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The Interchange by Maximyz

The Interchange by Maximyz

By Mathew and Rahel Heinecke
Maximyz has a mission to bring people and teams closer together through better communication skills. The Interchange is a series of talks and interviews about personal and professional experiences that relate to improving communication and creating a better understanding of each other. Our hope is that these insights will inspire and help others to build a better world full of compassion and kindness.

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The Interchange: Katie Ervin

The Interchange by Maximyz

The Interchange: Michael Lawrence
Our guest for this chat is Michael Lawrence.  He's a learning and operational development professional at CreativAnswer (    He considers himself a walking Seinfeld episode. And he aspires to help people learn their value at work and in their personal lives, become a thought leader in the learning space and get a speeding ticket at age 100.    Michael's various achievements are being a father, creating his own space in the corporate world and learning and development, and being the first in his family to go to college from high school and graduate  In this episode we talk about training and development and having fun at work.   If you are a learning and development professional and are interested in being interviewed for our show, you can sign up at   Learn more about us at
June 2, 2021
The Interchange: Kelly Dowd
In this episode we speak with Kelly Dowd about role playing, and sales as it pertains to learning and development.   Kelly is a learning and development consultant from onespan. And she describes herself as being curiouser and curiouser. Her ideal future is less about achieving certain milestones, than it is about finding new ways to spark creativity, and use her imagination.    She strives to be a lifelong learner, amused to others, and never be bored or settle.    Her top three achievements are surviving and thriving after open heart surgery at a young age, having the guts to pursue acting fearlessly, and the judgment to quit when it no longer brought her joy. And being the only woman in a male improv troupe.   If you are a learning and development professional and want to be interviewed for The Interchange, please visit to sign up.   Learn more about us at
June 2, 2021
The Interchange: Dani Espinoza-Gonzalez
Today, our guest is Dani Espinoza-Gonzalez.   He is previously a VP of operations. And he describes himself as a passionate individual who enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing rugby, and continuously learning.    His goals are to invest in and support the development of the self teams and committees and committees to create a more equitable world for all. His top achievement is meeting and building a strong relationship with his lifelong partner.   In this interview, Dani and I talk about rugby, meditation and how they relate to learning and emotional intelligence.    If you are a learning and development professional and want to be interviewed for the Interchange, please visit to sign up.   Learn more about us at
May 27, 2021
The Interchange: Katie Ervin
In this episode we speak with Katie Ervin, Associate VP of Strategic Alliances at Park University.   Katie is passionate about life long learning and working with organizations to invest in their people's personal/professional development!   She aspires to help organizations understand the importance of investing in their people's happiness at work. She works with organizations to find efficiencies and save them significant money by developing processes.   Katie shared her valuable insight into the learning and development industry as it contrasts in the corporate vs. educational realms. Katie also shares her passion for positivity and nurturing the younger generations with life skills.
May 18, 2021