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The Pod(y) in the Library

The Pod(y) in the Library

By Matt Imrie
Welcome to the Pod(y) in the Library. A podcast about being a librarian, books and anything else to do with Libraries that crosses my mind.
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Not a Harry Potter Podcast
A somewhat rambling podcast about which Hogwarts Houses Librarians may find themselves in and also what makes a Librarian a Librarian and why I am a Librarian! It may be somewhat incoherent!
March 24, 2019
Solo: a School Librarian Story
The second Pod(y) in Library Podcast. Giving a brief insight into what School Librarians get up to at work.
July 4, 2018
The Pod(y) in the Library
Welcome to the Pod(y) in the Library! A podcast with me blathering on in my Library. This is a test 'cast as I am trying out the Anchor podcasting app so expect a few umms and some stream of consciousness rambling about books and my library. On the plus side it is only around 10 minutes long...
June 28, 2018