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The Pod(y) in the Library

The Pod(y) in the Library

By Matt Imrie
Welcome to the Pod(y) in the Library. A podcast about being a librarian, books and anything else to do with Libraries that crosses my mind.
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The Canary in the Coalmine
Libraries (public & school) are the canaries in the coal mine, whenever we hit a fascist strata they are the first places we see the impact; with books being removed & minority/dissenting voices silenced. Heed the warning signs before it is too late! Related links: A Texas lawmaker is targeting 850 books that he says could make students feel uneasy How to Fight Book Bans and Censorship: How to Support Libraries in times of Increased Censorship: Wyoming librarians under fire for books about sex, LGBTQ: ALA Top 10 Most Challenged Books Lists Banned: Books on race and sexuality are disappearing from Texas schools in record numbers ‘We’re Preparing For a Long Battle.’ Librarians Grapple With Conservatives’ Latest Efforts to Ban Books Save Niles Library What’s It Like to Be the Target of A Book Banning Effort? School Librarian Martha Hickson Tells Her Story. Furries Are Leading the War Against a Book-Banning Mississippi Mayor Schools are banning my book. But queer kids need queer stories. NCAC Coalition Statement on the Attack on Books in Schools The push to ban books in Texas schools spreads to public libraries How a Small School District Became a Focal Point in the Battle Over Texas Book Censorship
February 04, 2022
Not a Harry Potter Podcast
A somewhat rambling podcast about which Hogwarts Houses Librarians may find themselves in and also what makes a Librarian a Librarian and why I am a Librarian! It may be somewhat incoherent!
March 24, 2019
Solo: a School Librarian Story
The second Pod(y) in Library Podcast. Giving a brief insight into what School Librarians get up to at work.
July 04, 2018
The Pod(y) in the Library
Welcome to the Pod(y) in the Library! A podcast with me blathering on in my Library. This is a test 'cast as I am trying out the Anchor podcasting app so expect a few umms and some stream of consciousness rambling about books and my library. On the plus side it is only around 10 minutes long...
June 28, 2018