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The Grace Room Podcast

The Grace Room Podcast

By Maya Kennedy
Welcome to The Grace Room Podcast where we talk about all things life, community, relationships and faith. This is where we share our stories and ultimately how God shows up in our lives. The women I have on each week are honest, vulnerable, and love Jesus. My heart is to speak truth into the lives of women. No matter where you are in your faith journey I believe that you are chosen by God, holy because He says so, and dearly loved as his daughter. I want to create a safe space where we can share the doubts, and insecurities but also a space to celebrate life. So let's talk
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#23 Let's Talk: Navigating Sexual Desire
Today we are going to talk about how to navigate sexual desire before we are married -- about intimacy with God, how he gifted us sex, and how sex is supposed to depict the union between God and the church! Rhesa shares her story about how she at first rooted her identity in what she could give others until she realized that God had a much better plan for her and her sexuality. You'll have to listen to find out the rest! Hope you enjoy the episode!  SHOW NOTES
April 13, 2022
#22 Let's Talk: Choosing Community
Hey guys welcome back to the Grace Room Podcast, I am so excited to introduce Kristen Schryver. A California girl who moved to Dallas to help equip women for discipleship through a women's ministry called IF:Gathering. Today we are going to talk about COMMUNITY.  How to press into the community God has for you, why that’s important, and how it is going to better foster your relationship with JESUS. Do you feel like your community is distant lately? That things aren’t quite back to normal? Well we are covering so much today so tune in with us! SHOWNOTES
January 10, 2022
#21 Leaning on God First: Rest, Prayer, and Biblical Literacy
Hey guys welcome back to the Grace Room Podcast, I am so excited to introduce Morgan Pearce.   Today we are going to talk about how to operate from a place of rest in Jesus.  How to press into God’s presence and why that is so good for our souls.  We also talk about identity and the importance of placing it in God rather than in other things that will ultimately leave us wanting and disappointed.  It can be hard to trust in God’s plans but part of learning to do that is to rest in knowing WHO God is and WHAT he has done! With that said, we are wrapping up Season 1 with Morgan's episode! THANK YOU for spending time with me in this season of your life! I am humbled and honored that I get to host this podcast for the women who need community but more importantly need Jesus! Check out the website for the show notes! Link below. Official Show Notes
July 05, 2021
#20 Choosing to Trust God in Seasons of Doubt
Hey guys welcome back to the Grace Room podcast, I am so excited to introduce my new friend Reagan.  Reagan has an unbelievable story of redemption where time and time again has had to lean on God in the middle of doubt and fear.  Today we are going to talk about what that looks like. How to press into God’s presence and blessing when it feels like the answers are grey and vague. How to trust that God is going to come through for you, even if it’s not the answer you wanted or were expecting.  I know in my life there have been times where I have felt scared, unsure, and nervous about the future - and I’m sure I’m not the only one, and that’s why I am so excited about this conversation.  Being stuck in an in between place can feel really discouraging and my hope for this conversation is that you walk away from it feeling at peace with wherever you’re at because you will know that God is good and sees you.  With that said, here is my conversation with Reagan. Official Show Notes
April 26, 2021
#19 Transformations and Renewed Dreams - Stepping into God's Holy Word and His Plan
Welcome back to another episode of the Grace Room, if you’ve been around for a while you’ve heard these ladies before on previous episodes. Bree and Makenzie are two women who love Jesus with their whole hearts and have revived their blog, two little birds wander west, to share the good news of Jesus, write about their own transformations, and express their vibrant personalities through their heart for beautiful photography, fashion, and blogging. God has truly changed them both through the several years that their blog has been silent.  What started as a blog with two single girls who were still figuring out their faith is now a blog that professes the name of Jesus on the daily.  I am so excited to talk with them about how God has completely changed them from the inside out.  We will also be talking about the importance of reading your Bible, stepping into community, and allowing God to lead your steps. I am so excited to share this conversation with you guys, so here is my conversation with Bree and Makenzie. Official Show Notes
April 19, 2021
#18 How to Know God's Character, Filter Doubt, and Walk BOLDLY in Your Calling!
Hey guys I am so excited to introduce Krista Hengesh. Krista is the creator and founder of LIVE SALTED, an online community that creates scripture based resources and spaces to cultivate a culture where women live intimately with Jesus and boldly in their communities.  We know that God is alive and well, that he is here and present,  and Krista helps women create a community that believes in just that!  LIVE SALTED started Krista’s senior year of college out of the shed in her backyard and God has blessed this ministry in so many ways when everything was still so UNKNOWN. And that’s exactly what we are talking about today.  Do you doubt what God can do in your life? Are you unsure of your future? Are you ready to be obedient in what God has asked of you? What does it look like to move towards action and carry the presence of God in you? We are meant to be a light to the world and the salt of the earth. We are meant to be different - so what does that look like? We talk about all that and more today and I cannot wait to share this conversation with you.  Let’s get into it. Official Show Notes
April 12, 2021
#17 Practical and Biblical Ways to Walk Through Marriage
Welcome back to the Grace Room! I am so excited to introduce Jessica Ratliff.  I have so many questions for her today and I cannot wait to share this conversation with you.  Jessica has been married for seven years to her amazing husband Jeremiah, both involved in FCA, been on missions trips, and have walked through some tough stuff throughout their marriage.  We talk  about how to get through the hard things with your spouse, how love looks different after years of marriage, and then different again after children… and how to make sure our first love is JESUS and not our spouse. Finishing up this series on singleness, dating, and marriage - with this episode and this is going to be another great listen. Guys I’m so excited to dive into this so here is my conversation with Jessica. Official Show Notes
March 01, 2021
#16 Newly Married, the Beauty of Submission, and Supporting Your Husband
Welcome back to another Grace Room episode! I am so excited to introduce Rebekah Hoffman. Bekah is passionate about relationships and loves the Lord with all of her heart and soul and I am so happy to have her on the show.  Continuing the theme of February we are talking about how singleness prepared her BETTER for her marriage, how submission is a healthy part of marriage, despite popular opinion, and what it’s like to get married in a pandemic and have crazy let downs leading up to the biggest day of her life so far! Guys I’m so excited to dive into this conversation so get ready, cause here is my conversation with Bekah. Official Show Notes
February 22, 2021
#15 Dating and the SIGNIFICANCE of your relationship with GOD
I am so excited to introduce you guys to Makenzie Rae. Makenzie is a singer / songwriter and just came out with her new single  “You and You Alone” and it is such a beautiful song. Mackenzie has a passion for JESUS and  today we are talking all about dating and relationships - good, bad, and awkward. We also talk about our relationship with GOD — the most important relationship we need to have right before we can enter into any other kind of relationship. Get ready because here is an honest conversation with my friend Makenzie. Official Show Notes
February 15, 2021
#14 Singleness, Sisterhood, and Selfless LOVE
I am so excited to introduce Sara Hill. Sara is kind, and intentional, and has a heart for Jesus and community.  She is currently in school to become a science teacher and I just love her heart for kids.  Today we are going to be talking about SINGLENESS, but not just about being single but about the relationships we get to build within singleness - friendship, sisterhood, our relationship with Jesus.  How to invest and love our sisters well and how to prepare ourselves for the future ahead. ALL the things. I’m so excited to jump into this. Here is my conversation with Sara Hill. Check out the show notes below! Official Show Notes
February 08, 2021
#13 God Keeps His Promises
Welcome back to another solo-sode with yours truly. As usual, I'll be talking about the things God is teaching me but I will also be talking about my favorite gifts for the holiday season. With that said, enjoy this episode! Official Show Notes
December 07, 2020
#12 Believing in God's Plan Over Our Own
On today’s episode we have Anika joining us in my room today and I am so excited to have her.  Anika is a close friend of Chrissy Baird and if you guys remember Chrissy (a few episodes back) she played basketball at UCLA and there met Anika who played soccer!   She is currently playing professional soccer in Portland Oregon and I cannot wait for you guys to meet her.  We talk all about God’s plans being so much better than our own and how to let go of control.  Anika shares her testimony about how she has learned to let go of control in her own life and how Jesus has been her rock through it all.  We also talk about community and putting yourself out there! If any of you are going THROUGH it right now, then this is for you.  Get ready, because here is my conversation with Anika. Official Show Notes
November 30, 2020
#11 How to get Closer to God in the Waiting
I am so excited to introduce you guys to Caroline Schandel. Caroline is a brilliant speaker, Bible teacher,  writer, and podcaster on her show “The Breathing Room” where she uses the word of the Bible and encourages women to experience God in their everyday.  She is the author of two books: Live Here, Love Now, an E-book you can download, and Good Things Come that just released in 2019. I LOVE THAT.  In today’s episode we’re talking about waiting. We talk about navigating through the tension of hoping something will happen that hasn't, choosing to invest ourselves to grow into the women we are created to be, and trusting that God is in the middle of it all even when we are uncertain of the outcome.  Friends, if you’re waiting on something today —  a spouse, a move, a positive pregnancy test, a change — this episode is for you. God is taking care of us and I’m praying that you walk away from this episode believing that more than ever. Official Show Notes
November 23, 2020
#10 How to get Closer to Jesus through Authentic Prayer and Honest Lament
I am so excited to introduce you guys to Kristin Stockfisch.  Kristin is sweet and wise and I am so excited for y'all to get to hear from her today.   Kristin is a blogger and a podcaster on her show “Women who Love Jesus” where she talks about all the conversations we wish we were having about faith. I LOVE THAT.  Today we are talking about lamenting.  What does it mean to lament? Why is it important? How do we begin to build an authentic relationship with Jesus in this way? Okay, with that said, here is my conversation with Kristin. Official Show Notes
November 16, 2020
#9: Mindfulness and Staying True to Your Convictions
I am so excited to introduce you guys to Melanie Torres! Melanie is an amazing blogger who has a heart for encouraging women to prioritize their health and navigate life with mindfulness and positivity.  Her instagram and blog are full of fun food recipes,  studio reviews, yoga flows, workout fits, and fun Tik Tok dance moves.  She is so much fun! What really caught my eye about Melanie is a post I found on her blog.  She specifically talks about her faith and love for Jesus, and how being a Christian Yogi is something she wants people to know about! I absolutely love that and that's exactly what we talk about today.  If you have questions about how to stick to your faith despite the status quo, then you are going to LOVE this conversation today.   But before we get into it go ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast and check out the website where everything for Melanie’s episode will be linked! Okay I am so excited to share this with you guys so get ready, because here is my conversation with Melanie. Official Show Notes
November 09, 2020
#8 Lessons Learned on Being Content
And we are back with another solo-sode with yours truly. I talk all about calling out the lies in our lives, being content with the things that God does bless us with, what to do when we are feeling "behind." I also touch on praying for others, the story of Jesus who turns water into wine at the wedding, and prayers answered by God.  You guys are going to love this episode. Official Show Notes
November 02, 2020
#7 PCOS and How to Take Control of Your Health
I am so excited to introduce you guys to Bree! Bree Randall-Eissman is a strong advocate for women's health and has a passion for teaching people how important it is to be and stay healthy!  Bree wants to help women understand that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to eat healthy and to feel healthy.  She’s also a  firm believer that we should not have to choose between finances and health. Not only is she a health nut but she also has a heart for business, entrepreneurship, and fashion.  She’s been a part of a few start-ups, runs the cutest blog, and has just started up her own business through Arbonne.  You guys are going to love her.  We talk all about health and specifically PCOS, also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Get ready to learn a lot about health because Bree is super knowledgeable and has a heart for helping women understand their bodies and feel confident in their own skin!  We also talk about God’s provision, Bree’s personal health journey, her faith journey, and everything in between.  I am so excited to share this with you guys, so get ready, because here is my conversation with Bree. Official Show Notes
October 19, 2020
#6 Comparison Kills: A Conversation on Bulimia, Anorexia, and Mental Health
I am so excited to introduce you guys to Vanessa Amaro! Vanessa is sweet and kind and has a passion for encouraging women through her own personal testimony.  We talk about body image, health, comparison, and how God patiently walked with her through her own journey through Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.  Sharing stories is something I value so much on the show and I am both in awe and inspired by Vanessa sharing her testimony today. Get ready guys cause here is my conversation with Vanessa. Official Show Notes
October 12, 2020
#5: Patience, Prayer, and How to Actively Wait
I am SO excited about this episode because my best friend Kate Jensen is on the podcast today.  We’ve grown up together and it really is such a joy to have her on the podcast.  On today’s episode we are talking all about patience.  Both of us have been tested and stretched in that area all of our lives but now it is more prevalent than ever to trust in God’s timing.  We talk about patience in dating, what patience does for our character, and common misconceptions about what God expects from us.  With that said, here is my conversation with Kate Official Show Notes
October 05, 2020
#4 Learning How to SLOW DOWN and Say YES to Jesus
I am so excited to introduce you guys to Chelsea Bowers! Chelsea is hard working, kind, and a thoughtful friend.  Her dedication to her job, her family, and her community is something I truly admire about her. She currently works in homeless outreach with City Net and that has her working all kinds of crazy hours.  Chelsea is truly one of the busiest people I know and I believe that’s why she is the perfect candidate to talk about slowing down and sitting still.  Quarantine has hit us all in different ways and for Chelsea and myself I know it has been a challenge to slow down but honestly has been SO good for our souls.  Today we talk about what it means to truly rest, how hurry and relationships just don’t mix, and what it means to carve out time to sit with God.  Before we get into our conversation today make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast and check out to find all the links to this episode.  With that said, here is my conversation with Chelsea. Official Show Notes
September 28, 2020
#3 Living BOLDLY and Stepping Out in Faith
Hi Friend, welcome to The Girls Room Podcast. Normally I interview an AMAZING woman of God but this week it’s just me. Once a month I am going to come on and talk about: What God’s been teaching me, my favorite read (think of this as our own little book club), and a few things I’m loving lately. I am so excited to share this with you. I love speaking and teaching and I hope you leave encouraged and take away a few ideas for you to look into later (don’t worry, all the links will be here). Official Show Notes
September 21, 2020
#2 How to Get, Keep, and Love Your Community
On today’s episode we have Victoria joining us in my room today and I am so excited to have her back.  We have been best friends since the 7th grade and have lived so much life together.  Victoria is one of the most consistent people I know and is honestly the perfect person to talk about community - how to get it, how to keep it, and how to love it in all the right places.  So if you are looking for a close knit community, longing for deeper friendships, and or women who are going to encourage you in your faith, then this is for you.   OFFICIAL SHOW NOTES
September 14, 2020
#1 Overcoming Fear and Embracing Identity
I am so excited to introduce you guys to Chrissy Baird.  She has such an incredible story filled with grace and an amazing understanding of who Jesus is.  Chrissy is sweet and wise and has a passion for young athletes.  She is also a writer, a former athlete of UCLA and is now a part of FCA also known as Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Santa Barbara.  Guys you are going to LOVE her. We talk all about transitions and the uncertainty and doubt that comes along with that.  We also talk about fear and how it can creep into our lives, almost without our notice, and try to write the story for us.  We talk about comparison and the ugly parts that can surface with that but that God is in the middle of all the mess and that it is okay to be a mess because God's got it.  Guys this is such a great conversation I can't wait to share it with you.  Okay, with that said, here is my conversation with Chrissy.  Official Show Notes get ready to learn about - The importance of community in your life - How fear can affect us - How transitions can be SCARY and that’s normal - How healthy Identity should not be wrapped up in what we do but who we are in Christ! - FCA – Fellowship of Christian Athlete A few links from this episode - Chrissy’s blog All Things New - Hannah Brencher’s Book Come Matter Here - Shauna Niequist Bittersweet connect with Chrissy INSTAGRAM || BLOG connect with Maya INSTAGRAM || WEBSITE
August 30, 2020