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By Maxine Attong
Welcome to Leadership Unlearned.
We we invite you the listener to suspend all that you believe and know about leadership.
We will examine and discuss leadership as it occurs in three levels of system
1) on an individual level –the self,
2) as it relates to teams that you lead and
3)As it relates to leading within a larger system for example within an organisation.
We challenge you to take this unlearning journey with us as we reframe leadership for our reality and to serve our vision as Caribbean people.
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Nanci E. Luna Jiménez shares why she Leads with Equity


Julie Hansen speaks Influence in a Virtual World
Julie Hansen is an actor who has leveraged her actings skills and time on camera to create a whole new career. Her niche is helping leaders get comfortable in the virtual world without losing their influence. In this podcast episode Julies shares tips on carer change, influence and so much more 
August 14, 2022
Janice Sutherland speaks - Black, female over 50 - the trifecta
Janice Sutherland share ow she n=moved from being a CEO to being the "woman whisperer" She works with women over 40 who are asking What's next?"  Janice shares her four step formula and some tips to get you through it.
July 31, 2022
Mary Patry talks Leadership
Mary Patry was the little woman in IT, who now helps women leaders in IT. She shares her story of being the only one to supporting others.  She shares about the power of community, understanding her white privilege and the whole lot of courage it took for her to succeed.
July 25, 2022
Shahad Ali talks Leadership
Shahad Ali is the PRO for the Unicomer brand in Trinidad and Tobago. In this episode he shares about the Unicomer brand's with special attention to eyeware. He also shares about surviving the pandemic, time management and what he learned about leadership. :
July 16, 2022
Kevin Anthony Joseph speaks magic
Kevin Anthony Johnson is a leadership Coach.  IN this episode he shares how he has observed uncertainty affecting leaders. He also speaks about inclusivity magic and power  IF you ahve any questions or comments please share with us at
July 02, 2022
Love is the heart of Leadership - Jonno Hanafin
The night before our 5th Global Gestalt Leadership Conference our keynote speaker - Jonno Hanafin - popped into studio to discuss this idea. He shares that  1/ After the pandemic, workers are choosing themselves 2 It's not a problem to show up being different  3. Love exists in organisations, we don't call it that  and much more 
June 26, 2022
Liz Kislik talks Leadership
Liz Kislik explains the difference between management consulting and leadership coaching.   She explains the similarity and the differences  between the two disciplines . And then, things take a turn...
June 18, 2022
Dr Elena Paweta on Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Dr Elena Paweta is a teacher who does.  She is a University lecturer, and a not for profit leader. In this episode she shares that there is little difference between leaders and entrepreneurs and some wonderful tips to keep you going. She also shares how calm and optimism are a leader's best tools 
June 11, 2022
Who is Dr Elena Paweta
Our podcast resumes Saturday June 11 with out first guest Dr. Elena Paweta.  She discusses Leadership and Entrepreneurship 
June 08, 2022
Leading With Love - the origin story
The 5th Global Gestalt Leadership Conference is on April 28th 2022.  This online conference is themed Leading with Love. In this episode Surren Maharaj shares some of the benefits of attending the conference. I also share the thoughts that led to the selection of the theme - Leading With Love. Join me and Jonno Hannifin, Barbara Perkins, Janice Sutherland and Surren Maharaj as we explore this topic 
March 31, 2022
Janice Sutherland - How leaders can love
In this episode Janice Sutherland, the host of the 5th Global gestalt Leadership Conference on April 28th 2022, shares her ideas on the conference topic 0- Leading with Love. Some of the themes that she shares are: We are calling out Love  The evolution of Leadership over the pandemic leads to three aspects of love  Employees Loving their leader Loving the act of Leadership  Loving yourself as a Leader Self Love  She asks the most important question - Do leaders still want to lead ( in this new environment)?  
February 13, 2022
Bryan Clayton CEO and Cofounder of GreenPal shares his journey from entrepreneur to leader
Bryan Clayton CEO and Cofounder of Green Pal shares his leadership journey. He explains The difference between a decent leader and a decent manager Working in the the business vs working on the business That was the business matures we need to mature or hire talent. What did you have to let go of on your leadership Journey?
February 04, 2022
Global Gestalt Leadership conference - Leading with Love
In this episode we share about the upcoming Global Gestalt Leadership Conference - Leading with Love. This online Conference will be held on April 28 2022. as we lead up to conference we will be offering free conference passes to our listeners on social media and on the live call in programs. Follow us on for more information and an opportunity to win free conference passes.
January 30, 2022
Setting intentions for 2022
Welcome back to our new season of Leadership Unlearned We are setting intentions for 2022 and beyond. Goals are fine. they limit us to what we already know.  Intentions allow us to explore even what we dont know and so they open us up to the magic of the universe. Listen in set an intention and tell me what is you intention for 2022 - for your family, Foy your community, for your country or for this world? My intention is to fuel your leadership spark so that together we can bring real change to the systems that we live play and work within 
January 21, 2022
Richard Downie Shares HIs Acts of Kindness
In this episode I chat with Richard Downie, Managing Director of RBC, Royal Bank, shares his #actsofkindness He shares how his he and his DiegoSec Crew, come together all throughout the year to donate and assist others. Whats your act of kindness?  
December 03, 2021
Acts of Kindness
We pattered with RBC - Royal Bank to celebrate their Caribbean Acts of Kindness Initiative. During the pandemic we took care of each other, as we donated to food banks, helped persons who lost their jobs and had compassion for the sick. This is nothing new for some of its as we often look to give a helping hand within our families our communities  our churches and our workplaces. RBC and its employees are celebrating all Acts of Kindness throughout the Caribbean from Nov 8 until December 17.  We are partnering with them and want to hear from you.  What are your acts of kindness?
November 22, 2021
Launch of The Global Gestalt Leadership Conference - Leading with #Love
On April 28th 2022, we will host the fifth edition of the fgolabl Gestalt Leadership conference.  the theme for the 2022 conference is :Leading with love. In this podcast I explain why Leading with Love is the appropriate title for the 2022 online conference. ( I also explain why its global)
November 05, 2021
Self Leadership and Cancer
In this episode Tracy Hutchinson Wallace - Communications Specialist and Disabilities advocate - shares her journey with cancer.. October is Cancer Awareness Month and Tracy shares how her cancer journey is all; about self Leadership and leading others so that they can assist her.  .
October 23, 2021
Dr Jaja speaks Customer Service
Dr Nsombi Jaja joins me to talk about #customerservice. She shares that customer service is not about just about training. It needs to start at the very top.  Leaders need to be walk the talk. Dr Jaja shares all about ladders and how we can hold the ladder for each other whether at work or in our families or in our communities. Let me know your thoughts  
September 30, 2021
Do you work with Onika?
In her now infamous tweet we learned that Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend suffered with swollen testicles  after being vaccinated. T At the end of the week,Trevor Noah was claimed  an honorary Trini as he did much needed damage control.  Trevor showcased morning host Jason Williams' excellent parody of the situation and invited Jason  on the Daily Show to read a Cialis ad.  Hilarious. Later in the week Trevor hosted the Minister of Health to refute these claims and together they did a wonderful tourism ad. The week ended on a sinister note as Nicki Minaj took potshots at a local reporter and placed her contact info on blast. After all the hullabaloo I am asking Does Nicki work with you? Is there anyone at your workplace who behaves this way? What are you doing about it?
September 29, 2021
Enabling at work?
The R. Kelly trial is now on.  I'm not surprised at his behavior or what he did. It has been his pattern for many years.   What amazes me in the number of people who are complicit In his behavior.  He had a tribe of enablers who supported and protected his toxic behavior.   In this episode I share  What enabling means 5 questions to ask yourself to check if you are an enabler What enablement looks like in an organization Some remedies to limit toxic behavior. If you have any questions or comments then send me a note. 
September 16, 2021
Being an independent Leader
This episode is in commemoration of the 59th year that Trinidad and Tobago is Independent of British rule. In this episode I encourage leaders to be independent. 1. Don't compare your leadership with others 2. Make your own decisions I also define independence and offer 5 signs that leaders can use to check how independent they are. 
September 09, 2021
Courtney A. McNish - Can employers mandate vaccinations?
As our economies reopen the discussion continues - Can employers request staff to be vaccinated? In this episode Courtney A McNish joins me to give his opinion and perspective on this question. Courtney shares 1. We live in a vaccinated society 2. The difference between expressed and implied terns of conditions of employment contracts 3. The difference between a workplace instruction and the terms and conditions of employment contracts. Listen and share you thoughts.
August 27, 2021
To vax or not to Vax
To vax or not to max has become a real question. There are strong arguments on both sides for and against the Covid -19 vaccines. In this episode I reframe cover -19 as a paradigm shift and make some predictions for business. I also share that I love the language and some of the reasons that are bing put forward for the and against the vaccine  Tell me what you think?
August 21, 2021
Leaders - Emancipate Yourself
The Emancipation Act was passed and came into effect on 1 August 1834  in the English Parliament. On that day, thousands of enslaved Africans in the British West Indies became free men and women. One hundred and fifty one years later, on 1 August 1985 the government of Trinidad and Tobago declared Emancipation Day a national holiday to commemorate the abolition of slavery. What does emancipation have to do with Leadership?  We need to ask ourselves - What do I need to emancipate myself from to be more effective as a leader? I offer some suggestion in this podcast  . What other habits can leaders free themselves from to be more effective?
August 05, 2021
Ashish Uttamchandani - Leading while Young
Ashish Uttamchandani shares some tips for young adults who want to step into leadership. He shares that 1. Technical skills are important and people skills make the difference 2. The things that bring you success today may not bring you success tomorrow 3. The value of patience and may other tips. Have a listen and send me some feedback 
July 22, 2021
5 tips for returning to work
There have been signals that we will return to work.  Some of us want to return to the workplace, others welcome a hybrid model while others are happy to remain working from home. Whatever the model you choose to adopt I am sharing five tips and one bonus feature for leaders about what we can do going forward. The consideration if for leaders to have  Compassion Trust Flexibility. What else do you think leaders need to have at this time? Let me know what you think 
July 17, 2021
Lou Lyons - An Examined Life
In this episode we chat with Lou Lyons.  Lou is the founder of Full Disclosure Radio - a project that offers to demystify information and provide equal access to the truth for all. Lou shares how the examination of his life moved him to accept his purpose and how that decision guides this project. Most people know Lou as a founding partner of the band - Freetown Collective. Lou shares what's it like to have a project on his own,  to step away from the comfort of an effortless partnership and how the partnership supports his individuality while holding his accountability. Share your thoughts and your journey with us
July 09, 2021
Don Schmincke Shares about Leadership
Don Schmincke is the founder of Saga Leadership and a best selling author. In this episode Don shares with us how the ancient ways of the Samurai provide lessons for modern leaders.   Leaders don't need any more tools.  Leaders need to create a belief system that takes the organsaition away from the selfish fear that skews decision making. Don also shares that failure holds lessons for those who dare to learn from them  Send me your comments and questions 
July 01, 2021
Covid and Dementia - Whats new
The Alzeimher's Association of Trinidad and Tobago celebrates its 21st years of providing services to its members.  Its membership is comprised of  caregivers as well as some of the patients who are in early stages of the diseases. It takes compassion and empathy to lead organizations such as these. Michele Clavery President and June Holdip. Vice President. share about the discuss and the new research which offers some relief with a load of a caveats.
June 24, 2021
Dealing with Fatigue
ts been 15+ months that we have been in #lockdown and semi-lockdown conditions.  I am #tired, I realise that I am dealing with #acutefatigue and I maybe dealing with #chronicfatigue. Chronic fatigue means that one is dealing with fatigue symptons for at least 6 months. Before the #pandemic 45% of adults said that they temporarily had acute fatigue and 11% chronic fatigue. I am certain now that the percentages are much higher. In this episode I share the signs of fatigue and some tips that you can use to deal with it.
June 10, 2021
Dealing with Loneliness
During the pandemic we are at home, we quarantine and we self isolate.  This language goes against our very nature as humans, it does not allow us to socially connect in the way that we used to. With the isolation we need to be aware that we may be slipping into #perceived isolation which is a state of mind, which is loneliness. In this episode I ask you to spare a thought for teenagers and younger children who are not having the opportunity to socialize in ways necessary for their state of development. I also share some tips on how to stave off loneliness for those of us who may be in this state of mind. Let me know your thoughts 
June 04, 2021
Lorraine Currelly shares about Grief
We have all lost during the ongoing pandemic. In this episode, we chat with Lorraine Currelly- a grief and bereavement specialist and a Poet Laureate. Lorraine gives a simple and relatable definition of grief and shares how she uses creativity to deal with grief.  She explains that you can too!
May 27, 2021
Patricia A Patton speaks cannabis
Patricia A  Patton is an emerging boomer and the Founder of the Cannabis Business Alliance. In this episode, Patricia shares how her curiosity led her to explore the  cannabis industry. She learned that cannabis is a companion for aging and a healthy life style and that the cannabis industry is a great place for boomers to bring their experiences and transfer skills.  She predicts that this  emerging industry will bring about social change. Once again Patricia is building her own table and inviting others in as she engages others with her sense of community and  her style of collaborative leadership.
May 20, 2021
Moving to Acceptance
What are you resisting? The more we move away from the problem the more we stay further from the solution We are still dealing with the effects and the impacts of the COvid 19 pandemic.  Some of us feel less anxious than we did in 2020 while some of us are still struggling with high levels of stress and anxiety. Some of us are in denial. We are pretending that the disease does not exist and that life is as it was before the pandemic. What will it be like if you moved into acceptance? What if we could accept that whether we believe or not whether we agree or disagree that we move into acceptance of what it is. I share three tips to help you move into #acceptance   
May 13, 2021
Dr Rama Naidu on Leading with Equity
Dr Rama Naidu is the keynote speaker for the Gestalt Caribbean Leadership Conference on April 29th 2021. This year's theme is Leading with Equity.  Dr Naidu is perfect for this topic. He grew up in South Africa under the apartheid regime and understands the pervasive nature of inequities and how they can easily be institutionalized. He is committed to work with community and in organization to create more equity for all.   Join us on April 29th. Register at 
April 22, 2021
Nanci E. Luna Jiménez shares why she Leads with Equity
Nanci E. Luna Jiménez is a panelist at the Caribbean Gestalt Leadership Conference - Leading with Equity on April 29 2021.    In this podcast Nanci shares about the work that she does and why she said yes to the Conference 
April 15, 2021
HOTT 93 Interviews Maxine Attong about Leading with Equity
Amanda Elliot and Warren Perreira of HOTT 93 chat with me about the Annual Gestalt Caribbean Leadership Conference. She calls me Ms Trinidad in this clip.  We laughed and spoke about the need for Equity. Enjoy!
April 12, 2021
Jamie Philbert shares the Power of Kalinda
Jamie Philbert is a dancer, an activist and a Kalinda woman. In this episode she shares how this ancient traditional cultural martial art can be used to remind women of their power,  and help people change their lives. 
April 09, 2021
Leading with Equity on TAJ Radio
In this episode I share an interview on TAJ radio with host Kristie Marie Kanhai. We spoke about the Gestalt Caribbean Leadership Conference - Leading with Equity. Conference proceeds are to extend our Youth Leadership Development initiatives. 
April 04, 2021
Interview with Eric Dye
In this episode Eric Dye interviews me - Maxine Attong I am sharing the why's of what I do as well as about our upcoming Gestalt Leadership Conference on April 29th 2021. Its all about Leading with Equity. What we are bringing to the table and what we are doing at the Conference. Register at
March 28, 2021
Carmel Haynes of Barbados International Business Association shares her brand of leadership
Carmel Haynes is the Executive Director of Barbados International Business Association ( BIBA), In this episode she shares a bit of BIBA, which is a NGO that promotes international business.  Carmel also shares her brand of Leadership and some tips for female leaders who want to get into the game. Send a comment or a question about the interview  
March 11, 2021
NINA Program - Enabling Young Women
In this episode we cant with Akosua Dardaine Edwards about the NINA Program for your Women. Nina is a Leadership Program for Young Women that focuses on creating an entrepreneurial mindset and culture for young women in the Caribbean. It also teaches young women how to adapt and lead themselves as they deal with he challenges of every day life. #leadership #YA #youthleadership #leadershipdevelopment 
March 11, 2021
Melissa Senhouse Shares Tips for Leaders
Melissa Senhouse is the CEO of Pat and Max Limited and the President of the Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce. She shares how the Chamber is taking leadership in ensuring the safety of the traveling public in the Tunapuna area by collaborating with the police and the service providers. She also shares some tips for females who want to make a mark in leadership.
March 01, 2021
Are Women missing in your organization?
In Trinidad and Tobago we have a problem. Our young women go missing. Unfortunately some turn up dead. Whatever is happening in the larger system is happening in the smaller system.  I have to ask  How do women go missing in our organizations?   How are women dying in our workplaces? In this episode I examine how our young women may be missing and slowly dying in our workplaces.  I also discuss how we can prevent or limit this phenomena Let me know what you think.
February 18, 2021
Annual Gestalt Caribbean Leadership Conference - Teri Leigh Bovell
In this episode I introduce the host and moderator of the 4th Annual Gestalt Caribbean Leadership Conference - Teri Leigh Bovell Bovell is a regional personality who combines her love for the arts with her entrepreneurial spirit. She asks me about the what's and the why's of the April 29 2021 Leadership Conference - Leading with Equity.You can register for the conference at
February 04, 2021
Decision making with the Duke
So many of us have watched at swooned over the Duke of Hastings form the show Bridgerton. ( Bridgerton is the name of a Netflix fictional drama set in  early 19th century England)  While I myself admired the Duke's dashing good looks I paused at his decision making abilities. In this episode I examine 2 leadership lessons from the Duke  1. His Presence 2, HIs decision king abilities. What other leadership lessons did you receive while watching the Duke of Hastings
January 25, 2021
When Leaders Go Unchecked
We all witnessed the storming of the US Capitol.  I've seen this scenario play out albeit on smaller scales in organizations that I have worked within and consulted with. There is often the one rogue-leader who says what she wants behaves in a manner that raised eyebrows while other leaders stand by and watch. Some questions to consider  How is this leader hurting your orgnaistaion? Does this leader represent your organisation's  core values Why is the behavior of the role leader being tolerated? #leadership #leadershipthoughts #thoughtleaders #podcastforleaders #leadershipunlearned 
January 14, 2021
Lessons from a MAGA Loss
Whenever something is the wider #system attracts a lot of attention I ask myself what lessons does it hold for the smaller system, In this episode I look at the lessons from the US elections specifically the reactions of the incumbent President for our organisations.
December 05, 2020
Nirmala Maharaj chats Leadership with Maxine Attong
Nirmala Maharaj is the Chief Social Justice Champion at the Social Progress Institute,  In this episode she explains how leadership principles are used to serve NGOs and Faith based orgnaisatins. She shares how as the leader of her local mandir she ensures that devotees are served and have a voice. #leadership #leadershipunlearned #devotees #faithbased #faithleaders  
November 28, 2020
Whatever is happening in the larger system is reflected in the smaller system. The issues that play out on the public domain is a call for us to examine what is happening in our organizations. As a leader when you see any dysfunction in the wider system, its a great idea to scour your organsaiton to see if these abnormalities are present. Think of it this way.  It wouldn't show up in the larger system unless it pre existed in the smaller systems.
November 19, 2020
Nigel Romano chats Leadership with Maxine
I always enjoy chatting with Nigel Romano.   I have enjoyed our many conversations and I  also enjoyed this one. Nigel shares his leadership experiences, how leadership has changed over his journey.  He also makes no apologies for wanting the brightest and the best for the most creative and challenging positions in the organization. Enjoy and leave a comment 
November 01, 2020
Leadership Promotes Change
If you want to change someone understand them first and then they may change - Obrien. In this episode I share the reasons why team members may not want to change and the four E's that leaders can ue to help team members make the shift from resisting change to embracing change.
November 01, 2020
Leaders Promote Mental Health
2020 has been a difficult year. #Covid19 has thrown us all into a state of #uncertainty.  No doubt our #mentalhealth has been compromised. In this episode I explore the 5 signs of #grief and use this as one frame that we can explore the feelings that we are experiencing at this time. I also give  #leaders some tips on how to assist team members cope with the stress and anxiety that is prevalent at this time. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.
October 16, 2020
Leading Millennials and Gen Z - A conversation with Paul Ashby
Paul AShby - CEO of SigniaGlobe Financial shares the how he keeps the young and restless folks at his office engaged and motivated. This is an interesting conversation in which Paul shares #tipsandtricks, activities and some unique ideas. #ya #millennials #youngadults #conversations #conversationsthatmatter #genz  
October 05, 2020
Can only Older People be Leaders?
My nephew asked me , "Can only older people be Leaders?" It's a great question since his observation is accurate. The C-Suite is mostly  occupied by persons 40 and over. In this episode I put age , role and leadership in context while sharing some tips on how young persons can establish themselves as leaders within organisations. Let me know what you think #ageism #leadership #leaders #leadershiptips #ya
September 24, 2020
A Leadership Tale from Current Events
Current events offer loads of lessons for leaders. We being to look at the world around us and glean the alternate reality of the situations as well as the possible remedies to serve the wider purpose. This week I ask,  How can a leader who is disrespectful to his superiors expect to be respected by his subordinates?  Through his action, the HR Manager is showing persons in the organization how to treat him and how to treat other leaders. This I consider unacceptable.
September 17, 2020
Leadership Lessons from The KIng
In this episode I pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman as I share the  Leadership Lessons that I gleaned from his life. Thanks you Chad.  We will never yield.
September 12, 2020
Leadership is Strategic Planning
Covid 19 has changed the way that we do things.  Things should Include our strategic planning process. In this episode I share some thoughts about the strategic planning process and how we can change same to be more effective. Let me know what you think  
September 08, 2020
Leadership is Promoting racial Tolerance
It seems that elections are the time to divide and conquer.  The masses are pit against each other along the lines of race, politics, ethnicity or any way in which a difference can be found.  I believe that its part of a capitalist agenda - the few will remain in control of the many. In this podcast I offer a perspective on race as it relates to the Trinidad and Tobago general elections that was recently held.  It is also  applicable to you where you live because we are all the same even though our constructs tell us differently. Let me know what you think 
August 20, 2020
Leadership is Promoting Work Life Balance
As I host  group coaching sessions with leaders and teams, most teams are concerned with their work life balance and ask how to maintain this, As work from home becomes institutionalised, it may be difficult to perceive a distinct separation between our work and personal lives, Our workplaces have encroached our lives, Leaders we have a responsibility to promote work life balance for ourselves and fro our teams. Its is possible with some thought and deliberate actions.
August 13, 2020
Leadership is Helping Teams Dealing with Stress
I  have been chatting with various teams and they all share the same sentiment. We are stressed and we are burnt out. Leaders I know that the stress for you is also magnified.  We have 5 more months to complete all the actions from the Strategic plans.  How do we help our teams cope with the stress so that they can work? In this podcast I suggest one cause of stress and give recommendation of how to deal with stress. #burnout #stress #copingwithstress #stressrelief 
August 06, 2020
Derron Sandy discusses Transparency and Accountability with Maxine Attong
Derron Sandy is the Artistic Director of 2 cents Movement- a youth based NGO. In June 2020 the Movement suffered fall out from allegations of sexusl misconduct.   Since then the leaders of the organisation had to grapple with questions about their leadership and their ability to be accountable to stakeholders. Derron shares what he learnt about his leadership, transparency and accountability.  Let me know what you think.  Share your thoughts, questions and comments.  feedback is always welcomed. #transparency #leadership #accountsbility #leadershiptips #leadershipdevelopment 
August 03, 2020
Leadership is Transparency
Transparency leads to #accountability and accountability promotes #transparency. Leaders cannot be 100% transparent at all times.  Tis would be irresponsible.  Leaders have to hold the balance between the need to be strategic,  confidential and the need for transparency. They also need to have #woisodm to know  what and when to keep items confidential and not spill the beans. Transparency is for both positive and negative situations.  Its a muscle we have to build. Let me know what you think #leadership #leadershippodcast
July 23, 2020
Leadership is Accountability
In this episode I share the 4 levels of #accountability. and provide some tips for leaders who want to promote accountability in the workplace. Leaders called  to be accountable especially when things go wrong.. Sometimes the responses to the call indicate that leaders don’t quite understand what accountability means. Leaders are great at taking responsibility. They are great at fulfilling their ongoing duty to complete the task at hand directly or indirectly.  That is the end of responsibility. Accountability is what happens after a situation occurs. It refers to the leader's response and her/ his ability to take ownership of the results of a task So quick way to remember. I am responsible for completing the task, I am accountable for the outcome of the task and I take ownership of all that follows after
July 17, 2020
Leader ship is Zero Tolerance for Harassment
Leaders have a responsibility for the tone of the organisation and do this via code of ethics and standards. Sadly the behaviours and actions that are allowed in the organisation do not always reflect the intention of these words.  Leaders when we allow jokes that discriminate about gender, race, identity sexuality or any topic that is derogatory in nature, it says something about our organisation and a lot about our leadership. Harassment has no place in our organisations. #sexualharassment #harassment #zerotolerance #bullying #antibullying #safetyfirst #safespaces
July 09, 2020
Racquel Moses and Maxine chat about Leaders as Change Agents
Ever heard of the Caribbean Climate -Smart Accelerator? If not, then you just did. This not for profit organisation is helping transform #Caribbean economies by fast-tracking sound public and private investment opportunities that support #climate action and economic growth through sustainable development. Racquel Moses is the CEO of Caribbean Climate -Smart Accelerator. I(N nths chat she shares her perspective on change, leadership and sharing her privilege. This was a fun and engaging interview, #leadershipunlearned change #love  #mindset #goals #leadedershipquotes #transformation #health #happy #believe #success #community #nonprofit #leadership #motivation#succe ss #business #inspiration  #leader  #goals #leadershipdevelopment #motivationalquotes #quotes  #inspire #education 
June 28, 2020
Leaders as Change Agents
Change often comes with the dissatisfaction of the status quo. Leader what do you want to change in your organisation? Post COVID most of us were forced to review our business models and ask ourselves what is the way forward, There is no one answer, since what is missing in your organisation may be different from what is missing in mine. This is the invitation for all leaders. The simplest thing to ask is what is missing from this organisation and then provide it.
June 19, 2020
8 Leadership Tips from BLM Protests
This last week was even more difficult that the previous week I cried I was hurt, I was angry and I was hopeful Whenever I am overwhelmed by multiple emotions, I ask myself what can I learn what I can share with others so that they can have a reframe of the situation. While it won’t remove the turbulence of the times, I can share with you 8 leadership tips that I gleaned from looking at the protests for the murder of George Floyd. 1. Make amends with your apologies 2. Understand before you speak 3. Don’t forget where you started 4. Resolve issues as they occur 5. Take action 6. Use your privilege 7. Be aware of the state of your team 8. Leaders take care of yourself
June 12, 2020
8 Leadership Lessons from Minnesota - RIP George Floyd
Today I am sharing the 8 tips from the Protests in Minnesota. Leaders let teams breathe Leaders take your knee of team members throats. Leaders Hold other leaders accountable Leaders Promote equity justice and equality Leaders remove all isms. Leaders check your assumptions Leaders check your self Leaders you can create the spark #leadership #leaderslead #justice #equality #equity #leadershiplessons #leadershiptips
June 04, 2020
Amoy Van Lowe shares her leadership style with Maxine Attong
Amoy van Lowe is the CEO of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Company Limited.  In this chat she shares her thoughts on leadership.  She shares how she builds greater connections with teams and how she stays connected to her team members,  Personable and transformational are the words that the caller used to describe her and from our chat I can attest that the caller was absolutely right. #leadershipunlearned #empathy #connections
June 02, 2020
Create the Best Possible Future for your Organisation
We will answer the questions – What is the best possible future for our organisations? This is a real important question for me since it can make a huge impact on how we move forward as a country. The truth is that most organisations are not driven by Vision on a daily basis. For most people the vision of the organisation is remote, a thing of the past, something created by a few most of whom are no longer in the organisation, t that is no longer relevant. We create the future with our team’s with open heart, open mind and open will,
May 25, 2020
Creating the Best Possible Future with our teams
Leaders, I am inviting you to extend the open heart, open minds and open will to the teams that you lead. No one knows the future and nobody is smarter than everybody.  What would it be like to create a future with your team members? In this new time on this blank canvas leaders cannot paint alone. We need to paint together in collaboration with the adults that we lead. Let me know what you think about the program . My intention of this show is to fuel your leadership spark so that together we can bring change to the systems that we live in. #leadershipunlearned #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach #optimism #vucaworld #leadershipdevelopment #leadership #caribbeanleadership #openmind #openheart #openwill
May 17, 2020
Open Heart, Open Mind, Open Will - Creating the Best Possible future
THis episode is inspired by the work of Otto Scharmer. We examine what the leader needs to create her/his best possible future for herself and himself. we ask leaders to integrate their personal and professional selves to reduce the inherent tension between the two selves. The excitement of the blank canvas fon which we can paint the best possible future for ourselves is palpable, We can feel that expanse that is suggested when we say open mind, open heart and open will. We are going beyond where we are consciously. We are considering intellectually or best future, we are considering emotionally what is our best possible future and we are considering intentionally what is our best possible future. #leadershipunlearned #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach #vucaworld #leadershipdevelopment #leadership #caribbeanleadership #openheart #openmind #openwill #bestpossiblefuture
May 08, 2020
Surren Maharaj and Maxine Attong - Working through Uncertainty
Surren Maharaj - Chief Coach and Consultant chats with maxine Attong on what they share in common. These two coaches share about uncertainty in the VUCA world.  They also share how going forward clients may need to grieve and forget old models to move forward. They speak about loss, fear and how to move forward.  #leadershipunlearned #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach #optimism #vucaworld #leadershipdevelopment #leadership
May 01, 2020
Lessons from Jouvert - Leading in times of Uncertainty
J'ouvert is a wee early morning street party that herald the beginning of Trinidad Carnival. It is a time of darkness and uncertainty, that offers the perfect metaphor for the VUA world/ We take lessons from the Jouvert and apply these to leading at this time of uncertainty #leadershipunlearned #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach #optimism #vucaworld #leadershipdevelopment #leadership #jouvert.
April 23, 2020
Optimism in the VUCA World
We need to accept that in this time of Corona virus we exist in a limbo where we know where we came from and we are not sure where we are going. Our past is irrelevant to the present and to the future. This is a tough time for leaders because we are still figuring out what this new challenge means. How then do we lead at this point in time? How do we lead our teams through this point in time, Leaders need to adopt an optimistic stance. Leaders need to be optimistic for themselves, their teams and the wider organization. The rest of us need to be optimistic for ourselves, our families and our communities.. #leadershipunlearned #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach #optimism #vucaworld #leadershipdevelopment #leadership
April 16, 2020
Leadership in the VUCA World
Coronavirus has ushered in the reality of the VUCA world. The world is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.   Leaders are now being asked to lead from a place of uncertainty and we need to be comfortable with that. In this podcast I explain the effects of the VUCA world and how leaders can begin to strategically be prepared. #leadershipcoaching #leadershipconsulting #leadershipdevelopment #leadershipunlearned #Strategy #SWOTanalysis #Caribbeanleadership
April 09, 2020
Health and Safety during COVID-19. Maxine chats with Jason Maitland - Chair of Caribbean IOSH
Jason Maitland offers suggestions from a Health and safety perspective on dealing with COVID - 19.  He shares about - Physical distancing vs. social distancing - Eating habits - Implications for after COVID - office hygiene, layout, visitors #leadershipunlearned #caribbeanleadership #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach #MaxineAttong #leadershipdevelopment 
April 03, 2020
Leadership Failure: Maxine Attong chats with Elson James
Elson James CEO of JMMB Express Finance chats with host Maxine Attong about the obvious and insidious failure that he has witnessed and experienced during his career. He also shares the challenges, shortcomings and the opportunities that his organization has faced when dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. #caribbeanleadership #leadershipfailure #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach #leadershipunlearned #maxineAttong 
March 26, 2020
Complacency / Ego Disease and Leadership Failure
Complacency is a dis-ease of the Ego. Complacency is a disease of the ego Some leaders fail because they assume that past success guarantees the present success and sometimes they do not work as smartly or as effectively to get results in the present. The leaders who are not supportive of their teams or make ridiculous demands are in their own way being complacent When we as leaders operate on premise that if we can do it, then my team can do it. We are being complacent #leadershipUnlearned #Leadershipcoach #leadershipconsulting #CaribbeanLeadership #leadershipdevelopment #leadership 
March 24, 2020
Obvious and Insidious Leadership Failure
 I conclude that there are two ways in which leaders fail: 1) Obvious failures 2) Insidious failures. Obvious failure occurs when the leader does not deliver on the expectation of the organisation. Insidious failure unfolds in a very, subtle way, but with very harmful effects. These leaders are hitting all targets, following all policies and procedures while leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. #leadershipunlearned #leadershipfailure #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach #leadership #Caribbeanleadership
March 24, 2020
Leadership Intention and Impact - Maxine Attong & Bernard Mitchell c
Bernard Mitchell has held leadership positions in various organisations.   We chat about the HOW and WHAT and the WHY of his leadership journey. #leadership #leadershipjourney #leadershipunlearned #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach #CaribbeanLeadership
March 19, 2020
Leadership in the Time of Corona
We explore the unique opportunities that the CONVID-19 pandemic brings for leaders and there organisations. #leadership #leadershipUnlearned #leadershipconsulting #Caribbeanleadership #leadershipcoach  
March 19, 2020
4 tips to make an Impact with your Leadership
Four tips to be impactful with your leadership.  Awareness Being in the here and now  Hold the space #leadership #leadershipconsulting #leadershipawareness #caribbeanleadership #leadershipcoach #leadershipawareness
March 14, 2020
Make an Impact with Your Leadership
Why is your leadership important?   Your leadership can make positive impact on your self, your family, your community, your organisation  and the country that you live in.   Have you ever considered this? #leadershipimpact #leadership #caribbeanleadership #leadershipcoach #leadershipconsulting 
March 14, 2020
Leading with Intention
Four steps for leaders who want to lead from their intention.  Learn how to set your leadership intention and to lead with this intention. One of the biggest enemies of our intentions is our ego.  Learn how to minimise the impacts of the ego to ensure that we continue leading from our intentions #leadership #leadingwithintention #leadershipjourney #caribbeanleadership #leadershipconsulting #leadershipcoach
March 14, 2020
Life + X = Death
It is a mathematical way to look at our life. There are two constants Life and Death. =In between that time there is a variable that you get to make a lot of choices about. What is your x? What does it stand for and what are you going to do with it? We are examining the  x in each of our life’s and it specifically relates to our leadership and our leadership journey. #leadership #leadershipjourney #Caribbeanleaders #leadershipconsulting #leadershipdevelopment #leaderhsipcoach
March 10, 2020
Promo for Leadership Unlearned
This is the Leadership Unlearned Radio Program.  We invite our listeners to suspend all that they believe and know about leadership. Every Wednesday on I95.5FM at approximately 6.35 p.m you can tune in to the program.  Three Wednesdays of 10 - 15 minute talks and the last Wednesday of each month is a call in program with a live studio guest for 30 minutes,
March 10, 2020