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MBA Talks

MBA Talks

By MBA Mentor
A short conversation with MBA grads and students from around the world. Bringing a fresh perspective that aims to encourage more people from emerging countries to reach their dreams.
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Life As A Product Manager from LBS Alumnus
The role that equalized as "mini CEO" , product manager, is getting hits among MBA graduates. Not only in tech, but some industry also starts to recruit MBA graduates to be the product manager. How is actually the daily life of a product manager? How MBA can help them to succeed in this role? Our mentor from LBS, Alfredo Salcedo, is sharing his journey from LBS to Product Manager and how is his day to day life as a product manager. Want to learn more from Alfredo? visit or just send us an email at 
February 5, 2020
From INSEAD to McKinsey: How MBA Transformed My Career
Going into a top consulting firm might be one of your dreams after MBA. In this conversation, Zeng Yang will share his journey from INSEAD to McKinsey also some tips for the prospective INSEAD student. You can tap us on to learn more from Zeng Yang or would like to know more about MBA program in INSEAD. Also, check our website to connect with our current mentors.
January 29, 2020
From Scientist to A Healthcare Consultant: Insights From Duke Fuqua's Alumnus
A Duke Fuqua graduate, Vincent Tse, shares his MBA and career journey from a scientist to consultant in the healthcare industry.  What made him decide to choose Duke Fuqua instead of other schools? Check out some interesting facts about Duke Fuqua and the opportunity to pursue a career in the non-traditional path! Check our website to connect with our current mentors.
January 22, 2020
Building a Startup: Does MBA Make Sense?
If becoming an entrepreneur is one of your goals and you also consider doing an MBA, check out our conversation with Joice Gumala, CEO and Founder of MBA Mentor and MBA Graduate from London Business School. Listen to the most crucial part to start your business right after an MBA!
January 15, 2020