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Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Talk!

Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Talk!

By Meverly Adjhei Benjamin
Ready to be an effective manager over your finances? I’m Meverly Adjhei Benjamin, a corporate governance expert, author, writer, financial analyst and consultant. Join me as I share more on what it takes to be an effective manager when it comes to your life, time and finances.
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Inflation and it's effect

Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Talk!

How to save and invest, a future proof solution to financial freedom
To achieve what one per cent of the world population has, you must be willing to do what one per cent of the population dares to do. Building financial freedom is not an overnight act or daydreaming. One has to put in the effort, dedication, and discipline to save and invest. Therefore, it is necessary to be a strong conviction before you embark on a financial freedom journey. Be consistent with your savings, be disciplined, invest and forget about. Just leave the money to grow.
May 18, 2022
How to develop leadership in your company
Some people are natural leaders, but anyone can develop the skill set needed with some practice. If you want to take your career as far as it can go, then you have to be willing to put in the work. In this podcast, learn how to develop leaders in your company.
May 09, 2022
Dealing with hardship
What is hardship? Causes of hardship Effects of hardship How to get out of hardship. All these and more, answered in this podcast by Meverly Adjhei Benjamin
May 06, 2022
Inflation and it's effect
Inflation is a continuing rise in the general price level of goods and services over a period of time in an economy. In this episode you will learn a few things about inflation, its causes, its negative effects and positive effects and how we can cope with inflation.
April 21, 2022
Shares and Obligations - You are rightfully entitled!
Any business negotiation between two parties means you are both entitled to equal rights. Yet, at times many individuals seem to forget this. Shareholders have the right to speak, but they must also listen. The board has the right and authority to run the company, but shareholders have the obligation to make informed, policy-oriented decisions and recommendations. Tap into this podcast to understand how you can rightfully voice your opinions in any business negotiation.
May 24, 2021
Understanding the ins and outs of business. How do you make it work for you?
When it comes to being consistent with a business or understanding how a business works, many struggle because of lack of knowledge. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are not business savvy, but rather you lack the skills of knowing when to react or make a business move. Tap into this podcast for tips and tricks on how to magnify your business and generate more revenue.
May 10, 2021
Ethnic Profiling (Hands up, don't shoot)
Institutional racism and discrimination is something that has been ongoing for so many years. No matter how many protests or civil rights leaders fight for a change, we as a society are still a long way from victory. A turn of shocking events that took the world by a storm was when Black American man George Floyd, was brutally killed for the world to see. How can we as a society be asked to trust the government when they government fails to protect us and our basic human rights? Tap into this podcast to understand how we can work together as a society, for a day that will eventually bring change and freedom.
April 26, 2021
The system vs the creator: ‘how can we protect ourselves against the system’?
As citizens of a country, do we truly understand how the system works? The system as many individuals living in a country may know it, is the instilled rules which the citizens of that country must live by. The system is a systematic way of living that we are made to believe protects us, but how true is this? Tap into this cutting-edge podcast that talks solutions, we come to understand that we are actually fighting against the system and not benefiting from it.
April 12, 2021
Meverly Benjamin Adjhei – Dutch Childcare Benefits Scandal
In 2014, the childcare allowance of a large number of parents was unfairly discontinued. This is the so-called CAF 11 case, but the problems go beyond finances. Many families have been emotionally, mentally and physically affected by this. Meverly, being a financial advisor and lawyer has helped bring justice to some of these families affected using her expertise as a financial advisor, winning a minimum of €30.000 for two of her clients. Tap into this short, but very helpful podcast that can help bring justice to you or a loved one who has been affected by this injustice.
March 30, 2021
Planning your Life, Time and Finances
Planning ahead is an important fundament needed for any person to be successful. Of course, at times life surprises us when we take risks, and the rewards are greatly. However, planning is not as easy as it seems. Many people struggle with finding the right structure, trying to balance their finances, knowing what to invest in, and how much room they give themselves to also be treated to a “gift”. This is where Meverly Benjamin Adjhei comes in. Adjhei, a financial advisor, uses her services and expertise to help you keep balance in your financial, business, marital, and even spiritual life. Planning is a lot of mental work many don’t know how to translate and this is why people struggle with a plan. SMART goals need to be defined for success. Tap into this short, but very exhilarating podcast that can help build a foundation for planning your future finances or anything else respectively in your life.
March 12, 2021