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By Maya David Garcia
truthbytwo is a sister label to my art business, Maya’s Divine Designs. It is an experimental multimedia experience, incorporating music, visual art and spoken word poetry. I’m sharing segments from this creative project, and inviting listeners to interact, and share their questions with me. There will be some occasional collaborators too as this project continues. Themes include gender identity, intersectional feminism, social/environmental/economic justice, art, LGBTQ+, creative storytelling, spoken word poetry, underground music,
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Words Spoken out of Survival
April is both National Poetry Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. As both a survivor and a poet, I read from several poems and a blog post on the topic of survival. TW: rape, sexual abuse, ritual abuse, trauma and mental health issues are all mentioned. Not graphic in details. Spoken words and music by Maya David Garcia, truthbytwo. Audio art at end of episode: “Dark Corridors.” Support survivors and artists like me!
May 1, 2020
Words Spoken in Hushed Tones
Episode filled with audio art and spoken word pieces, dealing with mental health, trauma survival and gender identity. Most music (excluding interludes) by truthbytwo, words by Maya David Garcia.
April 1, 2020
Words Spoken at Warped Speed: audio art, performance and spoken word.
Spoken word segments with background audio and Visual art, by MΛΥΛ Garcia, artist, author and audio artist/songwriter. Topics range from survivor stories to eating disorders, gun violence, and Asian-inspired fables. For more of my #music go to my SoundCloud: My #writing is at and my #art lives here, at Got questions or want to share your music/spoken word pieces? Contact me @ladygrinning on Twitter, or email
March 24, 2019
Underwater Music you can dance to on Mars! A sci-fi experiment in audio art, music and poetry.
First episode of my podcast series, truthbytwo, introducing a few tracks off of my upcoming album, title tbc. My music is more audio art, composed similarly to how I paint, in multiple layers, with lots of different soundscapes woven together, like colors blending on a canvas. It’s very experimental, and narrative in form. I’m always open to new ideas, collaboration and positive feedback. Email me at, @ladygrinning on Twitter, or contact me via my website, Support, likes and shares are always appreciated too.
February 21, 2019