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Grinding True Crime

Grinding True Crime

By ToddFox & Matty Matt
Grinding true crime takes deep dives into cases known and some unknown. Hear the story teller and hosts describe the events to you the listener. And go through each case in detail.
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Two true crime stories of women who kill.
In this episode Gabby takes over narration as she tells us all of the true crime stories involving Susan Smith and her terrible crimes. Then we jump into the story of the giggling grandma Nannie Doss who killed with a grin for greed and other reasons. Listen to the dark episode if you will.  Like and subscribe at
January 4, 2021
The German Cannibal Joachim Kroll
Kroll was very particular about where he killed, only killing in the same place on a few occasions years apart. This, and the fact that there were a number of other killers operating in the area at the time, helped him to evade capture. Kroll would surprise his victims and strangle them quickly. Afterward he would strip the body and have intercourse with it, often masturbating over it again. He would then mutilate and cut off pieces to be eaten later. Upon returning home, he would have intercourse again with a rubber sex doll he had for this purpose. Hear this and much more.... also like and subscribe at
January 1, 2021
Mack Ray Edwards
Mack Ray Edwards was not your typical serial killer in many ways. Never suspected or never more looked at as one. Cause he was too many just an average Joe nothing special. Never stood out. But his reign of terror lasted over a decade and his true body count is still not known til this day. Give a listen will you? Like us at
December 22, 2020
Bryon David Smith (includes the murder audio)
Actual audio of the murders. In this case we dive into the way Mr. Smith tried to use the Castle doctrine defense. We describe what happened that fateful night were two teenagers decided to enter a 60 year old man who wasnt in the mood to get robbed again having been robbed 5 other occasions. Follow as we discuss the story and details of the case. like and subscribe
December 16, 2020
Skid row Slasher Vaughn Greenwood
In the late 60s and 70s Vaugh Greenwood was a drifter from the east coast who migrated west. Listen as we tell the story of his terror inflicted on the poor and innocent on LA's skidrow.  There is a reason why he is not a well known serial killer as we will find out. His way of life and his ethnicity also played a part along with the time period. Taboo things involved. Interesting true story indeed. like and subscribe at
December 5, 2020
Jeffery Dahmer the cannibal part 4 (bonus episode) Wonder what happened to Dahmer after the arrest?
Listen as we talk about life after the arrest for Jeffery and what happened to him. And the fallout. Plus check this story out and more on Our Grinding true crimes page.
November 17, 2020
Jeffery Dahmer the cannibal part 3
The stunning conclusion to one of the most diabolical serial killers in our history. Listen to the gruesome details of his final murders and how he was caught. https:/
November 8, 2020
Jeffery Dahmer the cannibal part 2
In  this episode we find out how hungry his thirst for human flesh and desires to kill and have sex with corpses.  Join Gabbay gabb as she discusses the monsters crimes. like and subscribe
October 27, 2020
Jeffery Dahmer the cannibal part 1
In this episode Gabby tells the savage story of one of Americas scariest serial killers. We dive into what makes him tick and to his first crimes. Like and subscribe and please give us a 5 star rating it really helps.                        QPVv68puPp29LS9twvS7   eTH7e9WBrPDgwACuFoaT
October 19, 2020
Gerald and Charlene Gallego ( serial killer couple )
In this true crime story we will examine and discuss the twisted tale of two natural born killers who were under the radar. And arent considered to be the most prolific killers Californias history but were operating at the sametime as other famous killers such as Ted Bundy and the GSK. The ending is shocking to find out the true scope of their destruction. like and subscribe.
October 9, 2020
Gordon Stewart Northcott ( the Wineville chicken coop murders
What makes a city completely so sick that it has to change its name to avoid being associated with the heinous crimes committed by a monster. Well in this story listen as we describe what happened almost a 100 years ago in California which inspired a movie by Clint Eastwood starring Angelina Jolie called Changeling. The movie fabricated some parts and details but in this podcast we get the true details from sources related to the victim Samford whos son wrote his book "road out of hell!" Like and subscribe at https;//
October 6, 2020
Girl in the box part 3
The girl in the box with more twists and turns as the final part of the story is told.
September 29, 2020
The girl in the box part 2
In this episode we dive into the investigation which turns cold over time due to lack of evidence. Join us as we continue to explore this crazy case with all its twists and turns.
September 22, 2020
The girl in a box part 1!
This story is told by our other host Matty Matt. We travel across the pond to Germany to tell a twisted and complicated story of the girl in the box! like and subscribe Email us @
September 5, 2020
Bison Dele "blood is NOT thicker than water"
From a humble young man to NBA star and champion.  Brian Williams changed his name to Bison Dele and at the age of 30 seemed to have his life pointed in the right direction. But an unexpected visitor on his voyage an attempt on traveling around the world would cause enormous pain to his family and others. email us at
August 28, 2020
Final bonus episode of the golden state killer series
In this episode we hear from the killer himself as he addresses the families in a pathetic apology. Then we hear from Paul Holes the chief investigator that helped catch the golden state killer with reverse genealogy.   Then we will hear from his former chief of police from Auburn California who was responsible for firing him in 1979 and his own personal story with the golden state killer after he fired him.
August 24, 2020
The Gaffney serial killer
In 1967, listen as we tell the story of what happened in a small town that was divided by racial tension and hate. But add murder and fear to the town. And there was a surprising twist. Hear the chilling details of what transpired and the bad police work in between. Check us out on facebook, email us at
August 21, 2020
Victim impact statements from the Murders from part 5 & 6 of the Golden state killer series
On this episode of grinding true crime we hear the actual audio from the famlies of the Brian and Katie Maggiore who were gunned down as they were walking their dog in 1979. Also we hear from the family of Robert Offerman and Debra Manning plus the Daughter of Debbie Dimingo talks about her moms murder and of her moms boyfriend who was also murdered Gregory Sanchez. Chilling testimony as they confront the evil Joseph James D'Angelo. Like and subscribe
August 21, 2020
Bonus episode follow up to the golden state killer part2 ( victim impact statements)
In this bonus episode you hear the actual audio to the daughter of murder victim Claude Snelling as she describes that night and the pain and suffering since that tragic event. Then you hear the daughter of officer Bill Mcgowan and her statements also about the personal hurt and anxiety caused by the guilty party Joseph James D'angelo. like and subscribe
August 20, 2020
Golden state killer part 6 The original night stalker finale
In this episode we discuss his reign of terror from late 1979 to 1986.  These were some brutal attacks and murders as he truly goes sadistic. We will also discuss our theories and bring in the major players in law enforcement who brought down the once known EARONS who became named the Golden state killer. You dont wanna miss the finale. Like and subscribe at htttps:// Email us at
August 11, 2020
The golden state killer part 5 East area rapist ( redo )
In this episode due to the pandemic we weren't able to rerecord the episode with Matty Matt and Gabby Gab so Toddfox flies solo to explain the final days of the east area rapist. The audio sorry was bad in the prior episode. Hope you enjoy and part six we will resume the trio in the conversation. We will cover more murder and rape and police blunders. like and subscribe @ send us suggestions and comments at....
August 10, 2020
The golden state killer part 4 ( east area rapist)
In this episode we pick up in the middle of the east area rapists rain of terror that now climbs into the city of Sacramento and the surrounding cities of northern California. Listen as he amps up his assault striking fear and violence into his victims and as he now taunts the police and now starts to terrorize couples instead of single moms and young girls. like and subscribe at
July 27, 2020
Golden state killer part 3 The east area rapist
In this episode  of  part 3 of the golden state killer saga he reaches new lows and continues to terrorize the northern California cities  as he morphs into the east area rapist. Listen as to the ways he stalks his prey and doesnt hold back from unleashing evil upon woman that hadn't been seen by law enforcement prior. like and subscribe
July 27, 2020
The Golden state killer part 2 the Visalia Ransacker
Join us for episode two as before he became the Golden state killer he was progressing to the Visalia Ransacker in which he would commit his first murder and amp up his terror on another unsuspecting community in northern California. Lissten as we tell more twisted true storys on how Joseph James D"Angelo was working his way up to becoming one of the worst serial predators and killers of all time. like ans subscribe at
July 20, 2020
The Golden State Killer episode 1, The early days Rancho Cordova Joseph James D"Angelo
In this episode we start telling the story of one of the most prolific serial killer and rapist in united states history. The early days in his childhood throughout his time in navy and in college. Then we tell the story of adult hood and into his very first crimes. This will give you a persepective on how twisted a human being can be and the progression of terror he inflicted on this one paticular community as he was just getting started on his reign of terror throughout the state of California. like and subscribe at
July 20, 2020
The baby killer
On this episode we are still doing the zoom so the audio is a 100% but the story is. Listen to Gabby as she describes and tells the story of a twisted woman that murdered for greed and for pleasure as she left a trail of corpses in the mid to late 1800s. A twisted tale indeed.
July 17, 2020
The Yuba county 5
Five men disappear in the mountains and their tragic story is told leaving more questions than answers. What are your thoughts and theories cause this one is a mindblower. like and subscribe
June 26, 2020
Boyz in the hood star who took his role in the movie seriously
The upbringing of a rich young man who took his role as a gangsta in a film to real life. Check out Matty Matt as he tells a story with many twists and turns as the life of Loyd mimics his movie role. like and subscribe
June 19, 2020
Randy Woodfield part 2 of the i-5 killer
Part 2 of the Randy Woodfield saga as he continued to terrorizes the west coast join us as we tell the story and discuss the outcomes. We break down his early life as a athlete for the Green Bay packer and his escalations to the serial killer and his countless detestable acts against others and how he murdered raped and pillaged up and down the coast of California to Oregon and Washington along the I-5 freeway. like and subscribe
June 9, 2020
The I-5 killer Randy Woodfield
We break down his early life as a athlete for the Green Bay packer and his escalations to the serial killer and his countless detestable acts against others and how he murdered raped and pillaged up and down the coast of California to Oregon and Washington along the I-5 freeway. like and subscribe
June 9, 2020
Pizza and murder
On this episode of Grinding true crime we get into the story of Mitchell Sims who developed a hatred for Dominos pizza that caused him to go on a rampage against the employees. Join us as we have a guest host as well. Like and subscribe
June 7, 2020
Wrongfully accused
Corruption in the LAPD did not stop after the Rodney king trial and riots. Just two years later crooked detectives just trying to solve a case falsified evidence to convict two innocent men in a murder they did not commit. Listen to their incredible story. Like and subscribe and tell a friend instagram grindingtruecrimes
May 28, 2020
Charles Whitman and the clock tower
The attack on the clock tower at the university of Texas.  Charles Whitman went on a rampage against his family and who ever was literally in sight. He was an ex sharpshooter in the marines killed 14 and wounded 31 more. instagram grindingtruecrimes
May 28, 2020
The story of Rae Curruth
Rae Curruth was an american football player who took life for granted and took a life in general with the help from an evil accomplice. And the tragic story from the fallout. instagram grindingtruecrimes      like and subscribe.
May 28, 2020
The candyman
A mass murderer who had help with manipulated teens that helped him abduct, torture , and murder. Over a 3 year span his crimes went undetected and many paid the price. The one they called the candyman hid behind the persona of a nice young man giving candy to kids.
April 24, 2020
The railroad killer
In the 1980s and early 90s The FBI and other agencies were searching for a serial killer who didnt follow a pattern much and road the rails wherever he felt and wherever he stopped along the way he left a trail of blood and carnage. Join us as we follow the story of Angel Resendiz.
April 24, 2020
A deadly nightmare in northern California involving neighbors.
In 2017 the shooting rampage of Kevin Neal. Follow us as we dive into the story of neighbors that soured over each other and the results were tragic.
April 17, 2020
Two cases that will make you mad. Ed Gein and Carlos Deluna
On this weeks episodes we dive into the two cases, one that shocked and disgusted a Wisconsin small town. The famous Ed Gein who inspired two famous horror movies from his exploits. Second case of wrong place wrong time, and the injustice carried out on a innocent man.
April 9, 2020
A 46 year old mystery of a tragic case finally solved. "The Ghosts of El Segundo"
This case took 46 years and over a 100 detectives and FBI to take down a man who committed disturbing crimes years ago. Join us as we took a look at one of Los Angeles famous unsloved at the time cases. Like and subscribe please
April 2, 2020
The Murder of 17 year old Chris Marquis
In 1998, young Chris Marquis was running a small business out of his moms house when someone had it in for him for shady dealings that brought him tragic results.
March 30, 2020
Meth , stalking, serial killing, rampage, and lust. The Case called " Blood Trail".
In 2008 one man terrorized the state of Missouri and a small town of Festus in a span of 4 days. He had the FBI , Major crimes unit a long with local police on edge and high alert as his meth filled rampage unfolded.
March 30, 2020
The Stayner brothers, Good vs evil!
In this true crime episode this story takes so many twists and turns and you feel for one brother than hate the other. There are so many  layers to this story its unbelievable. Listen in as we spin the story of the Stayner family and the heartbreaking story of their family and those who were all affected and the nation being captivated by all the twists and turns.
March 19, 2020
A killer calls
On this episode we dive into a case of a serial killer that did not get too much press because of proximity and the victims he killed. But this case is crazy because of his MO and his reasoning behind it. Let us know how we are doing plus were we can improve. spotify at grinding true crime
March 12, 2020
Babes of Ingelwood , Jill Cahill
Two cases with tragic twists that will break your heart. One case from way back and one from not too long ago. Join us as we tell you the story which will have you feeling all kinds of mad.
March 9, 2020
Lester street murders. 6 dead in Memphis
In the city of Memphis, Lester street and the mid south came aware of an atrocity that took place were 4 adults and two children were murdered in horrific fashion. A stunned nation wondered who could do such a thing. Join us as we describe and tell the story to Matt and Rene and you as we go through the entire case to the arrest and trial.
March 9, 2020
Richard Ramirez the night stalker
Episode one gets going as we dive into one of the most ruthless and destructive serial killers Los Angeles has ever seen. He also terrorized the golden state by committing some of the worst crimes imaginable all in the name of Satan. We describe his acts and actions as Matty and Rene listen to this case for the first time. We arent professionals but we try. Hopefully you enjoy.
March 9, 2020
An introduction into our show
Listen in to see if you like simple as that. A True Crime podcast.
March 9, 2020