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McKay Community Podcast

McKay Community Podcast

By Rian Rasubala
Welcome to the McKay Community Podcast! We have two goals:
1) Tell McKay stories
2) Promote good news in the neighborhood

Through interviewing neighbors and community leaders, host Rian Rasubala (McKay graduate and resident) explores what makes the McKay Community unique and challenges listeners to imagine an even greater future.

The McKay Community is a beautiful community located in the northeast part of Salem, Oregon.
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Quick Update from Rian
Rian gives an exciting announcement and provides a quick update on season one! You can contact him at
March 15, 2021
Lisa Shreeve | McKay High School
Meet Lisa Shreeve, a teacher from McKay High School. This episodes focuses on the perceptions (and often misconceptions) of McKay High School and the greater community. After almost 20 years of teaching at McKay, Lisa Shreeve brings a unique perspective as both an outsider and educator. Thanks for listening!
March 1, 2021
Jose Gonzalez | Tu Casa Real Estate & La Familia Hard Cider
Meet Jose Gonzalez, McKay Community businessman and recently elected Salem City Councilor.  Jose is the president of Tu Casa Real Estate and also owns La Familia Cider Company with his family. Jose shares how he got into real estate and the impact that he and his team have had on NE Salem families for over the past 20 years as the oldest bilingual real estate agency in Oregon. He also shares his heart for NE Salem, what makes the McKay Community unique, and the barriers to owning a home for some in our community. Enjoy! -- FB: @JoseBernardoGonzalez Insta: @GonzalezBizMan Email: And check out La Familia Cider Company!
February 22, 2021
AJ DeBacker | Kahawa Roasting Co.
Meet AJ DeBacker, McKay graduate of '98 and owner of Kahawa Roasting Co.  In this episode, AJ shares his unusual story of how Kahawa Roasting Co. was born during a pandemic. He also shares his experience growing up in the McKay Community and his unique perspective of Salem schools after 12 years as a school counselor. We hope you enjoy the show! To enjoy 15% off your first Kahawa order, use the code "MCKAY" at checkout: Insta: @KahawaRoastingCompany
February 15, 2021
Kaleb Herring | First Free Methodist Church
Meet Kaleb Herring, pastor of Salem First Free Methodist Church and former McKay Area Lightning Rod for the Salem Leadership Foundation. In this first episode of the McKay Community Podcast, Kaleb discusses his story of coming to Salem for college and how he's since immersed himself in the McKay Community through multiple experiences including one of Kaleb's favorite hobbies, soccer! Enjoy the show! -- Website: Insta: @SalemFirstFree FB: @SalemFirstFreeMethodist
February 9, 2021