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Maysalward Podcast

Maysalward Podcast

By Maysalward Mobile Game Studio
This podcast is brought to you by Maysalward, a game development studio since 2003, and focused on delivering unique Mobile games.
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The rise of Hypercasual and how mobile video games have changed
Mobile video games are the future of gaming; they have been a growing trend in recent years, and this is an excellent thing for the gaming industry. Mobile games offer something unique to the gaming industry that is not present in consoles and PC video games. Mobile games have changed the way video gamers play video games. The popularity of mobile games has changed the way people play games forever. Mobile games are now free, and people can play on the go, and Modern mobile devices are powerful enough to play games made for console systems. Over the past few years, several video game studios have shifted their focus to mobile games. The rise of Hyper casual games, simple games designed to be played for short periods, has been threatening to take over the mobile gaming market. The hypercasual games coming out now are the perfect time for these types of games because many people are constantly connected to their phones. Hypercasual games are about to take over the mobile gaming industry because they are fun and straightforward.
July 28, 2021
How Objectives And Key Results Important To Run Your Business
The acronym OKR stands for goals and key results and is a popular management technique and tool to help companies focus and implement strategies. The main components of an OKR are objectives and key results. In an interview with Harvard Business Review, John Doerr said there are five key benefits of OKR. The target and key results model is a powerful way to express a company's goals. Various objectives accompany the journey, revise and explain using OKR, which differs from other targeting techniques to set ambitious goals. Align your business with OKR goals: Inform everyone how they can align their work with your company's top business objectives. Have more than 3-5 goals per quarter and 1-3 key results per goal. The most important results are quantifiable goals and values that measure progress towards a goal.
April 17, 2021
Women In Gaming A Necessity, Not A Nicety
In recent years, video gaming has grown in popularity, and women are now a part of the gaming community. These female gamers create their niche in the market and have begun to impact the gaming industry. Diversity and inclusion have been a hot topic in the world of video gaming for years. Research has shown that games with more diverse casts of characters perform better both creatively and commercially. A few studios like "Maysalward" have started to take some steps in the right direction by supporting initiatives like "Women in Gaming" events or adding more diverse employees to their teams. In one of McKinsey's reports about Diversity, they found that companies committed to gender diversity in their leadership teams are more competitive and have above-average profitability of 21%. They are also 27% more likely to outperform their peers in long-term value creation. Women are an essential part of the gaming industry, and there are many ways to make sure they feel included; and we need to take a proactive approach to this issue to make a change happen.
April 17, 2021
How You Can Best Prepare Yourself For The Entrepreneurial Journey
Learn how to create a strategy that defines what success looks like to you and how to measure it. Becoming an amateur, you will learn how to become a better entrepreneur. A trusting environment within the business can help in many ways and is essential for the company's success. Faith is the new currency of entrepreneurial success. The entrepreneurial experience of small business owners is valuable to the intrapreneur employees of his companies, and he should make himself available to them with knowledge and awareness on goal Progress. There is no doubt that if you can stand on your feet and be creative, you can become a successful business entrepreneur like no one else.
April 17, 2021
Engaging Students in the new emerging technologies
In 2011, The App Challenge kicked off as a Royal initiative directly from His Majesty, King Abdullah II of Jordan. The App Challenge is a student-centered competition that invites young Jordanians to explore and engage in new emerging technologies.
January 24, 2021
Mobile video games are becoming the industry revenue mainstream
Mobile games are becoming more and more mainstream, and some mobile gamers even prefer playing on their phones than their P.C.s, and I am one of them. Mobile games have the advantage of being able to cater to a broad audience, as people of all ages and with different interests play mobile games. The growth of new game genre trends the Hyper casual games helps developers exploit mobile gaming addiction. Games like Candy Crush and other simple casual games are no longer satisfying to mobile gamers. The hyper casual game concept is to make a short, simple, and addictive gaming experience; they started to see popularity in 2017 by game makers such as Homagames, Tapnation, Ketchapp, and Voodoo.
January 18, 2021
Video Games Highlighted History
With an estimated $200 billion in sales by the end of 2023, the global video games industry is rapidly growing. Almost half of this revenue will be generated from the fastest-growing market, mobile gaming. So, where did everything begin?  Listen to this episode from Maysalward Podcast to learn more.
January 18, 2021
Mobile video games are the future of gaming
Today Mobile video games are part of our culture and look like it’s going to remain. The mobile game has ended up being an entertainment and social connection platform from the different casual genres of mobile games to the sophisticated gameplay advancements, and the coronavirus outbreak testimony this reality with around 10% uplift in organic impressions and installs. According to a recent report from analytics firm Newzoo, this growth will take the market into a $200bn forecast by 2023.
August 08, 2020
The Old School Arcade Gaming
The world of video gaming will soon hands on the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox as the 5, and Series X are warming up. With those technological beasts, a leap towards the next generation of Gaming will happen. In the Presence of Strong Mobile Video Gaming and devices that match PC gaming capabilities and the world is not Ralph H. Baer “Brown Box” anymore.
August 07, 2020
The Entrepreneurs Swiss Knife
Entrepreneurs are the dreamer of the future, they are risk-takers, and they show resistance for failing. Those are some specific entrepreneurial characteristics a person must have to be successful in the entrepreneurial Journey.  But the question that is always rising; can anyone be a successful entrepreneur
August 01, 2020
The Rollercoaster ride
The idea of Maysalward started in the year 2000, when I shared my dream with my elder brother, who is our legal adviser today. At that time, he helped me to register Maysalward (an Arabic word meaning: Pride of the lion). Afterward, I dreamt of creating my technology startup. At that time, I was building Mobile Value-added Service Content with Key leading companies in the Middle East.
July 30, 2020
Prepare your children for the new era of the digital economy
The world is rapidly moving into a networked environment: Today we connect digitally with objects that surround us in our homes, streets, working environment, etc in what we call the digital economy. We have surpassed the phase of communicating on a smartphone. Learn more with this podcast how to prepare your children for the new era of the digital economy.
July 29, 2020
Video Games: An Excellent Tool That You Can Utilize To Eliminate Tension
Mobile video games are a great deal of fun and enjoyable time. Nevertheless, have you ever considered it as a method to ease the tension? If not, then you might wish to download that newest game on the App Store and begin playing as a research study has discovered that having fun with video games can undoubtedly offer individuals with a terrific method to unwind.
July 29, 2020
History of the oldest skill game in the world: Chess
The spread of the Chess game can be attributed to both the Arabs and the Persian individuals to the Indians. Chess then spread out throughout the world and several variants of chess soon began taking form. Chess introduced to the Near East from India and eventually became the part of a courtly and princely education of the Persian nobility. It is also known that the Silk Road traders, Buddhist others, and pilgrims carried the game to the Far East where it absorbed and transformed into a video game used the crossways of lines of the board rather than within the squares.
July 29, 2020