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Tiny Talks | a vanlife podcast

Tiny Talks | a vanlife podcast

By Max M Schneider
In this podcast series I invite people who live in tiny spaces like vans, tiny homes, boats or even planes onto the show. In this way, I want to give them a platform to truly share their story, discuss challenges they encounter and answer community questions.

If you're interested to share your story with all of us, feel free to shoot me tweet, a DM on Instagram, send me an email or even a voice mail through anchor!
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Hey guys, I'm just about to board the plane and I wanted to look at the past years in retrospective way.
August 04, 2020
#021 - This might be the end.
Hey guys, I know I have not been uploading anything here for the past months. The reason was that I had to focus on more important things like trying to survive without an income and limited savings while putting all my energy towards the permanent residency process to immigrate to Canada. If I have to leave, there will probably be no return. I made this episode to fill you in on what's going on and what my options are, and why this might be the last episode that I made. Thank you for listening. BUY PRINTS! Follow me | | Support this Podcast! | | |
July 09, 2020
#020 - About being a vandwelling immigrant during a pandemic
What's happening podcast! Today's episode is a bit of a blurb, but I'm still hoping it brings some value or insight to some of you. With a pandemic plaquing the earth I'm kind of stuck in a bind due to my visa ending soon. This and more challenges that are affecting people living in vans in foreign countries all over the world right now. If there are any question of course feel free to reach out! BUY PRINTS! Follow me | | Support this Podcast! | | |
April 02, 2020
#019 - @offgrid.camper | A view on vanlife from the very start.
Hey Podcast! In today's episode I have been chatting with Jacob and Ella from @offgrid.camper. They both have not started their vanlife adventure yet, but with building a van for future adventures I was interested in their expectations and hopes they wish to find down the road. Of course with everything going on we couldn't avoid to briefly talk about the on going pandemic, but we tried to keep it rather short. Follow Jacob and Ella! |  Follow me | |   | Support  this Podcast! | | | |
March 30, 2020
#018 - I sh*t in a bucket now.
Hey podbeans! In this episode I just update you on the current situation, what I and the enclave I'm around with are up to. This is about my first experience using my bucket and some more info on how to find pieces of crown land (to stay for up to 14 days for free) around BC.  !!!Please be respectful and leave no trace!!! IMapBC: (Layer: "PMBC Parcel Cadastre By Owner Type") BUY PRINTS! Follow me | | Support this Podcast! | | | Sponsorships: on for this episode
March 26, 2020
#017 - @car.against.humanity | A Swedish trio travelling Europe and running tight on border closures
Hey Podcast! We're back again with another interview episode! This time I chatted with Michelle and Rasmus from @car.against.humanity about their first months of vanlife adventure as well as the tight race of border closures while crossing Europe to get back home. As always, stay safe during these times and stay tuned for more! Follow Michelle, Rasmus and Tyga! | BUY PRINTS! Follow me | |   | Support this Podcast! | | |
March 23, 2020
#016 - What now?
What is up podcast! Yesterday was a day full of errands and driving, not allowing me to upload anything. Today's episode is all about the past few days. Things have drastically changed real quick. Recorded this morning right by the water on Vancouver Island. As always, stay safe and feel free to slide into those DM's! BUY PRINTS!  Follow me | |  Support this Podcast! | | |
March 21, 2020
#015 - @nikkibigger and @benwaugh | Talking about the Instagram dream.
Whats up podcast! Another episode stright after the last one. Today I got the chance to sit down with Nikki and Ben. We have been trying to make this happen quite a while ago without any success! Anyways, this episode is all about the Instagram dream of living in a gorgeous van on the road while working as photographers! Challenges of being a fresh couple to the Covid-19 pandemic scaring us all! We'll convoy around for the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for more from us! Follow Nikki | || Follow Ben||| BUY PRINTS! Follow me | |   | Support this Podcast! | | |
March 20, 2020
#014 - I'm back! Lets catch up!
Due to many reasons I had my podcast on hold. Let me tell you why, what happened in the meantime and what the current status is. Not a COVID-19 specific episode, but since everyone will be sitting back home now I thought I'll give you something to listen to! BUY PRINTS! Follow me | | Support this Podcast! | | |
March 18, 2020
#013 - @ourvanquest | About the life on the road as a family of three.
What is going on podcast! After a bit of a break due to me being crazy busy here at the shop I'm back with another interview. This time on the show:  Gianna, Jake and Luna from @ourvanquest!  In this episode we specifically talk about Vanlife as a small family. Challenges, upsides and that it might take longer to get around than you would expect. Of course we also cover the frequently asked questions like income on the road, how to achieve your van build as well as the good and the bad sides of this lifestyle. Follow Gianna, Jake and Luna | | | | BUY PRINTS! Follow me | |  | Support this Podcast! | | |
November 17, 2019
#012 - it's important to be alone sometimes
Hey all of you beautiful humans! Let's talk about solitude and and self-reflection. I often have the feeling that this is something that in times like today is very hard to do. Still, for me it's a good thing to really be just by myself from time to time and it might be for you, too. Have any input or feedback? Hit me up in the DMs on Instagram or on Twitter, I'm always open to talk! Follow me | | | Support this Podcast! ($5+ get a postcard) | | |
September 29, 2019
#011 - how to stay positive
Hey guys! In today's episode I'm sharing a whole bunch of things with you that I learned or realized in the period of the past months. My van broke down on me, two weeks later I got deported, all things I directly could not control and that were, how should I say? Not the best situations to be in. In hard times like this I learned that a positive mindset really helps you pushing through and even accelerates the process indirectly! Remember, don't take life too seriously, you're not going to survive it anyways. Follow me | | | Support this Podcast! ($5+ get a postcard) | | |
September 23, 2019
#010 - | Live more with less for the right reason.
This episode was a long way coming. Ever since I spotted Matt and his van Bob in Peter McKinnon's film "The Bucket shot" ( I thought: "I have to meet this guy!" After reaching out in the DMs on Instagram I made my way to Canmore, Alberta, Canada. We met, became friends and rather went on adventures than sitting down to record an episode. Now, about half a year later just before he leaves this place, we finally got to speak about his Vanlife journey and how this one video has changed his life and brought him to where he wants to be. Follow Matt | | |  Follow me | | | Support this Podcast! | | |
September 15, 2019
#009 - Harrison 1.0 | About living in a low roof van
Hey y'all! In today's episode I'm talking about my first van build: Harrison 1.0, a Ford E-150 low roof van. It's a mix of some technical specs, the build-out and the challenges of living in it for now more than a year. Let me know what you think! Stay rad! Follow me | | | Support this Podcast! | | |
September 09, 2019
#008 - @letsbe_us | Don't get distracted by comparing yourself to others!
Sara and Chris are two digital nomads who built their home on wheels without building experience and are about to clock one year of full time traveling in their beautiful van. In this episode we chat about their build, their work and how important it is to not compare yourself with what Instagram is showing you. Follow Sara and Chris | | | | Follow me | | | Support this Podcast! | | |
September 01, 2019
#007 - 4 social media platforms for connecting with locals
In this episode I quickly showcase 4 social media platforms that you can utilize as a solo traveller to get in touch with people around you. Remember to just be genuine and nice and you will experience places and adventures you wouldn't expect! | Follow me: | | Support me:
August 05, 2019
#006 - pros and cons of solo travel
Hey guys! This Sunday's episode I'm listing a couple of aspects of solo traveling, pros and cons that may help you to decide for your next solo travel adventure. | Follow me: | | Support me:
July 07, 2019
#005 - @thevirginiavandiaries | A couple about staying positive and using the process to grow
In this episode I chatted with Sarah and Caleb, a young couple from Indiana. We talked about how you can tackle the van life build even though you don't have building experience as well as staying positive if the worst case scenario happens. Follow Sarah, Caleb and Kee Kee | Follow me: | | Support me:
June 30, 2019
It's been a while! Let's catch up on this roller coaster which my life has been in the past months and what's to come! | Follow me: | | Support me:
June 25, 2019
#003 - @collegevanlife | A college student about the student life in a van and how to convert your rig on a budget
 Hey podcast peeps, Sorry it took a while, I was crazy busy lately. Still stoked I got to have a Skype call with Austin Dutenhoeffer, a vandwelling college student going under the handle @collegevanlife to chat about the van life while following a non-nomadic occupation. Austin reached out to me on Facebook after uploading the previous episode with Jesse and I was really interested in his way of tackling the combination of full time college, work and vanlife, as well as his reason why he started this lifestyle! This Podcast is also available on all the major platforms like Spotify, Google Music and iTunes! If you're interested in coming on to this show yourself, don't  hesitate and reach out! You can find me on pretty much all big social  media platforms. Stay stoked! Love, Max Follow Austin: | Follow me: | | Support me:
March 10, 2019
#002 - @nomadic_ninja_yxe | A martial artist talking about fighting the cold and negativity on the internet
Hey podcast peeps, stoked to finally publish the second but sort of first episode of the podcast. On my way across Canada I connected with Jesse Boldt, a fellow solo male vanlifer going under the handle @nomadic_ninja_yxe on Instagram. Together we sat down and chatted about the side of vanlife not everyone gets to see, society's view on it, as well as the biggest challenges of vanlife with a dog. This Podcast is also now available on all the major platforms like Spotify, Google Music and iTunes! If you're interested in coming on to this show yourself, don't hesitate and reach out! You can find me on pretty much all big social media platforms. Stay stoked! Love, Max Follow Jesse: | Follow me: | | Support me:
February 21, 2019
#001 - An Introduction
Hey Fellas, Welcome to my my podcast "Tiny Talks". I'm really excited to finally kick this off and get back into the creation process! In this episode I just want to introduce myself and give you a little bit of input on what I plan on doing with this podcast. If you have questions about anything with this or other feedback, hit me up everywhere! Stay stoked! Love, Max ______________________________ Support me and get postcards! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Website
February 16, 2019