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MaYapinion™ - The Leadership Podcast for Women

MaYapinion™ - The Leadership Podcast for Women

By Maya Roffler
Welcome to the MaYapinion™ Podcast, the Leadership Podcast for Women!

Maya discusses how to become the leader of your life whether you are an aspiring leader or already a leader, whether you work for a Fortune 500 or your own business... this is the podcast for you. Maya has a consistent segment, "Maya’s Motivation Monday," that will get you ready for the week, where she hosts incredible leaders as well as solo episodes. Maya relaunched her podcast in late 2019 after her first three seasons of MaYapinion™ in 2017 -2019 about her experience on Reality TV.
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113 - Be the CEO of Your Life with Becca Powers
Welcome Becca Powers to Motivation Monday! She is an award-winning Fortune 500 hi-tech sales executive, best-selling author, speaker, and Founder and CEO of Powers Peak Potential. In her 20+ year career in sales, she’s worked for large companies including Cisco, Dell, and Office Depot, achieving President’s Club 7 times while leading teams of 110+ and hitting $500 million in annual revenue.    Becca intimately knows the struggles that have come as a cost to her high achievements. Through nearly losing it all, she was forced to discover a more supportive and sustainable path to success that she now teaches to others. She founded her consulting and coaching agency to help high achievers and high-performance sales teams obtain skyrocketing success without sacrifice. Through workshops, seminars and her signature coaching program, Becca works with individuals and organizations to create sustainable change by training them to thrive from the inside out without the cost of compromise.    In addition to being an executive life coach with specialties in shadow beliefs and trauma awareness, she’s also a Kundalini yoga teacher, and incorporates many holistic modalities into her coaching practice.  In 2021 she released her best-selling book, Harness Your Inner CEO - Rise into Passion, Prosperity, and Empowerment to increase her ability to help others become the CEOs of their own lives.   Becca currently resides in South Florida with her husband Jeremy and their 4 children. For more information, visit and tune into her podcast, The High Achievers Club on your favorite podcasting platform. Becca in her own words, "I became the CEO of my own life by taking charge of my journey. Through prioritizing my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health I was able to reassess what was important to me and found out that success, health, and happiness can co-exist, if you put your own needs first. I learned the hard way through working myself into chronic health conditions that there is a formula to living a life that thrives both personally and professionally. By shifting focus and applying this formula: "The Self + The Soul + The Success = Success Without Sacrifice" to my life I became more successful yet had more time to do the things I love. This ultimately changed my life's trajectory, resulting in an epic transformation that allowed me to truly become the CEO of my own life and start living a life I love! I'm now able to share my journey and the lessons learned as a motivational personal empowerment guide that gives others the tools they need to become the CEO of their own life." Connect with Becca here: Facebook:   LinkedIn:   Instagram:   TikTok: Grab her book here: Listen and read the podcast here: Grab your copy of, "Be the Leader of Your Life," here:
June 27, 2022
112 - Leaders Press with Alinka Rutkowska
Welcome Alinka Rutkowska to Motivation Monday this week! Alinka is the CEO of Leaders Press (, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press, where she creates books for entrepreneurs from scratch and launches them into best-sellers with a 100% success rate.  She runs a hybrid publishing house with traditional distribution (via Simon & Schuster) through which more than 500 entrepreneurs have been able to share their stories with the world. 172 of Leaders Press authors have become USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors.  Alinka has been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and numerous other outlets. Her mission is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs share their wisdom with the world by 2030. What makes Alinka a leader? She runs a hybrid publishing house with traditional distribution (via Simon & Schuster) through which more than 500 entrepreneurs have been able to share their stories with the world. She help writers with their book and then launch it to best-seller status and she says that we make every project we decide to work on a passion project. Follow her and Leaders Press here: Learn how to write a book here: Listen and read the episode here: Download the guide, "Be the Leader of Your Life" here:
June 20, 2022
111 - How to Be the Leader of Your Life
What does it mean to be the Leader of Your Life? Most people believe that you must have a title like Director or Vice-President at a Fortune 500 company to be a leader. Others think you must own your business or be an advocate for a great cause. None of that is true to be a leader. In my opinion, we have leadership backwards. We put so much pressure on people to achieve a certain status before they can “lead’ that we have lost the true meaning of leadership. Before you can lead others, you must understand how to be the Leader of Your Life. We have leadership backwards because we often are throwing individuals into situations before they even know who they are, especially who they are as a leader. We promote someone to lead a team before she knows what her values are for herself. We decide someone is ready to take on a new project before even examining whether it aligns with her personal mission. When we are interviewing and hiring, we often fail our teams as we don’t take the time to understand what their vision for their life may be or what they feel their purpose is in this life. Why do we do this? Because no one did it for us and we are repeating the pattern. How do we change the narrative of leadership? And most importantly, how do we take control and be the leader of our own lives first? The core basic steps for us to take are to truly understand what our values, mission, vision and purpose are before we even step foot into an interview, a job, an office, a promotion, new business endeavor, the list goes on. Leadership begins within you and understanding yourself so that you can give back to others with your core values from a place of purpose, clarity of vision, and feel aligned with your own mission. What happens when we go about jumping into leadership the other way around is counterproductive and we learn what doesn’t work. It can be helpful and that’s exactly how I discovered what my values, mission, vision and purpose were not at all. However, it led me to start to understand that I got lost in corporate “culture” and like a chameleon, I would change into whatever those key elements were for the companies I worked fo. I’m sure without a doubt that you have done exactly the same thing. It does not matter if you are a CEO, Business Owner, Stay at Home Mom, Part-Time Worker, Full Time Student, Unemployed individual seeking your next role, or just taking time to learn about yourself. You are the Leader of Your Life. Therefore, you are already a leader. How to become the Leader of Your Life? You do not need someone to give you permission to lead or be given the corner office with a title. You are already a leader. Your values, mission, vision, and purpose will drive you throughout your life and dictate your personal leadership. These four important pillars will guide you to succeed in any aspect of life that you choose to embark upon because you will have clarity about yourself as a person and as a leader. That is why we have leadership backwards. We bring people into different cultures; work, home, community, church, and so on. People oblige and join these communities. However, you will join, create, and naturally attract and lead the right communities in every aspect of your life when you are the leader of your life. Why? Because you will dictate your environment, your environment will not dictate you, and your values, mission, vision, and purpose will drive the environment you create and attract. You will ultimately know yourself. Download the guide here: Listen and read here:
June 13, 2022
110 - The Success Whisperer with Lori Hanson
Welcome Lori Hanson, the Success Whisperer, to the podcast this week! Lori Hanson is an Executive Performance Coach and Professional Speaker, and founder of Lori Hanson International. Her expertise as a mindset and success coach is helping talented female leaders and executives. She helps her clients amplify their voice and improve their confidence. They gain more trust & respect in the workplace, ask for what they want and reach their next-level. Her expertise as a mindset and success mentor is helping talented female leaders and executives. She helps her clients amplify their voice and improve their confidence.  They gain more trust & respect in the workplace, ask for what they want and reach their next-level.   Lori has a strong track record of life-changing results.  She has touched 1000s of people globally in 13+ years as a keynote speaker, and coached hundreds of clients to define, plan and live their dreams. She is the award-winning author of 5 books.  Lori supports female leaders through her private and group coaching, speaking for women’s events and hosting her signature retreats.  She knows there are NO limits. Lori, "The Success Whisperer" in her own words: I am confident in forging my own path—I see the big picture—I see the talent, gifts and beauty in others and show them how to reach their desired destination. My path includes continuous awareness and attention to personal growth (since seeing Pollyanna as a kid). I’m blessed with resilience, tenacity and a never give up positive attitude that allowed me to overcome significant challenges.  I’m transparent, genuine and dependable. I walk my talk and inspire by example My passion is fueled by helping others reach their destination. My work isn’t about me—it’s about how I can help them. Every day begins with Morning Mindset (gratitude, meditation, visualization, affirmation and intention) this shapes my energy and how I show up I’m not afraid to take calculated risks… Connect with Lori Hanson here: Twitter: Instagram: Your Voice Confidence Quiz:
June 07, 2022
109 - Rising Above Female Rivalry To Be Unstoppable Together with Amber Tichenor
Amber Tichenor has a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology and is the founder of To Be, Coaching + Consulting®. A thought leader on the topic of women’s rivalry, Amber has 20+ years’ experience as an Organizational Change Strategy and Leadership consultant where she helped guide businesses through transformational change. Her book, “Behind Frenemy Lines: Rising Above Female Rivalry To Be Unstoppable Together,” published by Morgan James Publishing, is on sale now.  Amber’s goal is to promote collaboration over competition, to empower women to find their voice, leave the rivalry behind, and team up with a community of like-minded women who support each other to be unstoppable together.  In Amber's words, she is a leader because "I’m addressing the topic of  female rivalry that’s not only challenging, disruptive, and heartbreaking on so many levels, it’s very difficult to address head on, and talk about it.  And bottom line, this behavior  doesn’t need to occur. As a leader, I’m helping women  and organizations understand this behavior and ultimately, overcome it. I help women find their voice again and be better together. I help organizations understand how the behavior exists and impacts their organizational culture, and how to revise that to  implement a culture of psychological safety.   I walk my talk in my personal and professional life, there’s really no separation. What you see is what you get. I want to empower women, my family, everyone, to be better humans." Amber also say, "I’ve extensively researched female rivalry and how it impacts women as a whole as well as the surrounding environment (work, socially, etc.).  My goal is to help women overcome female rivalry and find ways to empower each other, work together and establish collaboration over competition. I firmly believe that what we can do together is so much more than what we can do alone!" Make sure to follow Amber here: IG: LI: FB Biz: And, listen on Thanks to our sponsor, , try it for free with code VIP100 today! XXX Maya
May 16, 2022
108 - Understanding Your True Why, Mission, and Values as a Founder with Kim Troy
Welcome Kim Troy to the podcast this week! She is the Founder and CEO of Civilis Consulting, a fractional HR and culture consultancy that helps entrepreneur-led businesses reach new heights. Civilis’ seasoned consultants work alongside CEOs and leadership teams to roll out organization-wide transformations; and have deep expertise consulting companies with remote or geographically dispersed business units. Civilis Consulting, a fractional HR and culture consultancy that helps entrepreneur-led businesses reach new heights. Civilis’ seasoned consultants work alongside CEOs and leadership teams to roll out organization-wide transformations Prior to Civilis, Kim founded Kimberly Troy Consulting, working with field-based wildlife conservation organizations – primarily in southern Africa – to improve utilization of financial and human resources. She has also held executive level positions in Human Resources, Operations and Sales for some of the world’s largest corporations, including L Brands. She has a BA in Psychology and Business Administration from the University of Puget Sound and a Diversity & Inclusion certification from Cornell. She is an expert facilitator, Prosci® certified Change Management practitioner, and certified DDI® Targeted Selection trainer. On this episode, Kim Troy talks about how she helps founders and entrepreneurs dissect their mission, vision, and values. She helps them get to the true core "why?" and not just the values or mission statement that perhaps their marketing agency created for them. This is what sets any company apart from another. It is what drives culture and defines your company. It's difficult to own and operate a business and Kim is giving us serious tips on how we can get to our core why, values and mission to set us apart. Follow Kim on LinkedIn Here: Visit her Website for more information: Thanks to our sponsor, visit them today and use VIP100 to try them out and find your perfect match for podcasting today! XXX Maya
May 03, 2022
107 - Leadership for the New Female Manager with Karina G. Sanchez
Welcome Karina Sanchez to the podcast this week! She is a powerhouse woman who is the author of "Leadership for the New Female Manager" among many other things. Which we all get access to by the way right here.... but don't forget to leave an incredible review for Karina. She is owed more than that for sharing her knowledge with us. Click here to leave your review please. Over the last 15 years, Karina has facilitated hundreds of in-person and virtual workshops internationally. Karina is a keynote speaker and corporate trainer. She has lived and worked internationally and has consulted in the retail, pharmaceutical, and financial industries, to name a few. Her energy and passion have brought a positive change within small and large teams alike. Karina has an uncanny ability to open minds to new and innovative ways of thinking while helping companies stay on budget. Through dynamic, engaging, skill-based training solutions that will help you create goal-driven, action-oriented, authentic, and passionate leaders, Karina will undoubtedly impact your organization’s bottom line. She is a coach and mentor and has helped hundreds of new female managers become successful leaders. In her own words, "What makes me a leader of my life is stepping into the unknown even though I'm afraid and have no idea what's on the other side. As a woman and a single mother, the unknown is really scary especially since I have two kids that depend on me 24x7. Some of the best opportunities came out of me stepping into the unknown. I feel the fear and do it anyway. This is now my motto in life. I step into life no matter what. That's what I coach and mentor on. We don't have to live a fearless life, we will feel fear, but it's what we do about it, that really makes the difference in our lives. It's taking a chance so that we live a life worth talking about." Download her book here. Review it here. Don't forget to follow Karina here:  And, listen on any major platform, or visit or website: XXX Maya Thank you so much to our Sponsor, Find A Co-Host, please check them out here and use our code VIP100 to try them out today!
April 18, 2022
106 - Giving Tools for Success and Beyond with Tanya Weaver, Executive Director of AFCA
Welcome Tanya Weaver to the podcast this week! Tanya Weaver is the Executive Director of American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA), a role she has held since 2005. In addition to directing AFCA’s day-to-day activities, Tanya frequently speaks about AFCA and AIDS to students, community organizations and religious organizations. In 2007, Tanya created and held the first Climb Up so Kids Can Grow Up, an international series of outdoor events that raises funds for AFCA.   She has spent much of her life abroad involved in international development. Prior to joining AFCA, Tanya worked in Afghanistan as a Project Supervisor and later as Interim Country Director for Shelter for Life International, a global organization that provides assistance building homes and other shelters for those in need. Previously, Tanya worked with Habitat for Humanity International in Romania, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary and Russia.  Tanya’s involvement with international development began early in her life. Raised in Colombia, she worked in orphanages in Colombia, Brazil and Jamaica during college summer breaks, further broadening her world view.  Tanya has a Masters in Art Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. More about Tanya Weaver in her own words and why she believes she is a leader, "Fundamentally my goal is to help those in need, and I have led my life and career in that direction. So when I lead, I use that goal as my true north, and continually work to find the best ways to get there, and bring as many people as I can along with me to help." In addition, Tanya says, "As executive director of a non-profit organization for 17 years, I have a lot of experience leading people and projects."  Tanya Weaver is an absolute inspiration and what she has and does do to help children and families and women around the world. Tanya is not only helping people at the American Foundation for Children with AIDS through providing medicine and immediate assistance. But, Tanya and her team are creating ecosystems that support these families and give them tools to become financially independent and successful despite their circumstances. The entrepreneur in me loves this even more and I hope you are just as inspired about this experience. She also brings individuals and families over to these sites for a vacation with a purpose. You can actually see where your money and donations go, but you can also get involved with this amazing organization. Visit them here to learn more: Visit social media pages here too: Happy Motivation Monday! Listen on our website or any major platform! XXX Maya Thank you so much to our sponsor, Find A CoHost! Try them out for free now, use code VIP100
April 12, 2022
105 - Unlocked & How Empowered Women Empower Women with Jane Finette
Welcome Jane Finette to the podcast this week! She is the Founder and Executive Director of The Coaching Fellowship, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of young women leaders in social change. A leadership expert and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Jane has dedicated her life to achieving equality for women — empowering them to create impact and build the world of tomorrow, today. A 2020 Women Forward Gold Award winner from the Business Council for Peace, Jane’s passion, expertise, and two decades of experience is anchored at the intersection of technology and human potential. At her core, she empowers individuals and communities to solve the world's largest, most persistent, and perennial problems. Leadership in Jane's words, "To me leadership is a tofu word, it takes on what ever flavor you prefer. Leadership to me is about helping every living thing around me reach it's full potential. When that happens... the world naturally get's better!   Leading my own life... for me that's about living and being on purpose. Living out my values and honoring gifts and needs." Read the full show transcript notes here. Website: Connect with Jane on Social: Buy the Book - Unlocked here : XXX Listen to more episodes here Thanks for our sponsor! Find A Cohost! Visit them today and use code VIP100 to get started for free: XXX Maya
April 04, 2022
104 - What is Self-Ownership with Faith Jones
Meet Faith Jones this week! Faith empowers business owners with clear and straight-forward legal knowledge so they can set their businesses up with confidence. She coaches them on a personal level to step into their power as successful entrepreneurs. She is a passionate, articulate advocate for womens’ empowerment and business leadership. Her mission is to inspire and equip women with the ability to claim full ownership over their bodies, creations, and deals to accelerate their impact and power. She is an international corporate attorney, author, and TEDx speaker who capitalized on her unusual background to create her unique “I Own Me” framework that is at the heart of empowering all people, to claim their innate power in business and personal relationships. Her goal is to see people, united and empowered, offer the best chance for a promising future for our children and all humanity. 1:44   Faith talks about her background and her journey, and how she got inspired to write her book “Sex Cult Nun”, How she grows up in a cult. 4:05  Faith talks about life in a cult and how hard it was, why they abused women, why we should have self-ownership to avoid being a slave to someone else's life and live the way we want. 14:49  The process Faith used to switch her life to be responsible for her own life and own her buddy, why you should be a leader of yourself before being the leader of people. 18:43  Sponsor segment - and use code VIP100 to try them out. 19:41  How men have self-ownership and how they are raised that way, how to own yourself in terms of business. 21:41   5 principles elements to every valid contract, the importance of clear offer to get the exact result expected, the capacity to understand the nature and the implications of the contract, why it shouldn’t be under pressure, 26:33  Some ways to eliminate guilt, to be the leader of your own life  29:33  The impact of things beyond our control as a leader. 34:23  How Faith got the inspiration to get into law and how she struggled on her education journey to become a lawyer. 43:02  Tips to leaders from Faith Jones. Grab her books here: Connect with Faith here: Listen to the episode on our website and more information here: Thank you again to our sponsor, Find a Co-Host, at and use code VIP100 to try it out now! XXX Maya
March 21, 2022
103 - Assembling your Tribe with Leah JM Dean
Leah JM Dean is the author of the best-selling book, Assemble the Tribe, and an expert on leading with a "tribe mindset." She is a former Chief Human Resources Executive and Board member who, for more than 20 years, successfully led multiple people integrations and developed leading HR strategies. As the Founder and CEO of Conduit International Ltd., Leah has worked with organizations and executives across numerous industries including insurance, reinsurance, education, not-for-profit, and business consulting.  Leah is also the creator of The Tribe Advantage and The Circle a women's leadership accelerator program and networking circle to help women build connected teams that deliver results. On a mission to create a more connected world, Leah uses science and her proprietary group research with over 1200 women to help her audiences to find their tribes and confidently navigate life & leadership with authenticity, courage, and heart. 1:08  Leah Talks about her book “Assemble the Tribe”, how she wrote it, and the story behind it. 2:44  Leah defines what is the meaning of “Tribe”, and how the book “Assemble the Tribe” can help women. 4:34  How women struggle with loneliness today, how to make healthy relationships. 7:00  Leah represents herself, how she grew up and how she started her journey and how she became the author of the book “Assemble the Tribe”, how she started her company 12:03  How building relationships can help and switch the destiny of our life to achieve goals more than we can do when we are alone. 15:42  Sponsor segment - 16:38  How Maya deals with loneliness and how people surrounded and her mentor help her get over it, 18:38  Why we need many tribes and which tribe is better for each situation. And what are the differences between tribes and how to build them in a good way 30:02  How fear can impact our relationships, why it’s important to have tribes that help us to live better healthier lives 32:13  The importance of doing the work, some dark sides of "tribes" 38:58  What Leah does besides writing books 41:33  Leah’s tips to leaders Follow Leah on all social: @leahjmdean Visit her site: Listen here: XXX Maya Thanks to our sponsor, , try it out for FREE using code VIP100
March 15, 2022
102 - From Founder to CEO with The Jill James
Jill James is a female powerhouse, who helps self-funded business owners go from being the founder to CEO. This is the cure for entrepreneurs who work 80+ hours a week, which can be fixed in a matter of a couple of weeks, without losing any profits. She is not the one to give generic advice like "raise your prices" or "hire more people."  Jill comes from humble beginnings – she comes from a small town of 1000 people in rural Wisconsin. She then was a Wall Street banker as well as COO for a venture-backed tech start-up while being 7-months pregnant, and realizing that something had to change. Today, she has worked with hundreds of self-funded businesses and helped them develop into multi-million dollar companies. What makes Jill a great leader? In her own words: "It's of the utmost importance to me to be a partner and ally for the people I work with and align my expertise to their values and goals by listening. I lead through the lens of service." Show Notes: 01:15  Jill James talks about how she started her career and how she was able to write a newsletter “how to start your business in 10 weeks” on a daily basis. 03:01  Jill talks about how she started her Company “The Jill James”; what kind of founders she works with, how she does help businesses grow what basics she insists on, how she turned from founder to CEO, why most people are against that switch, 07:57  Jill explains “love like dislike hate” exercise, and how important it is to avoid doing things you hate and how that hate can drag you down, 12:08  Jill explains the major differences between the characteristics of the CEO and the Founder thinking, why we should keep the checkbook under our control as a CEO to avoid any serious mistakes. Why understanding the mechanics of your business is much more important than knowing about numbers because you can learn the numbers. 15:35  Jill talks about the importance of building a professional team and finding partners to get advice and help from them to gain much time and money to run your business in the way you want, 18:55  How founders create values and vision of how the business will function and how that helps the process of taking decisions and make it much easier and more efficient. 23:41  Jill talks about her two programs “Founder to CEO” and “the business design Bootcamp”, how she works with her clients and what program work for each client, how she adapts to each special case to help them reach planned goals 27:57  What are the clients that Jill works with, what are the most important things to make the business succeed, how working with a variety of businesses helps her work with many customers and help them make the right decision and boost their activity, 31:19  Jill gives advice to women about stepping up into leadership Follow Jill James: Visit her website here: Thanks to our Sponsor: Visit Find a Co-Host™ now and try us out completely free using code VIP100! XXX Maya
March 07, 2022
101 - Wisdom Social Audio with Dayo Akinrinade
We're back! It's Motivation Monday with Maya on MaYapinion with another amazing guest, Dayo who is the founder of the newest and hottest social audio app, Wisdom! Here is a bit more about Dayo: Dayo started as an IT Management Consultant at Accenture and Deloitte Then, driven by the lack of diversity in London’s tech ecosystem, she joined the founding team of OneTech, London’s largest diversity in startups programme, backed by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. Subsequently, after spotting a gap in the market, she went on to found Africlick, a cultural dating app targeting 1 billion Africans globally. Africlick has been mentioned on BBC Africa, BBC London Radio and Huffpost. Dayo holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and a M.Sc. in Technology from University College London. Recognitions Dayo was named 2021 Women In Dating Powerbook, celebrating the 20 most inspirational and influential women in the dating industry Dayo was named in the Financial Times Top 100 Most Influential Ethnic Minority Leaders in Tech. Show notes and Key times: 01:25  Dayo talks about her background in technology and how she started her career, and how she founded her first startup “Africlick”, how she got into entrepreneurship, her experience starting “One-Tech” program based on equity and diversity in terms of Financing founders; How a lack of mentorship blocks this program, How she got the idea to start to Found the “Wisdom app”. 07:07 Dayo talks about how she started the “Wisdom app”, how the App democratizes mentorship and access to knowledge, how does it work to connect to mentors to get wisdom and to monetize their expertise. 14:56  What Distinguish "Wisdom" from "Clubhouse" and what are the differences between them, 22:31  Dayo explains the Mentorcoin feature that they launched recently to encourage creating content in "Wisdom". And why they are looking to monetize the top mentors directly through “Wisdom”. 27:49  How does “Wisdom” help Maya launch her new business “Find A Co-host”. 30:34  Dayo talks about the feature that enables you to download of recordings audio with the mentor or to save it as a podcast to make content creation more accessible. 33:09  Dayo explains the feature “reactions” to react to a talk in goal to facilitate the communication with the guests. 34:50  Dayo gives advice on how to start and succeed on your leadership journey 37:02  How to find “Wisdom App” and how to benefit from it. Join Wisdom here: Wisdom Socials Dayo’s Socials Thanks to our Sponsor! Try out "Find a Co-Host" for free with VIP100 at XXX
February 28, 2022
100 - Best of MaYapinion™ and Recap
Join me on the MaYapinion™ podcast this week as I recap the top five solo episodes and top five interviews on the podcast. This was actually recorded LIVE on where I am a top mentor and would love for you to join us! I have a weekly show on Monday's at 6pm EST, "Maya's Motivation Monday" where you can interact with me one on one in front of a live audience. I hope you enjoy this recap for our 100th episode and I also share what is to come for the podcast in 2022 with our new episodes releasing on February 28th, 2022. Enjoy! Recap of the top episodes: Solo: #5 - Episode 28 - How Leaders Handle Bullying - #4 - Episode 27 - Work Life Harmony - #3 - Episode 24 - The Gender of Leadership - #2 - Episode 23 - Women's Empowerment - #1 - Episode 32 - Leadership Fatigue - Interviews: Episode 71 - Brilliant Jerks with Katrina Burrus - Episode 60 - Feng Shui with Melissa Yamaguchi - Episode 69 - Netflix Marriage or Mortgage with Nicole and Sarah - Episode 73 - The Tao of Self-Confidence with Sheena Yap Chan - Episode 94 - Creating Magic at Work with Amy Lynn Durham - Episode 93 - Relaunching with Hilary DeCesare - Enjoy! Maya Thanks to our sponsor - Use code VIP100 to try their service out now!
February 01, 2022
99 - The Power of Leadership
It's our 99th episode since the relaunch and we want to thank each one of you for continuing to support the podcast. I am closing out this year and relaunch until February 2022 with this important topic. The power of leadership is not something to be taken lightly, and it is something that is important that we not only understand but also, recognize positive and negative ways of using our power as leaders. I hope you enjoy! XXX Maya Thanks to our sponsor: Visit our website for more information, the blog, and even SWAG and merch: Happy Holidays!
December 22, 2021
98 - The Power of "No" in Leadership
"No" is a full sentence. This is a concept that was introduced to me in 2020, and I really understood it from my core by the end of this year, 2021. As leaders, we must know how to say No, even more than we need to know how to say yes. Let us know what you think about the second episode in the power series this week. Check us out: Listen, read and contact us here: Subscribe here: Checkout our sponsor here to find your perfect Co-Host today: (There's a complementary code within the episode as well. Enjoy!) XXX Maya
December 15, 2021
97 - Leading by Letting Go
This is the first episode in the power series and I am discussing leading by letting go. I personally always thought the tighter the grasp I could have on "things" then the more "control I had or the better leader I could be as I would know "everything" and I could do "everything." Well, I learned quite early that is the farthest thing from the truth.  However, I find as women especially, we pride ourselves on having everything "under control" or saying things like "I've got this." The conditioning for this mindset and mentality did not serve us well to lead by letting go. Yet, it did serve us well in the ability to lead as the future is female. Check us out: Listen, read and contact us here: Subscribe here: Checkout our sponsor here to find your perfect Co-Host today: (There's a complementary code within the episode as well. Enjoy!) XXX Maya
December 08, 2021
96 - Social Media Platform "Kinema" and Leadership Relationships with Christie Marchese
This week on the MaYapinion™ podcast, we have Christie Marchese who is the founder and CEO of Kinema. She is also, of course, a true leader of her life and knows a thing or two about leadership. Kinema is a new social cinema platform that is building a world-wide network of screening hosts, filmmakers and filmgoers. Under her helm, the company’s ultimate goal is to expand access to engaging film and effectively eliminate theater deserts, while also driving revenue for filmmakers and creators. Marchese has over 15 years experience developing grassroots marketing and social action campaigns for films to help drive lasting change.  Throughout that time, Christie noticed a gap within the entertainment industry -- one that she felt confident that she could fill. Christie recognized that the industry was rapidly changing, and those often left behind to fend for themselves were the small, independent filmmakers who desperately needed to share their stories.  Christie was previously recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People 2021 and Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30. Kinema is a social cinema platform that profiles the stories that deserve to be told. As the connective tissue to the future of cinema, Kinema gives the film marketing and distribution industry a new way to offer social, immersive, and unique cinematic experiences. The pandemic diminished the ability to gather in large public spaces; however, the demand for content and community grew. Kinema’s mission is to offer filmmakers and communities alike opportunities to experience cinema anywhere. The team is committed to being a resource to filmmakers and distributors by providing a new way of digital distribution, marketing and monetization. 1:09 Christie talks about her company “Kinema”, how she created it, what the company makes, and how it works. 05:36 Christie speaks about how she started her career in developing marketing and social action campaigns for films, how she founded her first company Picture Motion, how she leads it and how she grew up in the business, The story of her old company “Story spaces”, and how she used technology to develop her businesses. 10:29 Why believing in the idea is so important as a first step to succeed, where does Christie get the push and funding to create a new product or start a new business, and how does she find new partners for her company. 14:40 How important is it to get used to handling crisis and how it helps become a successful leader, 17:25 How Christie deals with her partners, she shares some of her stories with her partners, how to find the right partners and how crucial is it to have a good relationship with them, and building strong relationships with your partners. 23:05 How important is it to divide between friendship and partnership and how to set proper expectations from partners and friends, 27:08 How to take advantage of Kinema, what is its benefits, and how to use it properly. 30:45 Christie’s advice to women who are aspiring leaders and want to be the leader of their lives. Check out Kinema here: And connect with Christie here: XXX Maya Listen, read and contact us here: Subscribe here:
November 23, 2021
95 - Relaunches in Your Life with Hilary DeCesare
This week, we have Hilary DeCesare, owner and founder of The ReLaunch Co. In her own words, she says, "we help women through transitions into major transformations in their business, relationships and personal lives. We have a special model around The 3H Effect that takes a person through the heart, the head, into the higher self to manifest midlife magic." 01:43  Hilary talks about her two coming books next year, how she decided to author, and what subjects is she going to deal with in these two coming books? Why should we love ourselves to succeed? 05:24 Why IQ and brain aren’t enough to succeed? And why should we take EQ in consideration as well? What does the 3HQ formula mean? The secrets of How to go from your brain to your heart to manifest your ultimate goals. 10:28  How are SQ and beliefs important Besides EQ and IQ? How limiting beliefs can stop us from achieving big goals? How to create habits and beliefs? How does creating a solid foundation of habits and beliefs keep success progressive and help go through relaunches faster? How to learn from relaunches at an early age to stop them from repeating? 16:22  Why 21days aren’t enough to build habits and beliefs? Why do most people quit after 21days? How long scientifically it takes to build a new habit and new belief? Hilary talks about her process of 6 steps to master beliefs, 23:09  How tragic and trauma can trigger major changes in our lives and how to start building yourself up again? 29:16  What Hillary is going to name her two coming books next year and when are the launch dates? And what are they talking about? 32:01  Why do we need mentors and how to find the correct one? How to become the CEO of your own life and how important is that? 35:51 Who is eligible for the 6 months business Hillary's course? and how can help to speed up your business to the next level? 40:30   Hilary talks about her podcast, what does the podcast covers, And the story behind starting it, 43:14  Hilary’s advice to become a CEO of your life and get through relaunches and avoid limiting beliefs. Hilary has a unique understanding and up-close perspective of the center of any successful business, organization, or life - it’s people and what they desire to the C.O.R.E. After a 10 year career at Oracle Corporation garnering more than 100 worldwide managerial sales awards including Top Account Manager Worldwide, DeCesare decided to shift her focus to helping C suite executives and women looking to relaunch in either life, business, or in relationships in order to reach their goals and align with their future possibilities. As a mother to 3, step-mother to 2 children, and wife to her amazing husband, life in the Bay Area is filled with an abundance of joy for DeCesare. A self-confessed adrenaline junky she has jumped from planes, dived in some of the rarest locations, and is up for anything that resembles a challenge or growth opportunity. When she is not coaching or spending time with family, she also devotes time to fitness and nutrition and enjoys traveling to exotic or unique locations that bring a new perspective to both her and her client's lives. A little more about Hilary, from Hilary "My career has crossed over from Corporate to Coaching to Entrepreneurship. I have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows including a board member doing a Ponzi Scheme with our company." Connect with Hilary here: XXX Maya Listen, read and contact us here: Subscribe here:
November 16, 2021
94 - Creating Magic at Work with Amy Lynn Durham
This week we have Amy Lynn Durham, the founder of Create Magic at Work, on the podcast. Create Magic At Work’s intention is to offer Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tools to energize and transform the workplace.  As an expert in building positive company cultures, Amy designed Create Magic At Work to bring a variety of services and strategies to aid in cultivating teamwork and harmony in order to improve profits and employee morale. Amy Lynn Durham is the CEO of “Create Magic At Work” and a U.C. Berkeley Certified Executive Coach. She is certified to coach in the 21 skills associated with Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) using the SQ21 Assessment and an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (EQ). Amy has spent years in the corporate world successfully managing hundreds of employees for private and publicly traded companies. In her spare time, you can also find her spending time with her Cavapoo puppy, Mr. Bingley. Amy is an author of an amazing book too, "Create Magic at Work"  This magical book contains field-tested activities that leaders and coaches can utilize to ignite authentic connection with their clients, teams, or employees. The time is now to apply these practices so we can all thrive as human beings.  “I intentionally made this book feel magical and whimsical to bring a childlike play and feel back into the workplace. Please enjoy the beautiful illustrations from the magical mermaid artist Marybel Martin and the beautiful book design from Chad Beckerman.” – Amy Lynn Durham. 01:34 Amy gives an overview and the major definitions of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ). 03:54 Explains step by step how to learn about Spiritual Intelligence 21 Skills, and how her assessment works, also about how to discover your hidden strengths. 08:46 How Spiritual Intelligence helped Amy after leaving her corporate executive job to bring back her creativity, also talks about her book “Create Magic at Work” and how she discovered the 21 Skills. 11:34 The main reasons that made Amy leaves her job and how she did plan to leave her employees, how she spent her last year at work and what activities she did, the story behind the quote “leap and a net will appear”, How data and numbers are not enough and why rational intelligence (IQ)and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) are indispensable to succeed in the future. 15:33 Amy answers the question What is the difference between men and women leaders, and why men should work on their emotional and spiritual skills. And how does collaborating and connecting masculine and feminine increase productivity. 18:36 Amy defines Servant leadership, what most people think about it and why it’s important besides emotional and spiritual intelligence. 23:03 Amy talks about her book, "Create Magic at Work," how it helps to build IQ and SQ, how she wrote it, and how she authored the "Journal Prompt Card Deck" during the pandemic, and how that helped her during lockdown. 25:10 Amy Picks a Card (Reward) "I Take Time to Reward myself for the Work that I accomplish." and answers two questions: 1. What am I proud of that I have accomplished? 2. Write four sentences congratulating yourself on a job well job. 27:43 Amy gives bits of advice for leaders. Listen, read and contact us here: Subscribe here:
November 08, 2021
93 - The Relationship Leaders have with Money with Jennifer Love
Jennifer Love is a wealth philosopher, money therapist and the founding CEO of The Living Wealthy Institute. She is a sought after advisor to world leaders and an international speaker, author and educator weaving the aspects of our humanity into her garden conversation about the nature of wealth. Award winning, 5x career entrepreneur with 20+ years under her comfy Keds, Jennifer Love is a thought leader with a heart that matches her name. For almost two decades, Jennifer has studied human and organizational behavior, and the relationship leaders have with their wealth and money. Metamorphosis and the patterns of nature inform her methodology. She unpacks our dichotomy of emotional poverty to reunite us with our innate desire to be free. Jennifer is on a mission to help world leaders free themselves of the chains that hold them back from living wealthy – replacing overwhelm, stress, and anxiety in the money equation with a wholesome, regenerative, and nourishing experience while raising, making, managing, growing, and contributing money. These leaders become good allies in society and to future generations while living soulfully connected, deeply satisfying, and very wealthy lives. On a given day, Jennifer can be found diving deep with a leader in a private money therapy session, guiding groups of leaders through workshops and retreats, serving as a judge for events like Startup Weekend, on stage sharing her research and views as a Wealth Philosopher, preparing entrepreneurs to land a deal on Shark Tank, advising clients behind-the-scenes of shows like Biz Fix with Marcus Lemonis, meeting with community leaders and government officials, negotiating with investors (she’s helped raise $100M+), advising leaders of Fortune 200 companies and celebrities through her Living Wealthy Model, OR at home enjoying time with her sweetheart John, her fur-baby Maggie, and her adored garden of plants. 01:08  Jennifer represents herself, founding her wholesale dark chocolate company, what she does as a money and wealth therapist.  02:42   Jennifer talks about how she started her career as a wealth advisor, and her training in human and organizational behavior and development working with leaders around the world and her story as a child with money began until founding 5 companies and investing in several other companies.  05:35   Jennifer talks about the consequences beneath her success and the impact on her emotions and feeling and how she unpacked that, and Jennifer also explained why we should do the work for ourselves instead of doing it for others.  10:35   Jennifer dives into the correlation of the trio: decision, emotion, money. and how emotions impact our decisions and how that impacts our financial wealth.  16:57    Jennifer explains step by step how to make our relationship with money healthier. And avoid being bulimic.  23:49   How Jennifer knows what's happening emotionally based on a financial spreadsheet. She also explains how our fears prevent our financial success.  27:49    Jennifer spells out the indispensability of working to avoid the guilt of not doing it and how not doing it impacts our emotions.  31:02    Jennifer’s precious advice to start in the leadership world. Follow and connect with her here: Listen, read and contact us here: Subscribe here:
November 01, 2021
92 - The Story of a Dolphin Trainer, Filmmaker, and Cancer Survivor featuring Joy Clausen Soto
Joy Clausen Soto joins the podcast this week and she is a keynote speaker who inspires audiences with her story of perseverance. She followed her dream to SeaWorld, San Diego to become a dolphin trainer. After that Joy continued following her dreams and attended film school. Then at age twenty-five she found a lump on her throat and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Joy decided to make a documentary of her journey with the hope of sharing a story of survival. Her documentary “Just One Year – A Story of Triumph Over Cancer,” went on to win several awards at film festivals. ******************************************************** 01:23     Joy represents her book Joy: The story of a dolphin trainer, filmmaker, and cancer survivor. 02:20    Joy talks about her experience as a dolphin trainer, and how she did use the technique of visualization to train for the test. 04:24    How Joy knew about the power of visualization, and how this technique helps people. 05:51     What Joy learned from training dolphins, 08:00     Joy describes step by step how to achieve the big goals, 09:05    The reason why Joy left her dream job as a dolphin trainer, and why she began as a filmmaker, and how she felt when she discovered she had cancer. 13:03    How Joy finds her purpose in life 14:17    How some events and bumps can change our lives, and how it shapes people in a positive way if we let it 16:20    How Joy start got into doing documentaries, and the story of the documentary she made about her chemotherapy experience, 19:03   The reason why Joy put herself in a vulnerable position and took the risk to film the process of her own chemotherapy experience, 22:00   How Joy made from filming her documentary as part of her cancer healing, and how that helped her during these tough times. 24:13   Joy’s advice to people struggling with cancer, and things that helped her to survive cancer 29:55   Joy’s tips to step in into leadership **************************************************** Joy has spoken at TEDx and most recently published her memoir entitled, “Joy: The Story of a Dolphin Trainer, Filmmaker, and Cancer Survivor.” She frequently hears that once readers pick it up, they can't put it down. Her book is helping anyone who is going through obstacles in their lives, cancer patients and survivors, and their loved ones. Joy lives in San Diego with her husband and two kids. Connect with Joy here: LinkedIn:  Facebook:  Twitter: Link to her book: Don't forget to connect with Maya, read the blog, and more at Subscribe here:
October 25, 2021
91 - Unleash Your Prosperity with Sheevaun Moran
This week, we welcome Sheevaun Moran, who is the founder of Energetic Solutions®. She is an expert at impact, influence, and income wizardry where a business is stagnant or starting up. She will like to share with you and your audience her unique approach using energetic techniques & principles to help innovate small businesses into big successes. Sheevaun has worked with over 25,000+ entrepreneurs, CEO's and leaders, Sheevaun has combined her corporate experience, rapid growth expertise and her unique approach using energetic techniques & principles to help innovate small businesses into big successes. She is an expert at impact, influence and income wizardry where a business is stagnant or starting up.  1:02  Sheevaun talks about her background and her entrepreneurial experience, her program to help people and additional obstacles in her life  8:37  Her story with burnout and creating company to help people to develop mental health  12:13  Talks about her program “Unleash Your Prosperity”, and how it works, and the importance of gratitude.  16:55  Her advice to unleash prosperity and how to be grateful  19:59  The importance of asking for help  22:55  Why we should make decisions now  25:17  Advice for leaders  28:45  The power of communication  Connect with Sheevan Moran here:  Listen on our website: Subscribe: Email us at  XXX  Maya
October 11, 2021
90 - Defining Resilience with Jodi Woelkerling
This week, we welcome Jodi Woelkerling to the MaYapinion™ Podcast! Jodi Woelkerling works with individuals and businesses to help them to build resilient cultures and resilient individuals within that culture. Much of her work is with leaders, assisting them with their own resilience and with leading resilient teams. She is the author of "World Class Leadership" for Senior Executives as well. 01:14 Jodi Talks about her new book “world class leadership" for senior executives 3:19  How women can build their own resilience 5:38  The three levels to keep resilience consistent and solid 17:08  Talks about her working life and the progression that helps her create programs 21:21  Her advices about culture 24:28  How she defines resilience in leadership for women About Jodi in her words: For more than 25-years, I have worked in financial, educational, service, and product-based organisations in various managerial roles from quality assurance through to financial management, business banking, and branch management. During this time, I've witnessed cultural clashes, and I've also felt the brunt of the stress it generates firsthand.     My experience, coupled with several tertiary level qualifications in education, accounting and financial advice, have heightened my understanding of business and organisational culture and raised my awareness of the impact of stress on individuals in a team and their leaders. Having witnessed cultural barriers and difficulties firsthand as a leader within a corporate organisation, I empathised with others that were experiencing the same challenges, and I wanted to make changes to prevent myself and others from burning out or feeling that they were inadequate or underappreciated when they were competent and highly valued.    By 2016 I had reached a turning point. Feeling that I was teetering on the edge of burnout, I looked towards building my resilience—surely there was something better than what I was currently doing? Something that gave me a better quality of life and was far more rewarding.  At the time, I didn't know what this was, then I started exploring options and completing further study. Becoming a 'Success Principles' certified trainer, health and life coach and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and then pairing this with my corporate knowledge and understanding of leadership, then paved the way for me to help others overcome their resilience challenges and later cultural barriers in their workplace.    Initially helping individuals, I realised that far more could be done to assist these and other people experiencing resilience challenges by focusing my aptitude on the source—organisational culture—where many of the stressors existed. The natural progression from one to many was systematic as I had experienced the power corporate culture exerted and how this could have an adverse effect on the business's success and on the individuals that contributed to that success.   I am passionate about using my knowledge and experience to assist businesses to build an enduring resilient culture at the whole culture level, the various levels of leadership within the business and at the individual level, so that the business as a whole and the individuals within the business can experience the enormous benefits of an enduring resilient culture. Visit Jodi and follow her here: Listen and Read: Subscribe here:
September 27, 2021
89 - Becoming an Entrepreneur in your Twenties with Angelina McEwen
This week on Motivation Monday, we have Angelina McEwen. She owns her own business and discusses the importance of visual content and her journey to entrepreneurship. Angelina was born in Donetsk, Ukraine and moved to the US in 2005. As she focused on learning the English language, she successfully graduated from Newnan High School and went onto receiving an Associates Degree in Television Production from Chattahoochee Technical College.   You’re probably wondering what sparked her interest in Television & Film. Angelina's work with video began in 2012, after entering and winning a competition to produce the best video for the City Hall of Newnan, Ga.  Since then, her work has been published in and Angelina won a Bronze Telly Award while volunteering with Sonlight Christian Mission. She partnered up with another talented female to create visual stories to help raise money for the Organization. 1:09 Angelina speaks about her business and what she does 3:50 Clients that she works with 6:08 How she gets traffic and what makes her special, the power of video 10:31 The importance of marketing budget 12:24 The power that Video give to Improve SEO 14:40 Talks about her background and how got involved into business 19:27 How to delegate work, and relationship with clients, and her first experience 25:07 Tips about relationships with team and clients 34:13 Advice to women to follow their passions 37:55 How women entrepreneurs can find the appropriate mentor Express Your Visions, LLC  Our Mission is to create engaging, creative and strategic visual content to fulfill your brands purpose and vision.  Since Video is the most dependable marketing tool, producing eye-captivating and sentimental content that engages your audience is our goal. We do this by relating to your industry, applying our expertise and innovating out-of-the-box ideas.   Quality is key in Photography. It allows you to stand apart from your competition, highlights your credibility and positions you as a professional in your field. Our team has a creative eye to capture valuable details.  Key clients trust us and rely on us to deliver a product that showcases their uniqueness and value in the market. Connect with Angelina: And, listen and read on Subscribe:
September 20, 2021
88 - Veganism and Healthy Living with Plant-based IQ founder Pamela DeRitis
Let's talk plant based this week! Here a little more about our guest: Pamela's interest in health and wellness blossomed in her twenties when she began a quest to absorb all of the nutrition information she could get her hands on. She had just graduated college where she ate fairly well but had some struggles with her health nonetheless. Her resultant health quest soon led her to learn about the meat industry and how animals we consider “food” are treated in the system we in the West call “agribusiness.” She became a vegetarian from that research, but that wasn’t the end of her journey. Years after going vegetarian Pamela started learning about other aspects of animal agriculture as well as the health implications of eating animal foods, and quickly realized that being vegetarian wasn’t enough. It was then that she made the decision to go vegan. "Our lives are only as good as our health. I founded Plant-based IQ to educate my clients about the link between diet and disease and help them create their own path forward as they transition in part or in whole to plant-based eating. My goal is to enable the betterment of my client's health, the health of animals, and of our planet.  A plant-based diet has been shown to be instrumental in halting and even reversing heart disease and other "diseases of affluence" by turbocharging the body's ability to heal itself. I educate others about how and why diet can have such a powerful impact on disease outlooks and make the case for moving toward a more plant-based diet." - Pamela DeRitis 1:08 Pamela’s program and business, and courses 3:30  Her background, and how she started business and creating programs and courses 6:21  How she switched her business 8:17  Advice on how to improve lifestyle and being healthy 12:32  Vegan lifestyle and smoking experience 15:54  How she quit smoking 18:19  What helped her to get into vegan lifestyle 19:50  The importance of community surrounded you 24:01  Her connection with animals 26:56  Some advice on leadership Connect with Pamela here: And, listen, read and more: Subscribe:
September 13, 2021
87 - Magnetic Stories with Gabrielle Dolan
Gabrielle Dolan is considered a global expert in business storytelling and real communication. She is a highly sought after keynote speaker and best selling author of seven books. Her client list is extensive including the likes of Visa, Amazon, EY, Uber, Accenture, Telstra, Australia Post and the Obama Foundation. The professional highlight of her career so far is meeting Barack Obama while delivering storytelling training for the Obama Foundation. Gabrielle is the founder of Jargon Free Fridays and her dedication to the industry was recognized when she was awarded Communicator of the Year for 2020 by International Association of Business Communicators. On the show, we chatted about Magnetic Stories and of course, leadership. Gabrielle shares her opinion about leadership and how to help new leaders.  1:30  Gabrielle talks about her book “Magnetic Stories” 5:26  The source of her inspiration and how she was influenced to write books 7:16  The importance of communication in leadership 10:33  How to become a true leader 12:45  What is a "Thought Leader" 15:01  Things that need to be implemented and improved in companies to help new leaders 18:14   Advice for new leaders 23:03  Mistakes that leaders and companies should avoid You can find Gabrielle here: And, read and learn more at
September 06, 2021
86 - Juli Geske-Peer on "Five Senses for Success"
Juli Geske-Peer is our guest this week talking about the "5 Senses for Success" which is her new book. She shares with us the five senses and how we can apply them to leadership and our lives. We also spoke about my favorite topic, empathy, and shared our opinions about the importance of relationships.  1:17 Juli talks about her new book “The 5 senses for success” and when it will come out 5:22 The impact of her childhood that made her evolve and how she came up with the 5 senses 11:14 Some tips on how to apply these senses in real life, and the most important thing to take into consideration to succeed 23:37 How empathy is crucial as one of the tactics to succeed in leadership life 29:41 How important relationships are for leaders 34:10 Juli gives advice on how to become the best leader possible More on our guest... Juli Geske-Peer has spent her career honing leadership and relationship skills, and she'd be the first to say she learned many lessons the hard way. Today, as president and founder of Peer Performance Solutions, she brings those hard-won lessons to her clients—helping individuals and organizations lift performance and attain their goals.   Her passion lies in making a positive impact across the stakeholders she serves, and empowering her clients to carry that same ethos forward. She has earned formal degrees in communications (BA) and organizational leadership (MA), as well as certifications in leadership, training, coaching, and mediation.   Juli has over 20 years of successful consulting and management experience and has worked with companies ranging from local nonprofits to multinational organizations. She is also a voracious reader of thriller/suspense novels and loves being lakeside surrounded by her family. Contact her here: Contact us here and read more:
August 30, 2021
85 - Be the Leader of Your Life with Vision
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August 30, 2021
84 - Be the Leader of Your Life with Purpose
Purpose reaches a different depth to any conversation and leadership is not exempt. In my opinion, we spend our entire lives trying to figure out what our “purpose” in this life actually is and do we have one? Well, I think we all have a purpose, in fact, many “purposes” in our lives. As far as leadership goes though, purpose is a direct reflect of your value in many ways and it’s why it’s important that you identify those values first (as I wrote about in part one of Be the Leader of Your Life). If you are still stuck on the first part, values, and still trying to figure it out, answer this for yourself. What is more important than anything else to you? What would you not jeopardize for money or for comfort? Those tend to be your values. For example, if someone told me that I would be paid a billion dollars, then I would be excited… we all would. Let’s change the circumstance. If someone tells me that he will pay me a billion dollars, but I can never tell anyone about the crime I witnessed and I would disappear from my “normal life.” Now, that changes things. I am not here to judge you but some of my strongest values are integrity, honesty and justice. Therefore, I could never accept that offer, but some who value wealth over those value may be able to. Try this exercise if you are still working on your values. We actually play these games on social media all the time and don’t even realize it. Start paying attention because you choices show you your values and your values shape your purpose, especially in leadership. Novice leaders may tell you that their purpose is to “change the world” or “to influence others” and those are great and lofty goals. But as leaders, we do not influence others or change the world by setting out with that purpose. That’s why understanding your values is key. As a young leader starting out, I didn’t even know I was a leader. You could say that my most important value besides determination was wealth because I wanted to make money. However, through the discover of my values my purpose became to form, shape, and evolve. I didn’t start my career after college with my diploma in hand thinking, “OK, time to go empower women to be the leaders of their life and hopefully, learn from all my mistakes.” Um, no. I even laugh to myself just writing that. But, I did understand my values because I knew what felt aligned with me. A mistake we all make as leaders is we go along with our companies’ values, mission, vision, and even, its purpose. The trouble there is that it’s so important that it’s the other way around. That’s why I started this series, group, and will be releasing more information about being the leader of your life. We have it all wrong. It’s all about your values, mission, vision, and definitely, your purpose as you move through life. You must ask yourself if that aligns with the company you are working for, and yes, even if you have built your own company because everything evolves and changes, companies that even you have founded, and you will definitely grow and evolve many times in this life. Your values build your purpose. Go to to read the full blog  Go to to follow on Instagram Got to XXX Maya
August 24, 2021
83 - Be the Leader of Your Life with a Mission
Understanding your mission in this life is key to understanding how to become the leader of your life. There are a lot of misconceptions about “your mission though.” I feel the word itself can sometimes be intimidating for a lot of people. But think of it this way, if a company or brand does not have a mission, then are we going to understand it, let alone support it? Probably not. That’s one of the reasons I feel discovering and having a personal mission is one of the four components to being the leader of your life. You might realize that you are completely clueless right now as to what your mission in life is at the point. That’s OK and probably why you are reading this. Another aspect about learning and crafting your mission is that it is completely OK for it for adapt and change. We do as individuals as we grow and learn, so it’s completely normal and expected for our mission to as well. For instance, when I was in my twenties, my mission was to inspire young women to pursue careers and financial independence. A personal mission for me was to live that life; have a successful career, have financial independence, and be a strong role model for young women. Now that I am older, my mission has evolved. Perhaps it has not changed entirely but it has evolved. My mission is to help women step into their leadership and become the leaders of their life. In my opinion, as we evolve, our mission statement or personal mission evolves too. It evolves as we evolve through the stages of our life. We actually find this with companies and teams too and that’s OK. But, if we do not have a mission statement to guide us then we could find ourselves a bit lost as leaders of anything, including the leaders of our lives. So, how do we figure out our mission statement? Well, there’s a reason I talked about values in part one of “be the leader of your life” because understanding what values are important to you will shape your mission statement. Once you have identified your values, then you can begin to really craft and have fun with the creation of your mission statement. In my opinion, that is exactly why values are the core of it all because now, you can build upon them. Now, you can build your mission statement. Values for most people typically remain tried and true, so as missions, visions, and purpose evolve; you will always have your core values to keep you anchored in my opinion. I’ll use myself as an example. My core values are honesty, integrity, determination, equality, courage, independence, courage, success and did I mention determination? I’m sure I have left a few out but these are the main ones. You get the picture. But how did my values develop my mission? Or do I only have one mission? Do you only have one mission? Remember starting out in my career, all I knew is that I wanted to make a lot of money and mentor and support other women. As I saw and experienced situations, people, things, etc… I developed my mission. I actually realized how great it made me feel to be so honest and to act with integrity. I observed and felt how my determination was not only a value, but a superpower for me. I enjoyed being independent and providing for myself and found great success. I valued this within myself and others. I could go on but I think that helps to paint by journey and reflection about values. Some of the most poignant moments were when my values were challenged by others. I look back now and realize that is truly when my mission was born. But, I also see that is when it evolves, when it is challenged. It grows and evolves. Finish the blog here: Join the Facebook group and more here: XXX Maya
August 03, 2021
82 - Be the Leader of Your Life with Values
What does it mean to be the leader of your life? Well, to most people, they think that they have to have a title, a team, or someone appointing us as a leader in some sort of fashion. In my opinion, that’s not what makes you a leader, and I’ve spoken openly about this on my blog and my podcast for almost two years now. I talk often about being a leader before any of those moments happen to you… before you get the promotion to manager or director or VP and so on. When you step into your leadership now, that’s what makes you a leader. But, how do we do that? And what does that mean to “step into our leadership?” In my opinion, it means to be the leader of your life. You can’t effectively lead others if you are not already leading the life that YOU want to live. That doesn’t mean that you must have it all figured out. We are all figuring it out along the way. It does mean that you have to know what is important to you as an individual and ensure that you are applying those tools into your own life. So, how do you know if you are the leader of your life? Or how do you become the leader of your life? Over a few episodes and blog posts I am going to talk about the important factors and tools that help you become the leader of your life. Let’s start with the core and the foundational basics that you need to understand about yourself to become the leader of your life. I’ve talked about the importance of purpose, values, mission, and vision as far as an organization goes and how important it is for you as a leader to drive these factors. But, these elements are even more important for you as the leader of your life. Your purpose, values, mission, and vision will shape you as a leader in every aspect of your life and you can carry that into your “title leadership” roles too. It also helps you realize whether or not you align with clients, organizations, or anyone that you will work with or hire. Most of us struggle with purpose. I know I have several times in my life and in my opinion, I think it’s important to know that purpose is something that can evolve in life. Your life purpose will always be evolving and will be a result of your values, mission, and vision. Most of us believe we must find this great purpose for us being on this planet. In my opinion, yes, we all have a purpose but you can have several. That’s why as the leader of your life you need to dive in and explore what’s important to you, your values. I encourage everyone to evaluate the most important values first. When you are examining who you are, I think it’s imperative to ask yourself what values are the most important to you. This is the core of you and how you will lead your life. Here are some of the most common values: Achievement Adventure Courage Creativity Dependability Determination Friendship Health Honesty Independence Integrity Intelligence Justice Kindness Learning Love Peace Perfection Security Simplicity Sincerity Spontaneity Success Understanding Wealth And there are many more. The best way to figure out what is important to you and what your important values are is to ask yourself some questions. What makes me feel good? (If you like to win awards and it makes you feel happy, achievement might be one of your top values). What makes me angry? (For example, when people are dishonest to you, you get really upset. Honesty is probably a value for you). What type of career do you have or want to have? (For example, you like seeking out help for those who have been wronged, then justice is more than likely a value for you). For more, go to
July 26, 2021
81 - Being the first female President and the importance of culture with Sandra Duff of Jackman
As President of Jackman, North America's leading customer engagement reinvention company, Sandra is responsible for both the business's long-term vision and day-to-day management. Sandra leads a talented team of 100+ reinventions with an engaging, highly motivating leadership style that fosters a culture of openness and champions ingenuity and collaboration. Sandra lives in Toronto, Canada, works across North America, and has been featured in major outlets like Forbes, Fast Company, and Thrive Global. [1:11] A little history about Sandra Duff [4:30] Taking a step backward to cope with her challenges [13:34] Sandra's opinion on the two years resume rule [14:58] A brief explanation about Jackman and its operations [17:18] Post pandemic relationship between Jackman and its clients [19:56] How Jackman operated during the pandemic [28:33] Tips for building a strong culture in a working environment [33:50] How it feels to be the first female president [37:45] Target and Ideal client for Jackman Taking a step backward to cope with her challenges Sandra was struggling from a couple of perspectives; number one was juggling everything and keeping all the balls in the air. And number two was because her family situation hadn't changed. there was just a lot on her plate. She drained mentally and was having a hard time. Then she made the difficult decision to go back to client-side work. Sandra's opinion on the two years resumes rule. Sandra’s opinion is that now more than ever, people have the permission to break those standard air, quote, standard rules. You know, we see people leaving work. They're not sure necessarily what's next. But they know that their work Nessus doesn't fit the purpose drive for them right now. And so, you see people exploring new things, or new opportunities, or moving into different roles that they just want to study. So I think now we should kind of erase that rule from our memories right now. Because I believe we are setting the new standard moving forward. Tips for building a strong culture in a working environment One of the super important things that we did, and I think it's going on now, three, almost four years ago, is we decided, as a leadership team, to establish some values for our organization. And then I think the other piece about the culture that's been a focus for us the last few years is the transparency policy in our teams, Some difficult decisions are made that are the decision of our founder, Joe, or us as a leadership team. But wherever possible, we consistently pulsar teams, and that's important down to like, What do you want. How it feels to be the first female president When we were first talking about this, it was super daunting to think about this. I think I was equal measure excited and anxious or nervous. When I was thinking, how do I make my mark, I thought what was interesting is that Joe has given me the opportunity as the first president of Jackman also to be a female leader, And, often as female leaders, we think we need to fit a mold or fit a step, not a stereotype but like a particular characteristic. And what was interesting is I know I can't be Joe. Joe is so dynamic, and so Joe, that I am not going to be my best self Trying to mold myself to be just like him. But I think that gives me the AHA that I'm me. And there are great things about me and what I bring to the table. Follow Sandra Duff on LinkedIn @ Click through to Sandra
July 19, 2021
80 - Navigating the path from Team Member to Leader & Self-Awareness with Beth Wonson
In this episode, I have Beth Wonson; we discuss a couple of essential topics in leadership, ranging from her transition from being a team member to a leader, how to handle this transition, and becoming more self-aware. Beth Wonson started her career out in public education, and she went into public education because she had two little kids at home; she wanted to be able to have summers off with them and weekends, but she quickly learned that public education was not for her because it didn’t work out the way she wanted. Hence, she went to work for a company that did corporate consulting, and organizational development work, and leadership training, and her career took off there. She went from being an entry-level employee to managing and running a pretty big department quickly. Beth created Navigating Challenge dialogue out of her process of examining how traditional leadership skills fail organizations' mission and goals. She studied how leaders working in isolation and staff working in competitive silos adversely affect the prosperity of the whole company. Key Podcast Moments [0:42]- Brief Background of Beth [03:53]- The transition from being a team member to a leader [10:28]- Self-awareness in leadership [14:19]- Adult development in leadership [16:03]- Finding your niche [21:29]- How to become more self-aware [22:16]- The power of paradox [30:46]- Resources on how to contact Beth [32:05]- Ideal people she works with Explaining her transition, Beth said she was on a high-performing team, and she loved it because they were all great together and even had cocktails on Thursdays where they talked about leadership, so when she was asked to leave the team, she thought it was great. The first Thursday after she was promoted, she went from the usual cocktail, and then the team was all gone; this was her first self-awareness that she was now in management. She realized that when you get in the position, and you have more awareness of bureaucracy and policy and how things work, you suddenly realize why a lot of those things didn't weren't as simple as they seem. So a big part of her work now is helping people along that same journey she had gone through. When asked about her take on self-awareness, Beth stated that she developed a program called navigating challenging dialogue, which is the essence of all the work that I do and the thing that makes it different than many other things like Crucial Conversations or other models, is that it's rooted in the idea of emotional self-awareness and emotional self-regulation. She went further to state that the reason she focused on that was that when she was leading that team, it was super effective, and they were getting so much stuff done and were doing great, but part of what was driving them was the fact that she was not always aware of my emotional impact. She states that it was vital for her to help people understand how to dive into self-awareness, do some self-coaching about the energy they bring to the room, and show up clean and clear for conversations. Beth’s first point on becoming more self-aware is knowing the remedy to the power of paradox. She went further to explain that power politics tells us that the more you move up the leadership chain, the more you will lose self-awareness, the less you'll be open to feedback. The result is you have a less authentic connection with people because now you're at the top and feel protective. She states that the remedy is to sit down and listen to feedback—the second point to becoming self-aware understanding the assessment. To learn more about Beth, you can contact her via the following; Instagram: Beth_Wonson Facebook: BethWonson LinkedIn: /IN/BETHWONSON
July 12, 2021
79 - Breaking the Bad Ceiling & CORE Leadership with Anne Arvizu
In this episode, I have Anne Arvizu. Together, we discuss the ups and downs of her journey as a female leader and dive into a couple of topics that include breaking the bad ceiling and the rising of women leaders. You don't want to miss out on this one; tune in with your favorite platform to listen to this amazing episode. Dr. Anne Arvizu, PharmD, FASCP, CPC, is a senior biotech Medical Affairs executive & organizational design expert in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry. As a seasoned C-suite advisor with 23 years of progressive CR&D and Global Medical Affairs leadership experience in Pharma, Anne's focus is on Medical Affairs capabilities build. Her company, RxER Communications, specializes in launch readiness, globalization, or change integration of medical affairs functions, such as global medical information, medical communications, medical writing, publications, knowledge management, training, MSL support, creation of medical strategy plans, and medical governance initiatives. RxER will provide the behind-the-scenes expert partnership you need to achieve the best-in-class team process, demonstrate value, & create the high-performing patient-centric, values-driven teams you need to drive the business forward. Key podcast moments with timestamps [1:06]- Brief background on Anne [3:31]- Anne’s journey [9:41]- Insight about her program (CORE) [15:53]- Maya’s experience when she first began working [22:04]- Breaking bad ceilings and the rising of women leaders [29:08]- Tidbit about Anne’s book [30:45]- Advice for young women in leadership roles Breaking bad ceilings and the rising of women leaders Anne states that in the women's circles of very high entrepreneur groups that she's in where all the women are making over a million dollars, It is heart-based, it is vision-based, it is value-based, it is full of integrity, it is women coming to save and heal the world, not to make $1. She went further to say that not that men have typically done that, but men will get an idea. Women are problem solvers. And women are nurturers. She spoke about tips to break those bad ceilings, which she referred to as bad mindsets; she says it's about women helping women, whereas before it was like this competition if you take the word competition out of what you're doing and you understand principles at your core, you will continue to grow. Advice for young women in leadership roles Anne gave a very important piece of advice: you're in someone's life for a reason your life matters, you have a purpose. So you might not know what that is. But you have light for the step that you're on right now. She states that if you have an idea for something, don't dismiss it. That idea really could be a multimillion-dollar maker. Links and Resources You can learn more about Anne using the following platforms; LinkedIn- Twitter- Website- Take away from today’s episode If you have that idea that you can't shake, that might be your download. Go for it! Anne What you give does come back; it might not be the way you think, but it's something for you to know and to live in.
July 05, 2021
78 - Organizational Culture
In this episode, I dive into organizational culture and discuss how to build organizational culture while outlining some tips about culture. Culture is one of the most talked-about topics on this podcast. Every leader must cultivate a healthy organizational culture so the employees will see and emulate it. If there is no proper organizational culture in a workplace, you can expect lots of negativity and other issues to spring forth. Key podcast moments with timestamps [1:07]- Definition of organizational culture [1:54]-Four key things that define culture [2:47]-Three perfect examples of culture [8:19]- The importance of being clear on your purpose as a leader [12:06]- Why a leader needs to embody and identify their values [16:58]- Empathy and Value [17:35]- Maya’s encouragement to leaders [18:33]- Steps to building organizational culture Summary of crucial podcast moments Definition of organizational culture Maya states that organizational culture refers to the personality of an organization and relates to the day-to-day beliefs and behaviors of the employees and the entire work environment. It has to do with the energy that everyone in the workplace environment is emitting. She explained that it is also how the employees and leaders act and engage with the organization; Maya finished her definition by saying organizational culture is really about looking at the company's purpose and ensuring everyone is very clear on the vision. Four key things that define culture Maya mentions that in her opinion, four key things define culture, and they are purpose, mission, vision, and values. She states that if you don't have a mission, you don't have values, you don't have a purpose, and you don't have the overall vision of where you are going. Not knowing these things is going to make your team convoluted and not understand. The importance of being clear on your purpose as a leader In Maya’s opinion, you need to be clear about your purpose; as a leader, you have to share your vision and then the values; it is not just about writing it out or posting it everywhere; you have to live and breathe it every day, so your employees will see it and follow-through Why a leader needs to embody and identify their values As a leader, your employees look up to you; it's just like you are the value book they are reading and whatever you act is what they will follow, so it is crucial that you keep steering and showing that vision while still living breathing your values. Steps to building organizational culture Maya states that to build a healthy organizational culture, you need to identify your mission, purpose, vision, and value and then figure out what makes sense for you, how you can embody that and give it to your team. Then you can dive into more steps and start implementing them in your organization. Links and Resources Make sure to follow us on whatever platform you like to listen to the podcast. Don't forget to like, share and leave a review. We are available on all the major platforms or visit our website. Takeaway from today’s episode Find out your vision, make sure you know your purpose, and identify those values. What will change how we do business and how we create teams for the future is making a positive work environment or designing an organizational environment for the people XXX Maya
June 28, 2021
77 - Blogging, Remote Teams, Leadership, and Cover Letters with Brandi Bernoskie
In today’s episode, I have Brandi Bernoskie, a speaker and chief executive officer of Alchemy and Aim. We discuss topics ranging from her evolution to bits of advice for people starting with a website and include leadership styles and nuggets for leaders, among other things. It's a conversation you don't want to miss. Brandi Bernoskie is a speaker, strategist, and the founder of Alchemy and Aim, a brand involved in building excellent websites to support their clients. Brandi is a visionary that seeks to find new ways to co-create with collaborators and clients and to connect people and help them dream bigger by combining insightful questioning with strategic planning. Key podcast moments with timestamps [0:33]-Brief Background about Brandi [3:49]-Brandi’s blogging niche [4:42]-Evolution of the business [7:29]-Advice for people starting with a website [14:04]-Brandi’s thoughts on the use of cover letters [19:33]-Brandi’s remote team and how it's working out for her [23:56]-Leadership style [26:24]-Advice for leaders out there [30:02]-Nuggets and Advice for listeners [31:31]-Brandi’s typical client and how to contact her Brandi’s blogging niche Brandi stated that she can't even tell what her early blog was all about and that she was trying to use the blog as a way to flirt with a co-worker because she was charming in her writing, but when she went to grad school, she began to blog twice because that was a creative outlet for her. So, she was blogging about lifestyle stuff. When asked about her business evolved, she states that it was slow at first. She worked for a nonprofit at the time, and that was her full-time job, but on the side, she was supporting friends that needed help, then she had a designer reach out to her to build several themes. After that, she realized she was getting many jobs, so she quit and became a freelancer. Brandi stated it is essential for people who are starting to start simple. She explains that when starting, you do not need a 15 paged site with all the integrations and shiny stuff; you can create a one-page site that conveys basic information that people need. She went further to state that when working with clients, it is vital to ask them about people they have worked with to have an idea on how to work with them. In summary, she states; · The first step is to get the client · The second is to keep it simple When asked about her advice for the listeners, Brandi stated a couple of things that were the takeaway. She said people need to learn to embrace the evolution rather than trying to get to a particular point; she went ahead to mention that it's not just about perfection but excellence because perfection is getting to a place and rigidly adhering to being there while excellence on the other is embracing the evolution of it all. In her words, “it’s all an evolution." You can follow the podcast on Instagram using the link below Connect with Brandi via her website Or follow on Instagram to find out more about her business Brandi's Leadership Advice for Women... You don't have to know it all; leap and try it out. XXX Maya
June 21, 2021
76 - Effectively Leading Remote Teams
Remote leadership has been around for awhile but not everyone has been a believer, let alone, a practicer. When the pandemic hit, most of us were not really given a choice about remote leadership. Those of use who have already led teams remotely in the past or who were already leading remotely definitely had a leg up when things went to hell fast in 2020. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we do business and work forever which means it changes our management as well. In my opinion, remote leadership is not going anywhere. In fact, I know that we will see more and more of it. I am unique in the sense that I have been leading teams and programs remotely since 2010 and I am comfortable doing so. Yes, I did it before Zoom was popular and we used a clunky blackberry to connect. And yes, a text message was not considered a proper “check-in.” As I interview some incredible leaders on MaYapinion, I find that I am not alone and there are more of us out here that have been effectively leading remotely pre-pandemic or pre-covid. However, I know a lot of you did not have that experience prior and it was and maybe still is a challenge. Trust me, I get it. I went from an environment where I saw my employees daily to almost never back in 2010 and I worked from home and an airport instead of a store. It was a shock. So what are some of the challenges that most of us face with remote leadership? Well, according to you, my readers, these are the top challenges: You aren’t able to supervise your employees face to face, potential distractions with “work from home,” it can be isolating socially for your teams, information may fall through the cracks, and enhanced issues among the team may arise due to the remote work. Can you relate to any of this as a remote leader? Or perhaps you have experienced this over the past year on a remote team? The great news? All of these challenges are totally manageable, and I’ve gone through them as well. Although, in my opinion, navigating a pandemic AND learning to how to lead remotely is a challenge in itself so give yourself some credit. That's exactly what we do in this episode... explore the challenges of remote leadership and I share my opinion of how to overcome these challenges from my own personal experiences from over 11 years of remote leadership. Yes, I was leading remotely... before it was a thing. I am super jealous of all the technology at your finger tips now as a remote leader. As I mentioned, I was at the mercy of my trusty Blackberry and email. Wow, times have changed. So, I hope you enjoy this episode and the tips I share to creating a great environment for your remote team through your excellent skills as a remote leader. Have questions? Send us an email at Visit us at to read the blog, work with me and more! XXX Maya
June 14, 2021
75 - MaYapinion™ Special Edition Motivation Monday Updates
Welcome to a quick Motivation Monday episode and Happy Memorial Day! I wanted to take a moment to honor those who have served. Thank you and I hope all of you have had some time to spend with your loved ones. This is a quick catch up episode about the MaYapinion™ Podcast and how we will be releasing episodes on Monday's only moving forward. But, don't worry, we will still have amazing women in leadership on the show. We are busy women so I decided that Motivation Monday was probably enough to kick our week's off with a bang. After all, I want to spend more time with you on social media again! We will have an episode with me on discussing a topic and the following week I will bring an expert in leadership to nicely complement the topic. I hope you enjoy the evolving format. Are you a woman in leadership and want to be on the show? Email us! Don't forget to catch up on past episodes too... on every major platform or visit us here: I also announce that the rest of my podcast SWAG will be coming out on the site in June so be on the lookout. You can purchase sweatshirts now as I did a soft launch two months ago (yes, I wear mine everywhere). Thank you for continuing to support me through my leadership and podcasting journey. I have several projects in the works and one, I have been teasing for awhile with "The Ladies Leadership League" present by MaYapinion™. More to come next month too. So, please share how I can help you on your leadership journey and don't forget to share your opinion. Follow me: XXXX Maya
June 01, 2021
74 - Title Leadership versus True Leadership
The last year was undoubtedly a shock for everyone across the globe. As a leader, you would have to be a blind one, let alone, an inefficient one not to address the affect the pandemic had on the world. What does all this mean for leadership though? Some leaders may scrambling still to think about the future of their company, stakeholders, financials, and even, what does it mean for their own position? But in my opinion, the real question for true leaders now is what does that mean for the future of their people; our people? Because I believe as leaders, we are all in this together. When the pandemic first hit, all leaders froze for a considerable amount of time. I also know that it is the pandemic that has weeded out the true leaders from the title leaders. What’s a title leader? Well, you may already know one, and you may already know where I am going with this… but a title leader is in a leadership role just because he or she has been given the title of Manager, Director, VP, CEO, Owner, or Founder. Does this really mean that this individual is a leader? In my opinion, no. What do you think though? Let’s find out why though if you do not already know why I feel this way about “title” leadership. Often we believe that we promote individuals that are “qualified” into leadership roles for various reasons. Perhaps we think it is the next step in their career as it is a natural progression for him or her.... but is it? And why are we so quick to push people into leadership? Or, why are we so hesitant to put those who are not "#1" at something in leadership? Find out why I believe in my opinion that the best leaders are not always the best performers... Let us know your opinion too! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe! Check out the blog and website as well here:
May 24, 2021
73 - Sheena Yap Chan founder of The Tao of Self Confidence
Welcome back to Women for Women Wednesday where I am joined by the one and only, Sheena Yap Chan. (No, really, she is the one and only). Sheena Yap Chan is a Keynote Speaker, coach and author on building self confidence. She is also the founder and host of the award winning podcast called The Tao of Self Confidence where she interviews Asian women about their inner journey to self confidence. Sheena says what makes her a leader is "Leading by example and constantly showing up even if it scary." Join us as we discuss everything from being podcasters to supporting Asian women and their stories and building confidence. You can find Sheena here: And you can find me here: Let us know your opinion!
May 20, 2021
72 - Social Skills & Emotional Intelligence
The last pillar of emotional intelligence is social skills or what some refer to as relationship management. In my opinion, I don’t think you need to be a particularly social individual to be a great leader, but you do need to have strong social skills to be an effective leader. That’s also the opinion of many leadership experts and why we find social skills as the final and four pillar of emotional intelligence. But, what does it mean to have social skills? I think sometimes we believe when thinking about social skills it means that we know how to make friends or how to get people to “like” us. We think of it in almost a superficial type of way. However, that is not really what having social skills means; it is a lot deeper than that. Once you have social awareness as a leader, then I believe that social skills are the application of your awareness. For instance, leaders who have great social skills or relationship management skills excel with conflict management. They know how to use their skills to improve relationships despite conflict. Exceptional leaders even know how to improve relationships because of conflict as they learn how to negotiate flawlessly. Leaders with social skills know their teams are watching and learning from this as well. In my opinion, conflict management is something most leaders struggle with at first and often, struggle with throughout their career. Whether you are in the conflict yourself or have team members in conflict, this can be a challenging aspect of leadership. The ability to settle these disputes and misunderstandings makes you an effective leader with strong social skills. I find that we tend to avoid conflict as humans. Now, you may be reading this thinking, “well, I don’t.” That might be so now, but you never have? I know I have but I do not anymore. In fact, I went from one end of the spectrum to the other and now, I am in the middle.... where do you think you fall? Join me on this episode as I share my evolution of social skills and wrap up this five episodes series on EQ and ask for your opinion. Don't forget to subscribe, like and share. Got questions? Visit us! Want to read the blog?
May 18, 2021
71 - Brilliant Jerks with Dr. Katrina Burrus
Welcome to another exciting episode of Women for Women Wednesday. This week, I have Dr. Katrina Burrus (yes, she is also Swiss and into leadership) on the podcast. What does she do? Well in her own words, "I help transform Brilliant Jerks into Inspiring Leaders as well as help Leaders to Fast-Track to the C-Suite and Beyond." Need I say more? Among her many accomplishments, Katrina is the CEO/founder of Excellent Executive Coaching. She is a keynote speaker (which is obvious on the podcast) and she is also a published author. She wrote, "Managing Brilliant Jerks." She has over 18 years of experience in leadership and she started in the banking industry. Join us as we talk about Brilliant Jerks and who they are and what they really means. I ask Dr. Katrina about her story and how she got to where she is today and how she came up with "brilliant jerks," because it's honestly, so funny, smart, but most importantly, true. We talk about the importance of EQ and IQ which I loved as I work my way through my own EQ series right now. I definitely felt that Dr. Katrina walked onto MaYapinion at the right time. She shares her wealth of knowledge in leadership and gives a lot of advice to women out there climbing the corporate ladder. I can't wait for you to tune in. Here is where you can connect with Dr. Katrina Burrus: Don't forget to listen and connect on our website:
May 12, 2021
70 - Social Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
Once you have self-awareness and the ability to self-manage, the third pillar of social awareness naturally comes up in emotional intelligence and leadership. In my opinion, I think this evolution flows perfectly because you work on being self-aware, self-managing, and now, you look to your surroundings to learn about your social awareness. So, what does social awareness mean? Social awareness means “the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The ability to understand social and ethical norms for behavior and to recognize family, school, and community resources and supports.” OK, phew, that’s a long definitely, so what does that mean to you and me? In my opinion, this is the empathy portion of the program with emotional intelligence. I know, I write and talk about empathy all the time. But, hopefully, you see now that it is completely woven into everything we do as people but especially, as successful leaders. To have a high EQ, we must be empathetic. How do we become empathetic? We have social awareness. Social awareness allows us to do exactly what we talk about with empathy. It encourages us to have the ability to understand people from a different sex, race, culture, age, you name it. Does this mean that you will ever really know what it is like to be them? No, not in my opinion but that’s not the point. It’s the ability to see and feel what it would be like for you. That’s the point and the power. In addition, social awareness not only focuses on empathy, it allows proves that you have the ability to understand the social things that are going on in your ecosystem. When this is applied to leadership, we are talking about your work environment. The more aware you are of these social norms or behaviors the higher your EQ. And why would that be important? Because as a leader, it gives you the ability to better navigate your organization in a positive and well-informed way to better serve your people (yes, as a servant leader). I’m sure this all sounds great and idealistic, but you may be wondering, “how do I become a socially aware leader?” Or, maybe you think you ARE a socially aware leader but you want to sharpen your skills even more which is great. In my opinion, all four of the pillars that I am discussing about emotional intelligence are areas that a great leader will continue to develop throughout her or his career. As we know, learning leaders are the best leaders as we never stopping listening, growing, and striving for more for our people and ourselves. So, how do we do this in the aspect of becoming more and more socially aware in leadership? Listen, read and connect here:
May 10, 2021
69 - Marriage or Mortgage Featuring Nichole Holmes and Sarah Miller
It's an exciting Women for Women Wednesday here on MaYapinion as I sit down with Nichole and Sarah from Netflix's hit show, Marriage or Mortgage? Both of these incredible women are leaders in their industry and I could not wait to sit down and chat with them. Nichole is passionate about investing in a home and beginning to make memories with the right financial start. She has had the big wedding in the past and she is much more practical now. That's what makes her such a fantastic realtor. Sarah believes in the fairytale and is happily married herself for over eleven years. In my opinion, that's what makes her so passionate and excellent at wedding planning and bringing a couple's dream day come to life. Even though Sarah and Nichole have completely different opinions of what a couple should choose when investing when first starting out, they have an incredible working relationship and friendship. I really enjoyed hearing about their differences and how they respect one another in this environment. It completely shines through on their show on Netflix, Marriage or Mortgage. If you haven't watched it, it's time to binge it. Spoiler alert: you will be surprised nonstop about the choices that are made... I hope you enjoy hearing their opinions, and of course, my opinion too! You can work with them and follow them here: Sarah Miller: Nichole Holmes Watch them on Marriage or Mortgage on Netflix
May 05, 2021
68 - Self-Management & Emotional Intelligence
The second pillar in emotional intelligence is self-management. When I hear that term, it personally makes me feel like “can you keep it together?” or “how emotionally mature are you”? And, that’s actually what it does mean in some regards. The exact definition of self-management is “management of or by oneself; the taking of responsibility for one's own behavior and well-being.” But, we are diving a bit deeper here and looking at in regards to emotional intelligence. There are a few components when exploring self-management that I’d like for you to think about, especially regarding emotional intelligence. The first in my opinion is the ability of emotional self-control and how well do you control your feelings and/or expressing them in an appropriate way. That is really the key skill. Have you ever worked for someone who literally flies off the handle about everything? That individual lacks self-management (and also, not self-aware which is why being self-aware is the first pillar). As a leader, it is imperative that you know how to express your emotions in an appropriate way. I often share with all of you that I have made a lot of mistakes as a leader. You will too and you should and you should not be afraid too. Self-management and the emotional component are areas where mistakes will be made. I remember several times when I lost my cool because I had a temper to be reckoned with in my twenties. I had an assistant manager that was late. I will tell you that he will be late to his own funeral one day. I completely lost it on him one day. I was young and he was older than me but not by much. We were even friends which was somewhat of the problem. I will never forget his eyes staring back at me in shock. I screamed at him that I was tired and burnt out and all I asked that you show up on time. I could tell he felt terrible. I felt worse, but why? I felt worse because I was emotionally immature as a leader and there was a lack of self-management. If there is no self-management, how can you effectively manage others? I had completely lost touch with how upset these things happening within my environment where making me and I lashed out in the wrong way, in the wrong setting and at the wrong time. I made a mistake. I learned. I got better at it. Emotional self-control is the most challenging aspect hands down within self-management though because you will be challenged your whole life as a leader with it. In my opinion, a good “self-manager” as I like to call it has these characteristics: self-motivated, transparent/honest, trustworthy, adaptable resilient, and optimistic (hope for the best, prepare for the worst). Why? Well, I could probably write a few blog posts on this topic because this pillar is important for leaders. After becoming self-aware, you are then able to tone your skills and put them in action with these characteristics. In my opinion, self-management is the self-action that occurs. For example, I had to make a tough decision when I lost my brother as a leader. I had to reach into my self-awareness but truly, my self-management. I was not able to control my feelings or emotions in a way that was professional. I would go to work and shut the door and stare at a wall. I could not even tell you to this day what I wore to work. I did not wear a stitch of make-up. I know there were days I did not shower. I was not capable of self-management because I was not being honest with those around me either about how bad the pain was and I was unable to adapt to this new normal. And was I optimistic about anything? You have to be kidding me. I thought the world had ended. That’s when I finally fell back to myself awareness and resigned from a job at thirty years old that I had worked my ass off to get. But, I knew that I was being a better leader for it, because I was being honest, transparent, and in control of my emotions for the first time in weeks. That is self-management.
May 03, 2021
67 - Self- Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
Welcome back to Motivation Monday! Many people believe that self-awareness is the foundation for emotional intelligence. I think it is not only the foundation for EQ but also, it’s essentially the ability to truly know yourself as an individual and a leader. In my opinion, it seems that we all like to believe that we are self-aware but are we really? Well, there was a study done about this exact topic pertaining to leadership. When asking leaders if they believed if they were self-aware over 90% of them answered “yes.” However, when they were tested on how self-aware they truly were, only 10% were actually self-aware. Does this surprise you? The results from the study were not shocking to me but they definitely inspired me to write about this topic and podcast about self-awareness again. I think we believe just because we recognize some aspects about ourselves that are negative and are willing to share them then we believe that we are self-aware. It seems that sometimes we believe that vulnerability equals self-awareness. I personally do not believe that to be true but I do not believe that you can be self-aware without being vulnerable. But, just because you are vulnerable, does not mean you are self-aware Another great way to learn about yourself and become even more self-aware are assessments. I enjoy giving these to my teams and sharing my own as well because then they know my strengths and areas of opportunities and vice-versa. The bonus to this practice is that it helps you build a well-rounded team. There are a lot of personality tests out there but one I am huge fan of is the DISC test. I find the accuracy of this test to be high for myself but for everyone that I have known to take the test. These types of tests are objective (if you answer honestly) and will also increase your ability to be self-aware. Join me in this episode to learn about effective ways to learn how to be more self-aware and improve as a leader, all in my opinion. XXX Maya
April 26, 2021
66 - Remote Teams and Tactical Empathy with Kerry Guard from MKG
Welcome back to another great episode of Women for Women Wednesday! This week, I am joined by Kerry Guard, COO of MKG Marketing. We talk about a lot of leadership topics but we specifically get right into remote teams. Kerry built her business with her business partner on the basis of having a remote team, and her team is still remote ten years later. She was truly cutting edge in my opinion. She talks about how you can maintain a successful work culture while continuing to be productive and grow. We also talked about tactical empathy as this is something she lives and breathes by in her company. You know how passionate I am about empathy so it was important that I speak to her about this value. She talks about how important it is to not just say that we understand but show that we understand. That's true tactical empathy. Here's a bit more about Kerry and where to find her: Kerry Guard (she/her) is a mom of twins - boy and a girl. She understands what work life balance really looks like and is on a mission to build a company that honors parents having a career and a life. She’s out to prove you really can have both with policies like ensuring 20 days of vacation each year, no client emails after 6PM or weekends, unlimited sick days, and everyday flexibility. She also hosts a podcast, which brings eight digital marketing experts to your ears every quarter. Each episode explores a new approach to help you, Marketing Leader, grow your business. Tune in. Website: LinkedIn: Podcast episode she refers to at the end: XXX Maya
April 14, 2021
65 - What is Emotional Intelligence in Leadership?
Welcome back to Motivation Monday! I am kicking off my new series talking about Emotional Intelligence. In my opinion, empathy is the water that gives life to leadership, but emotional intelligence is the food that gives growth to leadership. So, it's only appropriate that we talk about emotional intelligence next. In this episode, I define what emotional intelligence actually is and why it is important in leadership. I also talk about the four pillars of emotional intelligence as we will be discussing them and how they apply to leadership over the next couple weeks. I am really excited to be discussing these topics as you are the inspiration behind them. Let me know what you think about EQ or emotional intelligence. I always love to know your opinion too. If you haven't already, make sure you check out my blog that coordinates with my Motivation Monday episodes each week! XXX Maya
April 13, 2021
64 - Women for Women Wednesday - Kim Normand Dobrin - Free the Mind Co
We are back with another incredible and inspiring guest. She's another Atlantan but she's originally from South Africa, Kim Normand Dobrin! Kim has an incredible background with so many accomplishments. As most of you know, I am extremely passionate about non-profit work and so is Kim. Join me in this episode as Kim shares her journey and successes and talks about her current passion, Free the Mind Co. You'll also have to have some compassion for me on this episode... I am dog mom and they were with me this day. No amount of editing can remove them from the excitement in the background about halfway through. Thanks for understanding and supporting me. I know Mom's out there really understand :-) Here is more about Kim and how you can connect with her: Kim Normand Dobrin has had a successful international career for over 30 years. Co-Founder/CEO – Free The Mind Co™ Milestones – Representing Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Institute – Founded by Steven Spielberg in South Africa for 18 yrs. Founding Director of the Apartheid Museum – Johannesburg South Africa Human Rights Commission for Education – Board Member Founder/CEO – Tolerance Foundation teaching over 70 000 children life skills based on history i.e. Apartheid; Holocaust; Rwanda; Kosovo until 2004 Founder – Tomorrow Trust – CEO for 14 yrs supporting orphan and vulnerable children/youth with holistic support and education to release them from the cycle of poverty – until 2019 Ashoka Fellow and has studied at Harvard Kennedy School of International Studies. Author of 3 best sellers in South Africa – Tomorrow; Raising Wisdom; A Mother’s Legacy all raising over R3.9mill for Tomorrow Trust. Kim is co-author of an inspiring book range – Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver & Revealing Freddie the Light Within. - Runner up of the South African Social Entrepreneur of the year award 2009 - Life Time Honory member of Golden Key - Winner of the Most Influential Women in Business and Government Welfare sector for 2009/2010 - Voted and chosen as top 4 in the Ernst & Young World Social Entrepreneur of the year award – 2011 - TED speaker - Awarded and Acknowledged by the State of California Legislature for Exceptional work done in uplifting children and youth 2012 - Winner of Exemplary Women Leadership Award 2013 - Winner of Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Award 2014 - Selected to attend Skoll World Forum at Oxford in 2014 & 2015 - Nominated for the Jewish Achiever Awards 2015 - Winner of Inspiring Fifty Awards 2017 – hosted by the Consul General of the Netherlands Kim is known for her passion and commitment to children, education, Social Emotional learning and teaching for both adults and youth. She has a strong belief in accessing and developing potential. Kim is a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator. Connect with Kim here: XXX Maya
April 07, 2021
63 - What is Servant Leadership?
Servant Leadership is a term that is hot right now in the leadership space and thrown around a lot. However, I find it quite interesting that there is a lot of confusion about what it really means. We talk about this term often and the importance of Servant Leadership. Why is servant leadership important? And what does servant leadership actually mean? Well, by definition, servant leadership “is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organization and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.” Idealistically, all of that sounds great and wonderful, right? But, in my opinion, I think we need a clearer definition, a more, black and white definition of what this concept means. So, I believe that it means that it’s the concept that a leader put him or herself last and his or her people before himself. Join me this week as I share my opinion on Servant Leadership and I would love to hear yours! We also have a blog now as well! XXX Maya
April 06, 2021
62 - Women for Women Wednesday - Tal from "Tal's Tips"
I am joined this week with another inspiring woman, Tal from "Tal's Tips." It is the perfect week to feature Tal as I was on her own podcast talking about my tips and I had to have her on MaYapinion to hear her story and her opinions, of course. Tal's story is interesting as she has just started her podcast in late 2020 and is currently building her brand quickly while continuing to work fulltime. I hope this story is inspiring to all of you who are thinking about starting that business, side hustle, podcast, or whatever your dream is! Tal is making it happen.  Here is a little more about Tal and how you can get in touch with her: Talia Mervosh is the CEO & founder of Tal’s Tips, an organization serving ambitious women through life coaching and personal development tactics. Tal is a Certified Professional Life Coach who holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and offers a variety of services for women seeking a lasting mindset shift, confidence reboot, or an overall lifestyle transformation. Tal has built a strong community of ambitious, committed, and growth-seeking women inside of her personal growth book club, “Unfolding Connections” and is also the creator and host of “Tal’s Tips Empowerment Podcast”, where she interviews amazing humans with inspiring stories to share. Her purpose and mission is to connect with others on a deeper level and guide you to live in alignment with your true soul’s purpose. You can most likely find Tal hiking a trail with her husband and German Shepherd in Charlotte, NC!  Connect with Tal today at or on Instagram XXX Maya
March 31, 2021
61 - Motivation Monday - YOU in Leadership and Empathy
I feel that it is appropriate to end the empathy series talking about you. Yes, YOU. Because at the end of it all, it really comes down to you as the leader. Don’t get me wrong, you are nothing without your team. In my opinion though, it is a chicken or the egg concept that arises in leadership. How can you truly build the team that you know will lead your concept, idea, product, branch, company, or whatever it is to success if you don’t know yourself as a leader? You are the true driver behind it all so join me in the final episode of the Motivation Monday series on empathy. I discuss in my opinion how important it is for every leader to know herself as an individual leader before ever taking on a team or building one. How can you do that before ever leading? Well in my opinion, we are all already leaders in our life everyday. Listen and find out why I think this... in my opinion. Don't forget to subscribe, share, and of course, let us know your opinion too. Do you think that you are already the leader of your life? XXX Maya
March 30, 2021
60 - Women for Women Wednesday - Melissa Yamaguchi - Feng Shui Leader
It's a unique week here on MaYapinion™ on Women for Women Wednesday as I sat down with Melissa Yamaguchi. I met her on the cool, new place to be, Clubhouse! She gives so much time to others on Clubhouse giving advice about Chinese astrology and Feng Shui. Join me this week as I ask her about her journey towards Feng Shui and how it changed her life. And of course, molded her into the incredible leader she is today. Here is her bio below as well as where to find her. And don't forget to share, subscribe, and let us know your opinion too.  Melissa Yamaguchi, a dynamic Energy Therapist, Feng Shui speaker and educator, travels the world teaching lessons on balance of the individual through the practice of Feng Shui. She has been a student of Feng Shui for over twenty years. Her classes and seminars are sold-out venues thanks to her humorous delivery. Described as “Erma Bombeck meets Dorothy Parker with a hard shot of truth”, Melissa utilizes humor mixed with self-awareness to encourage others to take ownership of their energy and their lives. From large corporations to post secondary education to private clients, the need for change or understanding begins with the individual-an awareness of self-knowledge. Working on your life takes a concerted focus may seem a bit daunting to keep all plates spinning simultaneously-the trick is in knowing when and how to work on them in harmony. In order to navigate successfully the journey before you, you must take into account all factors: you, your relationship with those around you, the environment, the destination and goal. The exciting possibility of Feng Shui and grasping its teaching is that once you understand your own energy, you can learn how to control your reactions. You are no longer subjected to the adage, “It is What it Is”---because Melissa will teach you, “It doesn’t have to be”. She served as the first President of The Professional Beauty Association and the first female president of The Salon Association comprised of national salon owners. She has spoken at educational and motivational seminars internationally in the Philippines, South Africa, Europe, Canada as well as the United States. She has twice served as judge on the Global Best Foundation Entrepreneurial Leadership Event sponsored by The Anderson School of Business at UCLA. She has served as keynote speaker for large corporations and Conferences and presented Feng Shui for Business leaders in the United States. She takes a pragmatic approach of wedding innovative ideas to practical operational applications. Own Your Energy, Own Your Life is the name of her blog on Huffington Post.  Contact her here:  XXX  Maya
March 24, 2021
59 - Motivation Monday - Leading with Humility
How important is humility in leadership? Being humble as a leader is imperative but it also allows you to be more approachable and relatable for your teams. So, this is our "H" in the Empathy Series as Humility pairs perfectly with empathy. It's proven that humility in leadership leads to higher rates of employee engagement, job satisfaction, and lower rates of job turnover. I'm not surprised, are you? In addition, humble leaders are not afraid to admit their mistakes and learn from them. But, they are also quick to share credit of their work and share their wins with their team. Therefore, leaders who act with humility tend to create incredible culture. So, how can you act with humility as a leader? Listen to this episode to find out my six steps to becoming a more humble leader and how to act with humility. And find out why I think leading with humility creates strength and effectiveness within your culture and defines you as a leader. And of course, let me know your opinion. XXX Maya
March 23, 2021
58 - Women for Women Wednesday - Samantha Mui
Another fascinating guest for you today on Women for Women Wednesday. Today, I have Samantha Mui on the show. She is an incredibly talented food blogger and author. In addition to her unique story, she was also a contestant on the Food Network on Supermarket Stakeout. She's also the author of "The Melting Pot." Here's a bit more about Sam: Samantha Mui is a Bay Area native. A former culinary student and currently a food blogger, she has worked in and out of the food industry for more than a decade and is the author of the cookbook Melting Pot, a #1 New Release on Amazon. Her cookbook is sold locally in the Bay Area and in major retailers like Target and Barnes and Noble. Her cooking style is inspired by her travels abroad, where she has experienced culture through cuisine. Her passion is to "empower millennials in the kitchen." She has been a guest on the Bay Area TV show Check, Please! See what she’s cooking up next on her blog or on social media. You can follow her and grab her book here: Happy Listening! XXX Maya
March 17, 2021
57 - Motivation Monday - Tactful Leadership
As we continue the empathy series, today I discuss tactful leadership for "T" in the series. In my opinion, being tactful is the second half of the process of empathy. Sure, we can listen, put ourselves in others shoes, seek to understand, and act with patience as we learn what our team needs from us. But, how we respond and our delivery after, that requires tact. So, why is being tactful so important in leadership? Well, delivery is truly everything. If you have tact as a leader, it allows your to respond empathetically to even the toughest situations with excellent execution.  I am sure you can think of a few people in your life that are not the most tactful. They tend to deliver information in ways that cause you to scratch your head or think twice about how to respond or even if to respond. But then, you think about the people in your life that respond diplomatically yet honestly, those are tactful people and make wonderful leaders. Some people confuse being tactful with dancing around the truth. That's absolutely not true. Those who are tactful know how to deliver the truth with sensitivity in mind. Listen and find out how as a leader you can do this successfully, and hear how I epically failed in the past at this and learned to win. Let me know your opinion about tactful leadership! XXX Maya
March 15, 2021
56 - Women for Women Wednesday - Tracey Brown "Rescue to Recovery"
I absolutely love Wednesday's and supporting other women. That's why each Wednesday I interview an inspiring woman who is a leader. This week, I bring you Tracey Brown on MaYapinion, The Leadership Podcast for Women.  I know that I say that I am always excited to have each one of my guests on the show and that's because it is true. But, Tracey was truly a special kind of guest. She has such a fascinating story starting her career in the Coast Guard. I have so much admiration for women in the military and I want to thank all of you who are serving and who have served. She shares her journey from the Coast Guard to becoming a Physio Therapist to now, published Author. Yes, you can get her book here: I hope you enjoy hearing about her life in the Coast Guard as one of the only women at the time to her journey to overcome PTSD as much as I did. Here's Tracey's bio: A United States Coast Guard Veteran, Tracey Brown wore many hats. She was a swimmer on  small boats, a firefighter when needed and an all around boat crew member to name a few of her duties while at the USCG Group San Francisco Ca. After many years of undiagnosed PTSD, Tracey was educated as a Director of Physical Rehabilitation and has been working for over twenty years to help clients get free from physical pain. For the last decade she has specialized in pain reduction via scar tissue therapy. ​ Rescue to Recovery is a Veteran’s perspective of not only time serviced in the United States Coast Guard but more so, the years after and navigating the enigma of post-traumatic stress. This is a book written by a veteran and her personal challenges while coming to terms with, and understand her inability to engage in day to day activities as others did. It is a reflection of work as a physio-therapist, CG missions, trainings, and skewed understandings of post-traumatic stress. This is not just for veterans, it is for the helpers, healers, heroes and warriors of all walks. Those that feel the need to stay strong when everything feels like it is falling apart. Make sure to buy her book and listen in next week to MaYapinion! XXX Maya
March 11, 2021
55 - Motivation Monday - Appreciative Leadership
Let's continue our journey on the Empathy Series! We are on the letter "A" and I decided to discuss Appreciation or Appreciative Leadership for several reasons. I don't think you can have an empathy discussion or series without talking about appreciation for others. However, being an appreciative leader is so much more than being grateful for your team. It's an actual leadership style. When researching for this episode, I actually found a book written about it and countless articles. One article and study really captured my interest and that is what I talk about on this episode. I discuss the five strategies that were discovered in this study and give my opinion on them, as well as how I believe you can apply them as an appreciative leader yourself. Of course, all in my opinion as well. Let me know what your opinion is, I'd love to know! Here is the article: Don't forget to visit my website: And follow me on Instagram: XXX Maya
March 10, 2021
54 - Women for Women Wednesday - Julie Mann
It's time for another inspiring woman to join us and this week, I am joined by the lovely Julie Mann! I met Julie through networking; something I do best and do pretty much every single day online. Networking is so powerful because you can meet wonderful souls like Julie from around the world. Julie is from across the pond and has such a unique background.  Julie has such a diverse background starting her career with acting and diving into so much more. She shares with us her journey and also, talks about what network marketing has done for her in her life. We talk about the myths about network marketing and how to make it work for you. She is truly a leader in so many aspects and I love how she has risen to the occasion to overcome so much. She's an inspiration. Here's more about Julie in her own words and her contact information: I've been an actor for over 40 years.  I trained as a Hypnotherapist about 15 years ago and then I discovered Coaching and EFT.  When my husband asked for a divorce, without a pension and approaching 60, I knew I needed another source of income too. A friend introduced me to Arbonne and it was the perfect vehicle for me to continue doing what I already did, create a pension and enable me to make a substantial difference in the World and leave a legacy for my daughter and generations to come.  Fun Facts: 1. When I was in my 30's I did some 'open mic nights' and recited some smutty poetry'   2. I  organised a 'Wedding Dress' party so that me and my friends could re wear our wedding frocks.   3. I appeared on a postcard wearing a bikini made of bacon and eggs. Contact Julie:
March 04, 2021
53 - Motivation Monday - Patience or Patient Leaders
Happy Motivation Monday! We are continuing the empathy series with the letter "P" today, and we cannot have an empathy series without discussing Patience or Patient Leaders. So, what do you think about patience? How important is patience to you as a leader? In my opinion, you simply cannot have empathy without patience because it takes time and patience to put yourself in someone's shoes. It takes patience to truly be objective and succeed in leadership. How can you become a more patient leader? Listen to the episode to find out a few tips and lessons I've learned along the way. I'll tell you a few of my experiences with patience as well, because I definitely was not always a patient leader. And of course, I will share, my opinion. Let me know what you think! Don't forget to subscribe and share the podcast. Visit us at And follow me, XXX Maya
March 02, 2021
52 - Women for Women Wednesday - Mary Dee
Women for Women Wednesday is here for the last episode of February! We are welcoming Mary Dee to the MaYapinion podcast and so excited to have her here. We spoke about everything from her journey as a breast cancer survivor, business owner, Chair on the board of her non-profit, and so much more! She also chatted about her books coming out in March and May. I am truly honored to be connected with such inspirational women.  Here's a bit more about Mary Dee: Mary Dee is an International Speaker, Author, Philanthropist and Business Advisor specializing in Strategy and Leadership. She will help you gain confidence, spark joy and design your business and personal life around what matters most. For over 20 years she's been advising clients in the direct sales, coaching, consulting and film production space.  She holds a B.A. in Business from Northwood University and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  Mary is also a breast cancer survivor.  She sits as the Chair of the Board for, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to creating community and support for young women on their own cancer journey. Her story is one of resiliency, hope and living your best life in spite of the curve balls life can throw at you. You can check out her newest book and other resources by going to XXX Maya
February 25, 2021
51 - Motivation Monday - M for Mercy in the Empathy Series
Here comes another Monday but I am back with just a bit of motivation, inspiration or maybe, just my opinion.  I think empathy is more important now than ever and that is why I created this series and today, I am talking about Mercy and how that plays into it.  You absolutely must have empathy before you can have mercy. So, I find it beautifully fitting to add mercy as a quality and characteristic for leadership in the empathy series, in my opinion. What do you think about mercy? Mercy has been a dominant trait for leadership and of much importance for even longer than I realized. It dates back to scripture of several religions. It states in several scriptures that to have mercy means that you have leadership. Is that true? In my opinion, to some extent. Let me know what you think in your opinion. Don't forget to subscribe, like, share, and follow me on all my social handles! I love hearing from you. XXX Maya
February 23, 2021
50 - Women for Women Wednesday - Dr. Mona Kiran
Welcome back to Women for Women Wednesday and this week, I am chatting with the beautiful and intelligent Dr. Mona for my 50th episode of my relaunch! Although I have done a couple hundred podcast episodes now, this feels like a bigger milestone to me because this podcast is truly my own this time. It was such a pleasure to have Dr. Mona as my guest for it! Dr. Mona and I got to know one another through a women's empowerment group. She's a brilliant OBGYN that I have massive respect for. In addition, I had the pleasure of helping her launch her OWN podcast, Paging Your Gyno, (please subscribe below). Dr. Mona and I chatted about some great health topics including fertility too! Here's a bit more about Dr. Mona and please be sure to follow her: She was inspired to be a doctor quite young when the family doctor came to visit them. She has lived all over and was a doctor in the UK as well as the US so we definitely know this is her passion. She truly loved developing the relationships with her patients from the beginning of life. She has delivered 100's of babies. She even says that she would be in surgery all the time with no problem (I know, she inspires me beyond belief). She's a fascinating woman who has lived in 5 of the 7 continents and loves to cook and shopping is her go to relaxation. Me too, Mona, me too! Instagram: @glamgyno Podcast: XXX Maya Sponsorships: on for this episode
February 17, 2021
49 - Motivation Monday - E for Evolve in the Empathy Series
Welcome back to another amazing Motivation Monday! Here's the first episode of the Empathy Series; E for Evolve. I was recently at a networking event for women entrepreneurs, and when the question was asked, "What makes a great leader?" It was almost overwhelmingly how every single woman responded "Empathy" as the first trait of what makes a great leader. I guess we were on to something here at the podcast, huh? It's just the truth and that's what I speak, in my opinion. So, here's my serious on empathy. We are kicking off with evolve. Because in my opinion, evolving is imperative and people think change is imperative. Change does happen, yes, and it is imperative. But, when we talk about ourselves as leaders, can we really change? As humans, can we really "change?" Find out what I think about evolving, resolving, and changing... in my opinion. XXX Maya
February 16, 2021
48 - Women for Women Wednesday - Monica Badiu
Welcome back to Women for Women Wednesday and this week, I am chatting with the beautiful, Monica! We became friends simply by connecting through social media. She has incredible advice for entrepreneurs and marketing. I can't wait for you to listen to Monica, The Growth Architect! Here's a bit more about Monica and please be sure to follow her: Monica says, "I am a mom, a paper artist, an entrepreneur and marketing coach.   I empower entrepreneurs with strategies that make them more money so they can have the life and influence they desire. Following my dreams and building the path to achieve them. Along the way I am doing my best to support others in their own growth journeys makes me a strong leader." XXX Maya
February 10, 2021
47 - Motivation Monday - D for Delegation in the Lead Series
Hi Guys! Welcome back to a new season of MaYapinion™! I am kicking off the new season with the LEAD series. This week, I am talking about the "D" today and how important delegation is as a leader. This one is really near and dear to my heart because I SUCKED at it. I failed so hard.  Are you a good delegating leader? If so, what makes you a good delegating leader? I talk about why delegation is so important and why I was so horrible at it in the beginning. And honestly, I still struggle with this one sometimes. We are all human. It's good and human to fail. Don't forget to subscribe, like and share! Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler & @mayapinionpodcast Join me on Clubhouse: @mayapinion Visit my website to learn more about working with me to launch your podcast or one on one coaching XXX Maya
February 09, 2021
46 - Women for Women Wednesday - Lori Marini
Welcome to another episode of women for women Wednesday! This week I have Lori Marini on and we are talking about so much, but I absolutely loved her mantra, "Why not?" Listen and find out more about this best selling author and her positive outlook on life after overcoming so much. Here is her bio and links below: Lori Marini is a motivational coach who specializes in empowering women during, and after, their healing journey. Many lose their purpose after a crisis and their fear of moving forward leaves them paralyzed. Lori guides them to their higher purpose on many levels. As a tumor expert, a motivational coach, and more importantly, a breast cancer warrior, Lori has an understanding of what you have been through. She also has a proven record of getting your life back to doing the things you love! The best part is you won’t have to do it alone since she offers 1-1, group coaching, as well as, programs. XXX Maya
February 03, 2021
45 - Motivation Monday - A for Agility in the Lead Series
Hi Guys!  Welcome back to a new season of MaYapinion™! I am kicking off the new season with the LEAD series. This week, I am talking about the "A" in Lead which is Agility.  Leaders who are agile are the ones who made it out of 2020 and are leading us full force into 2021. When you are an agile leader, you are unstoppable and can pivot and move your organization in any direction. The key characteristics of an agile leader are integrity, direction, innovation, engagement, and urgency. What do you think about agility? How important is it in leadership? Don't forget to subscribe, like and share! Follow me on  IG: @mayaroffler & @mayapinionpodcast  Join me on Clubhouse: @mayapinion  Visit my website to learn more about working with me to launch your podcast or one on one coaching XXX Maya
February 01, 2021
44 - Motivation Monday - E for Empathy in the Lead Series
Hi Guys! Welcome back to a new season of MaYapinion™! I am kicking off the new season with the LEAD series. This week, I am talking about the "E" in Lead which is Empathy. I think Empathetic leaders are the leaders of the future but are definitely the leaders of today. They have the skills to ensure that their teams are seen, heard, and understood. We need these leaders now more than ever. Do you think you are born with empathy or is this an acquired skill? Find out what I think about Empathy and let me know what your opinion is! Don't forget to subscribe, like and share! Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler & @mayapinionpodcast Join me on Clubhouse: @mayapinion Visit my website to learn more about working with me to launch your podcast or one on one coaching XXX t9nKZf2mYPqO8BYYGkLb
January 20, 2021
43 - Women for Women Wednesday - Lucy Liu
Hi Guys!  Welcome back to Women for Women Wednesday! Bear with me as our internet has been a bit rough while we had our new line dug at our home and I have been recording at home during the pandemic. However, I am SO excited to have Lucy Liu on this week! My favorite part about this interview was chatting about perfectionism and how she coaches her clients on overcoming it. I definitely learned a lot through this internet. Lucy and I both have podcasts so make sure you listen to hers as well.  Here's her info, background, and where you can find her! Lucy Liu is a certified life coach helping women in life transitions unstuck, beat overwhelm, see clarity, reach new goals, live a happier fulfilling life and thrive! She is an unshakable optimist, wife, mother, easy-going entrepreneur, women empowerment workshop facilitator, motivational speaker and now makes it her passion to help other women rewrite their life story. She also inspires as the host of her weekly podcast The Lucy Liu Show and has been featured in Medium, VoyageLA, Elephant Journal and ThriveGlobal. Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter:  LinkedIn: Of course, you can connect with me on Instagram @mayaroffler or @mayapinionpodcast. And don't forget to visit my website, as I would love to hear from you and work with you! Please like, share, subscribe and rate! XXX Maya
January 13, 2021
42 - Motivation Monday - L for Learning Leaders in the Lead Series
Hi Guys! Happy New Year and welcome back to a new season of MaYapinion™! I am kicking off the new season with the LEAD series. This week, I am talking about the "L" in lead. "L" is for learning in this series, because I truly believe that learning leaders are great leaders. However, learning leaders are thriving leaders in the future. I believe that learning leaders or leaders who learn will always have the ability to adapt and evolve, and therefore, they will be innovative. Innovation = Future. Find out why I think "L" should stand for Learning Leaders and why they are the best leaders! Let me know what you think. Don't forget to subscribe, like and share! Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler & @mayapinionpodcast Join me on Clubhouse: @mayapinion Visit my website to learn more about working with me to launch your podcast or one on one coaching XXX Maya
January 13, 2021
41 - Special Edition - Perfection Paralysis
Hi Guys! Welcome to a special edition episode to close out the year RIGHT! I want to talk about Perfection Paralysis. What is it? Have you heard this term being passed around? I have and I am THRILLED to hear other leaders talking about it... don't let this be the reason you do not claim 2021 as your year. Find out what it is and how to overcome it in one easy step! I have been busy working on the MaYapinion™ Podcast Academy but Maya's Motivation Monday will be back in full swing next week, 2021! I've loved having wonderful women on every Wednesday, and you have loved it too. So, that will be back in the middle of January! If you want to join the MaYapinion™ Podcast Academy, time is running out! Here is the link: Check out my page here for other offers as well: Check out my website: Or don't forget to come check out my Instagram too: (All pages are linked from here). See you in 2021! XXX Maya
December 30, 2020
40 - Women for Women Wednesday - Paris Prynkiewicz
Hi Guys! This week I am joined by Paris from the Crooked Illness Podcast. Paris and I met when I recruited her on Instagram to join our amazing group of women at Crowned for Success. However, I connected with Paris in a special way. I loved what she was doing already with her podcast that she had launched in January of 2020 and she is already killing it. I wanted to bring her on the show to highlight her story and how far she has come in her own journey. I think it is so powerful what she is doing for the mental health community. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did chatting with her! (Bare with me, my internet is still having some issues at the new house but I was able to edit it for the most part using my favorite tool, Audacity of course :-) Here is Paris' bio and contact information: I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and would love to dive into the importance of the relationship between your mindset and your mental health. I speak about what I have personally learned from this in the two perspectives I have gained. The first perspective comes from when I was 19, hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder. The second perspective comes from when I was 23, fresh out of college and returned to work at the very same clinic I was once a patient at. These two perspectives allowed me to see the stigma attached to mental illness from both angles. I’ve been able to strip away the stigma I attached to my experience and I want to show others how it is possible to do the same. I would love to dive into how this was possible for me, the steps I took to get out of that dark place and how others can make this a reality as well! Contact her here: And don't forget to listen to her podcast as well, on all major platforms Of course, you can contact me on social media or through my website: And don't forget to take advantage of my freebie to learn how to podcast only available till the end of the month!
December 23, 2020
39 - Women for Women Wednesday - Tosca Reno
Welcome, welcome to another episode of "Women for Women Wednesday!" I am so excited to be speaking with Tosca Reno today. She is a health GURU and founder of the Eat Clean movement. I asked Tosca about her journey and what inspired her to "eat clean" and begin this amazing path over twenty years ago. Tosca was also gracious enough to answer some of my personal questions about health and debunk some myths we are all wondering about. See below for her bio and contact information. She would love to hear from you! Tosca Reno, is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a New York Times, Amazon, and International best-selling author, fitness expert, and motivational speaker. The originator of the Eat Clean Revolution, for the past two decades, she has helped millions of followers lose weight and become healthy with the Eat-Clean Diet ® and now her latest offering The 3 E’s of Wellness, a blueprint for wellness that incorporates the 3 foundational health pillars into one transformational program - Eating Clean, Exercise and Emotional Self-care.  Links Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - @toscareno and @eatcleandiet  YouTube -  Free Facebook Group Website:  Free Resources Sugar-Free Tasty Treats -  Eat Clean: Just The Rules -  Promotional Video: Follow Maya on IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast Visit her website: Get her freebie to podcasting:
December 09, 2020
38 - Women for Women Wednesday - Susan Elizabeth
You asked for it and it's here! A consistent women for women Wednesday segment! I started this segment with lives on Instagram and an episode here or there. It has been a HUGE hit. So, on a consistent basis, I will have amazing women join me on Women for Women Wednesday on MaYapinion. Today, I am joined by the inspirational, Susan Elizabeth. Her and I had so much in common and shared a lot of the same views on leadership and how women can navigate the corporate experience at any age. It was like talking to a friend I've had for years. I am thrilled for you to get to know her too. Susan talks about abandoning yourself in your career and life and how important it is to recognize that and how to get yourself back. She shares her own abandonment story that truly inspired me as I relate to it so personally. I hope you do too! Susan Elizabeth would love to hear from you and work with you. She also has a freebie for all my amazing listeners! Find her here: e: w: Become an insider and receive a FREE gift. xxx Maya
December 02, 2020
37 - Motivation Monday - How Leaders Can End the Year Strong
Happy Motivation Monday!  Today, I am talking about how to end the year strong (despite all the difficult things we have been through, especially as leaders). In my opinion, there are a few essential steps that leaders must do to end strong and prepare for an amazing start to the new year! What do you do to end the year strong? Follow me! IG: @mayaroffler  @mayapinionpodcast Grab my freebie for Cyber Monday here:
November 30, 2020
36 - Motivation Monday - Losing Leaders
Happy Motivation Monday! Today, I am talking about Losing Leaders, are you a losing leader? Are you wondering what a losing leader is? A losing leader is a winning leader. It's imperative for leaders to know how to lose and how to get rejected. Leaders know that they will hear more no's than yes's and they will lose more than they will win... so find out why I think Losing Leaders are Winning Leaders! Check out my website: Or follow me on IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast Don't forget to check out my page on Black Friday for a Podcast Freebie! XOXO Maya
November 24, 2020
35 - Motivation Monday - Competitive Leaders: Good or Bad?
Happy Motivation Monday!   What is your opinion about leaders who are competitive? Do you think they are arrogant or selfish? Or, do you think competition is essential? Do you think a good leader is competitive?  Check out my latest episode to see what I think... all in my opinion! Want to connect? Visit my website or follow me on IG @mayapinionpodcast or @mayaroffler I would love to help or hear from you! Have a great week! XXX Maya
November 18, 2020
34 - Motivation Monday - How Leaders Create Healthy Competition
Hi Guys, Happy Motivation Monday! Do you think competition in the workplace is essential? I do. But it has to be healthy. Personally, in my opinion, I fear that competition is something we are shying away from... but competition is essential to a healthy, happy and thriving work environment. Listen to this episode to find out why! Let me know what you think! As I mention in my episode, I am taking on new clients. Reach out to me on Instagram @mayaroffler or @mayapinionpodcast or go to my website: XOXO Maya
November 09, 2020
33 - Motivation Monday - Silencing Leaders
Hi Guys! I am talking about leaders who silence their people today. Have you ever worked for one? It's the worst. Here's a couple tips and ways to ensure that YOU don't become a silencing leader. XOXO Maya IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast
October 26, 2020
32 - Motivation Monday - Leadership Fatigue
Hi Guys! I want to talk about something that isn't being talked about enough right now.... leadership fatigue. Yes, leaders are the ones who are "supposed" to carry the weight and lead us through challenging times. However, we are people too. We get fatigued. I am talking about the signs of fatigue for leaders and what to do if you are a fatigued leader. Listen to find out more! XXX Maya Follow me: IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast @ladiesleadershipleague Visit:
October 05, 2020
31 - Women for Women - Rita Champion
Hi Guys! I have loved featuring women for women on my Instagram and social media. So, I am bringing it to you weekly here on the MaYapinion podcast. Check out why Rita Champion is my choice for women for women this week! Contact Info for Rita: @ritaardentrealestate Cell: 770-310-0079
October 04, 2020
30 - Happy Anniversary : Ladies Leadership League
Hi Guys! Happy Anniversary to MaYapinion! It was one year ago that I decided to relaunch this podcast... on my own. This podcast was born because of my nickname... MaYapinion... because I am a very opinionated person and of course, my name is Maya. Then, I happened to be on a dating show and go through an exceptionally traumatic event. A friend of mine convinced me I had a story to tell as he came from radio and the rest was history. Well, after three seasons, I didn't want to talk about Reality TV for the rest of my podcast life. So, I took a breather....  I thought about myself, what I loved, what I spent my time on... leadership... so the rebirth and relaunch happened one year ago. I want to thank each and every single one of you for continuing to listen through my ups and downs, highs and lows. The best is yet to come. It is one year after the relaunch that I am announcing the Ladies Leadership League... Listen to find out a bit more.... full launch next month! Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast @ladiesleadershipleague
September 13, 2020
29 - Special Edition - Leaders who Listen
This is a special edition episode where I am chatting about the importance of listening as a leader. I talk about communication all the time on my podcast. It's truly my love language as a leader. However, listening is essential as a leader. It makes the best and most impacting leaders out there. Why? Because when we listen, we learn... listen and find out why... Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast Visit my website: #leadership #womenwholead #leadershipdevelopment #leadingwomen #leadersoftomorrow 
September 12, 2020
28 - Motivation Monday - How Leaders Handle Bullying
Welcome to Motivation Monday with Maya! This episode is about bullying. It's a difficult topic... and a lot of leaders have difficulty with it. However, great leaders know how to recognize it and nip it in the bud. In my opinion, amazing leaders know how to prevent it. Listen and find out how... IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast Website:
August 31, 2020
27 - Motivation Monday - Work Life Harmony
Welcome back to Motivation Monday with Maya! On this episode, I am talking about work/life balance. However, in my opinion, I believe that a better term is "work life harmony." I think that it is impossible to have a true work life balance. I do believe that you can have a great work life harmony though. Should leaders be aware of work life harmony? Absolutely. Listen and find out why AND how you can lead your teams to live in work life harmony. Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast XXX Maya #leadership #worklifeharmony #leadershipdevelopment #femaleleaders #femaleleadership
August 17, 2020
26 - Motivation Monday - Leaders work for their People
Hi Guys! Happy Motivation Monday! This episode, I am talking about how some leaders think their people or employees work for them. That's not the reality. A great leader works for her people... I hope you enjoy! XXX Maya Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler  @mayapinionpodcast #leadership #femaleleadership #leadersworkfortheirpeople #leadershipadvice #leadershipdevelopment #leadershipcoach #womeninleadership
August 10, 2020
25 - Motivation Monday - Leadership Styles
Hi Guys! Happy Motivation Monday! This episode, I am chatting about the seven leadership styles. Some say there are more or less but this is my opinion. I hope you enjoy! XXX Maya Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler  @mayapinionpodcast
August 04, 2020
24 - Motivation Monday - The Gender of Leadership
Welcome, welcome to another episode of Maya's Motivation Monday! On this episode, I am examining the gender of leadership. I read a lot about this lately and felt compelled to discuss it. I often say that leadership has no gender but the future is female. Why do I say this? Because I think we are truly recognizing that it is imperative, regardless of our birth gender, to have both male AND female traits and qualities to effectively lead. Find out why on this episode.  XXX  Maya  Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast
July 27, 2020
23 - Motivation Monday - Women's Empowerment
Hi Guys! Welcome to another Maya's Motivation episode. This week, I am talking about women's empowerment. What does it mean to be empowered in general? I am passionate about women's empowerment. However, I have read several statements and articles lately about women who find this phrase or general terminology offensive. I am always one to challenge but also, understand. I really understood where they were coming from... check out this podcast to see why...  XXX Maya Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast #femaleleadership #leadership #motivationmonday #mondaymotivation #womenwholead #womensempowerment #womenempowerment #empower #defineempower
July 21, 2020
22 - Motivation Monday - Commitment
Hi Guys! Welcome back to another episode of Maya's Motivation Monday. This is the final episode in the C's of leadership series. I am chatting about commitment today and how and why it is important as a leader. Let me know if you think there are more than the C's of leadership that I have covered. It's a pretty popular debate. Follow me on IG: @mayaroffler @mayapinionpodcast Or, visit my website: XOXO Maya
July 13, 2020
21 - Motivation Monday - Courage
Hi Guys!I am continuing to discuss the five C's of leadership (I even think there's more). This week, I am talking about Courage. What does it mean to have courage? What does it mean with leadership? And, what does having courage as a leader look like? Have a great week!XOXOMaya Follow me here on Instagram:@mayaroffler@mayapinionpodcast Or, visit my website to catch up on episodes or work with me :-)
July 06, 2020
20 - Motivation Monday - Character
Hi Guys! Welcome to another episode of Maya's Motivation Monday. I am continuing on my journey speaking about the 5 C's of leadership. Today, I am chatting about Character and why it is important and what does having "good" character mean. Make sure to follow me and the podcast on social media for updates as well!Instagram:@mayaroffler@mayapinionpodcast XOXO Maya
June 29, 2020
19 - Motivation Monday - Consistency
Hi Guys!Welcome to another episode of Motivation Monday with Maya! Today, I am talking about the importance of consistency. We know this is important for relationships, friendships, health, business, and so many aspects of our life to be successful. Why would leadership be an exception? To see results in any aspect of life we must be consistent. Leadership is no exception, in MaYapinion. :-)Have a great week! XOXO Maya
June 22, 2020
18 - Motivation Monday - Confidence
Hi Guys!Welcome back to another episode of Motivation Monday with Maya. Today, I am talking about Confidence and why it is imperative as a leader. I also discuss the difference between confidence and arrogance and why we often get them confused. Don't worry, I used to as well.See you back next week! XOXO Maya
June 15, 2020
17 - Motivation Special - Leadership Check In
Hi Guys!I took a break in May to work on my podcast and relaunching the podcast for Boss Ladies Mindset and Crowned for Success (please follow our podcast as well)! I am back with a Leadership Check In! As you know, my podcast focuses on leadership for women but especially, focusing on leading remotely as I have worked remotely for over ten years. Now more than ever, it is important to be an effective leader remotely and I recap the skills it takes to be one. I am looking forward to more episodes coming back Monday, June 15th for Maya's Motivation Monday! Stay safe and well! XOXO Maya
June 10, 2020
16 - Maya's Motivation Monday - Leading with Innovation
Hi Guys! I can't believe it is the last Monday in April! I had a tough week last week with the pups and some technical stuff with all the storms. I have a special bonus episode this week to make up for it!But, I am back this week with Maya's Motivation Monday. I am talking about how to be an innovative leader and what does that really mean?Of course, I will share my opinion and experiences. Don't forget to join me live every Sunday 8pm EST on Instagram as I answer your questions about Leadership, Life, and Love, just in my opinion! :-) XOXO Maya
April 27, 2020
15 - Maya's Motivation Monday - Leading with Empathy
Hi Guys! I hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyable Easter. I hope you were able to connect with loved ones during this uncertain time. I am thinking about all of you and thank you for continuing to support me during this time as well! At last, I have found a great intro and outro for my relaunch so you will find it on this episode (it might take an episode or so to get it just right) but let me know your thoughts. There was a bit of rebranding as well but we are here. Those of you who listened to the first three seasons know and loved our intro but this is so me and I give a huge shout out to Nicole that just killed it. It pays to be picky.I am back discussing top leadership qualities and empathy is three on the list (but could arguably be number one these days). I hope you enjoy and stay safe and sane! XOXO Maya
April 14, 2020
Episode 14 - Monday Motivation - Special Edition - Leading in a Crisis
Hi Guys! Welcome back to MaYapinion and Maya's Monday Motivation! I hope you are staying safe and sane. We decided to host another special edition this week talking about my opinion about leading effectively through a crisis (it's just a bit on topic right now).I love reading articles about leadership, staying informed, and sharing my own experience to form my opinion on the best tools to be a great leader. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your questions and feedback!I am beyond happy to announce that my website is back up and running, , please come by and check it out! The blog will be out next week but everything else is up and running! Make sure to follow us on Instagram too @mayapinionpodcast and @mayaroffler. And don't forget to catch me live on Instagram on Sunday night's at 8pm EST to answer all you questions. Stay safe and well! XOXO Maya
April 07, 2020
Episode 13 - Monday Motivation - Special Edition - WFH & Leadership
Hi Guys! Welcome back to MaYapinion! We took a break last week on MaYapinion, and we hope everyone in your life is safe and well with everything going on. Please stay safe, well, and sane during this time. Positive thoughts to you all! This week, I am chatting about some work from home tips (I have hundreds) as I have worked from home for over ten years. But, I also talk about leadership during this time and how to lead effectively, especially if you've never led remotely. I look forward to your questions and seeing you on my live on Instagram @mayaroffler on Sunday's at 8pm EST.  XOXO Maya
April 02, 2020
Episode 12 - Monday Motivation - Communication
Hi Guys! Welcome back to another episode of Maya's Monday Motivation on MaYapinion. My heart goes out to all of you that have been affected and impacted by the Coronavirus. Please stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.I am back with another episode with MaYapinion and continuing the theme of top leadership qualities. This week I am talking about communication... (I probably need a few episodes for this one LOL).I hope you enjoy and stay safe! Check out my lives on Instagram as well. And, feel free to send me questions, comments, and feedback as I will answer them on my lives weekly!@mayaroffler@mayapinionpodcastXOXO Maya
March 16, 2020
Episode 11 - Monday Motivation - Honesty
Hi Guys! Welcome back to another episode of Maya's Monday Motivation on MaYapinion. For the next couple of weeks, I will be discussing my opinion and insight about arguably the top characteristics in the best leaders. I decided to kick it off with honesty and integrity. I find these characteristics to be quite obvious... at least to me. Surprisingly, they can be rare qualities in leaders but always found in great leaders. Let me know what you think about my opinion on honesty and leadership, and I hope you have a great week! Next week, we will be chatting about communication and the importance as a leader. XOXO Maya
March 09, 2020
Episode 10 - Monday Motivation - Comparison
Hi Guys! Welcome to March as we kick off Maya's Monday Motivation for March! The first episode I am talking about comparison. It is evident throughout the podcast that I am not a fan.. I truly believe it is the thief of joy. And, it has changed my life since I have learned to eliminate it from my life.But, how does that affect the workplace? You as a leader? It affects us ALL. So, it impacts how we lead too. I discuss that on this week's podcast. Do not let comparison be your thief of joy :-) but that's just, MaYainion. Enjoy! XOXO Maya
March 04, 2020
Episode 9 - Special Edition - Love in the Workplace featuring Chef Jackson Locklear
Hi Guys! Welcome back to MaYapinion! This week I am releasing a cast about love in the workplace in honor of Valentine's Day. I have a special guest on, my husband. We met at work and I have received so many questions about our relationship. So, we talk about how our relationship began, how our relationship impacted our work life, and at the end, we ask each other some fun questions. I also ask Jackson his opinion about work romance and the do's and don'ts!I hope you have just as much fun listening to this podcast as we did making this episode. I am still recovering from the flu so I appreciate each and every one of you who continue to listen to the podcast and my opinions. :-) I can't wait to hear your feedback, comments, and questions. Jackson's social media: Instagram: @chefjblocklearFacebook: @chefjacksonlocklear Chef Ignazzio Del Rio (from our trip): Instagram: @ignazziorio XOXO Maya
February 19, 2020
Episode Eight - Monday Motivation - When?
Hi Guys! I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl and welcome to February! Didn't January feel like a year in itself?Well, I'm back to finish talking about the "W's" with "When." On this episode, I discuss how important it is to understand your "when" for every aspect of your life. I believe that we live too much on other's expectations and expected timelines. I feel like knowing your when is a natural evolution from understanding and know your "Where" so it is a great transition from last week.I hope you enjoy and follow your own journey of the W's, but after all, it's just my opinion.I always want your opinion and questions though so don't forget to message or follow me on Instagram @mayapinionpodcast or @mayaroffler , or on Facebook @mayapinionpodcast I will be doing a LIVE Q&A later on this month!XOXO Maya
February 03, 2020
Episode Seven - Monday Motivation - Where?
Hi Guys! I hope everyone enjoyed the MLK holiday so we took a little break from our Monday Motivation but we are back.This week we are continuing to explore the "W's" and talking about "Where?" How does this apply to us in life and business, right? Well, the question for this cast is "Where are you supposed to be?" Spoiler alert... You are exactly where you are supposed to be.This concept has really changed my life and I share my three step thought process on "Where." I hope you enjoy, and after all, it's just, my opinion :-) XOXO Maya
January 29, 2020
Episode Six - Monday Motivation - Who?
Hi Guys, I am excited to be back with our second episode of the new year! I am continuing with my theme of the who, what, when, where, why, how? I guess it's the English major in me :-) But, I also feel like it is a great way to kick off the new year and decade!On this episode, I talk about discovering who you are... I discuss understanding what values are important to you and how this drives everything in your life (especially career). I give my opinion on values, life, and personality tests..I hope you enjoy and afterall, it's just MaYapinion :-) Notable pages: XOXO Maya
January 14, 2020
Episode Five - Monday Motivation - What is your Purpose?
Hi Guys! Happy New Year!I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. I am back with my new episodes of MaYapinion and we are continuing with Maya's Monday Motivation on MaYapinion after an awesome holiday break. Welcome to the 20's! On our last episode, I talked about your why and my own special opinion of how people tend to fall into different categories with their why's. "What is your what" dives deeper in to this topic because your why's drive your what, your what drives your purpose, and in my opinion, your purpose is your passion because passion = purpose.So, I hope you enjoy this extended episode to kick off the new year and it helps you start thinking about how to go after your goals this year and decade! (I do have a touch of a cold so I sound a bit deep on this cast).XOXO Maya
January 06, 2020
Episode Four - Monday Motivation - What is your Why?
Hi Guys! Happy Holidays! Welcome to the first week of Maya's Monday Motivation on MaYapinion. I am sharing my opinion about leadership topics and so much more every Monday to kick off the week right! I will still be interviewing amazing and inspiring women, but this will be my weekly segment. I received messages from many of you asking me questions so here it goes! Keep them coming.I wanted to kick off Monday Motivation with "What is your Why?" because this is how I kick off my relationship with each individual contributor I have on my teams or individuals I mentor. I think this is such an important question to ask and understand but that's just, MaYapinion. :-) I hope you enjoy my breakdown of this question and feel compelled to share your why! Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you for listening! XOXO Maya
December 23, 2019
MaYapinion - Monday Motivation with Maya (Teaser)
Hi Guys!I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I want to thank each one of you for listening to the relaunch thus far. I have had some great guests on and will continue to have some inspiring women join me on the podcast.However, I have heard your feedback and I will be launching my own weekly segment every single Monday. Check out the teaser and join me in the first episode next Monday, December 9th! (We are on iTunes and Spotify again as well!) XOXOMaya
December 02, 2019
Episode Three - Senator and Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick
On this episode of MaYapinion, I sat down with Senator and Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick. I walked away from my time with the Senator feeling completely inspired. In fact, you will hear me often say, "WOW" through the interview. Senator Kirkpatrick and I discuss her journey from a small town in Kentucky to her successful career as an orthopedic surgeon and now, senator. She gives amazing advice to women in business and encourages women to really go for it. She discusses the idea of "having it all" as a women, how she managed to have a beautiful family life and exceptional career, and her passion for the medical field. She shares about her passion projects and her love for animals. I'm sure you can already guess that we connected about animals, especially dogs. Whether you are a republican, democrat, or independent, she is an inspiration to us all. I hope you enjoy the cast as much I enjoyed speaking with Senator Kirkpatrick and giving MaYapinion.Please check out her site and her YouTube videos to learn more! XOXO Maya
November 08, 2019
Episode Two - Business, Skin Care, and Makeup Artistry
On this episode of MaYapinion, I am speaking with Crystal who is an entrepreneur, business owner, and makeup artist. She shares with us her journey to become an entrepreneur and launching her business. We discuss business do's and don'ts and how you can follow your passion, just like Crystal. Crystal also advises us on make up and skin care must do's. We discuss her experience and advice on wedding, special occasion, on location shoots, and so much more!This was such a fun episode to record. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and of course, I share MaYapinion. For additional questions and booking, please visit Crystal at or follow her on all social media @crystalngozibeauty (Instagram, Facebook, and Pintrest).XOXOMaya
October 21, 2019
Episode One - Finances
On the first episode of my relaunch, I am with Sloane, who has been a practicing attorney for seven years and specializes in finance. She works as a bankruptcy attorney and has joined me to answer all those pressing questions about finances:How do I start off with the right mindset about money? How should I think about money? How do I secure myself financially? What do I do if I am in debt? When is filing bankruptcy the right choice? How do I become wealthy? What do I invest in? What are the best apps? Sloane covers it all in this extended episode. In my opinion, I learned a lot and I hope you do too. But again, that's just MaYapinion. :-) Sloane is with the Saedi Law Group in Atlanta, Georgia. You can follow them @ATLdebtlawyer on twitter and AtlantaBankruptcyAttorney on Facebook or you can visit their website can follow Sloane directly on Instagram @etait000 and she would be happy to answers any financial questions! XOXOMaya
September 12, 2019
MaYapinion Relaunch Preview
Hey Guys! I am so excited to relaunch my podcast, MaYapinion. I want to thank each one of you who listen to the first three seasons of MaYapinion. I had such a blast recording and sharing my journey with you.Now, I am relaunching MaYapinion and focusing on Business, Life, and Love! Each week, I will have different professionals join me as a co-host. She or he will be discussing their business, life, and/or love. We will hear success and failure stories, and how they got where they are today. Most importantly, each guest will be giving us real life information and tips that we can apply to our lives.My focus for the podcast this time around is empowerment and knowledge! Let me know who you'd like to hear from or if there is a specific topic you would like me to address. Because after all, it is MaYapinion. :-) XOXO Maya
September 10, 2019