie and I update on where we are in our lives. We also share the experience we have been going through of waking up to the way life really is and the steps we have been taking to enlightenment. Our hope is to share our journey so that those that would like to move into a new awareness are able to. So if you want to enlighten your life give us a listen.
November 28, 2019
OnWords- Bird: Are they actually monstrous dinosaurs with a penchant for violence? Ep.3
It's scary out there, especially if you look up these terrifying creatures live all around us and want to rip our throats out and make us eat bread as they polish their guns.  Enjoy the magical word bird with me Matt and check out my other incredible works at
October 11, 2019
OnWords-Booger, Is it actually a Demonic force to control your Children?
On this Episode of OnWords, we discuss the word Booger and its many horrifying implications and as always I rap at the end.  Please be sure to leave a comment with the word you would like me to breakdown the next episode.
October 11, 2019
OnWords- Pizza is it actually God?
In my new Podcast, I discuss the power of words in a very smart way by reading Wikipedia and saying the word a lot.  If you want to find out all about the word Pizza then listen to this fucking Podcast, and please submit words you would like to hear me unearth truths about in the next episode.
October 10, 2019
Angela Ray Teaches me about Poetry, Acting, and Inspirational Speaking/ Episode #25
I had such a wonderful time talking to Angela. She blew me away with her presence and attitude.  Thank you, Angela, for coming on the Show check out everything about her below. :, Bio: Fresh off her New York Times critically acclaimed performance on the hit show, Atlanta on the FX Network, Angela Ray is an actress, author and award-winning speaker. A few of her other television credits include Queen Sugar, Sleepy Hollow, One Tree Hill, and Dawson’s Creek. She is best known as “Carol”, the shady landlord on Tyler Perry’s Love thy Neighbor. A few of her film credits include Keeping up with the Joneses with Zach Galifianakis, the lead role in The Other Man and Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween.  Angela is the author of the books, Blackberry Whispers, Rays of Motivation, and Megastar Student Leadership: Lessons I Learned as an Actress That Can Help Lead, Achieve and Succeed. As a speaker, she has presented to thousands of students around the country and considers it part of her mission to empower young people. When she is not portraying a character, Angela enjoys being herself as a host and emcee. A charismatic presence with a golden voice, she has been the resident emcee for the touring show, The Food Lion Chef Challenge presented at both the CIAA and ACC basketball tournaments, two of the largest college basketball tournaments in the country. She has also hosted for Food Lion for the past five years in multiple cities for the Southern Women’s Show. She is frequently booked to host charity events, awards shows, and a myriad of live events.  Today in addition to traversing the globe as a highly-requested keynote speaker and working in entertainment, Angela serves on the Board of Directors of the Banks Foundation. She is also a Life Member of the General Alumni Association of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Diamond Life Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She connects with fans socially @TheAngelaRay and online at
July 21, 2019
Between Two Minds Author D.C. Wright-Hammer. Interview #24
D.C. Wright-Hammer and I go in depth about his book BETWEEN TWO MINDS, the sequel and the surprise he has planned for the 3rd along with The singularity and A.I. We also discuss D.C. work helping promote other indie authors on his website for free and how he feels so lucky to be able to know the other writers in the community.  Buy his book here: D.C Website:  Website: Hammerstone Creative Indie Author Spotlight: Indie Author Spotlight Submission Google Form: Blog: Sound Cloud:   My editor/designer: -D C Wright-Hammer Author: Between Two Minds Series
July 18, 2019
Founder and Actor at The Basement Theatre J Star joins the Show #23
It was such an incredible opportunity to get to sit down with the one and only J Star.  I got to learn about the creation of an incredible career so far in Acting and Comedy.  J Star is an inspiration for me to go for it, don't hold back and don't be afraid. I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with J Star at The Basement Theatre.  Everyone make sure to go check out  and follow on Twitter and Facebook here 
July 16, 2019
Misery- The Greatest Gift You Will Receive #WritingCommunity #FridayFeeling
Sherrie and I trek through the great outdoors and talk about our miserable fucking lives and how amazing it is. Laughter and tears warning.
May 24, 2019
Narrator Anneliese of SpectrumAudiobooks and Author Marc Carlson of The World Tree Online: The Curse of Hurlig Ridge- 1st Dive
On today's Episode Anneliese voice of The World Tree Online Audio book along with the Author Marc Carlson Join me to discuss Publishing.  Getting your book seen and heard.  The process of becoming a Narrator for Audio Books.  The formation of Spectrum Audio Books and the relationship between author and narrator.   The amount of work that goes into the craft of creating an immersive book like Marc has is mind blowing, and to see Anneliese go to great lengths to see the voices bring Marc's Characters to life is inspiring.   Take a listen to this incredible conversation about publishing, writing and enjoying the hell out of a good book.  If you like video games, virtual reality or escaping to another world this book is for you.   Link to purchase Audio book, E book, and paperback below. And for audio book needs and so much more check out   Buy The World Tree Online: The Curse of Hurlig Ridge  
May 14, 2019
9 months
Sherrie and I discuss our sobriety up to this point and how Sherrie has no original thoughts she just steals mine.
April 16, 2019
Building Frankenstein
Living in boxes And building what we think are super men or women when in reality we are building Frankenstein monsters because of our ego.
April 02, 2019
PoetKissing Kenyans into Oblivion
I was joined by Elizabeth Poetkisses pufferfish Ramadi, about sex with trees, writing, beaver damns, meditation and some other shit that was crazy Haha. Like over coming fear like a boss and inspiring people. Enjoy and follow her on her blog. Https://
March 28, 2019
Upon Awakening- With Sherrie and Matt
Sherrie and I discuss what helps us find inspiration and meaning in the day plus community involvement with authors.  Links to the Authors on the live Broadcast here. Repenish by Nadine Kimmage-  The Magician' Sin by Alexander Thomas-  Fate Unknown by Michelle Burden-
March 21, 2019
Trevor Coelho Author Interview #22
Trevor and I talk about all kinds of fun nonsense, mostly writing inspiration. Discovering the things that make life so incredible, and doing things that bring us joy and fulfillment. Check out Trevor and what he is working on at his blog.  Website: 
March 12, 2019
Author of "The Weirdest Movie Ever Made": Phil Hall #21
Phil and I discuss his lifetime love of Cinema, and how he has been writing about it since his teenage years. Becoming a movie Critic that lead to him becoming an award winning actor, which award? Well, I let you discover that for yourself.  Phil also does a podcast where he interviews other people in film i.e. actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc. Check out every thing Phil is up to in the links below. Buy book:  PodCast:  Facebook:  Twitter:  IMBD:
March 12, 2019
Part 2 Interview With Kent Wayne Author of Echo Vol.1-4 #20
 Kent Wayne Author of the Echo Vol. 1-4 joins me on the podcast and my God was it cool. We talk everything from writing to human evolution, to drugs and alcohol and what it means to truly be alive. Dig in to part 2 of this incredible 2 part interview. Kent Wayne's Website:  Kent Wayne's Podcast:  Kent Wayne's Blog: Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha- 
March 05, 2019
I am not responsible for anyone but me Sunday
I hope your pissed off and ready for angry time... I will make you feel angry and sad and depressed and lonely and happy and full of joy and sprinkles and rainbow kisses.  It is my responsibility to make you feel anything and everything.  So, there ya go.
March 04, 2019
Part 1 Interview With Kent Wayne Author of Echo Vol.1-4 #19
Kent Wayne Author of the Echo Vol. 1-4 joins me on the podcast and my God was it cool.  We talk everything from writing to human evolution, to drugs and alcohol and what it means to truly be alive.  Dig in to part 1 of this incredible 2 part interview. Kent Wayne's Website:  Kent Wayne's Podcast:  Kent Wayne's Blog: Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha-
February 26, 2019
S.W Hoffman Author of The Cheese Monkey Chronicles-Interview #18
S.W is a man that wears many hats, so I decided to join him and wear as many hats as possible as we discuss his book The Cheese Monkey Chronicles. We had a lot of fun shooting this interview, completely unedited. haha Links to S.W Hoffman below. Buy Book Here:  Follow S.W on Twitter @SWHoffman1
February 24, 2019
 I am afraid to write this, afraid to talk about it openly because of fear of what people might think.  Nah, I'm just kidding.  I could care less about what people think of me.  I care more about potentially helping someone who may be suffering.    Because that is what this is all about.  My life, my mission, my "Why" is bigger than my concern of someone being upset that I wrote a how-to quit drinking blog, and broke anonymity.    So anyway, that is out of the way.  Now for the important stuff, how do you actually quit drinking when it seems to have you by the throat and won't let go?    I will not lie to you; it is not easy.  No, not easy at all, however it is simple.  The simple answer, may not be one that you want to hear or maybe more accurately put are not ready to hear.    If you want to quit drinking, and for good, YOU NEED TO GET HELP.  Help from someone besides your own thoughts and ideas — someone besides your drinking buddies.  Where to find the help that works, at least for me.    There are a lot of places, most notably AA.  Alcoholics Anonymous has been around since the late '30s and has grown exponentially since then because of how it is honestly helping men and women quit drinking and, oh yeah, live the most incredible lives.  Don't want to go to AA?  Ok, well I will say that it is free and there are meetings all day every day pretty much worldwide.  But, if it's not for you, I understand it isn't for everyone.  Although, I will say I thought it wasn't for me for years, as I looked down different paths while still destroying my life with alcohol.   Here is the deal, I can only tell you what has worked for me, and honestly the only thing that has worked is taking real personal action in my own life.  Taking responsibility for my past and my present, and learning how to live one day at a time with love, grace, and forgiveness.   Oh, I had to find something greater than myself as well.  Which was extremely difficult, I thought of myself as the God of my Universe for so many years.  The idea of believing in a God that was not me seemed ludicrous, but it has been incredible.  Every day is a blessing; it really is.   I am amazed that I allowed myself to go through so much suffering when there was such a simple and free solution at my fingertips. I honestly don't know what I was thinking.  Wait...yes, oh right, I remember what I was thinking.  I thought that I could manage the amount of alcohol I consumed.  I thought, getting drunk and acting insane every day was as good as life got.  I thought that I deserved to be miserable.  I thought that it was fun to sleep with every woman I meet whether I am in a committed relationship or not.     I thought I had all the answers, and that I ran the entire show.  I never thought that maybe I could be wrong.  Until, I got so absolutely beat down and demoralized by alcohol that it was, Death or surrender.    I have lived out of my car for a period of time, have lost a business, a home, a family, multiple friends, and relationships.  I lost my mind, and my health and all the while I thought I could still drink or more accurately I thought I didn't know how not to drink.  Well, the reality is I wasn't willing to stop being lazy and do some damn work.   The program of AA is not some get sober quick scheme, it is a lifestyle change, and it takes some serious action on my part every single day to stay sober.    The good news is the action that is required of me is magnificently simple to take.  It really is, I simply must be willing to take it.  I have to put aside my ego for a bit every day and do what is required of a good life.  Really, really simple.  Not easy,
February 22, 2019
Arien Skiba-Mother of Dragons- Interview #17
 Arien and I talk all about the Universe, Ghosts, Dragons, being a Vetinarian, an Author, Editor and A mother of Dragons. She is currently prepping her manuscript for a Literary Agent that asked for her whole book. Exciting times for her. Links to her Twitter and E-magazine below.  Twitter @TheDragonVet   Heroic Fantasy Quarterly E-Magazine 
February 21, 2019
Iris Van Ooyen YA Author of Poisoned Arrow Interview # 16
Iris and I go in to depth about all the amazing stuff she is up to. Writing her second Novel the Sequel to Poisoned Arrow. While she also works as an Intuitive mentor for the past 16 years. Take a journey With Iris and I to the Netherlands to experience a magical interview. Links to Iris's work and contact info below.  Iris's website:  Iris's Intuitive mentor:
February 19, 2019
Bed Time Story Neon Calico Chapter 2
Sherrie and I continue the Story of Cally in this fun Cyber Punk Sci-fi by J. Webb Garrett.  Free on amazon til Friday-
February 19, 2019
Bed Time Stories Dark Prison Chapter 1
Sherrie and I continue the Thrilling story of Keira in Dark Prison an Erotic Thriller by J.M Brister.  We will be giving away a free copy to a luck viewer.  Link to buy this book below.
February 19, 2019
#15 The Treasure Hunter Don Johnson Real life most interesting man alive.
Don Johnson, is one of the most interesting people I have ever talked to in my life. He has written 23 books in the last 8 months Chronicling all of his adventures and excursions All the amazing real life treasures he has discovered. Check out Don on Twiter
February 17, 2019
#14 Guy Worthy Author, Astrophysicist, and Jazz Bassist. Joins me to talk the Universe, his books,
Guy Worthy Author of Ace Carroway 1920's. Tells me the secrets of writing, the Universe and how to love life and become an awesome human. Guy is an Astrophysics professor at some University he cant remember. Links to him below. Paperback:  Kindle: Ebook:  Guy's Website
February 17, 2019
#13 S.C Jensen Author of "The Timekeepers' War: Book 1
S.C and I discuss, Why the hell Canada is so cold:  How she found a publisher and her book, process, success and why she writes.  S.C is also an avid blogger, links to her work below.    Book 1 here:  S.C Jensen Blog:
February 17, 2019
Interview #12 With Author of the terrifying Blood Drops, WB Welch
Just a couple of Hippies talking Horror, Jumping out of plane's, and meditation. Had such a good time talking to WB about Blood drops and her inspirations and writing process. Check out her work in the links below. WB Welch Links
February 17, 2019
# 11 Author of Neon Calico and The Morrighan's Song Series J.Webb Garrett joins the UniWeb Interview Show
Me and J.Webb Garrett, discuss the magic of writing and his 3 published books linked below. Talking with J. Webb touched my heart we discuss how writing has helped us overcome depression, and heartache, or feeling seperate. J.Webb Garrett's hope is to help make someones day brighter by writing. Check out his work at the links below.  Facebook:
February 17, 2019
# 10 Author Matthew Harffy Joins me on UniWeb Interview show We have Swords.
Matthew Harffy Author of The Bernicia Chronicles. We discuss his journey of Rejection of traditional publshers to Indie publishers to Being picked up by a tradionally published author and selling hundreds of thousands of books. Great advice about perciverence and how to keep writing, keep trying, keep going.  Thank you Matthew, Links to his work below. Twitter @MatthewHarffy
February 17, 2019
Interview #9 With International Man of Mystery, Diplomat, and Author, Ben East
Wonderful, fun, interview with Ben East Author of Patchwork and Two Pumps for the Body Man. Ben is a Diplomat living in Mumbai, India. Former Peace Core member. Currently working on a Middle Grade fiction novel. We discuss all this and more. Links To Ben's Work below. Website.  Twitter: @
February 17, 2019
UniWeb Interview #8 With Author Of Where Demons Dance Emma Briedis
Emma and I disscuss her soon to be released book "Where Demons Dance" along with all the other projects she is currently working on. We also discuss, history and find out that I don't know alot about it. Also we talk about Spirit animals. All around good time. Had a fantastic time interviewing Emma and I can't wait to read her book. Website:  Facebook: Twitter @EmmaBriedis
February 17, 2019
UniWeb Interview #7 With Award Winning Author Stephanie Collins
Incredible Interview with Award winning Best selling Author of With Angels Wings, Stephanie Collins. She has such an inspiring story, and her 12 year old daughter Ellie joined us to tell us about her Award winning books. Such a fun interview. Sorry about the connection hiccups there was nothing I could do to fix them unfortunately.  Links For Stephanie: Website YouTube Amazon: Blog: Ellie Collins Info: Amazon Website: YouTube:
February 17, 2019
UniWeb Interview #6 With Author & YouTuber John Bolton
John and I discuss his Middle Grade Childrens Book Time Unravellers that he is currently working on and all his interesting YouTube happenings Check him out at the Links Below and on Twitter @BoltonWriter Links to YouTube Blog:
February 17, 2019
Uni-Web Interview #5 W/ Author Matthew Brown @MatBrown012
Author, world builder and language creator Matthew Brown discusses The incredible fantasy world that he is creating in a 4 part epic called "Ancient Blood".  He is currently Querying agents and tells his journey through the process.  Check out what Matt Brown is writing on his blog.  He is currently writing a novel on line called Valkyrie:
February 17, 2019
Wonderful Interview #4 with Leigh Grissom Author of "KLS-9"
Leigh Grissom and I discuss her Debut Novel KLS-9 a book she started when she was 12.  I had such a good time talking to Leigh she is such an awesome inspirational women, that is living her dream.  Links to her book below.  Follow her on Twitter at @iamthecritic and Facebook KLS-9book1  Buy book here:
February 17, 2019
Author Interview 3 J.M Brister
Interview witht the Wonderful J.M Brister find her on Twitter  @JM_Brister.  We talk about her book Dark Prison and what she wants her legacy to be.  Join me won't You on this very first ever look inside the Author's Studio.  Link to her book below.
February 17, 2019
Author interview 2 Andrew McDonald
I interview Andrew McDonald about his first Novel, "Punishment and Good Deeds."  Available on multiple platforms.  Andrew was a ton of fun to talk to has been an avid reader since he was a child.  Lots of laughs and good times had here.  Check the links below to purchase his book and connect with Andrew follow him on twitter @Pb_Patch  Thanks for watching:  Links below Website: Youtube Channel: …
February 17, 2019
Author interview Episode 1 Sherrie and Matt
Sherrie and I discuss my new series of author interviews coming up by being really weird in the bathroom.  Hahaha
February 17, 2019
Bed Time Stories "KLS-9" By Leigh Grissom/free give away
Sherrie and I will be reading from Leigh Grissoms Novel KLS-9 a Sci-fi psychological thriller.  Tune in to hear how it begins.  Buy her book in the link below.  on Twitter @iamthecritic
February 16, 2019
Bed Time Stories Episode 4 Valkyrie Chapter 1&2
Reading from Author Matthew Browns Blog written book Valkyrie. If you enjoy the Story Matthew is currently writing Chapter 12 on the Blog. Go over and see what he is up to at the link below.
February 16, 2019
Depression: You are Loved and Not alone.
I discuss my battle with depression, alcoholism and how I am living my happiest life now and you can too.
February 15, 2019
Introduction How to become rich, like money rich.
This is just the beginning as I begin outlining how you can become rich starting right where You are. Enjoy.
February 14, 2019
Chapter 1 Punishment and Good Deeds
This fast-paced thriller will have you holding on to your seat for dear life as the story moves at a frantic pace and grabs hold tight. Available on Amazon.
February 14, 2019
Blood Drops : The Look
Sherrie and I do our best to do justice to the incredible story The Look by WB Welch in her book Blood drops available on Amazon. The story begins around the 5 min mark
February 13, 2019
Change Your Life: 4simple truths
My story dying in alcoholism and what I have learned on the other side of death. Writing books and living my dreams.
February 11, 2019
Success without fufillment=Ultimate Failure
I give you for rules to living a good life. It works for me, why wouldn't it work for you. Check it out.
February 10, 2019
Dead Heart an Origin story conclusion.
I finish reading Dead Heart. My book that I wrote. Listen to it and Love me 😢😢😢 hahaha
February 04, 2019
Matt&Sherrie Discuss what been happening
Sherrie talks about her boring life and Matt shares about his new Author Interview show.
February 02, 2019
Halloween ghost stories
We talk about horrifying ghosts
February 02, 2019
We found a dog
What steps to take when u find a dog
October 30, 2018